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This was originally going to be longer with more focus on this show's details + others and was going to be more feline-centric, but I got side-tracked with other posts so figured I might as well get this one up now, changed title due to the post's changed direction (more Coco).

The Special Victims Unit cops find a dead MCM, inside her bag they find a blue bird [parrot] (symbolizing she is an intelligence-controlled MK slave, see Project Bluebird [very real MK-Ultra project's cryptnoym]) and they even refer to her as a bird... you find out that these models are used for smuggling (other animals! below I've pictured her replacement MCM smuggler, note handler's black/white stripes giving instructions [who is working for the feds, "undercover"]) which is of course hugely symbolic of MK (slaves are often used as basically 'pidgeon carriers', smuggling drugs [who would suspect a young child/girl] etc) Top image = many faces (MPD symbolism), "So she's a model or actress?" says Stabler.

"Dead bird can't sing." referring to the murdered MCM [her replacement shown above, with her 'eggs', birds lay eggs of course so this is more of that type of that type of bird focused dehumanization].
The MCM victim had a club stamp on her (suggestive of the symbolic tattoos MK victims often have) of a serpent (just to the right of the above dude). She also has a twin, with a scar on her face (this scar face/twin often used in an innumerable amount of things [Heroes and Smallville spring to mind immediately]).
'Gots Money'; the twin tells how her sister was expecting a big pay day from him (from smuggling eggs), he said: "If she wasn't a nice pussy, he'd let the cat out of the bag."
Gots Money: "That seems to be my Freaky Friday bitch." (when looking at a picture of the MCM) Remember Freaky Friday = personality switch and has Lindsay Lohan and such. Obviously note the giant leopard murial + records (spinning).

This is Big Boi, one half of Outkast (go into them briefly here; fixed blatant MK video in the link btw); these T-Shirts are always symbolic (and often quite difficult to make out, purposefully so; I include crap-handler Sam Lutfi's ironic 'Just a Fucking T-Shirt' to illustrate this point [they are laughing at our inability to notice such obvious things]), and the dude in green behind him has interlocking rings as his shirt's design).

Scarface is also worth mentioning, with Tony Montana [Hannah Montana] aside from obviously the split mind = scar on face, the poster of course being black/white duality.

I think this episode was more to do with Ice-T (Son of Solomon and Alice) and other stereotypical rappers, as GotsMoney seems a lot like him, as you can see above Ice-T is himself a big Scarface fan... [rappers (corporate backed ones), such as Jay-Z as I have stated previously are totally aware and get money, mansions, sex-kittens etc for being 100% 'on the side' of the 'illuminists'; Jay-Z's own personal kitty-cat being Beyonce (watch video)] see above T-Shirt, "Take What is Yours" = "Do what thou Wilt"ish.

"What's the first thing Scarface did after he struck it rich?" "He bought a tiger." This to me (in the actual movie too) is clearly a metaphor for getting a sex-kitten (of many, they usually have one main one like Beyonce/Coco; obviously they use many others though) which is one of the ways the 'illuminati' seduces them onto their side. The door of the "tiger"'s room features a point in the centre of a circle within a circle, and 6/9 spin reversal (another strange cat thing [9 lives] originating from MK/occultism) also made up of dots. Egyptian imagery also features on the wall leading up to this symbolic door. This whole scene is very symbolic, even Gots Money's (the apartment this occurs in, with tree/serpent wood-cuts and others) front door has a lion-head knocker (all these are referring to sex-kitten alters, door symbolizing the access to it and such).

Also in the room are a couple of Egyptian cat-gods, Bast (see this post for more info on the Egyptian side of things).

...More confirmation (of Ice-T's involvement) comes in the form of his sex-kitten Nicole Austin [Oz-Tin; above handily pictured with War of Worlds symbolic poster] AKA COCO ('coco' seems to be an important name for them, I've noted it on a few occasions [like MCM Coco Rocha, two symbolic images below]; thinking more on it perhaps it is a subtle hint at the butterfly [Monarch Programming] as inside a COCOon is where a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. Or simply COCO has two C's so 33 and 2 O's so 15+15=30, or 3+15+3+15=36=666; you could go on and on [cuckoo/coconut/etc], the symbolism is usually always multifaceted.) who he "married", she is your stereotypical MK'd pin-up model constantly wearing symbolic clothing (amazing [look at the eyes] sex-kitten images above and below standard ones [lmao at the dude's face in the left image]) to signify this.

Any type of metallic thing = robot suggestion (especially here as a mask + different make-up on each eye).

The original MK'd COCO [programmed at Catholic monastery/orphanage, then became sex-slave for 'elite', firstly this millionaire, then his mate, even a Nazi officer ;p (hence her tombstone) and started the Chanel fashion house (leading to the horrors of today's fashion industry)]? This would explain Chanel's interlocking C's (33 and it's No. 5 are both clearly conscious Freemasonry, suggestive of interlocking rings = mental prison/shackles, the C's could be viewed as broken O's [broken minds? that connotes COCO then also] and it obviously has the oval shape in the middle [see above image] which = vagina) and all their shocking MK perfume ads (i.e. the MCM trapped in a bird cage, with the kitten trying to get at the MCM/bird; this was influenced by Coco's apartment itself [#31, I also found this interesting] with a bird cage [because she is herself a victim], see below for further evidence) and such (even the word 'perfume' is sex-kitten based [scent women use for seduction] as it is just the kitten sound 'purr' and smell/vapor 'fume' "purr-fume"), here is KK Keira Knightly's COCO Chanel perfume ads [embedded below, note mirrors etc, these multiple mirrors (obvious use in creating/programming multiple/alter-personalities; this article correctly calls them dizzying) come directly from Coco's own apartment's spiral staircase!].
Coco Chanel's starsign is Leo (my sign also btw), handily giving them the opportunity to leave her with a sex-kitten tombstone (it's much more to do with sex-kittens than star-signs of course, as you can see on this modern day Coco Oz-Tin [all the leopard and lions imagery, this has been a universal constant throughout history]) and made her collect lion figurines throughout her life. I find it a humorous sync (conscious, certainly makes sense) that Demi Moore (having just noted her in my previous post) is to play the lead role (of Coco) in an upcoming movie based on her life (there are a few coming out).
Coco's apartment features all the standard MK including loads of mirrors, a spiral staircase, lions obviously, crystal balls and even, what looks like a stylized (very stretched) double headed eagle (note the mirror inside it; unbelievable symbolism really here) above. Please read this short piece on it for more, very pertinent info including the aforementioned MCM bird cage advert (a must watch) being influenced by it (the kitten in it further confirming what her obsession with lions is really about, see bird cage from her apartment below) and also KK's advert featuring the fragmented mirrors.

The 'mirrored spiral staircase'... nothing to see here, it's all coincidence!

Meet Coco (wtf is that 'third leg' ;p): 'the latest platform at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Humanoid Robotics Group, and a successor to Cog. Unlike previous platforms, Coco is built along more ape-like lines, rather than human. Coco is also notable for being mobile.' Official site.

Padlocked. = ownership/submission (+ locked compartments of the mind, key = trigger/code to 'open' it) by her 'big daddy' with Skull and Bones 'bling' below.

Those lions either side of the heart are obviously entirely meaningless. [more sex-kitten suggestion/coat of arms symbolizing who is behind her ownership (royalty/'elite' who run the show)]

Ruby slippers/diamond serpent belt. Pink wig = sex-alter (for obvious reasons associated with the colour, wigs can be used in triggering specific alters/programs [each one programmed to a different specified color/style wig]).

A couple of Ice-T's clothes used in her programming, as people are aware (from original Manchurian Candidate) playing cards are used as triggers (virtually anything can be programmed as a post-hypnotic trigger), themselves originating from the Tarot. The Diamond above represents a double pyramid and general symbol for wealth/power, perhaps it is suggesting that Coco is a presidential model also. But it seems obvoius that the Ace of Diamonds is used in Coco's programming. And below the purple/spirally/butterfly (click to see) covered shirt, to match his slave's own purple dress, NY/OZ hat.

Coco the Zebra (note symbolic logos behind; VeriZOn etc). She has herself appeared in SVU twice, as different characters/personalities. And below as a 'Mafia wife' in more black/white stripes.

Her latest photospread is this one, note her lion-print bikini top showing she is a sex-kitten.

Finally, her + leopard-print bag and shoes below for more sex-kitten suggestion (Ice-T's bling seems symbolic TM/ Tony Montana? with the M rapping round the T).

Ice-T rolls the die, intimidating Big Boi/Gots Money and gets a NINE, then Stabler rolls and: "Would ya look at that, I gots an ELEVEN." so a concious 9/11 sync right there (9/11 obviously being a colossal trauma-based mind control ritual); many celebrity MK victims are given two dice tattoos, such as Britney (and K-Fed, Jodie Marsh and many others I'm sure).

Caged kitty. [like Britney/Jodie Marsh/literally millions of others]
Gots Money and his crew are brutally torn apart by an African Spotted Hyena (any animal can be used in dehumanization, Hyenas are probably used to create hysterical [laughing hyenas]/frenzied alters) in a bloody mess, which felt quite ritualistic considering all the Egyptian imagery and such [note Anubis + Horus] in the apartment the blood ritual took palce in.

All that is left of Gots Money is his symbolic bling (sun? looks sorta Catholic), symbolic of these sell-outs who have 'sold their souls' for worthless metal/sexual gratification/easy living.

Anubis left and Horus on the right, Basts below.


Anonymous said...

Why should/does anyone watch television if this is the programming?

Anonymous said...

Tattooed for KYLIE:




Anonymous said...

Chanel no 5 ad woman TURNS INTO MARILYN MONROE

bird in cage next to big white kitty

Anonymous said...

those chanel videos were creepy

Anonymous said...

That interlocking "CC" Chanel Logo forms a Vesica Piscis.

Anonymous said...

What do you make of this strange sentence on Chanel's wiki page:

"Two employees of the hospice went to city hall and declared the child of feminine gender."

Was Chanel a hermaphrodite? I mean really, how would anyone know, right? With friends in high places her biographies would never speak of it, they might not even know.

That would give new significance to the brand's vesica piscis symbol and it would also be considered very high spiritually in the occult/gnostic world to have both sexes in one being. Perhaps this was what made her such a unique sex slave to the elite.

Anonymous said...

Even her perfume is "hermaphrodite":

"Officially marketed as feminine for women who do not like flowery compositions, yet cunningly poised between the two sexes, it has an hermaphrodite side that whispers of something mysteriously chic, chastetly beautiful and utterly unattainable; like Björn Andrésen, the youth Tadzio in Luchino Visconti's 1971 "Death in Venice" (the film adaptation of Thomas Mann's masterful novel).

Interesting the mentioning of the child being declared of feminine gender... At 1st glance, Chanel has manly facial features indeed. Not that Glenn Close would look like Kylie Minogue lol...


Anonymous said...

Interesting as well - though it may be a simple coincidence - that a character named CHANEL was played by actress EMILY HAMPSHIRE in the movie IT'S A BOY/GIRL THING, about body swapping.


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