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Shakira: Freedom is a Lie

Apologiez for the long delay in posting this, I was reluctant to do much work on it for some reason (it's messy and could have obviously used some kind of conclusion/summary [make your own] but it's probably just about readable, to be honest I just wanted to put it up so I can move on, let me know if there are any errors or have forgotten something major and I'll correct if necessary tomorrow); anyway here it is.

For this post I will be focusing on Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the artist born and raised in Colombia, Barranquilla (cocaine smuggling hot spot). Shakira is probably it's most lucrative export, after cocaine of course (apologiez for the tired but probably true stereotype of Colombia, the establishment have always wanted a drugged up populace, intelligence agencies like MI6/CIA are actively involved in drug smuggling; most of America's cocaine comes from Colombia keeping the masses dependent, highly suggestible and thus easily controlled/manipulated). Anyway before I get to Shakira's latest, 'She Wolf' dehumanization release, it's best to start at the beginning with artists like this who are comparable to Britney (in terms of their early starts in the industry, transformed/manufactured image and such).

Shakira's very first single was from 1991 when she was only 13 years old, called 'Magia' meaning Magic/Magick (from her debut album of the same name). This is a big clue about her possibly being controlled by the esoteric/occult/magickal orders that run the show, but from a non-conspiratorial perspective I find this a little creepy considering she was just 13 and probably "wrote" this a few years before that (she had been writing poems/songs many years prior, Monarchs are always given some sort of creative activity to keep their right brain active, you want them to be clever and creative, Shakira is known for having a particularly high IQ; so Monarch slave performers do some times actually write their own material, depending on the individual's mind), the guy in the video seems much older than her too. Here are the lyrics to the song, which have the standard mind control suggestions (of being controlled mentally by handler/programmer, being 'under his spell' lacking any free-thought; under the guise of the being "in love"):
Magic, I feel Magic
For a short time something new is born in me
Magic, I feel Magic
When you speak to me I tremble, is like that
I'm always confused
I don't listen to what they tell me
I only think that you are close to me
Magic, It's your gaze
As the moon shakes me until the end
Magic, I feel Magic
If I'm with you in destiny I'm happy
They even say that I see ghosts, or that I am in trouble
And the reason is that I love you until I die
And it's like this, I can't even go to sleep
I spend all day thinking of you
I live bewitched because of you
And it's like this, that I live only for you, don't know how to study
Don't know how to go out, don't know what magic you've done in me
Magic, I feel magic
As the moon shakes me until the end
Magic, I feel magic
If I'm with you in the desert I'm happy
And it's like this, I can't not even go to sleep
I spend all day thinking of you
I live bewitched because of you
And it's like this that I only live for you, don't know how to study
Don't know how to go out, don't know what magic you've done in me
And it's like this.. oh

Feeling the magick? The video after Magia was set in a zoo. When Shakira was barely age 16 when she did her first highly sexual bikini photo shoot, she did this at the same age as Miley Cyrus is currently; imagine the uproar if Miley did one of these!

The photo above is Shakira's giant statue in Barranquilla with the children in synchronistically telling poses which I found a little humorous (the boy humping Shakira's leg [not literally] and the girl copying her [often sexually charged] dance moves [a microcosm of people like Shakira's effect on young people]).

As mentioned before, Shakira has been performing/writing from a very young age, her first poem that she wrote at age 4 was titled 'The Crystal Rose' which sounds like it would have mind control themes in it based on the title. Also at age 4 her father took her to an Arabic restaurant with music, "Before she knew it, Shakira was dancing on the table, as restaurant patrons responded by clapping enthusiastically [at the 4 year old table dancer Shakira?]. It was then that Shakira said she knew she wanted to be a performer. She enjoyed singing for schoolmates and teachers (and even the nuns) at her Catholic school, but in the second grade was rejected for the school choir because her vibrato was too strong. The music teacher told her that she sounded "like a goat".[19][20] At school, she says she had been known as "the belly dancer girl", as she would demonstrate every Friday at school a number she had learned.[19] "That's how I discovered my passion for live performance," she says." So she started belly dancing at age 4, here is a quote from the book Shakira Woman Full of Grace (copied from here) which is extremely suggestive of Monarch generational programming: ""My first encounter with dance was when I was four years old and I began to belly dance." What is curious is that no one had taught her. "It's proof that a collective, genetic memory really exists because as long as I've been aware, as soon as I hear the beat of a Derbeque [Doumbek beat putting her into a trance/alter-state probably due to programming] my hips begin to move instantly, without any effort at all!"" She also said: "As a child, I fell in love with performing. I felt a deep, profound calling even then, and I knew my destiny was tied to the performing arts. I knew I wanted to be on stage, because that was where I felt most comfortable." Anyway my point here is that her life has been well 'ordered' since birth; her early programming included learning the alphabet by 18 months

"I've always liked to perform, it comes as naturally to me as barking does to a dog."

She was on one of those reality karaoke singing competition things (usually fixed) called 'Sera El Angel' (Will Be the Angel), they had her singing (former?) mind controlled slave Madonna's song La Isla Bonita, you will often find future mind controlled stars invoking the older ones (the example for them to follow). Note all the masks on the wall symbolizing the lost identities of future programmed 'angels' (see further down for interesting butterfly wings video too) like Shakira.

They did a good job of turning her into Britney, for a while anyway. The below image looks scarily like Britney using that programmed lolita-style 'cute' expression/pose.

'Magia' was followed by the album 'Peligro' (Danger) contains more occult themes with a single from it titled literally 'Witchcraft' (translated from Spanish title 'Brujeria'), with typical lyrics such as "It's like a coven by hiding, between my fantasies in the skin that encourages not. No-yes. I met a gypsy of a cat. The feathers of an owl and the tree of cilantro, yes. Yes-no. He tells me my emotions not deny me today, your broom and climb and became. What kind of witchcraft dominates my heart?..."(couldn't find a decent English translation apologiez, but you get the idea), and more handler associated songs like 'You Will Be My Life Story' (by Desmond Child) and 'You Control My Destiny', below is a short clip of her performing the latter (at around age 17), notice all the five pointed stars/pentagrams everywhere, she is standing within an encircled pentagram (five pointed stars are nearly always meant to represent pentagrams when used in the media).

While we're on the subject Shakira's magick/occult themes, here is a promotional photo shoot featuring Shakira with an occult crystal ball, using it inside a circular platform with pentagram inside, notice the stars + crescent moon background and Shakira's jewelry (ruby inside a dagger looking thing on her chain).

Apparently a Catholic, what is she doing wearing an earlier form of the Christian crucifix, an ancient Egyptian occult Ankh (symbol of eternal life, the sun, represents Venus too).

She obviously also wears the later Christian version of the Ankh, the crucifix (note one eye covered in this promo shot).

The solar Celtic cross is another sun symbolic cross (they all pretty much symbolize the sun) variant her handlers have put her in for photo shoots.

The 'Evil Eye'/All Seeing Eye favoured by the Illuminists is another symbolic/magickal pendant her handlers have given her at some point (blank expression with eyes partially covered suggesting she metaphorically "can't see properly").

As well as official photoshoots they had her wearing this at one of the always ritualistic MTV VMA awards back in 2007, oh yeah and don't forget to notice the Nazi Iron Crosses, every free thinking person's favourite fashion accessory!

In the As Above So Below Baphomet traditional pose (index + middle fingers extended together; one arm up one down) below (wearing the all seeing eye/Iron Cross, that shirt probably has some symbolic motifs on it too).

Shakira wearing a Black Sabbath occult T-Shirt.

Returning to Shakira's earlier videos, her video for Pies Descalzos, Sue Blancos ('Bare Feet, White Dreams') has some interesting themes (note album cover with Shakira looking pretty tranced), the song seems to be a social critique (see translation, about people going along with their generational programming, the masses go along with the way things are because they [and their parents, grandparents etc] have not known any different thanks to the "elites" manipulation of society over centuries); the typical "elite" masquerade ball is the main part of the video, with Shakira singing in a couple of duality (black/white) symbolic outfits (stripes in a field of people/mannequins with their torsos stuck in the ground [people with their heads in the sand, ignorant about how society has been manipulated by the "elite"], their legs sticking out; in the other scene Shakira sings in she is playing in a toilet with the masked elite watching her). Some more symbolic imagery with a gluttonous Eve (original sin; the "elite" are all about "eating the forbidden fruit"), an aged bride and such.

Her video for Ciega Sordomuda (Blind, Deaf-mute) contains some interesting MK imagery and the lyrics are just as mind control suggestive (and compare some of them to the 'Magia' ones and you should notice a pattern, "so confused" "I'm always confused"):
I run out of conversation
All my logic disappearing
Everytime I feel your presence
Anytime that you are nearing
This love is not comprehending
Doesn't follow rhyme or reason
Always feeding on pretending
What it's guilty of is treason
This love has got me feeling
All I feel is when
My head is spinning
Right over my heels
If I try to stand
I fall right down again
When you're close to me
I'm rendered useless
So confused
I'm blinded speechless
Without hearing
Awkward backward
Barely breathing
So much I wanna win you
Look what you've turned me into...

The video starts by showing a couple of Shakira's alters with one wearing a black wig, silver (robotish) outfit, insanely high black bondage heels. And another one wearing sex-kitten leopard print using a hula hoop (spinning).

The cops put kitten Shakira in handcuffs leading to the above cage/cuffs symbolic scene in the back of the cop car. The police are actually robots probably symbolizing programmed New World Order stormtroopers (the masses are blindfolded at one point too probably symbolizing their ignorance, blindfolding is also a standard part of iniation rituals), or the many themselves programmed programmers who keep these individuals in line. Note the tazer electroshock below, showing electroshock programming method used in creating mind controlled 'robots'.

Escapees from the symbolic prison (of mental slavery) dance in a club, one wearing the sex kitten suggestive pink wig.

Another hugely MK symbolic scene as Shakira hides from the robot police (with smiley face stickers on their helmets) pretending to be a mannequin head.

The robotic riot police start malfunction with more electric symbolism.

The video for No Creo ("I don't believe") has a lot of checkerboard symbolism with dissociation themes (going in the bath and imagining she's in a room filled with water, jumping out the window into a grassy land filled with Wonderland type eccentric figures), and has many of the Illuminist's pawns (Karl Marx etc) pictured on walls.

Ojos Asi (Eyes Like Yours [the lyrics are typical "can't live without your black eyes" type stuff]) features some typical Illuminati eye worship as the spectators are put into a Bacchic style frenzy underneath the watchful All Seeing Eye made of green neon light (note the single cover's one eye/half face symbolic photo). Shakira plays the part of the ritual goddess here, with a serpent drawn on her arm. Note the green eye is surrounded by sun symbolism, showing the all seeing eye/Horus/sun worship connection.

At the finale the ritual is completed with a standard lighting of whatever ritual object is being worshiped (i.e. KKK cross burnings etc), which felt very Luciferian.

Shakira - Antologia on MUZU.
Her live performance of 'Antologia' (I think it's also used as the video) shows some of the symbolism employed in her live shows, the usual occult sun and moon worship, at the end of the performance (see video above) gold butterflies flutter around Shakira and the stadium.

Moving on to her breakthrough into the English speaking market, the video 'Whenever Wherever' (standard handler lyrics like [paraphrased] 'doing anything to be with you', most of her lyrics follow this theme) directed by Francis Lawrence (made Britney's 'I'm a Slave' + many other MK'd performers) I think shows some naturalistic 'as above so below' symbolism with Shakira submerged under water and standing at the top of a mountain (some usual sun symbolism behind her, an owl drops down and other symbolic scenes [she does some Egyptian ritual death poses]).

Her video for 'NO' has some good Monarch mind control symbolism as throughout the video she builds her butterfly wings which she eventually wears in the industrial backdrop, the train tracks symbolizing her being mentally 'stuck on rails' and the butterfly wings motif overtly representing freedom is entirely ironic (she's a Monarch butterfly trapped on the 'freedom train').

La Tortura (The Torture) has the half face motif which symbolizes the split mind (with half the face "split apart" from the visible half here) involved in programming through psychological trauma (you'll often find this motif on movie/book covers symbolizing this) on it's cover, which makes sense considering it's literally called the torture. In the video Shakira has an alter-ego belly dancing covered in black paint/oil (I think symbolizes the feeling of being 'dirty' after abuse/rape; psychologically feeling unclean due to the violation [also probably has something to do with a 'darker second skin']), the sex portrayed in the video looks suggestively violent too.

I thought this live video of 'Octova Dia' was worth showing, at least it shows she (or her handlers) are politically aware (you'll probably never see something like this at a Britney concert), it shows Bush and Saddam Hussein playing chess, then death controlling them as marionette puppets. But I'm fairly skeptical that this was sincere because it was "cool" to say that kind of thing around the time of the nonsensical (to most) Iraq war. "she said that sometimes governments do not represent their people nor make the right decisions because "governments are controlled by just a few."" referring to the "elite"/Illuminist global cabal that run the show, but also own her (through Sony Music), having this in her concert may just be them displaying arrogance (showing off that they're in charge of both sides of the symbolic global chess/checkerboard).
I'm going to skip her other videos (not that there aren't pertinent things in them) and just quickly cover a few of her bigger hits 'Hips Don't Lie', 'Beautiful Liar' with Beyonce and the latest one 'She Wolf' before rounding this post off. On the cover of Hips Don't Lie they went with the Luciferian flame, Shakira being the ritualistic 'light bearer' for it. The video itself (directed by Sophie Muller), basically has Shakira dancing in a ritualistic carnival type scene among others. Performing with Wyclef Jean, who seems to also be quite socially aware about things like how his homeland of Haiti was raped and literally enslaved (perfect for the CIA to exploit it's situation in getting cheap mind controlled slaves, see Cathy O'Brien for info [+ some info I linked to], there is even a line in the lyrics about the 'CIA wanting to watch them' [paraphrased]). Wyclef's father was a Nazerene pastor, the kind of evangelical upbringing that I find suspicious as Christian fronts like that are always used for mind control operations.

Apparently the costumes are, for the most part based on Barranquilla's (Shakira's home town) Carnival costumes. Note the horned one above, and the child dressed as an Egyptian mummy holding a stick/staff below. Wyclef is wearing the flag of Haiti.

Another creepy child invoking 'death' (like the Egyptian mummy) wearing a skull mask. A standard virginal white scene with some more ritual dancing, here outstretching her arms giving a 'wings' effect below the archways.

And then the scene at the end with Shakira's writhing image (with bits of gold stuck to her skin) mirrored over the top of the other (duality/dual personality).

The video for 'Pure Intuition' is worth going into with Shakira wearing a purple wig (wigs symbolize an alteration to the person's identity and in more extreme cases an alter-personality outright), starting off trapped behind a clear plastic sheet.

Standard mind control (split/multiple personality and more) mirror symbolism here (worth noting the flowers motif on the mirror frame [cultivating a flower is like programming a victim, eventually turns into a "beautiful flower" after much hard work, often in front of a mirror]).

They even threw in a Shakira All Seeing Eye.

Out come the duality symbolizing (black/white) alters...

..and the (again purple) guitar for some good phallic measure.

They are choreographed to copy eachother's dance movements exactly, again suggesting they are symbolizing alter-personalities in one person's head (Shakira).

The duality symbolism mentioned before is emphasized further by Shakira's change of outfit from the tight black corset to the black shirt and white tie, as opposed to the dancers'/alters' white shirt and black tie.

It may be going a bit far but I do feel it is conscious duality symbolism also that the underwear chosen is white (against the black skirt).

Near the end Shakira is replaced by a machine, a white car; as the alters assume a commonly used 'hands on hips' pose.

Her collaboration with Beyonce 'Beautiful Liar' is interesting, they both represent ritual twin high-priestesses/goddesses. Starting with their faces masked by smoke, then symbolically they are shown in two dualistic occult scenes, a rising sun/dawn and a setting sun/dusk (almost looks like moonlight) as they appear to walk on water (lots of ripples) also.

You'll notice they wear black in every scene. Their 'twinning' (and generally the occult theme of twins) is shown when they mirror each others movements exactly (a common twinning programming technique, they will eventually be perfectly in synch with all their movements and such), with their matching black outfits and matching hairstyles. They do this in a room with neon strip of light with apparently 'Avestan' language written on the walls, during occult rituals writing invocations on the walls in ancient scripture is a common occult practice.

The video climaxes with the girls dancing exactly the same as each other in a lightning storm.

She Wolf is certainly the one that got me interested in doing a post on her, largely due to the dehumanization central theme of it and also because her contemporary MK'd Britney had (at the time) recently also been writhing inside a gilded cage at her live show. Shakira herself describes, suggestive of her controlled life: “I think I felt trapped in a golden cage for many years,” she said. “The culture, the education, the upbringing, what society expects from you…“Over the past year, I’ve been asking myself the question: ‘What does Shakira really want? What are her desires and how do I fulfill them?’” Of her new music video, the singer adds, “It was an improvisation. “I went crazy. They said: ‘Action!’ and I just started hanging from the bars. I felt so inspired, maybe because I felt like I was a living metaphor trapped inside the cage. “The she-wolf is that individual who satisfies the desires inside of all of us and sets them free.” Referring to the animalistic alter state that everyone has contained in the most primal parts of their mind (associated with sex and violence). Her going "crazy" is her entering this state following the "Action!" trigger which is synonymous with MK'd actors/performers (as the alter programmed to perform as the role is triggered, thinking that the fictitious scenario they are "acting"/performing in is genuinely real and they are actually the character they are playing).

"DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL"! Note the gilded cage is framed by an illuminated square, the surface below it is very reflective like a mirror.

Shakira starts and ends the music video asleep, at the start 'waking up', seeing the standard 'full moon' "werewolf" alter trigger (they "transform" into the werewolf at a full moon, this type of myth/folk lore is absolutely perfect for programming wolf alters with ready made "believable" [to the victim as they are already well known in society] triggers like the full moon), her finger nails extend symbolizing the wolf claws. There are quite a few films with the occult werewolf mind control theme (American Werewolf in London etc), one I've seen recently that is particularly blatant in it's Monarch mind control symbolism is Christina Ricci's Cursed (I knew it would be blatant as I posted on it's symbolic poster/trailer, but I had no idea the monarch butterfly wings etc would be so in your face), complete with a Monarch butterfly wings outfit at a Peta masquerade/costume event (it's clearly significant as the Monarch wings linger right next to Christina for ages in the background, you can see just how much it lingers so is obviously conscious symbolism at the screen caps here), a kitten (played by Mya who gets eaten by a werewolf, the entire film is all very comical), it even has the standard multiple personality symbolic hallway of mirrors scene towards the end, and of course Christina Ricci "turning animal" marked by a pentagram eating raw meat and other "werewolf"-like attributes (sorry for going off-topic, I may cover that film with more clear screen caps in a quick post).

Anyway, Shakira "wakes up" (the fact that she is shown to be sleeping at the start and end I think suggests it is all dissociation and/or a dream) and enters her closet (another metaphor for dissociation, think of the Narnia wardrobe magically taking the kids to an alternate reality), behind the red curtain is a strange looking red tunnel area that I can only think symbolizes the internal female sexual organs so perhaps symbolizing sexual dissociation (dissociation caused by childhood sexual abuse and/or violent sexual abuse). She jerks randomly/uncontrollably like a malfunctioning robot in duality symbolic outfit (one leg white [skin], one leg black) in this area, with some sexually suggestive finger in mouth bits too.

In the gilded cage she shows her flexibility, as "the animal" stretches/bends and twists her body in unnatural ways.

S.O.S she is in disguise
S.O.S she is in disguise
There’s a she wolf in disguise,
Coming out, coming out, coming out

[most of these lyrics are about the usual theme of devotion to the handler mixed with suggestions of abuse and finding a new handler who doesn't want her just to be "a domesticated girl", and triggering a dehumanized sexual 'she wolf' kind of alter]

A domesticated girl that’s all you ask of me,
Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy.
Moon’s awake now, with eyes wide open
My body is craving, so feed the hungry

I’ve devoting myself to you
Monday to Monday
And Friday to Friday
Not getting enough retribution
Not getting enough retribution or decent incentives to keep me at it
Starting to feel just a little abused
Like a coffee machine in an office (aaa)
So I'm gonna go somewhere closer
To get me a lover and tell you about it

There’s a she wolf in the closet,
Open up and set her free {auuuu}
There’s a she wolf in the closet,
Let it out so it can breath (inhales, exhales)

Sitting across the bar, staring right at her pray,
It’s going well so far, she’s gonna get her way.
Nocturnal creatures are not so prudent,
The moon’s my teacher, and I’m her student. [very occult, referring to the moon in the feminine and being "her student"]

To look at the single man I’ve got on me a special radar,
And the fire department’s hotline in case I get in trouble later
Not looking for cute little divos or rich city guys that just want to enjoy
I’m having a very good time in the heat, very bad in the arms of a boy

There’s a she wolf in the closet,
Open up and set her free (auuuuuu..)
There’s a she wolf in the closet,
Let it out so it can breath (inhales, exhales)

S.O.S she is in disguise
S.O.S she is in disguise, breaths heavely
There’s a she wolf in disguise,
Coming out, coming out, coming out

S.O.S she is in disguise
S.O.S she is in disguise
There’s a she wolf in disguise,
Coming out, coming out, coming out

There’s a she wolf in the closet,
Let it out so it can breath (inhales, exhales)

The lyrics apparently came to her out of the blue mysterious (probably left inside her head in a programming session), she describes it: "'She Wolf' came to me very mysteriously, I was in the studio in a bad mood that day, then I got inspired and went to a corner and I wrote the lyrics and the melody in 10 minutes. The image of the she wolf just came to my head, and when I least expected it I was howling and panting" (went into animalistic 'she wolf' alter?). I have suggested in the past that as potential Monarch performers get older, if they are functioning well they will be given more freedom as they get older and generally become more aware of what's going on (I consider Madonna to be a good example of this), well it certainly seems that they have "loosened the leash" over the last few years as she says: "I think 'She Wolf' has a lot to do with the moment in which I feel I am. I feel much freer now as a woman, a little more in touch with my own desires, and I tend to listen to myself a little more. ‘What does Shakira want?’. Not what everybody else wants, but what do I really want? And I think that the song deep inside is about that. [It’s] like a more animalistic side of you, a more primitive sidean animal person in a way, So when you understand these things you forgive yourself every time you screw up, you say, It wasn’t me, that was the she wolf … that was the animal in me, that wasn’t me, I have nothing to do with that"... It wasn't her it was the alter!

Emphasizing the dehumanization a wolf is shown metamorphosing into a girl.

It cuts to Shakira dancing on a roof overlooking San Francisco below the full moon, arguably there is an illuminated pyramid subliminal shown.

The dissociation/hallucination is shown as when she falls backwards off the imaginary roof she lands back in her closet, note the black/white duality clothing on show.

Shakira goes "back to sleep" with her man/handler.

That song's lyrics intrigued me as she says at one point something along the lines of "Not looking for rich boys", which makes no sense as she is "married" to one such "rich boy", Antonio de la Rúa son of Argentinian ex-president Fernando De La Rúa. It goes without saying that all establishment politicians are entirely corrupt, Fernando was finally kicked out of office after mass demonstrations.

Antonio de la Rua and Shakira in a staged paparazzi shoot announcing their "engagement", in effect showing this "elite" asshole's kitten (symbolized by her leopard print bikini).

Shakira's future father-in-law Fernando was removed from power following bloody riots against the ruling class, in the past few years Fernando was indicted for failing to prevent the death of protesters... retarded puppet George W Bush would be proud of him! Both pictured together below (and with the previous puppet Clinton below that) meeting exactly two months after 9/11 on November 11th 2001, they've got a lot to be happy about at this point! The Argentinian flag seems fairly Masonic with it's familiar sky blue and gold sun symbolism favored by the Freemasons.

Antonio de la Rua set up one of those corrupt and very useful (for the establishment) charities called the ALAS Foundation, which "is a non-for profit organization that promotes Early Childhood Development in Latin America", a clue to it's real intention (I'm sure it does promote a certain type of "Early Childhood Development"...), some of it's directors have unsurprisingly been charged with corruption and it hasn't funded any programs to help children (it has probably used the money for other "programs"). Here is their well put together official website giving it the illusion of legitimacy. It's symbol appears to be hands making a butterfly shape, the internal part of the logo looks more vagina symbolic than the very similar vesica pisces.

Shakira has always been involved with other similar children's charities like her 'Bare Feet Foundation', like many other media Monarchs she is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. At one of Bill's 'Clinton Global Initiative' events she articulately repeats all the usual cliches (with the master of bullshit Bono sitting next to her), including one which actually made me laugh "the truth is that every child's dream matters." nobody (but actors/politicians reciting an emotionally charged, but entirely meaningless speech) actually talks like that. You may have noticed the shirt Shakira is wearing in the video, which doesn't exactly fit the message of her words! "Love Kills Slowly" with a skull and bones and such.

Reckon Bill had sexual relations with that kitten?

Speaking of assholes working for the blue-blooded "elite", here is Shakira pictured with British royal Prince Charles. I'm starting to think Shakira might be a 'Presidential Model'... below performing with other Monarch performers like Mariah Carey and Beyonce.

Here is Shakira again at Obama's inauguration, pictured with Marisa Tomei (played a stripper in 'The Wrestler') and America's latest false hope providing president.

Her handlers have dressed her up in the typical tight leopard print dress you see most of them wearing at some point.

Even her wax figure (below) is also dressed in a kitten's standard uniform.

It's a little bit depressing that I recognize that 'Little Black Kitty Cat' vest top from an NSYNC* marionette video worn by one of the living barbie dolls.

Note Shakira's tiger top, with Penelope Cruz (note Chinese dragon type print, covered a bit in the Selma Hayek post but obviously she's been in plenty of mind control stuff like 'Open Your Eyes' and the Tom Cruise Hollywood remake 'Vanilla Sky') on Hollywood Boulevard's occult 'Walk of Fame' (it's slaves and willing tools immortalized by a pentagram/"star").

Some random images, above a younger Shakira with a cat, below another old image with Shakira in train tracks wearing black/white duality stripes.

Some Illuminist symbolism here with the one eye (of horus) on show wearing a snakeskin skirt.

Below again in her nazi iron cross emblazoned trousers, note the mind control suggestive top "Super Psychic" (she wore it in 'The One' video, see split mind/half face/one eye symbolic cover further up), pictured with Mexican singer and actress Paulian Rubio (nice horns in wiki pic) doing some odd lesbian suggestive actions ('V', tongue).

Note universe; planets/sun etc along with the prominently positioned Nazi Iron Cross (worth reminding people much of Monarch mind control's research was largely perfected in the chaos of World War 2 by 'Doctors'/programmers working in concentration camps like Mengele).

Some more symbolic images to finish (twin sun symbolism [the metallic circle things] above along with half face covered).

Note the number 13, important in occult numerology.

Shakira in her black lace mask from a recent Vanity Fair shoot.

Shakira in purple and the symbolic (eyes) peacock feathers.

I thought this was an interesting motif on her t-shirt, looks like a snaked coiled around something stick-like with a butterfly/moth at the head (may be wrong).

And speaking of live performances she has even performed at the Great Pyramids of Giza (photo above and some below; video here, interesting symbols projected onto the back).

Shakira dressed as a Scarlet Woman... Babalon at the Giza pyramids (she was given a tour inside later on)? Crowley would have loved that! At one point she uses a rope to tie her arms in bondage above her head, I think it's safe to say here that the rope also symbolizes a snake here too.

This reminds me of the image I used at the start showing Shakira with a rope coiled around her putting her in bondage, with the phrase "live for freedom and freedom is a lie" (along with the ironic "peace" dove) which I used as the title of this post as I thought it was a somewhat powerful image.

She did something similar to the scarlet (almost like wings) at the Latin VMA's (above) in 2006.

I would probably be remiss for not mentioning Pink and Shakira both turned up to the most recent occult ritual VMAs in exactly the same dress, like.. ZOMG! But seriously the dress looks rather 'cage' symbolic so I wouldn't be surprised if that was intentional though, their handlers messing with them; I don't view it as particularly significant.

Shakira trapped in Venus' (Lucifer) Trap! A Venus Flytrap anyway, this carnivorous plant is symbolic as it resembles the female genitalia (apparently that is the real motivation behind the name) and it's unique attributes are very symbolic, appearing on the surface to be beautiful but will eat any insect that is attracted in to it. This was shot by photographer David LaChapelle, I've featured his work in a couple of my posts but I really should do a portfolio post on it at some point (tonnes on his website, i.e. Presidential Model Monarch slave Anna Nicole Smith's shoot... in a mock Air Force One, hint hint).

Note the padlock and key (a similar one at end of the post).

Speaking of Disney (not surprising to see the usual Disney imagery [note the lion sculpture the paparazzi were probably told to get in the shot] on Shakira by the way), the below image reminded me of Miley's topless back Leibovitz shoot that caused some controversy.

Invoking Kali here at a live show.

I'll quickly run through some of Shakira's album covers to finish as they are pretty symbolic, her first English speaking one 'Laundry Service' has a naked Shakira marked by a tattoo with a pentagram shape above the album title. I think, "laundry service" is suggesting a special type of "service" that requires gets through a lot of "laundry" [i.e. sexual slavery, her naked + general disposition I think suggests this far more than: "The title "Laundry Service" means when people wash all the mud from their body, the same thing can be said for soul, the songs like a soap for washing from negative energy, calling album as the soul cleaner." If that were the case wouldn't the cover have Shakira covered in mud or at least something that could be washed off instead of a tattoo which does not fit the supposed overt symbolism (she has no tattoos in real life by the way)]. Also the font used in it makes the 'A' look suspiciously like a subliminal compass and square, but that may be reaching a bit ;p.
This was followed by her two 'Oral Fixation' albums using Freud and Jungian theories as it's central themes with Shakira playing the caring mother holding a baby in nearly a breastfeeding position in the first cover.
The second one has the Eve archetype with Shakira acting as Eve holding the 'forbidden fruit' apple, original sin is of course very important to the occult and is entirely metaphorical (snake/phallus/"satan" offering the 'forbidden fruit'/sex which leads to loss of innocence). Do check out MK Culture's post covering these themes more coherently. The snake is symbolized here by the vines coiling up the tree. The two covers when juxtaposed together also tell somewhat of a story as she has rejected her child in favour of the 'forbidden fruit'. I feel she has a very dead expression in both images, even in the first image the child is attempting to get the attention of it's mother with no success, she is transfixed on the camera and finally completely rejects him for the seductive 'forbidden fruit'.

Her single cover for 'Illegal' has Shakira laying on a bed of daisies (I posted on their significance here by the way) with a butterfly necklace.


Anonymous said...

Um wow lol

skrambo said...

^^My thoughts exactly

Amazing post, Ben. I like when your sense of humor shows. She has an album called "The Torture"? What do people think she could possibly be referring to?

I think the "snake leading up to a moth" (made me laugh... I don't know why moths are funny) shirt is actually showing a Caduceus, which is normally held by Hermes, a figure very important to Freemasons. The Caduceus also represents the Chakra system, with the Serpent as Kundalini energy and the "moth" as the Third Eye, sometimes symbolized by a winged orb. Either way, pretty occult stuff there.

As usual, there is far too much here to even comment on. The pictures speak for themselves. Nice work. Those images of her getting all bendy creep me out rather than turn me on or anything...

Anonymous said...

Okay, "She-Wolf" and Rihanna's "Disturbia" are very, very similar.

Similar theme about the woman not being who you think she is, about something dangerous inside...

Claws on the women, also similar body contortions when they dance,

Same musical key (b-minor). Similar chant-like motif ("bum bum be-dum..." and "s.o.s.'), and similar melodic descending scale (R: "I'm going crazy now", Sh: "There's a she-wolf..."

Just some initial thoughts--the two songs and videos are quite similar.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of WYCLEF JEAN, I remember being interviewed years ago, when he still was successfull with THE FUGEES to whom he/they owe the fame and he simply answered: "It's all about black magic, this is the truth". Not his each word exactly but in short he revealed that black magic is behind their success.


StrangEye said...

As always, another excellent and informative post Ben!

Now if only you could fit Romulus and Remus in there somehow... ;)


davidd said...

In a lot of the pics you see how truly pretty she is. It's such a shame that she seems to be in a dark place a lot of the time - the whole Torture thing seems quite out of place for such a babe! :)
It must be tough to be at the top of your game with everyone wanting a piece of you (especially men). I think even if you had a 'normal' upbringing, by the time you made it to the top you would be used up and really quite shattered.
Fame's a bitch, I guess.

Great post, Ben.


Anonymous said...

Lucifer's hoofs? Coz all those damm shoes looks like that:

ASHLEY TISDALE's new vid&lyrics. U be the judge :)

Crank it up
I like that( Oh..)
this beat is hypnotic
i wanna ride it like a chauffeur
sound of the sonics
controlling me just like a robot
i go *bionic*
so D D DJ ´put it on
im losing logic
incrusing deeper in the zone

*it's so cinematic*
charismatic it got me *froze* up
this acrobatic beat
is something *i need* a dose of
im *systematically*
moving every single bone
there's no mechanic
that can understand what im on

Let's crank it up
crank it up
Till the walls cave in
just crank it up (crank it up)
Put that record on spin
cuz i am ready to party
gonna get my girls
and get naughty
just crank it up ( crank it up)
till the walls cave in
just crank it up

this beat is *melodic, harmoic*
got me striking poses
i get *up on it*
electronically feeling so fresh
its so erotic
my body's like a cyclone
im like a puppet
can't stop it
drop it like a stone

*it's so cinematic*
charismatic it got me *froze* up
this acrobatic beat
is something *i need* a dose of
im *systematically*
moving every single bone
there's no mechanic
that can understand what im on


just crank it up.
turn it up.. turn it up
turn it up.. turn it up
turn it up.. turn it up
louder.. louder.. louder..


I systematically *move*every bone
So crank it up i wanna get in the zone
I systematically *move* every bone
So crank it up i wanna get in the zone

Just a rant?

JLo's 2nd alter ego:


Anonymous said...

I think this is interesting as well regarding SHAKIRA:

"at four, she was belly-dancing at her Barranquilla convent school, where in the 1930s a sybaritic staff member had wanted to erect a monument to the cult of Shirley Temple."


Anonymous said...

BTW there are rumours she slept/was used by novelist GARCIA MARQUEZ... All shit is possible unfortunately...


Anonymous said...

"Unusual death"


Anonymous said...

Chris, can you source the rumours about she slept/was used by Garcia Marquez, or do these rumours come from you?

Ben wrote:
"It's proof that a collective, genetic memory really exists because as long as I've been aware, as soon as I hear the beat of a Derbeque my hips begin to move instantly, without any effort at all!""

[Doumbek beat putting her into a trance/alter-state probably due to programming]

^that interpretation shows you have no culture.

Anonymous said...

That is NOT Kali.

Your ignorance of other cultures is glaringly obvious on this one.

Anonymous said...

If it's not Kali,who is it then?

Anonymous said...

is kali a bad thing? noticed some in this girl bands video, (didn't know what it was until you named it in this post) not famous or anything but they're supposed to be a "christian" girl band, they go round to loads of primary schools in the uk and have been to some in america, its quite funny really, one of them went to my highschool :')

skip to the middle part, 2:15 there are also some weird pyramid shapes and stuff in there! its only in that middle bit but thats more than enough

Anonymous said...

by the way, i could also read the alphabet at 18 months...wonder if i'm mk'd? lol

skrambo said...

I believe the "Kali" motif may actually be Shiva the destroyer (who has a statue outside of the CERN building).

I'd provide an image but my internet is being really slow, just type in Shiva on google images or something.

skrambo said...

Actually, Ben was right in the first place, she resembles Kali (click here for images). It's sad that you couldn't figure that out yourself with a quick image search.

StrangEye said...

Indeed T, Ben is no Newbie!
While he may make the occassional naming mistake, typo, etc... He's got a very keen "I" when it comes to MK and the occult. Though I don't always agree with everything (most) I absolutely admire his work and look forward to his new articles.

Thanks for this one Ben, there's definitely some occult things going on with SHAKIRA.

I know you like to move on once you've turned these subjects inside out... but do check out the Shakira related posts on my Blog.

Though not in my pages, I would really be interested in your particular view on the SHE-WOLF, Romulus, Remus / Castor, Pollux, Rome (Empire), occult-astro-related-topic and Shakira.


Anonymous said...

Strange Eye:

What did you mean by the reference to:

"Now if only you could fit Romulus and Remus in there somehow... ;)"

I've actually just been studying the mythology of Romulus and I was curious about your comment.

Is there an MK slant to this???? Is it used in MK programming?

Anonymous said...

Lol, how could that rumour come from me? Anyway, hard to source it as u say... A few years back I was talking to a fellow worker about Shakira and he told me he read somewhere that there was more than friendship between her and Marquez. Thats all...


Brenda said...

And now for something sinister.

Symbolism in the movie "The Shining" proves Apollo 11 Moon Landing was Faked.

Stanley Kubrick was in charge and then regretted his involvement and tried to make it right THROUGH SYMBOLISM.

His final disturbing film "Eyes Wide Shut" opened the can of beans on the whole MK project and he was killed because of it. There are still scenes from "Eyes Wide Shut" that were pulled by the studio....or others. Scenes that were too revealing. Is there a "director's cut" of EWS? If so, it would be fascinating to watch.

Anonymous said...

tommy said...
Actually, Ben was right in the first place, she resembles Kali (click here for images). It's sad that you couldn't figure that out yourself with a quick image search.

Ignorant bufoons. If google images and wikipedia is the extend of your education regarding other cultures and religions i really don't know what the fuck to tell you. Fucking sheep.

Anonymous said...

Lol, how could that rumour come from me? Anyway, hard to source it as u say... A few years back I was talking to a fellow worker about Shakira and he told me he read somewhere that there was more than friendship between her and Marquez. Thats all...


RIght, and my best friend's cousin told me Donna Summer was a man and her chest hairs where airbrushed on the record covers but if you reeeeeeeeally looked you could see half of a hair in there between her boobs. Stop posting shit you can't source, you look stupid.

Anonymous said...

This article gave me a bad feeling.

Anonymous said...

Who is the one "culturally condtioned"?

I say the author of this blog has had as much conditioning as anyone else, and believes his cultural values are right.

As for my last words today,
we live inside an amazing creation (simulation), do we not?

skrambo said...


LOL, you're being pretty annoying dude... If you don't agree with what anyone says here, why don't you go somewhere else? It's that easy. You have no reason to do what you're doing right now. You just have too much time on your hands for someone who supposedly "knows the truth", so I'm going to bet you really have no clue.

Ouch Adrian said...

Quick heads up to people (and blogger) on here. Firstly, this is a very interesting site which I only discovered the other day. Anyway, I was going through the old posts from last year and was reading the one about the Hitman film (June 2008). There's a link in the post which is meant to go to a site for some film called "Serpent." When I clicked on the link, I was taken to an extremely dodgy, illegal porn site. I guess I've just been officially punked. Could the blog owner please check and delete the link and could everybody visiting the site be careful when clicking links on some of the old posts. They appear to have been tampered with.

Jade said...

Instead of fighting and telling us to go away, could you give people who are hesitant to swallow the ideas here whole some of the references which made you so smart?

Not other people's blogs, if possible.

I think you're wrong to attack people for asking questions. Do you want to live in a world where ANYONE, EVER, follows another's word blindly?

I don't.

skrambo said...

I'm not saying follow it blindly, I'm saying if you're here solely to attack the writer of the blog, you should take your business elsewhere.

Ask all the questions you want, obviously I'm not part of the "follow blindly" crowd.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why do you write the word "used" can a woman get a piece now & then with out the word "uesed" being the underling word for sex?? If she wanted some she got some..we are humans...get over it...everyone uses one another in one way or another...its more then what you see, all this conspiracy to control is just crazy...we all control what we want, what we do...

Anonymous said...

Interesting and vivid regarding Shakira. A couple of years ago I noticed the striking similarities of Beyonce and Shakira. Also the obvious Beyonce clone Rhianna. So is Beyonce like a queen of them all or something? Why are Shakira and Rhianna patterned after her? Before I read this posting I thought they were just emulating a successful artist. This is extremely sad...

>>Okay, "She-Wolf" and Rihanna's "Disturbia" are very, very similar. >>

Unfortunately that makes sense. Those three are obviously yoked together. But why?

Anonymous said...

''snake leading up to a moth''


A. Magnus Publius said...

This post was well worth the wait! In fact it helped me notice similar symbolism used with other famous entertainers like Monica Bellucci and Summer Glau for example. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This is a really good post and know I feel more informed about entertainers and their symbolism. Its shocking too see how much into Shakira is and how many others are too

Anonymous said...

Shakira's not a mason. I can understand Rihanna, and Jay-z but some of these examples were super vague like her Hips don't lie and she wolf vids and I'm like these points aren't as strong as Rihanna's. Just because she used a few egyptian themes does not make you a mason.

Anonymous said...
shakira occult analysis vid

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the song "Rules" on the album "Laundry Service" contains lines like "dont forget, your condemned to me"

Medias con rombos said...

Barranquilla a cocaine hot-spot? Have you even been there? And where did you found this: (apologiez for the tired but probably true stereotype of Colombia, the establishment have always wanted a drugged up populace, intelligence agencies like MI6/CIA are actively involved in drug smuggling; most of America's cocaine comes from Colombia keeping the masses dependent, highly suggestible and thus easily controlled/manipulated)?
I'm very sorry but you are a liar and if it is any country that is more suggestible and easy controlled is USA (not America, because America is the continent). I was born in Barranquilla and I live there currently and what you are saying is ridiculous, because most of the cocaine is consumed by GRINGOS and europeans, so please, before writing anything, research and If I am wrong (I doubt because I live in the place you are speaking about and I am sure you have never been there) let me know your source. I hate that stereotype, because drugs are not that common and regular in Colombia as you might think.

Benjamin S said...

Angela. That statement "cocaine smuggling hot spot" was clearly based on the article I linked to where 10 tons of cocaine were seized in Barranquila, ready to be shipped in Mexico a couple of years ago. Do you honestly think that that was an isolated incident and Barranquilla is not a cocaine smuggling hot spot as I stated (it's position on the border makes this a logical certainty)? Would you be happier if I'd have said "large quantities of cocaine are known to have been smuggled through the city of Barranquilla", which is undeniably true?

As far as you getting all defensive about the country you live in's cocaine production/usage, it is a known fact that Columbia is the leading producer of cocaine on the planet (again, click the link I provided clearly in the post). Are you claiming that there is no criminal underground in Barranquila? You have spent a long time exploring the less well-off parts of the city and seen just how prevalent cocaine use is?

I completely agree with what you are saying about the USA being cocaine's biggest consumers and way more suggestible and controlled (that was what I was referring to when I talked CIA/MI6 cocaine smuggling, no where did I say Columbians are a bunch of druggies, I even admitted the 'Columbian smuggler' was a tired stereotype).

Anyway I was referring to cocaine's (+ other narcotics) general purpose on the planet (NOT SPECIFIC TO COLUMBIA, though I don't see why it would be exempt), in keeping the masses drugged up and suggestible, no where did I say what you think I said (that Colombia a big consumer of cocaine and is controlled/suggestible, I would agree 100% with you that the USA is more controlled and suggestible, I was actually agreeing with that point in my statement as I said it was exported into America [referring to the USA], not that Columbia were huge users). So really I think you are misunderstanding what I said (I definitely did not say that Columbia is more suggestible/controlled than the USA, I was referring to the suggestibility of the smuggled cocaine's final destination [US/Europe]) partly because of your bias due to living in the city, so is understandable why you would get defensive. Hope that clarified what I was trying to say.

Medias con rombos said...

It's clear to me. BTW, it's Colombia, not Columbia, that's the state. And also, I believe cocaine isn't the best drug to make people suggestible and controlled, I've read here and in other sites that lsd, acid, mushroom and even marijuana are more appropiate for that purpose. Why did you say that?

Benjamin S said...

It certainly isn't the best drug for individually programming someone for suggestibility (of course drugs like LSD are more effective for post-hypnotic suggestion and the like), but I am talking about society at large; cocaine is highly addictive, cheap and readily available. Addiction inevitably leads to suggestibility as you will do, say, believe anything for your next fix if you are poor (and if you are relatively rich it tends to turn you towards apathy which is useful for the powers that be). I was again talking more of drugs in general ("the establishment have always wanted a drugged up populace"), cocaine is a significant part of that among all the other narcotics (I include alcohol in this also), it's no coincidence that since we invaded Afghanistan opium production/heroin trafficking has risen hugely. I was aware of how Colombia is spelled (see the actual post) and realized I got them mixed up after writing the comment, anything else you'd like to nit-pick? ;)

Medias con rombos said...

I used to like Shakira before the laundry service, she was like the idol of my teens and now i feel she is full of crapt. Even her lyrics are now stupid and dumb, before that, at least they made sense. It is probably related to the type of hair dye she is using...

Anonymous said...

As a Colombian, I honestly didn't think they were doing mind control in my country. I thought it was only done in Europe and America.

I was such a big fan of Shakira's growing up and even until recently. Now I realize she's just another Monarch slave. Sucks because there are so many talented musicians who never make it because the elite only choose their "people" to make it in show business.

Funny because I just read today how Shakira will be playing the pyramid stage at Glastonbury this summer. It's like the only ones allowed to perform on the pyramid stage have to be legit slaves or have sold their soul.

Dude keep it up and keep them articles coming!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you do not have a life

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I think all these is true and all the symbolism in Shakira's videos, performances and persona are so obvious. Can I just made a probably ignorant question? how she was programmed since childhood or when you refer to genetical? how that happen? or can you redirect me to a link or one of your articles? Thanks

Anonymous said...

You make huge leaps in order to validate your assumption that Shakira is part of the occult.

I was laughing at several of these supposed signs. In particular, the talent competition she was on as a young child was NOT called "Sera el Angel". It's funny that you found a way to tie the decor of the stage to that supposed show's name and the occult.

"Sera el Angel" is simply a song she sang while on the talent show. It's probably in the very same clip you posted. They didn't design the stage after song's she was performing.

Additionally, I think you're mistaking the role her Lebanese and Arab heritage has on her music, her attire, and her videos. A majority of the time, she's playing up themes tied to her Arab side.... not necessarily occult themes.

Me said...

I am colombian and unlike Angela, I have never ever liked Shakira! I think all her music from Magia to Loca is horrible and the music teacher was right - She sings like a goat. The colombian media has brainwashed us and they adore Shakira as if she were a goddess. When I say I dislike Shakira people give me a bad look and I have been insulted in message boards by fellow colombians! The whole media trick is to make us believe that Shakira is part of colombian culture, that she is part of our local identity. So disliking Shakira is like spitting at the flag!!
Antonio de la Rúa is her current handler, once Shakira's system broke down on the streets of Miami, she looked wack and started yelling at him that he was lazy, useless and living on her money, that was when rumors started about De la Rúa having women over Shakira's home when she was absent.

Me said...

The colombian media is serving the interests of the occult with many horrible telenovelas being produced in our country.
Until the 80's we had the standard mexican formula "poor girl loves rich boy" but they started changing the storylines to make telenovelas more appealing and in the late 90's those telenovelas were picked by american - hispanic network Telemundo and they had great success, so they made an alliance and they have been remaking Colombia's creepiest telenovelas from the 90's.
One of them is "Woman in the mirror" (La mujer en el espejo) about an ugly girl who is rejected a job at a cosmetics company, then she turns into a beautiful lady, but when she looks in the mirror she sees her ugly self!
Another one is "In somebody else's body" (En cuerpo ajeno) which was remade in 2005 as "The body of desire" (El cuerpo del deseo). The story is about a old rich man who is married to a young, beautiful woman and dies of a heart attack at the same time a young farmer dies. His soul takes over the body of the young farmer, who comes back to life, while his old body dies. Then he returns to his home for revenge, as he finds out his young wife was expecting his death along with with her lover, one of his collaborators. His wife falls in love with him, but as he seeks revenge, he wakes her suffer.

I could write a lot about creepy telenovelas, like "El Capo" (The Drugdealer), Las Muñecas de la Mafia, Mafia's Dolls (A telenovela about the beautiful young women used by drug dealers, they come from poor backgrounds and date them out of greed, many real life dolls are popular actresses or models, I don't know if they are MK'd though), "Sin tetas no hay paraíso" (No boobs no paradise, a gross telenovela about a girl looking for money for a boob job, so she can date people from the mafia and improve her social status), Los Victorinos originally named Cuando quiero llorar no lloro ("Whenever I want to cry I don't cry" Yet another creepy telenovela about three kids born 11/11/1985 at 1 PM (or 13:00), they are called Victorino and share a tragic destiny and a psychic says one of them will die if they meet. The original telenovela was made in 1990 and the remake of Victorinos in 2010)
I could go on and on about the horrid novelas...

Anonymous said...

My bad! The Cop Victorino survives and he "writes" the story. Víctor is killed in jail.

Joe Lanier said...

Very good information on this blog. I even put a link to it on my site Theconspiracyzone. I also link to this fantastic information about Shakira on my Britney Spears expose:

Anonymous said...

the train also represents mind control, if u read fritz springmeier he tells you that when a handler kills a slave he sometimes says it is time to jump off the train, or sth like that... cant remember the exact words....

Emery said...

I watched an episode of Disney's Witches of Waveryly Place (I swear it was for observational purposes only) and Shakira was on it. She had to sing a song with the lead girl, whatever her name is, the over-sexualized young Disney star, and from the standpoint of an actor- I could tell Shakira was not enjoying this creepy duet. Shakira turned out to actually be some guy on the show, I assume a main character- I've only watched 2 episodes- but Shakira was like his alter ego- and I am pretty sure she was adorned with occult jewelry. That was the first time I noticed her involvement with the mind control industry. Also take note that I've never been into the likes of Shakira. But hindsight is 20/20 and BOY do I see it clearly now!

Anonymous said...

i was born and raised near Shakira... her family was just like me, so i am in mental control as well?? i mean, that is ridiculous!... why her? why not any other one? and being intelligent is a sin? COME ON! and that thing about 'instant dancing the first time she listened middle east music' well... it is common here in Colombian Caribbean area... most of us can feel the rhytms and just dance, is in our blood, is culture and history, not satanism nor illuminism...

Anonymous said...

Ok so I have read all the coincidences and everything and just touching Shakira made me think sooo What is a normal thing to do to you?? It seems like evry pose is bad, so have about if a person is only highly influenced by the other performers? I just think now it's too much you are just imagine stuff how come nobody questions u??? Leopard print, skulls have been fashion, crosses... she is christian from a continent that is almost 100% catholic almost everybody will wear crosses in Latin America, I mean this is WAAAAY too much... rock and peace signs that even children on elementary will do it for a pic pose as if it weren't many Japanese women doing these already... I mean come on... speaking about Japanese women dressing in weird clothes on the street making evrey and I mean every time the peace sign in every single picture taken... so now Shakira because she does it she is part of something much worse mmmm yeahh a ha

Anonymous said...

wow very good post, alot of information though. i used to be such a big fan of hers, before she ever dyed her hair blond, i don't know why but after that i just stopped listening to her music. and now that i'm a christian, well i don't listen to secular music anymore.

Joanne said...

hehhee so much ignorance in this post...pls do more cultural research before start writting. I also did big mistakes when I started writting for the same reason than you do...lack of knowledge...

Anonymous said...

this is such bull...

when i look at the pictures on my laptop from my family, friends, loved ones and even myself.. we are probably all a part of this because we all make those signs and we all have shirts with skulls or a necklase with a cross sometimes..

ever heard of fashion?

and what makes me laugh very hard.. is that EVERY celebrity with a picture showing one eye is a part of this... are you serious..

before every live show she prays to god.. have you ever watched an real interview, seen heer dvd's.. anything? Do you know a thing about her.. instead of watching her video clips and watching some pics on google?

Believe me if i look at the same way to clips on youtube i probably will see in every video a sign..

im sorry but this is just bull...

Unknown said...

I know that this is a late comment, but something has to be said. I can't believe I read this entire thing...oh well, I guess I have too much time on my hands. But then again, so do you.
Your examples are terrible. This whole Illuminati bandwagon is ridiculous. I won't believe in the Illuminati until I see some concrete evidence from a credible source. First of all, Shakira's song "Magia"'re definitely reading too much into this. It's just a song about an infatuated 13 year old, nothing more. And actually, she was 8 when she danced on the table. You got your facts wrong. It's not difficult, why would she have to be taught? Like many are born with musical or sports abilities, some are born with dancing abilities. You are mistaking her culture for the occult. That writing on the wall in "Beautiful Liar"? That writing is Arabic. Shakira is half Lebanese and Arabic. She sings in Arabic and many other languages as well.
Many of her videos use nature. It's very common in real life as much as it is common in the "Illuminati".
I could go on for paragraphs, but there is too much idiocy in this post for one comment. So I will leave with this - you could find Illuminati signs in anything. Seriously, anything. Of all the pop stars, I doubt Shakira is involved in this non-existent Illuminati. She has had a charity called Pies Descalzos since she was 19 and helps many Colombian children. She is a Christian too, and has religious songs.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful and very educational. You analyse things very carefully and make well-argumented conclusions.

Here’s just a couple of quick additions to your fine analysis on Shakira’s album covers.

First: Laundry service. I noticed there's a BRAIN in the washing machine on the cover of the actual cd …. This makes a suggestion of what type of “laundry service” Shakira’s up to: “brainwash”. (I guess this refers to the “sex kitten programming”.)

Second: Oral Fixation. There might be more to it: I think the BABY is reaching for the forbidden fruit (the fruit his/her mother possesses…) There’s the same suggestion in the first version of the cover. (How suitable the title: “oral fixation” > “Freudian” > “oedipal syndrome”.) This makes it all the more sinister if the baby lusts for her own mother (as people suffering from the oedipal syndrome do). Maybe he(?), too, has been “brainwashed”/conditioned

Cĕvĕlti said...

I think, this exactly is MK. Wearing a cross doesn't make one Christian, and there are no 100% Christian lands. Children and Japanese women are conditioned to wear those clothes. Women are easier to target. I say it is a victim of this Mk, and exactly through Shakira I've been fed a lot of the occult. i first became aware of it when i saw her "shewolf" video in the playlist (along with most atrocious ritualistic videos) of a friend who studies and practices such things. Shakira with her educational programs is exactly what is accurately described here in the article. To think it took me a decade to see beyond this smile

Cĕvĕlti said...

That's how we find out we are in it. I, my family and friends, all pawns. But it's a wonderful relief. we are made to call sin a culture, fashion etc.

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