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Rihanna the Imprisoned ManneKitten

Without coming across like a broken record; their videos are getting increasingly more blatant and predictable (like GaGa's most recent 'Bad Romance')... let's hope they're not just using us to get the masses used to the idea of MK'd sexual slavery (which is something I have considered) so they can become more public with it following a great cataclysm/WW3 in the future (you can get away with anything as long as you have the appropriate chaos; it will probably never happen though and I don't necessarily buy that argument). The latest by Rihanna is worth posting on (skipping over 'Run This Town' and other things that have been well handled by others), essentially showing Rihanna locked away in a prison, with guards/programmers taunting her and filling the room with gas (drugging the victim) and such leading her to dissociate symbolized by the multiple visual imagery (the mind/personality splitting into dissociated parts). This dissociation is portrayed literally in scenes like the car crashing into her when she suddenly 'wakes up' at 3:28; to give you a real world example of this kind of thing so everyone has a frame of reference (which is always a massive obstacle when discussing things like mind control/dissociative identity disorder and such) for what's being shown at that point, in a dream when you are half asleep and half awake and in the dream you take a big step or jump and you unexpectedly fall leading you to wake up suddenly and have that slightly distressed feeling for a second [a hypnic jerk] is very similar to what happens there (more info further down). The album cover's symbolism is fairly self-explanatory (bondage/slavery themes; nude wrapped in barbed wire, chain, one eye mask, constricting corset), with Rihanna arguably in an 'as above so below' pose (one arm up one down).
"There are her shadowy tormentors, who keep her locked away and subject her to all sorts of torture including gassing her with red smoke and setting a cat on her [kitten dehumanization programming is another common theme in this video]. There are scenes of her twisting and pawing in a padded cell. At one point, she is mowed down by a speeding car."

The video kicks off showing Rihanna lying on the floor of her grid pattern/'padded' cell looking, her position makes her appear psychologically desolate and traumatized. Note the light shining in on Rihanna (top image is from later on in the video not the start).
Then we are shown her tattooed/branded hand over a small blood pool. It symbolically shows scratch/claw marks on one of the square panels of the wall (grid pattern symbolizes the mind split into compartments; grids are used by programmers to 'chart' the victim's alters/programs/triggers/codes/etc); suggesting dehumanization and traumatization (like someone locked in a room attempting to scratch at the door in vein, or having gone insane and are attempting to scratch there way through the wall which seems to be the case here), the camera moves from the scratch marks to the prison guard/handler showing they have caused by his abuse/programming of Rihanna.

Emphasizing the 'claw' aspect and Rihanna's traumatized/dehumanized state, one of Rihanna's broken nails (symbolic claws) is focused on.

The slave handlers dressed in black (who are made to look like programmed individuals themselves, which is often how it works in reality with programmers being victims themselves due to the multigenerational aspect of Monarch mind control) with Rihanna looking in the two-way mirror of her 'padded'/programming cell.

The Russian Roulette theme is important in terms of programming as it is a mechanism used in suicide programming; which ties into the general aspect of this (and the overarching theme of the video) with Rihanna risking her life, willing to die for her "boyfriend"/handler. If we are using the whole Chris Brown domestic abuse example as a reference here; Russian roulette probably symbolizes the mental state of women who stay in abusive relationships (which is very much associated with and quite similar to mind control programming; it's obviously difficult for some people to comprehend but 'mind control' extends to simple manipulation of a partner through verbal abuse as well as the extreme end of the scale in trauma-based mind control programming). In the room she is playing Russian roulette with her boyfriend (this another symbolic dissociative hallucination/dream scene, shown by how the video cuts from her in a dissociative state in the cell and the Russian roulette room) also note the spinning fan/air vent, which I believe is conscious symbolism if you take into account the revolver used in Russian roulette where you spin the chamber to play the game (more spinning/dissociation suggestions and confusion having no idea which exact chamber the bullet is in) before causing severe head trauma if it goes off.
The song's lyrics also relate to this metaphorical (and more literal if it's related to suicide programming and/or willingly dying for your programmer) psychological theme:

Take a breath, take it deep
Calm yourself, he says to me
If you play, you play for keeps
Take a gun, and count to three
I’m sweating now, moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go

[Chorus ]
And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says close your eyes
Sometimes it helps
And then I get a scary thought
That he’s here means he’s never lost


As my life flashes before my eyes
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye
But it’s too late too pick up the value of my life


Various imagery is subliminally flashed on screen; here are a few images from the earlier flurry (I'm not including those that appear later on like the gassing scenes and the car).

Fire is shown subliminally symbolizing the primal/primitive aspect of all this programming (to the reptilian brain [most primitive part of the brain] sex and violence are essentially the same) involving a lot of sex, violence and dominance (which is also associated with the reptilian brain; the primal need to stay alive, to attain and keep hold of territory [which you could argue includes women, in order to keep their family going]).

The stuffed leopard is shown here, the image is fragmented but comes into focus (dehumanized sex-kitten alter 'coming into focus' as it were?).

It cuts from the subliminal flashing scene to Rihanna's half face covered (symbolizing psychological trauma) by her hair.

Then a remote control is shown used by the controller on the other side of the glass, implying Rihanna is 'remotely controlled'.

Note the two phallic black speakers; phallic symbolism to mirror and accentuate the two male domineering guards, the fact that both the phallic speakers and the guards are both coloured black certainly adds to this significance. [Edit: Fixed error where I mistook the above 'The Parrot' speakers for vases which they look a little like, cheers to commenter for pointing out what they were and that they are also included in Lady GaGa's latest video for some additional product placement.]

The programmer controls what happens inside the cell (you'd expect cells just like this to exist in reality on military bases and whatnot; with various technology used in programming) from a control panel behind the mirror such as where the light source points (light constantly shined on victim is an old method used in mental manipulation) and flashes (flashing/strobe lights common trance induction technique, shown later on in the video), releasing the gas.

Note as the gas is released (red again symbolizing fire, primal symbolism) her hood covers her face, showing her to be faceless; which is more mind control symbolism of 'facelessness', loss of identity/sense of self/personality in programming (more horrific than it sounds).

A flashing light is also shown to be used on Rihanna (with the room made dark) showing it's use in programming (inducing dissociation; it's common knowledge that strobe/flashing lights can be used for inducing someone into a trance state), as more subliminal flashes of what's happening/has happened to Rihanna (i.e. the image of her distorts and multiplies [her mind fracturing/splitting into parts] then the leopard kitten dehumanization alter programming, it's image distorted and multiplied like a kaleidoscope) are shown.

I don't think the below two images are from the same part as the above few but it's the same deal throughout anyway.

Forgot to write something about the 'heart' theme (for some reason the video I used was mirrored), manipulating/controlling the victim's heart rate is important in Monarch mind control. It probably also has some Tin Man implications too. Song's like this are especially useful because they are timed closer to the tempo of a heart beat (I saw a promo video thing which was pink and had a heart beating in time to the intro; can't find it now), music is known to alter the rate of your heart beat (partly why it relaxes you and such), so this song will probably be rather effective in brainwashing the young audience that follows Rihanna.

Symbolic hang signal above (+ the dress is very 'wings' symbolic when she outstretches her arms)? As she waits (in her dream/dissociative hallucinatory state) for her handler to run her over and kill her; which is part of the reason for the 'Russian Roulette' theme, programmers need to depersonalize/dehumanize and generally traumatize/confuse (and other psychological manipulation/programming) the victim to such an extent that they no longer care about their own life and would give it up for the programmer/handler (whoever) without question, who; through various programming techniques the victim accepts that they 'belong' to and are their expendable property.

Here is the car crash scene I discussed in the opening paragraph, she is like a deer/rabbit/cat caught in headlights; it cuts from immediately just before impact to the light flashed symbolically on Rihanna looking shocked.

You can tell it is like a hypnic jerk because she holds out her hand as an instinctive defense (you'll do something similar to this if you wake up thinking you have just fallen/tripped, in order to break your fall; I don't know how often most people get these but I've had them quite a bit). The only way this differs from the hypnagogic jerk is that she is coming out of a dissociative hallucination following all the gas drugs, flashing lights, trauma and other dissociation inducting methods (rather than just drifting off and dreaming, which could be considered a form of dissociation anyway).

The scenes of her being shot underwater is also symbolic of mind control; as she is 'underwater', trapped in a trance/dissociation with bullets (physical trauma) hitting her, being in a trance is often referred to as going 'under', and considering this is all dissociative hallucination (the only real scene as far as I can tell is the one in the padded cell, the rest is not real; or some are real memories). Underwater also symbolizes the loss of control when you are put 'under' as being in the water prevents you from moving properly; also the feeling of being lost in a vast ocean (with no where to swim and bullets randomly firing at you) seems like a typical visualization technique for hypnosis/trance/dissociation induction (due to the hypnotic crashing of the waves and underwater sounds, the feeling of a lack of sensory awareness [not knowing up from down] which you can experience when in a vast body of water in reality also).

The video ends with the boyfriend losing russian roulette (Chris Brown?) but Rihanna is still trapped in the programmer's cell (in symbolic and traumatized poses) as multiple images of her are shown.

The video was directed by Anthony Mandler... like handler, but more manly. I kid of course, he also directed the video she did with Maroon 5 where she is essentially portrayed as a sex-slave for the band which I analyzed at a post I did on her various videos (included the checkerboard/mirror symbolic room scene from the video to illustrate Mandler's conscious use of symbolism). Note Maroon 5's symbolic logo on the single's cover with the vesica pisces (vagina) and the 'v' (for 5, but also 'v' is another symbol used for the vagina) which they've separated from the rest of the letter, the symbolic letter 'M' used to good effect.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what her album 'Rated R' is about with the very first track called 'Mad House'. The cover art was shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, with the usual symbolism of Rihanna covering one eye (all seeing eye of horus/split mind), which she (like most of the other puppet performers) constantly shows. There's even a track in there called 'Hard' (the lyrics [if you can call them that] literally hurt my brain to read) to make things insanely suggestively.

I found Rihanna's photo shoot video is more explicit with kitten alter programming suggestions with all the usual imagery and also mannequins (symbolizing the 'empty shell' that victims are turned into in programming; devoid of a real personality, unable to move, speak etc [posted on this symbolism an innumerable number of times like on Beyonce and many others throughout the blog]); all the mannequin imagery in particular really reminded me of her 100% MK symbolic music video Disturbia which I posted here though I think the video is broken now (analzyed the imagery more here along with some of her other videos).

Coincidental M M?

Rihanna as a kitten is consciously invoked here with a cat yelping sound heard as Rihanna makes the kitten 'grrr' noise from inside a cage; and as a black cat plays with/attacks her (obviously note the leopard print).

Probably a subliminal or two in the graffiti below (none jump out at me) + black/white pattern leggings and what looks like some suggestive hand movements as she does some 'tagging'.

Can't go wrong with a bit of mind control humor as a Rihanna talking mask is used by one of her handlers or whoever (suggesting she is a just a ventriloquist dummy).

Cigarette = phallus + fire/light (Luciferian symbolism)

If she is just acting then she's got that empty eyed mannequin expression and pose down pretty well.

Any obviously conscious "pussy" euphemisms are a given and always go without saying.

What do you do to a big drum? You beat it; again I feel this is consciously invoking her very public beating by Chris Brown. This is emphasized by the fact that these drums are usually used in dramatic/loud parts of an orchestral piece (not sure I described that well but it's pretty easy to understand the symbolism I am describing if you imagine when something action orientated happens in a movie the big bass drums will often be beaten, and obviously 'war drums' are a good example of what I'm talking about). Note her catsuit (can't make out the print).

The broken mannequin parts are pretty self explanatory.

Sex-kitten mannequin (obviously similar to the sex doll theme) programming seems to be the overarching theme.

Two Black and White Kitty Kats.

The below 'cage' symbolic scene reminds me of Katy Perry's Complex photo shoot which I'll be posting when I eventually do something else on Katy (might do something on her "relationship" with Russel Brand which is just comical).

Guess what they dressed her up in at this years Halloween (you don't need to), a tiger. The fact that she was pictured with confirmed 'Cocobot' Nicole 'Coco' Austin wearing a devil-like mask and red shoes (Oz sex programming) just tipped this picture over the edge of the scale. The photo was taken at the, I shit you not; the M2 ULTRA Lounge (click enter and watch Mariah showing up to it dressed as an angel, + more MK'd and non-MK'd celebs here; they should have grown a pair and just called it the MK ULTRA ;P, if I were to quickly put my over-analytical conspiracist numerology obsessed hat on I might argue that the 2 does actually represent K because 2 = 1+1, 2 ones, 11=K; it also probably represents MM Marilyn Monroe, 33 type deal, though of course it's all connected but I try to avoid going down this route in most posts as it probably loses a few people).

Quick reminder of Coco the kitten at a Halloween from a few years ago. By the way that's Ice-T, her handler wearing a ballgag and flashing the horns (he is ex-army; may be [though I'm doubtful] programmed, son of Solomon and Alice); it's some sick irony and shows their 'sense of humor' that this guy is a star of the sex crimes version of Law and Order which I went into in the Cocobots post where the below image is from.

Rihanna has been increasingly compared to Grace Jones (she looks quite like her in the below Vogue spread), who is more than likely mind controlled; she has also been pictured in this dehumanizing way inside of a cage with the line (also written on Shakira's 'Shewolf' dehumanization cage) "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL" written on it; some people immediately view it as racist symbolism like this Jezebel article comparing Grace Jones with Kanye's Kitten Amber Rose (one of Rihanna's "friends", she has also probably been used by Chris Brown), remember Rihanna appeared in Kanye's dissociation symbolic video for Paranoid. But I feel that has little to do with it (it definitely contributes though), slaves exist today and they're still singing and dancing for the masses' entertainment.

Quickly on Amber Rose, I put some images of her in my imageshack a few months ago which I'll include a couple of here (+ the cage scene) to illustrate some of the flagrantly common bondage/slavery themes used in photo shoots and public appearances of these likely slaves. I intend on covering Amber at some point again in the future (probably next time I cover a Kanye video or whatever) so haven't included all my images (she has a paw print tattoo also by the way).

Kanye wearing the Masonic double headed eagle, COCO Chanel (interlocking rings/vesica pisces symbol I've discussed many times) pin and below Amber with COCO (in black/white zebra; like I said before I have more images, they are virtually always dressed up in something symbolic) to round things off here in a slightly odd synchronistic way.

But returning to Rihanna to finish off this post, her September 2009 Vogue Italia spread shot by Steven Klein (has worked a lot with Madonna and done an insane amount of symbolic stuff [involving robots and the like]) was certainly interesting, with the cage theme most prevalent (not an actual cage but that's obviously the symbolism here) and various other symbolism (look out for metallic armor type robot stuff, triangle pattern dress, crutch symbolizing she is [psychologically] 'broken', a standard occult skull tipped phallic cane and such) for you to interpret (no time to go through and type out every image).

Note above her mouth is gagged by fake lips.

She looks especially dead eyed in this scene; maybe all that rocking back and forth back and forth back and forth made her dissociative.


Interesting... said...

Ok Ben, how do you know all of this stuff about programming, triggers, and mind control unless you're some how involved? It's not like some of what you have written about is public knowledge. Are you mind controlled perhaps to let this information be known to the public now that there is much speculation about human trafficking, sexual slavery, freemasonry, illuminati, and the new world order? Are you involved with any of these organizations? I'm just trying to understand how a young fellow such as yourself knows so much about mind control, unless you perhaps were mind controlled at one time, and broke free from the programming?

agirl4truth said...

I saw that black and white photo shoot some months ago, and never got around to sending you a link - so i was hoping by some odd chance that you would do a post on them- too bad you didnt go through them individually, that would have been awesome, but im glad to see them here at all.
You must have put yourself on a new schedule for working on the posts or something - you have really been putting out a lot of material recently, it's so exciting! I hope youre pacing yourself, though lol
Thanks so much for all your hard work! Even though i dont see eye to eye on absolutely everything you say, i "dont throw the baby out with the bath water." youre amazing.
@ Interesting...
You pose a legitimate question, and although i doubt that he's been MK'd at some point - id like to see how he/ if he responds to your question lol

Much love to the poster and all the readers!!!

Timbre of Love said...

Ohh Rihanna, if only you'd have smelt the glove... (spinal tap reference).... is it my imagination that all the product of the so called music and image industry thrust in our direction these days smells of total ego gratification and of the utmost self indulgence...
Looking at this expose, no wonder she's F.U.B.B (that's fu###d up beyond belief)...
By the way "interesting" Ben probably does that thing most young people fear to do... he READS !!! and has turned his shit-o-metre up to filter out the manna that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives...
Also, more and more people are awakening to the ploys of the lucerferic oligach that seeks control over your soul... the earth's vibration is rising... hope you can get with it...

Interesting... said...

I actually just found a great interview of Ben talking that talks about how he got started:

Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Whatever they're up to, it's working...

Anonymous said...

I suspect one thing they're trying to prep us for is a slave class based on either either genetically engineered entities (human or not) or robotic entities with biological aspects (think blade runner etc).

You can see how humans treat animals as if they are ours to slaughter, torture, eat, use at our pleasure, a human looking non-human could be used for all sorts of slavery purposes easily even now.

Anonymous said...

MAROON 5&RIHANNA's cover, the fractured "M" letter is looking like 11, which is also very significant in numerology.


Lara said...

Yes, Ben obviously thinks, feels and reads, which is not what the 'powers that be' intend for young people or any of us. I came across this revealing quote recently from the book "The Impact of Science on Society" (1952) by Bertrand Russell (very famous and influential 'great thinker' ...and aristocratic blueblood). He says, "Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils have left school they shall be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters should have wished... diet, injections and injunctions from a very early age to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible."

I think this sort of blatant video is partly the usual arrogant in-joke by the 'adepts' hiding their secrets 'in plain sight'; and partly social conditioning/behaviour modification of the 'profane'/ the masses.

... who, fortunately, are waking up en masse.

Anonymous said...

Hope u like KATIE's tshirt:

When women make GOT MILK ad, clearly its about oral sex. Say it isnt so lol


Lara said...

I should add, people are waking up thanks to Ben and others like him.

anarchore said...

Lady Gaga at the beginning of 'Bad Romance' is using the Starck Parrot speakers - featured in the Rhiana video too!

Anonymous said...

By a weird coincidence I was looking for the appropriate thread to discuss a very recent interview Rihanna had done. Lo and behold, Ben provides one! Rihanna discussing her latest album - the show was in Greek so I can't tell you the name of it..some popmusic programme. Rihanna - this sounds corny - spoke and acted like a completely different person from an interview of her when Umbrella was first released. She even spoke of how emotional she was during the recording, saying how she was stuck in the house for days feeling like she was wasting her life - remember - this was after the Chris Brown incident....she literally admitted that she is psychologically disturbed and needed weeks - read that - weeks to record just one of the many highly-personal tracks on Rated R. Watching her she seemed totally over-emotional and 'scared' even. Not the funny, smiley girl she was in her first interviews...she looks pretty sick to me!
Ben - I'm really starting to believe this sh*t...honestly. Listening to songs yesterday evening and this morning it occured to me that our knowledge now is like being unplugged from the Matrix. YOu can appreciate the music but still see right through it all now. Totally weird!
I have more to say below...

Anonymous said...

further more...I hear a lot of N-dubz on the radio so out of curiosity I did the same as the Daily Mail readers and looked up the lyrics to their song 'Sex' that was not what I was expecting...if this group is touted to the younger kids then something should at least be said in addition to what the Daily Mail wrote...Over-sexualization of children...they say it's everywhere!! And it is bad for society and morality and womens rights and God knows what else when a 9 year old can write their own sexually explicit song lyrics because their friends are all dong it and if you are bullied you make get your name added to the words...destoying young minds's nothing to do with freedom of expression I agree!
P.S. I have something more to say below (I'm on a roll today!)

Anonymous said...

I promise this is the last I have to say for today! The whole quesiton about WHY is this stuff out there, so blatant, and only those in the know can recognise it, but more people are starting to obtain the knowledge. I'm thinking about the photoshoots specifically now. Do they perhaps work like 'code' and 'messages' which the general public read in one way, but the elitists read in another, far more sophisticated way? E.G. Is it perhaps a message to whoever wants to pay for Rihanna...this is just a theory now...look Rihanna is on OUR payroll now...who would like to try her out...type of thing? A sort of international currency exchange...linking in why you suddenly find some overweight billionaire taking Rihanna out to Lunch...for I making makes sence to me...oh well, I'm off to listen to that radio interview with Ben...until some other crazy idea hits me!

Anonymous said...

anyone seen britney's new video for "3"? i know its hardly anything new but i think its absolutely disgusting

i mean, you mentioned lady gaga before but she can get away with all the disgustingness because she is known for being a freak/just plain weird but britney? this woman is supposed to be a role model to young girls

angers me how she sings that its just "innocent". yes ok fine if you're an adult, do what the fuck you want but its not adults you're aiming your music at,is it britney?! its got to be one of the most corruptive songs i've heard. reminds me of the line in katy perry's 'i kissed a girl' - "ain't no big deal, its innocent."

how dare they put these things into children's minds?!! this is just a step too far now and it makes me sick to my stomach

akaider said...

Check out the interiors of Christina Aguilera's house:

talk about confusing & dissassociative!

also the headline says
Inside *Xtina's* Beverly Hills Home

akaider said...

link didn't work, click n paste

Unknown said...

Wow Ben, pretty interesting stuff, My feeling on this whole Chris Brown nonsense, is she had a pretty big roll in the amount of abuse that transpired in that relationship.
Right after that relationship she jumped into bed with over a dozen different guys and never took a break from being seen with guys, it looks to me that her pay back for not having her way with the whole Chris Brown is cheating, was to scream abuse. From the pictures the police released it seemed like she was throwing blows as well. And that she is loose with her hands as well. But I am a firm believer on whats in the dark will come to the light, and backfire on her and her career...It's about time she gets exposed, because this crap is crazy that she released out on video. This seems to me no way like a woman that has been abused, just a woman trying to milk pity from the masses. SAD, so SAD.

Anonymous said...

Rite from the start I smelled theres smth wrong with RIHANNA the victim. I searched on all kinda forums and many (including persons close to him) defended BROWN, saying he was the real victim and the his gf manipulated him. Our pity, our sadness = our energy and Rihanna harvested it all from us. And its not the 1st time I read she's manipulating ppl...

Here's an interesting womanm wgo studied at TAVISTOCK COLLEGE


Lisa said...

Ben - have you seen this article?

It's very telling........about the illuminist circle - the elite....

Anonymous said...

Dont miss that:


Anonymous said...

A shock team: LADY GAGA&BEYONCE:


Anonymous said...

it must be horrific knowing that one of your best friends and bandmate was murdered/sacrificed by the illuminati or should i say "killuminati"

Anonymous said...

the world war 3 bit got my attention so had to post.

if you look back through the past 160 years you will notice a pattern, will touch on it briefly what most alive will remember/learn about.

rubbish little conflicts lead to ww1(all backed by germany);
then world war 1 itself;
1918 flu pandemic;
world war 2;
end of world war 2 lead to gulags/soviet union/an excuse to spend trillions due to the soviet "threat" whilst people die of hunger.

now its happening again.

rubbish iran/iraq war(us/british/saudi orchastrated)

leads to sierra leone, kosovo, numerous other distractionary wars/conflicts.

9/11 leads to afghan, iraq, iraq ends just as swine flu/avian flu is deemed a 'threat to humanity'

iraq ends.. swine flu is now a reality. afghan continues(as did the gulags, soviet oppression)

so the next 20 years should bring about some tyrannical state/entity who will try and replicate the soviets trying to force the world to follow their views(itll be the E.U.,China or the U.S...most likley U.S. given the radar issues in europe)

could in turn lead to NATO breaking up and forcing America to finally calm a little.

Anonymous said...

Timbre of Love said...
Ohh Rihanna, if only you'd have smelt the glove... (spinal tap reference)....

Funny you reference Spinal Tap because upon reading about how Shakira supposedly came up with some of her new songs, she sounds utterly ridiculous and very Spinal Tap, she's also a liar.

Anonymous said...

What do u make of MICHAEL LOHAN. Is he indeed so creepy?
Btw, recently a Hollywood insider compared Jolie to a cobra. All I know is that a snake is sweeter than her. It doesnt buy children in order to mess them up.


Anonymous said...

hi Ben, i loved reading your blog
(sometimes very shock)In recent weeks i been watching "el Gordo y La flaka"a popular celebrity gossip show in spanish.
I noticed a popular mexican singing star Alejandra Guzman, has a a black Butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder,recently she has been involved in a plastic surgery scandal which resulted in her spending some time in the hospital/reprogramming fixing a few bugs? maybe?

God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won't” Alfred Korzybski

Benjamin S said...

They've still got Lady GaGa doing her painfully predictable thing...

Oh yeah and I didn't watch the EMA's but watched part of a repeat and it's pretty insane (the entire floor is a big checkerboard), definitely want to post on it despite the delay. I should have a bigger post up tomorrow by the way.

Thanks for the comments all, to address the original commenter, I'm not MK'd (well we all are to some degree), I'm just interested in these subjects and have read enough to have some understanding of how it works and how they are connected. But sure, I could easily write a long pretentious post about my personal MK themes; like they filmed a TV show in my family's house (they chose ours over other homes pretty obviously because of the big checkerboard floor/twin pillars, apparently the guy who designed the house was an Israeli) the 'Ruth Rendell Mysteries' (generic British crime drama), I was 11-12 at the time (the house was taken over by them for a week or longer, was interesting to see how a TV show is filmed), it's amazing looking back at things like that and seeing how relative they are to the stuff I write about. The episode filmed in my house 'Harm Done' consisted of a pedophile hysteria story (pedophile gets released from prison to an awaiting mob and is falsely accused of kidnapping a little girl), the 3 year old girl is kidnapped (not by the pedophile but her mother to get her away from an abusive husband) from her bed (the bed I slept in for like a decade which is a little creepy) and looking back at the episode very recently there are owls all over my wall. I don't plan on ever getting round to doing personal stuff like that as it probably would come across a little weird... (like this anecdote here!)

Anonymous said...

Truly sad article:

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch the CMA's but I didn't realize David Copperfield made Taylor Swift appear out of an elevator.

Anonymous said...

re: US wars against terrorism

You note that the opposition to the wars was minimal and shouted down mostly by fellow citizens calling those who just questioned the assertion that Iraq was nuclear as traitors. You'll note too how easy it was for the US government to pass massive legislation that enables them to arrest without trial, to torture, etc.

Another example of people wrapping themselves in the American flag and calling themselves Christians (George Bush is a born again) and yet doing MK work.

iAdmin said...

Finally the mind control handler's dream, Beyonce and lady GAGA together at last. The video is called "Video Phone".

Still learning said...

This is the most amazing website I have seen in a long time. You people clearly have IQ's that are off the charts and superlative pattern recognition abilities that surpass my obviously already obsolete powers of intellect .

I am curious as to a couple of things that I hope some of you can help me with;

1 - What is the end game and purpose of 'THEM'?
What is eventually in store for me and more importantly, my children?

2 - Is there anyone of note who is not involved in the conspiracy? If so, who are they?

3 - Is everything in popular culture/mainstream media coded with subliminal references?

4 - How can I protect myself from these messages? What if I am already infected and don't know it? Maybe I am remotely doing there bidding already.

5 - Can you direct me to some 'safe' forms of popular culture that I can consume without fear of contamination?

6 - Should I quit my well paid job in the music/entertainment industry? If so, what should I do instead? How will I support family in these difficult economic times?

7 - Are you all not worried for your safety? Have you even thought of what THEY might do to you for revealing their secret plans that have literally been centuries in the making? You are all so brave. I'm afraid I lack your courage.

8- And finally, I would like to hear your (any of you, commenters as well please) ideas for any new economic/political/ideological systems we could devise, create and implement in order to replace this despicable debacle known as western meritocratic democratic capitalism that is crushing our independent thoughts and freedoms and furthermore co-opting our innocent offspring into evil via super elaborate, complex, sub-textual, subliminal visual cues that pass unnoticed by mainstream society directly into their cerebral cortex via seemingly innocuous and vacuous hymns to shallow self-absorption and promotion.

You have opened my eyes; please do not let them slide shut once more!

Jack said...

@Stilling Learning

I've read through your post several times and my "high IQ" and "superlative pattern recognition abilities" lean toward the fact that you are in some way insulting us. While some of your questions are valid (i.e., What is the end game and purpose of 'THEM'? Is there anyone of note who is not involved in the conspiracy? If so, who are they?) some of your other queries seem worded in such a manner that sound if you are being both snide and arrogant. There also seems to be a heavy dose of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.

The fact that you made a point of stating:

>>"Should I quit my well paid job in the music/entertainment industry? If so, what should I do instead? How will I support family in these difficult economic times?">>

Sorry, but that comes off as being sarcastic toward us. If you've got a "well paid job" in the entertainment industry, why in the hell would you ask a bunch of strangers on a MK Forum for advice? I mean, seriously, if you're that concerned, talk to your wife/husband (although, I think you're a guy posting this missive.)

Your last question (#8) is written with such a heavy usage of dramatic adjectives and alliterations that you cannot be serious. Can you?

Me thinks you have planted your tongue firmly in your cheek. (Yes, I can talk that way because of my "high IQ").

Does anyone else here amidst the flock of high IQs and brilliant minds feel the same I do about "Still Learning?"


Anonymous said...

Ok, I wont question him relating to whether or not hes mocking/insulting. I will simply answer the questions.

1;the end game only they will know this, so wait and see. speculation is also possibly right, so never dismiss it all.

2;naturally not everyone will be involved..whether or not they have the balls to speak up is an entirely different matter.

odds is they wont, after all..if as its said its mostly celebs/highly influentian people they wont like the thought of living an average joes life if they did speak out.

3; same as above, not everything..that borders on the paranoia and Alex Jones/David Icke/numberous others would love people to genuinely believe this for revenue.

4; who knows. maybe its an illusion both to be protected from and to be sucked in. either way, once again..I'd be speculating, and Im not willing to do so.

5; each to their own, if you genuinely believe its 'harmful' monitor using your own mind...maybe using pointers from 'several' sources if "you" believe them to be correct.

6; obviously mocking, but thats your choice. once again if "you" think you are being 'harmful' then if you have you claim, you will of course favour a career change over potentially harming your own kids. given thats entirely what it does.

7; riducling again, or at least seems so. it'd be a bit difficult to single out every person who believes this info/other related info to be true.

Still learning said...


1- It's true; my writing style tends to lean towards the embarrassingly alliterate; a drawback of my profession I'm afraid. However, insult and sarcasm were not my intention, and if taken then I apologise. It's simply that a lot of what is posted here simply flies right over my head. I am not an uneducated individual but this intriguing arcana reveals disturbing aspects of an industry that I have been tan-genital to now for nigh on 15 years - political corruption I am well aware of but the programming of female singing stars in order to serve others nefarious ends is very new to me so please excuse the clumsiness of my propositions. I just wish to know more. The whole thing reads to me like a particularly complex yet deeply insidious cryptic crossword puzzle and frankly, if true, has serious ramifications for my view of, and journey through, this world, so please excuse me if I come across a little ignorant and obtuse but this is some major reality altering information you've just dropped on me is it not? Maybe for you it was all obvious from day one; some of us are not so lucky Jack.

2 - I'm not sure how I would even begin to voice these kind of fears re: my vocation and it's implications and my complicity in the safety of our daughters future to my partner without causing them much distress - they are not industry connected and have a somewhat simplistic view of the machinations of our world. I feel it would disturb them somewhat. Hence my list of questions in order to pre-empt what i think they may ask me.

If you cannot answer my questions just say so.

Still learning said...


Thank you for attempting to answer my questions, although your answers have not helped much...I am just as confused....

Is this the most dangerous threat we face today? (obviously not the just mind controlled MTV divas, that would just be silly, but the global new world order itself)

How long have THEY allowed themselves to succeed in their plan?

Once THEY have programmed us all what will they have us do next?

Why are THEY so intent on dismantling society?

Is it simply because THEY are evil or is there a logical explanation for why they are mind controlling celebrities? What are the MTV evil Divas telling us to do?

Why do they keep leaving these Kit Williams/Dan Brown-esque cryptic clues for people to decode?

Is it not difficult enough to run a complex, centuries long, multi-generation spanning conspiracy without leaving a puzzle trail?

If I solve the puzzle can I join?

Kylie Minogue = KM = MK!
She wore red slippers and came from OZ!
She has a statue; that's like an empty vessel!
And a waxwork!
And she collects bags with butterflies on them!
And in Neighbours she was a mechanic!
She has a song called Step into my World!
And Spinning Around! (like confused, right?)

What is the meaning of these suspicious connections?
There's obviously something there; but what is it?

Is Joss Whedon's Dollhouse actually too close to reality?
Is this why the networks are purposefully destroying it?

Anonymous said...

Tata, do you have any proof of Rihanna sleeping with a bunch of guys?

Brenda said...

@ Still Learning

I don't think Jack answered your questions. I think anonymous poster did.

OK, I too, felt your questions were sarcastic but your follow up "seems" sincere. So, I'll move onward from that point.

I came to understand MK culture years ago. I had friends in the Industry and I noticed how they changed over the years from working in that field. Many of them became hard and the "business" of show business was more important than the sanity of either themselves or the stars they worked with. Call it ego gratification or whatever, but the ways I watched them change were enormous and I eventually parted ways with them as friends as I could not relate to their driven and somewhat callous natures.

When I learned about MK Ultra and the U.S. government program, I made no connections between the entertainment industry at all. However, my first inkling that there was some well orchestrated maneuvering going on had to do with the way in which the "talking heads" at the news desks started to sound and look the same. The women looked like Barbie dolls with their sunken eyelids and lip glossed lips and the men all looked like suit models. There was also a familiar cadence in the way they spoke that I picked up on. It's like a sing-song cadence they must "learn" which I found annoying.

This led me to info on how to put people into trances using voice cadence and signals and THAT is when I searched and found the connection between MK ULTRA and the entertainment industry.


Ebony said...

Ben is my hero.

Brenda said...

Continued from above....

I knew a lot about "triggers" in MK Ultra, but it was more voice cues, using Wizard of Oz themes and various country music songs and lullabies to induce trauma. The leap to the entertainment industry USING their traumatized celebs to essentially "ACT" out their trauma on the world stage for all of us, didn't make sense at first. But if you simply stand back and start observing, IT'S ALL THERE IN PLAIN VIEW. HIDDEN IN CLEAR SIGHT, SO TO SPEAK.

The Christian Fundamentalists raged about the overtly sexual posters and music for decades. What they didn't realize was that the sexual posters were meant to get us softened OVER TIME to the disgusting shit that passes for 'ART' now. DESENSITIZATION IS THE KEY HERE. As long as we just shake our heads and say, "Wow. That's sick," but don't speak out against it, the masses will continue to suck up this crap as "OK" and be further and further desensitized to the trauma in film, music and artwork.

ONCE YOU DESENSITIZE A CULTURE, YOU CAN OFFER THEM ANYTHING AND THEY WILL ACCEPT IT. Pretty soon, having sex with 10 year old girls will be accepted and graphic game shows where the loser is murdered will rank #1 on the ratings board. You think that can't happen? Think back 20 or 30 years ago to what was "acceptable" in entertainment and what would NEVER have been allowed. In the U.S., you could not show the naked body on regular TV (cable was fine) nor could you say "son of a bitch," "bastard," "goddamn," or "effing" (to mean "fucking.") NOW, it's all over the media on regular TV, whether it's on reality TV, sitcoms, dramas or newscasts. You can also see nudity everywhere. Now, I'm not against nudity nor am I against foul language. BUT I understand that when you are not educated and you can't process it, OR if you are a child and you see this in front of you, it demoralizes you on some level and you accept that "it's part of the world" and so YOU start using "fuck you" to the postal clerk or exposing yourself provocatively in public. You see what I'm saying? Reduce education, politicize everything and reduce any moral compass and you have a nation or world that is all about sex, violence and trauma-based culture.

The end game? That's the million dollar question. Ask David Icke or Alex Jones and they'll tell you it's World Government where will are all mind-controlled slaves, IF we survive the reduction of the population via vaccines, chemtrails, chemicals in the food, GMO foods, etc.

The whole outcome is obviously depressing as hell. The key is to WAKE UP and spread the word to whomever will listen. My husband often thinks I'm "over the top" when I comment on a celeb as being "handled" or a seeming accident as not being so accidental. BUT he's starting to see the signs the more I point out the strange "coincidences." The whole Taylor Swift scenario is a great example for you to wrap your mind around.

Where does MTV play into this? That's where the satanic sacrifice element comes into play. That's more macabre and still hard for people to understand. Essentially, it's the idea that there are the Illumanatti who have traditionally for centuries worshiped the Underworld gods and freely given blood sacrifices to them in order to maintain their power. This can be through wars, murders or national disasters (such as 9/11). They truly believe that they can attain power and a place in the SUN by spilling blood of the innocent and not so innocent. Google "pagan sacrifice" and see what comes up.

I can't answer all your questions but I hope that gives you a better idea of where this is headed. Start doing your own research, like we all have, and your eyes will open. You'll also never be the same again.

Anonymous said...

@ Still Learning..............

You wrote at the end of your last post:

"If I solve the puzzle can I join?"

If that ain't sarcasm, I don't know what is!

You obviously are ignorant of what you're talking about or you're one of "them" and trolling on here to get us riled.

Still learning said...


Thank you for your in depth reply.

This is all very depressing.

A couple of issues:

I do believe that the world population is actually expanding and we all, especially in the west, live longer than ever. It would appear that THEIR population control is failing.

Sex with adolescents is now more unacceptable than it has ever been before in western society ( a good thing obviously) and I really do not see this trend reversing anytime soon. However there is still much to do in less developed nations to educate them.

I would agree that most popular culture is in fact shallow, consumer driven nonsense of the lowest common denominator and that our youth appear to have lost their way morally and you are clearly a free thinking, literate individual however I do think that people here may have begun to see things that don't exist. We have enough genuine problems in the world without the need for us to continually create hidden bogeymen.

Much of the cultural theory and deconstruction here seems to have gone a bit wayward...

Try some Adam Curtis or even Howard Bloom.

Anyway, I imagine I will now be cast from here as a shill or an ignoramus...

When people stop believing in God the problem is not that they will believe in nothing it is that they will believe in anything.

My dinner's burning...must fly.


Brenda said...

@Still Learning

I understand your feelings because on the surface, none of this makes sense. That's what makes it so easy to pass off and continue "under the radar" and even above the radar.

Most of us who begin to try and explain this to someone, come off sounding insane and that's the built in mechanism that makes this so powerful. "They" know that just talking about it will sound crazy and so it works to their advantage.

I do not agree with you that sex with adolescents is considered now more unacceptable as the adolescents often create the unconscious allure by virtue of what they see in the media and thus sexualize themselves to attract attention. I mentioned a book here a while ago titled REDEMPTION by author, Laurel Dewey. In the story, the missing child, age 12, was mistaken for someone older because she sexualized herself for boys. I highly recommend the book in that the author has placed many esoteric elements within the story for those who care to see them. Author's website is:

I agree with you that THEIR population is failing and that "may" be why they are accelerating the trauma-based media.

NOW, if I might ask: What do you do in the entertainment industry? You don't have to divulge your company but I'd like to know what facet of the media you are part of.

Anonymous said...

"entertainment industry USING their traumatized celebs to essentially "ACT" out their trauma on the world stage for all of us, "

I have to correct you here. Entertainment Industry is using celebs to essentially act out OUR traumas on the world stage BACK TO US.

Anonymous said...

The consumer is the fuel that feeds the engine that traumatizes the artist (blogs, tv, gossip, "vicious" journalists, the media) Consumers and "non artists" are the media.

Anonymous said...

Fans & Consumer is extension of paparazzi, we buy what they sell. "Artists" are human too, no?

Anonymous said...

Watch this movie based on a play by Neil LaBute.

still learning said...


Thanks again for your considered response.

In reply to your question I am a freelance conceptual copy writer and brand strategist with an educational background in cultural theory. I've worked for nearly every major entertainment brand at some point and an enormous amount of independent companies too.

I have seen much that is mercenary and morally corrupt and know many a story involving celebrity misdeeds that don't make the mainstream media. However, although it's a dirty business filled with nepotism and corruption and management does not always have their artistes best interests at heart I have never come across anything to do with the either the occult or the illuminati or the freemasons or any brainwashing techniques; drugs, indulgences, mollycoddling, sycophancy and bad behaviour are rife that's true, but seriously, this symbolism stuff and mind control lark is nothing more than a misguided cultural memetic born of popular culture colliding with unfortunate real life events that breed in a philosophical 21st century vacum and are subsequently fed oxygen via the internet.

For example; The Matrix is a weak metaphor poorly constructed from a half-assed reading of 20th century philosphy; not a secret code about how the world really is.

Failing to discern metaphor and allegory from factual account is what got us humans in to so much trouble with organised religion. Let's not make that mistake again.

These are stories; stories are very powerful to humans. Philosophy and cultural theory need to be on the curriculum from a young age. We are letting our children loose into an information minefield and not giving them the tools with which to understand it.

It's your freewill to think whatever you please and i support you in that. There's a lot of interesting stuff that happens in this world; some good, some bad and it's reassuring for us to think that someone is controlling it be they benevolent or malevolent, human or deity the most difficult thing for us to take is that it's not all connected, that the world is a chaotic, crazy, inexplicable place and we are the masters of our own destiny.

I know I may as well be typing to myself as it's churlish of me to think I could change anyone's mind but have you ever thought that maybe conspiracies and occult theory is the distraction after all? I mean if Newton had simply carried on with trying to become an alchemist he'd of never made what are arguably the some of the greatest discoveries we've ever made..........think about it.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I have never come across anything to do with the either the occult or the illuminati or the freemasons or any brainwashing techniques; drugs, indulgences, mollycoddling, sycophancy and bad behaviour are rife that's true, but seriously, this symbolism stuff and mind control lark is nothing more than a misguided cultural memetic born of popular culture colliding with unfortunate real life events that breed in a philosophical 21st century vacum and are subsequently fed oxygen via the internet.

DING DING DING...and we have a winner.

"the occult or the illuminati or the freemasons or any brainwashing techniques; drugs, indulgences, mollycoddling, sycophancy and bad behaviour"


Anonymous said...

"I know I may as well be typing to myself as it's churlish of me to think I could change anyone's mind but have you ever thought that maybe conspiracies and occult theory is the distraction after all?"

YEEEEES, not that this shit doesn't exist and people use it but as i see it in the entertainment business right now, it's just what it says BUSINESS

Anonymous said...


you're talking absolute bollocks, go and exercise your sarcasm somewhere else. please.

Brenda said...

@ Still Learning

I hope you're still checking this thread.

You've shut the door before you opened it. Don't be afraid to pursue what you deem improbable. These "stories" as you call them, are powerful and used by the Powerful (Elite) to create their world doctrine in order to CONTROL humanity.

I guess if you had to use a single word to describe the WHY in all this, it would be CONTROL. Mind control. Human control. Taking away a person's God-given free will to BE and achieve greatness. By holding them back with trauma-based images and messages, you keep them in fear and perpetual slaves to your agenda.

@ anon 13:30

Thank you for that correction to my post. You are absolutely correct!

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
I guess if you had to use a single word to describe the WHY in all this, it would be CONTROL. Mind control. Human control. [[[ TRYING TO ]]]] take away a person's God-given free will to BE and achieve greatness. By holding them back with trauma-based images and messages, [[[ THEY TRY ]]] to keep US in fear and perpetual slaves to [[[THEIR PERSONAL]]]] agenda."

Yes grasshopper! everything in [[[ ]]]] is my comment on your comments =)

Anonymous said...

Who even watches music vids?? They don't play on t.v, so the "mass" brain washing theory is not that relevant...get over wake up to a world already being controlled, from what you have been eating since you were a child. It began with your parents....

Anonymous said...

@ anon 14:34

Get over it? Not relevant? You obviously have your head firmly stuck up your ass.

Who watches music vids? Youth. Who will be the architects of the future? Youth. Who is driven by visuals and technology? Youth. Who do the Elite target? Youth. Who watches music videos? Youth. See? Full circle.

Anonymous said...

"describe the WHY"

evil, sick bastards i can't think of any other explanation!

i can see why some of the celebrities do certain things for money, especially if they have come from a poor background. but most have actually had money to start with

p.s ben, i find it extremely creepy that you yourself have checkerboard floors and twin pillars in your house! at first, i actually thought that you were being sarcastic. or are you?!

i feel i really should stop posting on here but i'm so addicted. the more i know, the more i want to know. perhaps 'stilllearning' has a point about distractions...

Still learning said...

Music videos are a promotional tool designed to sell products ( the artist in question, the products hawked during the ad breaks etc). They utilize every trick in the filmakers and marketeers arsenal to achieve this goal; sexy images, attractive people, bright colours, desirable goods, wish fulfillment, aspirational narratives, cultural references etc
This is not often morally correct and does not always promote positive behaviour but they are never designed with subtextual and metatextual signs and codes designed to awaken sleeper agents or programme people in arcane, esoteric occult practices. I know you really want this to be true but there simply aren't any brainwashed, mind controlled sex slaves bred for the elite. It's simply not true.

Models and dancers and naive desperate young stars are coerced into sexual situations but it is nothing more than some poor, deluded, extremely ambitious people acting out of desperation in order to gain access to what they believe is a rarefied world of bread and roses.

Seriously, I've been on too many sets and been involved in too many brand strategy meetings, the actual truth is that it's mayhem with nobody really sure what's gonna succeed and what's gonna sink without a trace. The scale of ineptitude within the media industry is staggering. It is definitely NOT a cabal of all seeing, all knowing seers. Although you could be forgiven for assuming they think they are considering how some of them behave ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you in a way, but yeah this is not abot awakening sleeper agents, it's about triggering people at the subconscious level

got that from here:

And to the anon asking who watches music videos bcause they dont show them on tv anymore, ever heard of a computer? im sure you have used one in your lifetime. There's also this new thing called YOUTUBE.COM that millions of people use daily to watch music videos. CHeck it out!!!

Still learning said...

I agree with you in a way, but yeah this is not abot awakening sleeper agents, it's about triggering people at the subconscious level

got that from here:

Now that is interesting, relevant and worthy of discussion.
Mainstream Hip Hop culture is a disgrace and the messages it sends out are inescapably shallow and bleak.

How come it's allowed to get away with it?

Again I reiterate though; it has nothing to do with MK ULtra, mind control or the illuminati and the occult. It's plain old lowest common denominator trash pandering to the desires of it's barely literate, misogynist audience of retards.

Benjamin S said...

The disingenuous way in which he/she entered this discussion should inform anyone of the motives of "Still learning". Love the ironic name by the way, you clearly came here with no intention of really "learning" anything new whatsoever. From what I can tell your intention seems to have been to feign interest (not very well) then dismiss everything as BS, which you are perfectly entitled to; but I don't think it portrays you in a particularly positive light. I don't even disagree with some of what you are saying but I will not converse with someone who engages in a discussion under false pretenses. I wish you all the best with your fixed world view, but I encourage you to read up on some of the issues (I'm sure it's easy for you to dismiss everything, because you are so 100% dead certain that it's all "simply not true") then perhaps you could actually emulate what your name suggests; there may well be dark things happening on this planet that you are not currently aware of funnily enough, despite your apparent allseeing knowledge of the inner workings of every facet of the industry.

Brenda said...

@ Still Learning,

If you are still around....

There is something I can't quite understand about your various posts. First, you come on here with what appeared to be "sincere" questions and some that are quite well stated to the case at hand. You claim that the information you've read here "is depressing" which sort of sounds as if you've assimilated enough of it for it to create a visceral response on a sub-conscious level.

Then you seem to come back in subsequent posts with your foot firmly planted and write the whole thing off as illogical crap and nonsense, citing your experience as a copy writer and industry person who has been in on conceptual meetings.

So, which is it? Are you here because you are truly interested in the subject and want to explore the avenues or is it just a way to kill time?

And how do you know what takes place after those conceptual meetings wrap up and you're at home with the wife and kids? It just takes one producer or director with the inside track to create the visual impact that is needed to create the triggers.

This subject is a deep one and one that cannot be explained away in a neat little package. Much of it is "felt" intuitively like, "Yeah. That feels weird or 'off.'" And when you keep seeing the same repetitive images thrown at you, you can't chalk it all up to cultural trends or whatever comfortable term you find acceptable.

You probably don't watch MTV (neither do I) but I did watch the VMAs only because of hearing about it on this site. I don't know about you, but when I saw Lady Gaga appear in what looked like the set for "Eyes Wide Shut," dancing with guys wearing lady's underwear on their faces and then proceed to bleed from her belly at the end of her performance before being hung by one arm in the air with what I can only describe as a severely TRAUMATIZED look on her face....well, kiddo, I don't call that entertainment. I call that programming the masses. Anyone who called that "brilliant" or "original" or any other term that confers a state of being wonderful needs to seek professional help pronto! That was simply sick and visually disturbing.

Finally, I'm quite curious. For a guy who seems so defiant in his beliefs, what in the world did you google to find Ben's site? You see, usually we find this place because we are interested in MK culture and already have an inkling of the subversive tactics that are investigated here. Thus, there HAD to be something that made you put the dinner on hold and make you start googling. I'd love to what that was.

Brenda said...


I see you beat me to the response to Still Learning. Must have been penning it at the same time.


Ebony said...

Thank you, Brenda and Ben.

Anonymous said...

Still learning said ....
"I know you really want this to be true but there simply aren't any brainwashed, mind controlled sex slaves bred for the elite. It's simply not true."

I don't agree with this 100% but i don't disagree either because i think these mind controlled sex slaves for the elite are mostly no one we are ever going to hear from or see on tv or youtube. Doesn't mean they don't exist though. Models and people like this who have sex with rich guys for the use of their high priced condos and yachts are doing it for the exchange of something, everyone gets what they want. And sometimes like in "regular people" relationships, things go wrong. But of course, there are exceptions to everything, i'm not saying the model who said she was used by Prince of Monaco is lying. I'm saying there are all kinds of variables.

"Models and dancers and naive desperate young stars are coerced into sexual situations but it is nothing more than some poor, deluded, extremely ambitious people acting out of desperation in order to gain access to what they believe is a rarefied world of bread and roses."

I believe this to be true.

"Seriously, I've been on too many sets and been involved in too many brand strategy meetings, the actual truth is that it's mayhem with nobody really sure what's gonna succeed and what's gonna sink without a trace. The scale of ineptitude within the media industry is staggering. It is definitely NOT a cabal of all seeing, all knowing seers. Although you could be forgiven for assuming they think they are considering how some of them behave ;-)"

I agree with this in that, i also do not believe Lady Gaga was traumatized hanging from a rope at the MTVawards, she was simply putting on a performance, now, i do believe the woman is off her rocker and knows exactly what she is dong. Speaking of rockers i also don't believe Rihanna was told to rock back and forth on a rocking horse to disassociate her. I think this kind of stuff said here dehumanizes her more than any video director cold. That rocking horse things looks like a sculpture and probably does not move in any way.

IMHO, what i think happens with these people is that fame diassasociates them, like Megan Fox said they have to create alter egos to deal with people taking all kinds of shit that isn't true and the people who believe it, their fans and the high expectations, also the old adage "all that stuff comes with the fame" "if you are famous you have to put up with this stuff" which i think it's totally unfair. In their eyes it is the public and the media who dehumanizes them, not their peers. Having said this i also believe they use their fame to harm others "the law doesn't apply to us" "we are above them"

It's not about sleeper agents or trapping miley cyrus in a block of ice in her video to make her submit to be raped by her dad.

Anonymous said...

Yo cant lump it all under MK and real life experiences will teach you more than any book could. Don't stop reading though, don't stop learning.

Anonymous said...

ALiens have got control of my U's..sorry abot the typos, etc/

Anonymous said...

The "shhhh" all these girls have tattooed on their fingers and the supposed blatancy of their MK existences being shown on their videos are contradictory, but i have seen stranger things.

Anonymous said...

"I know I may as well be typing to myself as it's churlish of me to think I could change anyone's mind but have you ever thought that maybe conspiracies and occult theory is the distraction after all?"

I kinda addressed this when answering your questions. its entirely possible that we who do somewhat believe this are wrong.

time so far has showed me that the "mainstream conspiracy theorists" were wrong and that when the end of october came, mass forced vaccinations didnt occur. but Ive yet to see the acknowledgment from Alex Jones and various others regarding this.

of course, its still 'could' happen.

also in regard to the economy..they claim its going to crash every other month. again, its not done so yet..didnt in may when predicted, or august, or september. its obvious itll occur at some point, naturally profit is to be taken...thats before you credit unemployment reducing spending and the many other factors that make it inevitable.

those points made..I still like to remain neutral, after all time carries on even after potentially sick plans are implemented.

still learned said...

ok Benjamin,fair enough, it's your playground so you can decide who gets to discuss things and what shape that discussion will take and therefore minimise dissent. I understand and I defer accordingly.

You're clearly a pretty bright guy it's just a shame that you're directing that sharp intellect in such a crazy direction. Mild schizophrenia mainly affects people with a high IQ and often manifests itself via the perception of complex patterns in the world around us or the belief that hidden knowledge has been revealed. Circuitous logic is a dangerous beast to tamper with; numerology and anagrammatic patterns can be manipulated to reveal whatever we wish them to.

Mind control, sex slaves, hidden messages, codes, secret rulers of the's all just so much more exciting than the mundanities raw capitalism in action isn't it?

As for your comments regarding my vocation and my insight, well, I can pretty much guarantee that you have practically zero first hand experience of working in the media industry and have based your theories on what are probably not even second hand sources and what amounts to hearsay and crackpot theory. Wikipedia is NOT a reliable reference resource. I've worked within the industry for 15 years and yet your insight is more accurate than mine? Really, come on, not even you really believe that. I openly admit that I do not know everything but I'm positive that my first hand experience of actually participating in the creation of what you and others are analyzing from your front/bed rooms lends me a little more credence.

As someone above says; reading is fantastic and can teach you a lot but nothing beats first hand experience and I do not believe that you have any.

I'm sure that in a few years you'll look back at the time that you thought music videos were encoded with trauma scenes and mystical symbolism and that Billy Ray Cyrus was raping his mind controlled daughter as a fun but crazy period in your life.

Good luck in your quest for the truth. But if you'd like to debate me around any of this I'd be happy to accommodate you. In fact I would really love to conduct an email interview with you if you have the time?

As to Brenda who enquired how I chanced upon your enlightened community well, it was via a site called Dangerous run by Richard Metzger. An interesting portal of all that's on the flip of mainstream culture. Go check it out; plenty of interesting stuff from people like the Firesign Theatre, Robert Wilson, Douglas Rushkoff etc etc

As to why I'm here, it's because I'm researching a book (I'm freelance if you recall) on the social implications of mimetic quasi-religious pop cultural myth generation in digital online culture and it's relation to mass hysteria and the development of complex belief systems of which this place is an excellent example. I'll send you a copy when it's finished.

There is some intelligent discussion going on here but it's hard to know who to reply to as everyone posts as 'anonymous' (bar a couple). Another unique aspect of online interaction...

To the guy above who points out that the conspiracy theorist prophesiers of doom rarely recant when proved wrong, well, all I can say is I agree with you completely and that this kinda armageddon/prophecy/revealing of the truth stuff has been going on since the dawn of human culture; the end of the world never comes and the secret rulers are never revealed. It's like the inverse aspect of the war on terror; there is no actual enemy/sinister plot so therefore it can never be beaten...but the war must go on!

Keep fighting the good fight and see you in the mezzanine! I've got minds to manipulate, sex slaves to program and complex visual puzzles to develop.

Anonymous said...

I think Still Learning doesn't get that its the people at the top who direct what gets made and designed for the massses.

Just because you sit around a table discussing ideas for a music video doesn't mean it gets made the way you discussed. Everyone who works in corporate America knows that. Its the people who answer to the board of directors who decide what the final design will look like, and the board of directors are usually, ivy leaguer, secret society brothers, unbeknownst to yourself, though even they are not who directs the protocol of the company as a whole....

Its not like they're gonna wear shirts that say "I'm a Mason,Skull and Bones whatever and wouldn't you like to be one too!"

They know each other form the lodge or from school and they quietly get together for drinks to discuss things. Then they plant one of their little brothers in the round table discussions to steer the meeting. Don't you know anything about political intrigue??

Not EVERYONE has to be all knowing or all seeing for an agenda to be pushed in an organization LOL!

Still learned said...

oh and on a lighter note, just one more thing:

DO NOT watch AMC's remake of 60's cult classic The Prisoner. It is absolutely packed to the gills with significant numbers, chequerboards, jumpcuts, doublespeak, inference, will short circuit your synapses and have you performing theoretical backflips through flaming hoops of logic that'll leave you laid up in bed for a week convinced that it's just awoken an army of sleeper agent sex slaves hellbent on facilitating world domination for their lizard masters.

Anonymous said...

well said ben and brenda!


i have read all of your posts and have come to the conclusion that your aim is simply to make this blog sound like the biggest load of bullshit ever. you're not going to change our minds, so just give up please?! you're clearly either lying to yourself, because you don't want to believe it or just lying to us in an act of sheer desparation to protect the industry/convince us we are mad. not happening (; !

Anonymous said...

None of us know anything.

Anonymous said...

Ben_____________(truth)____________Still Learned

Anonymous said...

Or is it

Still learned__________(truth)__________Ben?

Point is, the truth is somewhere in between both their opinions

Amok said...

@still learning/learned

w/r/t 'the social implications of mimetic quasi-religious pop cultural myth generation in digital online culture and it's relation to mass hysteria and the development of complex belief systems'

This IS interesting.. now that you've willingly outed yourself :) I'll resist feeding the defense mechanisms of a system of belief (the anti-conspiracy social destruktion wave that i guess would anchor much of your research) that posits the aim of individualism and healthy skepticism while moving toward more negative, nihilistic concrete strawmen themselves (Alex Jones, David Icke the best examples of counter-productive ikons), and instead ask you a few q's, if you're still checking these vituperative comments with some degree of journalistic intrigue (and not some sansculottist's veil-for-the-tugging)...

What do you think is the resulting affect of the process of 'reading in-to' popular culture and mainstream media? Where do you fall on the whole issue of what's essentially a periphery's challenge to the centre?
Away from that abstract (little jejune) sociocultural q, is there no valency to identifying a long-used lexicon of symbolism and iconography - whether theyre empty signifiers or actually do hold some deliberately allowed and encouraged psychosocial force - grand-purpose-or-cabalistic-groups notwithstanding?

Amok said...

And the elephant in the room, the maintenance of a popular culture enfused with arcane symbolism (intentionally loaded or not) that's centred around dissociation, the apparent 'normalcy' of psychological fragmentation, sexual submission/subjugation and all that?

Benjamin S said...

Yeah I've been watching the Prisoner remake, impressive stuff, noted all the symbolism and such (I had never seen the original series but had heard a fair bit of Michael Tsarion's symbolic analysis of it so knew it would be worth watching), downloaded the last few parts last night looking forward to watching tonight... from my concrete bunker in the woods which I am living in, just until my tin foil hat is repaired of course ;p. V isn't half bad either, it's about time our lizard masters finally showed themselves ;) But seriously you misunderstand the whole issue I feel, I think your articulate writing style, apparent intellect and experience (I never wrote that "my insight is more accurate than yours" by the way; just that you don't know everything that goes on, neither do I of course and have never claimed to but I do not wear blinders like you seem to) masks your naivety, even to yourself I suspect. This has been an interesting discourse nonetheless.

Anyone else catch the latest CSI called 'Lost Girls' (named after Moore's pervy little book?) it's all about trafficking, sex-slaves marked by butterfly tattoos, deflowering little girls and all that shit; might post.

Worked In The Industry said...

Still Learning wrote:

>>As to why I'm here, it's because I'm researching a book (I'm freelance if you recall) on the social implications of mimetic quasi-religious pop cultural myth generation in digital online culture and it's relation to mass hysteria and the development of complex belief systems of which this place is an excellent example.>>

What the fuck? OK, I've worked in the Industry also as a freelance writer and I can honestly tell you that NO editor EVER gave me a proposal with that many ridiculous words attached together. Of course, I "only" worked in the entertainment industry and was asked to write/interview celebrities and write "cheerful" profiles on their lives (you know, "at home" pieces, "On the Set With...") so I can't say I was asked to write anything as glorified as Still Learning.

HOWEVER, when I was interviewing my celebs for their "at home" pieces or going on tons of movie and television sets, I can honestly tell you that there was a level of creative control far above the guys who had their name on the credit roll. Funnily enough, I befriended a writer on one of my celeb's TV shows who was a nice guy and totally out of his element. He'd write a scene for "said celeb" and find it "tweaked" to serve some other purpose for "the guys upstairs." The guys upstairs referred to the media heads who controlled the content and storylines EVERY SINGLE SHOW.

Me? I was a lackey for the magazine I wrote for. I was the bottom of the barrel. I did as I was told and if I didn't, I was easily replaceable by someone who would whore themselves out to write the garbage they wanted printed.

Case in point: Toward the end of my career at that magazine, I was assigned to go to a set for a video and interview the lead singer who had positioned himself in the media as "anti-drug" to the point that he was on posters proclaiming his stance. Well, I get there and this guy is fucked up beyond belief. He couldn't sit still for the interview, nor could he manage to deal with a 30 minute photo op our magazine set up for him. I went home that night and surmised that he was obviously on drugs and that I didn't feel it was ethical to write a whitewashed story about him that we would then sell to teenage readers.

THAT NIGHT, this asshole gets arrested in his Mercedes for trying to buy heroin in a rundown part of the city. The next day, I go into the magazine and tell them that "obviously" we can't run the story and that I wouldn't write it anyway. My editor told me to "shelve my ethics" and write the damn story since they would print it months and months later when they "assumed" he'd have gone to rebab, gotten "clean" and everyone had forgotten the "episode."

Continued in next post....

Worked In The Industry said...

Well, I refused and I was fired.

So, is this MK Culture or is this just some poor SOB who lied to his fans? Well, it turns out that I later found out this guy had been sexually molested repeatedly by any number of men in the business when he was a child star!

Why am I sharing this? Well, I think that Ben's assertion that TRAUMA is the key has merit. Then, as Brenda so rightly put it, CONTROL is the other mechanism by which this machine operates.

Still Learning needs to understand that he is writing this book with the idea that there is no conspiracy, no trauma-based culture, no Elite pulling the chains and no visual triggers in ANYTHING that induce a negative effect in the populace. Thus, Still Learning will be happily doing the Elite's bidding and he will be rewarded with more opportunities to write and speak about why people like us have "high IQs" and are probably "schizophrenic," cuz you know, they "can be" connected. (Love that one, by the way. Did you notice how he slipped it in with arrogant flair?)

If indeed he was given a proposal with those exact words as noted above, I'd have to say that his editor (or whomever gave him the assignment) IS ALSO forcing an agenda that he/she was given from above. And that tells me that the Powers That Be are aware of the awakening of the masses and doing everything they can to subvert it, abuse it, manipulate it and taunt those of us who are seeing the results of MK Culture all around us.

If Still Learning was TRULY STILL LEARNING and willing to uncover deception rather than promote it, he would not come off as so bloody arrogant and realize that he is being used.

If Still Learning is Still Visiting this comment section, I'm sure he's Still Ridiculing us and Still Taking Notes for his book that is Still Being Researched.

Now, if you don't mind, I have to take my meds to subdue my natural schizophrenic tendencies. Musn't sully the waters of discontent.

Worked In The Industry said...

One more thing to add...

Just to see the journey this celeb/singer I referenced above traveled on after his drug bust...

He was befriended by Michael Jackson "out of the blue." (Wow. Odd.) And within weeks, he had changed his hair color to black to match Michael's hair color. He also started dressing like Michael. (Wow. Odd.) He lived with Michael off and on until Michael kicked him out without any supposed reason. He was discarded by his hero and went on a drug binge that nearly killed him.

If I tell what he became next, it would be too obvious as to who this guy is, so I'll leave it there.

Anonymous said...

Corey Feldman or Haim

Anonymous said...

So Beyonce is being traumatized into being a glorified stripper held in high regards by the woman who is married to the guy who's currently running the country as a good example for their daughters? Right.

Still learnings said...

Ok, that's a fair bit to reply to.

Firstly to Worked in the industry:

I've not been commissioned to put this book together I'm doing it off of my own back. You're correct; no editor in his right mind would commission such a piece...although elements could be re-worked into an article.

Your story sounds oh so familiar to me...when I wrote for lifestyle/entertainment/music magazines I came across many similar incidents. It's a hypocritical business for sure but that's not really news to anyone, right?

I also take on board your comments regarding my high minded arrogant style and feel appropriately reprimanded.

As to the poster enquiring: What do you think is the resulting affect of the process of 'reading in-to' popular culture and mainstream media? Where do you fall on the whole issue of what's essentially a periphery's challenge to the centre?

Great question, which I will try to answer in depth when I get some time tomorrow (dang, real life can really get in the way of a good discussion)but in short:

I believe, for want of a better term, Conspiracy Culture has really had a renaissance period beginning in the mid 90's with the advent of online culture and The X Files coupled with the republican dismantling of Clinton and the Democrats this was further enhanced by 9/11, Dan Brown, the war on terror, Bush's (Cheney's?) administration and a political religious vacuum created by the lack of a spiritual aspect in capitalist/consumerist culture. I think Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum is an incredibly prophetic book in regards to where this 'join the dots' style thinking leads.

I'm sorry that's a little vague but hey, I don't wanna give my central thesis away, right ;-)

Thanks for the discourse. I do not have as closed a mind as some of you may think. I just feel a healthy dose of Devil's advocatism aids any discussion.

Anonymous said...

To: anon @12:21

I sincerely doubt that Michelle Obama is influenced by Beyonce.

Any woman like Michelle who insists on wearing wide belts on nearly every outfit and who is small breasted, high waisted and gigantic in the hips is not being the slightest bit influenced by glorified Egyptian whore Beyonce.

To Still Leering....Uh, Learning...

I see you can't get enough of us symbol loving schizophrenics. You see? It's addictive, isn't it?

Brenda said...

To Still Learning:

Without using all the frilly academic verbiage, please answer this question:

What would you need to see, experience or witness that would make you change your mind as to the existence of what you deem "conspiracy" elements within the media in regard to how they are creating universal trauma on the world? In other words, what "connect the dots," so to speak, has to occur in your eyes that makes you say, "I may not believe ALL of this, but yes, some of this is definitely beyond coincidence?"

Or are you simply like every other professorial mind who questions the rising sun and the breaking wave just to be annoying and argumentative?

Anonymous said...

i know this guy. He's on ATS his username is Whaaa. if he thinks conspiracy theorist are mentally ill why is infecting his pristine mind on nonsense like this?

"Please explain this sXe movement

I just ran across an article on the www. about a youth culture movement called "straight edge"

I have never heard of this cultural phenomenon. Anyone here in the movement that can educate me?"

"You explained it well. But isn't this quest for personal purity elitist, quasi religious, and very unrealistic."

"Getting old certainly does suck! But I find youth culture an extremely interesting and accurate way to predict trends, fashion, and societal attitudes in general and often politically motivated.

I completely missed the sXe movement. Was it nation wide or localized?
And did it start as an alternative to "grunge"

The fact that clean livers can adopt the gang mentality and become violent boggles my mind. How can clean living and violence coexist in the mind of any rational person? IMO this is a type of social schizophrenia.

God help us!"

"I've been in the film industry for a little over 2 years now and from what I've seen, the industry only cares about one thing....Money.

If there are any warnings; they are instituted by some other entities and placed in the movies for what ever reason. Usually to generate a feeling of Patriotism.

I thought for sure that the movie 2001 was a precursor to telling us that we weren't alone. Didn't happen..........yet"

he probably goes around blogs dismantling people ideas or to be more accurate ideas he can't concieve to be reality by explaining them away as hysteria, a mental disorder or people having too much time on their hands.

Amok said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I don't know if this has been posted, but MTV wrote an article comparing Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" video to David Lynch's film "Lost Highway".
The most interesting part of the film's synopsis: "Along the way, the two characters run up against a porn director, a violent mob boss and a guy with no eyebrows who may or may not be the devil himself."
Robert Blake plays the devil in the film, interesting.

Anonymous said...

Re: the concern about Still Learning being an "infiltrator"...(comment posted on Ben's latest post above)

If this is the best infiltrator "they: can send us, they need to reassess their agents.

This idiot poses as an intellectual but his thought process is so erratic and passive aggressive that it's laughable. I would hope that none of you will let it steer you away from spreading the message.

Laugh at him. In truth, it's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

re: anon "kissing a girl" comment.

Some girls kiss girls and some boys kiss boys. Sorry it makes you sick to your stomach but just because someone is queer doesn't make them a sex slave or ultra, etc.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no way he/she/it is an insider/govt worker. thats standard line for conspiracy types to label anyone who disagrees...which is why they can label everyone paranoid/tin foil hat brigade members.

that being said, if anything the govt wouldnt be so overt in discrediting this site; their primary goal would be first and foremost to gain posting rights then publish articles/content that is just rubbish so everyone thinks its a blog of bs.(think alex jones..its clearly done there)

Anonymous said...

To anon saying Michelle Obama does not worship Beyonce, apparently MO told her she was glad her daughters had Beyonce to look up to, this was after Beyonce sang for the happy couple. I don't get what body types and way of dressing have to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I was not aware that MO made such a statement about her daughters looking up to Beyonce. Understanding that, I think she could have chosen another woman for them to admire.

And my clothing comment was a joke. Maybe a bad joke. But seriously, have you seen the way the woman dresses? With over 20 handlers helping her choose what to wear, you'd think they could pick more flattering clothing.

And I'm not a fan of the woman or her husband. No, I'm not a racist, so don't even go there. I just find them bloated with entitlement, arrogance and disingenuous motives. Not to mention, their radical views. Don't get me started.....

Anonymous said...

haha, stilllearning is absolutely pathetic. lets just ignore him/her/it now, they clearly don't want to learn anything.

Anonymous said...


despite all that i have read on this stuff, your story still came as quite a shock to me. thanks for sharing

Worked In The Industry said...

Thank you. You're welcome.

It's all true. And I could tell you about a hundred more stories like that one that I personally witnessed. I can also tell you that I sat in tons of creative concept meetings for the magazine which dictated "content" of the magazine and I can also tell you that very few of the writer's ideas were implemented, deferring 95% of the time to the head of the magazine who loved to feature feminine looking guys on the cover for the teenage readers to adore. Oh, and the head of the art department was a flaming homosexual who made sure that photos were chosen that demonstrated "puppy dog" eyes as he called them.

The hypersexuality I saw going on with these kids was outrageous, both from girls and boys. And the parents of the teenage celebrities I worked with were the worst. One of them, a mother of a male child star, bragged about how her "little guy" bought her a mink coat or Christmas. I'm sure her little guy also bought her new boobs too. THAT was the kind of weirdness I was around for way too long before I got out and got sane.

I was replaceable and I knew it all along. Once I was fired, I couldn't get a job in Hollywood to save my life and I finally left California for greener pastures. It was the best decision of my life.

Anonymous said...

you're extremely brave! what do you do now?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

And I'm not a fan of the woman or her husband. No, I'm not a racist, so don't even go there.

I really don't give a rat's ass if you are or aren't.

Worked In The Industry said...

I'm not brave at all. I got out of the business. That's not brave; that was my only option.

As for coming forward here, if that's what you mean as being brave, well, I didn't use my real name so I can't call that too brave.

Mostly I worked with child stars and some rock and rollers. I got tired of feeding the machine with bullshit for the consumption of young readers to eat up and emulate. I saw the power I had with readers and I truly didn't have ANY power or control as to what I wrote as every article I wrote was assigned to me by my editor or directly by the publisher. But I saw how these glorified "puff" pieces were adored by our readers because I'd get tons of mail addressed to ME at the magazine from teenagers and 20-somethings from all over the world asking me for photos of the stars and/or if they could be pen pals with me. I saw first hand the desperation in these kids who were fans and how these celebrities were often their only form of security and hope. Many of the writers made fun of the readers because they were so fanatical about the stars but after reading their letters to me, I had too much compassion for these poor kids. I thought it was sad that they didn't have any "real" friends to connect with and that the celebrities I wrote often glossy stories about were their saviors.

What am I doing now? I'm a writer but in a very different field that I have much more control over. And I live far, far away from Hollywood and am grateful for it every day of my life.

Anonymous said...

i meant the fact that you stood up and refused to do what you were told.

anyway, glad to hear the story ended happily :)

Worked In The Industry said...

I was fairly naive back then. I thought that because I stood up and refused to play the game that I could walk out of there and easily find another job in the industry. But jobs in the industry are not that easy to come by when you have no connections AND when you are known as rocking the boat, they really don't come easily. I was so ignorant of how that world worked back then...totally a babe in the woods. I came close twice to becoming a writer for one major TV show and another time as a writer for a Disney children's show (yeah, yeah. I know....DISNEY). I lost the Disney gig when they went with a nephew of the director for the job and I lost the TV show when my writing partner at the time (who was Jewish) bowed out of the contract. It was either both of us or neither of us. And when they found out I was a Gentile, it was quite obvious that they didn't want to hire me at all. I was shocked, frankly, as I had years more experience than my writing partner and was far more aggressive in my mannerisms back then (had to be in order to get ahead) and contract negotiations than she ever was. I remember sitting across the table from this panel of producers (all Jewish) and the subject came up about me not being "part of the tribe" (a term I'd never heard up until then) and there was this deafening silence and a sense that I was suddenly thrown off the Hollywood train.

Looking back, it was a blessing that I lost it all because my life is infinitely better and saner than back then. I had to leave the business in order to discover who in the hell I was. Now that I'm back as a professional writer, it makes it that much sweeter because I have the freedom to write about many subjects (even some of the more outside of the box stuff...) and not have the paralyzing hand of "the guys upstairs" telling me "yes" or "no."

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Was the 'Devil Wears Prada' Ann Hathaway character based on you? haha just kidding. Remember when her boyfriend (Grenier) said to her he'd prefer she'd be a pole dancer as long as she did it with "integrity" what a fucking joke, no?

Worked In The Industry said...

Every struggling writer who doesn't have any connections in Hollywood is based on me : )

Christopher C. said...

@Still Learning

I have a better chance of being Knighted by the Queen of England than Still Learning has of getting his quasi book published without the support of a big publisher and a powerful wealthy entity behind him who feels the info is worth getting out into the public as long as it's slanted in the favor of the financier.

It sounds like his book would be so crammed with pseudo intellectual drivel that it would make the average reader's brain ache after the first chapter.

BTW, Still Learning seems to have tired of us and gone onto another forum to hang his dark cloud of dissent over them.

Anonymous said...

I think he just got bored of the continual counter-questions. they usually do..its the fear they 'might' slip up and actually have to agree that its possible.

Anonymous said...

oops, he/she/it I should have said.

Esoteric Kitten said...

Someone mentioned Beyonce not having any effect on Michelle Obama. Has anyone seen Ms. Obama/Ms. Soroto's Halloween costume this Halloween? May want to backtrack and check that out.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't MO dressed like a cat or a kitten? Didn't see Soroto.

I wonder why it is that every female in the media insists on commenting about MO's "great" body and how they "envy" her figure. Is it me (and I'm not being catty here) but MO is rather large in the caboose.

I remember how they slaughtered Hillary Clinton for her large ass in those staged beach shots she took with Bill after the Monica fiasco. But somehow, these female pundits seem to have all sipped from the same Kool-Aid cup when they wax on about MO's "great figure." I don't get it. Am I missing something here?? What's the agenda??? To ignore the obvious?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

as a man who loves the female body, I personally think michelle obama isnt that attractive, at all.

her legs are vile in photos(look at the off-putting)..and her face..I wont even begin to start commenting on that.

overall I rate her as average at best.

and thats coming from a me, a man who prefers women with curves the majority of the time.

Anonymous said...

That remote control is the EXACT SAME device that Lady Gaga had in the beginning of her "Bad Romance" video...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about MO. Women on TV are always talking about "what great arms" she has. Huh? They make out like she's the first First Lady to wear a sleeveless dress. Uh, Jackie Kennedy probably took that prize, folks.

MO's arms are flabby and I agree that her legs are off-putting as well. Full figures are great and I'd take them over a skinny wench any day. But MO does not do anything for this guy. Her jutting jaw doesn't exactly give me the sense that she's "soft."

Anonymous said...

@anon 16:25

What remote control?

Anonymous said...

From whence do all of these "stars" originate--?

rjhikups78 said...

who doesn't watch videos when mtv,bet, vh1, fuse,centric, and others all show videos! Youtube is chock full of them. It's one thing to hold and defend your stance on the discussion, but be objective and understand that while you may not agree, there are people that do. respect is the issue, why ridicule?

Lawrence L said...

Benjamin Singleton said...
The disingenuous way in which he/she entered this discussion should inform anyone of the motives of "Still learning". Love the ironic name by the way, you clearly came here with no intention of really "learning" anything new whatsoever. From what I can tell your intention seems to have been to feign interest (not very well) then dismiss everything as BS."

Good call - disinfo creeps think they are soooo clever lol

Anonymous said...

Take a look a this photo:

Anonymous said...

Benjamin, unfortunatley you got it wrong with the names Lucas and Lucifer.

- Lucas means "from the region Lucania" or "born into light".

- Lucifer in contrast means "bringer of light". Lucifer is a construction of the latin words "lux" = light and "ferre" = to carry/to bring.

The name Lucifer is never mentioned in the bible. When the bible talks about the devil it says "satan", "adversary", "father of lies", "accuser", "serpent" or "devil". Lucifer is a name from roman mythology and was somehow mixed with the biblical teaching. However, the bible says "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." I guess this is the reason why people started calling satan
Did you notice the word masquerade? I will come back to this one later.

The story about the devil goes like this: At the beginning, before humans were even created, God lived together with angels in heaven. Angels are spirits who are servants. Apparently the first and highest Angel He created was Satan (the bible does not mention which name he had before his fall).

Satan was created tremendously beautiful, smart and perfect. God gave him many earthly riches like jewels etc. He was also created specifically to bring worship to God. Unfortunately Satan was not happy with his role. He wanted to be more, actually he wanted to be like God and take His place. The result is that he, together with thousands of other rebellious angels fell from heaven into hell for punishment. There is a verse in the bible where Jesus says "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven". Jesus, as the son of God, also lived in heaven long time before humans were created.

Satan is very jealous of human beings, because we were made in the image of God. God breathed life into us. There are verses in the bible where satan asks God why he is so fond of us weak human beings. Satan did not fully understand Gods plan for us. Admittedly the plan is quite complicated and it needs a good deal of trust into Gods grace and wisdom to accept it.

Anonymous said...

So Satan not only lacked trust into God, he was also jealous, envious and arrogant. He tried to tempt human beings into rebellion against God by making them distrust God. This way he wanted to destroy the close relationship between God and humans. When humans were still in paradise, they were able to see God, to talk to him, to have direct companionship with him. After the fall they were not able to see God anymore because his Goodness is so powerful that it destroys everything unclean and sinful around him. Humans had sinned, so seeing God directly would have destroyed them.

But God did not give up on mankind. He sent Jesus to pay (deliberately)for our sins and by believing in him we can get back to the close relationship we once had in the past. After death, when believers go to heaven.

The devil knows he has lost the war against God. The only thing he can do now is to take revenge by aiming at our souls. God had given satan quite a lot of power when he created him and he did not take that power away yet. Therefore the devil is also called the "ruler of the world". Pls note that satan is also called "the accuser" in the bible. He has a case against us before God. He went to Gods throne to accuse Adam and Eve and therefore mankind of sin. Since God is a just and fair God, he has to deal with that accusation in a proper way. He can not ignore it. Of course he knows that Satan is the tempter, BUT since we have a free will, we should not have given into temptation. To rescue us, God sent Jesus. And no, there was no other way than crucification to pay for our sins. Jesus even asked God if there was any other way. God said "no" to his only son whom he loved dearly. So don't be stupid and ungrateful and accuse God of cruelty. This is the only way we could get saved from hell.

Is it any surprise that satan uses the showbiz industry to manipulate human beings into sin and rebellion against God? Satan loves to MASQUERADE (as a snake, as an angel of light etc.). He was created as an angel of worship, that means he is a MUSICALLY GIFTED person!

When you start reading the bible with an open heart it will tell you why this world is in the state it is in now. You will understand why wars and famines happen and why people conspire with the devil to lure other people into sin. You will understand that the devil is the adversary and tries to turn everything that is of God around and pervert it.

this is why Britney was claiming to be a virgin first and now acts as a whore. this is why the singer Madonna (her name is equivalent to virgin Mary who conceived Jesus immaculately) acts as a porn star on stage, etc...

This is satans way of perverting the symbols of Christianity. And yes he loves to tempt priests into pedophilia and adultery. He loves to see the Church getting a bad name.

Cloud Tiger said...

Yeah, sure, the Original One True Church of God. Dogmatic duncery. We are smarter than that here.
It's stupid and so typically Churchian to even talk like that. Zero cred for the "deep" gnosis, pal. I reckon you are probably a shill too. You are making us look bad with your puke, "saved" one.
Why the Anonymous? Won't Jesus save you from the NWO? They track us all anyway, braveheart.

As for stilllearning... a shill, for sure. Note the way he approachs us all friendly and "open" to gain credibility but then dismisses us all as delusional. No freemasonic symbolism seen in his extensive career in copy? Hahahaha! Shill.

Great work, Ben! Keep it coming...

Anonymous said...

Is the remote control in this video the same as the remote control at the start of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video?

Benjamin S said...

11:45 The remote control seen in both videos is for the 'Sparck Parrot' speakers included as product placement, yes they are the same.

Anonymous said...

Knowing about these things does not mean your mind controlled. The information exists, you just need to look for it. Books, internet, ex-victims, official CIA documents, even wikipedia has SOMETHING on this whole mess. Most of what Ben is doing is interpreting, which anyone can do (not to discredit Ben's work, it is amazing). I mean "anyone" as in a person that does not necessarily have to be or has been involved.

Anonymous said...

Hey but when she says you can see my heart at 2:25, her heart is on the wrong side...she shows it on the right side where as its on the left....

Anonymous said...

"Is the remote control in this video the same as the remote control at the start of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video?" Yes I was thinking it's the same remote control on Lady GaGa's video, and came to post that.

Anonymous said...

This article was very informative. I have long since become weary of Rihanna. Just a question though, (I know it sounds stupid) but what's the point of all the subliminal messaging and hidden meanings if most of the people watching don't get any of it? What does the media gain? I mean, the people who don't know what the bloody heck is going on in the music videos and lyrics themselves don't get brainwashed-- at least, not to my knowledge.

Thank you for all your hard work! This must've taken forever.

Anonymous said...

Influence can be defined as the power exerted over the minds and behavior of others. A power that can affect, persuade and cause changes to someone or something. In order to influence people, you first need to discover what is already influencing them. What makes them tick? What do they care about? We need some leverage to work with when we’re trying to change how people think and behave.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna and JayZ are gorillas lol ugly

Unknown said...

To whomever said that mass forced vaccinations never took place -

Here in Australia we have forced vaccinations within many leading companies.

unknowing said...

does it matter?
is there a way to change all of this?
is there a solution?
other than learning about all this, what can we actually do?
i believe that an extent of this is true, and that it is influencing us.
So, other than stop watching the videos or listening to the movies...

What do we do now?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Rihanna is wearing the same dress in that 2009 photoshoot that Beyonce wore at the 2010 Grammys! This stuff is for real!!!!

There is a war for our souls going on. This is real. Now is the time to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. He paid the price for you, don't let it go to waste.

Anonymous said...

Ohh just saw a bit on the hispanic network I work for showing Beyonce in concert (I don't speak spanish so, I dunno what they're saying) but she was wearing a silvery metallic (MIRROR) gown with detachable train, rips it off and walks down the steps toward front stage. Whats the visual behind her? HUGE ASS black and white hypnotic moving spiral.... WTF... it's everywhere once we learn (from you) how it's displayed.
Thanks for all your hard work!

PS - can't wait for your "half finished" blog with Besson and Milla. I sent u a couple emails with my observations on her Resident Evil movies! Hope you end up covering some of that

Anonymous said...


T.Lamar said...

Cool website. I just came up on it.

The author could not make out the print on the catsuit Rihanna is wearing.. standing in front of the big drum from one of the pictures above.

My eyes aren't that great (lol), but it looks like to me an actual body or bone-like print on the catsuit.

Makes sense .."beat bones" hmm.

ibrahim farid said...

Ibrahim said...
okay i don't know if you are for real or not but one thing that keeps on bugging me is this....

guys if the illuminati really controlled the world then such a blog as yours would have been banned or stopped call it as you wish but...

seeing that you are telling us all about them maybe just maybe...could there be a chance that you are one of them just trying to soften us for his coming you know the anti-christ, so that we can be able to welcome him in without a fight or something??

probably you are one of them who knows???

guys think about it>>>>the illuminati show us about themselves and allow such blogs to exist that tell us more about themselves>>>think about it for a sec now...

Anonymous said...

All you need to know about programming and Monarch slaves can be found here:

unicole said...

You are all amazing. I started a club with an emphasis on art- the brainwashers- to use similar tactics to brainwash people into realizing they are being brainwashed. It's time for people to wake up from this mess and promote positive messages. Let me know if you're interested.

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