Monday, 28 September 2009

Dead Milan Marilyn Dolls

Thanks for this links and insight as always in the comments, this was definitely worth putting into a quick post (I do intend on covering many of the excellent tips like Tears for Fears in posts btw so don't think I'm ignoring them). Milan Fashion Week continued it's seasonal theme of constant Marilyn Monroe kitten programming worship this year. The trauma based programming (especially emphasizing the childhood trauma with the little girl on the catwalk just before the bloodied model) aspect was highlighted this year with a model/actress covered in blood walking out onto this major catwalk before collapsing on the stage. I found it especially messed up that literally just before the blood soaked virtually nude model entered onto the mirror catwalk, two models walk on and exit the catwalk accompanied by a little girl (see video above). The macabre event was organized by filmmaker Salvatore Arimatea, for his short film called 'Dolls', so it's pretty obvious what that will be all about.

Longer video below showing the Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean backdrop images + a better view of the actress who I believe to be Daniela Martani (based on this article's translation) who came from Italy's Big Brother social conditioning show.

Anyway, as noted in the comments, the show was for 'Seduzioni Diamonds' by Valeria Marini, an actress/designer, who is married to a movie producer (always a big clue). She was fully aware of what was going on, being in the movie industry herself; so she definitely would have given permission to Salvatore to do this. Valeria seems to be your typical mind controlled individual working in the fashion industry (which fits with her Marilyn Monroe usage), below is a video of her being hypnotized (the sound in it seems to be broken so please watch this one with embedding disabled, I don't speak Italian anyway but you can obviously note the tranced expression when 'put under' suggesting she is a mind control victim [who are extremely hypnotizable]). Considering how brainwashed the vast majority of Italy is and it's myriad of mind controlled 'Butterflies' for prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian "elite" to use; they can probably get away with it being more public, it shouldn't surprise anyone if Valeria has been one of his 'butterflies' before either.

The title 'Seductive Diamonds' in association with Marilyn Monroe is even more mind control suggestive as 'Presidential Model' sex slaves wear diamonds to signify their 'Presidential Model' status, MM being the first one to be used so publicly (the archetype they obsess over, hence why they're constantly invoking her). Note probable 'Presidential Model' Beyonce's version of Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend is sung in the longer video further up (after the dying model).

Prada's recent Milan Fashion Week catwalk featured the Masonic checkerboard duality floor very prominently, the Devil doesn't just wear Prada, he owns it!


Christopher Myers said...

LOL, that shit is just pretentiously sick no matter how you slice it.

Brenda said...

The event should have been called "Trauma" because it reeked of sadistic, satanic overtones. Very ritualistic with the child. Sick.

Checkerboard, mirrors, Marilyn, blood sacrifice, a child...the continuation of MK patterns. The more repetitious it gets, the more it gets ingrained in the psyche until it becomes "no big deal."

Think of all the weird, crazy shit that is going on right now that would have been considered taboo just 20 years ago. When you soften up a populace and keep feeding them tripe that this or that "doesn't matter" and it's just "a form of expression" even though it makes your skin crawl and your gut clench down, it's only a matter of time before it becomes "normal" and onto the next level of sickness to indoctrinate us.

Spread the word as much as you can. The more people who know it, the more we cannot be controlled by it.

Anonymous said...

That model got her period on the catwalk and fainted from the embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

@anon 16:22

Not funny. You obviously don't get the disgusting significance of this. Go troll on Perez Hilton's blog please.

Anonymous said...

Something very odd is that in the audience, the elderly looking men just before she 'collapses' are smirking/laughing.

where as also in the audience you can see some of the women are genuinely confused...or at least pretending to be.

jerry_beck said...

this was clearly some breakdown from horrendous trauma (you can see REAL pain at the face of the model-it's scariest/saddest thing i seen lately), no way this was "prank", maybe done with purpose to make trauma even more horrible for this poor girl, but i state this AGAIN this was REAL (that kind of trauma/fear/confusion are only seen in movies with MK'D slaves, nowhere else)

horrible example HOW this slaves are used is PORN (what you see there is done with every MK celebrity, even worse stuff i'm afraid) Every MK country has big porn industry Germany, UK, US, Italy, France, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico...i saw one porn scene (or picture i don't remember) with pictures from The Wizard Of Oz on the wall...get it? if this MK shit is so ridicolous for somebody(and i know still is, cause MK celebrities/actors is crazy thing) how can you name this? coincidence???

i know Ben was thinking about making blog with porn stuff, i think it's about time

PS: In Poland Polanski is all over the news, and you can hear outrageous opinions that this was consensous sex (remember 13 year old girl, and he raped her anally) or the whole thing was her mother idea for blackmailing poor Polanski...

On another hand there is theory that this was HIT, cause he is making a movie about A ghostwriter hired to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister uncovers secrets that put his own life in jeopardy. this is adaptation of Robert Harris book (which is in essence about Tony Blair controversial rising to power) who knows how it is with Polanski (he make occult revealing Rosemary's Baby and then they killed his wife and friends(Manson was naturally not on his own), then they framed him with peado case, now maybe he is trying to make his revenge...maybe he is good guy? i mean THERE MUST BE SOME OPPOSING FORCE, FIGHTING WITH THOSE SICK BASTARDS, not only bloggers, and conspiracy nuts...

Anonymous said...

That "bloody" DANIELA MARTANI is a clone of KIM KARDASHIAN? Sharing the same DNA?


Anonymous said...

Shakira says it: "As a child, I fell in love with performing. I felt a deep, profound calling even then, and I knew my destiny was tied to the performing arts. I knew I wanted to be on stage, because that was where I felt most comfortable."

Mabe a little bit of (re) programming for Rihanna in the City of Masks?


Anonymous said...

AMY WINEHOUSE&her "faith healer". Poor lost woman...


Anonymous said...

Dissociated EVA LONGORIA:


Anonymous said...


very good point made there, i was actually saying this to someone the other day. the amount of stuff thats regarded as acceptable these days, that would never have even been broadcasted within the media a short while ago is unbelievable. we are constantly being dumbed further and further down all the time

i think about certain things nowadays that i myself accept, that weren't previously acceptable and wonder why? why do i think this is ok? the only excuse i can think of is "well, i've been brought up (by my generation of media) to think its ok" which is true, but does that mean i should carry on accepting it now even though i know that its wrong? when you've been brought up with certain things, its kinda difficult to just switch off from them

i'll give you an example, i'm a huge fan of hip hop music and i listen to a lot of songs that glamourise the obvious things such as promiscuity and violence, i wonder now - how can i be a fan of these sort of songs? why do i think they are cool? i don't actually think that violence and promiscuity is cool! i the songs, i don't really know why? i think they're cool but i don't actually take the subjects of the song seriously...or do i? on a subconscious level? maybe. i guess thats the whole point of mind control, playing with the subconscious mind i don't feel that these songs are affecting me in any way but perhaps they are deep down...

the same goes for rock music, the rock scene is just as bad especially metal. as a teenager, like many i went through a big phase of listening to ridiculously heavy metal, death metal in particular, the sort of bands i listened to would scream about raping and murdering people and even dissecting bodies and all kinds of disgusting stuff, but again, i never took it seriously.

i guess we people just think these sort of things are arty or wacky or whatever? its all incredibly sad i know

Brenda said...

@Anon 8:05

Hip hop music, most rock music, and most of the New Age music (instrumental) has a discordant beat pattern. Essentially, the beat is COUNTER to your heartbeat, creating a sense of agitation and anger. Music that goes WITH the heartbeat, are waltzes and some country music (that has that ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three beat). Country rock, however, does not have the good beat.

There is also the aspect of "back masking" in some rock music. Subliminal messages that are devious.
Check out this link to the art of subliminal messages:

The negative power of modern music has been written about in many books for over 40 years. The problem was that most of the people who wrote about it were stodgy, conservative types who felt the musical discord was meant to make a teenager rebel against his/her parent.

While that is partly true, the REAL essence of why the musical beat is such is to put you into a chaos whirl and then trance. In my home growing up, we only had classical music (usually Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach) so I was conditioned to listen to music that calmed and allowed me to do my studies or read and focus while the music was on. There have recent books out about the Mozart Effect, wherein Mozart's music can actually help a person heal, focus, concentrate and become more creative. It seems he embedded something actually GOOD in his music.

I always wondered about people who told me that they NEEDED the chaotic music to concentrate!! It seemed backward to me. I also know people who cannot spend any space of time in complete silence. I've gone for eight hours with no music on in my house, no TV, no radio, NO SOUND and functioned quite well. It's the same thing when someone says that they can't sleep or think clearly when they go from the city to the country because "of the deafening silence." The country is not deafening silent, because there are birds and wind and the sound of your own footsteps on the ground. I think it's the conditioning of the mind that has been the most troublesome.

My mother was aware of the mind control aspects of the world powers and that's why she didn't want me listening to rock music. She always said to me that when the time comes, those who want to take over the world power will NOT have to fire a single shot, because we will all be drugged, tranced and depressed and let them walk right in. I used to think she was nuts or paranoid. Now, I realize what she meant.

Because we are, for the most part, drugged, tranced and depressed and ready for them to walk right in and take over. If you don't think so, go onto a any street in your town and walk around and LOOK at the people. REALLY LOOK at them. Now, try imagining talking about this stuff to them or even telling them about this website or others like it and consider what their response might be.

"That's too weird!"
"That doesn't apply to me!"
"Those people are nothing like me!"

That's the kind of responses you'd probably get.

BUT if they were awake and not dumbed down, they would already be up in arms about the kind of dark, bloody shit that surrounds us.

(continued on next post)

Brenda said...

WHY is this bleeding model not being talked about on mainstream media???? Why is this "faux incident" not being brought up on radio talk shows? I'm not sure but I DO know that we have been beaten down emotionally and artistically so that things that SHOCKED us 10 years ago, don't shock us anymore. IT'S THE SAME WAY THAT TORTURE VICTIMS AND TRAUMA VICTIMS ARE CONDITIONED. Keep the shocks coming all the time until we fall into a kind of haze and acceptance of the shock. Then graduate that shock to something bigger.

It's all to make us more accepting of greater and greater shocks until "THEY" launch the greatest shock of all (and I don't know what that is but I know it's got to be mind blowing and satanic) and we all just sit back in our collective daze and say, "Wow. Look at that. That's weird." You think it can't happen? Think again.

But I do believe in the power of good over evil and I think that as much as the darker forces continue to shock us, the positive, good forces that want us to succeed and prosper override that by SHOWING US WHAT THE DARK SIDE IS DOING and giving us the opportunity to MAKE CHANGES AND BECOME AWARE. It's always up to us to choose the light over the darkness. We can be aware of the manipulation and share it with just one person and that can make a difference because that person can share it with maybe two people and on and on. Consciousness can SHIFT very quickly these days. I see it all the time.

Anonymous said...


yeah, its actually so sad you know, i'm one of those people who has a really abnormal addiction to music, i have to listen to quite a substantial amount each day or i literally cannot function. or at least i've been programmed to think that i can't function without it. i would probably function a lot better without any of it! i know what you mean when you talk about it putting you in a trance, i get that effect off it all the time but it feels good, music makes you feel amazing. and it is amazing, i mean think about how it can so instantly lift your mood and stuff. i've always felt like music was one of my biggest vices, though obviously not a bad one. i've always thought the reason that i feel those trance like effects from it is because its "in my blood", i'm musically talented and come from a musical family so i just thought that that was where my abnormal addiction to music came from...but maybe its nothing to do with that


Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga did that bleeding thing on her MTV performance, seems like a warning of there's more where that came from? Connect the dots? Unrelated but related? Psyops? Then Kanye West and his attention whoring took all focus.

Anonymous said...

Music has become a silent weapon for quiet wars. It's a total joke what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Media: Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance.

Schools: Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and real history.

Entertainment: Keep the public entertainment below a sixth-grade level.

Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals.

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