Monday, 2 November 2009

Top BBC man charged in child sex probe

A senior London-based BBC producer has been charged following a police investigation into child sex abuse, it has been reported.

The employee was arrested as part of Operation Algebra, which led to the uncovering of Scotland's largest paedophile network earlier this year.

Detectives leading the inquiry alerted the Metropolitan Police and the man now faces court.

Nearly 125,000 indecent images were seized during Operation Algebra which led to the conviction of eight men in May.

Iain Livingstone, Assistant Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police, told the Sunday Mail newspaper: "We referred a case involving a serious offender to the Met which involved a senior figure at the BBC.

"The individual was in a very senior position and he became apparent to us during Operation Algebra.

"We passed that information on and the individual has now been charged and is awaiting court."

A BBC spokeswoman said it would not be appropriate to comment.

[End of article; reorganized the below bit to avoid confusion. (Understandable that it would be confusing ((I always think it [just about] makes sense (((but I can see why some people might get a little confused)))))) ;p]

The BBC are actively involved in using Monarch/MK slaves in their productions like Brooke Kinsella + others (most we obviously aren't aware of). So it's not at all surprising that a London-based senior BBC producer would be linked to a pedophilia network. PA article source for the above article on the BBC producer pedophile. More info here.

On a side note, a teacher in 'No Child of Mine', who Brooke's character is helped by, played by Colin Salmon also plays 'Dr Moon', the psychiatrist/programmer in a highly MK suggestive Doctor Who episode. The writer of 'No Child of Mine' Guy Hibbert is certainly aware of the Monarch (trauma-based) mind control programming as he also wrote what looks to be a very interesting BBC production in 2004 called 'May 33rd' (imdb) about Satanic cult ritual abuse and DID: "The film is an exploration of the consequences of repeated ritual abuse as seen through the eyes of a young woman whose personality has fragmented into five different people."/"When Ella ('Ella Wilson' is the name of the protagonist, played by Lia Williams who played 'The Russian Bride' in another Hibbert film) visits an osteopath to relieve physical trauma, the therapy triggers a devastating fragmentation of her already fragile personality." The protagonist's name 'Ella (think KinsElla etc) Wilson' is probably a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's 'William Wilson' which has the split-personality theme of the doppelganger.

Annoyingly I can't find '33rd' anywhere online, I would like to add screen caps as it would no doubt have very pertinent symbolism/themes; evidenced by the Freemasonic '33rd' degree (apparently referencing a 'day that only exists in her world', though I'm sure it is also suggesting Freemasonry's involvement), the central MK theme of Satanic Ritual abuse creating DID in the victim and more than likely a lot more. Unfortunately, like 'No Child of Mine' ('33rd' was Hibbert's followup to it) there was no DVD release for it nor is it available on BBC's iPlayer or anything, it's as if they don't want the information to get out or something! If anyone knows of a torrent or DVD (a trailer would do) of this please let me know and I'll post on it or add it to this post as it is seriously lacking in colour.


Anonymous said...

there's a torrent here -

and here's the bbc press release -

an Independent newspaper article -

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for the links, saw them but should have included them in the post; that torrent link is fake though? Found it googling also but 'Download this torrent' is just a link to some registered pay site.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sorry, I didn't realise the torrent was fake... you can get it from the BBC archive BTW - it costs I think around 70 quid to get a screener....

Anonymous said...

Okay. My mind will split into multiple personalities to cope with the parenthesis' inside the brackets inside more parenthesis'.

Seriously dude - I appreciate your blog. I really do. I have it on my feed reader. I've been well versed in this topic for years and consider your blog one of the best on the subject matter.

But my eyes and brain can't take the run-on sentences inside the larger sentence you're attempting to construct. Just finish a sentence and then add an addendum at the bottom (or the end of each paragraph).

A dedicated reader who would really like to thoroughly read each post - but sometimes has to skip large parts of it to avoid the headache.

Jinx said...

I watched May 33rd a couple of years ago on German tv. I would love to watch it again, this time with a different view, but as you stated already: it can't be found. Very weird.

Keep up the good work with your blog Ben, I've been reading you for almost a year now and enjoy your posts.

Best regards,


mr_pessimist said...

By the way - and this is more relevant to posts other than this one, but I didn't want for you to not see it - Ben, if you get complaints about posting the sexy pictures, I have an idea. You could use something like MS Paint to put black areas over the person's privates, butt crack, or whatever? That way you can still convey things but the nudity won't be too gratuitous. Let me know if you need help in how to do it.

Anonymous said...

I recall seeing May 33rd on Tv ages ago, it was very disturbing and I didn't see all of it, but the ritual abuse stuff was horrifying..the suggestion of it and the actress who played it..she seemed so genuinely battered and fragile

Anonymous said...

the reason Lia Williams is in most of his films is because they were married..or still are, I forget.

either way, hibbert is widely regarded as a rip off merchant as the idea for may 33rd is almost identical to a book a woman wrote...which some have suggested may have been about the author herself, due to the twistedness of the characters...and the fact it wasnt sold as 'fiction' or 'non-fiction'

(Forget her name but her book became a best seller.)

Anonymous said...

Mariah Carey dishes on "emotional abuse" against her by Tommy Motolla.

IMO, Mariah sounds like she has awakened and maybe is getting brave????

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

i am not sure if you ever made a post of the Oleson Twins. But they are just standard MK material, being twins and in Showbiz, taking drugs and being anorexic and all that. And their faces look always sad.

Anonymous said...

Reading the bit on masonic buildings and when you mentioned the keystone the following popped into my head "The Keystone Cops" which you could transcribe to the masonic police, all in plain sight.

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