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The Duality of Muse

So what do people think, just whose side are Muse on? Either way, their music has been a big influence on me over the years and it would not stop enjoying their music. A recent commenter stated that their latest album 'The Resistance' was a joke and they are mocking mind control conspiracy theorists, but I don't buy that and I don't hear it in the lyrics personally, maybe I am being naive and have missed some obvious lyrics that suggest this (perhaps this quote from Dominic ["Not everyone gets the Monty Python aspect to our music, but it's there... we're often laughing as we record."] which I do not think is referring to all of their music's conspiracy themes, you can tell what their humor is in the songs), but I would love to know what would make someone reach such a sweeping conclusion (I'm open minded either way; but Matthew Bellamy has always sounded very sincere when I've heard him interviewed about wearing the 'Terrorstorm' T-Shirt at Reading festival and such; if they have always just been taking the piss out of conspiracy theorists then they certainly are committed!). Of course I have considered it many times, why would their big record label Warner Music even allow them to write about such controversial issues? Scanning through their photographs, anyone with even the remotest degree of symbolic awareness should be able to pick up on the symbolism they use repetitively (like most of the other bands/artists in the industry; but these guys [you'd like to think anyway] are more aware of the meaning/significance of the things they are wearing/pictured with [checkerboard floors etc]). I posted this a day ago but messed up the date so it was back in last month's archive, apologiez to anyone who was trying to comment on it when I took it down to put it back to the right date; it needed a little editing anyway.

As you can see they have quite a few checkerboard floor symbolic (duality symbolism used in Freemasonic lodges and whatnot) photo shoots.

Christopher Wolstenholme (bassist) in a checkerboard tie, below is Dominic Howard (drummer) in a checkerboard sweater.

At the very recent Q Music awards where they won 'Best Act in the World', Dominic's shirt looks interesting though it's hard to make out exactly what's there, Chris in military jacket and Matthew with a black/white duality mixture.

Again their clothes are colour-coordinated to represent black/white duality. Note the occult caduceus on Dominic, one serpent black one white. The caduceus on it's own is very duality symbolic, having one black and one white though obviously emphasizes this fact. Also note the astrological symbols (Mercury [the god is of course associated with the caduceus] etc, that occult symbol [and a couple more] can be seen on the forehead of the weird looking little girl [the hair style probably supposed to represent horns] in the New Born [interesting lyrics too] video below where she releases orbs of light and float around [Bellamy symbolically controls one near the start after the girl releases them] and Muse's fans are put in a frenzied state, I'm sure someone with more than my limited occult knowledge can interpret this better; that song was actually the one which got me into Muse way back when).

Giving it some hornage over Mastercard's occult vesica pisces symbol (giving a salute to their master maybe ;). Included a poster for Muse I found on their official site with a vesica pisces motif, butterflies and a sunflower (below the two overlapping moon faces).

As Above So Below..

Above symbolically using twin pillars, and below Chris in an Egyptian occult ritual pose.

The above I suspect symbolizes duality (half face in darkness, half light) and the usual one eye symbolism (as in the below shot). Similar motif two above with the added mind control symbolism of a removed limb like a mannequin from a Spin magazine shoot.

Matthew with mind controlled, and masked (as usual) here Grace Jones. This is from, as you can see the NME Awards 2009.

Bellamy in Russia (hence the double headed eagle guard).

Matthew in an Eyes Wide Shut (etc) style ritual mask with the ultra-symbolic (lots of duality [Muse used the Black Lodge duality symbolic floor as the main motif for their HAARP tour, see further down] as I've gone into here) David Lynch's Twin Peaks. I think that's Christopher below wearing two (these come from their official site gallery, from here).

In September they took a tour in America's Masonic capitol Washington D.C. where Dominic wore a highly symbolic (duality/"elite" European families/Freemasonry) double headed eagle shirt (which aren't exactly hard to find, everyone is wearing the "elite's" iconography these days it seems, must be a global case of Stockholm syndrome ;p) with a sun behind it (which feels especially ritualistic considering the symbolism of the phallic Washington Monument situated behind him, phallic obelisks such as that are associated with Egyptian Sun worshiping cults; + the eagle has been said to really represent a phoenix). The Washington Monument itself is an expression of duality because of the reflecting pool (as above so below), which I have gone into before.

Above note the white/black pattern duality floor (+ 2 white and 2 black statues). I think below they are in the U.S. Capitol building looking out at the Mall.

Bellamy intrigued by some pyramidal/benben stone symbolic monument.

Below ascending a staircase (ascension/initiation symbolic) with a bust of Freemason George Washington kept in shot.

Dominic with blue blooded Illuminist ["It is now clear that Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush have an unusually large number of royal and noble descents," said Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke's Peerage.] Al Gore.

I came across this at Dedroidify, Dominic wearing a t-shirt showing "a skeleton carrying the burden of an inverted Illuminati Pyramid." which is interesting as it seems to me that they are the only band (on a major record label) who are willing (or aloud... maybe even forced?) to go into "Illuminati"/conspiracy themes in a big way. Also note the symbolic white horse painting behind them.

Their HAARP live show/album (named and themed after the highly suspicious High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska) was interesting, occurring at Wembley Stadium; which replaced the former structure's Masonic twin towers (symbolic of the twin pillars of Freemasonry; remember the twin towers in New York were also taken down around this time, it is all ritual) with a Masonic arch which was incorporated nicely for the tour's artwork (see above), stretching across the HAARP tech (makes me wonder if the arch might serve some sort of antenna-like purpose for some big event in the 2012 Olympics [faked alien invasion using HAARP's hologram capabilities?]).

Anyway the tour is loaded with symbolism such as these triangles with light from the centre (illuminated pyramid/all seeing eye symbol [the eye is the sun/light]).

So that's alot of 'illuminated triangles', even the inner crowd was, just about pyramid shaped! (that may have been purely logistical however)

As mentioned the background motif was a Twin Peaks black lodge style duality zig- zag seen in the red room (covered it in this post).

Black/white/red has been a very commonly used colour scheme (black/white duality + red symbolizing fire/blood/primal), I have discussed this in previous posts (used by the Nazis and whatnot).

The programmed robots are coming! [a clue where they'll be coming from in the below image; far from 'taking the piss' I thought their MKULTRA song was quite clever and sincere (the mind breaking symbolized by the "we're breaking through" line where the 'through' word is not held for a couple of bars but is split in to shorter [minims I think] 'ou'-'ou'-'ou' fractured sounds), which I may go more into more detail if they come up with a decent symbolic video for it or something]

Their videos all have a fair bit of symbolism in them (embedded a couple below with a very short analysis), but one of their earlier videos made me a little suspicious of their involvement (though I doubt they had anything to do with the themes used or using Brooke in it). The video 'Sunburn' centers around Brooke Kinsella babysitting a young boy, which is significant as you probably won't recall I was posting on the gun and knife crime hysteria a while back where her little brother Ben was murdered and she became the poster-girl for the cause (to increase the police's Orwellian powers, specifically stepping up the use of metal detecting arches), leading marches and starting up a website, suggesting every child should be forced into the army (which the establishment would absolutely love; a whole population of robots like you have in Israel and other places where national service is mandatory) and whatnot.

I noted in the post the symbolic 'K' logo for 'Kinsella', K equals 11; which is duality/mirror symbolic as I have gone in to. Note the crown ('King'sella, the Kinsellas are a 'monarch' family; and I don't mean they are part of of the "elite" in any way, google Project Monarch if you aren't aware of what I'm talking about [or read posts like this; the child sexual abuse film I analyze below with Brooke as the protagonist even has the word 'MONARCHS' spelled out for you]), black/white animal spots and the yellow/purple colours. The most often used picture of Ben in the media has the Godfather Collection DVD on prominent display with it's Marionette cross + strings + manipulator hand symbol. Ben apparently predicted his own death just weeks before his death. "The Adams Family" (or another crime syndicate in the area, who are invariably working with the powers that be; a criminal underworld existing is a necessity for them) were probably involved in it in some way (a member of the gang vowed to kill Ben's killers [and I don't think it's for noble reasons, probably to stop them talking!]), the head of it (currently in jail) was known as 'The British Godfather', which is an interesting coincidence (clue in the picture with the Godfather DVD set [though it's obviously a very common one to own, I got it years ago also]).

"You were a beautiful star and now you will shine even brighter..." [message written by Brooke] She wore this very sun symbolic dress to the funeral (see below for context, more sun ritual on her).

Anyway; to the video, Brooke walks up the stairs, stealing jewelry on the way before arriving at the parents bedroom where she tries on more jewelry. Muse appear playing in the mirror but not in the room itself, messing with Brooke's head (this exact kind of illusion is more than likely very common in mind control programming using mirrors). She inevitably shatters the mirror as Matthew Bellamy sings on appearing to taunt Brooke as she enters 'Looking Glass Land' (the video ends with the little boy coming up to the room and seeing she isn't there, but she is seen in the mirror's reflection like Muse were before).

I feel this video suggests that Brooke is mind controlled (being trapped in a shattered mirror; her shattered dissociative mind), it's always amazing some of the "coincidences" (none of them are, it's all ritual/symbolism) that follow these individual's careers. Like before she appeared in the Sunburn Muse video she appeared in an episode of an unrelated BBC show called 'Sunburn' (usual occult sun worship/ritual). Most tellingly she appeared in ITV's 'No Child of Mine' where "she played Kerry, a young girl who continuously suffered sexual abuse from her parents, friends and carers, and was forced into prostitution by her father. Kerry finally contacts Childline and is put in a safe house, where she tries to come to terms with what has been done to her. The film was based on a true story, with the names changed to protect the real victim's identity."

This video is the only clip I could find from it, check out the way the father points at 0:13 giving the horned one sign, the Disney references are notable and feature a few times in the film (at the start of the clip she is told to ask her mother to pretend to be Elvis Presley, a monarch slave with a lot of sun ritual surrounding him [he was the 'Sun King', Sun Recordings, Elvis at Sun, etc], then after the Donald Duck voice, one of them asks her to tell her stepfather to pose as a statue, then take take his trousers down). The DVD is hard to find (there is no official release for it, it is available on torrent for anyone interested), the cover is symbolic featuring the half face/split mind (the mind splitting off [dissociation] from conscious awareness due to the trauma of repetitive sexual abuse) commonly used motif for symbolizing psychological trauma. Look at some of the reactions in the IMDB review page, most of them basically saying "unrealistic bullshit" without considering that there are families that exist in the world (virtually every adult she comes into contact with is an abuser) who are exactly like the "over the top" portrayal in the film (of course it's on the higher end of the scale but it absolutely goes on).

I have watched this and I've included a few screen caps from it, you can imagine my response when the word 'MONARCHS' was spelled out! I was immediately aware that this was going to contain predictable MK themes because the very opening shot is of Brooke with her father singing the lines from the song 'I can See Clearly Now' "It's gonna be a bright, bright, sunshining day!" repeated twice by Brooke with the sun symbolically shining on Brooke's face in the car (on the way to a boat, presumably being taken for her father to prostitute to pedophiles), again showing the sun ritual involved with these Monarch slaves (remember her two 'Sunburn' themes).

... It doesn't take much thought to figure out why they have never released this on DVD... it actually tells you Brooke is a part of the 'LONDON MONARCHS'! This random lady in the crowd of parents at Brooke's sports day (that's her stepfather who rapes her in the shot too) wearing the a London-based American football team's (since defunct in 1998) shirt based in London, it's extremely obviously what it means though. This type of shirt doesn't just accidentally work it's way onto set, it is a very clear reference to Brooke being a victim of Monarch (trauma-based) mind control programming, she's 'part of the London Monarchs' team along with Amy Winehouse and other 'London Monarchs' (Lily Allen etc). The music they chose was rather suggestive when mixed with the imagery in the scene such as in the sports day scene (focusing on the children in their shorts and the LONDON MONARCHS shirt) the song by 'The Lightning Seeds' called 'Thinking Up Looking Down' with lyrics such as "They touch you with that magic touch and you shine".

The school's colour scheme is Masonic gold and blue, note the owl (looks like one anyway) symbolically on the wall behind her.

Note the small sunflower on her shirt, and wrist cutting is a symptom of MK/abuse also (see Demi Lovato and others I go into there). This occurs after Brooke informs her real father that her stepfather is raping her, he gets angry and rushers her back to her mother's (and stepfather) home, breaks a glass window and beats up the stepfather because he is annoyed that he didn't ask him for permission or pay him for it (not the horrific fact that she is being raped; which is fine, as long as he is getting paid). Brooke uses broken glass (symbolizing her broken/shattered mind in Monarch trauma-based mind control) to cut her wrist.

Another sun/flower motif on Brooke below.

The orphanage type place where those types of kids are housed are "welcomed" with Mickey Mouse's open arms (remember Brooke is Minnie, dressed in her image earlier; all this Disney stuff is purely pedophilia suggestive). Her room has an old Boyzone poster, I think that may even be Stephen Gately (see Boyzone/Stephen Gately post for context, Stephen was likely a Monarch slave performer also) on the right.

In a slightly disturbing scene Brooke and her friends in the film are discussing their first period, I particularly cringed when they described exactly how to insert a tampon, it felt a little pointless (other than to compare a 'normal' girls sexual development with Brooke's who is constantly sexually abused [she was apparently impregnated but has a miscarriage]). Note the Masonic looking (an obelisk inside a two sets of twin pillars) monument behind them, twin pillars are symbolically kept in the frame when the camera focuses on the little girl in black/white duality (+ a horse motif).

I was a little surprised just how explicit the child sexual abuse scenes were, above she is being raped by her stepfather and below by a social worker in a big foster home (note rainbow coloured vest, going "over the rainbow" sexual dissociation).

She goes to a shop to buy a present for a teacher she takes on as a paternal figure, note her face symbolically positioned behind a dreamcatcher, and the ironic 'Scales of Justice' symbolizing the lack of justice for Monarch victims like Brooke.

To illustrate the whole half face missing/in darkness psychological motif I go on about, here it is on the ChildLine poster used in the film, and note their duality/mirror symbolic phone number 08001111 (their actual phone number, which could always be coincidence choosing an easy to remember number for children like 1111 but the synchronicity is certainly there).

While those stickers are obviously standard safety ones, I feel they are probably used symbolically here as subliminal pyramids (Brooke's father is a London cabbie).

Towards the film's end she is driven by London black cab (remember her father in reality is a London cab driver; there was a line said in the film about cab drivers meeting lots of people which I found notable but cannot remember the exact quote), with the sun again used symbolically in the usual way (focused on by the camera, with the taxi driver in the mirror and the sun behind it), when it cuts to a shot of Brooke she symbolically is posed so half her face is illuminated by the sun. This is her final journey towards sanctuary and the film ending.

The very final shot of the film is the image discussed on the cover of the unofficial DVD, Brooke's half face covered by her pillow looking quite traumatized/dissociative.

This is a typical kind of role for a Monarch trauma-based mind controlled slave (for obvious reasons). Brooke in reality does not know her real father, her step-father (below image right of Brooke) George is a taxi driver (like Amy Winehouse's father Mitch ["I think my daughters new boobs are fantastic"], what's up with London cabbies? Probably from picking up all those Masons and other snakes that inhabit the City; this struck me as odd, a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party London Taxidrivers Fund for Underprivileged Children') "Kinsella's father walked out on her when she was four years old, and she was subsequently raised by her mother, Debbie, and stepfather, George, who Kinsella has described as her "real dad"." Perhaps coincidentally, Matthew Bellamy's father was also a taxi driver working in London called George where he met Matthew's mother Marilyn and then went on to become a guitarist in The Tornados.

She has recently been getting back on the MK'd celebrity circuit again after her tragic family trauma, showing up in her transformed state to a recent awards show above.

I was a little surprised that this was actually Brooke in this photo shoot (aside from makeup/lighting, it's still unrecognizable in my opinion). Notice she looks completely different here (probably in an alter), I actually still struggle to recognize it as her. I think she went through a period where they were trying to set her up as a Page 3 type glamour model (and giving her a lesbian kiss scene with a Bionic Woman, Michelle Ryan in Eastenders [where Brooke's character was a prostitute for a while also]). I was considering not posting these images because some people find them inappropriate, like I am re-objectifying these victims while not showing any empathy towards them, what has happened to Brooke and her family is absolutely horrible. I'd like to think long term readers will know my heart is in the right place even if I don't go on and on with patronizing statements about how sorry I feel for them (hopefully some people appreciate my candor anyway).

They chose a very symbolic scene to shoot this probable victim in, original sin (in the video note the butterflies on the example page thing). Also note the red shoes (Dorothy/Anderson fairytale; covered a fair bit here and elsewhere in the blog).

Brooke the bird on a swing. The name Brooke seems to be significant, with Brooke Shields being another example of an MK'd Brooke (many other likely candidates though like Brooke Burk, Brooke Valentine etc).

Note the gold serpent jewelry (emphasizing the original sin ritual, and the psycho-sexual aspects of the shoot). Victims like Brooke are the 'forbidden fruit' to the pedophilia obsessed establishment (serpent = phallus, the sexual metaphor is pretty obvious I've gone into it a number of times before).

Anyway, after that interlude back to Muse; as I said earlier many of their videos are symbolic in one way or another so I'll only cover a few here. This one 'Invincible' goes through humanity's continuing history of enslavement to the Illuminist masters (showing slaves building the pyramids, the Colosseum [Roman slaves used as performers for the masses as gladiators were slaves; still works essentially the same today], mass ritual blood sacrifice WW2 and whatnot), 9/11 is suggested (smoke from top of skyscraper), then the all the organized chaos kicks off (after the 9/11 catalyst), even the fake alien invasion (complete with giant mechanical mice [Disney/global corporations]) before eventually humanity rises up and crushes them. Personally I can see how someone might be skeptical of Bellamy's sincerity, he sort of comes across as something similar to what a right wing talking head does (speaking of, that Glenn Beck thing was pretty humorous, Beck always cracks me up though he's obviously a massive POS and a demagogue, you can tell he's not actually insane and knows what he's doing and what's going on [I've seen him wear a triangular/pyramid shaped lapel pin too on his show apparently with an eye in it, someone else noticed it on the godlikeproductions forum]) saying all the patriotic bullshit his audience wants to hear; except Bellamy's content is made to appeal to the emotions of the growing numbers of conspiracists (not a bad marketing ploy by Warner Music).

This traveling by boat through the history of time (starting from the creation of the universe) is obviously extremely ritualistic associated with Egyptian funerary rituals (also think of Anubis' little trip down the river Thames), note the boat has a pentagon (with light from the interior sides) shaped roof, Dominic's caduceus t-shirt shown earlier too, again emphasizing the ritual aspect.

Plug In Baby is a good one: "The video features a performance by the band in a bedroom, along with shots of girls with morphed tube and tentacle-esque synthetic body parts. The original idea involved the band's performance, but with robotic limbs moving around them, suggesting a mechanical sex machine." In it's eventual form though it's still very MK related, with the women in it I think supposed to symbolize dehumanization (they're a manufactured product; lacking a soul/real emotion) Dominic describes it (Matt conveniently forgets) as such: "That song’s about putting emotion into something that has no soul - like a child’s teddy bear or a computer. And also what it would be like if we could genetically engineer puppies that never grow old." Hopefully you can read in to that to understand what it's really referring to (Stepford Wives type stuff [hence the original "mechanical sex machine" idea]).
I'll nearly finish with Supermassive Black Hole, directed by Floria Sigismondi (whose work is incredibly symbolic like her video for Marilyn Manson's Tourniquet; spend a few minutes checking out her website too), here is what Bellamy had to say about it: "The idea for the video is good, it's kind of very simple really. It's just us three with sort of masks on with mirrors and weird sort of material on our faces pulled. What does it all mean? I wish I knew. But it's... it looks good." That quote I think says a lot about Bellamy's true awareness, any self-respecting person who is into their conspiracies should at least have some vague understanding of the owl's symbolism and the goat. The above image is Storm Thorgerson's rejected artwork for it (he created the 'Butterflies and Rainbows' single and 'Absolution' album covers + others), the used artwork (above the video) contains a black/white pyramid subliminal among other symbols (+ sexual overtones ['Supermassive Black Hole' potential euphemism, the hearts], crosses, point inside circles and the usual black/white duality).

Matthew and Dominic on the occult symbolic set, with the Illuminist's owl symbol (symbolizing knowledge, all-seeing as it can rotate it's head nearly all the way round, Athena [they wallpaper may have something to do with that, looking like a classical design] and such; used by the Bavarian Illuminati/Bohemian Grove/etc), note Dominic again dressed symbolically in black/white (on the white symbolic throne/chair next to the white tree [of life?]).

Different types of goat/antelope are used probably symbolizing Baphomet.

Interesting motif chosen for the clock, symbolizing a star and resembling the British establishment's 'Order of the British Empire' star (give it 10-20 years and Bellamy, Dominic and Chris will probably be inducted into it).

Note the aforementioned owl + the body suit symbolic gluttonous owl (symbolizing the mentality of secret societies who have always just taken what they want when they want it; I think there are also foxes on the bodysuit [FOX = 666]).

Matt predictably in a black/white checkerboard duality symbolic silk scarf, which is even more Freemasonry symbolic (on top of the Masonic checkerboard) because it symbolizes the cable-tow/noose worn around Masons' necks in their first degree initiation.

Whose eye is this? It is subliminally included at around the 2:08 mark when a full-body catsuit wearing (watched by the mirror face man, probably symbolizing the programmer) is crawling on the mirror. I suspect it is one of those 50's kittens like Marilyn Monroe or someone else from that era (based on the black and white photograph/makeup).

They eventually take off their full-bodysuits revealing them to be black empty space, finally revealing their painted/tattooed faces; and some more subliminal 'black holes' are flashed as well as Bellamy's image double exposed with the man wearing the mirror over his face (+ the symbolic wallpaper). I'm certain I have not interpreted the overarching narrative of the video correctly but I feel I have picked up on enough here to suggest that something is up with it.

One of their earlier videos, Uno seems very much mind control associated, symbolizing an alter trying to make it's way through the 'hotel'-like internal structure (alters 'living' in numbered rooms/floors; more deeply dissociated alters/memories/etc further down the system, accessed via an internal elevator [and/or hallways/staircases/doors]; these things are entirely variable depending on the programmer and what the victim's mind is most receptive to) to become the alter controlling the consciousness which is why she so desperately needs to access room 1 [where Muse are playing?] as that would trigger the alter to take control (that's pretty speculative but I don't think it is a bad interpretation). I can't find out who the actress playing the protagonist is.

Their most recent work is of course symbolic, invoking the pyramid + capstone and a hexagonal honeycomb portal/stargate type thing, this site had an interesting take on it (+ 'The Uprising' video which I'm not covering, the lyrics are very self-explanatory; I'd appreciate links to any work you have done on Muse too). The cover was created by a London based graphic design circus calling themselves 'La Boca' ('The Mouth'), to give you an idea of their use of symbolism (for the context of Muse's album cover) here are a couple of examples of his other work. The first one, a T-shirt design was inspired by occult magician Kenneth Anger's (I have Magick Lantern Cycle on blu-ray so I expect to post on that side of things at some point) 'Lucifer Rising' according to their site (also, spot the subliminal pentagram below). You could spend all day going through every conspiracy mentioned in Muse's work (there's much more there) and all the symbolism in every one of their videos but that's everything I'm covering on them here (feel free to comment).

They also designed the cover for this Padded Cell single (I posted the occult video for it here btw, definitely worth a watch) called 'Word of Mouth' which is not associated with Muse but it's very occult anyway and I've shown here that the designers of Muse's latest album cover are no strangers to the occult world. You could spend all day going through every conspiracy mentioned in Muse's work and all the symbols on their various single/album covers (there's much more there) but that's everything I'm covering on them here for now.


Anonymous said...

The woman from UNO video is the Belgian actress CECILE DE FRANCE. When I saw her 1st, I was about to say its Patricia Arquette :)


Anonymous said...

From interviews with the cat BAI LING:

"Did you ever leave the house in an outfit you absolutely knew would be mocked?
You know what? No. My agent told me I get a lot of criticism about how I dress. But I think, “Why not?” On the red carpet you see a lot of designers — you see Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Gucci, everybody — but where are you? The designers are supposed to show us, but we’re showing the designers. Where’s your spirit? It’s 2009. You have to stand out. There’s individuality you have to celebrate. I have this one spirit — she’s like this adventurous, careless, breezy spirit. I hate shopping. I don’t go shopping. If I do, I run in and out. But she loves it.

This is a friend of yours?
No. A spirit. And when I go shopping, she feels open and sexy. She doesn’t care. She enjoys it. She rides a pink bicycle all over the place. Sometimes I think a skirt is too short and she says, “Noooo … It’s perfect!” Or I’ll want to stay home and not attend an event, and she’ll say, “I’m excited — lets go!” I’m very creative in my nature. It’s my body! I’m not harming anyone doing it. It’s just me.

What do you call your spirit?
Eight Little Spirits in Miniskirts.

You have eight separate spirits. And they’re all in miniskirts?
Yes! They’re sitting on your hair, on your shoulder, on your nails. I’m like their peacemaker, because they don’t like each other. I have a panda, a chicken, a dolphin … I have a monkey … All in miniskirts.

So the panda in the miniskirt told you to go on But Can They Sing?
They go crazy. They make me lose control. They try to catch Bai Ling. I wasn’t really aware they were going to be judging me on that show. I wasn’t conscious of it. I has just come from the Playboy shoot, and was feeling very comfortable with my body.

When I watched it later with my friend, I found it hilarious. But when I was there, I was in a different space. They gave me a song that was too high, and I tried to quit. They were making fun of me. So I threatened to quit. Finally, they gave me a song that fit me — Blondie’s “Call Me” — and when I got on stage, they played it three keys higher and it was like, CALL MEEE!”


Anonymous said...

"CHRIS NEUMER: Oh, I’ve read some of your interviews, I was looking forward to it.

BAI LING: For me, acting–I’m not acting. You call it acting, but, whatever role I do, I’m literally, I’m actually living life, I’m not doing anything. I’m not preparing anything. I read the script, it’s not Bai Ling’s journey. It’s like I have a secret love affair with my character. Sometimes my character challenges me, gets inside me or leads me or helps me, it’s her journey, but I’m giving the heart and soul to it. And we’re having this silent dance to find the harmony between us, the character and me. So that’s what I’m doing, unconsciously. I love the camera, I think the camera is the most honest thing. It doesn’t judge or have any preconceived notions or anything, it’s just flat, like a mural. If you give the truth, it shows up on screen and you can watch the truth and it makes things more powerful. If you lie, it shows up as a lie. And also, most exciting for me, is that I get to experience that feeling, when that thing surprises me or you or the audience. A lot of actors or great talents are preparing when they do the research, that’s the best tool for them. They can only get what they’re thinking. But life, the emotional journey of the character is like a wild river, there are no rules. It’s like random. Like, [pointing at Chris Neumer] why do you put your finger here against your lips?

CHRIS NEUMER: I was thinking.

BAI LING: But you can do this too [crosses arms] or this [puts finger on ear], why do you do that? There’s an unconscious way of conducting yourself. It’s a miracle. I like to make that observation through it, whatever happens, it brings great joy. If you ask me how I did it, like you did, I don’t know. I literally have no clue.

CHRIS NEUMER: But what kinds of things do you think about to prepare yourself for getting out there and getting into the life of your character?

BAI LING: I don’t prepare, I don’t think of anything. My mind is literally empty. I just basically am empty there and open everything up and you don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t know what’s going to happen. When I’m there, the earth will speak to me or the set will speak to me or the character, whatever, the atmosphere; something will help me. I always trust instinct.


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Was browsing 2day and found the eye of RA tattoo on 3 famous persons: MARISSA TOMEI, ADAM LAMBERT&DAVID COOK. Strange enufg the last 2 were AI winners...


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AH! here we are with Muse. It's all there but some people can't handle the truth,iIt's as simple as that.

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Didn't see it mentioned in this blogpost but Muse played this years' MTVMA

Michael said...

More Twin Peaks and Lynch in general! Alice in Wonderland. Incest. Dissociation. It is all there.

Anonymous said...

Since no one can get to Miley why not try to get an interview with Muse and ask them these questions directly? If they are so sincere they'd have no problem with it.

Anonymous said...

"Queen guitarist Brian May praised the Queen-influenced sound that Muse incorporated into the album. "I love it, I think it's great stuff," May told the BBC. "I think they're very good boys and extremely talented, and like us they have their tongue in cheek a lot of the time," May said. He described the track "United States of Eurasia" as "brilliantly done".[46]"

"very good boys" Brian May must be one of their handlers

Anonymous said...

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" -johnny rotten

Anonymous said...

skrambo said...

Very well done and informative post. Muse is surrounded by Masonic symbolism, I think it's safe to say they are involved with this stuff to some "degree" (awful pun, I apologize).

Anonymous said...


Besides the point made, this ad reminds me of people who follow bands

Lara said...

Very confusing, and disturbing, what's going on with Muse, but you show enough to suggest they're being controlled/MK'd. I feel perhaps they're being used in a similar way as Thom Yorke with Friends of the Earth to appeal to 'environmentalists'; Muse are somehow meant to 'capture' the minds of those of us who know about the conspiracies. Can't quite work out their mad intention, but maybe intending to work some crazy occult spells on us as we enjoy the supposedly aware music? Who knows - they're all insane (the controllers), and whatever the intention I think it's backfiring on them as Muse are drawing attention to so much that was hidden - and once you wake up, you cannot be controlled.

I note that Alex Jones has Muse as friends on his MySpace page, and David Icke is supporting 'Uprising' on his site.

Anonymous said...

Ben, just like u suggested once on a Miley post, her real mother is dead. Read that yesterday... Tish Cyrus - or whomever that woman is -is actually her step mom. But of course no official source will tell u that and Miley is programmed anyway... Goosh, it makes ur brain twist...


Anonymous said...

They are 100% accountable because one can walk away (you won't be famous, so what?) and refuse to do this, but you know the $$fame monster$$

None of them getting a gun to their head, electrocuted and waterboarded into doing things against their will.

^the Oprah interview on page 2

Anonymous said...

Lara said...

"I note that Alex Jones has Muse as friends on his MySpace page, and David Icke is supporting 'Uprising' on his site."

There is some weird story going on with the Alex Jones endorsement of the band. I'ts all rotten bait people. A trick. IMO, all these bands are garbage.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are connected. How could you think they weren't?? Anyone who gets to any high level in the industry HAS to go along with things. Isn't that obvious by now?

And, if they think they're being clever, they'd better watch out. The Illuminati has been at this for hundreds of years. No one little rock band is going to turn the tables on them.

They want this stuff to be revealed for a reason.

Anonymous said...

The Illuminati give the public their heroes so we are lulled into a false sense of security.The same with Greenday-don't be fooled.The majority of the Sheeple will just think they are being creative and not truly acknowledge whats been sung.Others are in plain denial.As they say when the shit hits the fan.You cannot say they did not warn you.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that the kinsellas are much. if anything, they have merely exploited their son/brothers death for financial gain...which is sickeningly common amongst victims families these days.

plus, it was they who went begging for publicity, trying to get as much radio/tv coverage as they could. then the also common rallies which die down after a few weeks.

you could say the coppers took advantage of her gains in publicity/financial raising activities. where the money went, now thats the question nobody seems to ask.(obvious though, their, the kinsellas, pockets.)

the forcing everyone into the army they took from another victim I forget his name, but his mother said it on radio in Birmingham years ago and now its wildly quoted by every other victims family.

that being said, it might come true given the losses in just about every NATO army as of late. not only due to war but lack of fitness..the draft or minimal service then the option to stay in the forces like in serbia could become a reality.

Anonymous said...

Staying on topic is like cleanliness, godlike.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

excellent, excellent post ben!

made me realise what an evil band muse are. shame on them

as if that girl off eastenders (thats what i remember her off) family are monarchs. unbelievable, i always thought her brothers murder was a bit odd though.

Lara said...

Re Childline/NSPCC: can't find them now online, but recently there were NSPCC ads with close-up of a child and the words "I hate you" and "You're disgusting" above the picture. Pretty explicit message from the NSPCC there, it seems.

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) tells us that the subconscious mind ignores negatives, so "prevention of..." becomes simply "cruelty to children" (similarly the "Don't Take Drugs" American slogan - the originators knew "Take Drugs" is what would register with the subconscious).

The NSPCC could have used the more meaningful, positive (and shorter) name "National Society for the Protection of Children" - if they really meant it (speaking here of the very highest operating levels, of course, not the genuine, caring people elsewhere in the organisation).

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

people wear costumes on halloween

Anonymous said...

Anony 11:30
They arent just any ppl, this is what were discussing here. If u have smth better/interesting to say, say, if no, then dont waste ur time here.


Anonymous said...

What's the point of posting a link with people in costumes for :gasp: HALLOWEEN with no insight or comment whatsoever, so what, they are 'celebs' who wear costumes. Jessica Alba dressed up as Dora the Explorer, so did my neighbor. Again, what's your point? Most of the stuff you post is 'data dump' DUMP being the operative word and not anywhere related to the post at hand.

Anonymous said...

The blond Muse guy with the checkerboard shirts has a village idiot permanent grin to himself on most days. Wonder if it's an intergenerational inbreeding issue or he's just naturally stupid looking.

Anonymous said...

@anon 13:20


anyway guys, check out this up and coming star being promoted through myspace, american apparel model + sang to michael jackson at age 11 apparently.

you can tell just how mk'd she is from all the suggestive photo shoots, she is only 16.

Anonymous said...

The Problem With Fashion's Obsession With Death:

Why, in so many fashion photographs, do the models look dead? It's a theme that's persisted in magazines as long as I can remember. These ads for the New Zealand boutique Superette are only the tip of the violence-glamorizing iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Re: the Halloween celeb pix, I've noticed that for the last several years, Heidi Klum is so childishly obsessed with the need to get super dressed-up and throw a big bash every freakin' year. I mean that blue Kali/Shiva-type costume from last year or so was just over the top. Do ya think maybe she's in a child alter when she does this?

Anonymous said...

Also, I totally agree with this comment from the Daily Mail page that included a photo of Kate Beckinsale & family on Halloween (the Perez-Gaga link):

"Actually, Kate's daughter Lily Sheen is NOT a circus ringmaster; she's dressed up as Columbia, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Interesting choice for an underage child."

It's disturbing.

Anonymous said...

@anon 14:30

OMG. Fashion's obsession with death....that was DISGUSTING.

What in the hell does slit throats, landfill dumps and suicide jumpers have to do with FASHION????

Anonymous said...

I remember when an old friend introduced me to the music of Muse. I enjoyed their sound, it was a style that attracted me. So I looked them up on the net and read about Bellamy's interests and influences so it is no surprise that Muse's direction , themes, and 'knowledge' would be so blatant in their music and their visual say they are 'controlled' I think is wrong....I believe that their success is due to the fact that they are so 'obvious''s fashionable to be 'into' this stuff - right? Like the X-files for example...everyone knows that that show is just fiction....few people know that a lot of stories where actually re-tellings of many reported real-life events - so with this MK UKLTRA's to blurr the edges between reality and 'folklore'....when you can't differentuate, either because you don't have the knowledge, or are just ignorant/iliterate, then you canb't really protest or battle something that you can't see, thus it gains and you remain powerless...does that make sense? Muse are experts at what they do, appealing to the masses as well as those 'in the know'....they have made it! MK

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Some bands and their music is used as a triggering agents on the masses. I'm pretty sure this is the case with this musical "act"

Anonymous said...

they are definitely aware of what they are doing, which is worse than anything...

Anonymous said...

In the MTV VMAS one of these bozos is wearing a John Galliano t-shirt. Yeah that John Galliano, the compassionate soul who dreams us stuff like this:

"In 2000, he said that he also had found his inspiration for the couture collection of boho-meets-hobo chic he unveiled that January during his jogging sessions, when running past the homeless people lining the river."

I wonder if how many of these homeless people he has assisted in getting decent housing while using them as a MUSE for his designs.

Anonymous said...

If Muse is sincere so is Lady Gaga. Think about it. ;)

Anonymous said...

From what I know the lyrics and all the conspiracy stuff comes from Matt Bellamy. Chris says he just plays the creations of Matt and that he is agree to do it if Matts opinions dont hurt anyone.

Matt seems naive to me sometimes when I hear his interviews or the things he does, to me he is sincere and if he is being used he is not aware of it. You could research on his relationship with this italian girl called Gaia. She is psychiatrist or psychologist, I dont remember. I came to think she may be something like a handler, at least a controler.

I dont know what to think about Dominic Howard. Still I cant even have a feeling about him.

I have been following Muse work about 3 years and I love it, but I must think all the posibilities around them, so thanks for this post.


Peter said...

I don't know if anyone pointed it out: Baphomet Ram Skull with Corazon de Jesus on the T Shirt of Chris. Black Military Coat on Whatzisname to the left.

Lately, I am very suspicious of the explosive popularity of Animal Collective's powerfully scripted dissociative music. "Open up your throat..." to what exactly? layers of demons present at their shows i would believe. (Altho Ben would not....)

Anonymous said...

I had a look at the uprising video just to have a look. Can you spot the Blackwater/Xi references?

If it wasn't for muse I would probably not have woken up. Things backfire from time to time. I still believe they're involved because its just impossible to be at that level without it and certainly to talk "against it" and remain still at that level.

Having experienced some level of programming myself I wonder if my crazy obsession with muse (before I learnt any thing about monarch) had anything to do with that.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering this myself a few days ago. I loved Muse and when I heard their lyrics for Uprising, and knew they were signed by WB, I was suspect.

This entry is beautiful, by the way, and with your "limited knowledge" you go an awfully long way. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that picture of them standing on the Mastercard logo looking like complete fools says it all doesn't it? Yeah, it seems these guys really aren't any different from the other major-label acts out there. Too bad, too, since Bellamy is a much more talented singer/musician than say... Lady Ga Ga (someone he's been quoted as saying he admires, btw).

oh, thought I might add that my word verification for posting this was "horuss" (interesting, eh?)

Plastic Macca said...

Mind-control symbolism: checkered floor as in "The Manchurian Candidate" (MK-ULTRA assassin programming)

Anonymous said...

AHHHHGGGGGHHHHH Nothing is what it seems!

I was also a MASSIVE muse fan, and like someone else here I began to follow them with a devotion bordering on the slavish......... I loved Resistance and thought "finally someone awake and making sense" and then I went to one of their shows, and watched the crowd jumping up and down mindlessly at Matt Bellamy's feet singing "love is our resistance etc" without a clue what they were singing about.... and I began to feel VERY uncomfortable.........

He then went on National radio in Australia and said while laughing "maybe I'm Illuminati, maybe I use their mind control techniques to make people like this band"...... which I thought was funny at the time.....until he requested a LADY GA-GA song! And said he thought she was 'a brilliant artist'.......

?shameless cross-promotion

MUSE on twitter have proudly posted photographs of themselves at NASA headquarters. Seriously. NASA freakin headquarters.
There's also a photograph of Dom in a spa bath on a yacht, drinking champagne, surrounded by (?MK'd)scantily clad women (??payoff).
They are also good friends with Lilly Allen (see above).

Thanks for this webpage, cos I have been searching for some answers re this issue, and although I'm upset by this it's ringing true. What scares me is how much I liked them. ?Am I so easily duped.

Funny, my word verification was culedi, anagram, 'I Clued'.

"I want the truth"
You lying, two-faced little twat!

Anonymous said...

I think Dominic is the weakest link of them all. Like he takes a very prominent stance in most of the photos.
More a 'lead' singers stance, though he's the drummer.

I guess it is the drummer driving the rhythm.

I really like Muse too. :(

Anonymous said...

check out the photo of Mr Bellamy at this address wearing the black robe in the middle of the rising sun


Anonymous said...

Great post, but unfortunately it really is on the wrong track. Muse have always been on the 'right' side. The over thinking and linking to occult symbolism is a mistake. Knowing the band personally for the last 14 years, I can safely and assuredly say that profit is the key with Warner - the 'Muse Machine' as it is referred to in inner circles, is all about profit, and whilst I can totally appreciate how easy it would be to assume dark roles by the band and their management and p.r, it is wrong. Muse have come up against resistance from the industry about their topics, but Warner really are basically all about the money. They don't care that the band openly support exposure of the NWO.

They do treat some of the promotional work they do (shoots/videos etc) very tongue in cheek, as they know very well that their fans know their true views.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, firstly Thankyou and please may you be right.
Are you able to prove an affiliation with the band?
It might relieve some very troubled fans if you could.
And can you explain what a self confessed conspiracy theorist is doing sightseeing at NASA?
Harmless fun?
Perhaps Mr Bellamy needs to acknowledge that his actions now have implications and that, just like he wanted them to, the world is watching.

Anonymous said...

Finding this blog-site as a muse fan is upsetting to say the least. Reading this made me feel sad, angry and confused.
To be fair, as an Illuminati researcher I'm used to these emotions but people hasn't this gone too far??
Can't muse just be a band?
Can't they just be a bunch of guys who write kick-arse rock songs with eccentric lyrical content that their record company cashes in on??
Can't they just write about things that amuse or fascinate them without them suddenly being satanic cultists who kill children and eat puppies for breakfast???
Masonic symbolism is everywhere. Walk down a street and count the number of people walking past in T-shirts with suspicious symbolism on it, do you suspect them all as well? Turn on your TV for five minutes, look at advertising on the back of buses it's EVERYWHERE.
If you set Matt Bellamy up as either villain or hero then you are inviting him to pay the ultimate price...... and it's a price his fans are not prepared to pay.
Please, Please, Please just leave muse alone to be what they are which is MUSICIANS and let those of us who love them for their musical merits do so in peace.

Anonymous said...

From this anonymous to the one asking for any proof of afiliation.

Answer is yes! but only really in image form.....not sure how to get this across. The things i could take images of would clearly show i am not a fan with higher aspirational delusions, lol. And would not reveal my identity, so am happy to provide.

Look out for more clued in the download release of Neutron Star Collision. And before anyone gets too into looking for proof of collusion, this song is full of references to us following fake prophets, elephant in the room re chemtrails and general geo-polutional engineering.

Matthew is nothing but love. sounds a bit gay, but its true! And many of the images with horn of the beast etc, are basically inground in the rock culture, and have taken on their own seperate reference.

I know for sure that they are aware that a lot of their promotional work is seen as proof of illumanati endorsment/bankrolling, but they are actually playing the system at their own game. Illuminati mind cohersion suggestion symbolism is done very much discreetly to the unaware viewer isnt it? The meaningss and messages through Muse back catalogue remain fluent.

Learn about this stuff, get passionate encourage others to do the same. And the ultimate message which is certainly MB's firm direction is very much that the spiritual plane and universe is within us. The early days of research about corruption and conspiracy have very much given way to the ultimate in knowledge, that of higher consciousness

Anonymous said...

posting this straight away, hope it follows underneath where i left, with that of higher consciousness.

I wanted to explain why they are with AOL Time Warner. Their original label which is very small, was ultimately sacrificed to the big bastards. True you can set up your own label, production company the lot, but if you had to do all of that, it would damage your focus and production of your talent - the music itself. Perhaps if you already know the sway these massive corporations have in their fields, you should consider the fact that Muse have had no choice but to be under the devil's wing.

Start making waves about THE MUSIC INDUSTRY CORRUPTION AND ILLUMINATI CONNECTIONS and your really more in the trouble of being silenced.

Their only option to continue was to take this decision. MB used to talk a lot more about his own beliefs and his own THEORIES but tends to release in the music alone now. Interestingly the Exogeneis symphony says a lot about us being saved, by mass and collective love and wisdom. I interpret the song lyrics together with who he is as a man to be this~


Hope that inspires the fans that are clearly beating themselves up over the faint possibility that the boys are not what they thought they were. Trust me, they are love.

Anonymous said...

Dear above 'anonymous'
THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU A MILLION TIMES FOR THAT (and yes I know I'm shouting but I feel like shouting)
Sometimes when you spend too much time down the rabbit hole you get disorientated and forget where you are and who you trust.
MB has been a 'guiding light' for me for years and I have used his work to help people starting to wake up.

When Resistance came out even members of my hard core sheeple family had to have a think - someone in the public eye saying all the things I've been saying for years (albeit with a lot more flair).

It broke my heart to read this blog and you have put my mind to rest.

And yes, I still cry everytime I hear exogenesis part 3.
"it's our last chance to forgive ourselves" I agree, we need an amnesty - let everyone whose been doing the NWO's dirty work come out in the open without retribution. Only then can we reunite and turn this planet around!!

Now I can relax and get back to work campaigning against chemtrails!

Anyone reading this WAKE UP EVERYONE YOU KNOW - anyone of us could be the 'Hundredth Monkey'

PS if you really do know Matthew tell him "thankyou".

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...... interesting, but I am not so quick to forgive as 'anonymous'. Personally I still need some questions raised on this forum answered.
Lady Gaga is so clearly unwell, are we to believe that an earnest researcher into the 'truth' could miss this and promote such poisonous 'art'? This defies logic and reason.
Also, Warner being all about profit, sure yes but they are also about subliminal control, population decimation and the sexualization of children. Uncomfortable yet?
I could come on here and claim to be Barak Obama's cousin and say he was really a pretty neat guy and 'love' and everyone should leave him alone, would you believe me, offering no proof but only platitudes?
We all want someone or something to hang onto in the coming times but I urge caution. Make sure what you're hanging onto will drag you in the right direction when the shit hits the fan.
If you're hiding under the devil's wing than that's where judgement day will find you, no?

Anonymous said...

OK so this is getting silly people, who are we going to trust on this issue?
A higher authority?
OK, ever heard of a little JC quote that "by their fruits you will know them"...... (the good guys)
Well lets have a little looksee at some of Mr Bellamy's 'fruits' then shall we

"if you could flick a switch and open your third eye you know that you should never be afraid to die"

"best, you've got to be the best, you've got to change the world and use this chance to be heard, your time is now"

"don't let yourself down, dont let yourself go, your last chance has arrived"

"follow through, make you dreams come true, dont give uop the fight you will be alright cos theres no-ne like you in the universe..... don't be afraid of what your mind concieves you should make a stand,
stand up for what you believe and tonight we can truly say together we're invinsible"

"whatever they say you soul is unbreakable"

"if we live our lives in fear, I'll wait a thousand years just to see you smile agan"

"the world is broken, halos fail to glisten, we try to make a difference, but no-one wants to listen"

"the sunshine trapped in our hearts it could rise again"

.....does this man sound like he's trying to hurt you??
Seriously..... how about some discernment?

When you put on a MUSE album in your car or dance around the house with your headphones on what are you feeling???
Is it fear or love?
Simple enough question.

Is it possible Mr Bellamy is something even more shocking than the thing he is being accused of in this blog..........human?

Lets fight the fights that make sense people "time is running out"

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on Lara!
Muse is being used to mindcontrol those of us who are already aware and awakened! This is scary shit....Last saturday I went to a Muse concert in Holland, Nijmegen and the whole show and even the stage was full of occult symbolism! The stage was built in a piramid shape and the all seeing eye of Horus/ra was painted on the back of the walls. Right on top of the piramid there was a huge all seeing eye. I was totally shocked and at the end of the show there was a very negative vibe all around me and my friends.. When I found out about the occult symbolism I felt really betrayed. They act like they are awakened and totally against the nwo, masonic conspiracies and the illuminati, but I'm afraid they are fully involved...

Anonymous said...

Same here..sad, angry and confused...
My heart is so uneasy...

Anonymous said...

OK I've been mulling this over for a few months now. I am a muse fan and also 'awake' and this information has sent me into a spiral of grief and like the above I am angry and confused and I am suspecting now that this is the desired result.......
I think that anonymous above might have just hit the nail on the head with Betrayal.
Here's a theory I've come up with.

Imagine if you will that you are a baby truther, or a dabbler or a truther who still manages to function in society as we know it, ie still hold down a job, listen to the radio and let the media into your life.
Now we all know I'm sure what a difficult and lonely journey the quest for the truth can be, fraught with danger and loss. So here comes this band who introduce occult themes into their music; subtly but getting gradually louder, all the things that you're interested in but your friends think is ‘nuts'......Fairly harmless stuff at first - colonies on mars, the extraterrestrial origins of the species, government corruption but gradually more and more about the secret tyranny that we live our lives under. Here comes this growing voice in the popular mainstream that seems to be reflecting your journey back to you and you feel encouraged, liberated, empowered even, certainly you feel less alone. And you follow the voice because it makes you feel better when everything else around you is crumbling, you feel safer knowing that at least one person knows what you know and so you delve deeper into the truth getting more and more frightened and angry but at least that voice is there with you, by your side, in your ears. And then one day you catch it unawares and hear that the voice is LAUGHING AT YOU. You have been BETRAYED and FOOLED by something that you LOVED AND TRUSTED and suddenly you’re all alone down the rabbit hole. You’re all alone with the fear and your guiding light is gone.
Now you find yourself ostracised from 'society' as well as the truth movement, for who will trust again the child that has eaten the poisoned candy and followed the piper into the cave?? Suddenly black is white, light is dark, everything is upside down and you are hurt and winded and you LOSE HOPE.
And without HOPE you either self destruct or knock yourself back into unconscious sleep again because being awake is SO hard and SO relentless and your ground has shifted underneath you again and you just can’t take it anymore………….

Do you see the cruel and cunning plot afoot here?
Does this sound like anyone we know???

You can’t imagine how much I want to be wrong about this and if I am then my humblest and heartfelt apologies to the band and all who love them.

Perhaps there is a scenario in which Mr Bellamy is being used and doesn’t know it (google J K Rowlings 'true' inspiration for Harry Potter) in which case I pity him.

If he knows exactly what he’s doing then I still pity him.

The real question for fans of this band is how are we going to respond to this kick in the guts??

The important thing here is to SEE THROUGH THE GAME - we cannot afford to be victims of someone else's ego that was so big he sold us down the river like used dishwater.

Because I loved them and am still grieving I want to give them a chance to respond, to be accountable for their actions...... but that window is closing.

Valeria said...

Ok, you first take on the quote Dom said. Do you actually realize how most people actually FAIL to understand the lyrics? Seriously, you not only have to think as an analitycal mind, since I'll remind you most people actually are not. They might pretty well refer to that. Also, I believe, hence the reason their label allows this kinda stuff to go through, they KNOW most people won't understand. Of course, a minority will, but isn't it easy to just go on and squeeze that minority? Yeah. Even if some people TRY to analize the songs, as simple as they may seem to you, they'll fail, for as you may know, most people have been like... too much for brainwashed? Yeah.
Now, you talk A LOT about duality. How do you know they actually are referring to THEMSELVES? Of course, they go against government and shit, a recurring theme that revolves around government are lies, corruption and fake shit. Also, not to forget the church itself, a complete example of "duality" in this case.
Oh, also, you go on and criticize the mask reminiscent of a bird as a ritual mask. Well, it ain't. It actually was used by plague doctors during the Bubonic plague C: Also, nowadays in Venice is used as a costume to simbolize death.
Ok, then you go on and talk about simbolisomis quite often.
To be sincere, I actually believe MANY MAAAAANY of these are... HMM.. like over-thinked perhaps? Over-analized. It's a bit paranoid to go on and examine every little thing and a way it might seem convenient, in some way, to you.
Also, I believe, they are not putting this kinda messages on their videos and such so people go on and AGREE with them. I believe, most people are actually ignorant, this was actually made to INFORM people. But then again, people are stupid, hence the reason this is actually allowed. (or Matt may get his way, just like he got the permission to play on one of the biggest church pipe organs for Megalomania; by faking a certain love to god with his lyrics. Their duality, may as well be this. How do you know they ain't faking for people as analitic as yourself who may believe they are actually off in the "wrong" road? IDK.)
I might actually be defending this whole shit because of the huge love I have towards Muse, and the even bigger admiration I have for Matthew Bellamy himself. But I STILL can't buy it. This sounds paranoid and much like bullshit to me.

MB said...

I agree.
A lot of the things in this are way too over analysed.
These symbols are everywhere and have also taken on a completely different meaning to society, particularly in rock culture.
However, this doesn't mean that it isn't true.
Right now i don't know what to think, but i do remember reading somewhere that The Resistance was almost not allowed to be released. But it was.
Is this because, in the end, money won over Warner to the point where they don't care what the album is exposing?
I mean come on, Muse aren't just singing about Resistance.
They get specific!!!
Like the song MK-Ultra for example!
Also, as for the stage symbolism creeping people what?!?
It's what a lot of their songs are about!!
There's a very real chance that they want to symbolise exactly that, or want to clue the ignorant in even more.
All i know is, i am a dedicated Muse fan; and that will never change

Anonymous said...

I agree, once a muse fan always a muse fan!!!
Being "paranoid" is an entirely sensible reaction to today's world and I respect anyone with the gall to look their fears in the face. As a muse fan I've had a look at this, I've faced up to the possibility that the boys might not be what they seem, I've sat with it for a while and frankly I think it's utter bollocks.
Muse are awesome and I adore them. Full stop.

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused...........
Matt Bellamy seems so genuine lyrically, but then I know too much about the music industry to take this on face value.
I don't know what to think anymore.
If there's this whole secret world of fame and power and corruption then the actions of a single band are surely the least of our troubles.....?? but then again, perhaps this is the very crux of the issue....... as I said, I'm confused.
It seems that half of me wants to laugh this off as ridiculous and head down the pub and the other half is cowering in a corner with a blanket over it's head.

Anonymous said...

DM says.........

Now Bellamy is dating Kate Hudson?

Blueblood illuminati much??

Hope they get married at Bohemian Grove and tweet us all the happy snaps!


Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you read!
My family are in the music biz and they're not evil!
I've met high level artists/producers/managers etc and they're just people doing their jobs in a weird industry. The industry is weird because we like it that way. We lap it up. We are trained to do this.
The control is at the very top. It's the tip of the pyramid rather than the artists themselves.
Don't worry I know all about MK and harmonics etc my eyes are open. But I say leave Bellamy alone. He can date whoever he likes, he works hard and deserves it. The man is a tiny, adorable genius and I refuse to believe he is part of a plot to kill us all. The plot is there anyway- wake up and smell the tyranny! This is like saying it's Heath Ledger's fault he was ritually sacrificed (look it up), or Michael Jackson's or Tupacs, these people are leaving under tyranny just like the rest of us. Bellamy is not your enemy. He's just a freaking great musician who happened to wake up in the public eye, poor bastard, it's hard enough to do in private. I personally will not abandon him unless he actually shape-shifts before my eyes into a 7 foot reptilian overlord and zaps me with his 'laser' vision.

Anyway, someone can only oppress you if you let them. If it bothers you listen to the music with your ears open, no-one can control you if you know what they're doing.
Here's a suggestion - rock up at a muse gig with a bunch of 9/11 truth fliers and a f*** the NWO T-shirt. Raise awareness. Use the power of the music and the sheeples suggestibility to our advantage. Take up from where Matt left off. Help the guy. Fight the Tyranny. Bring the planet home!!!



Anonymous said...

Okay.... Did you ever consider that maybe... Just MAYBE, you're looking WAY to far into everything MUSE do?
Yeah, well then....bye....yeeeaaahhhh.....
*Scurries Away*

Anonymous said...

Dear above commenter....
Firstly good for you for coming here as I suspect you are a hapless refugee from the site following a tenuous link, otherwise you would be aware of the intentions behind this discussion.

But that is all good. Welcome here and let me offer an explanation as to just why folks are scrutinizing muse right now.

See maybe....just MAYBE it's important to some of us whether people in power are lying to us or not.

The very fact that you have commented here indicates that this band have some kind of power over you. Are you not curious as to the source and intentions of this power?

Some of us are. And have the courage to say so and debate amongst ourselves. In fact some of us are so compelled to learn the truth we will shine the lights in every corner, no matter what the consequences. Even if it means loosing things, like our favourite band. Our childhood hero. Our jobs.
Please do not belittle truthers. They are interested in the minutia because most people aren't.
If Matt Bellamy (and lets face it he's the one we're talking about here) turns out to be a supermassive lying douche-bag (and I'm not saying he is, I'm still holding out hope for the guy) then it'll be people like you who turn around and ask
?why didn't anyone tell me
?why didn't we know this
So I guess I'm saying that folks "look way too hard" into everything muse do for a VERY GOOD REASON.... which is to keep the bastards honest.... or bust their chops if they're lying. They have power over thousands, if not millions of people, most of them young and impressionable.
Someone has to make sure they are wielding their power responsibly. The music industry isn't going to do it... they just run behind the "muse machine" picking up the dollar bills.
Someone has to look have a good hard look at this, and here we all are doing it. I for one am glad of the opportunity to thrash it out.
I'm still hoping Bellamy comes out of it smelling like bottled sunshine and roses... but am preparing for any eventuality.

By scurrying away you are merely abdicating.

"The true measure of a man is what he does with power" Plato

Anonymous said...

dear above commenter

i hope i don't hurt anybody with my comment, if i did, you have my apologies.

alright, i am a fan of muse myself, and i believe what you said could be true, and what others said is also could be true, we all come here to seek truth. to find truth is not really a pleasant thing, it's sometimes scares the shit out of us, but for the prizes to come, we are getting to the truth. All I'm saying is we have to be patience first, for example we can see in this blog, muse is a lot with the "symbol", some believe it and some not, and i have read all the comment, and it is not pleasant to me that its getting more of arguing than sharing opinion. If you want to seek the truth, then put aside your ego first because no one can be an absolute truth, each one of us have their own opinion. to me, i appreciate all the comment because each one of it have it's value of the possibility being the truth. I come here to seek truth, so i must widen my mind so i will be absolutely awake from these nightmare. if we keep arguing and blaming others, doesn't that make the elites winning these mind war?

Anonymous said...

Dear above commenter
that was me and I appreciate your response.
I think you are right that your earlier comment triggered an ego response.
I took you for a casual visitor which it seems you are not at all!
I have had a hard time recently being abused for searching for the truth. Particularly among some muse fans who seemed to think I was just trying to take Matthew down because I was jealous.
(?of what, fame looks monstrous to me)
anyway I guess what hurts it's that they think I want him to be one of them..... and it isn't true at all. I love the guy. Looking at this stuff really hurts. It's like a scab I keep picking at cos the wound won't heal.
I have tickets to go see them soon and I'm both excited and terrified. But I can't look away, I have to know.
So yes, funny look at how many times 'I' and 'me' in this entry.
You are RIGHT my friend, all wounded ego, and I thank you for that and apologize.

Anonymous said...

if muse are illuminati then they're Doing It Wrong
cos they woke me up

yeah thanks a bunch for that guys

Anonymous said...

Since we're chatting amongst ourselves now,
to the person quoting lyrics above, how about these ones;

"paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay"
(earthly or true paradise?)

"but I'm going all the way
and be your slave to the grave
I'm the priest god never paid"
(um, what?)

"you'll make us wanna die
I'd cut your name in my heart
We'll destroy this world for you
I know you want me to
fell your pain"
(oh dear)

"I chose to hide from the all seeing eye"
(OK, but if that's you hiding then you're 'Doing It Wrong')

"I will avenge and justify the reasons with your blood"
(you're freaking me out now)

"kill your prayers for love and peace"

OK that's enough cos I could go on all day

Lets take that last example for a second - in the middle of a song about resistance and running away - (those are opposite concepts by the way, either you resist or you run away) there is this little message. There you are singing about rising up against the fascist world view (or was it running away to our 'hiding place' I'm confused now) you are singing also about killing the one true hope we have left - love and peace - humanities capacity for love and peace.
The very crux of the issue. The very thing that the 'holy war' that is currently raging for your soul is hinged upon.

If you don't know why this is scary shit then I'd suggest researching some more into Neurolinguistic programming.

This is exactly how "The Royal Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" indirectly promotes cruelty to animals.
This is how mixed messages confuse you, you think you are being loyal to one cause and in fact you have been hoodwinked. The trickster has got you confounded.

If you're thinking to yourself 'but Bellamy can't be that smart, that cunning, that 'hellbent' on confusing us, that would take years of planning and research and malicious intent'
then ask yourself this

Where does he get his ideas from?
Who did he name his band after?
Who indeed is his muse?

"I assure you that my debts are real"
who could a rich, talented, successful man recently voted 'sexiest in Britain' possibly be in debt to?
And why?

And now go and research the Rainman.

Cranky MUSE fan said...

On behalf of MUSE fans everywhere

We take any threat to the health and happiness of any member of this band very very seriously and you are making us MAD!

The worst thing you could possibly accuse Matt of in this blog is not being able to wake up his friends who are therefore still larking about in skull and crossbones T-shirts and pyramids and shit - well guess what? it's cos they think it's cool, just like satanic hand gestures are cool. It's called pop-culture.

Guess what peeps they're ROCK STARS
it's their frickin' job to be irresponsible and lark about
It's what we pay them for

And if someone said to you hey wanna come check out NASA, we can get you in for free would you get up on your conspiracy theory high horse and ride off into the desert while the rest of your entourage stand there shaking their heads and calling you a total wanker?
Bet you wouldn't

And maybe Matt feels sorry for GaGa cos everyone calls her a freakin freak all the time and he's showing SOLIDARITY

Have you woken up any of your friends? I'll bet you haven't
And go have a look at your own wardrobe or your best mates, or your sister's - bet ya you'll find some masonic symbols rolling around in there.

And for goodness sakes stop taking the lyrics so literally, it's ridiculous
Plug in Baby doesn't make any sense at all - you know why? cos they wrote it on drugs - yes, OMG Rock Stars taking drugs!! Call in the army and the airforce (oh wait, they're in on it too right? every single person in a uniform, right??)

And debts really? For goodness sake, maybe he borrowed his Mum's sleeping bag for a camping trip last summer and lost it and now HE OWES HER A NEW ONE but he hasn't got around to buying one yet cos he HAS A LIFE!

And do you know why Dom has a permanent grin on his mug - cos he has the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD and he's totally awesome at it!

And Chris has like a million kids, so clearly he's contributing to depopulation and helping usher in the apocalypse.... ?!?

watch this youtube clip

and then try and convince me that that perfectly divine litte piece of humanity grew up to be the
BIG BAD WOLF under your bed

If you're a fan and worried then pop along to the website and just ask them. They're perfectly reasonable humans and even have a working grasp of the english language!

If you're not a fan and you wanna call someone names well how about your government, your bank manager, the guy whose gonna fire your ass for not getting immunised, that total dick who put flouride in all the water....ooh what about Bono- now there's a supermassive douche-bag if ever I saw one

But if you wanna sling mud at our Matthew then you're gonna have an army of MUSE fans going ninja at your house- so it better not be made of glass if you know what I mean..... oh it's made of stone? Wait, that must mean that MASONS built it.....OMG you're totally in on it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I interpret the song lyrics together with who he is as a man to be this~


I enjoyed reading the contributions from this poster.:) Intriguing that he or she claims to know Muse personally and I am interested in the interpretation of Redemption too because if the person is truly explaining its background, it gives further solidity to the spirituality that I felt was there and helps me to make more sense of what I feel while listening to it. And BTW I'm absolutely positive that Exogenesis is motivated by genuine goodness.

I can't claim to know much about the stuff being discussed on here so I'm not going to belittle your beliefs as I can see that they are heartfelt, but for people to imagine that Muse are in any way evil conspirators for anyone is completely wrong I am sure. I really think that no one needs to get themselves upset over that.

However I didn't understand how the NSC images were supposed to confirm the association of the poster with Muse so it would be great if that poster or someone else could explain that. However I'm very happy to see Matthew as "love".:) Is that a word for an aspect of your ethos?

Anonymous said...

"chris has like a million kids" LOL
Randomly I wonder if they're immunized?

another muse fan said...

Matt Bellamy is one of us!
He's a conspiracy Theorist!
Let's not turn on each other, it's the fastest way to let 'them' win.
Sometimes we fuck things up and sometimes we joke about them and sometimes we're ironic and sometimes we're just angry or sad. Othertimes we just do the best we have with the information, resources and people we have around us cos what else can we do?
We're people. He's a person.
It's not his job to save the world, it's his job to entertain us and I ask has anyone been to a muse gig and been disappointed?
EVER???? They're the best in the business.
I can see that some of you have been a bit scared and I get that. You know stuff, you know he knows stuff it's a bit ambiguous, but hey, have you met life?? It gets like that sometimes.
I choose to take him on face value, because come-on look at that face! LOOK AT IT!!!!
I think he's one of the bravest, most brilliant men on god's green earth and sucks to anyone who says otherwise!

Anonymous said...

More and more of these mind control slaves popped out from everywhere like a marching band opening up main performance. What is it guys?

NotStupid said...

Check out these mixed messages at the recent muse gig in France
Apparently the band organized this protest themselves, although I don't know if that's true or not

Sure the banner messages are OK, but what the hell is the EYE OF RA doing in the middle!!!!
That's not a third eye

Anonymous said...

Some great arguements made on both sides. I am a huge Muse fan. But I have only bought one t-shift "The Resistance" album cover one. I don't buy band crap, as much as I like them. Even at gigs and so on.

Their lyrics inspire many, they have gone to great lengths and toured so hard to many around the world. A lot of these pictures showed masonic symbols which I will agree with to an extent.

Record labels wise, yes, they went wrong going with Warner. I don't really like record labels or the way they screw bands about who are genuinely creative.

Muse are still a great band though. They are putting out a great message to a wide audience in a strangely clever subliminal way. However I have to say for all the lyrics, I see no walk eg. protests or action taken....just some minor doubt in my mind.

Another thing about their videos. They just don't reflect or come across the way I imagine they would be. I find plug in baby, very wierd, SMBH was really messed up as was Suburn which were all pointed out in this well written article. What I am saying is the videos don't seem to match the lyrics or what I'd expect.

All in all, these arguements are on both sides hard to prove. Are they or aren't they anti-NWO.

I'd like to think they aren't but this article confirms a lot of doubts I have mulled over without anyone saying anything to me with regards to pointing masonic symbols. I realise things are good or bad and Muse have caused me to rethink what their aim is a few times.

I don't like the new album that much as others. Though some pieces are amazing. But, they have seemed to move to pop, not rock...Twighlight song writing was another nail in the coffin of being a Muse fan for me...No band should write a song for a film that preys on the minds of the youth and is made out to be amazing. (random thought - i saw the 2 lead actors of twighlight accept an award [god knows how i came across it] and they couldn't string a sentence or make sense like complete idiotic low IQ money grabbing actors - rant ends)

As I said they have became pop, to gain more fans in all areas. Which ironically means the anti NWO message is reaching more people. But as this article suggests could they be spreading the opposite message?

TO FINISH all I will say is this...
All the examples you use to expose Muse come from the TV, MUSIC VIDEOS AND PHOTO'S!!! Which are promoted for money and other reasons....So if you love the music and don't have a tv or the internet would you be influenced??? Their songs don't suggest anything bad to all you are pointing out is examples which if you ignore kill this arguement.

Anonymous said...

image is , and has always been a large part of pop music. if muse were big fat bald people in wheelchairs, of different minorities, would you support them as much?

( and dont lie to me)

and heres how the whoring works, step by step:

1. small label band needs recognition
2. small label sells them out to big label
3. big label tells band, you cant write as antirevolutionary lyrics as you like but we control your image
4. small band says 'whats the image'
5. biglabel: 'freemasonry crap'
6. small band:'hmmm wouldnt that be hypocritical'
7. biglabel: 'irony is big these days, itll make you seem cool and the fans think theyre smart'
8. small band' hmm, not sure'
9.biglabel' fame , success, etc etc
10.small band 'hmm still not sure'
11.biglabel:'your drummer is going to make sure you do as we say, trust us, itll be okay
12.drummer:' thats right - guys, seriously this is the only chance we get'
13 rest of band:'....okay'

And there you have it.

By the way, the other little people writing on here ' oh i wuv muse there so wuvly, lets fight the illuminati' . they are people paid by the studio and at the same time mocking YOU, the fans.

Im feel sorry for you folks, but you have to realise that in every generation, media is an instrument of brainwashing. in some ways, you just have to not fall for it. think for yourselves people.

if you really can seperate the music from the image, then do it, but association is a powerful thing. ive always been suspicious of something not right about muse since the beginning. this article confirms it.

Anonymous said...

why the drummer?

Ragnarok said...

If it's in the MSM in whatever form, you can be sure it is not for your "entertainment". I am not a muse fan and know little of their music or lyrics, but there is no way in hell they would be allowed to present the themes they do in their imagery if it did not serve the purpose of the controllers in some fashion. It is the "externalisation of the heirarchy" M blavatsky wrote about in her work. They(The Heirarchy Enslaving You) want their power structures revealed as they believe the general population to be sufficiently chemically lobotomised to have little or no comprehension of the reality of how things work. Whats the point in being an egotistical, psychopathic narsacist that believes himself/herself to be gods gift without everybody else appreciating their greatness too.

Anonymous said...


Not Muse!!!!

usedtobehappy said...


barrymanilow said...

"I've been alive forever
And I wrote the very first song
I put the words and the melodies together
I am music
And I write the songs

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
I write the songs of love and special things
I write the songs that make the young girls cry
I write the songs, I write the songs

My home lies deep within you
And I've got my own place in your soul
Now when I look out through your eyes
I'm young again, even tho' I'm very old

Oh, my music makes you dance and gives you spirit to take a chance
And I wrote some rock 'n roll so you can move
Music fills your heart, well that's a real fine place to start
It's from me, it's for you
It's from you, it's for me
It's a worldwide symphony

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
I write the songs of love and special things
I write the songs that make the young girls cry
I write the songs, I write the songs

I am music and I write the songs"

.......Barry Manilow, not kidding, Barry freaking Manilow! (look it up kids!)though I'm pretty sure he didn't write it.

anyone else think that's spooky? Anyone heard of the collective conscience?? Jung/Hundredth Monkey Theory etc etc Is Bellamy just a kind of radio antenna in a series of radio antennae (is that a word?) sending his messages to the world??
Like I mean people have always debated the true nature of 'genius' and the uncanny occurence of simultaneous ideas/innovations separated in space. Many inventions have this history, such as the discovery and reproduction of insulin to name just one.
I mean, this shit is out there, always has been, but getting more and more urgent amirite, it makes sense that someone would mosey on along, pick it up and cash in on it cos he can and people respond to it and it makes him rich and famous........ Is this evil or just opportunism? Is there a difference? Genuine question.
I'm not sayin' Bellamy is innocent, far from it, I'm just pondering that the 'evil' here is something much bigger, something much older and infinitely smarter and more cunning than some weedy little English guy who happened to play piano pretty good but figured out that chicks dig guitars.........(no offence mate, kudos to your crazy-ass talent)
You know who I'm talking about here yeah? Old, Evil, Thinks he's omnipotent, wants everyone to know about it, speaks through the weak and the ignorant and the vain and vulnerable? And if you've ever opened your mouth in anger or condemnation or aggression then that same voice is speaking out of you, out of all of us.
And before you ask no I don't work for a record company, I'm a scientist who acknowledges that science hasn't got a feraking clue what's really going on in the world, but I confess I was a bit of a Manilow fan in my youth..... never once thought he was a bad? or just a sign o' the times?

PS you all know Bellamy reads this, right?

Anonymous said...

ok i wasnt going to say anything but now i feel compelled
big fan, have seen this band live a dozen times in several different countries and different tours
but the last time something was really different
up the front as usual but the sound was all wrong, it sounded discordant, weird, hurt my ears, made my head buzz, like everything was out of tune but it wasn't
my friends didn't notice
so I moved up the back but it was still happening
and I don't think it was a technical problem, cos i asked people ?whats wrong with the sound and they just looked at me blankly and some of them got angry and told me to shutup
the feeling it gave me was something very strange and I couldn't place it
not until I was walking home in the dark with the shakes did I recognize the feeling and it was fear
don't know why or why just me, I'm not a panicky person
but i was mortally afraid and i still get the heebies just thinking about it

since then I've been on their website, trying to figure out what happened or if it's happened to anyone else but drawing a huge blank (and copping some agro in the process)
can anyone help? any ideas?
is this the 'harmonics' thing that somebody mentioned or am I just crazy?

seenitbefore said...

Well speculate away but there's an easy way to find out. Wait.....
If I'm not mistaken Matt Bellamy is already well down the road to self destruction.
Here's how it works
you start a band
it turns out you're pretty good
a record lable picks you up, watches you for a bit to see if you've really got 'it' then offers you riches, girls, drugs, everything you've ever wanted, the rock n' roll dream, in exchange for what?
over time you become huge, enormous, bigger than even you could have imagined because you're being pushed
then just at the height of it things start to sour
first there'll be rumours of excess
then usually you get a famous, pretty, blonde girlfriend (paula yates, courtney love......kate hudson) sometimes you have a kid or two if you’ve got time (they’re big on bloodlines)
then right on schedule the programming starts to break down
seedy rumours probably, reports of odd behaviour and obsessions, outbursts, sometimes trying to expose 'the truth'(Tupac, Michael Jackson) sexual excesses, rumours of depression, drugs etc etc
then out come all the demons to play, all the regrets and remorse, all the artistic 'angst' and 'tortured soul' routine
and then kaboom!
self destruct and death under 'mysterious circumstances'
(Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Michael Hutchence, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain need I go on?)

sorry for the fans and for Matt but that's how it works........ just cos you know who's pulling the strings doesn't mean they won't be pulled and he's been chosen, sorry, it's written all over him..... i believe they even have a 'secret' name for it... the "I" illness (or so I'm told)
the exact same patterns over and over
usually around 33 because everything's about numbers to these people

In short Matt Bellamy is a ticking time bomb and if I was a betting man I'd give him less than a year.
So if the person on here who claims to know him wants to save his skinny arse then they might want to suggest an alias, an undergound bunker and some heavy duty deprogramming quick smart!

RIP Michael Hutchence
saw it coming, couldn't save him

Anonymous said...



Poisonfawn said...

seinfeld just said 6,6,6.....

it is the episode with the blind girl, and he was supposed to make it sound like he said sex....

he said to the girl, "can i get you at 6? do you have a problem at 6? i will pick you up at 6."

weird cuz i am blogging about 666...

domsyellowtrousers said...

lets here what MB says in answer to the questio "who or what is your muse" at 1:13 in this video


Unknown said...

hypocracy makes me mad, what a sick world we have, btw i am anti illuminati too lets work togehter

Anonymous said...

OK look I have watched hours and hours of footage on youtube of MUSE because of this blog, videos of them being interviewed and then mucking about and having a good time and then occasionally being serious but mostly about their music, their live shows and their props and here's my two cents for what it's worth........

Matt is intelligent and well read, but he's also a bit naive, if he is awake he's only half awake and still thinks that things like false flag terror operation/HAARP and fake alien invasions are a bit funny. They are a bit funny at first. I remember that stage well. The darker side to it isn't always obvious to the early researcher or is at least much harder to integrate into your awareness. He's also a Gemini therefore will undoubtedly be intellectualising what he does know and ignoring anything that threatens his ego (or having a tantrum about it).

Chris is a family man and a genuinely nice bloke and hasn't got a clue.

Dominic is only really interested in the ladies and mucking about and preferably mucking about with the ladies if you get my drift. He isn't thinking much at all. It's a lifestyle not a crime and the ladies certainly don't seem to mind.

I still think they're nice boys.
A little misguided maybe thats all.

I know this is serious stuff, but not everyone is ready to take it seriously.
I just think they're boys who grabbed a snake by it's tail for a joke and I hope they figure out what they've done before it turns around and bites them.

just my two cents

domsyellowtrousers said...

Matthew just twittered a photo of himself holding an enormous snake

maybe he does read this blog afterall hahahahaha
If so he's giving it a rude handgesture methinks

savemattbellamy said...

Saw them last week and I sat back and took in the whole thing, symbols and all having read this blog. Watched their hand gestures and everything.
Except for playing house of the rising sun nothing made me suspicious, the symbols are all used openly, nothing covert about them.

If you want to read into 'rising sun' then I would read in the message that he needs help "it's been the ruin of many a poor boy and god I know I'm one'... Lauryn Hill asked for help... go watch 'I Get Out' MTV unplugged it says it all. Her base player got assassinated earlier this year.

Matt mentioned Assange, dedicated Citizen Erased to him. Assange is an agent in my opinion, therefore Bellamy is naive like a lot of folks. Someone here was right, he's only half awake.

He needs protection, not attacks on his character.
i say SAVE MATT get him the hell out of there before he gets hurt, or gets one of his friend hurt


Ps thanks for bringing up Hutchence ouch
now there was a guy who needed help
Rock stars are people who play dangerous games and Matt may be in way over his head and not know it


Don't let those bastards take another life

theODDISEE said...

It's simple really. The 144,000 of Revelations are musicians. "They sing a secret song..." NOW YOU KNOW... do somthing with it. Study the art become the art. Seems that they where experiencing a concert when speaking of the 144,000....harps thunder lightning = guitars...stage and light show. Do you see? Now Listen!


Anonymous said...

Spiritually there seemed some sort of shift in Muse's music between "Black Holes" and "The Resistance". I thought "Take A Bow" was a heart and soul-felt address to the powerful who enslave others, but "Uprising" felt a bit like a going-through-the-motions pub chant.

It's tough to be so big and try to promote truther-type awareness. People will always accuse your opposition of being phoney, however sincere you are. They were snapped up by Madonna initially. Whatever the band wants, I'm pretty sure Madonna doesn't see them as boat-rockers.

MB seems to be good friends with Lily "Sshh" Allen, but maybe he doesn't see how she's being used. Maybe *she* doesn't see how she's being used. Was it even her choice to get that tattoo on her finger?

I wish the guy/gal who said they were long-time friends with them was still here. I'd ask them him/her why genuine opponents of MKULTRA would make the devil's hand sign so often, when it's known to make slaves go into a trance.

Matt's medium mum predicted not only the gulf war a year in advance but also her son's future rock success. Either she's a great psychic or she'd been let in on the planning on these future events.

I read he once went through a period of having violent recurring nightmares in which he was hung upside down and beaten on the soles of his feet. I remember too watching "No Child of Mine" when I was in school. Very upsetting.

theluckydon'tcareatall said...

I read the comments here and all I see are fans going through the five stages of grief and then the lucky ones who never cared for them and so aren't hurting

and Acceptance

Me personally I'm caught mostly between anger and denial.....some days I love and trust them and convince myself that they are sincere and normal people just doing their jobs..... other days I want to hunt them down and confront them about all the confusing mixed messages and symbolism and for messing with my head, preferrably with a very large megaphone through which I could shout at them for hours and hours or until I feel better (which might be never, so that's a lot of shouting)maybe they'd let me hit them with nerf bats.....maybe (bargaining)'s wearing me out,
I want them out of my brain but they've been in there for ten years and it's hard to shake it like a bad habit or an addiction, I really loved them.... I still's all so fucked up

sigh here comes the depression

I need acceptance already, I'm tired of caring.

Anonymous said...

"then usually you get a famous, pretty, blonde girlfriend (paula yates, courtney love......kate hudson) sometimes you have a kid or two if you’ve got time (they’re big on bloodlines)"

guess who is up the duff?

prophetic or what???

Emery said...

I love love love all your posts, I am just curious how you first got into this stuff, and where you get your information. What I am trying to understand here is how is this information available, but not acknowledged? (That was a rhetorical question, I already know that is stupid to ask) I just found this blog yesterday... I am having a hard time catching up. But really why I am commenting here is because I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post these things. I hardly know a handful of people that are awake, so it makes it easier to be able to show people what I see in the context you put it in. So, again, thank you. Bless you, dear. Love from your sister in Oklahoma. (Oh, and to comment about Muse... I am able to clearly see the messages and have been- even before I was really aware of what I was seeing.. I am grateful for the help they have been in my awakening, but I see they are just a distraction tool like the rest. They have very profound music... Obviously to placate people like me... who don't feel the need to search for more justification elsewhere.... Only now I do, and now that I have, and understand so much more- I am glad Muse was part of my fragmented reality, but so glad I have risen above.)

Anonymous said...

i just recently started reading about the whole celebrity illuminati cult recently and i have to say once i knew some of the hand signals and signs used in it i know see it all EVERYWHERE. but the first thing i ever noticed live was the Muse performance on the Grammy Awards recently. they didn't even try to hide making the All seeing eye symbol during the performance. but did anyone notice how quickly the camera cut away once he started to make the symbol? it seemed like they intentionally cut it off as if he were doing something vulgar. i guess he kinda was. at any rate i think most of these companies (like cbs) are part of the whole illuminati business but are probably not too keen on these younger artists being so blatant about it. i don't think they really want "us" to become so aware of what they are up to. also noticed that lyric in the new Lady Gaga song (it doesn't matter if you love him or capital H.I.M.) for those who haven't caught it H.I.M. stands for His Infernal Majesty) you know like the band that isn't shy in any way about their love for satan. just thought i'd point that out.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to sincerely thank the boys from MUSE for showing their true colors once and for all and in front of the world at the Grammy Awards. Those signs were unmistakable and every secret doubt has been flushed from it's furtive hopeful hiding place in my brain. Thanks for the years of music and the awesome live shows and for the role you played in my unpleasant and awkward awakening. Herewith you are banished from my ipod.
Goodbye and good luck getting your souls back!!

Anonymous said...

Hi present&past&future Muse fans

I´m with tears in my eyes. I´m so sad. I´m lost. I worshiped this band for 9 years,saw them live twice,have all their cds,dvd, a shirt and a poster.
Since their performance on Grammy´s, I´ve been obsessively reading about NWO&Illuminati,etc... wich led me to this website. Although this site is making me suffer, thank you very much for it. I threw away all my music and movie stuff. I would like to never listen to rock/pop music again, neither see a film. I frankly believe that our mainstream art/sports/entertaiment in all levels are evilly infected. It´s just a distraction, while they rule this God´s world. Thank you Muse, for the music and for making me be Christian again.


Anonymous said...


Ok, let´s see. This thread could go on for months, if we take the piss... but fuck it, I´ll take the piss, I want the fucking truth... I wrote the last comment, I´m convinced Muse is on their side, but I´d be happy to be convinced that I´m wrong. My opinions on the issue:
1. Dom is an animal. Put in front of him a pussy, a drumkit, Class A drugs and pink tight pants, and you´ll control him.
2. I´ve pity about Chris. Apart his devil worship, I think he´s on this only for the music. He´s a very family man and on Muse´s Gallery there´s few pics of him partying.( Just to remember, I think you all must have read it too. In one interview, asked about Muse´s on twilight´s sonundtrack, he said:"We sould or souls") I laughed at the time, it seems a little joke, doesn´t it? Only for us. For them it´s pretty serious, so why the hell they would lost time marketing and putting all this symbols on their videos/stages/acts? It seems that this shit gives power to them. And how many rock stars have you listened saying things like "there´s a place for me in hell" or " i sold my soul to the devil". On top of my mind, I remember Chris, Bob Dylan, Keith Richars, Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne.... and We all think that its a funny joke. My balls!I don´t know the Bible, and I´m not a priest, I don´t go to church, but trust me, the Devil exists, and he´s around us, trying to collect our souls. And if he exists, God exists as well. We must decide which side we are, and fuck it. These bastards can control me, kill me but they won´t take my soul. My soul is with God, Maria and Jesus Christ. I hope Muse members enjoy this life here on earth, because on the afterlife, they´re fucked.
3. About Matt, early interviews he did, he talks about Ouija Boards and spiritism sessions with his mothers and brother. I now think he was designed for doing what he´s exactly doing. Start with spiritism sessions, then the kid becomes to have an interest in the occult world,at the same time he begins to like rock music, has an absurd talent to express himself trough it, then in the right time someone put he in touch with conspiracy theories and´ve Muse. Matt is a gentleman, extremely intelligent, near the insane, that´s why they took him.
Look at Muse´s trajectory. Showbiz didnt´had a headlining tour in the US,I guess.Origin of Symmetry wasn´t even released in that country. And now you see the band winning awards at grammy? That´s really unlikely to happen, don´t you think?
Theres a big shift on Muse themes and sound before and after Absolution. Muse used to talk about space stuff and wear gothic clothes.. they were great, alternative and even bizarre to the mainstream eye. Than, they sign a deal with WB, and they start to look more "domesticated", their sound gets poppy and they start to talk about the end of the world, apocalypse, Stockholm syndrome, atheism, butterflies.. and since BH&R, you will see occultism and duality in almost every shit they do.
suspicious muse track´s titles:
sunburn(sun worship), citizen erased( who exactly was erased?You, Matt?), falling down( lucifer´s fall?), cave(Yeah, I´m pretty good here and I don´t want to be in your cave), hate this & I´ll love you( no, I won´t hate Christ and your father you´ll never love me), muscle museum(hum, maybe human muscle?no, thanks,I´m vegetarian), new born( who born again?) , micro cuts( so Matt, remembering the good old torture times?), apocalypse please( why, if Apocalyps comes will and your gang will be fucked, right?) Stockholm syndrome, mk ultra( remembering home, Matt?) uprising( your friend can rise all he wants, but he´ll fall in the end)


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Well, I'm not so sure what to make of all of this, but I would be lying if I said that Muse weren't a huge part of my awakening. I remember being a fan of theirs ever since I received a promo copy of their first album when I was working at a once popular and rather corporate record store chain (hint: the man who founded it is now a billionaire with a business venture in space tourism), so you could say I've been pretty much familiar with them from the get go. I remember watching Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" after seeing that Matt was promoting it live, and of course that got me into investigating 9/11. Then, fast forward a few years, and after seeing their "HAARP" performance (Wembley Stadium - no, I wasn't there, unfortunately, but I did get to watch it on a big screen in a movie theatre in L.A. before the DVD came out, which was pretty cool), I actually came across a book on HAARP ("The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy" by Jerry E. Smith) by chance (or was it synchronicity?) while browsing in a bookstore. In any case, it peaked my interest, so I ended up buying it and reading it (thus having my mind blown in the process!). After this it was pretty much just like a domino effect, and soon everything that I was researching and studying started coming together into one big picture. Needless to say, though, whenever I come back to it, I have to admit that it was Muse that acted as the catalyst to jump start this whole process of awakening, and for this I will always be grateful.

kalli said...

Well said FLAVIO. I wasn't a fan of their music but when I watched the grammys 2011 (first time in my life) I noticed Matt's signs. When they won a grammy I was gobsmacked. You don't win a Grammy if you aren't into it. I know Muse from Matt's relationship with Kate Hudson and I remember I linked the grammy they won with her. Jewish woman, famous crappy actress, I thought that's why they got it. I agree with everything you said.

Anonymous said...

Are Muse with or against NWO? Fact is, you can't prove either beyond reasonable doubt. But it extends further than the Music industry, it is a Global Scheme. If so then Muse's actions are pretty trivial compared to what the real problem is.

If we keep focusing on Gaga, Jay or Beyonce we are only attacking the puppets and not the real people behind the scene.

ellipse said...

Muse = poor man's Radiohead. They (Muse) are certainly bland enough for the Illuminati to manipulate.

Anonymous said...

Taking excerpt from the posting.. "A recent commenter stated that their latest album 'The Resistance' was a joke and they are mocking mind control conspiracy theorists"

That's what the elite want us to think - that these music artists are mocking the conspiracy theorists, when in fact they are puppets of the industry constantly feeding the illuminati agenda. It's crazy how far music artists will go to sell records. I don't think occult and or satanic symbolism is anything to "joke" around with all for the sake of publicity and a buck.

Whose side is Muse on? Well here's my take on that ..or the rhetorical question I ask my friends sometimes "Would the Devil tell you he's the Devil?"

Just food for thought..

Anonymous said...

Something happened between 2006 and 2009 to Matt, dont know what, but he used to openly say that 911 was an inside job, and then in 2009 he said he didnt believe in all this. I'm not sure if he's on their side, but I'm almost sure he wasnt at first. He has to side with them to be able to play music, they have the rights to choose what theyre wearing, the designs for the albums, the videoclips, etc, but they cant interfere with the lyrics. Weirdly enough, their last album with warner is the sixth one, matt called it the Final Showdown.Muse might play a few songs from that album at the opening ceremony at the olympics 2012, some of you might be familiar with the conspiracies around the olympics in london, they might even be killed, we'll finally see what side theyre on, they might have pretended to be on their side to protect themselves(which would be so epic), or they really are.Anyways, its a dangerous game, if you get too close to the sun, you get burned..or Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Anonymous said...

Muse to me are COINTELPRO. They will obviously do anything for the Hierarchy. To anyone who thinks they are just faking it. You can't just fake it. You're either with them, against them or naive to them. Muse sole purpose is to serve them. They allowed "them" to take over and be their "muse" so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Remember, if you're not invited to the party, then they won't have their pinata!

Great comments about this. I'm sure the industry took them in simply BECAUSE they were getting big...on their own terms.

Like Winston: tortured, brainwashed, and finally...killed.

Anonymous said...

I was a big Muse fan too but after this I'm not anymore. I was so happy that AT LEAST they knew the thruth & was not a part of it, which made me really love them, But I guess I've always thought something was off though.
I mean how can they be against it & yet have as much success as they've had when everything in show biz. is controlled by the Illuminati.

The thing that really shock me now as I look back is that there were small signs that they weren't truthful, but I never thought about.

Like the 2012 Olympics, where EVERYTHING was runned by the Illuminati & was basically a commercial for the illuminati. Yet Muse - who is supposedly against the Illuminati - was chosen by them to write the theme song & to carry the torch.

Just that right there is enough proof in my opinion, that Muse is somehow involved in the Illuminati.

Some of their lyric doesn't fit with their "message against the illuminati" either.

- "I want it now. Want it now. Give me your heart & your soul"

Guess they just want our hearts & souls.
I feel sad & angry at this.

Alberto Alfaro said...

Muse is Anti-Illuminati
please listen to the lyrics and interpret them right not in a arrogant way as what some of you are saying. I truly doubt Matt or Muse is in anyway invovled with the Illuminati

Anonymous said...

I have been a very long and devoted fan of Muse for at least 10 years now. Ate every last drop of their infectious epic rock, up with a very large spoon. I am quite informed as to occult Illuminati symbolism and practices, and like an few posters above definitely caught the odd lyric or two in the midst of their revolutionary anti-nwo sound. Nonetheless, I was an avid fan and listener and chose to believe the side that was portrayed and all of us fans love.
Well folks, just saw them live in Nashville, Tn earlier this month. I was excited to see them live for the first time to say the very least.
The show started well, they played the older hits and this was what I came to see. Enjoyed it for a bit, but I can relate to a former poster when I say, that about 2/3 of the way through the set, the vibe changed. I had no prior knowledge of all this occult symbolism funny enough bc I dont like music videos and more or less hadnt yet delved Into the new albums yet at all to be honest, but at one point my gf (whom is a fan, but not like me) looked at me at the same time I glanced at her and she gave me a rather strange look, like she was uncomfortable. I was too, and we talked later and this sense of uneasiness somehow managed to strike us simultaneously. I mouthed to her "lets just go" and we left at least with at least 3 songs left.
As soon as we exited Bridgestone Arena, I was filled with a sense of betrayal and irritation because I already knew what I hadn't even yet confirmed technically yet, just by the sense of the spirit that was in that place when we left. I am not here to convince anyone, and Im sure those will criticize me for saying this, but I am a Christian and all that I can tell you, is my gf and I got a sense to leave that was quite strong and to be honest I could feel spirits that I chose not to willingly be around.
I do feel quite betrayed, but that is passing quickly because if you are aware of the evil influence in all aspects of media right now, it becomes apparent to me that I was just not at all paying attention to what I was constantly choosing to allow into my life through their music.
I think that is a great possibity that they just started out as a great marketing idea/cool way to set themselves apart, and have been thrown head over heels into stardom and the occultic controlled major media outlets. The symbolism is no accident, though at first they were most likely groomed and advised as to exactly what things should "randomly" appear in their wardrobes/videos/etc.
These occult patterns of imagery are so commonplace it is textbook, so sorry folks, no accidents here. I must say that I am quite sad that these guys chose the same path that everyone else does. As long as they are paid, they will gladly agree to play the part. Usually, not too much later down the road, the part will become them. Look for the changes, they have begun and they will only become more apparent. Another one bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to above - in a way - although it's casuing me a great deal of pain to admit it - I walked away from a show in australia last week shaking badly, dizzy and nauseous. Loved the show - but it did something to me that I couldn't explain. Again friends didn't feel it, thought I was acting weird or 'sick'. I didn't walk in there sick - but I came out sick - and frightened. Thanks for posting above - it's a strange comfort, but it's also freaking me out. What happened? And why me???

Anonymous said...

I think it's been in front of your eyes the whole time. Showbiz (the song) is clearly an introduction to the subject matter. If you go on to Origin of Symmetry it takes it a step further. Newborn is obviously about kids being the primary target for NWO programming. Go to Absolution and you have The Small Print, which is about somebody "selling their souls to a devil." I actually feel this intuition that they do participate in Freemasonry and even Rosicrucianism (Origin of Symmetry era where they played with roses on stage all the time and his Plug In Baby 'crucifies' his enemies) But I honestly believe they are using this for good and to warn us. Just use your own judgement when listening to Matt. He seems absolutely sincere. Doesn't it seem a bit naive to think that ALL occultist are evil? They just don't believe in the same stuff as the Vatican which I see no problem with. If anything I think church goers should just mind their own business and stop forcing their beliefs on everybody... exactly how the NWO is depicted on doing so. I believe in God, and I also read many 'occult' books. It's what works for me and helps balance my spiritual side with this material world. If you are really concerned about Muse being involved in this... I suggest you take a good hard look at yourself and work on yourself until you are happy and comfortable in your skin.

Soontronics Com said...

Occultism has gone into wrong hands of rich and selfish people. This has always been a dangerous situation as DIVINITY is unable to make such people understand the basic laws of nature as these people have kept themselves subliminally programmed for generations. Hope my video will let them find some light...


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