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Victoria's Real Secret #1: Adriana Lima

Next one of these won't be for another few weeks, I don't want to get bogged down in this type of endless imagery post which people would probably get the wrong idea from anyway... bit of Eye-Kandy today ;)

Adriana Lima - Goddess of Thresholds [= types of doorways? doors to altered states/different compartment of the mind].

Blue Monarch butterfly [as seen in lilo's bedroom in IKWKM and such]

Adriana Lima's Salvador Dali inspired Victoria Secret wings, Adriana Lima is from Salvador, Bahia in Brazil (Sun) herself.

Checkout Salvador Dali's latest movie made about him in the below trailer, about his relationships and such (Dali played by that Fing annoying Twilight dude), note the one eye shots and all that standard stuff (checkerboard jumper 1:44, "Everything I am, has been split apart").

+ Toto

Mirrors + leopard + MCM = Victoria's Secret [below; green, padlock, skull and bones, butterfly etc jewelry]

Note rose... ('COVER' hehe, because most of these models are MK'd using modelling as a cover) she is apparently still a virgin (it's a big joke to them), and a devout Catholic... so in reality she probably lost her virginity at a shockingly young age, she is currently handled by the Marilyn [Monroe] Agency and according to wiki, Elite Model Management (modelling agency/cover which has featured a couple of times in the blog, handling Coco and such). I'm sure not all modelling agencies are involved but an extremely large number seem to be, as the MCMs switch (like Adriana, who was discovered at age 13, won Ford beauty contest aged 15 then joined Elite, then DNA then Marilyn) 'agencies' all the time randomly. A sex tape was promoted last year but that wasn't legit, story on it here and her DNA management rep saying it's a fake.

She has (publicly) 'dated' (used by) Lenny Kravitz, one of the insanely rich Princes of Liechenstein (again like I've said in the past, these MCMs [new acronym time? MCSM - Mind Controlled Super-Model?] are passed around as sex-slaves for the super-elite (and their pawns in the entertainment/sports industry to keep them on side)... do you really think Lenny Kravitz and that royal scumbag didn't sleep with her?! Get your head out of cloud cuckoo land if that is the case. She is set to marry probably MK'd basketball player Marko Jaric in June next year. Speaking of mega-rich assholes; I figured I should probably be watching more of Fashion TV, to see what I could see; so I turn it on for literally a few minutes only and there's these group of limousine riding elite-youths, wearing double-headed eagles [the video is here, though I've had problems with playing it (and it seems to be down now) the double headed eagle attire is not till near the end]. I also find it interesting that Fashion TV's logo is a diamond (MCMs [often wearing the FTV logo on their clothing] being high-level [Presidential model-esque] sex-slaves), in certain shoots there are also royal MCMs like 'Philippa Cadogan (note checkerboard floor ball): the granddaughter of Lord Chelsea and the daughter of Lord Cadogan' and random Russian Senator's daughters and such... most of these girls are victims (click images below, though they're still crap quality you can make out the double-headed eagles on all 3 of them [note their MCMs/kittens]).

Ankhs are standard Catholic imagery no? [obviously not, but it's an early form of crucifix for sure, everything in Christianity is copied]

leopard + roses below, and above note the glass spheres as well as her roses.

Edit: In this photoshoot entitled Wicked (Witch of the West, as in Oz; Wicked is the name for an Oz-based musical) she is clearly in her sex-kitten alter here (purring/claw hand motion, crawling, black cat), remember that witches and other suched 'possessed' people are really suffering from MPD/DID or some other mental disorder... some of the actual 'witches' (i.e a Sharon Tate type character in Eye of the Devil [ctrl+f then 'witch']) were just programmed multiples* (trauma-based mind control goes WAAAAY further back than just MK/Monarch/Mengele etc, I'm talking thousands of years... a history of mind control is a history of trauma [the effects of trauma on the mind, it's logical to assume this was understood at least centuries ((from 'elite' medival torture chambers and such, i.e. Vlad the Impaler's life experience)), no technology or anything ((drugs would have been used)) was needed, though of course new technological advances ((electricity's invention leading to electroshocks, and all the modern high-tech stuff like harmonics etc)) changed the methods of MK over the centuries]) *used in rituals and for sex (hence why they all have black cats [alternatively you could just believe this]). More images from that shoot.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, Adriana Lima and virginity! The old man and the AK47, lol. Dont forget also about the shit called "purity ring" en-vogue since a few years, even in Hollywood. MK'ed SELENA GOMEZ wears one btw. Lima and fellow model ANA BEATRIZ BARROS have the same tattoo (I know this was mentioned here :), a crescent and a star chained.


Anonymous said...

U will like this, Ben:

"Hilton's Monroe Comparison

Paris Hilton always knew she was destined for fame - because her grandmother has likened her to Marilyn Monroe ever since she was a child.

The socialite was born into a life of luxury, and even now the 27-year-old is convinced she was always meant to be a notorious blonde.

She says, "I was the oldest granddaughter. Everyone was so excited that I was born, they would always take pictures of me.

"My grandma would call me Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly. Ever since I was little, it's what I knew I wanted to do - be a blonde icon."

Anonymous said...

I just wanna say that this is a great blog!

I've always liked Adriana Lima and it's sad to see her here...
Not surprising though.

Thanks and keep up the good work Ben!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Phwooar! What a stunner! post modern irony anyone?

Anonymous said...

if Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric have kids, lets hope they get HER eyes

Anonymous said...

Hi...i know this is an older post, but I keep reading them...did they know adriana was going to turn into a beautiful model? how would they know? how do they choose who to program? what is so wrong about these lives anyways? if they are rich and beautiful and famous, then so what? dating lenny kravitz isnt so bad! hes hot! i know this sounds wrong, but i cant help but feel sort of envious of these "beautiful MK programmed princesses." i like alice in wonderland and dreamworlds and fantasy, i always have. its not like they have no personality! i kind of wish i was part of the life is too boring...

sorry but i do think these things im not going to lie...does that make me bad?

Anonymous said...

Last Anon:

I see Ben forgot(?) to reply to you.

Lenny might be "hot" but as a MK-slave she and I assume many, many others are going to service him. They're passed around like rag dolls to every sort of elite scumbag in existence - people like George Bush and Dick Cheney. Who are Satanists/Freemasons. And when they're tired of you? They'll just cause your programming to "break down" (a la Britney Spears) or they can just "naturally" dispose of you like poor Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith.

To be programmed they rape you, electrify you, sleep deprive you, beat you, kick you, drug you and do every wicked thing imaginable under the sun to fracture your personality.

Be thankful for having the life that you have I'm sure people like Karen Mulder envy people like you and me when she's conscious of who she really is.

Nami said...

I like you website you relay best working on it I have also some information about Adriana Lima

Anonymous said...

Please Adriana has never been programmed and raped and electrified.
Britney Spears might have been programmed, and as you know she had a break down.

Adriana is a totally stable person.

She is just super superficial and loves fame and money and attention. Not saying she is bad, just not really developed.

She works for the Illuminati and yes she is a slave, but we all are in a way. We all have to work en pay taxes.
Let's say you work at a bank to earn your living, doesn't mean you are a MK ultra slave lol. same cases with Adriana, she works for Illuminati, but she doesn't no it.
She definately wasn't programmed.

Karen Mulder was a different story, she was abused by her father.

All the photo's are her

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