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'I was abused as a child and sexually assaulted as a teenager', says model outed as vice girl Sophie Anderton

[Another stereotypical model Sophie Anderton; abused as a child (probably with implanted memories of less severe abuse than actually occurred; can't shock readers of the magazine they're trying to sell here too much or they might start thinking), signed up by the fashion industry at a young age, manipulated into being hooked on drugs and essentially used as your average street hooker funding their drug habit, which "wealthy businessman" were all too glad to oblige. Then the predictable ritual humiliation through the media's "exposing" of her drug habit and her "crazy" behavior (explained away by the fashionable "bipolar disorder" misdiagnosis), and the added trauma of appearing on the freak show that is Jeremy Kyle recently. Daily Mail article.]

After living the glamorous life of a jetsetting model and celebrity, Sophie Anderton's fall from grace was something of a shock.

And in a new interview she claims that it was childhood abuse that led her to sell her body for money after racking up a serious amount of debt with drug dealers.

The former Wonderbra girl has admitted charging wealthy businessmen £15,000 an hour for sex to fuel her drug addiction.

Abuse: Model Sophie Anderton, pictured at a Paul Smith party last week, revealed her childhood abuse which she blamed for her descent into prostitution

And Sophie told new! magazine her descent into prostitution was a result of abuse suffered in her childhood. She said: 'I think it's because my past had been ripped away.

'I was abused as a child. I was inappropriately touched up when I was eight. That was the first time. The second time was when I was 13.'

Sophie revealed she was abused by friends of her family, and that she had confided in her real father, and recently told her mother, although she hasn't told her who it is. saying: 'She would kill them.'

The former model also said another assault occurred when she was 17 and at a party, high on ecstasy.

She said: '...I was at a party, and two guys assaulted me. I don't want to go into it too much and sound as if I am being like Jordan... but it did happen.

'I didn't report it because I was high on ecstasy at the time and didn't think anyone would believe me.'

The 32-year-old has described how in 2004 she would drink a bottle of vodka every night and use cocaine in the daytime.

A £5,000 a week cocaine habit saw Sophie soon rack up the debts, and when the money ran out, and her dealer was pursuing her for money she became desperate.

She said: 'The coke ran out, my cash card was rejected and my dealer was ringing up demanding payments. I knew I desperately needed money - now.'

At this point Sophie was introduced to a madam who told her to dress sexily and priced her at £10,000 to £15,000 an hour.

Last week she claimed: 'I'm not alone in going down this path. There is a dark side to the modelling world. At least two supermodels are on the game.'

Sophie claims she slept with just five men and earned £50,000 to pay off her drug debts and put down a deposit on a flat.

Two weeks ago the model, who recently appeared on daytime The Jeremy Kyle Show was caught on camera using cocaine, after telling the television presenter she had been clean for two years.

The 'slip-up' came as she had admitted herself into a psychiatric unit after experiencing bad cravings for the drug.

[Her tattoo is worth mentioning (tattoos have always, since ancient times been involved in ritualistically marking slaves) which is of a lotus flower on her lower back (very symbolic flower [can be used as an entheogen], covered the MK symbolism of it a bit on Lena Headey's back tattoo here) connected by falling feathers to apparently a bird of paradise (probably symbolizing the 'paradise' of dissociation, and generally flying away from the chaos/symbolic trauma of the riverbed underneath the lotus flower), though I think it looks like a phoenix. (click for HQ)]

Sophie shot to fame when she modelled for lingerie giant Gossard in 1996 and soon hit the party scene. [added a random photo below with Sophie dressed looking like a high-class hooker from Paris or something, note the butterflies on her head]

She became engaged to millionaire Robert Hanson, 17 years her senior, but the relationship was over by 2000. [Robert Hanson "introduced her to a world of royalty.." so is probably the kind of typical "elite" scumbag who you'll always seeing using/"handling" these supermodels.]

It was during her high profile relationship with former Chelsea goalie Mark Bosnich in 2002 that her cocaine addition became public.


Anonymous said...

Wow poor thing.

On to actually interesting people: ladyboy Amanda Lear



Esoteric Kitten said...

This comment is not related to the Brooke Shields post although I have to comment, your work is an inspiration. I thought of you instantly when I caught this. This is a link to the Taylor Swift/Kanye shitstorm. Check out what is written on the stage floor at 0:22!


Thanks again for your fantastic blogs!


SammiDe said...

Whoa scary to know cuz I have a lotus flower going around my belly button as in my belly button is more or less the center a butterfly coming out of it and my arm has TWO phoenix's flying into a circle. Ughh. I too was sexually abused, barely even remember my past! :/

WORD: aligeris

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