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'I slept with my own father,' reveals daughter of The Mamas And The Papas singer John Phillips

The daughter of The Mamas And The Papas star John Phillips has revealed she had a long-term sexual relationship with the musician. [Another Daily Mail article, cheers for the links in comments and whatnot; this will probably be covered elsewhere.]
In an explosive new book, Mackenzie Phillips says she was drugged and raped by her famous father when she was 19 and began a consensual incestuous affair that lasted a decade.
Ms Phillips, now 49, reveals their first sexual encounter happened the night before she married Jeff Sessler, a member of the Rolling Stones entourage.

Shock revelations: Mackenzie Phillips, pictured here in 1998, has revealed she had a sexual relationship with her father John, who starred in the 1960s group The Mamas And The Papas

Tell-all: Mackenzie, seen here in 2008, revealed the details of her incestuous relationship in her memoir, High On Arrival
'On the eve of my wedding, my father showed up, determined to stop it,' writes Phillips in her new memoir High On Arrival.
'I had tons of pills, and Dad had tons of everything too. Eventually I passed out on Dad’s bed.
'My father was not a man with boundaries. He was full of love, and he was sick with drugs. I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father.
'Had this happened before? I didn’t know. All I can say is it was the first time I was aware of it. For a moment I was in my body, in that horrible truth, and then I slid back into a blackout.' [dissociation; sounds like she had been used to it already, which is evidence that the abuse/programming had gone on long before that]
John Phillips was the chief songwriter for the harmony band which sold 40million records between 1965 and 1968, including the hits, including California Dreamin', Monday Monday and Dream A Little Dream Of Me.
Ms Phillips, a product of his first marriage to Susan Adams, was a heavy drug user at the time.
She was then a star in her own right in America, appearing on the U.S. sitcom One Day At A Time.
She was eventually fired from the programme and went on to tour with her father when he formed the New Mamas And The Papas.
By that stage she was now a willing participant in their relationship which lasted a staggering 10 years.
Phillips was married to his third wife, model Genevieve Waïte, when the affair began.
She recalls: 'I was a fragment of a person, and my secret isolated me.
'One night Dad said, "We could just run away to a country where no one would look down on us. There are countries where this is an accepted practice. Maybe Fiji."

On tour: Mackenzie (left) on stage with father John (centre) in 1982 with the New Mamas And Papas after their sexual relationship had become consensual
'He was completely delusional. No, I thought, we’re going to hell for this.'
Strangely, Ms Phillips, who pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and agreed to enter an 18-month drug programme in 2008, now defends the singer, who died eight years ago.
'Don’t hate my father,' she told America's People magazine while promoting the book.
Phillips left behind four other children including Chynna, who featured in the singing group Wilson Phillips, and Bijou, a model, actress and Hollywood socialite. [see end of article for some details on her half siblings]
Chynna said today she was in complete shock when Mackenzie, her half-sister, told her about the affair in 1997, many years after it had ended.

Harmonious only in song: The Mamas And The Papas' Denny Doherty, Mama Cass, John Phillips and second wife Michelle during their late Sixties heyday
'She said, "I don't know why, but I just really felt the need to call you and tell you something that I think you need to know",' Chynna tells America's Us Weekly.
'And she went on to tell me that she had had an incestuous relationship with our dad for about 10 years.'
'Somebody could have dropped a piano on my head and I probably wouldn't have felt it.
'But I knew it was true. I mean, who in their right mind would make such a claim if it wasn't true?'
In the book, Ms Phillips also claims she had a fling with Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.
[end of Mail article]
Mackenzie has been in some interesting stuff including Disney's occult themed "X-Files for kids" 'So Weird', promo poster for it below note the spiral behind the cast.
Her character was Molly, "Molly had a bit of a rocky relationship with her father, apparently starting when she was a teenager." remember slaves' roles are often mimic their life in reality so this fits as usual. Her future problems with drugs (intentional; necessary to keep them dependent and 'out of it'/dissociative, mind control slaves are often used as drug mules as they look innocent [her father was convicted of drug trafficking in 1981, she has been arrested on a few occasions for possession] and also if they do make any claims they will be dismissed as the ravings of a washed up drug addict) was shown in her very first role in the tv version of the book (it's irrelevant if the story was true or not) about drug dependent girl called fittingly, 'Go Ask Alice' (it's covers invariably have the split mind/half face motif). In the same year she was in Lucas' American Graffiti (no time to look into her other roles but I'm sure many of them are symbolic).
Mackenzie in the centre below, I think the one wearing the cat motif is her daughter in the show.
More recently she has appeared in the mind control movie 'The Jacket' (analyzed some of the posters here) where she plays one of the mental asylum's nurses who help strap Adrien Brodey into the Jacket, drug him, and lock him in the box (standard programming techniques) leading to Adrien's dissociation and entering the alternate reality in the "future" with Keira Knightly.

As mentioned John Phillips was a convicted drug trafficker and was probably made into a sick incestuous sociopath by his alcoholic military programmed father, the wonderfully helpful (to the programmers of this world) cycle of abuse. Hanging out with the likes of predatory Polanski and other members of the sick Hollywood "elite" can't have helped. Remember he was the one who first injected her with heroin just before her wedding, the whole "The Mamas & and Papas" band thing freaks me out considering what was going on. His last solo release in 2008, released posthumously (he died in 2001) was 'Pussycat'. His other daughters (with various women) are singer/actress Chynna Phillips, actress/model/singer Bijou (meaning jewel) Phillips (engaged to Scientology cult programmed Danny Masterson) who fit the billing of standard MK'd performers/models.
A few pictures of Bijou and Chynna to finish.
Bijou above, Chynna below.
Bijou below at that LG Heidi Klum Monarch event.
Bijou's cover art below for her album "I'd Rather Eat Glass".
This is apparently Bijou Phillips (Mackenzie's half-sister) on the poster for torture porn 'Hostel: Part 2' which is very telling with Bijou holding her disembodied head, in the film more mental bondage/slavery symbolism is shown as in the "elite's" sick playground (places like that and worse exist in reality using expendable slaves; the "elite" have always loved 'the most dangerous game' and all the imaginative ways they can come up with to make that more interesting) she is tied up and ball-gagged and such (it's a good metaphor for Hollywood slaves' mental torture anyway; trapped in the "elite's hostel" for them to do with whatever they wilt).


jerry_beck said...

Chyna Phillips was part of the Wilson Phillips band with two of the Wilson sisters (daughters of Beach Boy Brian Wilson as notorious man as John Phillips) see how it's connected? Chyna is married to William Baldwin and according to Wiki she is now a Born Again Christian (after deprogramming maybe?) and performing Christian music with singer songwriter Vaughan Penn

On another hand anyone seen cover of this?
big WTF for this

Brenda said...

I always thought Chyna had her shit together. After she left Wilson/Phillips band, she disappeared and seemed to settle into a more grounded reality. If she's born again and that helped her, good for her. (I say that only because SOME Christian churches are as bad as any programming mechanics I've seen working!) But if she found peace through Christianity, I'm glad.

Her half sister, Bijou, is another story altogether. What a mess. I'm sure she was seriously abused. Maybe by Daddy John too?

As for Michelle Phillips (married to John), I never thought she had a good vibe. I know Michelle was very sexually driven and encouraged her teenage daughter (Chyna) to have boys to the house for sex. One comment by Chyna from long ago was that Michelle kept a bowl of condoms on the back of the toilet in Chyna's bathroom "so she'd practice safe sex." Nice. Screw all the guys you want, sweetie, but make sure you use protection.

It's amazing ANY of these kids emerge from this with their wits intact. I think Chyna did.

And what kind of a name is Chyna anyway? Like China? Breaking China? Shattered China?

Anonymous said...

I also remember Bijou saying she already had an active nitelife at the tender age of 15... Yes, see how all is connected? She was SEAN ONO LENNON's gf (kitten?) at one time...


jerry_beck said...
there is some good questions under this to convinced people that this is the REALITY?

So, if this is true, why are they giving away clues and hints during the songs and videos? If their actions are covert, then why do they publicise them?
in other words if this is covert why this is overt or other way...

Hi. What I’ve been trying to understand these past 2 weeks since I stumbled on the articles about J-Z, and on another similar site , about this whole Monarch/Illuminati/Masons/MK-Ultra connections ‘theories’….is …if what yu are alluding to is true…then what is the purpose of it ? It sounds too crazy to believe, that fact alone make sme wonder if there is any truth to it…but what if it is really going on…what does it serve to do? How does all this affect the listener/viewer…WHY is it being ‘coded’ into entertainment like this…it seems almost useless to the un-initiated!!! ?
P.S. BTW – These articles are a great read…and suddenly I’m seeing the symbolism everywhere….is this a bad sign? It’s all really freakin me out!! Look forward to the next article!

IMO this argument is spot on, there must be more posts/more discussion about WHY are they doin it, more than WHAT'S they're doin..i mean we all know that this thing is complicated beyond matter and in the same time is not complicated at all...we have 9.11, war in Iraq and then we have oil, stealing from the iraqi museums sumerian artifacts, we have Mengele/mind control/endplan and then we have media circus/celebrity breakdowns/sex slaves's all well connected, it's all part of the same

jerry_beck said...

and to back to Bijou, she got some interesting BULLY she has sex alter for the whole movie, this movie has more MK'd actors (Brad Renfro, Rachel Miner, Nick Stahl-here i'm not sure, but his roles are hint)...she was in The Wizard Of Gore, some standard MK roles as ALICE, CRYSTAL, Estrella STARR...she was brutally killed in few of them (this is i believe part of programming)...movies with slaves Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (see Killshot), Mischa Barton, Dominique Swin (anybody remeber her Lolita? )...all in all standard Hollywood MK'D road to stardom...or road to ritual death...

sara said...

Bijou also had affiliations (some say sexual) with Aailyah before she passed in 1999. Its funny how these stars are ALL related. It should tell people something (multi-generational families). Angelina Jolie is related to a lot of presidents and other actors. When I always see one or more celebrities that are sisters or brothers make it in the entertainment industry, that is usually a red flag to me that they are Mk'd.

Anonymous said...

hi. i agree with jerry, about all this stuff, what for??

Anonymous said...

I think Jerry was cutting and pasting from the website he gave us. Jerry understands the WHY. I'm starting to as I'm seeing more and more crazy interconnections in the media that simply cannot be "coincidental."

It's like the genie is out of the bottle now about this MK shit. VERY COOL THAT PEOPLE LIKE BEN ARE BRAVE ENOUGH TO UNCOVER AND REPORT IT. But the more people know about it, the more it can cease to control us.

The "What For?" I think the whole point is that these stars and musicians are using the symbology repeatedly in their art to influence us on a global level. It's about putting ALL OF US into a trance.

WHY? Good question. Maybe so it's easier to take us over when "an event of great magnitude" is created by the Elite (an event that might look like an act of God but really is not.) That's the only answer I can give you. CONTROL. They want to CONTROL you. If they can't control you, they want to kill you because a person who can't be controlled is very dangerous to the Elite.

I've always said, though, that there are SOOOOO many of us and SOOOO few of them and we could simply slaughter them if we knew where they were in order for us to survive and thrive into the next century. But in order to do that, you HAVE TO BE AWAKE AND AWARE!!!

Anonymous said...

And if you think MK is hard to explain to people, try telling them that 9/11 was not just an inside job but a satanic offering to the pagan gods, using high tech computer animation for the "planes" and logic-defying physics and disinfo (the collapse of the towers, making cell phone calls from an airplane in 2001, Arab "terrorists" who were supposedly on the planes but are still alive, no plane debris in Pennsylvania or at the Pentagon, having a "terrorist drill" operating at the EXACT TIME of the WTC bombings.....I could go on but it's too depressing....)

Brenda said...

@Jerry Beck

I tried to open that website (

and it kept telling me that the server could not be located. What's up???

Brenda said...

Interesting: Zelaya claims "they" are torturing him with "mind altering gas and radiation." If "they" are doing that, he must be one of the good guys....

Anonymous said...

After Mackenzie's admission, there's this:

In an attempt to patch up that whole "My dad was drunk" thing, David Hasselhoff took his 17-year-old daughter to the most normal of father-daughter bonding places: A lingerie launch party at a sex shop.

The Hoff and Hayley went to WeHo erotic boutique Coco de Mer last night for the launch of a new underwear line.

As TMZ first reported, Hayley was the one who believed her father was drunk over the weekend -- which prompted a 911 call.

Hoff said he just had an adverse reaction to medications -- and told us last night he's "doing great."

Yeah, right. Daddies always take their girls to sex shops to buy bras.

Anonymous said...

Ben, here's the new album from MUSE:


Anonymous said...

ok finally some thinking going on here.

To the people asking "Why are they doing it?"

'They' are doing it TO FUCK YOU UP AND LAUGH AT YOU. Do you need any more proof than what's in this blog already?

Will you stop feeling sorry for these people now?

Clearly John Phillips was mind controlled. Did i hear you say "he was a handler" OK AREN'T HANDLERS MIND FUCKING CONTROLLED??

Come on people, use your fucking noggins

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 24 September 2009 10:09

^^^the smartest post since this blog started.

By the way, the "elite" is not white millionaire peoples in their checkered floored ice castles in the sky, the elite are the people written about on this site every day.

John Phillips told his daughter "the rules do not apply to us." This is exactly how 99.9% of artists and celebs really feel and they will say it when they think no one is paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the backlash against Mackenzie has started. Less than half of the people polled, think she is telling the truth. When you up against that kind of scrutiny and doubt, IS IT ANY WONDER WHY THE ELITE LAUGH AT US AND THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS HORRIBLE SATANIC SHIT????

MORE people have to come forward. MORE people have to have the courage and say "FUCK YOU" to the handlers and risk everything by speaking out. The MK'd have two options: 1. Come out and save what's left of their lives and possibly die trying or 2. Definitely die an early death and exist only to please their masters.

Choice #1 is difficult but it's the only way to break through the trauma and resurrect yourself.

I, myself, had lots of trauma growing up and when I approached my mom about it, she didn't believe me. Then she DID believe me but kind of detached from the whole process. I then learned years later that my mom had been severely traumatized as a child by her uncle and cousin sexually. She had buried it all and when I told her what happened to me, she couldn't handle it. So, I was made to feel for years that I made it up and that it didn't happen. But then the flashbacks started and while they were horrible, they convinced me that I was not crazy and that I was abused. It's taken me years of therapy but I've learned that you have to SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT and not give a shit who you lose as a friend or family member. YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT!!!

Anonymous said...

You got this one out timely! Wonder if we're going to have to wait 45 years for Miley to confess to her own incest? When Marilyn sang My Heart/Vagina Belongs to Daddy, oh how naive we were.

"Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" was also the name of a timely feminist promoting vehicle directed by Scorcese, which some feel was the inspiraton [inception] for "One Day at a Time." Didn't realize that was Bijou when I did my post on QT's pile of excrement. Also in the Jacket, of course, alleged MK Handler Kris Kristofferson, a guy whom the sight of has always, for reasons previously unbeknownst, made my skin crawl [¿a creepy bastard?].

Brenda said...

@Anon 14:17

Good for you!

I think it's time to interject Anaïs Nin's beautiful quote:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

We must all throw off the constraints of staying in a tight bud and blossom by exposing the secrets and destruction that has crippled us as a world for centuries.

The RISK is there either way. But the possible freedom from taking that RISK and exposing the masks of the Elite IF WE DO IT TOGETHER is endless.


A. Magnus Publius said...

This is some crazy, revolting and scary sh*t! I can't wait to read the long anticipated new Shakira article you're working on...

Anonymous said...


My husband and I were watching the TiVo of Mackenzie Philllips on Oprah last night and he (who is NOT into any of the MK stuff) turned to me and said: "You think Miley Cyrus will live long enough to tell her sad story of daddy raping her to the world?"

My jaw dropped.

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie stated in her interview on Oprah that her dad did NOT abuse any of the other kids in her family.

I seriously doubt Mackenzie would be aware enough through her hardcore drug use to remember whether abuse happened or not. The brothers and sisters simply saying that nothing happened, is not enough as this stuff can stay BURIED for SOOOOO long.

Case in point: Bijou. It's just SICK how that poor thing is being re-traumatized again and again through the films she's thrown into. I feel for her.

@Brenda at 14:42

Thank you for that quote. I printed it out and it's now taped on my computer. Beautiful!!

@anon at 14:45

If your hubbie can say something like that about Miley, there IS hope for humanity! Good for him!

Anonymous said...

Ben, you gotta check out "The Poughkeepsie Tapes". its the most blatant mind control/masonic torture porn film made over the last few years. Makes saw and hostel look like sesame street

Anonymous said...

re: comment #1 "she is now a Born Again Christian (after deprogramming maybe?)"

If you don't think fundamentalist christianity is a "program", then watch Oliver Stone's "W" to see how it's done.

Anonymous said...

Life is a fucking program, if you say or do one thing you are programmed if you say or do another you are programmed by something else so just "get with the program" and in the immortal words of someone named Nike "just do it" =P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dont forget about the SIMPSON family and the KARDASHIANS, especially that creepy stepfather of theirs, JENNER. I bet my head he banged all the 3 sisters, come on it really runs in the family. KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, oh yes, the man is a damm top handler. wonder if he is involved in JANIS JOPLIN's death..

On the other hand, MACKENZIE PHILLIPS bears a very strong likeness to HILLARY/CHELSEA CLINTON, PATTI SMITH&HEIDI FLEISS...


P2P said...

"IMO this argument is spot on, there must be more posts/more discussion about WHY are they doin it, more than WHAT'S they're doin..i mean we all know that this thing is complicated beyond matter and in the same time is not complicated at all..."

Thought about this a while back, and slowly understood - A majority of people are made to idolize a piece of reality which is not reality in the first place, but conducted - controlled - performance of existence. People grow up regarding as virtues something which in reality are the worst vices. People get conditioned in seeing the reality in the way that it really does not exist - but becomes into existence through this mass manipulation. Here in Finland (and as far as I know so in all other western 'cultures') children grow up just waiting to get to behave sexually - I myself saw 12 year olds getting pregnant already ten years ago (and problem being solved with medicine - half of my friends were eating highly hormonal birth control pills by the age of 14 - and my god do those pills control other things than the reproduction).

And also - not quite sure personally, yet, about this spiritual dimension to this, but - imagine a superstar, who is the subject of day and night dreams of millions of people, even around the world - the energy of the worship thus directed to one single individual turning out to be a puppet for a big big evil. If this energy matters, then no need to ponder why the world around us is as fucked up as it is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thats more to do with the fact anyone who is seen to over-look anti zionist speeches gets the old 'holocaust' label.

look at UK for example, just because a select few in scotland decided against buying their products they ran news articles on dozens of jewish publication comparing them to hitler/the nazis.

its almost laughable that elected reps now fear any criticism toward israel so much they do just as they did at the UN, walk out.

suppose bought and paid for whores do as they are demanded of, though...

Anonymous said...

apologies, wrote on wrong blog..heh..oh well, a political blog now has a comment regarding barbie..haha.

Anonymous said...

Bleeding catwalk model stuns audience after collapse

Anonymous said...

"But they needn't have bothered as the blood was fake and the whole scene was a stunt.

It was being secretly filmed for the psycho-thriller short film Dolls, which is directed by Salvatore Arimatea."



Anonymous said...

A stunt??

Right. And there was NO trauma induced by the visuals they created, right?

It was a stunt with a purpose.

Brenda said...

@Without Time and Space....

You wrote:

"And also - not quite sure personally, yet, about this spiritual dimension to this, but - imagine a superstar, who is the subject of day and night dreams of millions of people, even around the world - the energy of the worship thus directed to one single individual turning out to be a puppet for a big big evil..."

WOW! Fascinating theory which DOES make sense if you understand how energy works and how focused thought can and DOES have implications.

I think you are right about the WHY they are doing it as well as the HOW and WHAT. If Ben can touch on the WHY in a separate blog piece, I think it would be a massive hit and something I could send out to others who are still on the fence with this MK stuff.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the "stunt" with the model, here is more from the article:

"The model playing the part of leading lady, Lucrezia, was so convincing that most people at the Seduction Diamonds show by Valeria Marini believed she had been stabbed.

She was rescued by a man in the front row but he too was just another actor in on the stunt, according to the Excite Italia website.

A host of Italian celebrities were reportedly at the show to see the Marilyn Monroe-inspired collection. After Milan, filming is set to move to Sicily where no doubt there will be more fake bloodshed."


Mass preparation of "an event" using TRAUMA to seduce and numb us. There's part of the WHY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it me, or do they at present seem to be purposely shoving it in our face? literally showing whats going on, I guess mocking those who dont know?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:54

It's not you. They are ramping it up. It's too induce global trauma all at once. They have to speed it up now because we're catching onto them. Of course, there are still a helluva lot of people who are asleep and will stay that way forever because they refuse to think outside the box.

Anonymous said...

I remember years ago reading Terry Goodkind's fantasy book 'Wizard's first rule'. In that book the main character is captured by a female who is able to apply excruciating torture without leaving a trace. It goes on and on about how he is being tortured by this person. He eventually learns that she has been subjected to the same treatment since childhood, many times worse and taught everything upside-down. Giving pain is an expression of love, and so on.

It struck me how similar that was to what is going on for real.. I don't know if Terry Goodkind is in the know, but they do like to choose names that are opposite of their meaning. I was taken aback by his picture.. the guy looks like a satanist (I might be wrong of course)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about his photo. Handler maybe?

Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe. This is the Wizard's First Rule, which is another indication he knows the score:

"People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool."

Anonymous said...

An interview from Bijou Phillips in Index Magazine

BRUCE: In Celebrity Sleuth it says you have a "Daddy" tattoo on your butt, and there's a picture of it.
BIJOU: Yeah.
BRUCE: It's funny how you can know a person and not know they have "Daddy" tattooed on their butt.
BIJOU: That was during a time when I was a pretty sick puppy. I went and got it with my friend David Blaine. I was eighteen.

Anonymous said...

Ben, just a suggestion (one which I've made before) but in your next Redice interview I really hope you go a bit further in discussing the why's of this. Its not just psychological fun and games.

You appear to be bringing the occult angle more into your articles. Showing people that this symbolism is tied to a certain belief SYSTEM. They would not.

I repeat:

Would NOT be spending so much money and calling in all their MK slaves to present these symbols without there being PURPOSE to it. And there is Ben.... there is.

And I really hope you begin to discuss this, its the only missing piece at this point.

Aliza Dane said...

It all may sound far fetched but its real,so twisted they want you to beliee it is impossible.If you have noticed alot of stars have been comming out and saying they were molested at a young age.

Anonymous said...

I think this blog has been infiltrated. I mean, Chris Crocker left a comment for g sake.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget (and I haven't seen anybody mention this unless I missed it) Bijou was in Playboy Magazine. April 2000 issue, at the ripe old age of 20:

Her middle name is Lilly (Lilith). Interesting....

Anonymous said...

BRUCE: But you were fifteen and this guy was grabbing your ass.
BIJOU: I was so nuts and crazy. I just didn't have respect for humans. I didn't have respect because I'd never been shown respect by my parents. I'd always been treated like an object, not like a human.

Thanks Anonymous who posted the link to Bijoux Phillips interview, WOW.

Anonymous said...

btw, the bio of Bijou that I linked to at in my previous post above ^^ is interesting. "I never had innocence" she's quoted as saying. Another person said this about her:

"Bijou Phillips- you never knew what the f**k she would say or do next. There is no line between her unconscious and her articulation of it and her behavior. She is a genuine psychopath. I say that with affection and admiration, because she's also incredibly smart and talented, so she knows how to amuse and how to get and hold attention. If she were just a psychopath, you wouldn't want to use her; you'd just be bored. But she is always amusing and interesting, and if one thing isn't working she has a good sense of it, and she just starts on something else." Andy Warhol was her godfather, and she is/was close friends with the Hilton sisters.

Weird too how the Playboy thing wasn't mentioned in the bio, yet they mention "Stuff" magazine. ??

Anonymous said...

"imagine a superstar, who is the subject of day and night dreams of millions of people, even around the world - the energy of the worship thus directed to one single individual"

POWER CORRUPTS. The level of fame you are talking about here is not even that necessary to make arrogant pricks out of these people.

Personally i LOVE that Michael Jackson put Madonna on blast from the grave, the woman is JEALOUS. She was already superfamous when she went out with him but she wanted more, more, more. That is the only reason why she called him up to go out, to steal his energy for her own. GREEDY & JEALOUS.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
"If Ben can touch on the WHY in a separate blog piece, I think it would be a massive hit and something I could send out to others who are still on the fence with this MK stuff."

The WHY is all in here already, you can't figure it out yet?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Yes, maybe. This is the Wizard's First Rule, which is another indication he knows the score:

"People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool."

It's funny how he keeps saying "people are stupid" over and over. He is right people ARE stupid and it seems he's making another stupid person out of whoever reads his shit.

Madonna said somewhere: (non verbatim) the key is to keep repeating the same thing over and over

Anonymous said...

"Repeat a lie long enough and it becomes the truth."

Brenda said...

@anon 18:10

Hey, I'm getting it. I'm getting it. But I think it'd be intriguing to have Ben put together a "WHY" piece that was succinct and that was easily understood by those who are on the fence but are ALWAYS saying to me, "So this is happening? SO WHAT?" Believe me, I hear it constantly. I just had a similar conversation with an old friend last week where her response was "Yeah? So what?" to everything I put out to her regarding the hidden agenda, the hidden gov., etc. I finally gave up because I started sounding desperate and, frankly, crazy.

So, yes, a WHY piece by Ben would be helpful.

Maybe YOU could offer your capsule take on the WHY?? I'd love to hear it. And I'm not being nasty when I say that. I really would like to hear your take on the WHY?


hunkahunka said...

when you think of what an average film is like, with all the missing time in it, imagine what an impact that this would have on an MK project who experiences missing time on a regular basis. For example, most films have time gaps where the main character will be in one city at night doing one thing, and then suddenly the plot line cuts to the next day, and he's already arrived in the new city he was planning to got to, etc. This would be very similar to how monarch projects with DID actually experience life. Further, most films flick from the direct experience of MULTIPLE characters, back and forth,from one identity to the next, and back again to the original, which again is similar to how a MPD MK brain would experience things,from the perspective of many different characters. I suspect that the films may used as some sort of maintenance program for an uncountably huge number of people, whereby monarch slaves are trained from childhood that they are 'normal', ie: it is normal to experience life in this way. Maybe this is done to them so that their conciousness never really grabs on to them, to wake up and say "hey, why am I experiencing missing time?" or "hey, why are their multiple personalities seeing through one set of eyes? (movie lens)" This could also be the reason that so many MK themes and images and symbols and 'familiar faces' etc. are coded and woven into this 'art'. The monarchs are being systematically 'desensitized' to their own traumatic or repressed memories. For example, someone who was tortured and experienced near-death trauma may be less likely to 'remember', specifically, if their brain is flooded with fictionalized images and trauma of the same thing, via horror movies like hostel. The trauma their mind experiences during watching the film makes it all the more difficult for real and repressed memories to 'stand out' as particularly special, poignant, unique (memorable). Do you see where I am going with this?
(this should be in my own thread)


Anonymous said...

“When I was 13, Mackenzie told me that she had a consensual sexual relationship with our father. This news was confusing and scary, as I lived alone with my father since I was 3, I didn’t know what to believe and it didn’t help that shortly there after Mackenzie told me it didn’t happen.”

- Bijou Phillips in a public statement regarding her sister Mackenzie Phillips’ claim that she and her father had a sexual relationship.


Anonymous said...


Brenda said...

It's sadly clear to me that Bijou's brain is mush. She's fragile and unable to handle the public release by Mackenzie of the incest.

When your mind is as fractured by trauma has Bijou's mind obviously is, rational thought is impossible. It's like taking a soldier with PTSD off the battlefield and putting him in the center of a children's birthday party an hour later. He couldn't handle the sudden shift. Then take him away from the party and put him back on the battlefield 30 minutes later with bullets grazing his head. You see? This is kind of the way I see Bijou's mental state right now. She's been percolating in her own psychosis for so many years and now her half-sister is all over the media telling about her 10 year affair with Daddy and Bijou is not sure what is real or false.

THEN, to confuse issues, she's giving statements to the media regarding Mackenzie's revelations that counter what Mackenzie has said this week. (i.e., "I didn’t know what to believe and it didn’t help that shortly there after Mackenzie told me it didn’t happen.") That shows me that either the statement is true and probably shows the traumatized brain Mackenzie had when she said the abuse didn't happen OR the statement by Bijou is false and meant to discredit Mackenzie.

It's a fact that sexual abuse victims (esp. when the abuse is at the hands of a brother or father) have a VERY difficult time believing that they did not imagine it, due to the trauma the event incurs. Thus, it does not surprise me one bit that Mackenzie would later recant her abuse statement to Bijou. She may not have said "it didn't happen," but more something like "I'm not sure if I dreamed it" or "Maybe I'm imagining it." The heavy drug use didn't help the situation. In fact, I think that drug use is used ON PURPOSE with these victims to make the victims less trustworthy and more confused, thereby allowing the perpetrators to discount whatever they say.


Anonymous said...


The satanic fight (and I say that not as a Christian but as someone who has followed the Elite), to discredit victims of traumatic abuse is epic. It sounds like you understand that as well.

I KNEW that the next day after Mackenzie came out with her allegations, she'd be in for it from her family, media, pollsters (TMZ actually asked people to "vote" on whether she was lying...Jesus!) and anyone else who would come forward and say she was making it all up.

I watched the interview with her on Oprah and I believe her. There will always be people in this world who live in denial and think that bad things can't happen. And there will always be people whose job it is to discredit anyone who comes forward in order to keep the cycle of abuse alive and pumping.

Unfortunately, it's the crap that a victim who comes forward has to encounter. Hey, even victims whose abuse has been VIDEO TAPED have been accused of lying or staging the thing!!! It's all done to make a victim NOT want to come forward. I know because my best friend told me she was molested by her birth father and I didn't believe her at first but then I met her father and there was no doubt in my mind that she was telling the truth. But she refused to press charges against him because of the backlash she'd get from her family. So, now she lives with fear and loathing of her dad, even though she's older and has her own family. Just terrible, terrible. He got away with it and she's living in hell.

Anonymous said...

@anon 09.06
that is so terrible!

ben, this is off topic but i'd like to know what you make of the recent sugababes storm regarding keisha's sudden exit from the band? its funny how they've just signed to roc nation (jay-z's label) aswell

if you're american you wont know the band, but have a read of this

Anonymous said...

Listen to Bijou's own random statements:

1. She lived with "Daddy" alone from age 3.

2. She has a tattoo on her butt that says "Daddy."

3. She got the tattoo during a time when she claims she was "a pretty sick puppy."

4. Her admission that: "I didn't have respect because I'd never been shown respect by my parents. I'd always been treated like an object, not like a human."

and finally....

5. She hung out with David Blaine at age 18. Blaine the mind-fucking "magician?"

If there is ANY doubt that Bijou was not molested, traumatized and abused, I don't know what to say. Did "Daddy" fuck her? Can't say. But probably. She's obviously "shattered."

jerry_beck said...

anyone seen 13th unaired episode of DOLLHOUSE?...premise is that there is some kind of signal changing people into zombies...what if symbolics, occult rituals, mass murders, all of this is making us more accessible for this signal in the future (or something else like vaccine/chemtrails/alien landing/antichrist/signal emiting from tv/radio etc) to enslave us, to make us living zombies/not that we are not zombies now) this is common thread in media right know, they were prepared us for 9.11 (look on this users Youtube movies, now there is preparation for big world event, with Martial Law and some kind of holocaust (see Terminator, Transformers, Dollhouse, I Am Legend, Doomsday, 21 Days Later, District 9, They Day Earth Stood Still etc etc) ...time is near?

Anonymous said...

I think this is the answer to WHY:

The elite worship satan and they want us to do the same. So bit by bit they are desensitizing us to this concept, with the help of their mind-controlled slaves, and without our knowing. Eventually the day will come when the idea of worshipping the devil will not be repulsive to the masses, but it will actually be embraced.

This is their goal.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Ben, please consider opening a discussion forum on your blog. Your readers are smart and have a lot to say, and this combox is limiting the discussion.

Keep up the great work. I think it's so important!!!

Anonymous said...

My story.

I am a 45-year-old female who was molested by a doctor over a period of 6 months when I was 10-years-old. He was a "trusted family friend" and considered "a marvelous man" by everyone.

I was having physical therapy after an accident, thus weekly visits to his office for six months. Much of it I do not remember but I remembered enough. I remember the last time and that was when he took me to a back room and closed the curtains and everything was black that I could make out. However, I started to yell this time (something I'd never done before) and then I kicked him hard in the thigh and he hit me and pushed me back and told me to get dressed and never come back. So, there was something of grace in that I felt "I" ended it.

Somehow, I didn't connect that this was "abuse" when I was a kid, HOWEVER, as the years progressed, I was constantly going back and forth in my head as a teenager as to whether I was making the whole six months up or if I'd imagined it, even though part of my mind remembered what he did to me.

Then, I started to show the signs of abuse. I kept to myself a lot, I wore baggy clothes to not show off my body, I had a unnatural fear of boys and doctors and then the anger started. But it was anger from "nowhere" because I'd repressed the abuse. I had more than one friend ask me flat out "Were you sexually abused?" and I denied it because by my late teens and into my 20's, my mind was truly fighting whether the whole thing was in my imagination.

In my mid-30's, I had a total psychological meltdown and was suicidally depressed for 18 months. I decided at that time to let go and start delving into my past and go into therapy. It was slow going but over the last 10 years, I have uncovered patterns of my personality that stem from abuse.

And yet, STILL, up until last year, I KEPT DOUBTING that this doctor did what he did. UNTIL, I got a call out of the blue from a friend of our family who lived in the same town as I did and who is 10 years older than me. She starts to tell me that she was fighting depression and linked it to abuse by a doctor......the SAME DOCTOR WHO ABUSED ME.

It was the most enormous shock but also the best gift that woman could give me. Doubt is gone.

But I totally understand how these victims are manipulated and false memory syndrome and wiped out memory can occur because it happened to me and mine lasted for 6 months and not a lifetime. But those six months of my life have shaped my entire life. I can't imagine what these victims of lifetime satanic ritual abuse and MK'd realities deal with on a daily basis. They are fractured souls.

For this reason, I believe that Bijou was molested by her father and maybe Chynna too. Abusers usually abuse more than one person because they are getting away with it and they are sick.

Anonymous said...

jesus christ

there seems to be more and more people coming to this blog, with big stories of their own and lengthy, informative comments its mind blowing.

if anyone has heard of/listened to the 1983 tears for fears album 'the hurting', its a good one. all about childhood abuse and repressed memories coming out and stuff. pretty sure these guys were/are mk'd, check the lyrics out if you get chance

Anonymous said...

Bijou's public statement in light of Mackenzie's revelation is that she had been told but doesn't believe it. But several outlets are reporting on an interview she had back in 2000:

"Bijou was interviewed by Index Magazine about her Playboy cover, her failed attempts at being a serious actress, and her minor sucess with music.

"The interviewer asks her about one song in particular, a song about her father:

"BRUCE: Tell me about the new song you wrote — the one you were singing in the car on the way back from lunch.
"BIJOU: The one about my dad? It sort of speaks for itself. I've made this decision not to talk to the press about anything that's gone on in my life, but just to write music about it. They can interpret it themselves.
"BRUCE: There seemed to be some improprieties going on. You're talking about stuff in your music that's pretty heavy. Has anyone articulated it for you in the press?
"BIJOU: No one has the balls to do it.
"BRUCE: I'll do it.
"BIJOU: [laughs] It's blatantly obvious.
"BRUCE: The refrain in your new song is: 'He touched me wrong.' How much more blatant can you get?
"BIJOU: I really want his balls busted, but I also want to be able to say, 'It's just a song.'
BRUCE: It's not just a song.
BIJOU: It's just a song."

Those lyrics don't seem to be anywhere online, so probably there's no released recording of this song. But the lyrics to almost every song on Bijou's album _I'd Rather Eat Glass_ imply abuse and control:

“I Own You”
Don’t tell me that I'm not yours
Cause I am of course
And you know it dosen't matter,
But you want it to
You know exactly, you know exactly what to say

Cause I own you,
Yes I made you
And I'd leave you if I wanted to
And I'll break you,
Yes I'll take you
Cause I keep whatever I want to,
Cause I own you

So tell me that I'm beautiful,
Well you're pretty too
And if I'm so undependable,
Don't depend on me
I know exactly, I know exactly what to say

Cause I own you,
Yes I made you
And I'd leave you if I wanted to
And I'll break you,
Yes I'll take you
Cause I keep whatever I want to,
Cause I own you

I know exactly
I know exactly what to say
Cause I own you,
Yes I made you
And I'd leave you if I wanted to
And I'll break you,
Yes I'll take you
Cause I keep whatever I want to
But I love you,
And I need you
And nobody cares just like you
Though I scold you
I still hold you
Like nobody else could ever do
Cause I own you

From “Stranded”
Turn the lights way down low
I'm disguised even though
I'm not what you always wanted
Always flaunted
Enough said
Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Keep it down and realize
I'm willing to sacrifice
You control who I am
You control it
You control where I stand, empty handed

A little more, cause I can take what you're demanding
Push me down with my fears
And leave me stranded
Hold me up and take my hand
If you can stand it
Stand it
Cause I'm
Not willing to deny
I can't control, who I am
You control it
You're too bold to let me stand
And even hold it

I can be better
And I can be weaker
You'll see
You'll see
You'll see

And I'm
Not willing to deny
I can't control
Who I am
You control it

You're too bold to let me stand
And even hold it

From “Little Dipper”
Warm memories of visits to my mothers (x3)

And sweet little mind corrupted over time
It doesn't matter why
I sure couldn't tell you it's fine

Anonymous said...

We have a lil' nice cutter here:


Anonymous said...

The morning after her appearance on Oprah, Mackenzie was on The Today Show talking about the abuse by her father. She mentioned that her father's sister worked at the PENTAGON. And a photo of her son was shown, in which he was wearing a skull and bones t-shirt. It could mean nothing, or these two things could be very significant. Is this whole thing some sort of black ops to start the normalization of incest?

Anonymous said...

do you have any idea of what decade that was? see, if they spin it as 'fashion' it shouldnt be prior to the mid 70s..him wearing a skull and bones shirt.

the punk scene - which thats mostly associated with - wasnt exactly mainstream before then if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

@anon 14:27

You wrote:

"The morning after her appearance on Oprah, Mackenzie was on The Today Show talking about the abuse by her father. She mentioned that her father's sister worked at the PENTAGON. And a photo of her son was shown, in which he was wearing a skull and bones t-shirt. It could mean nothing, or these two things could be very significant..."

It's not nothing. It IS significant. The dove tailing and "coincidences" are coming at us right and left now. It's like a giant WEB of connections that form a chaotic net around us.

I'm not sure if this is part of it, but there is such a huge push here in California to legalize ALL DRUGS. I'm wondering now, in light of learning about MK and such, if the whole push to legalize drugs is about putting more and more people into a stupor/trance??? God, we have enough loonies on Big Pharma's happy pills and they are certainly checking out mentally in my opinion.

Stay awake. Stay aware.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:24

Thank you for having the courage to share your story. I know that cannot have been easy to do. Stay strong and NEVER DOUBT AGAIN.

jerry_beck said...

Movie director Roman Polanski arrested

who believe that this little pervert will be convicted? he raped 13(!) year old girl...murder of S.Tate was his pledge to the occult oath, he knows perfectly why she and his friends died that day...

Anonymous said...

Come on, Jerry, how can u forget WOODY ALLEN&R.KELLY? Anyway here's another (literally) kitten. Actress TAWNY KITAEN's continuous downward spiral:


jerry_beck said...

Tawny Kitaen was definately a kitten(i believe Ben did one piece about her)...i saw her other day on Celebrity Rehab (programming center? there is something wrong with that reality show) and she is certainly falling apart, mentally as physically (seriously she was stunningly beautiful woman, now she doesnt resemble herself not one point)...and that was irony with Polanski,I think he is on the way to the innocence, next he will be working in USA on some summer blockbusters (Batman?)

Anonymous said...


This is my capsule:

Draw a pyramid, put yourself and everything you do at the very bottom, on top of you put anyone making $ from their talents (real, imagined or fabricated) looking down on you, your lifestyle, your family [and they want your $]. On top of the entertainers of the world (musicians, artists, actors, celebs,) put politicians government etc, on top of them (check Forbes) put the billionaires.

Now take a checkerboard and do the same with the different pieces (you're the pawn, the pawn (♙♟) is the weakest and most abundant piece in the game of chess [general public])

The game is played on a chessboard, which is a square-checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. At the start, each player (one controlling the white pieces, the other controlling the black pieces) controls sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king, whereby the king is under immediate attack (in "check") and there is no way to remove it from attack on the next move.

Do you have any idea what any of this means and is this too complicated to explain to someone? I'm not being patronizing, seriously.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 26 September 2009 12:53 said...
re: tears for fears

"all about childhood abuse and repressed memories coming out and stuff."
Sadly this is the case to different degrees for the billions of people living on this planet. We all have "the hurting"

Anonymous said...

yep and thats why it would be a relevant post

Brenda said...

To anon @6:57,

I think I'm following you. Basically, the masses are being used, usurped and discarded by the few in power. And then those in power are never secure in their power so they must always keep a strong foothold on their positions, whether by killing the opposition or absorbing them into their own power play.

Thus, the point of "The Game" is for the Elite (Power) to dominate with as few on top as possible and the rest of the pawns (the masses) under their control.

Yes, nicely thought out.

OK. Here's the only difference. We are not all pawns on a chessboard because we have souls and hearts and minds that yearn to rule our own destiny. Many of us, however, are pawns by virtue of how we were raised or who we associated with. Some of us have been pawns and are now turning our back on that mindset and returning to our true nature of responsibility for our own actions and our future.

If enough of the "pawns" on the chessboard rose up and multiplied, they could thwart the onslaught of the Kings and Queens. It's a numbers game and a mind game as well. Strong numbers and strong minds will win over satanic desire to suffocate the souls of man. This is what I believe because to believe that we are doomed means that life is pointless and lacking in meaning.


Anonymous said...

1. The Seat of the Soul
By Gary Zukav

There are two books that I absolutely live my life by. This is one of them. Growing up, I was always curious about religion. This book made the most sense to me; it’s about the way you live your life. I believe in karma and doing the right thing even if it may not advance you as far as you want. If every single person felt the same way about karma and intention, then the world gets fixed tomorrow. But temptation gets in the way. Zukav is right: It may take lifetimes to learn.

^^^^^^^^^^ inneresting !!!!

2. The Celestine Prophecy
By James Redfield

This is the other book I live by. It’s fiction—a guy travels to find a secret book that has a series of principles. The story is a metaphor for life: I could go left or right, I could be stuck, or I could keep advancing. Some people are happy where they are. I tried to hire a guy once, and I said, “Don’t you have ambition to be bigger?” And he said, “No, I’m good.” I had to respect that, but for me that was the wrong relationship.


3. The Odyssey
By Homer

This epic poem was kind of difficult for me to get through, but it has a beautiful rhythm. I got lost in reading about Odysseus’ struggle to get home and his longing for someone so strong, as his wife was, waiting for him. That’s like a dream—that kind of strength, love, loyalty.

4. Outliers
By Malcolm Gladwell

This book is about the principles of timing and repetition—about preparing yourself for luck, really. He talks about a hockey team, and how the players born in January had a year up on the guys born in December. They were fortunate that their birthday was early, but they also practiced—they put the work in. The book resonated with me because I was born at a time when there was an influx of incredible music into the culture, and I was lucky that my mom and pop were huge record collectors. In my house, I had music by Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Prince, and the Commodores, and I’m listening to it every single day.

5. Purple Cow
By Seth Godin

This is straight marketing advice: Your product has to be a purple cow—it has to be distinct to have any success. You have to be clear on your product: What are you? What are you putting out there? For years I never did an ad for [my company] Rocawear, because I cared more about the quality than the face in front. I hadn’t read this book back then, but when someone puts words to feelings you have, it’s like, “Wow, that’s exactly what it is.”

6. Nigger
By Dick Gregory

I don’t know who turned me on to this autobiography, but his sense of humor and the hardships he went through stayed with me—especially the scene where he started running home from school. It led to his joining thetrack team, which led to a scholarship to college. Running opened up a whole world for him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i left out the header. The above list is Jay-Z's favorite books.

left out a note on this one too
#4. Outliers
This book is about the principles of TIMING AND REPETITION...

Anonymous said...


i was about to just say, ohmygod jay-z has just posted a comment here!

i got really scared then

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:46

Why would that scare you? If Jay-Z came here and posted, I'd say "Bring it on!"

Anonymous said...

They may think they've won, but what they don't realize is this reality, dimension, solar system... whatever you want to call it, is not the only one.

Neither are our lifetimes.

It all comes around eventually. There is such a thing as a universal law of right and wrong....What's wrong has to do with infringing on the free will of another sentient being.

Brenda said...

@anon 19:15

I totally agree with everything you just said.

Anonymous said...

"You are free to believe what you choose and what you do attests to what you believe." -- A Course of Miracles

"Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” -- Richard Bach

Anonymous said...

Brenda, have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones?

Prison planet

Brenda said...

@anon 22:28

Re: Georgia Guidestones, yes I'm very much aware of them. The whole population reduction theme and "eco" crap emblazoned on them. Don't get me started.

I've spent about 30 years researching esoteric knowledge and I have opinions about so much of the stuff that is foisted on the public as "fact." Climate Change, is a good example. I believe that there is climate change but I'm not convinced that we are to blame for it. It's called Solar Cycles. But that doesn't mean that I think pollution and filth is right too. You see? That's how they manipulate the data. They make out that anyone who doesn't buy into the Climate Change mantra wants a polluted world. I can compost (which I do) and recycle (which I do) but I DO NOT do it because someone told me to do it. I do it because it works for me and have been doing for decades. But I wouldn't force someone else to do it.

Sadly, we're getting it from all angles. GMO food, fluoride in the water, Big Pharma, soy, soy, soy everywhere, chemtrails, EMF fields everywhere, pesticides, toxic chemicals in everything from plug in air fresheners to public toilets and the list goes on. I remember when the world was easier to function in. Yes, it still had lots of problems and MK'd people but we weren't being attacked so strongly and regularly by so many aspects that are meant to reduce our initiative, weaken our bodies and minds and blur our boundaries.

I find it a struggle very often to stay above water with all the shit they are throwing at us. Staying centered and physically healthy is a lot harder now than it used to be, don't you think? They are speeding up the process so quickly these days. It makes me think that something must be afoot because the speed in which things are moving is out of control.


Anonymous said...

NELLY FURTADO's statement:

"I’ve always been obsessive-compulsive.
As a kid I had the whole don’t-step-on-the-pavement-cracks thing going on. I was an awkward, paranoid child."


Anonymous said...

Pamela's rant:


Anonymous said...

Post about Shakira:

Anonymous said...

^correct link

Anonymous said...

I knew about SHAKIRA&her drug connections since she gave a concert in my country (Romania)in 2006. I never liked her anyway. And she has her own statue, gimme a fucking break...


Anonymous said...

@anon 17:51

haha, i dunno it would just be a bit spooky if jay-z had come on here and posted a comment?

i was quite disappointed it wasn't him though!

Anonymous said...

godlikeproductions is a tavistock project. Mind-control from start to finish. Rumor has it they leave lots of nasties on your computer even if you just visit there. AVOID it like the plague.

Anonymous said...

Ben please attend to your blog - you used to be so diligent. Best, Mariah.

Benjamin S said...

Yeah sorry guys for the inactivity, been a bit off the ball lately and feeling very lethargic for some reason (might be a phase many bloggers go through after a while); I've got a few posts in the works, should have finished the Shakira post ages ago but there were some days I just couldn't be bothered. Bear with me, I hope to get things back on track in October when I get back into a better routine (btw the Red Ice guys are busy in Ireland covering the Lisbon Treaty and stuff so the webcast is scheduled for mid-October now).

Thanks for keeping things alive with the really insightful comments though everyone.

Anonymous said...

ben is getting lazy! noooooo

Anonymous said...

miley and billy (;

Anonymous said...

It would be amazing to see posts about people who's music people actually respect and take seriously.

Maybe we should start our own blogs about this stuff with our own analyses and thoughts.

Raise up.

Anonymous said...

This might seem like an aftertought but it isn't: feel better Ben.

Anonymous said...

Since Anon 04:52 already visited that godlikeprods website, and Anon 06:43 has posted a warning against visiting there, Anon 04:52can cut and paste the post here so that we can read it?

Anonymous said...

I knew about SHAKIRA&her drug connections since she gave a concert in my country (Romania)in 2006. I never liked her anyway. And she has her own statue, gimme a fucking break...


28 September 2009 05:14

Chris, would you care to elaborate? Sounds interesting but also reeks of the colombian = drug connected stereotype

skrambo said...

"Pussy Scented"? Who would wear a shirt like that? Pretty telling of her real occupation though, since the line between the animal and vagina is blurred. Cats don't smell like anything anyway so it's not even a double-meaning thing, she's just saying she smells like vagina.... Whatever.

This incestous "love" affair is just more evidence to add onto the pile which points to a striking lack of coincidence in the actions of these sexually depraved (through abuse) celebrities.

Anonymous said...

Back to Shakira and her underground connections, I found it out from one of the good last newspapers here, a newspaper idiots are trying to suppress because, of course, its telling the truth most of the time.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is it me, or do they at present seem to be purposely shoving it in our face? literally showing whats going on, I guess mocking those who dont know?
It's a double edge sword, and it looks to me like a "chicken or the egg" situation. Fashion and entertaiment usually follow trends going on out there and now with the internet (i.e. twitter, myspace, etc) it's much easier to gauge what people are into, what they're thinking, what they like, wear, favorite music. Mind Control as the new Satanic Panic. Music & Fashion exploiting the concept of "mind control." It'z kooky, it's zo "out there" itzo "campy" and totally krazy *lisp*

Anonymous said...

Tamerlane Phillips, son of posthumously disgraced Papa John Phillips. The woman on the left has a interesting Mind Control haircut.Probably his sister?


Anonymous said...

Genius, the woman on the left is Bijoux Phillips.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best website I've come across.I think american government control the americans 2 much eg controls media n spoonfeed da americans on what 2 think n accepting everything the government tells them 2 do and dnt question anything...dats y americans r perceived as ignorant throughout the world,oblivious 2 reality...I watched this episode about the incest on oprah its jst 2 sad...

Anonymous said...

Born Again Christianity is an integral part of Monarch mind programming.

Anonymous said...

Michele Phillips started living with Tamar Hodel when she was a teen. Look that one up.. Tamar, daughter of George Hodel, Black Dahlia murderer/suspected Zodiac killer who began an incestuous relationship with Tamar at a young age (huge news story at that time in the 50s) and would pass her around at his parties.. Tamar decided she would "Champion Michelle because no one had championed me." She would slep with Michele's father "when need be" so she wouldn't have to go home.. VERY strange, creepy stuff. Michele always gave me the creeps with those cold, dead eyes.. She had to have been programed.. She slept with every man in Hollywood!

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