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Stephen Gately feels the Devil's Curse at 33

It's always tragic when a death occurs, celebrities have been dropping like flies for the past year or so; perhaps this is a result of more of them waking up from their programming or perhaps not. Stephen Gately is the latest to die (RIP), passing on October 10th (10/10) 2009 at the age of 33. To go along with the 33 Masonic symbolic age of death (of course it could be entirely coincidental), the Boyzone's official press release about the death contained another Masonic allusion, "We are completely devastated by the loss of our friend and brother." which is what Masons refer to themselves as (again this could also be entirely coincidental, totally apart from the Masonic usage, an innocent reference to their brotherly connection; though my instinct was that it was a conscious reference to the Masonic brotherhood). I don't view it as particularly significant he was writing a book as it was only a children's book. We will probably never find out what actually happened to him, it may well have been an accident but that is not the issue for me as we will never know (it may well have been a ritual sacrifice, you cannot say though). I will probably got a few comments like "you heartless asshole, show some respect to the dead and their family!" and the like; but I feel it would be disrespectful to the dead not to pose these questions instead of blindly accepting whatever story the news media concocts.
In having a quick look at his career, his movie debut and final movie he appeared in was Credo (from the Latin) AKA The Devil's Curse. In it, Stephen plays one of five students who try to summon the demon Belial ("You are Belial, Prince of trickery, Servant of Satan"), through a pentagram invocation ritual. One of the students breaks the pentagram, releasing the demon and all five are subsequently found killed, on the surface by their own hand ("Each of their deaths looked like suicide..). This mysterious circumstances surrounding his death mirrors what has happened in reality as Stephen's death does not immediately have any explanation (yet) apart from it was accidental and not at all suspicious.

Viewing the above trailers (first one mainly) emphasize the number 5's significance in relation to the pentagram, I firmly believe this occult numerology of the number 5 is why many corporate created Boy and Girlbands often have 5 members (when only like 2 of them are really needed and the others seem to just hang around in the background), "we need all five, or the pentagram will be broken!" as it says in relation to the ritual in the film. Stephen was one member of the five-piece Boyzone, whose logo is quite evidently duality symbolism (they have since toned down the duality a lot). Boyzone version 2.0 Westlife (created by Simon Cowell and also managed by Louis Walsh like Boyzone; if I was ultra-cynical I may say that this almost feels like promotion for the downright evil X-Factor and for Boyzone's current comeback) even recorded a music video inside Freemasons Hall in London, Mandy essentially showing you what is the driving force behind these manufactured 'five piece' boy bands (Westlife were originally five, but Kerry Katona's ex Brian McFadden left).

You may remember many MK'd celebrities were mimicking Beyonce's Single Ladies for no apparent reason (probably due to it's programmed choreography, suggested by the robot hand and whatnot), notice all the duality black/white motifs on the screen behind him. I do not have the energy to go through Boyzone's videos but one I had posted previously containing checkerboard duality on a checker cab was here ('Love You Anyway').

Here is a video of Gately singing Monarchs Michael/Janet Jackson's 'Black or White' (please note the pyramid on the back screen when he starts singing, embedding disabled; they usually wear the standard duality combo of a white top and black trousers). Speaking of pyramids, check out the pyramid subliminal shape Stephen symbolically walks under (consciously kept in the frame by the camera; 0:16), various symbolic scenes follow (emphasized by the colour, like a rose, a bridge, river and things like the London Eye, a mirror shot and others are shown) including paper butterflies spiraling around him at 2:18 (before being transported to a colourful alternate reality; like the cyclone taking Dorothy 'over to the rainbow' to Oz, black and white to colour) and even a yellow brick road scene at the end of his debut solo video 'New Beginning' below.

Note on the Boyzone logo the point within a circle, inside of the 'o' of zone (seems like every logo containing 'zone' has this; like the TV station eye subliminal, and another company called Zone [scroll to Noah stuff]), this occult symbol is also seen on Credo's promotional artwork (it is a square point, which makes it all the more Freemasonic symbolic [symbolizing the square of the 'compass and square', the circle being the result of the compass]). This is a Freemasonic symbol (compass symbolic, eye symbolic, and sexual [point = phallus, circle = vagina] symbolism I have gone into in the past; it is always multi-faceted).

Stephen perished in apartment 101 (in apartment block '10', the Sky camera focused on a #10 anyway implying this) which he shared with his partner Andrew Cowles (pictured above and below with Louis Walsh at Matt Lucas' civil partnership ceremony to another homosexual man to meet a tragic end very recently, TV producer Kevin McGee who hung himself).

Gately's stage musical roles I feel suggest his mind control, playing the scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz' (no brains/free-thought).

The Child Catcher from 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' who is obviously supposed to represent a pedophile working for the establishment's child sex rings (note the Worshipful Master's top hat which is the focal point of his black uniform):

The Childcatcher is the most loyal servant to the Baron and Baroness Bomburst of Vulgaria. Since the Baroness cannot abide the existence of children, she employs him to kidnap and imprison the country's children. He wears a black suit with a top hat, and has moderately long greasy black hair. In general appearance, he is quite pale, thin, and has a spider-like quality and grace in the way he moves. His most recognizable feature is his elongated nose, with which he is able to smell children and find where they are hiding. When searching for the children, he carries a large net and a hook to catch them. The witches in screenwriter Roald Dahl's novel, The Witches, are also able to smell out children to murder them.

He drives a horse-drawn dark buggy equipped with a cage, but he sometimes disguises the buggy as a candy-and-ice cream wagon in order to lure, and so ensnare, children. He also disguises himself as an innocent candy-salesman with colorful clothing and carries lollies and other sweets with which to tempt the children out of their hiding places. When Jeremy and Jemima Potts are hiding in the Toymaker's cellar, the Childcatcher dances through the streets harking about "free" chocolate, cherry pies, treacle tarts, ice cream and other goodies. Jeremy is entranced and runs out into the street, despite Truly warning the twins not to leave until she had returned (she was out shopping for food). Jemima followed against her better judgement, and both of the children followed the Childcatcher. The villagers shouted and called for them to come back, but the Childcatcher lured the children into his cage and took them to the castle of the Baron and Baroness. The twins were locked in the tower and awaited their deaths.

At the end of the film where the natives of Vulgaria and the Vulgarian children ambushed the Baron's birthday party, the Childcatcher was called to detain them. However, his plan failed when he realised that the children were no longer afraid of him and they trapped him in a net which they then suspended from the ceiling-like a spider.

And Godspell looks interesting.

Note his what looks like skull and bones covered tie (and some red flower-looking motif).

In Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat he is symbolically shackled, enslaved by Egyptians and all that.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was fast! To be honest the same things were going through my mind this morning when the news came in. The giveaway was the SKY Active news were they showed the same image of him from a video walking under a giant concrete triangle above his head which look like a pyramid.

Speaking of Irish bands have you ever looked in U2? There is an untold story of the bands early pedophile image with naked boys on LP covers. The first LP entitled Boy has a song called Twilight about a boy having sex with a man "in the shadows". There are interviews with Bono saying at the time they were playing Dublin Clubs they were going to be the biggest band in the history of the world. How could he have known so soon? Also, how come their manager is Paul McGuinness who was a film producer in Ireland with no history in rock music only to become the manager of eh, the biggest band in the history of the world...

Then there is the whole thing with the Unforgetable Fire LP were Freemasonic Producer Brian Eno comes in. There is a making of the ablum video were the band recording the LP at the very sinister Slane Castle (weird unsolved murders over the years) go to watch a solar eclipse.

Then the whole thing of them in 1988 "going away to dream it all up again" and U2 go from being christian cowboys to resurface as devils, drag queens and Mr Mephisto... Looked totally MK Ultraised.

Sorry to go off topic but I think there is a real story with u2 you would uncover.

Anonymous said...

i knew absolutely nothing about this film he was in, this just confirms my suspicions that he's been bumped off!

poor stephen :(

at least you're no longer a victim, you no longer have to suffer. rip

mjd said...

I never heard of him before because I try to avoid pop culture. Was he a midget?

davidd said...

With any luck, this timely expose of possibly suspicious circumstances regarding this young man's death will prod the collective conscious a little to assist in revealing the complete truth (whatever that may turn out to be).

I wouldn't worry about offending people too much. The analysis you do is swift and detached - exactly what is needed when dealing with such macabre themes as these. You provide a balancing point of view that is much needed.

Good work in compiling this evidence so quickly!

Jack said...

Regarding another big, shocking celebrity death...that of Michael Jackson...

Talk about "suspicious circumstances."

His last song release is titled "This is It."

I've only heard a few stanzas of the cut which were "leaked" to the Internet. But it seems to be inferring that, literally, this is IT. I'm outta here. Over and out. Poke me with a fork, I'm done.

Now, I don't think he was creating an elaborate song strategy before a suicide. I think he was a very sick man who was too isolated and abused his entire life.

But what if...What if...He or someone close to him said, "Michael, we can make everyone happy including you. If we FAKE your death, you can go off and live somewhere and find peace and your family will benefit from the enormous monetary gain from the $$$ that will pour in after you die from CD sales."

While I don't know if he would actually take such a deal and leave his children (who I think he genuinely cared for), maybe, just maybe he did.

I've heard just too many odd things after his death that I questioned. Including an actual height difference in the individual making the concert announcement of his final tour and the confirmed height of Michael Jackson back in the 1980's when he was standing next to a tall Brooke Shields. Thus, MJ may have exited the building a while ago and the stand-in is the one who died?

The one thing I noticed (and I can't be the only one here) is when they played that footage from his last rehearsal where he's marching in place (not doing any dancing at all) and then he freezes as the music ends and this weird smile creeps up on his face. I swear to God, his mouth looked NOTHING like the mouth of the MJ I've seen so many times even WITH the insane plastic surgery. Even the cheekbones and nose looked completely different. The more I saw that footage (and they played it ad nauseum) the more I could not reconcile the facial abnormalities. Maybe there were more than one stand-in for Michael and they could chalk up the changes in his look to surgery when it was actually a series of different people standing in for him? I know I sound insane but I wonder how many people like MJ become so desperate of the manipulation and abuse and choose the greatest deception of all by faking their own death in order to escape.

Then there's the other theory that MJ actually died after the Pepsi accident but that they kept him "alive" in the public's eye all these years through a series of stand ins in order to keep the money rolling in. And that the guy they buried at Forest Lawn wasn't even Michael to begin with but the last guy they used for the stand in?

I know. I know. I sound nuts. But stranger things have happened I'm sure.

tuba said...

Good post, sir. I find the Stephen Gately and Kevin McGee connection intriguing. Both had civil partnership ceremonies in 2006, both were of similar age; 32 and 33 and they both die within a week of each other.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Gately SG = 17 in numerology,so he comes under the 17/33 category which you know there are a lot of. Jade Goody was also a 17 - JG. I've always had a strong feeling she was sacrificed to bring on the fear of ovarian cancer,thus heralding the HPV virus in with a fanfare of trumpets.

Jack said...

Please expound on the "17/33 category."

davidd said...

Your MJ theories are weird, interesting and funny. That's some extreme conspiracy stuff there - which is really quite cool when you think about it. If only there was more of it in the world to make things a little more interesting/entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Go to and look at yahooccultism....very,very interesting. 17 linked to Satan and numerology but strengthened by Masonic 33. They just love those ol' numbers!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant the HPV vaccine,apologies.

Jack said...

Crazy coincidence with this other person, Kevin McGee. Since I'm not familiar with who that is, could someone please tell me. It just seems to "coincidental" doesn't it?

Yes, I know my MJ theory sounds bizarre. But seriously, did you watch that last rehearsal footage of MJ? Did that really look like the same guy, even with all that plastic surgery? He didn't even have the same "VIBE" as the MJ I saw on TV during his molestation trial.

Jack said...

Here are ages you see people dying at a lot, at least ones I've noticed. Some have direct occult significance.










I know that looks like just a gaggle of numbers. But I seriously notice the ages when celebrities die and those seem to come up a lot. Also, ages when, if they don't die, something traumatic or life-altering happens to them. I think there is some tie-in with astrology and certain things that occur to all of us during various cycles of our life that peak or create transitions at various ages. Like between age 28 and 30, there is usually some major life-changing direction that occurs (marriage, death, first child born, new career) and then the second cycle of that (which is the Saturn cycle) occurs between age 58 and 60. That period is like a heightened energy of the 28-30 cycle. A LOT of people I know get cancer at those ages or just before (like 57) or they die at that time. Look at Patrick Swayze (dead at 57.) It can be such a powerful time of life but it seems that if you've managed your life properly, it can be a time of great success and accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Went to and got this message:

This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.


Anonymous said...

Not just ages...also initials ,birthdates,map co-ordinates and addresses,(for accidents,murders,rituals usually) and many others. The truth is right in front of us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Numbers linked to Satan - 7 17 77 666

Anonymous said...

#322 is popular. Seen it in used in room numbers in movies. Know it has masonic meaning.

Anonymous said...

Jack mentioned 17 and 77 in his list of ages too.

Anonymous said...

Illuminati love 11 and multiples of this number
Masonic - 3 33,that I know of. But they all combine them to wield even greater power.

Anonymous said...

3 +2 +2 = 7...see how they can work it.

Anonymous said...

9/11 = Masonic 33 (3x3=9) and Illuminati's beloved 11. 7/7/bombings,need I say more.....

Anonymous said...

A lot of "celebs" die in strange circs or go nuts around 30 'cos that's when the MK ultra is progammed to end.The mind can only take so much shit.

Anonymous said...

Jack,notice your list contains multiples of the base numbers.
21 = 3x7
28 - 30...lots die at 29....2+9=11
33 = 3x11
42 = 6x7

Anonymous said...

77 is very powerful because it has double 7,its a multiple of 11 and because it's 7 x11 it adds another satanic 7.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Gately died in room 101 ...1+0+1=11

Anonymous said...

not plus I mean side by side.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,better link

Anonymous said...

Jack, I also posted the link on MJ's death hoax a few months ago. I strongly believe what is said there. Of course its unbelievable and the ppl who say that are considered loonies, but let them bark at the moon. MJ is long gone and a string of imposters followed from 1984 since. His death was indeed a hoax and an eneegy sucker. There are damm clear evidences that all over the years Jacko wasnt the same person any more and Im not speaking of the fact that his skin color changed or that his facial features changed in a freaky way too. Different height, different hands/fingers, different ears etc. etc.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

interesting info guys, i'm gradually learning more about this numerology stuff.

just been reading some comments from people on david icke's site, regarding steven gately. is it me or are a large portion of people who post on there complete morons?!

"why is 33 a key number?"

lol! they dont seem to be very clued up on the facts, perhaps i should invite them all here...

Anonymous said...

33 degrees is the Master Number;the highest attainment in Masonry and is also the number of the Mother Star.

Anonymous said...

yes, i know that, obviously i was quoting someone off the david icke site and basically trying to say that if you don't know that already then you've got a lot to learn about this stuff

Anonymous said...

Gotcha. I think a lot of posters on Icke forums are just surface seekers or have been told about the reptilians by a friend......

Anonymous said...

Kevin McGee, KM reversed MK(Ultra),Kylie Minogue is another. So many poor controlled souls.

Jack said...

I've studied numerology for years but I'm not a Mason or into the occult at all. I just find numbers interesting. And those numbers I posted above are the ones that I always seem to see repeated in people's lives around me and the celebrities as well. I had no idea about how some were multiples. That's eye-opening.

Regarding Room 101: I was told by a numerologist that whenever "0" is added to a series, it makes the energy around the other numbers more powerful. Thus, the 1 & 1 are sandwiched by the "0" which makes the hidden "11" more powerful.

Since I'm a guy who has to see proof and likes to see these ideas operating in real life again and again before I accept anything, I have done that with numerology and seen it work more times than not.

The question I always had was CAN a NUMBER (a "simple" number) have any kind of energy and why? When I started studying fractals and viewing videos by Gregg Braden on Zero Point and others about how numbers in nature and the cosmos repeat and have symmetry, I realized that indeed there was some sort of power to these numbers.

But then you have to take that next leap and say if a number has power, can you purposely use that power to create an energetic pattern around you that is soothing and draws in good power? When I had to completely re-do my yard this past summer, I decided to put it to the test. As it turned out, my landscaper (who is big on design that is "complimentary" and balanced) wanted to make sure that whatever I did, it was easy on the eye and created flow. I liked the idea of trios (NOT because I'm religious...I just like the balance of things in threes) and so I created a trio of statues in the yard, behind that are three raised beds in which plants are divided in threes, six or nine. But it is NOT obvious to the eye that I did this. HOWEVER, everyone who comes to the place comments how "calm and balanced" the design is. There is nothing sinister to it at all.

I studied landscaping done in China and that used the basics of Feng Shui which is BIG on numbers and creating FLOW and using directions to draw in the good and deflect the bad. Some Feng Shui is just plain superstitious by I have to say that when you work with the actual nodes of direction (especially the north and south nodes) you really can feel a different pull. South gets more sun and so it feels more energetic while the north that gets less light and sun feels more passive and "yin." These are facts of nature (warm vs. cold) but they do translate into viable energetic realities if you have the ability to feel into that aspect. It just takes a calm moment and the ability to see what's there all along and work with it instead of against it.

SO, the point is, I took a simple garden and literally transformed it using principles that I now find out are Masonic and connected to the occult. However, if my intent was never to delve into that realm but, instead to create a soothing landscape using symmetry and flow, and that is what I did. Thus, it seems this energy and these numbers DO have power but that you can use them to create positive vibrations and energy patterns and not just to destroy.

Everything has the yin/yang component; the dark/light, good/bad, hidden/seen. I'm not sacrificing babies on my water feature in my yard nor am I making offerings to the Devil between the tulips. The number "11" or "7" or "3" or multiples thereof can create energetic pulls that can be healing as well. It's all about the INTENT.

But just so I'm clear, I'm just suspicious enough of "666" that I wouldn't incorporate that into any design. Even when a tally at the supermarket comes to "6.66," I buy a pack of gum to change the number.

Anonymous said...

Disney is an MK factory.

"Classic" Disney flick: "101 Dalmatians."

Why 101? Why not 102? Or 100?

Maybe because the hidden "11" is powered by the "0?" And maybe they figured that would help power more money to the company.

Oh, yeah. Every little bit helps and I betcha these guys use the power numbers to create the energy needed to draw people to their films and money into their pocket.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, just fuckin lovely:


davidd said...

Chris you said:

Jack, I also posted the link on MJ's death hoax a few months ago. I strongly believe what is said there.

Can you please repost this link here?


Anonymous said...


that is very interesting indeed! its all about the way in which you think about something that affects the outcome. s'all in the mind

Anonymous said...

Hello guys,

the number 11 stands for the highest reptile god jehova.
all based on Jewish satanism. there are a few gods but 11 is the highest. in germany they say it was steven's house he died in?!
does every room of his house got a number on it??
just lies.
the fact is that is was a sacrifice.

when i'm watching the music videos i see that he's using his tounge pretty often, means for me that they exchanged him. he is replaced by a reptile clone. no one has such an empty look.

i guess he wasnt just a victim, being part of the whole secret system you need to kill others to survive, so he killed/sacrified children, babies, animals... as well.

so dont feel too sorry about him. i guess the whole thing started like with all the other celebs in their families over generations.
you just survive when you're able to fight and kill others.

they replace all... just look at their empty faces and empty eyes.


LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE! Its not about their occult thing they show us in THEIR medium: the media.

dont watch TV, dont read magazines, dont support designers, McDonalds and all the shitty things like eating meat.

If you really wanna change something and be against their system:


And i DONT mean in an esoteric way.. i'm not a fucking hippie!

Be cool and fight against their shit and dont think about them.

they just exsit because we talk about them.. doesnt matter if we are jealous or if we understand their occult behaviour.

All the best,

Anonymous said...


what I realized about the "new" Robbie is that he had Reptile pupils.

If you remember the early TT start.. how the lil boys where dancing like all the others in SM costumes?!

just a silly pedophile occult system. it bores me so much to watch them..

how much can a species be stunted like the "world runners" when the only thing is to kill beings and worship their soulless gods?

fact is that the secret society is NOT human. they are the Greys and the others.

the aliens you see everywhere.. like the area 51 photos.

they learned how to create a human hologram in the 3rd dimension.. why do you think we all need to buy new TVs with HD.. or what it called?
the time changes and more and more you see them. realize that they are different.

they are affraid because of us. we have souls and live forever. they're not..

Like reptile band: The Strokes - You only live onces.. sang.

They are creeps.. they tell us rules like dont kill others and such.

what are they doing? killing, slaughtering children, torturing them.

think about that. not just this pyramid, checker board thing. Freemaisons are passé.

now we should think a step higher. they are not that many but they know how to controll us with their hypno-TV.

save your souls and tell your family and friends. the world is changing and they are in fear so they're making mistakes like with Robbie's performance. They put him through electro shocks before thats why the eyes are that wide open.

(read the david bowie story about his different eyes).

all what they show is just their occultism to us. dont take it too serious because who they show arent just victims.

Anonymous said...


do you know something about jay kays twin? he official died at the birth but i think more about a secret twin programming.
what do you think?


Anonymous said...

i was thinking about all this monarch programming lately and i remembered this video at the end the doll turns into a butterfly:

in this video it sounds like shes singing mind control especially at 2:35.

Sam Kaufman said...

There have been so many sad/tragic stories in the news lately. The reports on Gately's passing seem pretty vague in general, but there are (of course) a lot of rumors about it floating around

Anonymous said...

Jack, here's the link:

Jules, u mite be rite but not too much. Most of it its paranoia, lets get serious. We will not listen to any music anymore, nor buy food, nor breathe, nor... what? These conspiracies are too far fetched many times. As i told before its a little step from revelation to paranoia. Thats why its better to take all with a grain of salt.


Anonymous said...

And one more thing, Jules... I know they replace the real humans with clones, but can u tell me where is Heath Ledger's clone? Or Patrick Swayze's? Or DJ AM's? Ure saying Gately was a clone? MK-ed yes, but not a clone. U could have shown a little respect. U could...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting thing. I left a comment on youtube that the video to the old Doctor and the Medics song 'Spirit in the Sky' from the 1980's had it all; from all seeing eyes, ladders to nowhere, mind controlled slaves and the Doctor emerging between the pillars of Isis and suddenly the video was suddenly pulled from youtube for copyright violation after having been there for a couple of years. The odd thing is they never pulled the other videos of the song from YouTube - just the one in which I highlighted the Freemasonic extravangaza it was.

Anonymous said...

A good entry from Ben, once again. However many of the comments here leave little to be desired. So tired of seeing internet people banging on about celebs being replaced and how theyre clones. Just sick of it. Makes you sound like a bunch of schizophrenics. The MK stuff I can get behind, I see the evidence for that. But there isn't a bit of evidence anywhere proving replacements and clones. Instead its overly confident internet personalities on messageboards banging on about it, and then gullible newbies who latch onto it because its a fun and exciting idea. This isn't a slam to Ben, because I don't see him claiming that anybody's been replaced by robots and reptilian clones.

Oh yeah....and a big thumbs up and right on to Jules in one of the comments above. Say no to all of it is right. Walk away. Stop feeding it so much attention.

Anonymous said...

hmm, Im not one to mock but lets be serious for a second;

if they are capable of making grays/reptiles who look/sound/act human why arent they yet capable of enforcing on us the view that we NEED the vaccine and actually convincing us?

if they can make grays, then the odds is they already control our mind/every aspect of our we have already been given implants/we have a timer so they can off us etc.

Im not buying that, at all. they are far too unorganised.

that being said, wouldnt surprise me at all if he was 'offd' to satisfy some sicko in a suit in some office either in L.A. or London.

the most interesting part of this in my opinion is how both kevin mcgee and he both died within a very short time.

suppose it is possible, even though Im a natural skeptic the time between both of their deaths got my attention.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice Gately's T-Shirt when he was shown on the news last night:

"I LOVE MICKEY!" and a picture of Mickey Mouse...

I wonder why all the members of his band are being flown out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've heard today that Stephen died 'of natural causes'. How does a 33 year old die of natural causes, what does that mean? Anyway, you, the Vigilant Citizen, the Celtic Rebel and the guy over at MK Culture are driving me insane. After discovering this 'freakish, so-crazy-it-must-be-true' stuff, I am seeing it EVERYWHERE, in every TV ad, every music video, every CD's just plain addictive...duality stripes, butterflies, bows, hearts, eyes, chains, triangles, squares, you name it...f'ing weird!
Sorry...R.I.P Stephen, he's surely free of it now.

Anonymous said...

looks like jennifer lopez has a new alter ego

Anonymous said...



jerry_beck said...

No official word yet on how long Lola's sticking around, but if she's here to stay she'll certainly have some competition — and a lot to live up to. After all, J.Lo's just one of many divas to take on an alter ego. BeyoncĂ© introduced the world to Sasha Fierce last year, while Mariah Carey often references her alter ego Mimi. Even rappers aren't immune to switching up their personas: T.I. split an album with his other character T.I.P. back in 2007. Each of those superstar artists have set quite a precedent, but if anybody can rise to the occasion, it's Lopez.

yeah, it's only STUNT, artist creativeness...

R.I.P. Stephen,
i always thought that this guy could sing and was only guy with talent from that band(same with Gary Barlow, i found his solo album very enjoyable, no evil/MK things just feel good love songs), Mikey Graham solo album which is also not bad at all (i never heard Stephen's solo album, but i heard it's also good) it's like with their solo things they go with their own personalities, there is no control over them, it's their real music persona... talent of Gately was just opposite to Ronan Keating who i find very sinister, he remind me Bono, i'm guessing he is just sold to this game...this world of boybands and girlsbands are full of MK'd people, East 17 comes to mind, as well Worlds Apart (i remember vaguely some strange clips), Westlife, Blue, girlbands was here on Ben's blog many times...i wonder if New Kids On The Block were also MK'd (with Maurice STARR producer/handler) since i liked them as a teenager very much (to be fair i still do, Jordan certainly had talent), well probably the sad thing is they were...

LeMage said...

In George Orwell's 1984, Big Brother's prisoners inevitably wound up taking a little trip to Room 101. And what was in Room 101? The Worst Thing In The World.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for all the comments people.

Interesting to hear about J Lo's public new alter Lola (short for Lolita). Her movie The Cell is pure MK btw, watched it when I was a kid and I saw it again recently over the summer and wow (full of internal system/structure themes and standard MK stuff, an incredibly symbolic film in general; here is a cool compilation with Eyes Wide Shut music showing some of the MK imagery). Got it in the queue for covering as the focal point of a post on her at some point (+ some of her videos such as this rather blatant one by David LaChappelle).

Anonymous said...


robbie is back on the drugs, thats why his eyes were that way!

i believe that some of the elite are related to a reptilian life force of some kind, and that thats where their cold evil genes come from but not that they are actually full on reptilians. especially not people like robbie williams. for fuck sake. thats just ridiculous

p.s heard the stephen results! well wasn't that a quick post mortem. what a load of bull

Anonymous said...

just found this, how ironic?!

Anonymous said...

Maurice Starr(Producer/HANDLER)- anagram of I'm A Star Curer.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:59

"A good entry from Ben, once again. However many of the comments here leave little to be desired. So tired of seeing internet people banging on about celebs being replaced and how theyre clones."

^^^^First of all, no one asked your opinion on the clone theory. Before you bash it, you might want to read some scientific journals and see how far genetic engineering has gotten. And that's just what they're revealing to the public. There are scientific discoveries/experiments we don't even know about.

If you think that "people" who are willing to alter the genetic makeup of crop staples, plants for agriculture wouldn't tamper with humans you have a lot more research to do. Check out Monsanto for starters.

And here's some more advice: don't just get your information from conspiracy sites. read real scientific literature too. The people banging on about clones certainly are.

Anonymous said...

What's up with this "Ugly Betty" still?

Anonymous said...

Transsociopathica - I vaguely remember that video!!! I recall the dissociative spirals...Did you know it is a remake of the Norman Greenbaum, and it's not really Christian, because the lyrics say "Never been a sinner; I've never sinned."

Anonymous said...

Thank you again Ben for the post. I also very much appreciate the way you take the time to explain what you're saying to some degree. Your use of parenthesis can be confusing at times, though I understand the necessity since you can't exactly put in side notes... perhaps you can add numbered foot notes to replace the long side notes? Anyway, not a criticism as I truly appreciate the time you take to spread the word.

Anonymous said...

There are a few things I'd like to say in regards to the comments I've been reading. In addition to thanking any and everyone who has given added insight, because this information can be a lot to grasp, I would also like to just say this to a few of you:

1) Jack, while I agree that clones exist (I do not dispute your theories), I feel there is too much information to suggest that MJ is anything but dead. His mind clearly just couldn't hack it anymore and they knew they'd make more money with him dead than alive. He probably didn't have much of a life and was probably only awake long enough to make an appearance or two, hence his "addiction" to propofol. To me he looked the same throughout (obviously minus the surgeries - and natural aging afterwards), and you have to remember that people shrink as they get older. There are also photos that prove he actually did have Vidiligo (that skin disease that removes pigment), and his doctor gave him medication to remove the melanin in his skin in order to avoid the rest of his body becoming blotchy. If he was cloned, they could have just found another person of colour to take his place. It's people's obsession with race that kept this from being more talked about. Having said all this, as crazy as this is going to sound, I KNOW clones exist because I have SEEN a man who spoke no English who looks EXACTLY like Ewan McGreggor right down to every mole, wrinkle, and dimple, and I've compared the photos several times with friends. It was so scary I was speechless, and I'm sure it was not Ewan McGreggor faking it (well as sure as I can be). I am really looking forward to Ben covering MJ because to me he is the ultimate example of a slave.

2) To my knowledge, the number of "Satan" is 9. The number of "God" is 7. The number of "Man" is 6 (unsure of the 666 correlation if any). I am familiar with much of Kabbalah, but not necessarily numerology, but the numbers I've listed above I'm fairly certain that the meanings are correct.

3) To the "Anonymous" person criticising individuals who don't know a lot about what we're discussing, I think nasty comments like that are totally unnecessary. Everyone here has a lot to learn, as none of us truly "knows" anything. These are all educated guesses blended with facts that draw us to conclusions that for all we know are only partially true if at all. If we are going to band together here, we have to remember we're all in the same boat and have to work together. Nobody starts out as an expert, so I think asking questions is great, it's a sign that this has caught the interest of someone new. If the goal is to pass the word, we cannot ridicule individuals who don't know everything there is to know on the topics discussed. It's foolishness and makes us no different than the "elite" and their "us vs. them" tactics.

4) Thank you to the person who said it starts with us because I agree with that wholeheartedly. The way they control us is through the media and processed food (among other things), so if we can limit that or at least balance the negative energy with positive, we are well on our way to staying "awake". In regards to diet, try drinking only water and eating only fruits, grains (not bread), veggies, fish/meat, and nuts or beans for one week and notice the difference in weight and mindset. This is what our caveman ancestors ate and what our bodies are built for. You cannot be or stay fat or depressed on this diet, especially if you're getting enough Vitamin C.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch "Lola's" new single title, "Fresh Out the Oven"? Seems a bit fitting given all this talk about electoshock, split personality, and her role in "The Cell" (which I found to be quite freaky after reading about MK'd celebs and re-watching it).

I think it's also important to note that not everyone is MK'd, but I'm betting we see a lot less of those folks in comparison.

I'm glad to see so many taking an interest to this stuff. It makes me feel a lot less alone and freaked out. Cheers Ben.

Anonymous said...

Jerry, here's another NKOTB fan, I always will be, despite their musical flops or other things. JORDAN&JOEY are my faves:) Regarding their MK-ing, I think that once they have been involved in showbiz, this is inevitable. Yet, they dont seem to be too much MK-ed, compared to others, Id say they are really reasonable. MK-ing has its degrees too: more, less, maximum... Dont forget MAURICE STARR was also behind NEW EDITION (with the late very troubled BOBBY BROWN). And this STARR name reminds me of MARIAH CAREY's helper, singer BRENDA STARR.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

watched that solo video of his. ridiculous amount of butterflies!

Anonymous said...

You should do an article on Tori Amos's life, and her new album Midwinter Graces coming out November 10th. Very occult.

Jack said...

Whoa! Clones? Did I use the word "clone" in my MJ post above? I did not. I said "stand ins" meaning those possibly behind MJ's death years ago MIGHT have used a series of stand-ins or doubles. I don't anything about clones.

Anyway, my rambling was just a theory ONLY because the person I saw announcing the "This is It" final tour and the person I saw on stage for the final rehearsal footage looked nothing alike.

Onto something else....

I have a friend who is a pretty good numerology expert. Businesses come to her to devise names for their products, etc. that will have a powerful numerology appeal to the masses.

I sent her the link to Stephen Gately's death because of the comments here regarding numerology. Especially the comment above from anonymous stating:

Stephen Gately SG = 17 in numerology,so he comes under the 17/33 category which you know there are a lot of.

Here is her email response to me:

Dear Jack,

In numerology, a person's name is both the outward and inner expression of their soul's urge and personality. It's broken down by the vowels and the consonants. However, it MUST be taken from the NAME ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Thus, it is to be assumed that Stephen Gately had a middle name on her birth certificate.

EVEN so, I do not know how this person arrived at the declaration that he was "17." Using traditional numerology where the letters are numbered 1 through 9 and then repeat that cycle with "J" starting the next nine numbers and so on, Stephen Gately expresses as 33+25 = 58 then 5+8 = 13 and then "4."

If someone is using the number code where each letter in the alphabet equals the consecutive numbers (i.e, A = 1, B = 2.....Z = 26), I still don't get a "17." Adding up STEPHEN GATELY with that approach comes to 157...and when you add those numbers up 1+5+7 you ironically also get a "13."

There is a Kabbalistic approach to numbers which some use and which was featured in a chapter of the late great astrologer Linda Goodman's book "Star Signs." Goodman wrote that "all other forms of numerology were akin to parlor games" and that the Kabbalistic number system was the only one that truly expressed the power of a name or word. The chart used is too complicated to go into here, but when I adopted that system to STEPHEN GATELY I get a 35/17. Added together, that's a "52" which is considered to be the same "compound" energy of "43" which is considered to be "an unfortunate number." It carries with it the energy of war, conflict, upheaval, repeated disappointment and failure."

Thus, according to the ancient text, IF this man was known publicly as Stephen Gately, THAT "Brand" or name was trouble and one where he should have inserted a middle initial between the two to alter the vibration.

******** end of email

So, there you have it. Something to chew on.


Anonymous said...

To the "Anonymous" person criticising individuals who don't know a lot about what we're discussing, I think nasty comments like that are totally unnecessary.

^^^I really hope this wasn't directed at me. If it was...People DO need to read before opening their mouths. There's nothing wrong with being ignorant, but don't attack those of us who know what we're talking about before you've done your homework.

If this was not directed at me, then cheers! :)

skrambo said...

Interesting that his first and only movie involved a satanic ritual. If that's not in-your-face symbolism, I don't know what is.

I too noticed the "5" theme amongst boy bands. There was even one simply called "5ive".

I sometimes wish I didn't completely avoid this MK culture altogether so that I could help out a little more...

"Lola" ("J. Lo"'s lolita alter) with the song "Fresh Out the Oven" reminds me of childbirth, makes sense to me (oddly) given the "lolita" theme. It seems to be a sickeningly popular MK theme going around lately, even my sister who is older than me will start talking like a baby out of nowhere which is disturbing...

Brenda said...


That compilation clip with J-Lo was seriously disturbing. I could not continue watching it as between the music and weird background voices embedded into the sound and the visuals, I felt like I was being put into an altered state. And I simply won't go there. That clip reminded me of something that would actually be used in MK programming. It was that sinister.

MindControl said...

Wrote this on Tori Amos and her new album Midwinter Graces. Feel free to respond.

Anonymous said...

A persons energy from their initials can also be used . This is where Stephen Gately was a 17 S=1,G=7.

Leona Lewis was assaulted at a book signing in London today (14/10/2009.)

Initials = L.L. = 33
Today's Date added = 1+4+1+0+2+0+0+9 = 17.
Surprise,surprise it's 17/33.

Anonymous said...

@ Jack - Please calm down. Stand-ins... clones... it's really not that big of a deal and was not said to start an uproar lol. My point was simply that that theory didn't make sense to me given the fact that they could have easily replaced him with someone who didn't have his skin disorder. Stars have admitted to having doubles for years, so to me it doesn't really matter if we're talking about stand-ins or clones. It's all weird.

@ Anonymous - I'm not sure if it was you who made the criticism about people not knowing much, but I think it's fair to say that this is a lot of information to read so I was failing to see your (if it was you) frustration when you could have simply allowed someone less frustrated to address the question. This site was one of the first places I started when I realised there was more to what's happening in our world than secret societies and the elite controlling our money. What Ben covers can be very difficult to read, but it lead me to a lot more information and sites that have helped me to understand I'm not alone and that this subject is like an onion... there are thousands of layers.

I meant no offense, I just don't think it's fair to judge or ridicule anyone who may have missed something or is not too knowledgeable about this stuff. It's a lot of information and most of us here have been at it for a while now. I welcome newbies, it's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I think the Kabbalalistic / Hebrew approach to numbers would have more relevance to how the elite use numbers than our more modern numerology, indeed, many of them are actually Kabbalists to some degree or another (there is a somewhat secret circle involving this that I've not quite been able to pin-point). The names, methods, and meanings are quite different when you compare modern numerology and Kabbalah (which is quite ancient and involves an entirely different language). Plus, some numerologists use the name a person is known by for some reason (I've not studied it enough to remember the exacts), in other words, it's not an exact science and there are varying viewpoints.

All that said, I can say with certainty that the number 7 is not the number of "Satan", it is the number of "God" ("Satan" being 9 and "Man" being 6). I quote the words because it is difficult to know for sure what "entities" the elite are referring to. So it just makes me wonder if the elite somehow work these numbers and meanings into their rituals... I'd be surprised if they didn't.

Anonymous said...

Jack, I understand what your friend is saying and she's right; they are
the rules of Numerology. But dark forces love to use people who have initials that match their numbers too as they believe that it heightens the intention. Look at my comment on Leona Lewis.

N said...

look at this it's fucking sick...;
"celebrate the new dark age":

I know satanism is getting alot of coolfactor buzz but this is worse than when sandals with images of jesus on were though of as being cool

Anonymous said...

Jack and Ben, I think there is more than one anon poster on here. Just to let you guys know,(I'm the person talking about initials and dates in numerology and how they've been used for darker purposes),that I am not the JUDGEMENTAL Anon making those comments. Happy Hunting,Guys!

Jack said...

I went to a used book store today and found Linda Goodman's "Star Signs." I've been using the Kabbalistic key she gives in the chapter on numerology and applying it to people I know and I'd have to say it's scary how right on the system is.

I guess one of my many questions in relation to how to the Elite use these people for sacrifices is how do they go about it? In the case of Stephen Gately, did someone in the inner circle happen to work out his name numerologically and then tell someone else who then tapped him for "the next sacrifice?" I mean, how does it work?

And then, furthermore, what does that sacrifice serve? I've heard that 9/11 here in the U.S. was a supreme sacrifice to the gods and the more I watch the footage from that day and talk to people who are really intuitive, the conclusion seems to be that the energy of that day was sinister and evil beyond words. But I'm not talking about Arab terrorists with box cutters creating that energy. Enough said, eh?

Anonymous said...

I believe in numerology even though it goes against the way I was raised (not to buy into superstitions...) because I know a woman who had horrible luck in love, career and money. She went to a numerologist and changed her name slightly (I think she added an initial or something) and her luck literally changed within weeks. It's as if these vibrations operate in our lives whether we choose to believe in them or not.

It's like you may not choose to believe that night will follow day, but it will happen nonetheless!

Jack said...

I think the Ancients from Egypt (Atlantis?) did tap into something using mathematics to create energy systems that sent vibratory fields that were either CONstructive or DEstructive. They somehow figured out which numbers put out which vibrational fields and then used those fields to benefit them and/or destroy others.

To me, it's like a wave. You can either go with it or against it. If you fight the wave, it makes it more difficult to swim.

Anonymous said...

Jack, you're right. This use of ancient mathematics is called Sacred Geometry.Now,understand that if a darker force taps into this positive energy,the fact that it is positive and deliberately being reversed and used for malicious intent, the energy of the intent is much stronger. The black art of Damned or Profane Geometry is all around us if we look.....the aerial view of Washington DC shows this and London City absolutely drips in it. Human Beings are constructed from Sacred Geometry as is every living thing. (Do you see the Fibonacci Rule in every species of plant?) However,this can be reversed in intention. Someone could pick the coordinates of a truly Holy Place and build a Satanic church there, or pick a Holy Day to commit a Satanic act,or use an innocent person to fit their plan.Can you imagine? Just the absolute tip of the iceberg. Hope I've explained ok....very tired.

Anonymous said...

Jack, I believe that there are 2 different reasons for these sacrifices. Some are to keep dark forces alive and active and others are to herald in the next Aeon which they want to be The Dark Age.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, the new video from BLACK EYED PEAS!!!


Jack said...

Hello, anon @21:00

You wrote:

This use of ancient mathematics is called Sacred Geometry.Now,understand that if a darker force taps into this positive energy,the fact that it is positive and deliberately being reversed and used for malicious intent, the energy of the intent is much stronger. The black art of Damned or Profane Geometry is all around us if we look.....the aerial view of Washington DC shows this and London City absolutely drips in it. Human Beings are constructed from Sacred Geometry as is every living thing. (Do you see the Fibonacci Rule in every species of plant?) However,this can be reversed in intention. Someone could pick the coordinates of a truly Holy Place and build a Satanic church there, or pick a Holy Day to commit a Satanic act,or use an innocent person to fit their plan.Can you imagine? Just the absolute tip of the iceberg

Yes! Yes! This makes sense! I was going to bring up the Fibonacci Rule but thought it would be way off topic. Glad you did.

So what you are saying is that someone could utilize the Sacred Geometry of a sacred or powerful place (say Glastonbury, which I've been to) and utilize it for evil? I always thought that if the coordinates were infused with enough sacred vibrations that the evil could not manifest only because my belief is that in the end, the light will always pierce the darkness.

I actually have been delving more into Sacred Geometry these last couple years. Here is an interesting site you might be intrigued by:

A friend gave me some of Cory's Sacred-G sheets and I've been playing around with them, putting water on them and noticing the taste is different, sleeping with the sheets under the mattress and having deep sleep and intense dreams...

I have a question for the anon poster who mentions this 17/33 phenomenon. I went to the secret sun site and really tried to understand the foundation of what this 17/33 means and there's nothing there to serve as an introduction to it. I'm fascinated by this because now I'm seeing a lot of "17's" pop up in the news along with "33" (a reality show my wife was watching the other night had the contestants chose from 33 covered plates; another show featured two 17-year-olds who were in reform school...) It seems that it's not just 17/33 but also 7/33. I'd like to know where this started and WHY it's being used. Much appreciated.

Also, here's something fascinating. As I said I bought Goodman's "Star Signs" book yesterday and I suggest anyone who wants to understand the Kabbalistic approach to numbers get a copy of this book. Anyway, here's a brief description of what Goodman gives the "compound" number of "17."

"This is a highly spiritual number and was expressed in symbolism by the ancient Chaldeans as the 8-pointed Star of Venus. The Star of Magi is the image of Love and Peace and promises that the person or entity it represents will rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life with the ability to conquer former failure in personal relationships and the career. 17 IS THE NUMBER OF IMMORTALITY AND INDICATES THE THE PERSON'S OR ENTITY'S NAME WILL LIVE AFTER HIM/HER..."

Is that not incredible? "Immortality." Sounds like something these sickos would love to latch onto.

So, if our poor boy Stephen Gately was a kind of "17" by virtue of his initials (and, by the way, in the Kabbalistic system, S & G are both "3" making "33"), then was Stephen's soul supposed to live on into immortality or was the person who *might* have had a hand in his sacrifice USING that power for HIS/HER own immortality?

As you can imagine, this is all quite "out there" and I can't discuss this sort of stuff with most people.

Any thoughts on this are welcome.


Anonymous said...

The band are apparently going to stay with his corpse overnight as he wouldn't like to be alone!

Am I right in thinking there's some ritual relevance to this?


Anonymous said...

it's a very common Irish catholic practice for friends and family to remain with their deceased loved ones overnight before the funeral.

Would not read too much into that aspect. As if there isn't enough other weird stuff about this death...

Anonymous said...

checkout this shit. My wife and had a close look at these in a store the other day. the pentagrams are made up of either 13 or 33 studs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack, You've got it exactly! Now that you're understanding on a deeper level how it works,you will never look at the world in the same way. I'm the same person who talked about 17/33. If you look at news stories all over the world at the moment this number just keeps popping up constantly. Stephen was almost certainly a sacrifice to harness that energy,which considering he had the 33 from his age as well,would have enhanced the intention immensely. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

this is all so fascinating, yet so depressing at the same time. i can't believe that people are chosen for ritual sacrifices based on their initials! i mean how unfortunate would you be?! and here i am performing music in the hope that it will lead me to the same people that probably carry out these murders. am i mad? i mean what if i get in there and they like my initials (;...does that i'd be dead meat?! i'm worried for other celebrities now aswell, like leona lewis after that weird punching incident and then theres rihanna (can't "beat" a bit of her!) and then you have cheryl cole with those DEADLY initials. CC - 33. will she be next? shes absolutely everywhere at the moment, wonder if they'll chew her up and spit her out when they've had enough of her? this is mental, no wonder they say ignorance is bliss i can't hack it

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack, I didn't explain myself very well in last post so here goes. Satanists love the numbers 7 17 77 that I know of. I have been told that these are spiritual numbers,but have not been able to come to a final desicion to know this for sure. They cloud the truth with so much smoke. If this is the case then that would go a long way to explain why THEY love it so much and use it extensively in their plans. The masonic 33 elevates it even higher. If you've figured this already,then apologies and welcome to the Light Side.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, The initials are not always deadly,just useable. But know that anyone with these initials must be alert. My own are CC and my life has been a nightmare from the start. Stay away from ALL New Age practises,stay alert and strive to be a good person. There isn't a lot more you can do.

Anonymous said...

Forgot one thing - they loooove double initials too and twins.

Anonymous said...

i've noticed that those whose initials add up to 13 seem to be living the good life! (in terms of wealth at least, anyway) examples -Robbie Williams, Sean Combs (known as P Diddy) and Shawn Carter (known as Jay-Z) weird huh i'm guessing its something to do with the 13 steps that lead to the top of the masonic pyramid (they're at the "top", oh i get it now!) lol

oh and p diddy is ALWAYS banging on about "energy" on his twitter posts. i feel like asking him, where the hell do you get it all from?! he nearly always mentions god and angels aswell. perhaps he's sacrificed a few people and taken their spiritual/good energy from them! and now he's immortal...oh noooo

Anonymous said...

Anon - interesting. What formula are you using to come up with these numbers? I calculate Sean Coombs to be an 11 - a satanically illuminated being. Note, satanically illuminated is not always by birth;this could be knowingly/knowingly used from any point in the persons life by themselves(upon point of discovery,)or knowingly by darker forces.

Anonymous said...

Anon,note;those whose numbers add up to 13 and live a hedonistic life have sold their soul.

Anonymous said...

Anon, plus, Sean Coombs and Jay-Z keep banging on because they are Masonists! Do you see Jay-Z with the hand signals in his videos. One of his songs has the lyrics,"Illuminati rule my mind,soul and body." Come on guys,no ones hiding anything. THEY LOVE TO SHOW OFF TO EACH OTHER THINKING THAT WE CAN'T SEE.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,I meant knowingly/unknowingly.

Jack said...

I thought I'd take the time to post the Kabbalistic number system from Linda Goodman's book as it seems there are too many number systems out there to definitively determine a person's name.

I can't go into the various definitions that she delves into for each compound number (numbers above 9) but I've already partially copied her explanation of "17" above which was chilling to me....

OK. Here goes. Have fun!

A = 1

B = 2

C = 3

D = 4

E = 5

F = 8

G = 3

H = 5

I = 1

J = 1

K = 2

L = 3

M = 4

N = 5

O = 7

P = 8

Q = 1

R = 2

S = 3

T = 4

U = 6

V = 6

W = 6

X = 5

Y = 1

Z = 7

I have NO idea how this system was created so please don't ask me. But as you can see, it's far different than the western numerology system. I agree with the anon poster above that most likely the Elite are using something like this to determine their energy power. According to Linda Goodman, THIS system is the one that carries the power and potential for great good or great destruction.

Anonymous said...

Jack, don't try to decipher from one system,THEY are aware of all number systems and use all. THEY love numbers and ritual. Good Hunting.

Lisa said...

Have you seen this article about Leona Lewis getting punched in the face by a fan?

Makes me wonder if she somehow just wouldn't go along with something.....or just won't 'break'....some kind of trauma to intimidate and frighten her?

Anonymous said...

Jack,did you know FOX = 666. Fox news? Surely ultimately owned by the Rockefeller of the 13 Satanic bloodlines - anon 21:00

Jack said...

I understand that they work with various number systems. But it does seem that ancient systems that have a strong core in the occult would be preferred.

I keep forgetting to thank Brenda for recommending that book she mentioned on another comment form. It's the one by Laurel Dewey titled REDEMPTION. I'm reading it right now and can't put it down. What's intriguing now that I've heard about this whole 17/33 thing is that 17 comes into play with an intricate character in the book and "33" is ALL over the story and used in very creative ways.

I'm sure Dewey is aware of the hidden agenda based on what I've read so far. The book is a great crime thriller with a mystical overlay. She uses the symbols of various birds to move the story in a very original way. The book could certainly be enjoyed simply on the crime aspect but I think there's another layer there for those clued into the covert world. Amazon readers have given it five stars across the board so I'm not the only one who thinks it's great reading. So, thanks Brenda for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Heralding in the Old - That's why they prefer the Ancient(DARK)System- Anon@9:00

Anonymous said...

Jack,just looked at your link; Cory Herter looks seriously MK'd. Look at SG2. Anon @21:00

Jack said...

@anon 19:34

Not sure what SG2 relates to.

I've heard Herter interviewed and telling his story. While I don't consider him well spoken (he spends far too much time saying, "Humm" and seemingly being nervous during interviews), his story is compelling. He's had many near death and even death experiences and claims to have received a lot of his info on Sacred Geometry via his times on the "other side" and through study.

Yes, I think he looks "odd" but I don't get a dirty vibe from him. I know someone who has died on the operating table and was considered dead and then brought back to life and they have a certain "look" in their eye now that is different. But it's not evil, just like someone who has seen the other side and is not afraid. My friend, just like Cory, is not afraid of death because he said to me that what he experienced during his time on the other side was the greatest freedom and feeling of love he's ever felt in his life.

Anonymous said...

New stuff :)


Anonymous said...

MEGHAN MCCAIN's tattoo. Havent we seen this before lol?

Anonymous said...

The remaining Boyzone members have all gotten tattoos to mark Stephen's death:

One of the tattoos is a serpent.

Anonymous said...

The whole funeral is a Boyzone Production and not a Gately family funeral. It's all getting so creepy.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, if you get a minute, or 2.43, check out Snow White and 7 Dwarves on utube, Hi Ho, watch them throw the bags (O's) into the barn door (Z).

Also, Ian Brown, FEAR, towards the end when he is cycling he goes over a sequence of decreasing numerical road markings 1120 - 1099 (approx), 11.11 is missing.


Anonymous said...

@anon 8:48

definitely weird. how they can even think about/find time to go and all get tattoos? and have you watched their press conference, they all look emotionless the lot of them.

i feel so angry about this, i don't know why but i felt less angry when MJ died!

skrambo said...

'He stared a friendship with a couple of lads whose names he does not know. That after a while, in this bar, they left together to another bar called Black Cat, staying there until approx 4am - and they invited him to accompany them home to carry on having a few drinks.

'On sitting him up they saw his lips and face were blue and that liquid was coming out of his mouth.

Seems like poisoning...

Anonymous said...

@anon 16:02

yes, in the song "D'evils" Jay-Z pretty much admits to being a freemason. i know it well.

here are the full lyrics:

"Dear God, I wonder can you save me?" [Snoop Dogg]
"Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body..."
"Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"[Snoop Dogg]
"Secret society, tryin' to keep they eye on me..."
"Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"[Snoop Dogg]
"Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body..."
"Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"[Snoop Dogg]

[Verse 1]
This shit is wicked on these mean streets
None of my friends speak
We're all tryin' to win, but then again

Maybe it's for the best though, cause when they're seein' too much
You know they're tryin' to get you touched

Whoever said illegal was the easy way out couldn't understand the
And the workings of the underworld, granted
Nine to five is how to survive, I ain't tryin' to survive
I'm tryin' to live it to the limit and love it a lot
Life ills, poison my body
I used to say 'fuck mic skills,' and never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti
That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it
Ain't askin' for forgiveness for my sins,
I break bread with the late heads, picking their brains for angles on
all the evils that the game'll do
It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us
And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils...


[Verse 2] (about former best friend Damon Dash)

We used to fight for building blocks
Now we fight for blocks with buildings that make a killin'
The closest of friends when we first started
But grew apart as the money grew, and soon grew black-hearted
Thinkin' back when we first learned to use rubbers
He never learned so in turn I'm kidnappin' his baby's mother
My hand around her collar, feeding her cheese
She said the taste of dollars was shitty so I fed her fifties
About his whereabouts I wasn't convinced
So I kept feedin' her money 'til her shit started to make sense
Who could ever forsee, we used to stay up all night at slumber parties
now I'm tryin' to rock this bitch to sleep
All the years we were real close
Now I see his fears through her tears, know she's wishin' we were still close
Don't cry, it is to be
In time, I'll take away your miseries and make 'em mine, D'Evils...


[Verse 3]
My flesh, no nigga could test
My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses

The exorcist, got me doin' skits like Homie
You don't know me, but the whole world owe me
Was thought to be a pleasant guy all my fuckin' life
So now I'm down for whatever, ain't nothing nice

Throughout my junior high years it was all friendly
But now this higher learnin' got the Remy in me
Liquors invaded my kidneys
Got me ready to lick off, mama forgive me

I can't be held accountable, D'Evils beating me down, boo
Got me runnin' with guys, makin' G's, tellin' lies that sound true
Come test me, I never cower
For the love of money, son, I'm givin' lead showers

Stop screamin', you know the demon said it's best to die
And even if Jehovah witness, bet he'll never testify, D'Evils...

now, tell me HOW could ANYONE on this earth read these lyrics and NOT believe he is a freemason. he has so many fans, but to be honest with songs like this i don't know how? are people really this deaf?!

by far this is the most disturbing song i have heard in my entire life!

Anonymous said...


I did at first suspect it was punishment, however I also noticed it changed from a 'slap' to a punch within minutes on news feeds around the world.

personally, I think they are just capitalising on the whole scenario, which in itself shows a lot in regard to leona/her pr team.

interesting that hes been sectioned, its pretty hard to be sectioned under the mental health act(even suicidal people who continuously cost them a fortune fail most of the time in modern day britain.)

so Im guessing he either went wacko during the interview, or had previous mental health issues so they assumed that hes a nutjob. or that hes been fixed up.

Anonymous said...

Animal prints frenzy

Anonymous said...

Speaking of animal prints, check out SJP's new fragrance bottles:

Just an argument with her mom?

SEAL&HEIDI on Halloween 2006:


Anonymous said...

Ben, I found 2 extremely interesting characters. And I mean EXTREMELY... DASH SNOW (related to UMA THURMAN) and guitarist of MANIC STREET PREACHERS, RICHEY EDWARDS.


Anonymous said...

On Icke forum about RICHEY EDWARDS:


Anonymous said...

Sorry if someone has already mentioned this,(couldn't see it in posts); has anyone noticed the second "O" in Boyzone? This is a blatant Satanic symbol.

David Furnish banging on about Stephen's "ENERGY" in todays tabloids....(17/10/2009). By the way,today's date calculates to 11, without breaking the day - an Illuminated number loved and used by many.

Jack said...

I just found this website which can allow anyone to enter a name of any kind to determine the Ancient number and what that number means. This is according to the Chaldean System (Ancient Kabbalistic) that is written extensively about in Linda Goodman's "Star Signs."

Lengthy interpretations are given once you select the proper COMPOUND button. Remember to ALWAYS see what the COMPOUND number is before you break it down as different compound numbers resonate with different vibrations.


Anonymous said...

what do you make of this

i thought mikey looked genuinely upset in the first pic.

bit odd that elton john was too busy "on tour" to attend though?

Jack said...

From the daily mail article above:

All of four have an 'S' for Stephen and the numbers 76 09, the years of his birth and death.
A source said: 'The tattoos were done as a mark of respect for Stephen.'

OK. Add 76 and 09 and you get 85, broken down to 13. When I worked out Stephen Gately's name with the classical numerology, 13 kept coming up each time. Odd.

When I see numbers on a tattoo (something that is almost like writing a message in stone) I feel that the significance is worth looking closely at.

Oh, and I'm sure Elton John thought he was too above it all to attend the funeral. You know, "don't want to take the 'energy' away from Stephen...."


Anonymous said...

Did you see the DATE OF STEPHEN'S BIRTH?

THE 17th!!!!!!!!!!

P2P said...


doesn't the story of the following urls woman sound kinda mind controlled, or am I just tripping?

Anonymous said...

A lot of pyramids&strings in MIKA's new release:


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 17 October 2009 08:57

Do you remember Terry Gilliam making the exact same comment about the deceased Heath Ledger - praising his energy?

Anonymous said...

s'all about the energy. thankfully, i'm not a person who has much of it


Anonymous said...

Now this is interesting.

Apparently according to the "brothers" in Boyzone, SG was "Disney Mad" and made at least two trips a year to "the magic kingdom"...

There are also planning a second funeral for his showbiz freinds which will not be open to the public.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 19/10 @ 05:24 - I remember Terry Gilliam's statement well.

Here's something else I noticed; "The Boys" have announced that Stephen was to be buried in his "favourite red Nike shoes." Red shoes(ruby slippers), are a blatant symbol of sexual abuse/mind trauma. Nike is the Greek Goddess/Daimon of Victory. She is pictured with wings,holding a FLAMING TORCH,who's symbol is left on/around many high profile sacrificial victims. Anon @08:57

Brenda said...

Anon @ 14:50

Can you please expound on the FLAMING TORCH symbol left on/around many high profile sacrificial victims? Where/When has this happened before?

Anonymous said...

Hint at her being an object IMO:


Anonymous said...

Understand what kind of mind control and level you are under (while you look for pyramids in music videos.) Anything to keep us distracted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
s'all about the energy. thankfully, i'm not a person who has much of it


LOL ...funny.

Anonymous said...

joss stones new album is called colour me free with her on the cover behind bars or a cage, her body is contorted with one eye symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Re: Joss Stones' new album....while I can't tell from the cover I saw on TV, it looks like her body parts are actually NUMBERED. Very disturbing shot. Fragmented reality?

Don't they number parts like that on a cow when they are showing people what parts to purchase?

Brenda said...

Add up the random numbers that are scattered on Stones' album cover and they equal 63. 6+3 = 9.

There are other "9's" on the cover. One at the bottom right in the grey area and her fingers (8+1) adds up to "9."

So, gotta ask, what the significance of NINE is???

Seriously disturbing image, IMO. Joss cut up into body pieces in a cage with a "This Way Up" cargo sign below???? WTF??? It's gotta be representing her leg too because of the tattoo on it.

Think Joss signed off on this cover with a big thumbs up??? I don't. And if she did, she has big issues.

Benjamin S said...

Thanks for all the comments, good to see some people getting into the numerology side of things too which I focused on more earlier in the blog. Oh yeah and respect to the Tony Blair heckler today, should have thrown a shoe though!

Interesting about Joss' latest cover, Rihanna's new one looks pretty disturbing too (wrapped in black barbed wire, chain, corset, one eye emphasised), called RUSSIAN ROULETTE.

How do they get away with putting Miley (I was pretty amazed that they would so blatantly put the Monarch butterfly on her official site thanks to the commenter who pointed that out, it's like they're confirming what I'd been saying!) in a SPIKED COLLAR and black leather elbow high gloves for the Sex and the City sequel (random note; I recently watched an old TV show with Kim CATtrall in an interesting role; called 'Wild Palms' about mind control, "a drama about the dangers of brainwashing through technology and drugs", seems to parody a mixture of the Scientology cult and transhumanism, it has some problems but it is interesting and has a bit of symbolism in it).

jerry_beck said...

when i see Kim Catrall i always think of her role in Manequin movie where she played the title role...her role in sex and the city as is also telling...she is definately MK'd and worth the post on Pseudooccult

Anonymous said...

Brenda - The Flaming torch,also called The Torch of Isis,is used as a "calling card."

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,check out Kanye West's new video. He stabs himself and a little demon comes out of him.

Jack said...


Aw, those THAT'S why Kanye messed with Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the VMAs! The demon made him do it!

Brenda said...

Thanks, anon @13:22 for the links. I'm going to look into this symbolism as I used to see it on buildings in around the downtown Los Angeles area where the Art Deco period was popular. Had no idea it was a kind of calling card. Really?????

So much Egyptian lore here. I went to Egypt back in 1994 and I wish to Horus I'd paid more attention to the tour guide. It was a whirlwind tour of temples and digs and I couldn't take it all in then. I was on overwhelm. And then I got the dreaded Nile Crud and was down for 4 days. But I do remember a carving on one of the temple walls that was pretty eye-opening: it was the figure of a man/beast extending his man/beast penis and inserting it into a priestess. At least, I think she was a priestess. I took a photo of it, against the wishes of the temple director who didn't want us to see the carving. That was way before digital cameras so I have it around here somewhere in my heap of photos. Gotta dig that one out....


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,got to sign up so you know it's me...but;have you thought about this,(new to site,so don't know if it's been mentioned,and I hope I'm wrong. Madeleine McCann - MM turned on it's side = Masonic 33. Kate McGann - MK reversed. Went missing on 03/05/2007 = 17;initials + date = 17/33. "Cuddle cat" toy,CC = 33....Praia da Luz = Beach of Light. Even the detective's initials GA are 17. I really don't want this one to be true.

Anonymous said...

@anon 14:01 i have always suspected the whole madeleine mcann thing was some sort of inside job/set up. cheers for pointing that out, pretty much sums it up for me

has anybody seen lily allen's new video yet? very interesting indeed, she kidnaps an elton john lookalike, ties him up and holds him hostage in her house then forces him to declare his love for her. yep, pretty hilarious but at the same time theres something seriously dark about it...dunno if the videos up on youtube yet but i'll have a look for it. its supposed to be to do with the "fall out" they had after her drunken swearing episode at an awards ceremony (hate her, but they're both as arrogant and pig headed as each other imo) anyways, its pretty weird and i noticed one of those big goat head things on the wall in it, which seem to be appearing a lot in pop videos these days (spotted them in at least 2 of lady gaga's, but no surprise there eh)

p.s kim cattrall can't be mk'd, i love her!!

Anonymous said...

^^ Oh boy, you gotta get over that kind of thinking, man! The majority of them have been controlled, and being likeable has nothing to do with it!.

Nike's symbol is the "SWOOSH" which is representative of saturn [satan] also red is a satanic ritualistic color.

Anonymous said...

Please post that picture, Brenda of the Egyptian carving. I would really like to see it. I think it may answer some questions for me.

Brenda said...

First I have to find the photo and then I'd have to take a digital photo of it in order for it to be seen.

This will take some digging.....

fL@eY said...

could anyone explain me why does Lady gaga in her clip Paparazzi and Beyonce and her clip Sweet dreams are wearing the same metal clothes?????

As evidence in this link:

What means this kind of synchronocity?

The Kool Skool said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Kool Skool said...

Amazing! I hope you don't mind I added a few images to a photoblog we run, you are fully credited & linked!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the "S" tatoos the guys got stand for Stephen. I truly believe they are initiation tatoos.

Anonymous said...

01/11/09 - Satanic music on X Factor and Louis Walsh flipping the Satanists beloved "horns" sign - we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

CREDO (THE DEVIL'S CURSE) was set to be filmed in a Masonic Lodge in London (Marble Arch) that had recently been vacated, but the filmmakers were forced to switch locations due to unexplained events that occurred in the building. See the writer/producer's blog for the creepy details.

Anonymous said...

wheres the article on Aaliyah or more Beyonce involvement with the occult?

xeclecticpassionx said...

Interesting Stephen Gately post! Did you know that some 6 months prior to his death, there was a 'Most Haunted' special with Boyzone and Louis Walsh? They went to a place in Scotland I believe, in which black magic had been performed in the past. Of all the members, Stephen was the most freaked out (or certainly acted the most freaked out) at the allegations, and there was a part in which all members were asked to walk through the inverted pentagram where a satanic ritual had been performed in the past- Stephen seemed terrified in doing it, and for some reason I recalled this as soon as I heard about his death, and was suspicious. Maybe if you're a satanist and do this, you get some kind of spiritual revenge, as maybe the demons see it as disrespect, who knows?

On another note I've noticed freemasonic themes in Lily's Allen song 'the fear' 'I'll look at the sun, and I'll look in the mirror' (never really understood that lyric until recently, but I get it now- sun deities- mirror as a medium of contact with spirits. Also that the song is called 'the Fear' and says that she's being taken over with it, but never states what this fear is of. Florence and the Machine also have a lot of Illuminati-inspired videos too, I've noticed...

p.s. keep making new observations, your blog is excellent. It's certainly crazy how many young-ish celebrities have died untimely deaths in the last year!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the work & research you undertake. I know this is an old post but am happy to have stumbles across it today. I found myself watching the following link;
Boyzone talk About the death of Stephen Gately on Sky News. I know from reading comments on here some of you have watched this clip on Sky News.
I was wondering if any of you picked up on some of the hand gestures. First of all, at the start of the video the guy (sorry not a Boyzone fan) far right blatantly uses the pyramid hand-signal, the blonde in the middle uses this symbol on a larger scale (similar to Angela Merkel's-Chancellor of Germany- famous pyramid hand sign) whilst talking using his hands, they all look rather zoned out, well the guys on the far right and second left.
The guy on the second left sits arms clearly folded in the masonic arm fold! Whilst the guy on the far left who is using the Masonic X The Illuminist/Masonic meaning of the X is simply this: It is the sign of Osiris, the great (Egyptian) sun God. We see this a lot X X-factor, X-Files, the list goes on. Well really I wanted to know if anyone agrees with me, or am I imagining this? I guess not, the more our eyes are opened the more we see!! Keep up the good work! & I look forward to a reply:)

M___T_____ said...

Ali Walker - in case you've not figured this out yet, though it was a while ago you posted - know that X is associated with Saturn, the sun the Egyptians appeared to be heralding. It also stands for the unknown, in the case of X-Files. But this is why Xmas is Xmas, Saturnalia festival, why the archetypal hero-type figure Jesus was crucified on a cross, the unfolded cube (hexagram), yada yada. I apologise if I mislead you, I don't know if Saturn leads to something else, but my current understanding is that it is EVERYTHING. It's everywhere and everything. Saturn is associated with the root chakra, primal, carnality. What's at the crown? Is that the sun? Salvation? That's the question. Keep searching, stay true, remain well :)

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