Sunday, 21 December 2008

MM is a Cool Cat

New Madeleine McCann video 'appeal' released with her in a pink fairy costume, wearing kitten clothing (on tv you can make out it says 'Cool Cat') and all that stuff (a few, near impossible to make out butterflies on her also). That video may be removed so Sky link for info. 'They're (shoes) pink' MM says... "Lovely!", he seems to really like pink! I'm obviously being completely over the top but the locked staircase is MK symbolic (= no access to compartments/dissociated parts in the mind; it is locked until opened [by a trigger]... but every parent with young children has them so it's probably coincidence), Madeleine's mum is a Kate... probably all victims (though I doubt the father is), it doesn't bear thinking what "they" (and I do think it's "them", hence the MM, symbolism in her photos, ritualistic media obsession etc) are doing with Madeleine. Did one quick post on her a while back, cheers to Aferris for tip and others will cover this no doubt. Sorry if this seems a little heartless.

Speaking of MM's and Kats (I have a bigger post in the works, up tomorrow probably), Paris wants to be Marilyn Monroe (shocking isn't it? [/sarcasm ;], look at the sex-kitten dress they've got Paris in that link; cheers for story in comments) her grandmother even used it as her name, in 2006 she also said she was a modern day Marilyn Monroe (or Diana). She has just had £1.3 Million [13]($2million) worth of jewelry (including diamonds etc)... but what I found more interesting than her being robbed is the fact that she has surveillance cameras installed in every room of her house, for keeping her 'under watch' (even if no one is watching her, the cameras just being there are enough to keep the illusion that her controller/programmer/handler is watching her at all times). And Stepford Katie is looking a bit worse for wear ;s

Scarlett Johansson is a Delta-Beta/Femme Fatale/sex-kitten (plays various personalities/roles) in The Spirit with it's MK (or Kozmic Consciousness... don't ask, check out this (house of sand and fog) Jennifer Connelly poster with double MK symbolism [split (half of JC's face out of shot/in darkness as above on SJ) and shattered mind (shattered glass; the ON/Z on the glasses I feel awkward mentioning now as I see it interpreted as pie in the sky over at the blob), I have pointed these two psychological motifs on numerous movie posters throughout my blog] for some classic misinterpreting of conscious symbolism [it is ALL conscious, but whatever; I'm sure the weather is lovely up in cloud-cuckoo land and shattered glass has nothing to do with shattered mind, despite my months of work on it's conscious use]. Probably should just focus on my own work but it grates me to see such obviously conscious, pertaining to something so horrific/traumatic turned into some sort of religious 'enlightenment' claptrap... but maybe, like human being and fish, the two polarizing avenues of research can co-exist peacefully!

Geisha, though she is more likely an Oiran which = Japanese sex-kittens essentially.

Looking puppet/doll-like here as a dark nurse (angel of death? [serial killer nurses basically] also a nickname for Mengele, tying nicely to the below image).

Note her Nazi Skull and Bones ([on her hat (so 'on her mind' type symbolism)] Nazi/Templar style cross necklace, Hitler, eagle etc). She has her own Marilyn Monroe connections/similarities and such that I'll probably go into once I cover a SJ movie or something [I'll leave the whole 'clone' speculation to those that are more interested in it than me, I will not be covering it; but please do leave links/info if there is something tangible for me to physically see (i.e comparison images, link with necessary background info or whatever so I can see for myself and not dismiss out of hand)].

CSI:NY has been going a bit 'illuminist mental' lately; with more 'eye in the pyramid' symbolism, and even a blatant fashion company/MM sync, with the head of it shipped over from Taiwan 8 years ago with nothing, to founding a MM fashion line [how these trafficked slaves are sometimes pushed into the industry as puppets (usually just as models; however most fashion heads are probably MK'd like Vera Wang)]. She is guilty of poisoning her star model, dissolving her insides. To top it off though, she stored her 'betel quid' inside a snuff-box with the Eye of Horus on it... there is probably some ritualistic/symbolic reason why they have depicted it upside down.

And from the episode before the latest one (featuring the MM) we have the eye inside the pyramid/triangle again (see this post for it, it is to do with the same story arc but the security company and the pendant aren't connected so there must be some subversive reason for all this illuminism). Edit: Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, inside the truck the security is also wearing the illuminist (can't argue it isn't, there's the sun behind the eye of horus which = the sun anyway) symbol and one of them is electricuted which messes up his pacemaker, effectively destroying his heart. This also all occurs within New York's Bermuda Triangle (named as such in the show), for more illuminist symbolism.

Finish with some Screenwipe (only just got round to watching this first episode of the latest series as I missed it on TV, so I may add screencaps from my download of it tomorrow), hilarious analysis of Britain's version of High School Musical, Britannia High with some pretty blatant and shocking (I knew I should have watched it ;S) MK, "programmed to instantly sing and dance", "they worship celebrities like ancient gods" both paraphrased, "electrode attached to each bollock" hilarity, including cameos from two of the Girls Aloud sex-kittens, there are skull and bones and all the regular symbolism/mind fucks too; it's definitely worth watching.

And another Christian puppet mind-fuck, that isn't me in the comments of the Youtube video but I certainly agree with it. I caught this show on a random channel at like 4 am, so much like the previously shown Christian Bible ventriloquist show (wonder why they're all so similar!) it was odd. One extremely freaky scene was about a sad looking child-ventriloquist dummy going butterfly catching, Maralee says, "God made butterflies to fly around and be beautiful for us to look at and if you catch it and you touch it, you can damage it by just touching the butterfly... butterflies are made for people to look at." Made by 'Smile of a Child' ;S with it's stylized/subliminal butterfly logo (that's what I see anyway), wiki page. Bigger post up tomorrow probs.


Anonymous said...

Well, dear Ben, I think I found the virgin and the lite, lol. MADONNA&JESUS? Gimme a break:


Anonymous said...

More and more headlessness:


Anonymous said...

Well that hot pink color appears to be some kind of programming color for little girls too. Check out DanniLynne Hope, Anna Nicole's daughter. Everything she wears or owns is drenched in that pept-abismal color.

Also, Natalie Wood was in a film called Marjorie Morningstar ? she died mysteriously too. Just found that another interesting MM connection as I think she was a sacrificial victim just like her co-star James Dean.

Anonymous said...

Back for some more reprogramming:
Ronson Hospitalised

Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend Samantha Ronson has been admitted to hospital in California - reportedly suffering from exhaustion and depression.

The DJ is said to have called doctors to her Los Angeles home on Sunday and was subsequently taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

A source tells America's Life and Style magazine, "She's been suffering from depression and from lack of food and sleep. Lindsay Lohan has been helping her through this as she has been through it herself two years ago."

Celebrity website is reporting that Ronson has been admitted to the hospital, but claims the visit is "not an emergency and definitely non life-threatening".


aferrismoon said...

"Smile, Child , and that's an order" [ The classic unhappy child admonished by the image-needy parent ]
" Smile child, we need the money'. Parent shakes child ' Wait til your father gets home!'
. Personally I don't think its deliberate just the do-gooders tend to be vacuous and a bit thick.
Also looks like a stylised gB as well as 93 , which is a number favoured by Mr.Crowley
What amazes me about these 'star[t]s' is that they really have no concept of overkill, just me me me , my face , me , me , my lifestyle day after day ad infinitum. Which is why I tend to think they've gone through some kind of desensitizing process, at least.


Anonymous said...

SNOW-WHITE dead, ALICE in Wonderland, Sleeping beauty..


Anonymous said...

'cooking by the book' lil jon remix

Anonymous said...

Also Kate McCann is MK backwards

Anonymous said...

I haven't finished reading this post..and I know it is older (just found your site) but i am a huge fan of CSI and a episode i watched recently i noticed alot of symbolisum. Bird Cage, Checkerboard floor...ect. It is getting pretty obvious now that i know what I am looking at.

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