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Kittens Made GaGa With MK

Lady GaGa was recently shot with Hello Kitty over her kitty (or not? the fact that she may be hermaphrodite makes sense, fitting with the duality theme of androgyny, she even said she has "both male and female genitalia"; see previous posts on her for some of her duality symbolism) for a Hello Kitty exhibition celebrating it's 35 years of it's mainstream kitten programming directed at kids. Note the pink streaks in her hair (sex kitten suggestive), the Hello Kitty suggestively positioned (showing what the whole Hello Kitty Lolita conditioning is about) with GaGa's hand resting on a black pillar next to a bust (looks like Vladimir Lenin or some other puppet; need better quality of image which I will definitely replace if only to remove that tool Perez Hilton's logo), and GaGa is of course wearing a mask with half her face covered.

In loosely related 'Hello Kitty' matters Paris Hilton (click for more of her kitten programming stuff etc), Paris' handlers put her in this Hello Kitty outfit coincidentally on my birthday July 28th, note the red shoes/ruby slippers (see main post on her for more info on that).

Another random one from the past few weeks/months going over the top wearing a symbolic (of again [young] female sexuality covered in the past; the cherry/hymen motif they love to use) cherries outfit.

But returning to the Lady GaGa's Hello Kitty motif wearing, a few months ago she was in Kitty's homeland Japan as her handlers dragged her around the globe promoting the manufactured product that is 'Lady GaGa'. Above she is being interviewed and looks pretty lost, forcing a smile and reciting her scripted lines while the hosts prod her. Thanks to 'akaider' commenter for that vid a while back, I came across the below video at the same time (in Berlusconi's Butterflies post) which I found very interesting with GaGa's eye covered by a Hello Kitty hairbrush, note also the Johnson's Baby powder for pedophilia suggestiveness, she pours it over the displaced hair at one point (her hair coming out so easily may suggest head trauma, so pouring the baby powder over it may symbolize her childhood trauma). She is evidently in a tranced robotic state as the programmer type figure asks her mind control suggestive phrases like "Do you think it's safe to say you've lost your mind?", she responds "I know exactly where it is... in his belly of course". He says "he left you something behind...?", GaGa: "A machine; the hub of the city [her internal structure], I was scared at first; I thought, pop ate my heart, he swallowed my brain... [referring to incest abuse by her 'pop'/pap who "swallowed her brain" through trauma, in her mind (at least one alter anyway) her brain is probably actually stored in her father's "belly" due to him being her original programmer]" Programmer: "What's left for you to live for? " GaGa: "But then I thought... the fame." I think the implication here is clearly mind control, these performers have no free thought, all they have to live for is the illusion of (hollow) happiness that fame brings.

The always excellent Vigilant Citizen did a good piece on Lady GaGa recently that's worth checking out though I'm sure most have already, here's a promo video I noticed from Vigilant's post, also cheers for the plug from Vigilant and in the youtube user's info in a few of the poster's other videos too.

The Hello Kitty Lady GaGa photo shoot was shot by Markus Klinko and his sexy assistant Indrani (known as a duo Markus Klinko & Indrani), Markus comes from the classical music world having been a well known harpist before moving to photography. Indrani is a model from India, she was introduced to the predatory industry at the young age of 14 and was a model for some years (probably suggesting her manipulation from it).

MK (ultra) and Indrani in gold, below that MK with a model in bondage (might be Indrani, not sure), on his MySpace he went with "another dull day at work".

Is it just me or is this chair MK is seated on below unmistakeably Masonic? It clearly shows the Masonic square with sun symbolism behind it and twin pillars, but it lacks the compass (in the Masonic compass and square, usually the compass is on top so this varies further) for some reason (I assume other Masonic motifs are symbolically used on other chairs, such as the compass, the level, plum etc). The caption for this photo suggests GaGa was in this probable Masonic lodge room as well as MK ["Cherry Cherry Boom Boom (GaGa in the room)"; cherries going boom boom, what could those GaGa lyrics be referring to I wonder ;p (broken hymens; it's the pseudonym of another 'MK', Universal music executive Martin Kierszenbaum that she has worked with)].

Many of you will have already seen these Janet Jackson ones, but here are some of MK & Indrandi's other stuff; using one of the programmed Jackson kid kittens here. Behind Janet in her sexual/animalistic kitten alter is a Sumerian Shedu, a winged bull or lion with the head of a man (these mythical beasts made up of numerous species of animal [bird/lion/man/etc] are useful for programming multiple types of animal alters). I am getting to a Jackson post once I've finished the current Shakira one (which got delayed by a few days).

And speaking of chimera, they have also done promotional shots for Kimora (name probably intentionally chosen for her 'chimera' programming [victim thinks they're a chimera in their internal system, with each animal making up the chimera being a dehumanized animal alter], though it apparently derives from the Japanese surname Kimura) Lee Simmons, again showing the leopard/kitten dehumanization symbolism on Kimora.

Kimora is given the usual 'Goddess' ritual symbolism as above she is going through some sort of doorway to the light and below more light symbolism being portrayed as a pink star of sorts, note her fashion company's name and 'sleek cat' logo for "baby phat" which sounds a little underage/pedophilia (kitten programming) suggestive to me. She is also famous for being a young model, starting at age 13 (doing major catwalks by age 14).

Kimora and the kids with Hello Kitty (they're already being used in catwalks and as actors in Kimora's "reality" show), she has her own Hello Kitty jewelry line.

More of Beyonce's kitten programming here both images created by MK (he's done some more of her album covers/adverts too), wearing the pink jewel/diamond signifying her presidential model sex-slave status, note the below leopard print shoes (obviously the pink leopard print hat above) as a Pepsi corporate tool (I covered Beyonce's pink panther video here btw).

More symbolism on Lydia Hearst's fashion shoots, in the circus setting (trained/programmed performers for entertaining/distracting the masses) she wears a top hat (Masonic Worshipful Master wears one, phallic) but her earrings have more blatant mind control motifs with a carousel (dissociative spinning, used in Monarch MPD internal structures also) and bird cage (the circus swing the camera focuses on is supposed to symbolize the swing perches in bird cages too).

She did this shoot with fellow programmed Barbie doll, Aubrey O'Day; it's bit a of a strange pairing a surgically "enhanced"/altered reality TV product and a millionaire heiress (showing they're both MK'd, they've both been Dorothy too remember [see Aubrey's wiki + Hearst dressed as her here]).

MK&Indrani's Playboy shoot of Aubrey contained some of the usual symbolism with Aubrey over a duality zebra skin (note crawling like animal + grid/cage-shape legging thing), a leopard print chair, some odd looking Luciferian stuff (wearing a black pool dress thing, her top half not covered [so black/white]; with candles and more light/sun symbolism above her).

Note the leopard print shoes (MK also used this with Beyonce further up) below with Aubrey nude (another kitten suggestion) in her gilded chains.

Their Paris Hilton photos here (half face in darkness, crucifix, some star symbolism behind her on the ceiling; and below pictured in front of a massive bank type safe [mind control symbolic of locked compartments in the mind, needing the right 'access code'/trigger to open them]).

More Masonic symbolism in this photoshoot with the (Goat of) Eva Mendes dressed in gold draped across the a checkerboard floor.

Quick break to post a few images I found to have interesting symbolism (though I'll probably get to something more substantial on her if I catch a symbolic movie she's in or whatever). These images are not associated with MK&Indrani.

These two come from the same GQ set, note the typical dehumanization magazine cover phrase, "Eva Mendes shows us her Wild Side GRRRRR!" and the leopard print. Below is a very interesting cattle skull which is usually a euphemism of sorts for the goat/ram horns; this is all the more significant with Mendes' name (a very common one admittedly) invoking the 'Goat of Mendes'/Baphomet. Mendes is dressed up in duality/dehumanization zebra print with her arms aloft looking up to and worshiping Baphomet.

And below Mendes tugging on one of her goat horns (her hair consciously styled to invoke horns).

Below comes from a highly suggestive Vogue Italia photo shoot, note the white creamy stuff she is eating... and of course the leopard print ("kitten drinking her milk"). Embedded the banned kitten suggestive nude video she did for Calvin Klein, this whole conspiracy is largely about man's (the people at the top of the pyramid for the most part) "obsession" with control/power/manipulation, in particular over the female sex (rape/abuse is 100% about power and control, the people at the top are sociopaths thanks to generations of keeping the bloodline pure/inbreeding which in part is why this mind control is going on; people forget just how overtly misogynistic society was up until quite recently, now they've just gone underground about to come out).

Lots of pertinent themes in this Campari shoot (which are always symbolic, see the Selma Hayek one for another example), fairy tale themes of 'Little Red Riding' hood above, with the chained wolf and the Luciferian bolt of lightning/electroshock and fireplace. Below with caged male models and the crescent moon (btw her role in reality is more akin to the male models, they've just switched it around).

Note the clock (probably at a symbolic time) with the sun behind it, atop a three-step pyramid and below the marionette manipulator (like I said before the roles are reversed, she is the puppet) below with Mendes positioned on some sort of gateway (with the sun behind clouds shining through).

Mendes touching the bird cage mind control motif (+Roman busts). [just to confirm these images are not Markus Klinko]

Anyway back to MK & Indrani's stuff, they also took the Laetitia Casta symbolic photos I posted recently.

A random advert they created with some Luciferian black magick/witchcraft themes. "Mystic Blacks: all the rage. Multi-faceted, shimmering, hypnotic blacks." Multi-faceted referring to 'multiple faces'/personalities, shimmering referring to the light (note the light shining below them) and mystic/hypnotic blacks is more occult/mind control stuff. Note the models with one eye covered. Feria probably refers to 'feral' (dehumanization, think of feral children) and the word 'Feria' comes from the Roman word, a day in which the Roman 'elite' gave their slaves (mainly) the day off.

Another random one by them with a black wearing model on a giant reptile.

Rosario Dawson's shoot with them has some good symbolism to interpret, the bird cage and leopard print naturally feature along with other things.

Carmen Electra, in bondage with Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) everywhere, below being blindfolded and below that wearing a bird cage veil (with the image of a massive bird cage veil behind her), all very symbolic.

We have seen that these are photographers who have worked with numerous MK'd (MKULTRA; 'MK' is a generic term for all things related to Mind Kontrol, I understand a lot of people get confused with some of the abbreviations I use so have been trying to cut down on them [and confusing squared brackets within brackets]) performers, so it makes sense that they would have worked with programmed Mouseketeer's Christina (below by MK&Indrani in leopard print) and Britney (the accompanying TV advert, not made by MK but still interesting with Britney the 'goddess' [note the owl, which is also a symbol associated with the goddess] being chased by the 'hunter' who eventually shoots her making her love him, which has some obvious mind control implications [trauma symbolized by being shot leading to her falling in love with him/control of her mind]).

Ultimate mind controlled butterfly Mariah Carey has also had a lot made for her, most of it worshiping the light. The first one below has Mariah positioned between twin pillars with the sun shining behind her.

They also did this one below with Mariah wearing her trademark butterfly motif (I still definitely have a Mariah post on the cards by the way).

MK created this David Bowie (hugely into the occult and mind control, appearing in Labyrinth and such, had plenty of alternate persona's/alter-personalities in Ziggy Stardust with androgyny being a major theme) album cover for 'heathen' (the word upside down and mirrored, another mind control/occult theme), heathen meaning a pagan/occultist/etc, note they've made his eyes appear 'possessed' and Bowie's tranced/blank facial expression.

Returning to Lady Gaga to finish (Gaga and Bowie have more occult connections worth going into too though), she accidentally cut herself in a performance, so naturally her response was to give 'the horned one' hand signal and use it as a blood offering to Lucifer [not entirely serious] ;) Some of her recent photo shoots have had some good mind control symbolism in them. Starting with Ellen Von Unwerth's recent one with it's main theme of death. Note the leopard print in the first image below.

Ellen chaining Gaga to a gate.

Her recent Mario(nette) Testino shoot also had some interesting symbolic images like this one below with Gaga wearing a computer/circuit board mask, note the pyramid shape of the mask/sunglasses over her head.

I should mention the insane bondage looking mask and outfit she wore at her time in Malta (Malta is an important place to secret societies) in July, obviously these things are just because she's "wacky" and "original" ;) The ridiculous Kermit the frog outfit is even MK symbolic too by the way, "KERMIT THE FROG" (puppet) is listed in Illuminati Formula as being an access code in basic programming commands/triggers; so this outfit probably triggered a bunch of people when it was put all over the news.

This random one from her time in Japan, the headpiece looks suspiciously like a goat head in my opinion.

And finally this one has some more mind control symbolism with the metallic face sticking out of her own head, symbolizing the split/multiple personality (with it's emotionless expression/void of personality), the purple wig suggesting she is in an alter (in the below image note the faded extra legs, again showing her MPD).

The cover of Neo2 (where this shoot comes from, September 2009) has more dehumanization themes with bunny ears/mask/veil. Apologies for not posting much this past week, I broke off from the Shakira post to do this one as it was taking too long (admittedly I had some days of not doing anything on it), should be up in a couple of days anyway. I'll do more on people like Katy Perry and such when the symbolic VMAs occur later this month, depending on it's content.


Christopher Myers said...

I love just scrolling thought your pictures! I don't care enough for these puppets to read about them but you are so good with the pictures, you could probably do a blog with no words!!!! A+++++

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, I read somewhere that there is a higher power than the illuminati. They use the illuminati as a shell and work through them. Could it be those reptilian things that are using the arayan race which are the illuminati? That would explain why some mind controlled victims have claimed that they have seen some politicians shapeshift into reptilians... but I don't know if you believe in that or not....

as far as Janet jackson, I mean, I knew from reading the michael jackson autobiography that he was a MK's slave...but Janet? Obviously joe jackson was her long time handler,but do you think debarge (ex husband) was a handler of hers as well? I wonder what plans they have for janet in the future. Most people already know Beyonce (unfortunaelty) more than likely will be used as a sacrafice.......

And aubrey is a mind controlled slave too? GOOD GAWD! I remember when she was on that Diddy girl group show on basically these contestants are already picked from the beginning on who will win....this is why I don't watch tv anymore

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,
Still kicking ass I see. It's good to see you back. Keep up the good work - your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

some nice fashionable dehumanization in the works:

Anonymous said...

The final lady gaga image is disturbing.

What on earth can we do to help these people? Is it possible for them to help themselves?

Just imagine when the veil starts to crumble, how the hell would the world's population (the part that has celebrities pushed on it anyway) react to hearing 'all your pop stars are abused prisoners in a Satanic game involving all your politicial, financial and media leaders'?

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, daddy helped her:


Anonymous said...

Check out the cover


Anonymous said...

Here's a surprise (or mabe not, it depends:)

LADY GAGA's family name is GERMANOTTA. Italian u may say. No way:
"Germanotta is a Jewish surname like many anglicized surnames were.
Many Jews went to Germany and moved through the Brenner pass between Italy and Germany and created Yiddish and changed names to reflect this.
Other names are Romani, Rosenberg,Gutenberg ,Rosenblatt etc "


Anonymous said...

Another one about LADY GAGA, pls really see that:


Anonymous said...

Wise words from GAGA:

"“Right now the only thing that I am concerned with in my life is being an artist. I had to suppress it for so many years in high school because I was made fun of but now I’m completely insulated in my box of insanity and I can do whatever I like,” she added."


Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment about Ga Ga's childhood home - it's quite the place -

"the building was intended to be the regional meeting facility for the lodges of the Knights of Pythias and as such it housed several stacks of windowless lodge halls, each one complete with ancillary rooms and an organ loft."

Check out the photo section! What a place to grow up

Cheers for the blog it's fab btw


skrambo said...

Wizard of Oz themed Hello Kitty dolls... Priceless

Anonymous said...


the surname is what first caught my attention in regard to gaga, then when the article regarding her gender was posted to me..I knew then it would warrant some research by the blog owner.

its no surprise though, many germanic jews live as supposed 'devout catholics' in the US/Europe..including some govt officials(think of a british politician who converted to catholicism...supposedly at his wifes request. shes one example...and more importantly, in a jewish family the mother has to be jewish to make the future bloodline jewish.)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol@ 'loves to toy around'

Anonymous said...

Courtney Love one, too?

Oh, make me over
I'm all I wanna be
A walking study
In demonology

Hey, so glad you could make it
Yeah, now you've really made it
Hey, so glad you could make it now

Oh, look at my face
My name is might have been
My name is never was
My name's forgotten...

Anonymous said...

I think you should talk about the male celebrities and models who are slaves as well. Many people seem to think it's just females being mind controlled and programmed, but it's happening to all sexes.

More posts on "MALES" being used as mind controlled sex slaves, and handlers, is needed to make this blog even more credible.

Rachel said...

Regarding Gaga's possible Jewish heritage, when I first saw her about a year ago, I immediately saw the obvious Jewish "look" (at least, it was obvious to me as I am a Jew and she looks just like my cousin.) When I read she was Catholic, I thought my "Jew-dar" was off (which it never is.) Apparently, I was right all along.


Anonymous said...

benjamin just likes looking at pics of hot women!

makes the work more enjoyable huh?!

lol, i was just listening to that courtney love song the other day its awesome

akaider said...

gaga muppet outfit = WOW? talk about disturbing!

also check this article on madonna´s daughter (´pouting clone´ - interesting choice of words)

akaider said...

Milla Jovovich - nude photos

mirrors, blindfold, disassociated look...

akaider said...

Megan Fox - ´I have a mental problem´

"I basically read every book ever written about Marilyn Monroe," Fox tells the September/October issue of Wonderland.

"I could end up like that because I constantly struggle with the idea that I think I'm a borderline personality -- or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia.

"I definitely have some kind of mental problem and I haven't pinpointed what it is."

sorry for the multiple posts, i´m on the road, had to post this one!

skrambo said...

"benjamin just likes looking at pics of hot women!"

Gee, you think? ;P

Megan Fox (fox=666) - "I could end up like that because I constantly struggle with the idea that I think I'm a borderline personality -- or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia."

"Borderline Personality" is something I've been labeled as being a few times in the past. I've learned that it really just means you are mind controlled (doesn't have to be directly, could be through years and years of taking in corporate MK which is wheeled out to the masses 24/7) and not aware that such things even exist, like most mental disorders.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen the new robbie williams vid yet!?

(if you're american google him, he has tonsss of symbolic videos)

his "eagerly anticipated" comeback album 'reality killed the video star', funnily enough has been co-produced/written by trevor horn from the buggles (video killed the radio star!)

new single called 'bodies'

"bodies in the bodhi tree
bodies making chemistry
bodies are my family
bodies in the way of me
bodies in the cemetery
and thats the way its gonna be"

can't quite work it out?!

full lyrics here

Anonymous said...

I noticed this in an unexpected place - perhaps somebody could make a screencap:
In the closing scenes of "Mrs. Doubtfire", the eldest daughter (actress Lisa Jakub) is wearing a white t-shirt with a large Monarch butterfly on it, which completely clashes with the rest of her outfit!

Anonymous said...

Also, I think the blogger touched on people like Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, and Jeff Goldblum, etc., as possibly being Mk'd. Men usually don't wear butterflies and kittens, so it's probably less obvious in them. Although I'm sure anyone could dig up stuff on, say, George Michael, Boy George, or Tom Cruise.

Anonymous said...


dunno if you are aware, but its said in the late 1800s many jews in NY mostly posed as non-jews to further their business; theyd join/live as Catholics in order to befriend potential customers...then provide services to do with their professions at lower rates to begin with..pretty clever.

allegedly also some non-jews posed as jews for the exact same reason...proves one thing, money makes people do daft things!

Anonymous said...

the robbie williams one can be interpreted in a dozen ways, going by the bodhi word alone.

out of all of them it can only be the following otherwise it wouldnt make sense;

doubt or uncertainty, especially about the teachings- and ritual

so if Im correct going by that it would really mean;

bodies in the doubting(or ritual) tree,
bodies making chemistry
bodies are my family
bodies in the way of me
bodies in the cemetery

interesting when you consider

And if Jesus really died for me
Then Jesus really tried for me

is the ending.

leads me to think its more likely to be doubt.

tree is the word I cant work out, it may mean group/ its more about acceptance if you look at the other lyrics(rejection,need for perfection etc)

Anonymous said...

just noticed entropy too, also to do with an entity/society/group.

Anonymous said...

Robbie Williams is friends with D. Icke

Anonymous said...

The Kermit outfit on GaGa symbolizes that she is a host for many, many reptilian entities. What an image.

Anonymous said...

Men are mind controlled too. Let's not forget the Illuminati want to divide us at all costs especially along male/female lines.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben!!! Brilliant work as always....The VMA'a were held on 09/13/09 and I am really itching to know what you have to say about Lady Gaga's highly disturbing, creepy, and utterly satanic performance...I'm surprised that no one else has made a remark here about it as of's on youtube...PLEASE check it out if u haven't seen it already. In my opinion, it was yet another satanic ritual played out on live T.V.,...SICK. I have to be honest, just watching it, gave me an uneasy feeling. I look forward to seeing your analysis on it....Keep up the good work!!!

((A sidenote, to read the comments people have been posting about this performance and their emulation of her is really crazy/frightening/upsetting/sad?? To see how BLINDED people, especially after such a blatent display of occultism is HIGHLY disturbing to say THE VERY LEAST))

Anonymous said...

just watched the video..and wow..mad.

I dont know whats worse, the fact it potentially could cause an increase in suicide cases..or that a Catholic, or all people, thought of it. well, at least participated in it.

one bit made me smirk, where they showed you P diddy and he was entranced at her performance. either that or thinking how rubbish she was/is.

Anonymous said...

You could see Diddy just slightly nodding his head, so he was, as you said, entranced.

I found a creepy set of her looking like a porcelain doll, with the kabuki lips, tea cup, b&w spiraled hat to mesmerize, and b&w houndstooth umbrella, looking as dissociative as it gets.

I wonder what the make believe cell phone represents... her other half?

Anonymous said...

not sure if you've touched on this: gaga's sex-bondage photo shoot for Vogue Japan. Resonates with her Monster Motif, calls her fans"my little monsters"... her handlers taking her to japan, godzilla, monster etc.

Anonymous said...

this is why i love lady gaga

Unicorn Roadkill said...

Looking at the clock in the photo with the sun behind it. Looks like the time is 12:06. (likely) 12=6+6 and then u add another you have 666. At least that's what I very first though of when I looked at it.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, Gaga, Mary Queen of Scots, Judas -


Unknown said...

I am new to this concept, but familiar with much of the symbolism, as an occultist, Magus and High priest. I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around this, could someone point me to a website for a "beginner" ?
thank you,

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