Thursday, 10 September 2009

Make Me A Model Monarch Slave

Quick post on the show 'Make Me a Supermodel' which essentially follows exactly same formula as 'America's Next Top Model' (I'll have to check out the season that started yesterday) with some very minor alterations (it serves the same conditioning purposes as ANTM). I was not expecting the Monarch mind control symbolism to be so blatant however (only caught a few episodes, it's just airing on UK TV now so this originally aired a few months ago in the US), one of the catwalks involved the aspiring models actually wearing a bubble filled with live Monarch butterflies over their heads (video above) for instance. The symbolism of the bubble with living Monarchs inside should be easy enough to interpret, if you think of the phrase that someone is 'living in a bubble' (disconnected from reality) which is like the psychological state Monarch slaves live in (also taking it more literally; this kind of thing, locking a ball/box over the victim's head and putting insects or whatever in would probably be effective for programming dehumanized alters [along with drugs/trauma/etc, their fractured mind may start to think they are literally one of the Monarchs flying around their head, the feeling of their head being separated from their body ((in the bubble)) probably also helps] and general trauma). Why go with Monarch butterflies, out of all the different species I find it beyond coincidence that they went with purely Monarchs.

In an earlier episode they went with some mirror programming in a hallway of mirrors/infinite mirror with the programmer on hand doing things that would occur in real Monarch programming, saying things like whilst pointing at the reflection "This is supposed to be you right there, that's you." This is a basic method in mirror programming of making the reflection appear to be an actual person (a doppelganger of themselves) in the mind of the victim, so eventually (in actual Monarch programming rather than this suggestive TV crap) the reflection splits apart (so to speak) as an alter-personality Dissociation is encouraged by the guy giving "advice" telling the models to remember their past traumas and to put all the emotion in their eyes (to create the glazed over dissociative look most high fashion models have).

Amanda (above + below) is a "Hypnosis Assistant", which seemed like a blatant suggestion of her being mind controlled to me.

Amanda caught in a net in another MK symbolic shoot, and from another episode Markus Klinko's shoot with some phallic eel/fish symbolism.

Another thing that tipped me off about this show was the promos for the first episode showing the models trapped in a glass box/cube (covered in the past) suspended in air.

The eye-candy host, or "mentor" (+ Tyson Beckford) for the show is a model from Oz Nicole Trunfio (herself a product of a similar show 'Search for a Supermodel'.. you would think they could come up with more imaginative names for the same repackaged crap), this photoshoot by ultra-suggestive/symbolic Terry Richardson (I'll need to do a proper post on his portfolio though not yet) is obviously very suggestive of her sex programming with the pink wig sex kitten suggestion and the pink poodles (hinting at her dehumanization, poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog, one of the easiest to train/program). Nicole's predecessor was Niki Taylor who is probably MK'd, her sister Krissy Taylor (also a model) died at the age of 17 (the fashion industry's general manipulative behavior killed her/contributed to her death, they never really figured out what killed her [they made a 'best guess' eventually]).

On a literal catwalk made of leopard print.

Invoking Marilyn in the below shot.

A younger Gemma Ward with Nicole (both born in Perth, Australia; like Ledger).

One of Nicole's own mirror programming photo shoots.

Nicole is on the right, also with a butterfly. More butterflies below.

"Natural Magic(k)" Note the subliminal all seeing eye, butterfly + others (the overall mirrored pattern looks to be a subliminal demon or something too, you can make out some horns/eyes/mouth/etc).

She has a tattoo of what she is; a clothes hanger! (mind control implications of being a mindless object used for one thing, to 'hang clothes on')


Christopher Myers said...

Love that coat hanger tattoo, lol.

I found some pics that made me think of your blog, maybe you can work them into something.

Britney with Micky Mouse ears screaming:

Then this whole Strange Kate Moss and the Gypsys shoot from V magazine:

Anonymous said...

A half star down at his feet. And the "THIS IS IT" logo across his chest where supposedly his death came from.I guess it is also worthy to check this out:


mal said...

There is girl on ANTM this year who is a dead ringer for Queen Elizabeth I, "The Fairy Queen." She should fit nicely within the whole Renaissance/pagan theme that is so fashionable now. Of course, all I know about fashion is what I read on this blog. Amazing work you do here.

Anonymous said...

The clothes hanger tattoo is very sad. To them she is not a human being, she is an object. That is a very poignant example of how models are seen.

Lostworld said...

Those bubbles filled with live Monarch butterflies... OMG! How blatant can it be? Really sick.

Keep up the good work!

Lostworld/Stepford wives

skrambo said...

This post actually made me sad. For some reason it's different to see normal people who wish to be models go through this stuff, rather than people who have obviously been raised solely for that purpose (I'm not saying that's not sad, but the aspiring models had a chance to get away and they didn't). I don't know, maybe it's a fully intended reaction.

great post anyway. cheers

Anonymous said...

the gypsy one is interesting, read a while back about how they are trying to get gypsy's in Romania and hungary..think it was there, to become more 'apart' of society/join the military...backfiring apparently though as the locals are against them and its causing somewhat of a civil issue between them.

thats one way I suppose, give the hungarian/romanian youth attractive gypsies to have wet dreams over rather than want to hunt them!

Vexille said...

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