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Lawsuit claims woman performed 'sex act' on Prince Albert of Monaco in lurid video

[Daily Mail article. More detailed info at The Times. I realize this is hardly 'shocking' news but it is more evidence of this guy's character, Monarch mind controlled sex-slave Karen Mulder accused him of raping her when some of her memories started coming back (see Karen Mulder post for details on Karen and Albert's family bloodline and such).]

A video allegedly showing a woman performing a 'sex act' on Prince Albert of Monaco is at the centre of an explosive new lawsuit.

Robert Eringer, a former security advisor to the Mediterranean principality, has accused its royal family of cheating him out of £331,000 in pay.

The 55-year-old American has launched an action in his home country saying that the money is owed to him as unpaid wages and severance money.

Couple: Prince Albert of Monaco and his girlfriend Charlene Wittstock, who was a South African breaststroke champion [added random picture below... not the only reptile she's been quite taken with! (apologiez for the joke in poor taste)]

And he is using allegedly dark secrets from the notoriously shady tax haven on the French Riviera to press his case home.

'This is what I have on your Prince,' Eringer is said to have told associates in Monaco, referring to the tape shot at Albert's 40th birthday party 11 years ago.

Soon afterwards Eringer, who claims to be a former undercover FBI operative, became a £200,000 plus a year spy in Monaco.

Allegations: Mark Thatcher has also been referred to in the lawsuit

He was ordered by the Grimaldi family to compile information about their enemies, especially money launderers and other criminals, including British property dealers and Russian mafia members.

But Eringer's lawsuit, filed in his hometown of Santa Barbara, California, suggests he spent just as much time keeping an eye on the family themselves.

He insults Albert regularly, describing him as someone who often abandoned intelligence briefings in favour of go-karting and 'gallivanting about'.

Albert is said to have 'convinced himself years ago that attending parties was "working"', suggests Eringer.

And on one occasion the bachelor playboy prince is said to have asked Eringer to 'look after' a young woman whom Albert had been trying to sleep with.

Eringer suggests that the period leading up to the death of Albert's father, Prince Ranier, in 2005, was a particularly bad time for Monaco.

He says in the lawsuit that those around the then head of the principality 'were exploiting his weakness, his ill health, his mental incapacity and running rampant with awards and Monegasque passports and job appointments and future job promises in Prince Rainier's name'.

Eringer, who worked as an intelligence gatherer in Monaco between 2002 and 2007, claims his successes included stopping Russian spies and Freemasons infiltrating Albert's 'social orbit'. [I'd be very surprised if Russian spies and Freemasons hadn't already "infiltrated" Albert's 'social orbit' long before Eringer.]

He said he also tipped off the Prince about efforts by Mark Thatcher, son of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to gain residency in 2005, resulting in his rejection as 'undesirable'.

Claims about the video will be of particular embarrassment to Albert, who is said to be considering marriage to his long term girlfriend Charlene Wittstock, a 31-year-old South African who swam for her country in the Olympics.

Albert, whose mother was U.S. movie star Grace Kelly, has at least two illegitimate children, one with an air hostess from Togo, west Africa, but has vowed to lead a more respectable private life.

He has also been working hard to improve financial transparency in the billionaire's playground, making sure that it is not used as a place for the super-rich to launder money.

The prince's Paris-based lawyer Thierry Lacoste said most of what was written in the lawsuit was 'completely false' and that it would be fought vigorously.

[Albert recently hosted an event honoring his deceased mother Grace Kelly... is it just me or does the 'Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation' logo look more than a little suspiciously like a subliminal eye in the pyramid (under the guise of an 'A' for Albert, but I think it is likely supposed to represent the eye in the pyramid as the line that would cross the center of the A curves round forming the eye, with the earth in the eye)]

Pictured above with Demi Moore at a recent event for Hollywood types. (coincidentally I have been covering her in the nearly finished post I am working on currently, she and her husband Ashton Kutcher have just set up a foundation of their own, ironically to combat sexual slavery... yet here she is pictured with one of the world's foremost users of high-class mind controlled sex slaves [like Demi probably], I have quite a bit on Demi in the post I am working on now)

Albert with two of the McCord sisters (AnnaLynne and Angel) who are always kissing each other in public, (covered Annalynne briefly here) which isn't at all incestuous of course, and speaking of incest...

... Watch where that right hand is going Albert (that's his sister Princess Stephanie of Monaco on the left; couple more images below) ... or people might start to think that Royalty and the "elite" class are nothing but a bunch of incestuous sociopaths thanks to generations of inbreeding (keeping the power and wealth consolidated).


Anonymous said...

the part about 'successively' stopping russian spies/freemasons is the only part thats so unrealistic.

its common knowledge every royal in europe is at minimum the top of the local grand lodge, some even say above in countries where the 'grand masters' are only relatives of the royals..cousins etc.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read the Demi info. I have always found her whole career(if nothing else), really bizarre. Not to mention, the true weirdness of her marriage and split with Bruce Willis. The increasing sexualization of her movie roles, and the more recent marriage with Ashton..I dunno, it all seemed really peculiar-and her fame has been a mystery to me as well. She has always seemed extremely one dimensional. Ashton alone would be an interesting study here. Keep posting friend!

Anonymous said...

I dont know if its relevant, but both Demi&Ashton are kabbalists. I know instead that CAROLINE DE MONACO's husband was her little sister's object of affection. And he died suspiciously in a "speed boating accident"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I thought Albert was outed a few months ago about some boy toy on his yacht. He probably uses slaves of box sexes.

Anonymous said...

Virginia Tech? Great...


Anonymous said...

Prince Albert and Rihanna

Anonymous said...

Strange...that logo is also similiar to the one in the Charlize Theron movie Aeon Flux. You're probably right, Ben, it's just another artsy eye in the triangle design.

StrangEye said...

As for the freemason (illuminist) connection, Albert (and Monaco) is linked to the notorious Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina by association and award to the Grand Master.

As for Demi, people often focus outwardly on what has befallen them or what they have experience with.

A single example in a sea of thousands is DJ AM who recently died of a drug overdose. DJ AM attempted to use his life long struggle with drugs in his involvement with the reality show "Gone Too Far", in which he works to help others overcome their addictions.

We have even seen the same thing time and time again in the right and conservative religious community where preachers attempt to champion a fight against something - sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, homosexuality, etc - and then are exposed for engaging in the very behaviors they were fighting against!


StrangEye said...

I know you've touched on this before Ben but here's a condensed rehash...

Speaking of Demi and sexual slavery, sexual slavery comes in several varieties, there's the outright abduction and forced sexual acts; there's the coerced and threatend type, in which girls, or those close to them, are threatened with harm; there's the occult sex slaves, who usually don't even realize they're sex slaves through conditioning or hypnotic entrancement.

The last group being the category into which most female celebrities fall. They are often surrounded by advisors and cousellors who, through NLP and hypnotic suggestion often create the alter-personalties which are then used by "Monarch(y)" types throughout the world to "dip in their honeypot" when the slave is in town.

There is also, sort of in the same category as the perviously mentioned, those sex slaved celebrities who are promised riches and fame by powerful occult organizations (often with ties to intelligence activities) if they perform sex acts for them. These organizations recruit the celeb using a network of other previously recruited celebs and psychological warfare recruitment techniques (Such as those taught by people like Michael Aquino to to military and intel personnel). targetted Celebs are often hounded with materials and promises at all hours of day and night from these groups until they develop fear and paranoia of the network's vastness and cave in and join.

These female celebs (and male, for that matter) are often even outright told, once they are convinced to join the group, that the sexual activities are an integral part of the ritual(s) which will bring them money and fame. The powerful coercisive techniques and fear plying used by the group keeps the celeb performing like a puppet or marionette for the particular group throughout their careers. As a result of their somewhat willing participation they are in fact often given their fame and power that they willingly "sold themselves" for. Often various drug addictions develop in the "cracked personages" of the celebs and then control is further maintained through a network of associated Rehab facilities.

The celebs are convinced that it is in fact some demonic/djinn/genie-like entity that is responsible for their meteoric rise to fame when in fact it is nothing more than a carefully orchestrated occult society with very wealthy and depravedly-horny members that provide the influence and capital to kickstart and bolster the celebs' careers. The personal resposibility that the celeb may have for their actions is diminished by repeatedly telling them that it is the will and activity of some demon/djinn/devil that is making all the so-called "good" things (fame, fortune, etc) happen to them.

The perpetuated coercision comes in the for that fame and fortune, fickle as though it may be, in the generally wealthy circle of celebrities is something that a celeb will often, through conditioning, nuture or nature, neurotically fear losing if they do not submit and comply to the sexual demands and orders of the handler.


Anonymous said...

you summed it all up right there. well done

Anonymous said...

(Se) Great post.I do feel the same way about a lot of these situations.The irony of it is that Lucifer/Satan-baph whatever is the father of lies.So You are coerced into doing the elites deeds(corrupting youth and society and being rewarded handsomely for it.Easy to say Lucifer is powerful when the elite have all the money and can do whatever they want.At the top yes they practice the magic but for most its simple trade off as we are already in a morally corrupt society.Most females have no problem stripping off-underage sex has been rife for decades.To get fame and money is the next natural step for them-there's a real lack of self-worth or conscience nowadays.The young men are more experimental too-so much Bi-sexuality around and I have never known a POOR Gay man ever.I always said this but never really understood why till the last few months.TV media has gradually moved Gay characters into mainstream shows and the public has grown sympathetic to the characters portayed.the danger with this and I dare-say there may be a backlash but to introduce homosexuality into sex education is a step too far.We give too much power to Goverments when we should be responsible for our lives.we need to take back our rights-far too dependent on a bunch of crooks in suits.
I'm just disturbed at how whorish Noah looks in those outfits-her face already looks hard.Heart-breaking.

Anonymous said...

People with known names are really no bodies...these people all just play their part on the stage called having these thoughts that you are being controlled by some "group" only gives power where there really is not any! You control your being and only you can make things happen for the good or bad! Really open your eyes and start taking control of your own life....if you want fame & power go after it, if not, pay no attention to it and do not give it an ounce of your energy.

this link explains so much & I must say it is on point

Anonymous said...

Has that person ever returned to answer anymore questions? Interesting read. I've studied Kabbalah for quite a few years now, and there are similarities, although I do agree that all earthly "knowledge" is corrupt.

"People with known names are really no bodies...these people all just play their part on the stage called having these thoughts that you are being controlled by some "group" only gives power where there really is not any! You control your being and only you can make things happen for the good or bad! Really open your eyes and start taking control of your own life....if you want fame & power go after it, if not, pay no attention to it and do not give it an ounce of your energy.

this link explains so much & I must say it is on point"

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