Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Heath Ledger's Symbolic "Cause an Effect" Music Video

I had been waiting for some of Heath Ledger's music videos he directed before his death to be released online so thanks a lot to the emailer for the link. Was anyone really expecting that at least one of them would not be full of the usual symbolism of one eye, black/white duality (+ red; fire/blood/primal), symbolic makeup/mask-like stuff. He directed this video 'Cause an Effect' ('cause & effect' is quite dualistic) for London based 'No Fixed Abode' shortly before becoming the 'Joker' for The Dark Knight and then his untimely demise occurred whilst filming the ultra-occult (and mind control symbolic, even says the words 'mind control' in it; looking forward to doing a substantive post on the film when it's released on Blu Ray) 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'.

His Modest Mouse video has less symbolism, because it is going for a political message (anti-whaling) rather than the previous video which was purely artistic/symbolic, though it has the odd bit of symbolism (the sun face, which sets after symbolically setting enough to show only one eye [eye of Horus/Ra/sun] then sets all the way down in disgust at what they are doing to the humans). The roles are reversed so Whales act as humans as they catch and skin humans alive before turning them into ginger bread type men and feeding to their sea lion pets.


Anonymous said...

love the idea behind the anti-whaling video!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Can someone answer my question about Elvis, though? What was so special about him that he was given such a prestigious title of sun god over and over.

Why was he permitted to take on the energy of their most powerfully worshipped being??

He looked like a normal man to me.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, is anyone watching Carly Simon on the Jimmy Fallon SHow right now?

-Some type of military personnel presence sitting in the audience or representation, maybe cadets from a military school in uniform
-Her new record artwork shows upclose of her face with a huge magnifying glass over one of her eyes which looks enormous
-black and grey striped dress.

I'm sure it'll be on youtube in a few hours.

edit: the featured eye is HER LEFT EYE and it elongated in the eye of horus shape

Anonymous said...

forgot the most important one

-the performed song is called YOU BELONG TO ME

Anonymous said...

-name of album NEVER BEEN GONE

Anonymous said...

It's Veterans' day. ALL the talk shows have military in the audience, that's how you program on Vets day in the US.

You might also note people flying some flags outside. And there are these things called Veterans Day parades and sometimes there are film marathons featuring war movies.

Amazingly enough, just so you're ready for it, on Thanksgiving there will be lots of people trying to dress up as a Pilgrim or and Indian and massive meals will be cooked, turkey's eaten, etc.

I'm sure there will be subliminal messages carved into the turkeys.


Anonymous said...

On her father's side, CARLY has famous origins:


Anonymous said...

That Modest Mouse song is horrible.

The no fixed abode one's pretty sweet.

Is anyone else thinking David Icke = mk these days? Alex Jones and all.

And what's with the mega-hyped armistice day this year, Orwellian style mass adoration of the military. Hayley Westenra, Michael Bolton and some other douchebags are doing a rememberance song! Ewww

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...

From what I understand, Precious is about a severely obese black teenage inner city girl who is raped by her father and has his child. It's based on a novel. The main character, Precious, has been traumatized beyond belief throughout her life but, in the end, the story is about her redemption.

Interestingly, the actress who plays the role is an unknown and was cast when her acting teacher in college suggested she try out at the audition. I saw her interviewed on TV and she's quite articulate and smart. (The way she plays the role is quite amazing based on the fact that it appears that aside from being overweight, the actress has none of the drama that Precious does.) Her aspirations are not to be an actress as I think she's studying finance or something like that.

I can understand the poster image with the black body split into 16 pieces with that probing "hand" working its way up her body and seemingly resting on her groin. It represents the character's split into pieces from her traumatic abuse and the hand is the evil thing that covets/owns her vagina.

BTW, Mariah Carey is in the movie and you would not recognize her at all! Totally stripped down for the role. No makeup. Looks nothing like what we're used to.


BRITNEY SPEARS TWITTER WAS apparently hacked, and look what messages were posted:

skrambo said...

I like your screenshots from the Modest Mouse video, lol. I really can't stand the floaty, vacant sound of most "indie" music (it's not really indie, it's corporate trash/MK disguised as indie for all the shopping mall "hipsters" to eat up). But enough about my personal tastes... If you like MM, I have no problem with that.

Brenda - Sounds like it's typical MK incestuous trauma abuse repackaged then. The poster says it all - A butterfly complete with a crown (Monarch).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Amazingly enough, just so you're ready for it, on Thanksgiving there will be lots of people trying to dress up as a Pilgrim or and Indian and massive meals will be cooked, turkey's eaten, etc.
But only on tv morning shows, of course, to entertain and celebrate the glorious day of giving thanks for all we are so lucky and should be grateful to have.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising.

Egypt’s Zahi Hawass calls Beyonce “stupid person”

Brenda said...


I did not see that poster!!! OMG!!! Blatant!!

Frankly, after reading about the film, I have no intention of sitting through it. I don't care if the lead actress is brilliant, I'm not going to watch a story about an obese black girl who is raped and bringing up her child from her father's seed. (They are already talking Oscar for the film....)

Have you noticed how films that are coming out (and films that have been out lately) are overtly dark, disturbing and have subjects that are SO bleak?? I went to see "Men Who Stare At Goats" the other night, and all the previews were for films that were either slasher flicks, war flicks or doomsday flicks. The guy behind me said after the bombardment of previews, "Geez. Whatever happened to comedies?" I burst out laughing.

BTW, the "Goats" film was OK but it kinda made fun of the parapsychology element rather than embrace it. It felt more like a buffoon film toward the end, rather than a true accounting of this guy's encounter with a remote viewer. The imagery (esp. the tattoo that the guys have of the eye in the pyramid) was there for the taking for anyone with eyes to see. MK Ultra was even given a nod for about 2 minutes in the film with references to soldiers being given LSD and going nuts. But they made it more about holding a guy in a room and giving him acid and watching him trip while you flicked the lights off and on at him. Nothing about mind control or the deeper elements of MK Ultra.

BUT, that said, at least someone is brave enough to bring it up in a major motion picture even though the movie itself limped toward the end.

mal said...

"Taylor Swift finds her edge"

Brenda said...


I watched the CMA Awards last night specifically to see what kind of programming Taylor Swift was experiencing.

Well, the opening number said it all. First of all, SHE WAS ASKED TO DO THE OPENING NUMBER, which is a Big Ass deal at the CMAs. It told me that her little deal with Kanye paid off. They also did a parody of the Kanye affair using Little Jimmy Dickens interrupting Brad Paisley. Little Jimmy Dickens is a dirty old man and, according to MK Ultra, part of the programming bunch. Although last night, the pint-sized, 88-year-old looked like he was courting death.

But back to Taylor....

I thought the opening number was awful. First off, she can't sing. Second, she can't move and sing at the same time. She's gawky as hell. Then, for some unknown reason, she throws a large chair off the riser, slides down the pole and then falls on the stage before doing a backbend and then grabbing the microphone and doing her best "rocker chick." To me, the whole thing seemed fake and laughable. Swift is not the talented girl everyone is making her out to be. And she sure isn't sexy.

When she won best album (another ridiculous win), she appeared in a long gown with gold points around the waist and shooting down. It was actually quite pretty but I was reminded of the rays of the sun and the golden goddess imagery.

I turned it off at that point since I couldn't stomach anymore Taylor Swift so I don't know if she nabbed more awards or performed again. I'm sure she did as they want to whore her out there as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

Before the chair throwing there was a blonde person sitting on that chair opposite her, what was that about?

Also, the bitch cannot sing for shit. Total fraud.

Anonymous said...

I simply do NOT get the attraction of Taylor Swift and why in the hell the Elite would want to use her for some purpose. I think she's as fake as ever and I agree with the anon poster and Brenda....she cannot sing at all! How in the world did her album win the award?? Must be fixed.

But I do see the "edgier" side of Taylor they are attempting to bring out but it rings so disingenuous. I mean, she looked like a fucking idiot up there on stage playing at being a tough, black leather clad rock chick.

Again, WHY would they anoint her as "the one" for now? Are we supposed to be lulled into believing that she's sweet and innocent and be drawn into her web that way? If so, I don't buy it. And I'm supposedly in the "demographic" that likes her!!!

mal said...

I agree with everyone who said Taylor Swift can't sing. But what bugs me most of all is that she doesn't sing country! (and Darius Rucker isn't really a "new artist", but I can live with that one)

There is something really strange about how Taylor Swift is being forced down our throats.

Anonymous said...

If I had to describe Taylor Swift's music to someone, I'd call it stream of consciousness pop crap. Doesn't it sound like she's just wandering around her bedroom singing into a tape recorder and making no sense? Oh, and yeah, OFF-KEY!

I KNEW after the whole VMA deal with Kanye and her initiation that she would make a "sudden" rise in the charts and in the spotlight. Now that I understand how it works, it's so easy to predict the future with these artists.

The only thing I don't get yet is the PURPOSE of TPTB choosing Swift as their poster child. Ben, what purpose is she supposed to serve now? Like someone else said, the innocent lamb led to slaughter or the innocent lamb turned into a whore? We already saw that with Britney (remember how she was cast as the virgin sweet thang from the country??? and then became the torrid nutcase who was jumping the bones of any boy in town??)

Ben, oh Ben...PLEASE lend your insight to this odd, off-key, skinny blonde bimbo.

Anonymous said...

Another celeb in an "extortion". Who knows, Cindy Crawford might be telling the truth. It sounds fishy.

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE Taylor Swift. I love to laugh at how awful she is.

Anonymous said...

Another Crawford article. At least the comments are from thinking people.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift: New Ruler of the Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Wow a commenter left this note on an article about Taylor Swift:

Are you kidding me? Taylor Swift vocalist of the year? Ok I am a Nashville insider. She deserves nothing other than a pretty face award
1-Daddy spent 5 millon dollars buying Taylors records
so they would chart...Illegal in most industries I think
2- She did not write those songs by herself...there were ghost writers involved
3- SHE CANT SING LIVE_ She's really really really bad by Nashville standards....Without studio tuning and manipulation shes a good Karoake singer at best..
You want a story? follow this one and break it... Shes a fraud in this town and everyone knows but wont say anything because shes bringing in the dough, THATS THE ONLY REASON THE CMAS VOTED THE WAY THEY DID.
do a little truth in journalism if your credible and dig around....
Its only a little shy of Milli Vanilli

Anonymous said...

Your blogs made me look at all news stories especially about celebrities with suspicion. Someone recently arrested for threatening to reveal a disturbing picture of Cindy Crawford's daughter...supposedly belonging to and taken by "the nanny." Right...

Anonymous said...

lol@'rains in your bedroom' now I wonder what that could mean..(in regard the taylor song lyrics)

Anonymous said...

Recent statement of MEGAN FOX:

"I'm not willing to give my true self up. It's a testament to my real personality that I would go so far as to make up another personality to give to the world," Fox tells The New York Times Magazine. "The reality is, I'm hidden amongst all the insanity. Nobody can find me."


Anonymous said...

Rande Gerber (Mr cindy Crawford) is rumored to be a major sleeze. He has a sexual harrassment suit against himm and there have been many suggestions of him cheating in the marriage, though the better view is that the marriage to Cindy is an open one.

Gerber owns a substantial chain of bars/nightclub.

Las Vegas strip club owner Rick Rizzolo "raised some eyebrows” at a Sin City VIP nightclub party thrown by Cindy Crawford’s husband, bar owner Rande Gerber. The reports said the two have known each other since 2001 and “greeted each other warmly” at the party. The Feds claim Rizzolo is close to mobsters like Joey Cusumano and was in with the late Tony “The Ant” Spilotro. Rizzolo is also known to have dined a number of times with Chicago Mob capo Joey “The Clown” Lombardo.

Anonymous said...

Little known Taylor Swift facts:
1) Taylor's dad and mom were major league stockbrokers with merrill lync.
2)scott switch paid 500,000 to 1,000,000 to pay for the recording sessions for Taylor's first album.
3)When she was in fourth grade, Swift won a national poetry contest with a three page poem entitled ,"Monster In My Closet".
4)"Taylor first learned to play guitar from a "computer repairman" who showed her how to play three chords," he wrote. "After learning those three chords, she wrote her first song 'Lucky You'."
5)On September 21, 2007, Swift launched a campaign to protect children from online predators.[98] She has teamed up with Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen to combat internet sex crimes.[98] The year-long campaign, launched in partnership with the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, will distribute Internet safety information and materials to parents and students across the state.

Anonymous said...

Here are some disturbing pics of Cindy Crawford's daughter. I was floored when I saw this. This child needs to be protected from her own parents:

Anonymous said...

It seems that when Taylor thanked her dad at the awards and said she couldn't have done it without him, she wasn't lying.

Re: Cindy Crawford and her hubbie, they are known to party with Sting and Trudy (Trudie?) Styler on their boat. I've always thought that their friendship was a big wife swapping orgy. Don't know why. Just the vibe I got when TMZ posted photos of them on the boat. Also, there is video somewhere (I've seen it) of Cindy giving her husband a lap dance wearing a bikini while other people watched during a party on the boat. I don't know if she realized she was being filmed but it appeared she did not. I found it bizarre. Not bizarre that a wife would give a lap dance to her husband (that's cool) but bizarre that she'd do it around a bunch of people and that he was OK with that.

This story with Cindy Crawford has sleaze and dirty written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one who noticed this on the CMA Awards, but when they were announcing the nominees for best female vocalist, you know how they feature the nominee's photos in little boxes before the winner is revealed? OK. Miranda Lambert (who I think is totally legit, writes her own stuff and has a cocky edge to her) looked positively pissed as if she already knew she wasn't going to win and that it was a foregone conclusion. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is sitting on the EDGE of her seat, leaning forward as if she already knows she's going up on stage. When she won, she did her usual "Oh, my God!" look that I've realized is done over and over with her. The look of "shock" seemed less genuine when she got on stage. It just seems so PLASTIC now that I've gotten to understand how this biz works. IT'S ALL FAKE. Just like Kanye's deal with Swift at the VMA's, it was all planned. Maybe she was in on it, maybe not if it was an initiation.

Hey, I'm no fan of Carrie Underwood (who is beginning to seriously look a life size Barbie doll these days and polished to the point of being odd looking) but I was rooting for her during the show because the chick can actually SING. Although, have you noticed what they've started doing to Carrie Underwood? It's all slut outfits while she sings and songs that have no country sound and all that pseudo rocker edge. She's starting to look like the sober, prettier version of Tammy Wynette.

Brenda said...

Holy Shit! To the poster above her gave us the link to Cindy's daughter's photos (, in the suggestive photo with her topless and turning toward the camera, it looks like she's got a "Tramp Stamp" (Tattoo) on her lower back!! I'm sure it's a washable ink deal but still, BAD PARENTING, CINDY!

I'm sure the powers that be took one look at this child (who is beautiful) and said, "Boy oh boy, have we got a money honey in this one." Jesus, just damn sick. I have no respect nor sympathy for Cindy Crawford one bit. I think there is much more to this photo scandal than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"By reading about our ever encroached upon freedom, we accept it as inevitable. It is called “predictive programming” and continues being used today in books, magazines, movies, and other forms of mass media. The ideas are propagated into the public mind as hypotheticals or science-fiction. This desensitizes and pre-conditions populations to accept the incremental implementation of these supposedly fictitious scientific dictatorships. As the global technocracy creeps up around us, we have already been subconsciously programmed to accept such a future."

Don't just scan the article and look at the pictures, READ, ANALYZE, THINK.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the two girls hugging is highly sexualized. Cindy's daughter looks innocent enough but the other girl, her eyes, her expression, her downward chin hiding behind her shoulder, her body stance. Everything about her seems very rehearsed. She probably goes to bed with a copy of Sports illustrated under her pillow. I wonder who her parents are.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Cindy Crawford was three sheets to the wind in this video. I don't know what she's on but damn. There is some crazy stuff going on with that family.

Jack said...

@ anon 9:51

I thought the exact same thing. You can still see innocence in Crawford's kid in that photo but not in the other kid. She's been taught how to do that. Very disturbing for me to see a child that young already lost to the whims of some abuser.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Crawford devil horns

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:39

Yes! That's the video I was referring to our Cindy doing the lap dance! Nice find.

Yes, she is drunk but I also think high, don't you? Maybe coke? Doesn't she stick something in her top (small piece of paper) when that couple walks by at the end of the clip? Maybe what's called a "coke fold?"

Brenda said...

So, while Cindy is dissociative and high and givin' her man a lap dance on a crowded yacht, who is watching the kids?

Oh, that's right. The nanny, who is busy tying up the little girl so she can grow up to be dissociative and high and be givin' HER man a lap dance on a crowded yacht.

Ah, the circle of life.

Anonymous said...

Check out Rihanna's new version of her website. All about barbed wire mannequins. And the video has tons of cat references. I thought Beyonce had done the mannequin thing already. And Britney obviously. I guess they really want to drill it into our heads.

Anonymous said...

Actually Taylor Swift is NOT a pretty face. Chick is downright ODD looking without all that makeup.

Even before the Kanye thing, I looked her up on google image because I wanted to see who she was and where her roots were and stuff.

Came across a picture of the ugliest trailer trashiest looking girl. Its gone now. They must've removed it to keep the illusion of her being a glam princess.

You say her parents worked for Meryl Lynch? That's odd because the picture of her I saw looked like a homeless kid. Dirty, oily hair, poor hygeine, bad teeth. She looked like she was out of the foster system or something and then they cleaned her up and made her ...GLAM! She must have been about 9-10 yrs old in the picture.

Actually that's where they get a lot of these kids. They're abused in the foster or orphanage systems, then adopted out to rich illuminist pedophiles. Its easier to abuse a kid when its not your flesh and blood, I guess.

Anonymous said...

"Actually that's where they get a lot of these kids. They're abused in the foster or orphanage systems, then adopted out to rich illuminist pedophiles. Its easier to abuse a kid when its not your flesh and blood, I guess."

good thinking, never thought of that!

Benjamin S said...

Wow great info guys, I've had my eye on Swift for a while too, got a post planned soon. Started up a Cindy Crawford picture post. Cheers for the official Rihanna link, I had seen the album cover but had no idea the video was going to be so blatant, looks like they even roped in Ellen Von Unwerth to 'shoot the kitten'; I'll definitely post the resulting images/video, though it's starting to feel like they are just pandering...

Anonymous said...

@ Anony 12:28

Think of the story of Little Orphan Annie.....

Adopted by millionaire "Daddy" WAR BUCK$ ???

WAR.....BUCKS?! I mean come on can it get any clearer!? LOL

Annie sings "Its a Hard Knock Life" for us in the orphanage.

Yes....its a "Hard KNOCK" life when you're being knocked around in an orphanage to cause dissociation.

Didn't Jay-Z do a cover of that song???!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes he did.

RE:britney's twitter -

WHAT THE FUCK!! is this their idea of a sick joke

Anonymous said...

check this mariah article out, it coincidentally coincides with the release of her new album and the forthcoming 'precious' movie you guys were talking about

Anonymous said...

check out this link of Beyonce.

"The knockout chart-topper hits the stage at the MTV Europe Awards in a racy red teddy and matching garter-belted but saggily Nana-kneed thigh-high stockings. Does she look fabulous? Sure. But the price of sexiness is high. And Beyoncé pays by proving that just because a woman has wealth, power and influence, she might still have to strut around in public looking like Satan's ultimate pinup girl.

Anonymous said...

Country music for too long has gotten to hide behind the flag and Jesus and a false perception of wholesomeness.

The truth is that country music scene is as if not more so corrupt and diseased as rock music scene. It's just that country musicians and PR people much better than hiding their sins.

Addictions to alcohol, drugs, women, perversions of every sexual type (especially young girls) is very visible if you just scratch beneath the surface.

Hint, just because someone is a good ole' boy waiving the flag, supporting the troops, calling themselves a born again doesn't mean they're really any of that.

Just sayin' the ultimate ultra is the one you think isn't.

Anonymous said...

part II Faith Hill song

"Butterfly Kisses Daddy's Little Girl!

The Lyrics:

Daddy take me with you
I promise I'll be good
Daddy, this is next time
And momma said I could

Sittin' in the front seat ridin' down town
An icecream cone I'd rap him around
My little finger
Tighter then my baby could
You can make a tear go a long long way
When you're daddy's little girl

Well he tightened my bike chain from 7 to 13
Taught me to drive when I was a wild thing
Reached and he prayed while I made some mistakes
That I wouldn't have made if I'd have done it his way

Now he hugs me when he sees me
We talk about the past
He tries to give me money
And I try and give it back

He's a book of advice
More then I need
The look in his eyes is saying to me
Let me help you all I can
While I'm still in this world
What will you do when you're daddy's gone
And you're daddy's little girl

Jeff Carson:
There's two things I know for sure
She was sent here from heaven
And she's daddy's little girl
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus
And I close my eyes
And I think God for all of the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all

For butterfly kisses
With her momma there
Stickin' little white flowers
All up in her hair

Walk me down the isle daddy
It's just about time
Does my wedding gown look pretty daddy?
Daddy don't cry
With all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deserve her love every morning
And butterfly kisses for life

Faith Hill:
What'll I do when my daddy's gone

Anonymous said...

Contemporary Christian Artist
Francesca Battistelli

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a question that takes many people years and years of trial and error and self-discovery to figure out. But for singer/songwriter Francesca Battistelli, her mind was made up when she was only six years old. After seeing “The Secret Garden” on Broadway with her parents, the decision was ultimately a no-brainer....“So I thought that was it. I was going to be Mary Lennox in ‘The Secret Garden’.”

It you're looking just at rock genres and edgy culture for MK evidence, you're missing a bigger picture guys.

Anonymous said...

BUTTERFLY KISSES is like a mantra for the MK-ed in the country music (and not only). KENNY ROGERS, WESTLIFE, JEFF CARSON&RANDY THOMAS (Xtian music singers my ass, they sang it for the 1st time), KLYMAXX&TIM MCGRAW they all sang it. TIM MCGRAW and his wife with such a suggestive name, FAITH HILL, they seem to be happily ever after, ha ha. FAITH was given for adoption when she was only a few months old.
CINDY CRAWFORD...I read that at the beginnings of her career, a famous photographer (name unknown, of course) forced her to wear wigs almost all of the time and have anal sex... I pity her kids, really, they are so beautiful, especially the boy. Btw, have u seen CELINE DION's son? I mistook him for a girl, lol. What can be in store for him?


Anonymous said...

EDIS KAYALAR, the man involved in Cindy Crawford's blackmail is not German. I mean ok, he has German citizenship, but he's either Turkish or Albanian. Just my point...

Again MEGAN FOX's words:

"I've learned that being a celebrity is like being a sacrificial lamb. At some point, no matter how high the pedestal that they put you on, they're going to tear you down. And I created a character as an offering for the sacrifice."


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double post above.


Anonymous said...

Pharrell Williams and Common 'Universal Mind Control':

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Carly Simon, a most interesting individual, not only her connection to the biggest publishing family in the world. But she sings the opening song to the movie Working Girl which is basically masonic mersion of Songs of Praise. Camera flying around the Statue of Liberty with odd lyrics about the "New Jeruselem".

Anonymous said...

Carly Simon from wikipedia:

She also wrote a song that was called "You're Where I Go", as a tribute to Christa McAuliffe, who was slated to be the first teacher in space and who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. McAuliffe was a Simon fan and had taken a cassette of her music on board the shuttle.

Anonymous said...

That Russian Roulette video is sick. I have to mute the music because it gives me a major case of the sads. I guess that's the intention for it's audience.

Here are some lyrics from Rihanna's new song "The Wait is Ova". It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Can anyone make sense of it?

It's just the way the game is played
It's best if you just wait your turn.

The wait is ova...(8x)

I pitch with a grenade...
Swing away if you're feeling brave

There's so much power in my name...
If you pop off in your seat
Steady I'm gonna do the wave

I'm such a such a lady
You don't have to be so afraid
Cause I got room up on my team
You can play but hold up.

It's just the way the game is played
It's best if you just wait your turn.

It's getting crowded over here...
But babe...the wait is ova!
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win
The wait is ova

Fumble dont't you fumble
That's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna
Then you don't have to wait

But together we gon'be taking over
It's just the way the game is played
It's best if you just wait your turn.

So you don't wanna wait
I hate to hear-That's such a shame
Couse if you playing tight wears and no
diamond in my ears
Then you already under way..
I know you want to win and you wish I would let you in
Get in line over here
You can play but hold up

It's just the way the game is played
It's best if you just wait your turn.

It's getting crowded over here...
But babe...the wait is ova!
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win
The wait is ova

Fumble dont't you fumble
That's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna
Then you don't have to wait
But together we gon'be taking over

It's just the way the game is played
It's best if you just wait your turn.

Baby put the work in like a champion
But the crowd is screaming with their hands way up
Couldn't be with no one else
You're the only way... I WIN!

Bear said...

Addictions to alcohol, drugs, women, perversions of every sexual type (especially young girls) is very visible if you just scratch beneath the surface.

Really no need to scatch -- classic country is explicity about booze and cheatin'.

It's this "new country" that wraps itself in the flag that is really disturbing. The country music industry is doing its part in helping to turn a formerly rebellious people -- Southeners -- into "good Americans." Southeners comprise a disproportionately large percentage of the Empire's arm service personnel.

Anonymous said...

I had missed this Jordin Sparks album cover.

Brenda said...

Re: Jordin Sparks' album cover....

My God, how blatant can you get???

Oh, and she's another one of those celebs who have a "Promise Ring" from her dad to stay "pure" until marriage. What gets me about that whole "purity" shit is that when Daddy gives the daughter the ring, they actually have A CEREMONY (like a joke) where Daddy gives his girl the ring and she promises to stay a virgin until her wedding night.

THEN, when the daughter is married, during the ceremony, Daddy takes the Promise Ring off the girl's hand and her husband puts his ring on her finger. Kinda like passing the baton from one male to the next. (Not sure what happens to the Promise RIng.)

Sorry, but this is just SO much resembling that the woman is property and traded between Daddy and hubbie. I've seen photos of these Promise Ring ceremonies and they gave me the creeps and this was before I got into MK and symbolism. Usually, it seems, the families who do this are both semi-well off and fundamentalist Christian.

Hey, I've got no problem if a girl wants to be a virgin on her wedding night. If she and her future husband agree to it, go for it. Whatever works! But it should be PRIVATE and not a declaration or promise made in front of a crowd with a Promise RIng from Daddy and a catered affair afterward.

I guess what I'm also getting at is that there is probably a lot of sexual abuse from Daddy in situations like this. In other words, she ain't a virgin on her wedding night because Daddy has already broken her in.

Other celebs who had Promise Rings include Jessica Simpson and I'd bet money that poor little Jessica was no virgin on her wedding night. The vibe between Jessica and that scumbag father of hers is downright dark and evil.

Anonymous said...

Check out these lyrics for Christina Milian's song Chameleon. The first time I heard it I could tell there was something sinister behind this song.

I camouflage, I'm a chameleon
I can turn to one, into a billion
See, I'm the one
I'm a chameleon
I can be all things to you

I camouflage, I'm a chameleon
I can turn to one, into a billion
See, I'm everything
I'm a chameleon
I can make all dreams come true

[Verse 1]
I can be anything that you see
Black or white, like the stripes on a zebra
I can be a gazelle, chase me baby
I can be a lion, crazy baby
I can be up, up
I can be down
Bigger then your city, smaller than a town

I can be a ghetto bitch
Yup, you love me
I can be suburban, dinner's in the oven


[Verse 2]
I can be the biggest in the room
Like an elephant
I can be the quietest (Shhh)
I can be a monster, I'm out to get ya
I can be a victim, oh so innocent
I can be lost (Lost)
I can be found
I can be whatever, I can do whatever
I can break it down and put it back together
BC, been doing it forever


Anonymous said...

"As I drop to my knees by her bed at night" That lyric sounds like a double meaning, gross.

There's a song called "Butterfly Fly Away" by Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus. Because you can't have too many butterfly songs about a father and his daughter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Link to "Purity Ceremonies."

Click on the "Index" to the left on the screen and then to "Purity Ceremonies" for a slideshow of them.

Check out the vibe of these things and tell me what you think.

Anonymous said...

Photo #15 of that series makes my skin crawl. Truly.

I see what you mean about how many families who do this have wealth. But obviously, based on the photos, not all do.

"Girls as young as 12 promise their virginity..." Lovely. When I was 12, I was busy playing around with makeup, going to school and waiting for summer so I could go to camp and have fun. Having my dad slip a Promise Ring on my finger and dressing me up in a white dress and promising to remain a virgin until marriage wasn't on the "to do" list for me then.

But then again, I'm over 40 so I may be dated....

Anonymous said...

How many of these poor girls who really do wait until marriage find out that they hooked up with a pervert or a gay guy? I bet it happens a lot.

Living with someone prior to marriage is a good idea. As long as there is love and you are of the age of "consent," the church should stay the hell out of it! The church seems to want to treat everyone as if they are children who need constant supervision! I, for one, have this habit of thinking for myself which sure pisses off organized religion.

Brenda said...

Oh, look. Purity Balls! Kinda reminds me of those mass weddings in China, doesn't it?

And like the poster says in this one:

"Let one night really make a difference, Dad!"

Yep. One night really can make a difference in a girl's life.

Thanks for the links, Chris and Anon.

Non-“501c3 Zionist Christian” said...

No, Chris, your tone was condescending, as was your “inconvenient” response.

Oh, I certainly can't prove that Christ exists. However, I can inform you that there actually are thinking people out there who choose to believe in Christ, but do not let any Churches do the speaking for them. There probably aren't very many, but they DO exist. These type of folks are disgusted by (organized) religion, and agree that it is mostly used to divide and conquer/control the masses, except perhaps for Buddhism. They are aware of all the pagan/occult influences in the Christian Churches today, and have no interest in people like slimy Joel Osteen or Benny Hinn, etc. And they do not go around expecting to be “raptured away” before the sh*t hits the fan, either. Now I am just making a point here; I'm not saying anything along the lines of, "Oh, you atheists, you're gonna burn!" Everybody has the right to their own beliefs.

You won’t be seeing me here anymore, so y’all can have the last word and joke about how “brainwashed” I must be.

Esoteric said...

In the esoteric realm, Jesus was the man; Christ was the "consciousness."

When you say that you can't prove that "Christ" exists, I think you mean that Jesus existed? The Christ (or Christed) consciousness is the compassion, love and understanding that we can all attain if given the chance. Jesus was simply the conduit for that consciousness.

This is not the traditional Christian belief. This is the more esoteric perspective.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna' song 'the wait is ova' is about gang rape. The guys are lined up to 'do' her.

It’s just the way
The game is played

in entertainment industry. Hey, she said it, I didn't!

Anonymous said...

promise ring ceremonies give me the creeps too. especially when you get the vibe that daddy handler is mainly gonna just ensure that a younger handler is gonna get the goods to take care of.

Anonymous said...

re:How many of these poor girls who really do wait until marriage find out that they hooked up with a pervert or a gay guy? I bet it happens a lot.

Being hooked up with a gay guy isn't a problem. At this point most of the girls are in on the joke and quite frankly it's a relief.

For starters, they don't have to play hide the sausage with someone just to get ahead in the industry. Their gay mate is off doing their thing, they can do their own and there are no worries about getting abused, raped, controlled by a handler "hubby." The girl gets the big house (the gay guy is off in another one with his mates) and all they really have to do is go out an make public appearances to support the PR machine that is making the masses happy that heterosexism rules.

People are so easily made happy over the stupidest of things.

StrangEye said...

Anony @ 12 November 21:16

"In the past year, it was apparent that Taylor had become a force of nature unto herself, developing a momentum that was fed by such unlikely events as Kanye West's apparent public drunkenness and social ineptitude. If you had written him a script and paid him off, he could not have been a more effective public buffoon. Of course, Taylor's four most important seconds of her life were when she reacted to Kanye's act by saying nothing and looking like a devastated young girl -- which is what she was"

The author of that article you linked to, Chet Flippo, says it all right here - without actually saying it outright.

and to Anony @ 14 November 2009 16:28
Rihanna - Russian Roulette

OVA is the plural of OVUM.

You can try a thousand times to get a human clone to begin to grow...
"An ovum (plural ova) is a mature egg released at ovulation. In humans, only one egg is normally shed, from one of the ovaries, about 14 days after the start of each 28-day menstrual cycle"

...and then of course there's always the Jay-Z (J-hOVA) (with silent "H") reference.

Have you noticed a lot of counting going on in the songs by the pop princesses these days (daze)...

Installing the EGG of a new (MK) personality takes time to grow - and you have work to kill the original personality to really bring out the Alter.


StrangEye said...

this link was supposed to be included under the other youtube link in the previous post...


Anonymous said...

"Rihanna' song 'the wait is ova' is about gang rape. The guys are lined up to 'do' her."

That is exactly the first thing I thought. And I think it has other themes too.

"There's so much power in my name."
Sounds religious to me. She's also seen with angel wings in the video.

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rakeback said...

Heath's role in The Dark Knight was perhaps the greatest acting performance Ive ever seen. Heath was such a talented actor, and its sad that he was taken so soon!

Anonymous said...

the wait is ovum?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely don't agree with what is being said in the comments about the purity ring. i think it is a great idea to prevent teenage pregnancies. I am a Christian and I don't believe in living together before marriage at all. Why should i sleep around and get AIDS, Chlamydia or other STDs that can make me infertile? Why should I give sex as a gift to a guy who leaves me anyway and does not want to seriously commit? Why should i risk to get pregnant by someone who does not truly love me? Most women do not enjoy sex the way men do, if they do IT it is more a gift out of love than out of real sexual desire. This is the way womens bodies were biologically designed and no amount of emancipation or sexual freedom is going to change that fact. Men watch too much porn and think women are as horny as they themselves are. most of the time this is only the case with women who were sexually abused in the past. Normal, psychologically healthy women are usually the opposite of a nymphomaniac. It's time you get a reality check about this, guys!!

I have heard the whole emancipation movement was sponsored by the CIA to bring trouble into families and to divide them (order out of chaos, the illuminati agenda). To bring divorce and children into state schools where they can get the states program into their heads (women who work outside the house can not homeschool, right?). And not to forget that emancipation made men and women enemys. Men get de-masculated and women become more and more like men. If families don't stick together anymore like it is nowadays with all these patchwork families (direct result of emancipation), it is quite easy for the state to keep people in check. they have no family to turn to this is why the state becomes their family, their BIG BROTHER more and more.

What I find surprising is that none of you can see that all this occult and MK stuff these celebs are in is satanic and the work of the devil. The bible talks about all these thing to be happening ín the end times. These are the end times right now and we need to chose between good and bad, God and Satan.

All this child abuse is happening to give power to the devil and his demons. this way they gain more strenghts to pull people over to their side and eventually to hell. Is this really so difficult to understand? Jesus is the enemy of Satan, simple as that. You can only chose between heaven or hell, nothing in between. A lot of people who post comments here seem to be quite deceived about this.

Yes, there are witches who infiltrate churches, this is true, and yes there is sin happening like pedophilic priests and such, but this is the minority. the majority of Christians are tought to do good and to refrain from evil. At least I was tought this.

Britneys new song is called "3" and it is explcitly anti-Christian. It is talking about having a threesome. One line says "Livin' in sin is the new thing". Why would she sing about sin if it did not exist?

Here is an extract of the "3" lyrics:

1, 2, 3
Not only you and me
Got one eighty degrees
And I'm caught in between
1, 2, 3
Peter, Paul & Mary
Gettin' down with 3P
Everybody loves ***

Three is a charm
Two is not the same
I don't see the harm
So are you game?

Lets' make a team
Make 'em say my name
Lovin' the extreme
Now are you game?

Are - you in
Livin' in sin is the new thing
Are - you in
I am countin'!

Anonymous said...

You guys who are against the purity ring, what do you recommend instead? The oh so secure pill or the never bursting condom? Abortion and cutting a tiny human being into 100 pieces? Many people don't seem to know what abortion sometimes does to the body of a woman. Foreverlasting infertility might be the result of it. The only thing that securely prevents pregnancy is abstinence. Don't get me started on condoms. It is not even 100 % clear if they prevent AIDS. They are made of latex and the Aids virus is smaller than the latex pores apparently, therefore it might get through it.

But in our oversexed world abstinance is an unthincable concept. That woman who wrote about the "truth about the purity ring", i actually doubt that she was a real Christian. She spoke so disrespectful about the voice in her head telling her that she had done wrong sleeping with her boyfriend. Where does she think that voice came from? Well, the devil loves to see people ill with STD or pregnant and being a single mom. Well, I guess the voice was from God then, telling her to stop her wrong ways. How stupid can people be about something so obvious?

Anonymous said...

The illuminati agenda is to destroy Christianity, family, tradition, race and nationality. As soon as they have successfully finished with that they can do everything they like.

Why do you think Europe gets overrun with Muslims? Why are our politicians so keen on opening borders (European Union, Mexican border), getting women to work outside the house and children into all-day nurseries and schools.

Why is everything working AGAINST the traditional family and everything seems to work in favour of homosexuality and patchwork families? Well, they want to individualise us and make us selfish and slaves to our fleshly desires. We are cought in a cage of sex and consumerism. And because we don't exercise self control anymore we need to be observed by cameras ... at least this is what they tell us.

Who is behind all that? Well, at the top of the pyramid is satan. He has a pact/contract with the top illuminati to give them power and money in exchange for human souls. That is why they are doing all these occult rituals. It is part of the contract. Mind control is just another instrument of a variety of instruments. making people shop and get into debt is another instrument. Causing financial crisis and war is another one. Tempting people into adultery and divorce to destroy the unity of the family is another instrument.

The result is lonely, stranded people without any sense of belonging, commitment, moral or values (anything goes, high level of tolerance for anyone and anything) who are easily trapped. Who are the best victims for child abuse and prostitution? Children without a family. All this high tolerance for sexual perversion like sado-masochism, homosexuality etc. will eventually lead to pedophelia becoming mainstream. If you have no firm set of absolute in contrast to relative convictions, how will you be able to speak against it? Pedophiles already campaign saying a child has the right for its own sexuality...

"Divide and conquer" is the illuminati agenda. A lone ranger is a dead ranger.

The reason why satan uses Christian symbols like the cross, virginity etc. is to mock Jesus. This is a spiritual fight that takes place in the spiritual realm most of the time. It is Angels against demons, Jesus against satan. Jesus has won the war already because he has risen from the dead. The devil knows he has lost and he wants to take as many souls with him to hell as possible.

You need to decide which team you are on. Team Jesus or team Satan.

Anonymous said...

Whoever denies the power of the cross is already defeated.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Ephesians 6:12).

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