Monday, 15 December 2008

"We're going to be models!"

This is reality, ultimately what my stuff is about on a global scale... there is a horrific reason why it is virtually NEVER mentioned in the mainstream.

"We're going to be models..." "No.. we're going to be famous models"... Note you can just make out the sex-slave's red shoes [they consciously film her putting them on before before going in] at 1:00 before jumping out of the window as Donald Sutherland accurately describes how they are dehumanized and destroyed (mentally and physically).

"You're all going to be models!" tells the Modelling Agency head (Robert Carlyle, playing a genuine modelling "agent"... who is really a slave trader/handler, showing how this works in real life [imo adding weight to my MCM/Mind Controlled Models thing], modelling agencies as a cover) to a group of young impressionable Eastern European girls. But before that, the intro is very interesting as another dissorientated girl shipped over from Eastern Europe is forced to put on (this is so clearly not coincidence) red shoes (high-heels of course) before jumping out the window (landing on a car, lot's of shattered glass) as she would rather die than sleep with a fat monster. The standard method of threatening loved ones (their children/sisters/etc) of victims + dehumanization and other methods that are used in achieving compliance. What it obviously fails to point out is that, the methods used to control their sex-slaves go far beyond that (it never mentions electroshocks as far as I remember from the first part [saw on Hallmark the other day], which would be used as an alternative to simply beating the victim [as it leaves less visible scars]; which is basically the extent of the trauma shown, apart from sexual degredation of course)... no customer (the really sick perverts aside, who get off on the victim's traumatized state) wants to employ the services of a distressed/distraught sex-kitten who fights back/isn't compliant (this is why mind control is so important to the industry; creating programmed multiples that serve all different forms of perversion willingly). Anyway, at some point I do want to do a post on the global sex-trade which I've been thinking of for ages but it's a bit daunting getting it started (going into Karen Mulder and other MCMs + sex-slaves in general). I may do it as part of writing up this tv-movie as a whole or something.

It's the "business of the future" [see both above two very interesting trailers].

Note in the above videos that the blonde FBI chick goes undercover as Katya, in this (I personally think this whole documentary was 100% staged, they felt like actors) documentary on 'The Real Sex Traffic' the main blonde victim (wife of the 'caring husband' trying to get her back) is called Katia too [watch the whole thing, it is interesting; here] the trafficker/handler is called Vlad... the scenario it is describing is of course very real though. Edit: Wiki page I should have included on human trafficking/slavery.

"Come on, cheer up! We're in New York... how bad could it be?" A few videos below of the girls arriving in New York, finally realizing they've been duped.


Anonymous said...

Saw the movie and made me boil, especially when I saw the children involved in it.

Very weird outfit, its like a goat head with huge horns/imitating some Egyptian dress... THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, LOL. What a fuckin irony!


Michael Skaggs said...

Very good Ben!

This avenue needs to be exposed more thoroughly in the mainstream, you've done an outstanding job so far exposing the fashion industry.

I will add, I've checked into the soft core adult modeling, and noticed quite a few details on the models. One girl had what appeared to be scar tissue from a cattle prod or some electroshock device behind her thigh on the back of her leg [they tend to strike places that will be covered in public by clothing] and her nose, though she was very beautiful, appeared like it had been broken once or twice. The tatoos are often symbols of ownership, allegiance [solar cult and serpent cult], or mind control.

Nice job, keep it up bro! That trailer really sickened me. I noticed more russian/ukrainian women appearing in the big name "porn companies" too, they are f**king sex slave traders and they know it.

Be well bro.

Anonymous said...

as you say, it is very scary to think that this is always never mentioned in the mainstrem.... yet we hear about everything else wich is considered horrific. Obviously this would not go on if those in power weren´t in some way involved. The scale of it is incredible. Israel is one of the main places where these poor girls end up. Have you seen the movie Lilya forever? It´s a true story made into a movie, I also saw a swedish documentary about her and it was worse than the movie. This world is so sad :(

Anonymous said...

We all are wild animals:

Case closed, they say, to this ritual murder. A boy called ADAM was decapitated and the killer died decades ago, but just now they announced:


Anonymous said...

This KRISTINA looks like AGUILERA from some angles, besides she could be a RIHANNA (RIHANOFF) as well... Btw, her career started when she was just 7 yo...


rosumella said...

I'm from Italy and I've been reading your posts for a while and so a dozen of bells started ringing when I saw this:

(it's in italian but you only need to take a look at the picture...funny someone post a comment about the Devil wearing PRADA :)

Anonymous said...

SURI&SURYA, "sunny creatures:


Anonymous said...


Another clone:

Coincidence when she played in GOTHIKA?

"Her mother, Judith Ann (née Hawkins)is a Caucasian psychiatric nurse. Her father, Jerome Jesse Berry, was an African-American hospital attendant in the same psychiatric ward where her mother worked; he later became a bus driver". And also she has a sister called HEIDI, from which she is estranged. Id like to know the reason why. Its available for MARIAH CAREY's sister, ALISON, called the black sheep of the family. Probably the child she has is with her own father...


Anonymous said...

You'd think it would be so much harder to traffic humans than anything else. Obviously, the existence of such networks requires the participation of all these "agencies" like the FBI designed to combat such. The movie is like dope for "lifetime" viewers: the shadowy Russian Mafia and the good guys FBI saving these women.

Didn't know the "Russian" mafia controlled Tel Aviv. If you decide to do another post, here's my $0.02 on topic (written long ago).

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