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Surveilling The Lynch Mob

Jennifer Chambers Lynch, the daughter of Macabre MK Movie Making Genius David Lynch has an interesting film recently out called Surveillance [Unter Kontrolle in Germany, included that + Eagle on barbed wire (victim's are "spread-eagle" in certain traumas) symbolic poster + trailer 'TRUTH IS ILLUSION']. The film itself isn't exactly anything remarkable, a sub-par Lynch film, he was involved as executive producer which you can tell and helps it a lot, I did enjoy it on the whole. Alongside Bill Pullman (featured in a couple of posts), is Julia Ormond (MK'd chick in Inland Empire ["I think I've been hypnotized or somethin"] with the screwdriver in her stomach, to complete her assassination programming) who I go into more further down. For those aware of MK, the movie sucks you in immediately as masked psychopaths are shown brutally hacking up a sleeping couple... with blood splattering on the what look like butterflies on the wall. Firstly in the images though is the companies behind it and their symbolic logos, Arclight (the light stops on the H) and red square logo for LF/Lago Film + all seeing eye.

Half face illuminated, there is a very clear sexual release with each kill (getting off on the power of taking someone elses life [MK victims' lives are stolen from them without necessarily dying; programmers/handlers 'get off' on this level of power/control]), again difficult to describe without giving the game away. Police are portrayed as being sadistic/brain-dead maniacs, who get off on the total power they have over the public; which isn't really that far from the truth to be honest. This obsession with power/control/perversion (particularly sadistic) is obviously a huge part of MK (in terms of the psychology of those that perpetrate it anyway, as previously mentioned).

Note the all seeing eye edged wings.

It's difficult to talk about the major MK theme in this movie because it is essentially the twist near the end, my mentioning it has probably already given it away, it will be obvious when it happens.

More MK suggestion in the above robot (there is more in the movie, shattered glass and such) pictured with Pell James (in the wilderness, lots of animals in that wall-painting), one of her knecklaces is a tree I think, she will be appearing in Brad Pitt's new one (cabalistic probably) Tree of Life [her next film looks mildly entertaining though].

Below is a vaguely interesting interview with Jennifer/Julia and other stuff on the movie.
Julia Ormond, who has played some interesting parts is perhaps another MK'd Hollywood slave. One of Julia's most recent (like Jennifer Lynch, she disappeared for a while, and is now returning in lots of films/tv shows) is in a Spanish flick called 'La Conjura de El Escorial' where she is predictably masked (+ 'one eyed') and all that (standard Masquerade Ball).

Like most of these (potential) slaves, 'Ms. Ormond' is kept busy with noble causes through bogus UN initiatives and such, blatant MK (Humpty Dumpty/shattering/self destruct programming trigger).. 'Putting the pieces together' and above she is ironically campaigning against slavery/human trafficking. I've just seen another of this type of thing in Hello! Magazine, Nicole Kidman [Stepford Wife/Alice in Eyes Wide Shut etc] campaigning against Violence against Women... wearing red shoes naturally.

"Ormond was born in Epsom, Surrey, England, to Josephine, a laboratory technician, and John Ormond, a successful computer software designer who became a millionaire by age thirty."

In Inland Empire she is tormented hugely (see previously linked video) as the Phantom programs her for assassination, there is an interesting short clip from More Things That Happened showing her walking from Alto [alter (I'm aware it's Italian having been schooled in music, but that is what's being hinted at imo)] Nido (official site: 'Opened in 1930 as "Hollywood's Premiere Apartment Hotel" primarily for actors.') where she has presumably just been programmed before dissociatively walking in the middle of the road down towards Hollywood's lights (symbolic of MK'd Hollywood slaves as a whole imo; considering the hotel/apartment complex/bar was originally made for Hollywood actors).

HERE KITTY KITTY! [Note her ruby red slippers below also]
She appeared as Lindsay Lohan's mother in the ill-fated MK movie I Know Who Killed Me where Lindsay loses her personality (thinks she's someone else, a stripper; this is what we are led to believe at first before you find out about her 'secret twin'. I haven't seen it in a while, though she is tortured/abused by a psycho [programmer]) and she also loses limb (losing a limb = losing a part/sense of the self in MK and also helplessness, removing a part of your self and replacing it with what someone else wants [i.e fragmenting then programming the mind, losing your old 'self'/personality to be replaced with a false/programmed one]).

The movie's posters feature the blue rose very prominently (above posters + below screencaps) which is apparently cabbalistic and associated with twinning (when the red + white are paired together according to IF; and obviously it would be a commonly used trigger/code), which is very significant as in the film LiLo has an identical twin. Back to Lynch, the blue rose also features in Fire Walk With Me on the dancing Lil [LiLo/lilly/lola/lolita/layla etc] character in red (shoes too)... according to wiki, "Blue roses traditionally signify mystery or attaining the impossible. They are believed to be able to grant the owner youth or grant wishes... Ken Roberts uses the symbolism of the blue rose in his book "A Rich Man's Secret."" They've been hard at work trying to make an actual blue rose [another theme of it is illusion, making a white one blue somehow, see all the anime blatant MK usages of it too], they were successful relatively recently showing it off to the world a couple of months ago pictured below.


LiLo's room in IKWKM is loaded with MK, countless amount of dolls/owls/ballerina etc. (those eyes above are owl eyes, there's another one in there too) There's even a blue butterfly thrown in, Julia Ormond comes into this room a couple of times too [symbolic shot of her at end of this movie's quick analysis]

There's about 5 owl statues on the below mantle piece alone! And there are more around her house, this can obviously not be coincidental [remember this is also a big theme in Labyrinth and loads of MK stuff like Twin Peaks].

The Ventriloquist style dummy/puppet + that extremely symbolic mirror (all sorts of projections/reflections off it).

"The Owls Are Not What They Seem..."

The kidnapper (programmer) mind-fucks LiLo's twin, as she dissociatively hallucinates his heart/wings in motion, tearing and revealing an eye in his captivity (though this is shown in a dream of the one not kidnapped; their memories (and physical wounds) are shared being twins [all symbolism; part of LiLo's real life programming and probably used on other victims to encourage dissociation/this type of hallucination])

Dakota [Fanning/Kate] Moss/Aubrey Fleming [with the blue veil, Fleming 007 writer... Quantom of Solace is an orgy of checkerboards/all seeing eyes etc, probably post a few screencaps of it]

LiLo uses her bionic arm to break the blue glass (after digging to the coffin/box), reuniting her with her twin then the film ends in this fairy-tale setting. Buried LiLo is shown in half face/illuminated once the glass is shattered. All of which occurring under the watchful eyes of the all seeing Owl.

Going back to Owls/Twin Peaks/Blue Rose connections; the aforementioned 'Lil' is pictured below, the previous "The Owls are not what they seem" is a famous cryptic quote from Twin Peaks for those not aware, used by secret societies as their symbol and such, the blue rose being a 'rich man's secret', hopefully a picture is starting to come together of what that secret is. Everything 'Lil' is wearing and doing is symbolic; which is quite an excellent metaphor for these MK'd slaves as a lot of what they do/say/wear (certainly everything you see in public through the media anyway) has deeper meaning, in particular tattoos and clothing.

"Fire Walk With Me" (that + Owl quote are not said in IKWKM btw, just included to illustrate similar themes), Julia Ormond shot in the mirror (the camera starts zoomed out focusing on her mirror image stroking the cat, then zooms into the mirror as fire is interlaced over the image) with her bald cat/kitten [like Britney during her breakdown!].

Lynch's daughter first came to peoples awareness through writing the 'The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer': "Lynch paints a haunting portrait of an abused teen's double life, falling into a world of prostitution and cocaine abuse, while maintaining the status quo as homecoming queen and high school student." The sad reality of many MK victims' lives (Laura Palmer was abused by her dad since age 12), I go into Lynch (Blue Velvet is mostly focused on [see image below of Lynch and Dorothy (Isabella Rossellini) from it, who he "dated" (also used by Scorsese and others)], but also Twin Peaks and Inland Empire) and other related things in this post, you can read the diary here.

Like the other themes, this one of amuptation/loss of limbs is present in Twin Peaks [Warner originally wanted a Marylin Monroe life-story from Lynch, which as you can imagine would have been loaded with similar MK themes (with her being the first 'presidential model' Monarch slave) but that never got off the ground, I personally hope he goes back and makes that] as a Venus De Milo style statue is present in the Black Lodge and the mysterious one-armed man MIKE. Jennifer Lynch then unsurprisingly uses this theme also in her movies. Before Surveillance came Boxing Helena (boxes I've gone into numerous times; a box symbolizes a compartment created in the mind [with a programmed alter + it's programs etc] being trapped in a box = being trapped in the programming) which is purely about this amputation theme and also has the armless statue at the title sequence (I have not seen it). She also directed a New Model Army's video for Living in a Rose... note they perform on a spiral and obviously this brings us back to roses again.

"Nick Cavanaugh (Sands) is a lonely Atlanta surgeon obsessed with Helena (Fenn). After she is injured in a grievous hit-and-run motor vehicle accident in front of his home, he kidnaps and treats her in his house surreptitiously, medically amputating both of her legs. Later, he amputates her healthy arms as well." Boxing Helena plot, Jennifer dissapeared after making this strange film, went on a drug/alcohol binge and did not return to the movie industry for another 15 years until Surveillance.

Her next project looks very interesting; called Nagin (now Hisss): "The film, based on the legend of Naga, is about a snake woman whose mate is captured by an American hunter. The snake woman decides to take revenge on the hunter." I'm sure many of you know that one method of programming is to make the victim think you are an alien/reptilian/serpent/anything will do, whatever they most fear is most effective (this can be done using holograms as well [not really necessary though, as long as they are on the right drugs/traumatized/dissociated enough, a simple mask will usually do the trick]; see Cathy O'Brien, some people mistakenly say she is with Icke in describing them as actual Reptilians when she fully accepts it was illusion and not real). It could also be used in programming a specific type of alter that views itself as a Naga/Snake Woman, in the same way as sex-slaves are usually programmed to view themselves as cats.

The actress to play the Snake Woman is Mallika (Empress) Sherewatt and is made in collaboration with India and the USA, filmed simultaneously in Hindi and English. Above image shows her in that role. Robert Kurtzman is doing the special effects/make-up, who directed blatant MK movie Wishmaster and others; above and below are some of his exploits in the promotional shots for the film. Note the clearly conscious use of half face in darkness/split mind on this Reptilian in Ms Lynch's next film.

Finishing on Daddy Lynch, above are a few posters for Inland Empire I had not yet seen; top one being half face (half face in darkness/removed from image as if it were seperated/split apart from the other half [two halves make a whole/duality is also a big MK theme]; any type of facial compartmentalization [i.e an eye on it's own/mouth/covered section of the face] = this type of symbolism too) being split mind symbolism, click it to see what the image is made up of. Earlier this year he kept up the MK themes creating an official poster for the Cannes, the photo of the MCM he took appearing very Marilyn Monroe-like (remember Warner originally intended to have him create her life-story) with eyes covered and of course it features conscious mirror symbolism.
He also helped create a shoe exhibition earlier this year with Christian Louboutin [various MK'd celebrities like Mariah Carey/Madonna/Britney/Angelina Jolie/Christina/Kylie/all of them pretty much wear his red shoes (his trademark is a red sole, which is enough red for them), also note Ciara (victim) and Jay-Z (handler/on their side) mention his shoes explicitly in their songs], with a focus on red shoes and generally the sexual aspect of it called simply: Fetish. It would be totally insane to ignore the sexual motivations for MK as perversion plays a huge role.

Just to confirm that Louboutin's red shoes are supposed to be conscious Oz Programming (and Andersen fairy-tale: girl trapped in a 'dancing trance' when wearing red shoes) please see this post where New York fashion week went Oz mental earlier this year, I've included the first image from that to illustrate this.

Traumatized, she is extremely dissociative and thus hallucinates in the television (though it is much more than that as what she is viewing is a mesh of other people's MK'd/abused consciousness; their shared consciousnesses [binded by the trauma] allows them to rise up together and thusly Laura destroys the Phantom/programmer by the end).

I've also included a few videos from Inland Empire, the first one is of most interest... the 'Lost Girl' (Karolina Gruszka) at the beginning, well this shows how the Phantom successfully turned her (through mind control, using suggestion/confusion/illusion, the watches [lost time etc] are a major theme [once she takes the watch, she is effectively under his power]) into a sex-slave (freed by the end of the film). It is worth watching if it seems a little slow to you at first, please note the highly symbolic painting Lynch focuses on (beauty above reaching up to the light, and below [her feet are bleeding too] there is a serpent/tentacle type demon thing [focused on near end]). Comes from More Things That Happened, couldn't find it anywhere online so put it up myself.

Another interesting bit pulled from More Things That Happened, particularly note the bit where she's on the phone to her agent (or whoever) whilst having a conversation with another guy (probably the Phantom) for more dissociation/confusion [the scenes of her walking through hallways/rooms/doors/etc are her accessing other compartments of the mind where the alter she stumbles across (i.e the one on the phone) is housed (and it's memories; the alter being interviewed is the 'tough/strong' one ((hinted at by harsher accent)) that all the traumatic memories are dissociated to as a coping mechanism, which is why she can recall everything to the 'psychiatrist')].

Random very short one here of a couple of the Hollywood Hookers playing with a dissociation inducing spinning UFO, obviously used as modern versions of spinning tops to induce the victim into a dissociative/hypnotic state. Please watch these videos with the ones from this post, one from More Things That Happened also featured in Cat People (Nastassja Kinski's scene).

And this is the final scene from More Things That Happened as the image of them become double (as if an alter were being pulled out of them) then the light is shon on Dern to finish.

And finally (obviously a lot more to cover from this movie in future posts), I've talked about ballerinas/ballet quite a bit so thought I'd include the "Ballerina" short film [12:21] from it too; not much here (beautifully shot though) apart from heavy eye shadow (mask)/flashing lights (that and electric jolt/zap noise feature in the main film too)/unclear due to smoke (loss of clarity/reality is blurred)/spinning.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Jennifer Lynch movie reminds me a bit of No Country For Old men -also shows a serial killer getting off on the energy of his victims and there's a question as to who is the good guy vs. bad guy.

And perhaps it goes without saying, but that Mallika Sherawat is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g!! :O

Anonymous said...
Check out her tshirt too, to me it seems like Kali goddess (male version) or Hindu demon.


Benjamin S said...

Yes yes original anony, I'm fully aware of that cult, I've already mentioned it in previous posts and my thoughts on it thanks for linking to it it is an important point... seems to me just another way to get as many people as dissociated as humanly possible which fits in more with the themes of his movies (+ those red shoes and other MK themes unrelated to TM suggests it is just another cover organization) than any genuine motivation to help the global consciousness (though by revealing a lot in his movies he has helped in a way). Most of these director's public personas are completely different to how they actually are in reality I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Last nite watched GIRL INTERRUPTED movie and really there was smth to see about it. I dont mean the plot in itself, RYDER or JOLIE, which I dont like anyhow, but some clues:
*ANGELINA wears a tshirt on which is written US AIR FORCE. The military connection...
*actress CLEA DUVALL ( playing GEORGINA TUSKIN) is bloodline for sure, her real name is CLEA HELENE D'ETIENNE DU VALL. What stroke me about her was her ressemblance with RIVER PHOENIX. Coincidentally, I read that she is a good friend of his sister's, SUMMER PHOENIX. Her character says at a moment: "My father works for the CIA and he could destroy ur life anytime".
*the character DAISY RANDONE (BRITTANY MURPHY) is sexually abused by her own father and she receives as a gift, a cat named RUBY. She mentions that at home she has willow furniture, including willow BUTTERFLIES.
*LISA ROWE (ANGELINA) says that a new DISNEY WORLD opened in FLORIDA. She said that she could be CINDERELLA, SUSANNA could be SNOW WHITE and POLLY CLARK (played by Scientologist actress ELIZABETH MOSS) could be MINNIE MOUSE.
*When POLLY is isolated, SUSANNA and LISA play the song DOWNTOWN for her. Interesting the name of the character, POLLY CLARK, the singer of DOWNTOWN is PETULA CLARK and WINONA played in the movie LITTLE WOMEN, which she dedicated to POLLY KLAAS, victim - at 12 yo - of a criminal/rapist.
* "U live in OZ" says SUSANNA to LISA.


Anonymous said...

Wow amazing post, I am going to watch Inland Empire for myself now although I anticipate I will be somewhat disturbed...fascinating stuff. Why are those rabbits in there? reminds me of that man in rabbit costume in the Shining which is a horrifying moment in the film...

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