Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Surreal Mannequins

Thought this shoot from Elle Italia had some pertinent themes worth posting; Salvador Dali style surrealism (distorted/confused reality is a major part of mind control; Dali's stuff is pure MK, he was buddies with Walt Disney, see linked posts) is the main concept of the set photographed by fashion luminary Karl Lagerfeld. Standard fashion mind control themes feature with the models made to look mannequins, lots of one eye emphasis, masks, purple, some ritual poses, even a bird cage over the model's head.

The model (above wearing a bird cage over her head) is Iekeliene Stange from Holland (like Mulder), a few extra images of her below.

You may remember Karl Lagerfeld presented Britney with her 'Bambi' award a while ago, with Britney in her Worshipful Master's top hat (received from Madonna in the VMA ritual a few years back).

The male model in the MK themed shoot was Baptiste Giabiconi, here's another shot by Karl below with Baptiste in the symbolic top hat.

By the way that model wearing the yellow Monarch butterfly accessory thing on her eye (has featured a couple of times in the blog worn by Beyonce and I think another) is Lara Stone (also Dutch), who I posted in an Ocelot (Dali owned a Ocelot) kitten photoshoot (image from the post below).

I'd like to add another symbolic shoot I've been meaning to post for a while before it gets lost on my cluttered hard drive. It's by photographer Sofia Sanchez (& Mauro Mongiello), the main model in it being Ksenia Maximova accompanied by other masked models standing around looking tranced inside an Eyes Wide Shut style mansion complete with a duality symbolic checkerboard floor (+ a black/white triangle bit and such).

Faceless model above (covering her face), some Illuminist symbolism below with Ksenia covering one eye (to go along with the checkerboards, black/white triangles above and such).

Quickly to finish, this photo shoot by Sofia Sanches & Mauro Mongiello is damn scary and obvious in it's message with the mind control theme of ventriloquist dummies. Called 'Mommie Dearest', based partly on the film's themes. Note all the toy animals (dehumanization), the big clown head (fake/programmed smile/expression; Joker/performing clowns; works into the double bind in programming also) and the little girl (implying childhood trauma/dehumanization... turning the child into a ventriloquist dummy).

Note the girl's doll-like expression, I don't see how you can fake those eyes. Below she is cutting up the inside of the teddy bear, one common method of traumatization (as the kid would obviously be very emotionally attached to it, and may or may not be programmed to think it's a live animal with a personality) and generally symbolizing childhood trauma.

Siri Tollerod is the model in the ventriloquist shoot, which allows me to put out another set called 'The Vagaries of Fashion' I've had for a while featuring her among feral cats, eating cat food and other kitten dehumanization suggestive scenes.

Note the mask, she herself is portrayed to be eating cat food like the rest of the cats (Edit: to the first nitpicking commenter, it's not literally showing her putting the cat food in her mouth but obviously the suggestion is there with her holding the cat food amongst all the cats outside, and wearing a mask also symbolizes she is is in an alter [kitten] state); the pink highlights in her hair are more kitten suggestive (pink wig/hair usually is used to signify a sex-kitten I've shown many times).

I realize not everyone likes these kind of posts but I had the images so wanted to put it out anyway to help get the momentum of the blog back up. Shakira post should be up in a day or two, Vigilant Citizen (+ some other good blogs I've seen) has done great stuff on the VMAs and such btw so I may not get round to doing something on it. Here's a few more symbolic images of Siri to finish.


Anonymous said...

She's isn't eating the cat food moron, she needs a fork to take the food out of the can and put it in the bowl.

skrambo said...

I enjoy the fashion model posts. I'm also eager to read what you have to say about Shakira since I don't know her history or anything.

You're right, that "mommie dearest" picture set is extremely unsettling. It's surprising that more people don't see this stuff (the more public forms, at least) for what it is. Repetition has desensitized everyone to just accepting what they're shown.

Anonymous said...

in one of the pics of the little blonde girl in the ventriloquist shoot, she has the same devasted facial expression that Chastity Bono always had when she was a little girl. I remember when Sonny and Cher would bring chastity onstage with them at the end of the show, and how I could not believe that this child was Cher's. She was so different looking than her , physically, but also there was something so composed about Cher and so shattered looking about the child, I recall noticing it back when I first saw it on television in the mid=70's. The kid looked traumatized and afraid, even in the company of her parents. (or especially in their company?)

Anonymous said...

ELIJAH BLUE, Cher's son, always said Cher was a horrible mother, starving them and keeping them locked. And I believe him. Both her kids were severely traumatised but this is routine of course...


Anonymous said...

that can't be true :( i love cher!

Anonymous said...

Elijah Blue (Cher's son with drug addict Greg Allman) is as close to transgender as it gets without getting the surgery. He dresses up in women's clothes and does drag shows. How he makes a living is beyond me.

Then there's Chastity Bono who is currently undergoing hormone therapy to become a man. She will have the surgery sometime over the next 12 months.

Odd, don't you think, that two children (one male and one female) from two different men BOTH have gender issues???

Frankly, I always thought Cher looked like a trannie


Never heard that Elijah claimed Cher kept them "locked and starved." Where'd that come from?

Anonymous said...

I always thought Chastity looked disinterested and a little stupid (slow) when Cher and Sonny would drag her out on stage on their variety show. She certainly was not one of those annoying precocious Hollywood kids. If anything, she looked lost.

As she got older, she packed on so much weight that she became obese. My experience has shown me that women who become that fat (and who have no known glandular reason for gaining weight) are desperately trying to protect themselves against past abuse. It's a dead giveaway.

Anonymous said...

ok, that is pretty weird, i heard about her son before but not daughter..wtf?

Brenda said...

It's true. Chastity Bono is has been undergoing treatment to become a man for over a year. I guess it takes a couple years. Some websites are even referring to her as a "him" now. Her/His new name will be "Chaz" which she/he has gone by for years.

The whole thing boggles the imagination that BOTH kids, different sexes, are sexually conflicted. WTF is right.

Anonymous said...

I love Cher - the artist too, but Cher the human being so to say, well, thats another matter and that applies to many showbizzers as far as Im concerned. For instance, I will always love Charlie Sheen as an actor, but as a person, no, thanks :)
As for ELIJAH BLUE's allegations, I also read about that a few years ago in a national tabloid.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for MKs,illuminaties and everything,what would be left?
I mean ,who is NOT MK'd?

Anonymous said...

Cher—I support Chaz's Transition


Like Cher has a choice?

Anonymous said...

Anybody else notice how rare it is to see a picture of Lady Gaga smiling? You'd have thought she'd have looked excited when she was photographed with Madonna (I mean, normal people wouldn't go within 10 feet of that vampire, but, I digress...). But she just had her same robotic, tired-looking expression. Weird and incredibly obvious.

Anonymous said...

To Ben: Is it possible to put some kind of note and/or poll on the right-hand side of the blog for quick reference to what topics are pending? I saw you acknowledged the other resident TFF fan, but I was wondering if you put up some kind of queue display might save you some of the trouble of having to reassure the viewers that you are working on their suggestions?

Love your research as always!

Anonymous said...

good point about gaga never smiling; she claims she wanted fame 'so much' yet now she has it, shes no different than when she was performing for small crowds in crappy music stores.

unless of course, thats for the sheeple to think shes still level-headed, and not only out for the money regardless of the message shes sending to children/nieve people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"women who become that fat (and who have no known glandular reason for gaining weight) are desperately trying to protect themselves against past abuse. It's a dead giveaway"

I agree with this commentor, this is the truth!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kylie again:



Anonymous said...

GREAT POST!!!! never thought she was actually eating the catfood, but it's actually much more interesting now!!

check out this amazing photographer www.baldovinobarani.com

loads and loads of symbols/religious innuendos in his work!!!

Anonymous said...

check out the evil clown! with Cher and Chastity..


Anonymous said...

@anon 13:38 thats true!

@anon 14:37 thats a good idea, and yeah i do think TFF would make for an incredible post, i know i keep going on about them but seriously- first album about childhood trauma/abuse (being relived through what they called "primal scream therapy"), then their second was about "a girl from the film 'Sybil'" suffering from multiple personality disorder! incredible. the third, the seeds of love was quite Beatles-esque, with loads of really in your face symbolism like the sun, "sun"flowers, masonic pyramid in one of their videos and so on. when they split up, orzabal carried on promoting all the evil symbols whilst smith's solo work was the complete opposite, very pure and innocent sounding with no weird artwork in his promo material or anything but then when they got back together recently their album was full of wicked imagery again


reminds me very much of michael jackson's "dangerous" album cover.

HELL why don't i just start my own blog??! sorry for rambling, this is just such a big deal for me being a die-hard fan of the band for so long, i guess this isn't too loyal of me. ah well

Anonymous said...

from Karl Lagerfeld's twitter -

"Fashion's life is short. It's six months, six months, six months. It's not something you do for a great future."

haha! 666! oh that cracked me up

Anonymous said...

Any chance of giving a treatment to U2? Bono is by far the most irritating character out there...

Anonymous said...

To the other TFF fan: You're right about all the symbols! If I recall correctly, Songs From The Big Chair had at most, the four-leaf clover (from "Head Over Heels"), which is a widely-recognized symbol even to the "profane". Then they went all Sergeant Pepper on us, and mimicked the album cover. At least Crowley wasn't featured on it.

I don't know about Curt, but I suspect Roland is a recovering Catholic, so he may well have been exploring pagan/New Age religions (Gaiaism?) for a time.

Anonymous said...

@anon 14:50

i'm the same person :) lol

well i know roland definitely suffered from some abuse as a child, apparently his parents ran some kind of talent agency and always had random weird musicians coming over to the house. i'm the same as you about curt though, i'm not too sure. he seems to be a very down to earth, but brainwashed individual (supports barack obama like crazy)

to me, it seems like roland definitely wore the trousers in the band, having written and produced most of the songs, and getting curt to lead sing on a lot of them. also i've noticed some of their pictures sort of suggest that roland was in charge, too many to go into here but one example is the shots they often did together where curt would stand right in front of the camera, and roland would always stand behind in the background, sometimes as a blurred out dark figure which to me suggests he was the person "behind" curt, the one who was in charge and made him work (if that makes sense?), a "handler" as ben would say.


this particular image is interesting, to me looks as if roland's brain is supposed to be part of curt's. i mean, what a weird picture?! also note the light shining on roland..

Anonymous said...

Funny you linked to that particular TFF pic - when my brother was a kid, he thought the light in Roland's hair was an image of the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle explosion.

Oh, dear. I'd forgotten all about this "necklace": http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_UyXtVNJJgTU/R72m__L9stI/AAAAAAAABmI/YbnRd6Gozus/s320/1A1A100TEARSB%5B1%5D.jpg




Anonymous said...

haha, funny how they call roland "the loopy one!" so true

and yes i have noticed that illuminati shaped necklace before. fucking priceless

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiUixb1gnYw - here he tells paula yates that he is "only interested in promoting symbols"

good on ya, roland.

Anonymous said...

that quote is wrong actually sorry,its something those lines though

Anonymous said...

along those lines*!


Meg said...

My mom actually gave roland that Pyramid necklace and this was back in 1990 or 1989..she got it at a local faire here and when she met him at a concert she gave it to him. she is lutheran and I am christian and we don't worship the illuminati. I can't say that roland does or doesn't but I know for certain that she didn't give that necklace to him as some sort of occult symbol.

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