Thursday 11 December 2008

Checkered Britney and KK in Oz

That attempted smile by Britney is painful to look at, below video is what her life is all about [her + children as corporate ritual tools; everything... from birthdays to Christmas]. Images + video from here.

Same goes for Miley Cyrus, this will air on Christmas; note red/white striped candy-cane pillars... "And applause everyone applause!" [Disney is land of the fake] The Santa Claus song has some fucked up implications for MK victims, don't 'be naughty'/'cry' (show emotion)/etc or 'Santa' will get you (the 'coal' is metaphorical)! Santa can be used as another Sandman/Bogeyman/etc type figure; a logical assumption here is that victims are programmed to view Santa as Satan [potential double-bind (very interesting site, there are many out there from survivors' perspectives, watch the videos on the right too) usage; helpful in confusing/dissociating the victim (as Santa is so associated with positivity, the dad often dresses up as Santa in regular families; the child ((victim)) expecting a gift and happy times would be raped by Santa ((their father; you can see then how this could quickly turn into 'Satan' for them then, having the added benefit of confusing who the real culprit is in the mind of the victim)), heightening the traumas effect, further dissociating the victim and obviously limiting the possibility of the abuser being identified in the future)]. Them having pretty much the same colours (Satan's most common depiction anyway) help as well as having the same letters ((some victims minds are scrambled to see certain things as anagrams/backwards/etc rather than the actual word)); an interesting sync with Britney holding a Coca Cola can above, they are solely responsible for popularizing Santa's red ((+ white)) colour, for these reasons I suspect. (hehe at the 'Naughty or Nice' sync I just noticed below, from that Santa song)

Pirate Princess Keira Knightley (her purrfume ad in previous post; please see The Hole post for one of her earliest MK movies, her first ever role was playing the Queen's double in Star Wars Episode 1... they clearly always had big plans for her) did a series of photos (December 2005) with guess who... Annie Liebovitz with more blatant MK themes in the Wizard of Oz (I've previously noted her Alice in Wonderland, Disney Dreams ones and others), KK as Dorothy. I've decided against a whole post on her photos as the images will pop up anyway as I research the various MK'd celebrities photoshoots for future posts. Thought these were worth posting however.

About to sever Dorothy's head (the Tin Man is known to be part of 'illuminati' ceremonies/rituals, he decapitates children whose parents refuse to present their child as part of the ritual). Tin Man programming obviously too (all of the Wizard of Oz programming here goes without saying). Edit: To the nit-picking commenter (with some kind of grudge, based on another comment in a really old post); the source for that is Illuminati Formula, I cannot vouch for it's veracity for obvious reasons. I included this info because it essentially looks like what is going on above (Tin Woodsman about to behead victim), perhaps adding weight to the fact that the ritual described in IF actually occurs in reality (here is a good link detailing this and other Oz related things from IF that others may be interested in too).

NY/OZ [Think that's New York as Emerald City anyway]

100% MK Movie The Jacket's poster (well worth watching), obligatory split mind poster of Adrien Brody and KK who have both obviously been in lots of other stuff (the former being one of Polanski's favoured MK'd actors to use).
And a few from Annie Leibovitz's Alice in Wonderland photoshoot also.

"Oh, Kitty!..."


Anonymous said...

Macauly Culkin's (child of crazy stage parents) sister Dakota died in a hit and run yesterday. Notice the name Dakota, like Dakota Fanning another child of bizzaro stage parents. Are there any army bases in No.,So. Dakota I didn't know about that these people might be programming their daughter's at?

Anonymous said...

Nooo!! Not Adrien Brody! Seriously though, I saw 'The Jacket' and I wonder if that's possible (i.e. total sensory deprivation resulting in an ability to project one's consciousness forward or backward in time)??

Anonymous said...

Anony, u were ahead of me, just wanted to post about DAKOTA (R.I.P.). This year HOLLYWOOD has been plagued by deaths, the year starting with RENFRO&LEDGER and finishing with JENNIFE HUDSON's family, MARK RUFFALO's brother and now, MACAULAY's sister. Perfect symmetry, u could say. Dont ever smb dare say to me this was a suicide. "Normal" suicides rate at Hollywood is low. MK all over the place since its beginning. And anyway mom and dad Culkin took advantage at maximum of their kids exploitation, court trial, u know the story.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Adrien Brody - something many may not realize about "The Jacket" is that supposedly the scene of him locked up in the compartment, breaking psychologically, is real. That wasn't acted. Supposedly he told the director to lock him in there and don't let him out, and film the results. So yeah, what you see in the movie is really Adrien Brody freaking out, having a breakdown at being locked up in that little compartment.

Keira Knightly to me looks like an exact cross between Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder, two interesting studies in the Hollywood Machine in themselves. There are many scenes in "The Jacket" where the way Keira talks and her mannerisms are an *exact* copy of Winona, it's really freaky deaky. Other people noticed it too.

Regarding these photo shoots.....the whole "Alice in Wonderland" and "Wizard of Oz" thing is just getting so played out by this point. It's like, can't they come up with *anything* new and innovative??? Must it always be "Oh look, our favorite actress is dolled up like Alice! Alice is so small! Now she's so big! Now she's going through the looking glass! Now she's wearing striped stockings and red shoes! She looks like a doll! Now she's pretending to be Dorothy! She's lost in another world!" Yawn. Boring. Played out. But I guess "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it," as they say. And this sort of programming is what everybody has, so, stick to what works. (roll eyes.) Funny how the public isn't questioning this repetitive, yawn-worthy use of the same symbolisms and themes, over and over and over and over again in all these photo shoots. That's why I like your blog. It's really putting this out there and bringing attention to it all. Hoping that fans of these starlets will stumble across your blog when doing searches on the 'net for more information on them. A big wake up call.

Anonymous said...

the Tin Man is known to be part of 'illuminati' ceremonies/rituals, he decapitates children whose parents refuse to present their child as part of the ritual

^^^^^ How do you know this? Thats like super specific

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