Thursday, 8 October 2009


Here is another symbolic photo shoot by Argentinian photographer Antonella Arismendi, focusing on the 999/666 numerological theme. It's always worth remembering that a lot of the symbolism I post on is not the result of the Illuminists' total control of the media. Some of the photographers are simply interested in these kinds of subjects (psychological/esoteric/conspiracy/dark stuff I find fascinating) so use them in their work (unlike insane pervert predators like Terry Richardson [see this post, but definitely intend to do a post on him at some point] and other establishment photographers), in the unlikely event I ever were to get into photography it's pretty obvious what kind of themes I would be using (in an attempt to wake them up to the important issues). I realize a lot of that is common sense but I think it should be said anyway (I was thinking of putting something about it in the original post, that the photographer was probably trying to enlighten rather than subversively using symbolism). I think it says a lot that Antonella is the first artist/photographer to have contacted me about my post on their work, saying (hopefully she won't mind me sharing it): "Wow, it was a great surprise to find my work on your blog so well interpreted. Not much people can understand the message behind my images. Thank you! Best, Anto" which was nice (to know I'm not way off on some of my interpretations) and surprising to receive, my post on her work served as the first post of the blog on her site.

Lots of illuminated triangles which also plays into the numerology with it's 3 sides, 3x3=9, 3+3=6, 3 cubed = 27 [2+7=9], you can read about the numerology on Antonella's blog (link to google translation [the page numbers will probably change so that link may not work soon, just click older entries]) where there are some really interesting videos there too (though admittedly a lot of the spiritual, ascension, 2012 type stuff does go a little over my head). Note the eye in the pyramid (with an added point of light from the top/'capstone' of the triangle, the swimming pool looks like a 'pool of light') above.

I think these light circles/spirals goes into the 6/9 symbolism as it is drawn almost like a spiral (as in, as you draw the 6 or 9 it feels natural to keep the circular motion going; and obviously if you spin a 6 180 degrees it becomes a 9; for 2012 believers this probably symbolizes the 'end of a cycle' in terms of consciousness expanding), this spinning/spiraling motif plays into the multiple exposure/blurred image above with the models appearing to act out a frenzied trance/dissociation kind of scene (note that the male model is not blurred at all and is in a 'strong' pose). So anyway, I enjoyed this set so wanted to put it in a very quick post and look forward to seeing more excellent symbolic work from Antonella's burgeoning career in the future.


Christopher Myers said...

What no big titty lesbians. I am honestly disappointed in the usage of the eye,the pyramid & 666 in this photo shot....!

Anonymous said...

its sad, all the fashion "cool kids" think that triangles and all those freemason related designs are well awesome now.

Anonymous said...


agreed. shes ok looking, but definately this post required some big titties..not flat chested broads with triangles/dodgy poses :(

Daniel said...

I personally feel your blog needs to grow into a Perez Hilton/ wikipedia style website with a much larger audience who can all add more information to make quite a wonderful database of information.

There are a lot of great commenters who can add to topics.
Have you thought about making a Psuedo-Occult media community?
and growing out of blogger/

I'd love to see more collborative efforts with others "in the know".

Anonymous said...

A new handler designed for Miley?


skrambo said...

"its sad, all the fashion 'cool kids' think that triangles and all those freemason related designs are well awesome now."


Anonymous said...

ha, glad you agree with me on something tommy :)

Ryan said...

I think that with the proliferation of information via the web, the opening up of the occult will both be comprehended by students who wish to better themselves and by those who wish to milk it for other uses, knowingly or not. I am an artist, but cannot feel rightly moved to create art without having a deeper understanding of WHY I want to be incorporating esoteric symbolism. If one cannot understand a language, then why speak with it?

For the ambitious fashion photographer, is it standard fashion fare with cut-n-paste esoteric frosting, or is it more? The danger is in trying to convey a subject within a niche that typically is running in the opposite direction; the ignorant artist’s blatant tossing around of symbols without sufficient knowledge for the wrong reason. But this can also be the opportunity for the learned artist to “slip” in some cues here and there; teach us something. As viewers, this is where our “filter” comes into play.

The key is to persevere and create with good in mind. If anything, this “symbolism trend” is evidence that more and more people are being exposed to greater knowledge and history which was not so easily available to us just 10 years ago. We, for the most part, are like infants learning to walk; playing with symbolism like Legos. Hopefully, in the process of exploration in art, we can take heed to the necessary intentions we have in using them. Maybe we can instigate a mass anamnesis.

So speaks my intuition: Haste begets ruin... Giving a hooker a bible does not make her a priest.

Great posts!

Brenda said...

I originally put this post on the Shakira entry. But due to the symbolism issues, I thought it bore repeating o this entry as well.

And now for something sinister.

Symbolism in the movie "The Shining" proves Apollo 11 Moon Landing was Faked.

Stanley Kubrick was in charge and then regretted his involvement and tried to make it right THROUGH SYMBOLISM.

His final disturbing film "Eyes Wide Shut" opened the can of beans on the whole MK project and he was killed because of it. There are still scenes from "Eyes Wide Shut" that were pulled by the studio....or others. Scenes that were too revealing. Is there a "director's cut" of EWS? If so, it would be fascinating to watch.

Fabio Parra said...

hello there i think you will find the new video of ladywhake very interesting and very flagrant

Anonymous said...

Brenda, thanks for posting that Kubrick link. Fascinating!
Does anybody know if at the time "Dr. Strangelove" was released (I think around 1964, but I'd have to look it up), was the general public aware that Nazis had been sheltered in the US (Space and Mind Control programs)? I mean, did people understand the significance of Dr. Strangelove having a German accent and bursting into sporadic Hitler salutes? I suppose there isn't really any way to know for sure...

Brenda said...

@ anon 17:06

Can't answer that.

But I have heard on good authority that many of the "scientific" experiments done on Jews in the camps ended up being used in medicine for the "betterment" of mankind. Can you imagine being a Jew and having your life saved by a treatment that was conceived in a concentration camp? Tragic irony.

Also, Farben in Germany (which supplied the gas for the camps) is behind a lot of the Big Pharma drugs today. Including vaccines....Hmmmmm. Full circle?

Brenda said...

@ anon 17:06

Can't answer that.

But I have heard on good authority that many of the "scientific" experiments done on Jews in the camps ended up being used in medicine for the "betterment" of mankind. Can you imagine being a Jew and having your life saved by a treatment that was conceived in a concentration camp? Tragic irony.

Also, Farben in Germany (which supplied the gas for the camps) is behind a lot of the Big Pharma drugs today. Including vaccines....Hmmmmm. Full circle?

davidd said...

brenda, thanks for the link - very interesting!

skrambo said...

999 = as above, 666 = as below

Just thought I'd clarify my earlier comment, I too found this to be an interesting photoshoot, though I'd really like to see something entirely different....

Anonymous said...

Because she contacted you she's not mind controlled or an abusive handler???? But the guy who shoots Xtina (or whoever) is probably a handler and the model or artist is possibly mind controlled?

Anonymous said...

Daniel said...

I'd love to see more collborative efforts with others "in the know".

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Which is mostly different from that you learn here.

Anonymous said...

Bloodline again:

No comment...


Brenda said...


Looking at the latest Gaga photos you posted, I was disturbed by the ones where her eyes are wiped out and replaced (photoshopped?) with big black eyes that belong either to a doll (Hello Kitty?) or inanimate object.

Then I wondered, "Why in the hell does someone go to the trouble of being in a photo shoot like this?" Where do the photos end up? Magazines? Maybe. Posters for her tour? Maybe. But most of the photos have to end up nowhere....


Many of these photos are later used to control OTHER mind control subjects. ESPECIALLY the ones where Gaga has no eyes. I can fully appreciate that if I were in a controlled/trance state and being degraded or whatever, if I were to see one of those eye-less photos, it would probably trip me out. There is something so deeply and profoundly disTURBing about this photo shoot. It's the way she is frozen in her pose, her mannequin-like stances, the outright strangeness of the art direction. All of it COULD be used as MK triggers, etc.

Irony again. Gaga the MK is being used to manipulate other MKs. Just like Marilyn's photos.

Sick. Sick. SICK.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:11

oh i can handle the truth, believe me nothing suprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I would be careful about trusting the motives of a photographer/artist using this imagery just because she contacted you and said she's a normal person who's just interested in this stuff.

I mean, on the internet, how does one really know for sure who is who?

I also think people should be careful about using this symbolism just because they think they 'get it' or for the misguided reason of waking other people up...

There's a fine line between using a symbol to demonstrate what it means, and putting it out there so it has the effect the magicians who run things WANT it to have, which IMO is rarely good.

I've said it before and I'll continue to say it. Symbols are not just marks on a page.

They have meaning and power. Do not play with them just because they look cool. The powers that be certainly aren't.

Anonymous said...

@anon 08:44

good point, i was thinking the same thing about this photographer. the same goes for people who post comments on here, we actually have no idea who we're talking to! i have no idea who you are and you have no idea who i am. and no offence to you ben, but we don't even know who you are either! lol. people move in different ways...

Anonymous said...

@ 9:37 Yup.

Plus what's with the Washington DC skyline and Monument headliner on your blog. That's not ironic or anything??

Brenda said...

I'd love it if there was a "Primer," so to speak, on the various popular MK symbols used by the Elite which are used to trigger behavior.

There is a YouTube Video I saw that actually gave a fairly good outline of this. I.E. this gemstone is used for Kittens to create disconnect. Anyway, as far as I can tell, here are the dominant symbols/signs:

1. Horned gesture with the hand.

2. Marilyn Monroe

3. Hello Kitty.

4. Monarch Butterflies

5. Leopard skin outfits, hats, actual animals

6. Kittens

7. Various gemstones

8. Wizard of Oz

9. Ruby slippers

10. Checkerboard floors or designs

11. Black and white duality outfits/designs

12. Masks

13. Single eye only exposed in photos

14. Mannequins

15. Life size dolls OR dolls that are made in stars' image.

16. Pink wigs

17. Crucifix

That's all I can come up with now. Anyone else? And it'd be great to copy and paste this list and have Ben or anyone else who understands this to put what the specific trigger is next to the symbol.

I mean, let's get down to the meat of this, you know? Let's deconstruct the symbols and triggers and meanings and release the secrets so that the power of them is understood and diminished.

skrambo said...

Great list, Brenda... I really just have a bunch of symbols stored in my memory, and depending on the context I find them in I associate them accordingly... Then again, I'm the type of person who would rather you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I think a collective "MK database" would be a good idea though, we just need someone to start a wiki or something...

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Which is mostly different from that you learn here.

Is it really that different? The keyword is "Control".

Ben must be busy compiling his Red Ice thingie. I am a horrible procrastinator so I would be rushing right about now if I were him.

Brenda said...

I understand about the whole "come to your own conclusions" approach. But seriously, when the Handlers or whomever implant these symbols into the brains of traumatized children or adults, THEY must have a pretty good idea of what to expect when Symbol A meets Victim and creates Action B. They must have a guidebook so they know what to expect when they trigger the symbol.

There have GOT to be people on this site who have a certain amount of understanding that they can make connections to at least a few of the MK symbols on my short list.

Think Tim Burton's next film, "Alice in Wonderland" is going to be the 21st Century trigger like "Wizard of Oz" was for so many in the 20th Century? While "Wizard of Oz" had the classic triggers, I'm sure they've ratcheted up the trauma to induce untold shit on victims via the next "Elite Approved" trigger film.

And by the way, what IS Red Ice anyway? I'm lost.

Anonymous said...

To Brenda. Dont also forget:

18. Fruit (cherries, apples)

19. Umbrella

20. Candies

21. Moon/stars

22. All kinda tattoos (butterfly, fairy, cherry, rainbow, MM/Bettie Page, star/stars, sun, moon, roses, snake, dragon etc.)

23. Dolls

24. Phallic/erotic symbols

And the list could go on and on.


Brenda said...

I'm new to this and really interested in this discussion about symbols.

Chris, Brenda or anyone else, it seems from this list that there are a quite a lot of items used to program people. The problem is that while some are specific (i.e., "The Wizard of Oz" and Monarch butterflies) others like snakes, umbrellas, etc. are just common items and *could* be used innocently by some people (including photographers who are not clued into MK stuff) as simple props.

So, is it the flagrant use of these items that make them MK symbols or the combo or the positioning of them in an advert or film?

I would also love to know the connected significance of these symbols to what they trigger. I had a mate who used to dress in leopard shirts and leggings all the time. It was like her uniform. But she also seemed quite unstable as well. Was very sexually driven but can't say she was MK'd because she wasn't anyone special (not in entertainment biz or came from military family.) Lost touch with her years ago so don't know what to make of it.

Brenda, thought the link to Kubrick was brilliant. Thank you for finding that. "The Shining" disturbed me for quite some time after viewing it years ago. It wasn't so much the story but the FEEL coming out of the screen that did me in. That's the best way I can describe it. Guess I must have been picking up on that symbolism on some level, eh? Kubrick was a genius and probably the last of the great filmmakers who gave a shit about craft and message. Now all we have are idiots raised on the tube and basing everything on what teenagers will like, instead of investing serious artistic energy into their work. The artists are dead and have been replaced by psychopaths and adults with arrested development.

Brenda D. from the U.K. said...

I just realized that I have the same name as Brenda! Thus, to avoid confusion, I should have put another letter in there to avoid confusion.

Call me Brenda D. from the U.K.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, Brenda from the U.K.

I was confused when I read that post.

Anonymous said...

Umbrellas? How are they used in MK? The twirling of them while open to put into trance? Is this also parasols?

Lady Dee said...

Wow Ben! Not only do the elite scumbags read these posts they ARE actually FLATTERED that they are being exposed! That's some crazy sh*t! All in all, ur latest posts have been very informative and on point! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lady Dee,

I'm not following. What do you mean they are reading the posts and are flattered? Huh?

Anonymous said...

I see this sick, creepy billboard everywhere here. It's for the TV show "Dexter" about a former serial killer hired to help the police. His face and shirt is made to look like it's covered in blood--but supposedly spilled juice-- and he's holding a baby. Just thought it might interest you.

Brenda said...

Agree. That's creepy. Especially the look on Dexter's face.

But again, 20 years ago, there would be outrage and how "inappropriate" it was. Today, not a whisper.

It's just like with the in your face American Apparel ads with girls in see-through bodysuits posing in sexually provocative poses. No one bats an eye.

Desensitize, desensitize, desensitize....That is the mantra.

And once we're all numb and don't care, they can do whatever in the hell they want to us.

Well...except for those of us who are still awake and can think.


Lady Dee said...

@Anon 17:05 You have been reading ACTUALLY reading the posts and following along haven't you? If not, oh well! Ben knows what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Another shockin death in the showbizz. Whats a bit strange to me is that he died a little before COMING OUT DAY... Just saying. RIP, Stephen...


Ouch Adrian said...

Quick heads up to people (and blogger) on here. Firstly, this is a very interesting site which I only discovered the other day. Anyway, I was going through the old posts from last year and was reading the one about the Hitman film (June 2008). There's a link in the post which is meant to go to a site for some film called "Serpent." When I clicked on the link, I was taken to an extremely dodgy, illegal porn site. I guess I've just been officially punked. Could the blog owner please check and delete the link and could everybody visiting the site be careful when clicking links on some of the old posts. They appear to have been tampered with.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Stephen Gately !(thinking name could have some significance, probably not though)

33 years old, sudden death another one of those where nobody seems to know what has happened. busom pals with elton john (; who set him up with his boyfriend/civil partner who seems more like a handler. his family know the former irish president Bertie Ahern. hmm

what you make of this ben? genuine tragic death or set up, im going with the ritual sacrifice theory but maybe thats going a bit

oh yeah and the apartment him and his boyfriend owned in majorca was number 101

Anonymous said...

Lady Dee,

Could you please point to the posts you are talking about as I'm still in the dark. I've gone back and read through all of them on this one and the previous post and, unless you're talking about the snarky ones, I'm still not following you.

Benjamin S said...

Hmm, I had a much longer comment going but Firefox crashed just before I was about to post it, annoying.

Just wanted to say Ouch Adrian, thanks for pointing that out I've got rid of the offending link; the link had not been tampered with, the URL was the same. It seems that the movie studio who had rights to the '' (don't visit; it is still listed in the External Links on it's wiki page too btw, which will be removed) website shut down the official site and it was sold to some sick incest/rape/abuse porn site thing (either that or the official site was just hacked and taken over), think there's a message behind that?

08:30 Anony, I get what Lady Dee is saying, don't necessarily agree fully though; I assume she is talking about my past blog posts (not anything in comments) on numerous photographers and such, and how some of the people whose work I post on may read it and actually be grateful for it (in reference to the photographer in this post who contacted me).

Cheers for the interesting comments all, I had written a longer bit addressing some things but oh well.

skrambo said...

Brenda -

It's a news and radio site, and they sometimes do webcasts. Ben has an interview on there from early this year I think. It's a good site, I visit almost every day.

wv: Banani

Brenda said...

Not sure if Gately's death is anything more than an untimely death.

The only questions are that he was 33 and that he was in the process of writing a book. But as a boybander, what on earth could he possibly know of value that the Elite would want him dead? The only nefarious thing I can think of is that he had connections to someone in the Royal Family or in that type of circle who was also gay but wanted to keep it secret. But that's just creative thinking on my part.

I don't know who he is, by the way, as I live in the US and have never heard of his band.

@Ben. Sorry your longer posting was eliminated by your crash. We don't hear from you enough and any comments you have that reflect what we're discussing is nice to hear.

Brenda said...


Thanks for the red ice link.


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