Monday, 14 September 2009

Peaches in Wonderland and Introducing the New World Order's Agent Provocateurs

Peaches Geldof plays the role of Alice in Wonderland in this shoot for Company Magazine, as part of the media's organized build up to Burton/Disney Wonderland mind control extravaganza next year, here is the trailer though I'm sure most saw it already (I discussed many of the general themes in posts like this + more on Dodgson specifically here). Peaches, by the way has been apparently reading lots of Crowley (story from 2008, the Daily Star source article has suspiciously been deleted) which makes perfect sense (coming from these occult programmed "elite" families)! Daily Mail source for Peaches' Alice in Wonderland images (note duality striped stockings/checkerboard floor).

On a random side note, here are the girls attending a Lacoste catwalk at NY fashion week a few days ago, check out Alice Dellal's Skull and Bones top (Pixie [Crowleyite Peaches' sister] with her crazy looking blonde hair and massive crucifix is worth noting [that is Rod Stewart's daughter Ruby on the far right by the way]).

Dolce & Gabbana love their kittens, here is Alice at some Cannes D&G party.

Please click her name if you haven't read past stuff on her (more images), here are a couple more images from relatively recently.

Don't forget Alice's Baphomet used by Beyonce recently (included because of more Baphomet stuff below). The below cover is very Illuminist symbolic with a winged illuminated pyramid, the pyramid is arguably (you can see what I'm talking about though) made into a subliminal pentagram by the lines that attach the wings; note her triangle/pyramid tattoo is consciously on show on the side of her half shaved head.

Former Bionic Woman (mind control symbolic of being non-human/a robot, note one eye is like a robot's below), Michelle Ryan played the Queen of Hearts reenacting the croquet/flamingo sequence.

Image of Bionic Michelle with butterfly/bird cage/flower mind control motifs.

Unfunny asshat Vernon Kay pops up as the Mad Hatter with a leopard print jacket.

Matthew Horne wearing a similar British Royal Guard red jacket ('protectors of the bloodline'; the world famous ones with the retarded bear hats [dehumanization?] that act like mannequins and programmed marching toy soldiers) Julien MacDonald was wearing in the previous post. Horne in Royal Guard red jacket as the white rabbit (who represents the abuser/programmer who the victim 'follows down the rabbit hole' into Wonderland/dissociation). Horne is another unfunny tool (seriously, Gavin&Stacey...?!), anyway I saw some interesting themes in the intentionally shit film 'Lesbian Vampire Killers' such as an out of place black and white Baphomet image next to a double headed eagle.

Standard occult themes of a hidden bloodline who think they can save humanity fit well with the blatant Templar imagery (Templars think they're protecting the 'Grail' bloodline and all that) in the film also (see below with the red cross/Templar Knight image [it is taken directly from a classic Templar image]), remember the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping the goat headed Baphomet (above).

The film is full of their usual obsessions with blood, blood ritual sacrifice (the "Vampire Queen" [hair made to look like horns] is conjured by a blood ritual), virgins, sexual symbolism (the phallic symbolism of the sword is emphasized, the enslaved lesbian vampires' blood is made to look white like semen) and the like.

The Double Headed Eagle is a poster for a pretty much unknown band called Turbowolf, check out their debut video 'Ancient Snakes' showing a tonne of Egyptian symbolism associated with secret societies; showing why they oddly went with this slightly altered Masonic symbol (i.e. they've replaced the #32/33 which would usually be inside the illuminated pyramid with a sigil they often use like in this other symbolic poster [at top]).

Here is a photo from them performing live showing what they're all about (worth having a look at their other photos like this one, this and others).

Last thing I want to post on here is Agent Provocateur's latest collection, they've always gone with symbolic themes (such as the above occult 'Season of the Witch', note the encircled pentagram, baphomet goat skulls, general magick/occult themes), they've gone down the conspiracy, alien/superhero route this time calling the collection 'The New World Order', including sex-kitten outfits and the like.

As well as dehumanization sex-kitten 'Pantheria' lingerie they've got the reptilian theme below (called chameleon or something) with the multiple exposure shot of the reptilian skinned model walking on gold.

The video has some symbolism, note the above masked models on a checkerboard floor hallway.

A few more images from the 'New World Order' collection to finish here with some standard light worship and bondage and electroshock themes.

Edit: Added in the Agent Provocateur's New World Order publicity 'March of the Nazified Mannequins' (not actual name of event ;) seen at Daily Mail (btw I've been busy with off-computer stuff for the past couple of days, I'll definitely do something on the VMAs tomorrow).


Agirl4truth said...

Thanks for this post :)
Did you also see that one of the guys from Turbowulf has an inverted pentagram tattoo on his shoulder?
Nextly, Im very, VERY excited to see what you have to say about the VMAs..I think even some very uninformed ppl realized there was something very wrong with what occurred last night...
Lastly, a suggestion/idea for another post - which you would have plenty to choose from is the Adult Swim bumps/intermissions - Ive always thought that they were very subliminal..actually a lot of them are overt lol
You can go on youtube and find a LOT of them, id really love to see you pick through them in your detailed and meticulous way :)

James said...

Ash - Return Of White Rabbit

Awesome clip!

Anonymous said...

speaking of kittens, the completely programmed bunch at the MTV music awards last sunday couldn't have pulled off a more orchestrated/pre-programmed stunt. details at this sun article. I especially enjoyed katy perry's "it's like you stepped on a kitten" comment.

It's just too obvious :)


Anonymous said...


"'My best friend'
Police found Le's body Sunday, the day she was to marry Columbia University graduate student Jonathan Widawsky, lovingly referred to on her Facebook page as "my best friend." The couple met as undergraduates at the University of Rochester and were eagerly awaiting their planned wedding on New York's Long Island.

Police have said Widawsky is not a suspect and has helped detectives in their investigation."

Now why would she call her fiance/future husband just "best friend"? Strange to me at least.

WIDAWSKY - Jewish name
RICHARD LEVIN, Yale President, Jewish again

'The next Einstein'
In the Sierra foothills community east of Sacramento where she was named "Most likely to be the next Einstein" in high school, Le was remembered as a high achiever who knew early on that she wanted a career in medicine.

In a Union Mine High School yearbook from 2003, Le said her long-term goal was to become a laboratory pathologist and said it would require about 12 years of higher education.

"I just hope that all that hard work is going to pay off and I'm really going to enjoy my job," she said."

Did she discover smth that should have been hidden?


Jane said...


Would LOVE your input on the whole, strange Kanye/Swift oddness at the awards.

If we accept that the show is a kind of platform for initiation (and programming), could this "stunt" by Kanye actually be a kind of punishment of Taylor Swift (who is possibly MK'd) for doing something "wrong?" I mean, here you have a kid having "her moment" getting the award and he "swiftly" comes up, takes the mic out of her hand, prattles on briefly about a vid he and Beyonce did and then hands the mic back to Swift. Instead of continuing her speech, she literally stands there stunned and lost. Huh? It didn't make sense. She's supposedly a pro on stage. Why would this stupid man's gesture cause her so much shock? Unless the action was meant to "put her in her place."

Then, almost as if it was pre-planned, Beyonce "wins" her award and gives up the stage to Swift who appears in a new red dress, is composed and takes the mic with a new-found aggression ("Well," she said, "let's try this AGAIN!)

THEN, Kanye goes on his blog to apologize.

The story makes the top entertainment headlines on Yahoo and Drudge Report. (I mean, come on...)

THEN, Kanye goes on Leno's opening night for his new show and gives a "heartfelt" mea culpa, complete with shaking hands and tears. He says he would "love to tell Taylor how he feels to her face." Well, then why don't you do that instead of pimping yourself on Leno's first night back on prime time TV?

The WHOLE thing is starting to feel not just staged, but like a play for us to watch and take in with subliminal undertones.

I have to tell you that I was never into this MK shit, but your blog has opened my eyes. Especially how so much of it is being done to initiate the stars and program the masses. I can't look at a fashion magazine anymore or look at those big billboards in New York without realizing it's all a sick game.

Anonymous said...

good point jane, i think it was staged too. wasn't sure of the reason why, but now you've said your theory i think that definitely makes sense

Anonymous said...

jay-z "tells it like it is"

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Jane. Yes, staged. But WHY??? That's the question.

Swift was on "The View" today lamenting the awards moment.

Hey, if she'd have won, made her speech and walked off, nobody would remember it two minutes later. Now two days later, we're still talking about his crap.

So, Ben, what's the point of it all??? What's the underlying programming we're buying into by simply talking about it???

skrambo said...

^^ sorry I keep chiming in for Ben but it was a "deflowering of the virgin" moment, check the comments for the last post for a link to a blog post which describes the astrological significance of the VMAs. I'm getting sick of giving these people my attention.

Oddly enough, no one mentioned in this post is recognizable here in the states. I'm wondering what the whole "peaches" thing is about... The state I grew up in has the peach as the state's "symbol" or something, and every time I see it, it looks like someone's ass. case in point

Turbowulf sucks. Sounds like pop-drivel disguised as heavy music or whatever the hell it's trying to be. There are plenty of metal bands that use that kind of symbolism, but they usually sound like they know what the symbols mean and everything. This band just sounds like sonic warfare or something. The symbols seem out of place.

last "new world order" picture set is disgusting. It's like we're still cavemen the way women are so clearly objectified.

"Alice in wonderland" should be a goldmine.

Lostworld said...

Hi Ben, I posted about the Agent Provocateur campaign on the Stepford thread/Icke earlier. And now I see it here too. It's really disturbing. One of the worst that I've seen in a long time. They're really pushing the agenda now...

Brenda said...


Ah, OK. Deflowering the virgin. Thus, she was in an off white dress when Kanye took away her mic and then she re-emerged in a bright red blood dress after she was "de-virginized?" Red like "popping her cherry?" And her attitude, as Jane pointed out when she was wearing the red dress, was more in your face while her attitude in the white dress was more innocent and shocked.

Are we reading too much into this or is this really that easy to dissect?

So, again, WHY???? Should we be looking for a change in Taylor Swift now? A shift with Swift?

Anonymous said...

Something ain't right about ANNI LE'S murder. Makes me think about all the dead scientists who have been killed or died strange deaths and who ALL were involved in some stage of biological research. LE was murdered after walking into a lab on campus. Murdered IN the lab, it sounds like. Also, they are reporting that "the murder was NOT random." Hmmm.

Was she a sacrifice Ben or just another incredibly smart science student who stumbled onto something she shouldn't have found???

Anonymous said...

I'm new here and a bit confused. Re: Swift/Kanye, was Swift in on the initiation? She must have been to come out in the red dress and act so "mature" suddenly. I noticed that right away and I'm not even into this MK stuff as deep as some of you are.

skrambo said...

Brenda - Wow, you analyzed that better than I could, and you are 100% correct. :) Then again I didn't watch the VMAs (but I heard Obama called Kanye West a jackass because of what he did. Imagine being called a "jackass" by the president of the united states!).

Why, you ask? It's all (pseudo) occult ritual. One thing this blog proves, along with other good blogs, is that these people are extremely ritualistic whether the pawns know it or not. Chances are, they are just as baffled as we are (all they really know is they'll make money for the orders they robotically carry out). Makes it all the more unnerving. What the rituals do is keep everyone involved and everyone watching in a trance. In this trance they can program you with whatever they feel is necessary to keep them in power and you in line.

Anonymous said...

i just realised, that thing about the vmas linking it with astrology must be true! because i remember the advert saying "vmas: the stars align"

ohmygod. this is incredible

Jade said...

I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post these thoughts.

I like your blog a lot and have been reading for a long time.

But I am wondering how a skeptic might join in these conversations?

There three main reasons why I am a skeptic.

The first is, unfortunately I am positive that there are many, many shallow people who'd gladly pay any price (being dehumanized, losing their privacy, selling sex, contorting themselves into anything) just for the chance to be rich and famous. I often wonder WHY they would need mind control in the first place.

The second is that I do not live in a western country and I think a lot of this stuff is a little ethnocentric. What about the rest of the world? I've seen your posts on anime and all, but not sure that white guys really control the thoughts of people outside the West.

The third reason is that I and ALL of my girlfriends and female acquaintances can often be seen in animal prints, black/white outfits, wearing butterflies and gemstones, red shoes, have pet cats, etc, etc, and we are (as previously stated) very far removed from the world these perhaps-MK'd slaves live in.

So...I've been wondering for so long. I want to know the answers. But I am not sure if we are allowed to ask questions, or if we are supposed to say anyone who likes kittens (which I happen to absolutely adore) is automatically a slave?

I guess this is a really amateur post. I'm sorry because I know you have bigger questions to worry about. However, I am a supporter of yours, and a seeker of truth. I want to be as skeptical of these theories as I am of everything else I see in ANY (not just mainstream) medium.

Brenda said...


So it sounds like "turn off the tube" and re-invest your soul with as much of a grounded reality as possible. If the TV is the messenger of the trance-like messages, it makes sense. But it's also, turn off the computer because I'm sure these trance-inducing messages are being sent through the computer as well. But if I do that, I won't be able to learn more about this sick practice and communicate with like-minded people such as yourself. So, a rock and a hard place, right?

I think it's about being AWARE and knowing when to turn away, knowing when you're being manipulated and knowing when to not engage with the moronic prattle that fills the lives of so many people now. I actually listened to two women in an elevator recently having a "deep" discussion of whether such and such a celebrity should break up with such and such a celebrity. It was mind numbing. But I've listened to similar ridiculous conversations of others for decades.

Right now, it seems, the blatant twisting of symbols and such is more aggressive and more continuous.

The VMA's come out annually as an occult springboard into the autumn equinox (September 22/23) which in pagan cultures is a powerful time of year, akin with the spring equinox. As I think back over past VMA's, I'm reminded of the one in 2003 (I think) where Madonna ritualized both Christiana and Britney with the now-famous kiss. What's interesting to me is that after that, Britney started to have a meltdown and Christina faded from her high profile perch, got married and became a mother. It was as if the kiss from Madonna was the kiss of death or at least, a kiss that altered their career and life paths.

So, if Taylor Swift is the one chosen this year to be ritualized (more like humiliated in front of the other slaves), we should watch how her life and career alter over the next year. Perhaps more sexual videos, album covers, clothing, etc. I never bought into the fact that she was a "sweet virgin." I can't stand her "look." Far too pre-packaged. I think she looks rather cold and manipulating. She also looks slightly anorexic.

On another note, it's been mentioned that the VMA's relate to the Freemason occult symbology. Well, isn't it "interesting" that author, Dan Brown, waits six years to release his follow up to Da Vinci Code and it's released on September 15, right smack in the middle of the pagan week of symbols and initiation....I read somewhere about six months ago that Dan Brown was "carefully choosing the date for the release of his next book" and that "the date would be highly significant to the subject matter within that book." Well, I haven't read his latest book but "The Lost Symbol" is about the Masons and the symbol on the front cover is the Freemason "G."

So, September 15th? Relevance? A long time ago I remember reading that Jesus was supposed to have been born on September 15th. I think that the Hopi Indians use that date as the date of birth for a savior too, but I may be off a bit on that one. The irony is that if you've read Dan Brown's work, it's not great literature. In fact, it's pretty bad. But maybe he's a conduit for the information OR his books are triggers within the occult. I'm not sure. But I DO know that everything is speeding up in the world now and the chaos that is the result of that acceleration of time and movement creates little time for anyone to process one event after another and one emotion after another. One has to purposely slow down and force introspection because if we don't, we are doomed to be swept up in the waves of chaos that are being thrown at us via the media, Internet, entertainment, etc.


jerry_beck said...

great comment from Brenda!

i think too that events are speeding up and something is hiding at the corner (my pick would be something like 9.11 false flag occult mass murder and few states at marshall law)

Dan Brown was carefully chosen and he is privy to occult/illuminati knowledge and is working hand in hand with them (or maybe he is just MK'D)...all in all puppet, mediocre writer pushed by media to stardom...we know this from music/movie/celebrity circus as well

VMA is stranger every year, but this year in think tops all, i also would like to read what Ben thinks about doubt we were witness to some kind of initiation/humiliation whatever...they're playing ping pong on our psyche ;)

Brenda said...


I totally know what you mean about this VMA being different. I had to switch the channel several times and I didn't watch it to the end because I could literally FEEL the occult vibe coming off the screen. When more people start to recognize this feeling and turn it off, we'll be better off.

I'm waiting for a VMA when they open the show with a large OWL (ala the Grove) and have dancers in striped leotards spinning counter clockwise on pentagrams against a mirrored dance floor. Then Madonna can fly in dressed as a monarch butterfly and the false flag event can commence right on time!


skrambo said...

Brenda - I think the internet is WAY different from TV, in that with TV it's all coming from one corporation/state of mind whereas on the Internet anyone can speak their mind and there is a huge selection of stuff to take in. I wouldn't know anything about mind control if it wasn't for the internet. There is a lot of disinfo floating around on the internet, but that's no reason to condemn the whole thing. Though, we shouldn't be dependent on it because "the powers that be" can switch it off any time they like. It's really not that hard to abstain from internet use, but most people who watch TV are stuck for life (and the scheduling ensures that you waste as much time as possible staring into the damn thing, where on the internet there is no "missing a program" or whatever).

Dan Brown is definitely a Mason. He's writing propaganda for them. I haven't read his books but I'm sure they're all garbage.

The next VMAs will probably include a ritual sacrifice or something. Ever notice how when people are watching TV they just kinda zonk out and can't even seem to fully comprehend what they're seeing? That's the trance I'm talking about. When they attempt to "understand" what they're being shown, that's what programs them.

There was too much MK going on there for Ben to ignore so hopefully we'll see a post on it soon.

Okay, long post over :)

Anonymous said...


the majority is done during childhood, and mostly to do with films/videos/story tales.

I dont personally think that "everyone" who likes cats is programmed/controlled/told to like cats. after all, a small minority like keeping worms as pets.

but then again, its also widely put on display in popular culture which could influence us and how we adore certain animals.

for example we dont really adore spiders, yet they are everywhere. millions of them, but never are they shown on tv in a pleasant friendly manner...or celebs with their 'favourite tarantula' so perhaps thats why they arent as widely kept as companions/pets.

I dont know which part of the planet you reside in, but Im assuming cats are there too kept widely as pets? and no doubt shown on tv/in local produced movies.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Beck said, "i think too that events are speeding up and something is hiding at the corner (my pick would be something like 9.11 false flag occult mass murder and few states at marshall law)". Something could very well happen with this creepy Swine Flu vaccine that's being pushed...

Anonymous said...

or perhaps beck was referring to the collapse of the dollar? its said to be highly likely in the next 18 months...that would be way more likely than marshall law. after all, bankers want their money back and 'getting rid' of us would bankrupt them.

Anonymous said...

Here at looks like the torch has officially been passed. Madonna's probably not too happy about it, LOL.

Anonymous said...

lol! the funny. 'dog rough'

skrambo said...

Lady gaga exposes nipple... Excuse me while I vomit profusely

Anonymous said...

New stuff:


Anonymous said...

according to david icke, the "swine flu" is going to get a lot worse

very good article here!

jerry_beck said...

interesting comment about Anni Le
Collegues keep forwarding me links to news website discussing the Annie Le murder just becuase I knew her in College in New York. I will have to say, each of those emails concludes with, "pray for her, so was so kind, beautiful, and smart." What a wonderful person and a lovely soul etc etc. I'll tell you the truth about Annie. She was nowhere NEAR as perfect as the Media sources describe her. Annie had this gift, she could read people's emotions and judge them really well. As a result, she cozy-ed up to all the professors, Assistants, people in power or people who might help her succeed. She was the genius brown-noser. Talking with Annie you go the feeling she was always trying to discreetly size you up, if she felt you had something to offer her (even if it was to improve her social standing, to show everybody, especially the professors that would write her medical school recommendation letters, that she was well-liked) she would treat you nice. If you didn't have anything to offer her, she would treat you w/o respect or get passive agressive. Motivated and driven people are usually like this, I should have known earlier. She was NEVER afraid to do any of this becuase she was streetsmart, she had a gang of buddies and was somewhat intouchable.

about false flag you have many possibilities - Swine Flu, collapse of Dollar, deeper crisis (this what media call crisis it's 1% of what will happen) Lisbon treaty, EU forces, marking people (only for our protection of course) this are all signs of things to come...bad things

Anonymous said...

well naturally the swine flu 'will' get worse..being winter and all. however, whether or not it will wipe out humanity is a bit hyped up.

Ive personally had the symptoms of some type of winter virus/bug.

I went without the medication and it was the worst stomach/chest/headache Ive ever had. and my ears were terrible..which makes me think it wasnt swine flu.

however allegedly swine flu is resulting in mostly just 'sniffles' then it seems to clears up in the majority of people.

Im not too worried by it yet, after all its so far killing less than traditional seasonal flu per thousand infected.

could be wrong, but thats purely just my opinion above. so I hope nobody follows my views, incase Im wrong!

Anonymous said...

not too worried about the lisbon treaty myself, I live in UK..they already know everything about me!

well,as much as I allow them to.

collapse of the dollar would be beneficial for the rest of the world though, in terms of imports..and gold would obviously be sky high since its priced in pound sterling. it would be great in that sense for americans who own physical gold/gold exchange traded funds.

whether or not we in the euro zone would see the benefits from unknown.

as for anna le..I'm reserving judgement. there is far too many cases of scientists going 'off course' but whether or not its to do with what they found out/had access to is another story.

ultimately if shes as smart as they say, she will have left a trail and it will in time come out.

Anonymous said...


the swine flu will get worse whether its winter or not because 'they' are going to increase the strain of it on purpose. the goal is to get everybody vaccinated (the vaccination is pretty dangerous, contains live virus which can stay in your body for a while), most people at the moment are refusing to have it and the tamiflu medication aswell because like you say, its pretty much just like a normal flu and you don't really need any medication. even in the media its been reported a lot that its been making people worse especially children. so people are rejecting it, 'they' know this that their plan isn't working so they are going to increase the strain soon enough

jerry_beck said...

for Swine Flu theme i recommend to all brilliant series REGENESIS, in it's final season there is plot about modified human clone, modified in sense of feeling more compassion to others, being more aware all people in the world want to have that kind of modified offspring and first clone sell his DNA to millions of people...but eventually this clone/his DNA turns out to have some glitch, which cause pandemic...very simillar in my opinion identic to Swine Flu plot which is presented right now...there were other important plots in this series (like Anthrax, they eventually point this to...Fort Detrick, just like in reality)...last but not least daughter of main character is played by MK'D Ellen Page (Juno, Hard Candy)...

Brenda said...

@Anon regarding David Icke:

Thanks for that link. Great article. My only question is that the alleged whistleblower and activist, Jane B├╝rgermeister, is not being upfront with her lawsuit allegations. From what I've read on other sites, there is no paper trail that can show she even filed criminal charges at all against W.H.O. and others. Who is Jane? Not sure. But to not be able to show a pdf of her filings makes her appear false.

Not sure what the covert reason is for exposing her lack of filing or even that she said what she did. Unless the Elite want to make sure that we heard they were going to pull a massive "second 9/11" via the vaccine and so we couldn't say we weren't warned.

Here's the link again to Icke's article:


Unknown said...

Peaches as Alice, shoulda seen that one coming! All this Wonderland stuff is getting crazy.

Anonymous said...


yeah, its entirely likely if people wont openly take it, as in at least 60-70% then they will release it.

Im unsure though at the moment whether they would risk it due to the amount of bank write offs it would cause. considering the average debt per person in most western countries,to have to write off say 50% of their books it would be ten fold worse than the recession thats allegedly just ended.(which, lets face it is far from over)

always the chance they would give up that loss for their end goal, though,so Im certainly observing this winter very closely.

Anonymous said...

the thing about david ickes articles, and many others(AJ etc) that really irritate me is how they claim certain things are new. will give you a couple examples.

"The UK government also announced a new designation called an 'accredited person' - private security guards, CCTV operators etc., who will be given some of the powers of police officers."

thats no different than current, if a cctv operative suspects someones upto something dodgy then instantly they pick up the phone and its patched to the nearest command unit(station). if it turns out to be a waste of the bobbies time, nothing happens. they just carry on monitoring. no warning for being too quick to report children being stupid.

"Public resistance to compulsory vaccination makes even more sense of the story I revealed in 2008 about how designated police officers in each county of the United Kingdom were preparing for a 'coming war' and mass public protests in the streets"

I guess he would be regarded as a superior, of the J1 OCU( a police command unit in the west midlands) openly admited in 2007 that they were being put on higher alert, mostly due to public protests regarding wars/and the coming employment issues.

however, as of now I know for a fact there are less police on the streets than in the past decade.(the govt even admit this, indirectly)

as for the military to be on the streets, thats already done. they operate under a SO designation and dress in civvi clothing, been this way since back when the Troubles were at there peak...also was common during the World Wars..for obvious reasons.

Im not discredting what hes saying, most is reasonable but some of it is just plain twisting the facts.

for what pupose many do twist the facts..I havent a clue, perhaps its journalistic thinking or its their perception of what people tell them, it just makes people who then repost the same content look ridiculous...Ive even done so myself, to friends and then realised how inaccurate it was.

Lady Dee said...

Love this site! Starting to look forward to reading the comment section even more while waiting 4 Ben to get over his model fetish. We get the point-- hot, half-naked chicks are DUMB MIND CONTROLLED ZOMBIES---we get it Ben. But since you endlessly post about them let me ask you this....What would be ur reaction if one of them were right in front of you in "sex kitten" mode. I'm sure you and these other self righteous blokes would "alter" right into the very same "handlers" you condemn---if you know what I mean......But carry on---it's your blog.

Anonymous said...

Lady Dee, ure talking plain bullshit. Its all I can say. If this is all u understand from this blog, then u have water instead of brain. Trolls like u are plenty!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we shouldnt be too harsh with 'lady dee' after all, like millions around the world she genuinely believes models are doing what they want. for example;

they choose to sleep with their bosses when told its the only way to further their careers.

they choose to take drugs, even though their familys even state its out of character for them to. of course, their family must be lying too.

they too choose to rant/ramble on live TV that they were victims of abuse, only then to be sent to a nutward for 6 months and then to come out and to neither confirm nor deny if it was true. obviously, this is normal and not even in the slightest 'odd' either.

if she honestly does believe this then her 'role models' are really nothing more than higher paid prostitutes who would be on street corners with crack pipes had it not been for their looks.

of course, Id like to know if thats truly what you would think, lady dee. Im not expecting you to comment however, though. :)

Brenda said...

Swine Flu latest:

(Funny how that "second wave" just might coincide with the first wave of vaccines.)

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media

And this unfortunate "mistake":

(Can you imagine opening up your boxes of government crap and finding body bags amongst the offerings? "Oh, look. Hand sanitizer, masks and...what's this? Body bags???!!!"

Anonymous said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa!!!! I ask an honest question and I'm getting nailed to the cross? I asked a SIMPLE QUESTION---that's all. We ARE ALLOWED to do that here aren't we? And furthermore I said I'm a reader and fan of this site so I would imagine that means I retain a LOT MORE than what is ASSumed from someone that doesn't even friggin know me! I simply would like to know how clear the message is coming across when there are endless pics of naked and half naked women in these recent posts. Seems like even MORE exploitation. Are these women my role models? Hell no! I know about the abuse, the slavery and the sick bastards behind it all--let's focus on exposing THEM instead of the victims. Just constructive criticism that's all. Shoot me! @anon 03:09 when u stop being an anonymous coward then feel free to address me. Otherwise piss off! @anon 8:44 don't speak for me-- you don't know me or what I know! With that said----Have a good one!
Lady Dee--

Anonymous said...

@lady dee,

my 0844hr post was merely pointing out to others the possibilities as to why you may/may not believe..and in turn point out that being rude/ignorant toward someone with those beliefs is pointless.

ultimately someone who truly did believe everything a PR agent stated would be defensive and would instantly dismiss any sort of 'conspiracy' and most likely label it jealousy of some other infantile copout. not to mention most likely be a teenager.

and youre correct, I dont know you or what you know, however..from your first post it instantly seems to be an offensive position so naturally I presumed you were dismissing any claims.

after all I did state 'if honestly believes'.

if I was wrong, I was wrong. simple.

Anonymous said...


Im kinda skeptical about the flu virus vaccination conspiracy in its entirety however, I admit..that is either the funniest inside joke ever by logistics in regard to conspiracists, or the more likely; just plain crazy.

Brenda said...

@anon 14:43:

I'm also skeptical of the "planned roadblocks" where if you haven't been vaccinated, you'll either be quarantined or sent to a FEMA camp. The logistics, as you pointed out, would be massive. And for a gov that can't manage a "Cash for Clunkers" program, managing a Vaccine or Quarantine program seems ludicrous. I've traveled far and wide across the US and what most people don't understand is the sheer number of nooks and crannies that exist here. In order to herd everyone up who dwells in the small towns, off the dirt roads, etc. would be insanely time consuming. Thus, I have my doubts about the whole "vaccine checkpoints."

BUT, as far as "them" releasing something biological and deadly in the air and/or reducing commerce (i.e., trucking of foods and services), that's easily done. Either one of those possibilities would quickly cripple our country and our economy.

Am I a conspiracy freak? No. But I do pay attention to the details and try to separate the truth from the hysteria, which isn't always easy.

It took me a while to really wrap my mind around what Ben writes about because I didn't understand it fully. But then I started to listen and read more of David Icke's books and as far as the connection to Satanism, it all clicked. I don't go for Icke's reptilian theory (shapeshifting) because it just seems too out there. When I did my own research into MK Ultra and the sick shit they used on military and then celebrities in the 1950's, the mind-control aspects seriously disturbed me.

Now, Ben has taken it all a huge step further and shown that the MK'd stars are like twisted ambassadors for the public to emulate and then lose their consciousness with as they slip into a trance state of being. Once in that state, "they" can do whatever they want with you.

Have you ever tried to talk about any of this stuff with someone without sounding like you're two steps from the looney bin? People have to come to it on their own because it's so PURPOSELY bizarre that people can't believe it's happening. "They" want it to remain as "crazy sounding" as possible so that any whisper of it will be shot down.

But fortunately, there are some people here and elsewhere who really do get it. What they do with the information is their choice.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely, the cost alone at present would way out strip the gains of the tax the world govts would get from the vaccination...even if every single person on the planet took it.

plus, as you say they arent exactly the best at organising things(to quote a mate, they cant organise a pissup in a brewery)

the shape shifting thing, Ive never understood it. I mean, if they are that intelligent and can 'morph' for better of wording, then influencing our opinions would be second nature to them. there just wouldnt be any way we mere humans could compete.

the other doubt I have is killing us all off. they are way too money orientated to consider this. money would become useless in a world of only would mean they would all be on par with the remainder of those they allowed to live.

now the eugenics part of breeding, I dont doubt that at all. it makes sense that control freaks would only want their own sort to breed, who would also follow on the controlling path and continue their ways.

also theres the medical/ethical side of eugenics, that makes sense too. after all, to make the best medication to treat the 'inferior' beings they need what they consider 'perfection' to take the healthy cells/tissue/dna to study from.

in a way they have already destroyed a good part of the trucking/shipping/aviation industry by killing of demand for goods. whether or not eventually it will affect food supply we will see, I have my doubts though.

ration-type systems could come into force, but that would really stir the people given there is currently no world-war type situation and port blocks. also western govts would be laughed at/mocked by countries like Cuba who we condemn for it.

Ive spoken to friends/relations, even colleagues have made comments towards this indirectly and they all pretty much agree that there is freedom, only its never been as unlimited as the general public think, and I cant say I disagreed with them.

skrambo said...

Lady Dee:
Here's the point -->.

Here's your head -->O

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On human trafficking again. I wonder how the movie will be...


tasha said...

tommy just stfu, you irritate the shit out of me you think you know everything!

Lady Dee said...

Damn Tommy I guessed you really "handled" me. Coming from an intelligent "blogger" like yourself that means a lot. Now go back trolling the internet and vomiting over Lady Gaga's nipple!

Anonymous said...

I think you will find this interesting. Here are pictures of Karin Elisa Dreijer Andersson of Fever Ray and The Knife.

Anonymous said...

haha tommy got pwned

Anonymous said...

Lady Dee, it's your tone (and I suspect that you very frequently post as anonymous yourself, so it's pointless to call someone else a coward) that is constantly condescending. Your MO is usually to pretend you're a "fan" of this site, and then you provide NON-constructive criticism. So no "Boo-hoo, you're nailing me to the cross" nonsense...

skrambo said...

wow, being "called out" by a bunch of idiots on the internet who don't even understand the scope of this blog. Go screw yourselves. "Lady Dee" made a really stupid joke and I gave my opinion of "her" dumb, pointless comment and you're defending her because she's a girl and you're both virgins. "haw haw you got pwnd", shut the fuck up. If anything you're jealous of the fact that I can comprehend what's actually going on here with these people and you obviously can't.

Now, back to the topic at hand - Is it just me, or is that picture of Alice Dellal that simply says "metal" at the top similar to this one of Madonna?

Anonymous said...

yep, mad-donnas is simply a wingless version...I forget what its speculated to mean being winged, though.

tasha said...


oh dear, what a fail you are.

so easy to wind up.

i'll have you know, i understand this blog PERFECTLY WELL.
probably more than anyone here.

you're calling me a virgin?!
haha is that honestly the best you can come up with?

well intelligent that!

Lady Dee said...

Tommy apparently has convinced himself that he is "The appointed brilliant one" and his job is to keep the rest of us "idiots" in "check". The sonavabitch read a few blogs, researched youtube and now he is the Almighty King of Forbidden Knowledge!He probably jerks off to these poor women then comes to these blogs to talk shit! Lame Prick! *In Tommy voice* OOOh look her satanic shoes and her baphomet rituals!----SQUIRT! SQUIRT!
Anon---13:30 Suspect and ASSume go hand in hand on a friggin blog!
Tasha, I've been reading this blog from day one and I think Ben is an absolute genius. I totally credit him for his profound insight and opening the minds of many readers trying to make sense out of life in general. I'm glad he covered celebs cause many of us focused on their "talent" and oppulent lifestyle while totally unaware of the HORRIFICS behind the scenes. The images we see on tv a lot of times are alters or personalities strictly designed for "work" which is what many are fooled by. I, however knew from the time I could walk how screwed up models are---Hell, the very first "supermodel" Gia Carrangie(hope I spelled that right) also happened to be the first woman and public figure to die of aids. These woman are victimized early on by other celebs, photographers, designers and many other anonymous millionaires and cast aside when they are no longer of "use". And we are all victims in some way or another that's why it would be nice to discuss MANY OTHER THINGS TAKING place @ this very moment. The message tends to become redundent when you got to your fav blog and see ass and tits for the umpteenth time in a row! I'm sure many straight female readers get my drift! I wonder how many people just scroll thru the pics without reading a single word!
I'm sure horny dickheads like Tommy and others don't mind! How does madonna look in her tee! Does Alice Dellal make ur little soldier stand @ attention!

Brenda said...

Ben? Are you around? I think you need to show up soon, post another blog or comment to get the asshats here onto something more constructive.

God, I hate it when blogs turn into this bashing crap. Never a good sign because it turns off enough people so that they don't come back and then the knowledge is never read by them so they can pass it on.

Enough already. I'm sure the Powers That Be love that we're spending so much time bickering about egos and such when Rome is burning.

Anonymous said...

well said, and i agree that it shouldn't be all about half naked models all the time. not coz i'm a prude, just coz it gets boring!

no one asked tommy to start being an 'asshat'

he got upset, and the other guys did too simply because someone else didn't agree with them.

isn't this supposed to be a freedom of opinions thing and all that, infact tommy why don't you just go and write your own blog if you're so intelligent mate?

Brenda said...

I wasn't talking about tommy. The pointy headed post by tommy wasn't great but all in all, he posts interesting stuff.

I'm all for freedom of expression and opinion but when it degrades into cheap, schoolyard insults, I get a bit vexed.


Lady Dee said...

@Brenda---good posts! In my "field" they are "offering" flu shots for the "second or third" time.They have never been this "gently" aggressive in offering anything that is supposed to be by choice. I imagine that next they will graduate from "asking nicely" to making it mandatory as more induced cases surface to making it mandatory. After that thousands will lose their jobs and ultimately their freedom( fema camps,quarantine/imprisonment/torture) As long as more people speak on it and fight thru awareness and expose people in charge of this, this NWO will be a MASSIVE FAIL. No friggin way a fraction of elite pricks can wipe out and control the entire planet otherwise this would have happened A LONG TIME AGO. But unfortunately this and your posts have absolutely NOTHING to with the topic of this post. Let's not be rude. Back to vulnerable naked women in mental and physical bondage.

Anonymous said...


that last comment just killed me a bit haha, back to nakedness indeed!

Lady Dee said...

And by the way the attacks started on me so please learn to see different sides of an issue, Brenda.

Brenda said...

Lady Dee,

I agree with you about the NWO Elite and their being able to dominate the world in the way many of the books and conspiracy sites want us to believe. HOWEVER, I have given this a lot of thought and the ONLY way it could happen is through a world wide pandemic or biological warfare. But the sheer volume of dead bodies would overwhelm the Ellite's minions and make it nearly impossible to deal with it all. Plus, the world would virtually STOP dead in its tracks. Apocalyptic destruction. BUT is that what they really want? Who will take care of them? Who will mow their lawns and cook their meals and wipe their asses? And how will they all be safe from the destruction? Once it started, I can guarantee you that those close to them would turn on them and kill them one by one. It's a terrible way to live your life, wondering how all this mind control manipulation is affecting your wellbeing, let alone the chemtrails (which are no longer conspiracy talk), the GMO foods, the fluoride in the water, the pharmaceutical drugs, EMF fields, vaccines, war on nutritional medicine and much more.

As for the half naked models, I never gave these women any thought until this site. I truly ignored their vacant stares and zombie movements because they never seemed like real people to me. Now that Ben has enlightened me about these girls and the fact that they are HUMAN BEINGS who have suffered, I'm more interested in that subject. I agree that the model aspect is more than the celeb or cultural posts but many of the European stars he features I've never heard of. I only know Peaches Geldoff from reading The Sun online.

I think if anything, this site has opened many viewers eyes and made everyone THINK about what they view on a daily basis. Anything that can make one think and delve into the meat beneath the onion skin is worthwhile to me. There's just not much out there that can create that thoughtful approach.


skrambo said...

Tasha - "i'll have you know, i understand this blog PERFECTLY WELL.
probably more than anyone here."

Yeah right, if you're wasting your time (actually, wasting both of our time) talking to me for something that didn't involve you in the first place, you have no idea what you're actually doing here. As for the "virgin" comment, I didn't read your name, just what you said.

Brenda - I apologize for appearing "pointy headed", I have to admit my comment was fueled by a lack of nicotine. Horrible habit, but no excuse really. Not to mention there's a lot of stress in my personal life right now. There were people pointing out Lady Dee's dumb comment far before I did, yet she chose to single me out and that got to me.

Anonymous - "infact tommy why don't you just go and write your own blog if you're so intelligent mate?"

Umm, I do write my own blog... It's been around since January. It's not the best thing in the world but there's a link to it in my profile if you wanna check it out. I don't claim to be "intelligent", in fact I'm probably the least cerebral person here. Understanding this stuff doesn't take smarts, just a gut feeling.

Anonymous said...

Lets end this shit by ignoring all the zeroes around here, including Tasha and Lady Dee. Period.

Anonymous said...

LADY GAGA said...

yeah you're right, why am i wasting my time talking to such an arrogant being like you, who can't handle anothers opinion?


Anonymous said...


your mums a fucking zero so stfu

Anonymous said...

ben !!!where 're ya!! they're it again...

Lady Dee said...

Oh it's definately no secret the Elites have been screwing with humanity for eons--Plagues for example. Bubonic Plague,smallpox,yellow fever,etc,ebola virus,aids,bird flu and finally the super flu of all flus--The Great Big Pig Flu!
Their "solution" have always been man-made cures such as vaccines to decieve us into feeling safe. After being duped we later discover that after the "plague" fears are put to rest some people are now mysteriously having mental problems, neurological problems, cancer,blood disorders,etc. And years many people have never ever even concieved of the thought that MAYBE just MAYBE it might have something to do with that "shot". Afterall, the very people that gave it to us have our best of interests because they say so. They also have "cures" for the vaccine-induced illnesses as well. I'm sure I don't need to go into all that.
Then there are the wars: WWI, WWII,
etc,that trickle on down to racewars,religious wars,war of the sexes,etc which result from programmed beliefs. When they are not doing that then they're scaring the shit out of us with warnings of impending doom like: Terrorists,Nuclear war,global warming,asteroids,etc.
They've been stealing the life force of their own children and others for centuries creating a species of derranged maniacs that in turn murder,seduce,rape and torture others. They tainted our water supply .If anyone drinks tap water then ur drinking particles of fecal matter, chemicals and god knows what else! Our food supply is tainted with hormones and pestides which also most likely account for massive health problems.
We are all jacked up but we are still here cause a lot of us have retained our God-given inborn senses despite all the hell inflicted upon us. Look at Brice Taylor and Cathy O'brien! I absolutely believe these women! While I, myself have never been molested I do remember being in preschool on the playground witnessing another 3 yr old girl switch to a sex kitten alter. 3 yrs OLD!! She was lifting her dress gyrating and rubbing herself in a way THAT WAS NOT LEARNED FROM TV. And thru out my years in institutions like schools I witnessed things like this on so many different levels. But we're still here. And you are absolutely right----As far as where "They" are concerned, they only have the power that we continue to give them. They can't do a world takeover cause they are not as organized as we have been made to believe. Their own mk slaves are turning on them! The rest of us just have to wake up now!

Lady Dee said...

Look @ the male prostitute they had in George W's "circle" named Jeff Ganon who REAL investigative reporters busted for having fake credentials. After the scandal he REMAINED in the white house until bush left(or is he still there?). The final straw was The Washington Times article on Call boys taking a midnite tour of the White House! That article was IMMEDIATELY yanked out of circulation! Then tons of victims started coming forward ---- this thing is MASSIVE!
Growing up in Florida(Sex Offender USA) in the 80's I often wondered why there seemed be a lot of creepy perverts in authority or some other high position of some sort! Now it all makes sense!
Aleister Crowley(19th Century Satanist) even wrote that one has to anally rape a young boy to achieve ultimate magical power. What a sick, depraved bastard! More people should dig and do more research on the occult not to practice of course, but make the connection between it's rituals and symbols to our "leaders" and what we see around us. A lot of folks think this is all fairy tale nonsense which is exactly the desired effect. The symbols we see on schools,banks,hospitals,churches don't make sense---what does a Wise Owl have to freakin potato chips? But then if you pay attention you will see Hootie on the dollar bill and ultimately trace it to the 9th pit of hell---Bohemian Grove. I live for the day that place gets nuked. With ALL of it's members in it.

Brenda said...

I once heard a lecture back in the 1980's by a woman (can't remember her name) but her comment, which I wrote down, was worth repeating. "As long as we continue the false premise that we MUST create WARS on things such as the WAR on drugs, the WAR on hunger, the WAR on cancer, the WAR on poverty, the WAR of the sexes, we will continue to manifest conflict within our lives and within our hearts so that we can never find resolution." I thought it was profound then and I think it's profound and pertinent now.

I particularly hate the WAR on cancer because there have been cures for cancer for over 60 years. The AMA and Big Pharma don't want to cure cancer. The American Cancer Society certainly doesn't want to cure it: just MANAGE it. I'll never "walk for the cure" or "race for the cure" or give money to these causes because I know that well over 70% of the money that is given is not going to research but to marketing and other non-research type issues. Plus, I know that a cure for cancer would be a huge bummer for those who profit from the worthless chemo that is pumped into the innocent veins of victims each day. NO ONE has ever been cured of cancer by using chemo. NO ONE. Even oncologists (many of whom I have talked to off the record) tell me that chemo does NOT cure cancer; it is meant to destroy everything in the body, including the good cells and immune system in the "hopes" that the cancer will disappear. But once the immune system is toast, opportunistic infection rages in the body and the person ends up dying of secondary issues (urinary failure, kidney failure, respiratory failure, etc.) and NOT the cancer.

I know this blog is not about cancer but this subject is a good example of how we are controlled by the Elite to believe a lie. I've had the ability to travel around the world and meet with people who think far outside the box. People who understand Tesla technology and know how it can be used for good or evil. People who understand the human body and how to heal any dis-ease. People who understand that one's government should be feared and not exalted.

Anyway, I've rambled enough.

Anonymous said...


thats pretty scary to know, especially when your mother has had cancer :( though i'm not having a go at you, just sayin..

Benjamin S said...

Alright alright, let's try to keep things civil, you're all on the same side, that was a pretty entertaining exchange though I guess and looks like it's over so I probably don't need to chime in myself :) Internet arguments are completely pointless and never go anywhere but childish insults. Lady Dee had a reasonable point anyway (I have done too many models posts lately, I've been meaning to focus back on movies/music/news recently) though I think the way she expressed it got under some people's skin and maybe could have been more tactful. Very interesting info regarding swine flu and all that (agreed on all that you've just said there Lady Dee + Brenda), you're all very astute individuals, so please can we draw a line under that little 'disagreement' I think created by typical internet confusion. Probably would have helped move things along if I wasn't being so bloody slow with posts lately too ;p, should have something up soon (I've been focusing a bit on the Red Ice thing coming up + busy with other stuff).

Random thing, check out Miley's latest "Wonder World" (land/world) tour which I'll be posting on next Miley post soon, she is frozen in ice (standard trauma in programming) which she shatters, look at some of the images in the intro video (pyramids, sphinx, + some more Illuminist buildings from around the world), there's some other symbolism in that 'Wonder World' show I'll be going into too, check out the ultra MK symbolic role Disney has Miley doing next after Last Song called 'Wings'.

Anyway, thanks for the great comments; and in these types of open anonymous forums, disagreements like that are always inevitable (I'm surprised we don't get more) so don't worry about it if you reacted emotionally. So keep up the interesting discussion, if someone pisses you off just ignore it or keep it constructive.

Brenda said...


Glad you woke up and joined us. Great to hear from you. Will look forward to your VMA post soon!

@anon at 12:46

What I wrote about cancer is in NO way a judgment on anyone who does chemo or radiation. It is simply the info I have learned from many alternative doctors and healers around the world. I, myself, was diagnosed with early cervical cancer (REALLY EARLY) and was told that the ONLY answer was to to have cryosurgery and a LOOP procedure. Essentially, first they freeze your cervix and then they electrocute ALL the cells in your cervix, killing the cancerous and the good cells. I did my research and found out that it doesn't work a lot of the time and that within four years later, you usually will have another bad PAP and face a hysterectomy. Long story short, I did tons of research and found out that in these early cases of cervical cancer, there is often a serious folic acid deficiency along with a lot of estrogen in the body that is feeding the cancer. I went to a great alternative doctor and after one year I went back to the doctor and was cancer free. I had three subsequent check ups every 6 months to be sure, and each came back negative. I've continued on the program (which is a combo of herbs, nutrition and mind/body awareness) because I never want to be part of the AMA system. My mother has cancer and has gone completely with the AMA system and she's dying a slow and painful death. So, I know of which I speak.


Anonymous said...


wow, that is truly amazing thanks for the info i appreciate it

Anonymous said...



i love youuuuuu

everyone shut up now! the boss is back!

Brenda said...


Have you read Laurel Dewey's latest crime thriller book, REDEMPTION? It's freakin' fantastic and deals a lot with the mind/body connection regarding cancer. It's still a great crime mystery but the secondary story in it is all about how the mind can create cancer.

Love your posts!

Brenda said...

I just realized that I should clarify. I stupidly put @Brenda (my own name) at the above post when I should have said @anon 13:41, responding to the poster whose mom has cancer.

It's a Sunday but it's been a long day and I'm starting to get a head cold.


Anonymous said...


no i haven't, will have to check it out though!

Brenda said...

@anon 14:41

Found Dewey's link to REDEMPTION on Looks like the book has gotten five star reviews. Deserved them big time.

Anonymous said...

More Miley? Jeez move on we get it she's mind controlled. Beat a dead horse much? ;/ How about these people. There's some real disassociation stuff going on there.

Or that Fever Ray/The Knife link someone posted. Lookup the videos.

Beyonce has been done to death too and very well i will add. Check Shakira: pretty obvious. Tackle the non-pop music big boys.

newbie said...

I read Redemption and could not put it down. Has a lot of the mystical elements intertwined with the crime/mystery in the book but Dewey also does a fantastic job of dovetailing complicated elements such as religion, fanaticism, synchcronistic events and trauma (PTSD) into a very readable book. Highly recommended!

skrambo said...

Lady Dee said: "Tommy apparently has convinced himself that he is "The appointed brilliant one" and his job is to keep the rest of us "idiots" in "check". The sonavabitch read a few blogs, researched youtube and now he is the Almighty King of Forbidden Knowledge!He probably jerks off to these poor women then comes to these blogs to talk shit! Lame Prick! *In Tommy voice* OOOh look her satanic shoes and her baphomet rituals!----SQUIRT! SQUIRT!"

Go fuck yourself. Seriously. I'm not gonna take that lying down. You're an asshole.

Sorry Ben, I have to defend myself from shit like that. That's not "entertaining" in the least, just rude and hurtful. I think I'm going to take a break from reading or commenting your blog for a while, if Lady Dee is any example of the type of person it attracts. See you later.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you, man. That comment and others from whoever the fuck is Lady Dee was totally off the wall. I hate it when this kind of shit happens on a forum like this cuz it distracts from the purpose which is a good one. It also makes people like you and Brenda, Beck and Chris not want to come here because who wants to sort through the stupid high school shit in order to find the interesting stuff. Not much Ben can do about it since free speech is still allowed. But some people should learn a little respect and not direct sick comments like the one you noted above to people on any forum.

Stick around, dude. I'm sure the Lady Dees of the world will tire here soon and evaporate.

Anonymous said...

Here, Mk porn, you should come ;]

Anonymous said...

SARAH HARDING's new haircut:


Anonymous said...


"However, it was frequent visits to Disneyland that really led Holly to fall in love for the warm climate and atmosphere of Southern California. After two years at Portland State University, Holly ended up transferring to Loyola Marymount University located in Los Angeles, California.

Being just a typical college student and finding out that the cost of education and general living in California was rather expensive, Holly found herself working two jobs to pay her own way. One job being a roller skating waitress at a Santa Monica Hooters restaurant and the other job being a model for Hawaiian Tropics.

As her time as far as being a waitress at Hooters progressed, Holly would always over hear fellow co-workers talk about all of the parties that they'd attend at the extremely famous Playboy Mansion. Holly found herself being so caught up in the hype of their words that when one of Hef's friends spotted her modeling in a Hawaiian Tropics contest and placed her amongst the Mansion's guest list, she was ecstatic."


Anonymous said...

ANNI LE was murdered due to male sexist testosterone evil and heterosexuality.

Murder the entire human race to stamp this out once and for all.

jerry_beck said...

Anon. 20 September 2009 21:35
I think you have right to some degree...we all know that poor Miley is MK'D, but what Ben is trying to point is that they make this more obvious than ever...i mean they literally scream it and yet billions of people don't see it...pointing this on and on maybe more people will open their eyes, which is with Miley very important, since now she is child/teen idol with so much power over them...i think if Ben was jumping (which is easy since every succesfull singer/actor is MK'D) from one artist to another, from one handler to another this message would not be so powerfull...this best way for beginners, same things on and on, to the point when no sane person could tell that MK is a lie...
I post this trailer once but this must be watched by all(only for adults-very extreme scenes) many Mk elements...Hollwyood can't for this moment make that kind of extreme movies (but porn/gore horrors will make it that possible one day) so they outsource this ideas to foreign countries like Serbia and earlier France (movie Martyrs - absurd plot, but inducing trauma on girls which is shown there is very real)

Nice to see so many comments here, i remember when i start commenting this blog there was only 2-5 comments per post.

Anonymous said...


go and cry in the corner then, like the stupid scene kid you are. no one cares!

Anonymous said...

Too many stupid asses here lately. Any anonymous idiot can post, like the one before me for instance. Smb do smth pls.


Anonymous said...

Oh, an appearance in Red Ice coming?

Two phallic thumbs/towers up.


Anonymous said...

The direct attacks on tommy are a bit pointless. its also obvious its the same person..look carefully at the text.

is there no way the moderators/admins can ban the IPs since Im doubting the user would have the know-how to get around this?

Anonymous said...

100th comment! woop

Anonymous said...

Celebrities and People Too Cool To Talk To Any of Youccult Media ;P

Anonymous said...


Chris Crocker said...

I enjoy this blog.

Lady Dee said...

**Sighs** BEN---I will say that you're right. I could have been more tactful the way I worded my original comment. I am known to be rather blunt especially when I feel annoyed.
Now I tried to move on like you suggested but I see some people still want to be immature.
Tommy you back for more? Don't you have ur own lonely ridiculous blogspot to conduct? Or did I hurt ur feelings that bad?
Whatever. Don't you e-MESS with me!
LOL---Sorry Ben

Anonymous said...

I think Ben needs to post something NEW and quickly so we can focus on something else besides childish, schoolyard taunting. I'm growing tired of it.

Anonymous said...

i loveeee bennnnnn


Lady Dee said...

But I agree with you. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Lady Dee,

Because I was at work for 12+ hours making a living so I could put my kids through college so they could start their own blogs about how to have a civilised written conversation on a blog.

ad astra said...

What is the point of the comments box on a blog?

Share/collect/compile data amongst each other.

We're all at this blog most obviously because we share varying degrees of interest in the subject matter: HOW too much of this world is/being FUCKED UP.

So: If none of that applies to you, you obviously care more about yourself than the matters at hand...
In which case you should be commenting on perezhilton or something similar because that's where all the self aggrandizing self wanker off'ers seem to dwell.(I've never checked, but I can assume that's the case at those places)
Brings the whole "the problem or the solution" thing to mind.

respeck yo

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49-year-old Mackenzie said that she would do the bad shit with her father all the time. In fact, John, who died in 2001, shot Mackenzie up with heroin for the first time. And on the night before her wedding to Jeff Sessler in 1979, her dad tried to stop her from marrying his ass. Mackenzie writes, "I had tons of pills, and Dad had tons of everything too. Eventually I passed out on Dad's bed. My father was not a man with boundaries. He was full of love, and he was sick with drugs. I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father. Had this happened before? I didn't know. All I can say is it was the first time I was aware of it. For a moment I was in my body, in that horrible truth, and then I slid back into a blackout."

The following year continued to be a fucked up time for Mackenzie. She was fired from One Day at a Time for being addicted to the bad shit and she went to rehab with her father. Mackenzie says their sexual relationship became "consensual." She went on to write, "I was a fragment of a person, and my secret isolated me. One night Dad said, 'We could just run away to a country where no one would look down on us. There are countries where this is an accepted practice. Maybe Fiji.' He was completely delusional. No, I thought, we're going to hell for this."

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i feel so sick

Brenda said...

Good for Mackenzie Phillips coming out on National TV like this and exposing what happened to her. This takes guts and hopefully by writing her book and talking about this, she can finally get her addiction resolved.

The fact that her father raped her the night before her wedding is also quite telling, don't you think? The timing was as sick as the act. Kind of like, "You're my property! Remember that!"

Just looking at Mackenzie's face, you can see the carnage she's witnessed. It's like a roadmap to hell. I can't imagine dealing with the crap that poor woman has had to deal with.

Oh, and lest we forget, he shot his kid up with HEROIN. A "handler" par excellance!

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Just watched the Lady Gaga performance of her song "Papparazzi" at the 2009 MTV Awards. It looked highly ritualistic to me. Blood, hanging herself on stage ... It can hardly get anymore ritualistic.

Ben, pls delete insulting comments like those from Lady Dee. I totally hate it if people use abusive language online and insult other people. they should not get the opportunity of distracting other peoples attention from the really important things. It lowers the quality of your blog if you allow people to behave like that.

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