Monday 1 December 2008

See The Light: A New (Luciferian) Religion

Note leashed/chained dog [whilst one MCM in purple throws away her past self, symbolized by throwing the contents of her suitcase off a bridge/some kind of drop onto a construction site (get the metaphor)]/cat [they seem to consciously be portraying the Asian MCM, just having left the revolving door; with a walking grey cat 0:34 (similar to the earlier dog/purple MCM) in sync with her walking (they are shown at around the same time, cutting between the two kittens;)]/entranced MCMs/revolving door/top-down staircase shot[like spiral staircase]/red and white checkerboard cardigan on MCM + quick all seeing eye shot/mirror shots near end/spinning electric fan/butterfly ([0:47] or moth, note the eyes on it's wing [linked to post with similar luciferian/advertising themes; also Paris finally launched her perfume line Fairy Dust pictured in that post too: “I’ve always loved Tinker Bell, the fairy, because I love fairy tales, and I just thought it was really magical.” and (first quote from here) “I always loved Tinkerbell and fairies. I’m always dressed as a fairy for Halloween, so I thought [of course you did ;] it would be a great idea to dress up as a fairy for the photo shoot.” She also wants to play Tinkerbell in a movie.]) It says A New Religion (For Hair [altered hair is MK symbolic btw]) in the text at the end of it, and the words spoken are cryptic enough, "I'm more than you bargained for." "This is only the beginning". Apologiez for the lack of order in the above analysis; as always there are a bunch of subtle things I haven't mentioned in there too.

So this is just a quicky post, last one for now (may add more), above one for Sony Centre; rainbows, floating all seeing eye, box, etc. And Previous advertising posts. My add more to this but got a few posts I want to get going.


Anonymous said...

If you can view the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (December 1/08 EP w/Debra Messing) check out the first few minutes. You'll see a guy standing in the front row wearing a "77" shirt. Then just so you can be sure it is intentionally there listen to Jay's opening monologue about the 14 (7+7) men and deep fried turkeys and every kiss begins with K.

Anonymous said...

This is just weird, what is the point of making a commercial that does nothing but blatantly reference a bunch of MK themes? It's undeniably what they're doing, but shouldn't there be a reason?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the previous post (and pics), check out the ones with PARIS HILTON in a glass; BEYONCE was also in a glass in the video BAD GIRL (feat. USHER).


Anonymous said...

I never liked BRITNEY (on good reason, lol) but I dont want to know what's gonna happen to her in the (next) future:

A possible scape-goat:

This makes me sick. Old hag cant never get enuff:


Anonymous said...

Liked the title, lol:


Anonymous said...

"NEW YORK ( -- December 1, 2008 - The Dow Jones industrial average (UNDU) lost 680 points, its fourth-biggest single-session decline on a point basis ever. The decline was 7.7% in percentage terms "

6+8+0 = 14

Anonymous said...

Did you see Britney's dad dressed as a fright clown at Britney's house while her kids were there?

Anonymous said...

Listen to Cody Willard mention 8 and 6 from that same episode!?!

Anonymous said...

That article on Britney's controlled life [monitored phone calls, accompanied everywhere by assistants] reminded me of this:

"Marilyn’s controllers kept her down. Even when she was famous and great, she lived like a slave. She was not allowed to have any self-esteem beyond what she was programmed for...

Marilyn was a captive, she didn’t go anywhere on her own, she always had someone drive her...

Marilyn went out of the house to be either programmed or groomed. Other than that she stayed cooped up in her room. Does the reader begin to see that the woman was a slave with no life of her own?

They stripped Marilyn of any contact with the outside world to insure that their mind control would work."

Anonymous said...

Well 2day is 12/2 (12+2=14)

Happy 27th Birthday Britney! (two 7's)
Circus! release date as well! Congrats.


in a strange twist of sync that 77 reminded me of the reverse 77 painted on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) when 43rd President George W. Bush proclaimed "Mission Accomplished" on its deck.

Mission Accomplished Clip

And just to add to the oddity of the 77

In the 77th Episode of Star Trek (Original)
one of the few episodes actually penned by Gene Roddenberry (and Arthur Heinemann)
called "The Savage Curtain", the crew encounters Abraham Lincoln at Excalbia.

77. "The Savage Curtain" Written by Gene Roddenberry And Arthur Heinemann

Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves

iAdmin said...

Avril monarch picture :-)

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