Sunday, 7 December 2008

Kittens Breaking Into The Bird Cage

Another self-explanatory old perfume ad, and below is an image of Ray Winstone's daughter (in 'The War Zone' his character rapes his daughter) daughter Lois Winstone who is the new 'face' of Ann Summers. Naturally to launch the 'new face' they had a masked ball in celebration featuring standard New World Order sex kittens (Alice Dellal etc; note Lois' heart trapped in a bird cage) such as those blonde air-head twins from Big Brother.

Ruby slippers? Half face in darkness + half/split face official photo of her below.

Sister Jaime and Mum Elaine at the masked ball.

'Little Devil' Jaime Winstone, ruby boots + sex-kitten below. By the way, Lois played Lilith in Beyond the Rave.

Speaking of blonde air-headed (programmed) identical twins, the IKKI twins' [a double shot at love] new show has claimed it's first victim Kandice (candy) Hutchinson, below in zebra bikini (+ one eye cover, tattoos) died in a car accident (possibly ritual) as her car was rear-ended causing her to eject forward resulting in her fatal injuries on October 21st (21=777). This tribute video is pretty freakish.

Moving back in time; R.I.P. to one of the millions of victims of 'elite' society's chauvanistic tendencies, Sunny von Bulow [real name Martha Sharp Crawford] passed away recently; she had been put in a coma by her husband Claus (insane/wealthy Brit; played by Jeremy Irons [tonne of MK movies] in the movie version which won him both an Oscar and Golden Globe) poisoning her [who of course got off scott-free, her "prescription drug" addiction is all part of the programming and is unlikely to be the real cause] leaving her in a vegative state for the next 28 years of her life until she died on December 6th 2008. It had been coming though, this as you can imagine sometimes happens to victims as their minds can't take the constant drugged/traumatized/dissociated existence as she had previously on a few occasions been hospitalized due to appearing confused/dissorientated/incoherent, I think they just eventually gave up on her programming which had obviously gone severely wrong, hence the resulting vegative state that she was left in until she was dead.

Jeremy Irons as Claus and his Oscar for it below [Osiris].

She was born on a train (hopping on the Freedom Train nice and early ;), got the nickname 'Choo-Choo' before it changed to 'Sunny' for ritual purposes. She was born 1st September [1/9] 1932 in Manassas, Virginia and died in Manhattan, New York [NY/OZ]. If you've ever wondered why these 'heiresses' never seem to have good lives and usually end in tragedy/become media pawns (Paris etc) it is because women have always been mistreated (Patty Hearst another one that springs to mind), this is just a natural part of living in their closed-off society (where MK'd 'mistresses', most of them prostitutes are expected and passed around like candy).
Speaking of which, Bettie Page [main sex-kitten/S&M pin-up of the 50's, somewhat similar to Marilyn Monroe, see quote] has just had a 'heart attack', a leaked police report suggested she had 'paranoid schizophrenia' which is more likely misdiagnosed DID. “She’s critically ill”, reports Mark Roesler of the Curtis Management Group. “She has been one of our biggest clients, right up there with Marilyn Monroe.” Link.

I'll leave you with a short bit from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, ridiculous amount of butterflies in the background and of course Miranda May Kerr's ridiculous costume (who [interesting info in wiki, her first shoot with Dolly magazine age 13 and such] btw is dating male sex-kitten for tween girls, Orlando Bloom). Edit: A couple of screencaps from the event (music is pretty good throughout also, shame about Usher but they were all pretty much symbolic [Ting Ting's That's Not My Name = identity confusion; Killers' - Human and others]), obviously all of the costumes/lingerie are symbolic but I just pulled a couple of MCM butterflies (one of which is made up of spiders webs and tree branches/twigs + roses, the other is MK's one).

Edit: Images aren't exactly clear so adding some photos.

Edit: Added another MK symbolic ad from the MCM Pania Rose' lingerie line, starts focused on the butterfly image with her behind it, then mirrors etc. Below couple of images of her with Batman mask + HOLLYWOOD sign.

And a humorous video seen at Dlisted, "Unleash your Doggy Diva!" Note the checkerboards seen in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

Tini Poopini puppies, huh? Sound like Poutin or puta (word for whore in french/spanish.)

Glad you picked up on this. I first saw the commercial last week, couldn't believe it.

Make little girls think they are dogs dressed as prostitutes. Sounds like a good idea

Anonymous said...

Poopini? From poop, shit, anal sex reference...


Anonymous said...

Now that's just plain odd.

Anonymous said...

I did not understand October 21st (21=777) to explain? Thank you..

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