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Robbie Williams in Wonderland

I was considering covering the latest wave of random shootings in America but I'll keep things light for the time being (I'll probably start work on an MJ post or some of the other people mentioned in comments) with Robbie Williams' (I'm only covering his solo career here) latest video 'You Know Me' where he listens to music, and starts drifting off (dreaming is often used as a symbolic dissociation mechanism) and into dissociation (through the typical showbiz mirror with lights around it, which flash on and off as he dissociates/climbs through the mirror into Wonderland). Various other pertinent themes feature, the phallic symbolism of the carrot (and the singing cabbages are probably vaginas), in Wonderland (as the white rabbit) his reflection is his actual self. He falls asleep in Wonderland (dissociates further into the White Rabbit persona and deeper into the Wonderland alternate reality) and his whole face is replaced by the rabbit's showing he has fully become/transformed into the White Rabbit, the dancing bunnies (all with red hair; like in most Wonderland tales the dissociative alternate reality is influenced by what is in reality like the red head eating a carrot covered in bunnies, hearts on them + making heart hand sign over their eye; the generic heart symbol is a subliminal vulva, sexual symbol) come out over the checkerboard floor dark room and the video ends with Robbie as the White Rabbit trapped inside the mirror/Wonderland.

For some additional context for the MK themes in this video; check out his video for 'She's Madonna' (with Pet Shop Boys) where he is dressed as a drag queen (alter programmed to view itself as the opposite sex from what the person actually is) and explicitly talks about having multiple personalities. In the mock interview he is asked if he knows who he is anymore and talks about his multiple personalities ("I'm quite a few people, a great bunch of guys." "Who is your favourite?" "I can't say because the others would get jealous." etc). At about 3:53 he says, "At one point when all these people and worlds are inside me and each other, not just me because I'm not the only one that's got multiple personalities... you know, but when all these worlds collide and the jumbo cataclysm happens, watch out because it's going to be quite an afternoon." He is referring to his, and other celebrities' DID internal systems ("all these people and worlds inside me"; alters live in "internal worlds") and how they will eventually collapse ("when all these worlds collide and the cataclysm happens.. it's going to be quite an afternoon") as alter systems often break down (resulting in a downward spiral towards self-destruction, some form of breakdown [Britney etc]). Note Robbie's snake necklace (ensnared by the serpent) and his transforming into an alternate persona in the mirror and such.
Thanks a lot to reader Laraine who emailed me about Robbie Williams which helped encourage me to put this together when I saw the themes of his latest video. Robbie's first tattoo was a pagan Celtic solar cross, apparently (cover story) used for protection because (quote from Robbie or one of his Take That bandmates, unless he's talking to himself in the third person which wouldn't be surprising [what with "all these people living inside him"]): "he's got the devil inside him". Another occult one is his Eye of Horus tattoo (again supposedly for "protection" which seems to be the generic explanation for all occult themed tattoos). He has others like a lion (= Leo/the sun [going along with the solar cross and eye of Horus which is also associated with sun worship] + dehumanization) tattoo and mirrored/twin swallows.

The below image is Robbie Williams' official logo (you can see it in the 'Sin Sin Sin' video further down, image source), an eye of horus (I guess made to look like an R for Robbie) mixed with a question mark.

Robbie Williams Trick of the mind

Millimieze | MySpace Video

The appearance he made on Derren Brown's 'Trick of the Mind' (much better than his more recent massively underwhelming stuff, we get it, the British public are a bunch of suggestible morons) was quite telling. He talks about his tattoos and the pain caused by them (most, if not all tattoos are designed by the celebrity's handlers or they'll make little 'suggestions' about what they should depict, with the celebrity not having a clue what the meaning of it is), though sometimes pleasurable due to the pain/pleasure reversal due to dissociation and the total confusion of the double bind (mind dissociates from the painful, confusing [incest and the like] experience which can lead to a complete reversal as the victim is dissociated from reality, so pain = pleasure; this is different to consensual bondage where you still feel the pain even if you consider it pleasurable though that obviously depends on how far you take it). The ease at which Robbie is inducted into a (admittedly very mild) trance as Derren relaxes him and uses the nursery rhyme 'Three Blind Mice' as a hypnotic induction technique (repeating the round over and over and over and over in his head) to keep him in a trance-state so when Derren pierces Robbie's skin with long metal needles he feels less pain. Three Blind Mice is listed in 'Illuminati Formula' as a nursery rhyme used in mind control programming so this fits perfectly.

Even the location was symbolic called 'Millennium Mills' (and obviously all the one eye intro sequence just before showing the location) and Robbie was put in the crucifixion pose with a strap and chains keeping his arms elevated (probably has something to do with the blood flow in that position limiting the pain also though), Robbie's symbolic crucifixion tattoo was prominently displayed here which I found significant (considering the symbolic scene he was in).

I am undecided as to whether Robbie Williams is a mind controlled corporate slave or is just playing along or is an unwitting pawn (obviously you can never be 100% certain, I can just present what I've found and make conclusions where I feel they are warranted, it doesn't mean they are set in stone by any means). His interest in conspiracy theories might make you think he was a free-thinker but I'm not sure, the below video he talks about this interest (and the song 'Bodies' which is apparently about Jesus not existing [references Zeitgeist], swine flu, 9/11 and such; apparently the lyrics were completely changed from his original, they were going to be much more overtly conspiracy theory related but they changed it [according to Robbie on a TV interview I just saw]).

His first solo album, after splitting from Take That was 'Life Through a Lens', the cover of it showing the dissociative aspect of the paparazzi (bright/flashing/strobe lighting can cause dissociation/seizures and the paparazzi act so feral and frenzied when photographing/chasing celebrities is because one of their uses is to keep them as dissociative as humanly possible).

His 'Escapology' album and tour centred on 'The Hanged Man' tarot ritual/symbolism (+ the sun in the top right corner of the album cover, lots of symbolic light in the concert below; black shirt and trousers with a white cable tow... I mean tie); as well as the evident MK symbolism of being trapped and needing to escape.

Robbie in deep prayer on Jay Leno...

Obviously a big Motley Crue fan then (no) ;p

The Sun is Horus' Right Eye. Above is the cover to his 'Intensive Care' album, perhaps someone could identify the occult symbol/sigil on his fingertip (there may also be a right hand/left hand path thing going on here). Note which direction the light is coming from, Satan (the red angel)/Lucifer's (the light bearer).

In the video for 'Sin Sin Sin' he plays the role of the leader of a fertility/mother goddess cult, note the solar symbolism after the intro (of the pregnant women). Sun and moon symbolism is prevalent throughout the video (the cultists who run the music industry are big on their sun [masculine divinity] and moon [feminine divinity; lunar cycles tied to menstrual cycle] worship, there are some very symbolic scenes here [i.e. 1:10]). 'Sin Sin Sin' sounds a lot like Crowley's 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law' infamous adage. Some of the pregnant cultists are wearing masks, animal ears; the usual stuff (there is even a quick flash of butterflies towards the end and other MK/programming/"cultivation" symbol with 'the sun [Williams, the cult leader] making flowers bloom' and the like throughout).

I've not pictured most of the symbolic scenes as it all flashes by pretty quickly, above Robbie points at his third eye, and below again with the sun.

The recent video for 'Bodies' feels like a ritualistic journey of sorts and has a fair bit of sun symbolism also as the sun is focused on a number of occasions, particularly at around 2:20; at 3:25 there is an obviously conscious 'reveal' with the sun hidden behind a wing, as the lines 'Jesus didn't die for you' is sung symbolizing Jesus who is just another Sun god personification, hence showing the sun at this exact point. He drives the number 6 bike in the video, 6 obviously being an important number to the occult but 37 on the 'Reality Killed the Video Star' cover is also significant to the occult (3 7's 777, associated with sacred geometry and such), the sun appears to be shining on his face on the cover also.

The below image is the very final shot of the entire video; which is more conscious sun symbolism. Now there will probably a few comments, you know the type "OMG SO WHEN I LOOK AT THE SUN THAT MAKES ME A MASONIC SUN WORSHIPER... LOLZ YOU SO STUPID! I HAVE TWO ALL SEEING EYES OMG I MUST BE ILLUMINATI!!! LMFAO!!" but it is clearly evident that there is conscious sun symbolism here (and when you analyze it you can pick out on the meaning of them; like the Jesus didn't die for me, revealing the hidden sun scene at 3:25).

The video for 'Advertising Space' (essentially what celebrities are) had Robbie as the archetypal 'Elvis' Monarch persona, remember all the sun ritual surrounding him (see below) which is a major symbolism employed in the video with the sun and various motifs symbolizing it used on numerous occasions.

A veiled mannequin bride, who looks to be Priscilla Presley; a victim of Monarch military mind control (her biological father was a US Navy pilot, died when she was 6 months old; then her mother married an Air Force officer who was the only father she ever knew, and she was shepherded from base to base throughout her childhood) and years later was kept (and her daughter Lisa Marie) under the Scientology mind control cult's umbrella of control. Elvis was introduced to Priscilla by an Air Force recruit whose commanding officer knew Priscilla's father (so knew exactly what she was), in the Eagles club frequented by American Air Force servicemen and others stationed in Germany at the time, close to where Priscilla was living in a brothel. Elvis was stationed in Germany at the time and started a romantic relationship with Priscilla when she was 14 years of age, she was not a virgin at the time (for obvious reasons).

The Presley's today (Priscilla on the left, Lisa Marie right in leopard print) looking very healthy! It's always good to see Scientology's staunchly pro-brotox position too (what have they done to Priscilla)!

Priscilla with Scientologist Tait Ruppert at the "Celebrity Centre (for cult mind control) International" ['CC' is emphasized for the '33').

To elaborate a bit on Elvis before returning to Williams, here is a picture of the original Monarch (a multiple slave + 'the king') wearing the sun symbolic gold (colour of illumination, the sun, wealth/power) suit Robbie is wearing in the above video (in front of an illuminated mirror). This part of the song's lyrics are interesting:
Special agent for the man
Through watergate and vietnam
No one really gave a damn
Did you think the CIA did [probably coincidental but the 'did' repetition makes me think of DID Dissociative Identity Disorder]

Sun Records gave him his first record contract and launched his career (Sun also started the careers of people like Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, programmer Jerry Lee Lewis). You can read about Elvis' possible mind control in Illuminati Formula (another interesting link here with good info on "Dr Nick" and Elvis' Rosicrucian/occult connections), he was certainly into numerology, theosophy and other occult ideas. He owned an owl ring (and sometimes wore an owl motif on his shirt), the below image comes from a recent auction, even a double headed eagle ring (which I can't find a picture of) given to him by his father Vernon.

The Sun King Elvis dead (British tabloid The Sun's front page coverage of his demise)

Elvis was assigned to the 3rd Armored Division Spearhead in Germany (as mentioned; incidentally the Iraq war criminal Colin Powell also served there). Germany had of course been a useful place where mind control research was meticulously advanced in German concentration camps by Nazi "doctors" like Mengele in World War 2 experiments, many of these scientists were shipped over to America, along with Nazi rocket scientists and the like in Operation Paperclip ("A precursor of the MK-ULTRA program began in 1945 when the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency was established and given direct responsibility for Operation Paperclip. Operation Paperclip was a program to recruit former Nazi scientists. Some of these scientists studied torture and brainwashing, and several had just been identified and prosecuted as war criminals during the Nuremberg Trials.").

Can't help but note the significance of the the number '3' here, on the 3rd Armored Divisions badge the 3 is positioned at the top of a triangle (3rd degree Freemasonry, 3 corners/sides of a triangle and such) which seems relatively Freemasonic to me (army/military/NASA badges are always loaded with symbolism). G.I. Blues is a good example of what goes on in today's industry, with their actual lives mimicking their roles in the film (confusing reality with fantasy) which was the case with this film: "Elvis Presley, a real life 3AD tanker, stars as a 3rd AD Tanker with an off-post singing career and dreams of owning a nightclub." I've embedded a trailer below, it's all very standard 50's-60's romantic clichéd fair (amazing how easily entertained people back then were), the 'dolly' (Punch and Judy style puppet show) scene is notable as he seems to serenade it (perhaps symbolizing Priscilla as a puppet?).

Elvis on his way to Army "processing" above.

Being "processed"; very MK symbolic scenes in the below image (military robots chanting as one [dehumanized cogs in the machine] with their hands raised, pledging their allegiance to their military masters below; and looking at his new uniformed persona in the mirror).

As well as Dr Nick ("In 1977 alone, Nichopoulos had prescribed over 10,000 doses [1] of amphetamines, barbiturates, narcotics, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, laxatives, and hormones for Presley.") his other main handler seems to have been his manager, a suspicious character named "Colonel" Tom Parker, who got into the "handling business" (by the end of Elvis' life he was taking a 50% cut from Elvis) with various country music performers like Minnie Pearl and received his "colonel" title from the Louisiana State Militia by country/popular musician Jimmie Davies for helping him get elected as the governor of Louisiana (showing government involvement with this handler).

Remember Elvis had a twin who died at birth which is very significant to the occult and mind control.

He's (literally can't stop) dancing to the Jailhouse Rock!

Here is a video from very near to his death (two months before his death in August 1977) acting strangely, it seems quite telling as he uses the famous Rosicrucian Francis Bacon's (who wrote [on the most part] the bard's plays not the actor/puppet "William Shakespeare") phrase, slightly altered to "The world's a stage and each of us plays our part...... [then generally inaudible and something about reading your lines]" I think the implication here is that he was coming to the realization that he had become a puppet for the esoteric orders that run the entertainment industry but I may be reading into that too much.

You may recognize the top he is wearing in the clip as the Aztec sun calendar, 'Stone of the Sun', again illustrating all the sun symbolism/ritual surrounding Elvis (which continues on to today's celebrities like the Eye of Horus on Robbie Williams and such), who let's not forget was one of the first truly global corporatized music celebrities.

The name is symbolic also with the Hebrew name for god 'El' and 'vis' meaning face (in French), so 'the face of god', the face of god is often regarded as the Sun (for obvious reasons as it seemed extremely divine providing warmth, power, wonder and growth etc to ancient peoples); though overtly derived from old english meaning 'all wise'. The name also probably relates to the dwarf in Norse mythology 'Alviss', which is again associated with the sun as he was petrified (turned to stone/frozen) by it: "Thor's daughter, Þrúðr, was promised to Alvíss. However, Thor did not want Alviss married to his daughter, so he devised a plan to stop Alvíss from doing so. He told Alvíss that, because of his small height, he had to prove his wisdom. Alvíss agreed. Thor made the tests last until after the sun had risen. Alviss, because he was a dwarf, was petrified when he was exposed to sunlight, and Þrúðr remained unmarried."

You'll often find Monarchs mimicking the Elvis archetype like Britney Spears' "Live in Las Vegas" (don't forget when Elvis was performing his big shows in Vegas the city was built and run by mafia and other criminal enterprises [many of them controlled by Illuminist families]), note some of the sun motifs on her jumpsuit and on the cover of Elvis' "Live in Las Vegas" above, the spotlight symbolizing the sun.

Elvis' most famous jumpsuit is his American Eagle/phoenix one which is more esoteric symbolism, the eagle is multifaceted but has historically symbolized the sun in various cultures and heraldry. His peacock one is also very symbolic, the bird is of course a symbol associated with Royalty, I suspect due to it's All Seeing Eye of Horus subliminally symbolic feathers. This link looks interesting analyzing some of the symbolism on his suits; there's even a mention of him having a final suit that was going to be made before he died with various ancient religious occult symbols and mentions that he said that (if I'm reading that right) he was "the light bearer" (which, if the author reads this can be assured is referring to 'Lucifer').

Returning to Robbie Williams and the sun symbolism in his videos, he emulated James Bond (lots of occult themes like sun worship in all of them) in his video for 'Millennium' where you'll find similar sun symbolism to the above live performance (as well as the obvious big round suns with symbolically dancing silhouettes, note the dancers painted gold) at the MTV Movie Awards in 1999 (note in the live show the white ball one of them is carrying symbolizing either an ovum or again the sun; which is all connected to the "elite"'s cult worship anyway [shown in the 'Sin Sin Sin' video]). The lyrics are an interesting social critique of his role in the cult of celebrity, with lines like: "some say that we are players. some say that we are pawns. but we've been making money since the day that we were born." Like I said before this blog is not about deciding 100% whether these guys are players or pawns, for all the people I write about it could be either.

Here he is I think acting as the occult/voodoo witchdoctor named after the Haitian Vodou spirit Baron Samedi; in 'Live and Let Die' (in the film his face is painted half white, the other side black which was clear duality symbolism; Bond is full of that kind of stuff), he rips off the prosthetic mask near the end of the video. The face reminds me of his 'Let Me Entertain You' video where he wears similar skull-like/scary black/white clown makeup based on a KISS character, looks most similar to the Demon Gene Simmons but they are all symbolic occult characters anyway, see Freeman article for more. He releases a dove after making out he is going to bite it's head off, invoking a similar occult "rock star" Ozzy Osbourne and the bat (again the linked Freeman article has great info on Ozzy also; black bat/white dove), instead he kisses the light bird (more light worship?). Note that he is standing in the downward triangle of a diamond and other things. The spirit of the video ("let us sick Illuminists entertain [brainwash] you with our slaves/pawns/shills") reminds me of the Pussycat Dolls occult symbolic German promo video thing "We love to entertain you" I posted here (at the end, I'll need to replace the broken video).

Robbie with Lindsay Lohan (some motifs worth interpreting in there).

A quick break from his symbolic videos to cover some of his comeback where he has appeared relatively dissociative at his X-Factor (yes I may actually stoop low enough to cover it properly, maybe I'll watch the finale and do something on that, some people in my family watch it regularly; the two fembots [plenty to post on them + Holly Willoughby had an interesting spread in Hello recently with pinned butterflies which I scanned] and the two guys just make the whole thing a hugely depressing experience especially with the degenerate crowd/masses making me lose almost all my faith in humanity) comeback, thanks again to the reader who mailed me about this as I have been trying to avoid X-Factor like the plague, especially this year. Here are a few lines from the linked article illustrating his dissociative return to the British consciousness.

Fidgety: Fans said Robbie Williams looked 'weird' during his performance on Sunday's X Factor show

Fans flocked to the show's internet message boards on Sunday night to discuss the singer's rendition of his new single Bodies.

'It's totally disgusting that he was allowed to perform in such a state,' one wrote.

Another claimed the former Take That star's performance was so 'wide-eyed' and 'weird' that her children were asking what was wrong.

The singer waxed lyrical about how 'great' it was to be back, grinning, giggling and bouncing up and down, his eyes still wide. 'I loved it, I loved it,' he repeated excitedly, his eyes flitting from side to side.

He appeared to be struggling to concentrate, shuffling his feet, scratching his head and putting his hand in and out of his pocket while O'Leary asked him questions.

[embedded the performance above, he doesn't seem so bad but at the end you can really see it in his eyes; note the black/white pyramid subliminals on the backdrop screen (2:13ish).]

Unblinking: A sweat-soaked Williams leaves the studio after his first performance in three years in the UK [note his black/white duality striped top]

Revisiting the original Alice in Wonderland themes in Robbie's video at the start of this post, in his video for 'Tripping' (i.e. on an LSD dissociative hallucination/'trip') has various Wonderland style confusion themes, it has him (in the usual "dream" dissociation cover) running but staying in the same place ("Suddenly they start running, but no matter how hard Alice runs, they stay in the same place." TTLG Chap 2) but his legs aren't moving, the hotel style internal structure (with elevator for accessing other floors/compartments of the mind complete with an androgynous giant 'guardian' alter [who stops other alters from accessing deeper parts of the mind/alters/programs/memories or dangerous things the programmer doesn't want the victim to have access to]), the talking baby (Robbie's child/baby-like alter) and lesbian twin sisters (with the baby in the same car; pedophilia/incest), Escher staircases, labyrinth (with more Wonderland style running on the spot + the hot twins) and other MK themes .

The video is slightly similar to his 'Lazy Days' video featuring what looks like a Wizard of Oz style poppy field, umbrella, lenses/looking glasses, symbolic blond almost-twins (who are given white angel wings) wearing black giving Robbie confused directions at the start reminding me of the mind control film Labyrinth, mirrors and goggle wearing person, an occult stone circle, the sun and the moon, an eclipse and various other symbolic scenes (the picture is blurred symbolizing blurred vision/confusion/disorientation/dissociation). I think the video is quite internal structure symbolic with the various alters serving different purposes in the labyrinth-type place, Robbie appears to 'lose it' near the end as the camera spins above him (for a moment) and he is given angel wings (remember probably his most famous song is 'Angels'). He was pulled out of "rehab" [aka some more programming] to film this, making it's themes all the more significant.

'Rock DJ' (this song is an obvious sexual euphemism) promotes kitten programming and feral cannibalism as Robbie strips off his clothing (and tiger underwear) and then he peels off his own skin as the girls rolling round and round on their rollerskates, they eat parts of Robbie's body. Lots of dissociative flashing lights as well as all the spinning and light worship (that random chandelier etc). Moving on to the single he did with MK'd Kylie Minogue (he also did an interesting one with Nicole Kidman covering Sinatra's Somethin' Stupid which I'm not covering here but interesting checkerboard pajamas and a few other things; he's even had Daryl HannaH as a love interest in his video for 'Feel' which has many interesting lyrics pertaining to Robbie's MK ['My head speaks a language I don't understand' and such]), called 'Kids'. It's lyrics seem fairly suspect to me in terms of programming the young masses with lines like 'the purpose of a woman is to love her man' and it essentially goes on about how they're brainwashing the 'kids' and may even be a subversive pedophilia reference.

Some mouth (of Kylie) and one eye (of Robbie/Horus) shots kick off Kids.

Kylie and Robbie ritualistically walk up the staircase, each step they take lighting up the steps (stairway to heaven/illumination; like walking up the side of a pyramid to illumination/enlightenment at the top) one by one. It's worth noting that everyone in this video is dressed in black.

Then the dehumanized (black feathered headdress/tail) highly sexual dancers come out and then are seen dancing in an lesbian orgy scene behind prison bars. I'd be lying if I said their videos didn't influence me and didn't enjoy them as an adolescent.

More sun symbolism?

This infinite illuminated mirror type scene was interesting.

The video ends with Kylie getting in a pool and having sex with Robbie (not shown but obviously symbolized by the 'ejaculating' champagne bottle... real mature Illuminists!), note the random arches (Freemasonry symbolism).

'Come Undone' above has some pretty basic symbolism so I'll let you look through it (it gets extremely symbolic towards the end with all the serpents, one eyes, skull/death imagery and whatnot).

Same with the below video 'Sexed Up', basically about a mind controlled model with the different symbolic outfits/rooms representing different alters; note the white rabbits, goat heads, alligator (reptile), she ends up wearing a rabbit mask at the end (and dehumanization is symbolized as it cuts from the model running down the corridor in the bunny mask and a wolf going down the corridor implying they are one and the same).

This alter appears to be trapped in a basement with only a spinning (dissociative) electric fan and a punching bag. Note the black/white stockings, heart, the white collar thing, black bondage type corset (pretty much all of the outfits are symbolic though, at the start she is wearing one of those lopsided crown things for instance).

Speaking of reptiles (the room with the chandelier [light/Lucifer worship] and torn bits of paper [a mind ripped to shreds] with the alligator in the Sexed Up video), his video for 'Radio' actually has him shape-shifting into a Reptilian wearing a military style white suit and amongst black/white wearing, masked and tattooed cheerleaders.

Nazi/fascist/military brainwashing/mind control is the central theme to his 'Lovelight' video (with all the mechanical goosestepping, chained dogs and whatnot), also note the Freemasonic twin pillars used, the black/red colours, one of the females is wearing an owl-ish looking crystal mask.


skrambo said...

Very interesting symbolism... What's that tattooed on his arms as seen in the last pic?

I would say that he is a fully MK'd slave. Then again, this is only my subjective view based on the evidence you've presented, since all I've ever seen of Robbie Williams before now is his "Rock DJ" video. He is virtually unknown over here in USA, as far as I know...

Anonymous said...

I read that PRISCILLA PRESLEY was (and probably still is) a satanic priestess. Ad for Elvis being dead... The guy buried under the name of ELVIS PRESLEY was not ELVIS at all... On the other hand, "EL" in Romanian (my native tongue) means "HIM/HE" and "VIS" means "DREAM". Hint to an illusory reality, me thinks. And dont forget LISA MARIE has twins too...


Anonymous said...

finally! i've been waiting ages for a post on robbie, i'm a massive fan. great stuff

i think the most disturbing video for me has to be 'radio' with the shapeshifting. considering all the david icke stuff i've read...

i'm pretty sure he is aware of it all though as i've read that he studies occultism amongst various other things in his spare time

Jack said...

When I look at Priscilla Presley, all I see is a dark, evil energy. Forget the awful plastic surgery and Botox. I'm talking the deep and dirty vibe she puts out. Sick!

With all the parasites that Elvis had attached to him, I'm of the opinion that he faked his death and went off to live a life away from the chaos. Here is an interesting link to info on why this is not just my theory:

People might say "How could he leave his daughter who he loved so much?" Well, to that I say, "When you are that far down the rabbit hole, you have nowhere else to go except either your own destruction or your own salvation."

@ Chris, I'm on the same page as you, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Jack... ive got smth important to tell u. I'm a buddess. Or she-buddy, lol. Thanks for da link.


deltawerken said...

About the Bodies clip... there are two sixes on his bike... at the beginning you see him repairing his bike with the 1023 tattoo clearly visible. (1+0+2+3)=6, so there you have your three sixes. Or am I just becoming paranoid by reading your fantastic blog too much?

Anonymous said...

Jack, regarding Elvis:


Jack said...


Mucho apologies. Obviously, your name can be mistaken for either sex.

I'll check the links tonight. Thank you for them.

Not sure if you are an American or where you live, but a friend just sent me this clip about this film called "Collapse" with Michael Ruppert. Scary trailer and review can be found here:,,20317537,00.html

I know it's off topic but the chaos this guy predicts is kind of part and parcel of the stuff I read about here. In other words, have all this mind control crap in place so that when society implodes, we can be controlled more effectively. Make sense? Can you imagine the triggers that will go off if/when this scenario that Ruppert suggests takes place? Good God!

AND @ BEN...

I, for one, would LOVE to get your take on the "RANDOM" shootings here in the U.S. that are taking place daily. Just this past Saturday night, here in Colorado, an ex Vietnam Vet shot up a bar in Vail, Colorado, killing a 70-year-old doctor and wounding a great number of people. The Ft. Hood shooting is sounding more psy-ops every damn day, IMO. When I heard it was a "Muslim" who did the shooting, I just shook my head and thought, "What a set up!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clip of 'G.I. Blues'...I actually have that album...don't tell anyone...but after Elvis's death there was a huge sort of revival/tribute and a lot of kids started to get into Elvis (in the early 80s) so it was surreal to find you mentioning it here on your blog...I'll never look at Elvis in the same way again...although I did read 'somewhere' about his reporting a UFO and a movie where he goes missing and comes back to say he was working undercover for the CIA ...maybe someone knows that movie? Poor Elvis...poor Robbie...he actually believes what he saw in Zeitgeist...a little bit of research would tell him that the thing is filled with inaccuracies...but anyway...great article on Robbie...he knows something...but judging by that interview regarding 'magik and conspiracies'...he doesn't know most possibly he is a pawn. Off topic...I've read there are newsagencies in the US and UK trying to link the Hood shootings to 9/11 and a terrorist plot, and all terrorists seemed to have visited the same mosque etc. etc....unbelievable that these type of newstories are out there with no evidence what-so-ever...just causing more fear and hatred...I guess it's all part of the plan right?

Anonymous said...

"I've read there are newsagencies in the US and UK trying to link the Hood shootings to 9/11 and a terrorist plot"

seriously?!! omg they make me laugh, do they realise a lot of people won't believe that, they may have done if it were 5 years ago but now i think many have woken up and realised that 9/11 was an inside job and that the whole "war on terror" thing is complete fantasy

Anonymous said...

off topic, apologies;

in regard the mass wouldnt surprise me at all if its mostly due to the paranoia certain truth movements are trying to spread/cause(who are in themselves, profiteers, thus making themselves the same as the NWO;out for money first and foremost)

I dont think its hit the peak yet, as sad as that sounds. the hysteria is good if those who claim they have insiders actually do, and the insiders actually do something. truth be told, they wont..they dont want to lose their pensions...and most will have families.

all the random shootings do is give govt/big power more laws that will pass easier than ever.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...coupla things here:

Robbie seemed oddly attractive (is he bisexual?), but I'd have to agree that he appears to be an MK'd slave. Maybe his programming was starting to break down? (Isn't that the main reason celebrities go to "rehab" these days?)

Also, Ben, I respectfully disagree with you about Jesus being just another sun-god incarnation, but you explained you were raised Catholic, so I understand why you're turned off by "Christianity" (which Catholicism is NOT, BTW.) Anyway, Robbie's line "Jesus didn't die for you" is as blasphemous and Satanic as it gets. It's certainly in line with their agenda of turning people away from Christ and crushing all hope of slaves who may be triggered by these lyrics.

Up to this time, I'd only seen the "Rock DJ" video which horrified and fascinated me at the same time. Now, thanks to you, I think I understand what it's about.

Anonymous said...

Also, on a semi-related note, Duran Duran also has a song called "Come Undone". (Yes, I'm the one who randomly posted lyrics from "Skin Trade" in the Anna Nicole comment section.) I adore the guys from Birmingham, but I can see their lyrics, too, may be used in mind control. (For example, "who do you need/who do you love/when you come undone?") Someone told me Nick Rhodes was their main songwriter, and considering his appearance (heavy eyeliner and lipstick), he could be MK'd. Also, they took their name from a character in Barbarella, which would probably have MK themes in it. Anyone here watched the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

One last comment - then I'll shut up now...

So, you, too, Ben, feel that the James Bond movies - which I think differ somewhat from the original books - are part of social engineering/mind control agenda? I'm finding them to be very much tied in with the Playboy empire.

You do great research!

suki said...

Hi Ben,

Are you sure VIS means 'face' in french?
Cause i'm half french and i know that face is VISAGE in my native language. And i have never heard a french person refer to the face as VIS, not even as an abbreviation of visage.

Anonymous said...

Please make a tread about jay kay and his twin brother (twin programming?), we wanna know whats going on with him. we saw also a white rabbit in one of his videos.

thanks guys the girls from sweden !

Anonymous said...

Cut the crap with the religion matter. All religions are based on the sun cult, whether u like it or not. Same shit, different scam. Amazing and ironic how many ppl claim their awakening, pointing their fingers at masons/illumies/elite but still keeping their poison (religion).
And DURAN DURAN... Im a fan of them too. Check for instance pag. 15 and 16 from here:


Anonymous said...

ALways been something about him I dislike, not sure what. whether or not hes entirely a controlled muppet, who knows, either way..if he isnt he sure plays it good like as you state.(similar to Jay-Z, the wannabe illuminum)

Anonymous said...

when robbie isn't high on drugs, he seems like one of the most awesome and down to earth people ever. i reckon he knows what he's doing

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for the comments all.

Suki I thought similarly when I was looking into that but it does fit, the 'age' part is just the suffix, the stem of the word being 'vis' meaning 'face' (but yeah only the whole 'visage' is used in general speech); 'vis-a-vis' means literally 'face-to-face'; I think 'visage' originates from 'vis' (see 'Origin' bit of visage dictionary page; visum in Latin meaning sight/appearance/face).

skrambo said...

Chris - I agree, I am not religious and I feel they are all involved (masons, christians, all religions). What's even more ridiculous is people who side with people like Masons because they are "anti-religion". I just hate the whole "side-picking" game that is obviously a tool used to divide people.

I just watched a David Lynch movie called "Mulholland Dr." (well, as much of it as I could), which is clearly MK. I honestly don't understand how anyone likes this guy's movies.

Benjamin S said...

Me too tommy I agree, I feel it is common sense that religion and Christianity in particular has been central to how they've controlled the Western populace (who built the Cathedrals, churches etc; Freemasons like Christopher Wren building St Paul's Cathedral in London), but I guess aware Christians would argue the establishment's Church wasn't teaching true Christianity or something. Where would "satanists" and supposedly anti-Christian groups be without Christianity anyway (being raised a mindless Catholic I can see the attraction those 'alternatives' offer from Christian bordem); you are right it's all about divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

What do u think of 50Cent's upcomin album?


akaider said...

RE: 'Collapse' & Mike Ruppert = peak oil is more fear mongering from TPTB. Ruppert's family is CIA and he openly admits it, he also says the govt 'tried to recruit him' when he was in the LAPD. So it begs the question why should we trust him at all. He was run out of town after pushing is 911 --> peak oil line. He actually said that we have to cut back the global population NWO style (but its for our own good of course). If he's so hot on depopulation, he should offer himself up as the first one to go! lol

The fact that someone made a whole movie around him tells me that he's being run from the background.

btw dave mcgowan (laurel canyon series) has some posts on ruppert #52-55, 83-84

definitely worth checking out

skrambo said...

Ben - Just looked in your profile and saw that Mulholland Drive is one of your favorite movies. Man do I feel like a douche... Sorry. :( I noticed it was full of dissociative themes which made me dislike it intuitively.

Benjamin S said...

No worries Tommy, don't worry so much; I was thinking of saying something about how I think I like Lynch's films (+Twin Peaks) so much because I saw them before and during the period I was getting into all this symbolic and mind control stuff so it really sucked me in at the time. I can totally see where you're coming from though, watching it after already being fully aware of what it's all really about.

Chris 50's cover looks like standard MK (half face deformed/self-destruct program); released on 11/9, 9/11 (in UK) I see too.

Jack said...


Thanks for the tip about Ruppert. I have not seen the film, only the trailer and read various reviews/articles about the film. Yes, my very first thought was WHY WAS THIS FILM MADE and WHO ALLOWED IT TO BE DISTRIBUTED? When Aaron Russo's film couldn't see the light of day in most major markets (and then Aaron died "of cancer suddenly" after he started talking) I realized the power the Elite have. That said, anything that would come out now for public consumption on a massive scale (like "Collapse") HAS TO BE geared toward creating the outcome they establish in the film. Upon further reading on the film, that OUTCOME is a total, mindless breakdown of society where it's dog eat dog and we enter into a period of financial and social chaos. As Ruppert cleverly puts it in the trailer, "When you're out camping with friends and a bear comes into your camp, you don't have to be as fast as the only have to be as fast as the slowest camper." Not sure if he made that one up or if his handlers came him the line, but nonetheless, it's a sobering statement, isn't it?

So I guess when you see a film like this coming out at this point in the "game," it's either another fear-mongering attempt or a wink-wink that will set off the triggers to make the chaos in the film a self-fulfilling prophecy. The underlying theme of the film (i.e., the world markets have been manipulated so long that they are unable to sustain themselves) is a valid point. BUT THEN AGAIN, WHO IN THE HELL MANIPULATED THOSE MARKETS TO BEGIN WITH??? Uh...Oh, right...The Elite!!! Problem, reaction, solution. Brilliant evil!


Jack said...

Also, I don't buy into Peak Oil. From what I understand, we have enough oil reserves (untapped) in Alaska and in the Gulf to sustain us for quite some time. Thus, when I hear Peak Oil used as part of the fear programming, I'm immediately suspect. Just like I won't listen to anyone who tries to sell me on Climate Change and overpopulation. It's bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the occult symbol on RW's fingertip on the cover of the Intensive Care album: it is a sigil designed according to the magickal system devised by Ostman Ausman Spare. The artwork for that album was designed by the comic book writer and occultist Grant Morrison, whose series The Invisibles may be of interest to you, and his frequent collaborator, the artist Frank Quitely. More info about all the above is available on wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

1) who are these handlers who tell a celebrity what tattoo to get? Are these their agents and pR people who are really mind control experts?

2) how does someone become a mind controlled celebrity? are all these people in the movies, TV, radio, before they become famous, sent to some mind control camps all over the world and programmed to act a certain way? This makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

@anon 20:09

good question. they're not sent to mind control camps or anything of the sort (as far as i know), they are usually just brought up by/born into elite families or families with elite connections most of the time, who control them. though i do believe many get involved with the elite by chance, especially these days. its far easier. all about who you know if you ask me

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for answering.

I'm still not understanding I guess. So let's take Anna Nicole or Laetitia Casta both of whom are/were models. Both started young (most do) I think one started at 14 when she was discovered on the beach. (how the story goes).

So, how were they programmed? Is it just a matter of a young woman who wants to be a star doing exactly as they're told? (Do this ad work with this photographer).

Or is the idea that there is actual programming going on to these models so they don't just "follow rules" but actually start to say things that others want them to say?

The SECOND thing I don't understand is what message might, Anna NIcole or Ms. Casta be sending out to the masses that would be dangerous? Yes, mass advertising is obnoxious, but how is using sexual images to motivate men dangerous?

Men are in particular hardwired to think and act upon sexual impulses, I it has been this way throughout history.

Anonymous said...

@anon 05:51

it's not adult men who are really in danger, its mainly kids we're talking about here! the illuminati's aim seems to be mainly sexualizing the young, think of how kids grow up "too fast" these days, the media are one of the main reasons why. the earlier a child is programmed the better, its a known fact that when you're young your brain is still fragile and undeveloped therefore unaware of what is right and wrong. so then the media insinuates that these sexual images are perfectly acceptable...and the young girl (or boy!) in question takes a likening to them which leads them to decide that they want to be just like these sexy models, or act in similar ways to them. pretty simple really!

sorry my wording is a bit shit, i'm replying in a rush but i'm sure you get the picture :)

suki said...

Good point Ben regarding the "vis-a-vis"

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sexualizing the young...but throughout human history, the young were sexualized. Girls used to have babies at 13 and 14 years of age. They had to the average lifespan was 30 years old! Before the 1800's many families lived in houses that were extremely small, often the whole family slept in the same room. Kids definitely knew when parents were having sex. If they lived in an agrarian society, the family had farm animals, and anyone who is on a farm sees the animals having sex all the time.

So this modern sexualization of kids idea I don't understand. It's really been very recently in human history that there is this belief that children are/should be kept in the dark about sex.

As far as children wanting to grow and be glamourous, that's human nature. Biologists suggest that physical beauty is definitely a determing factor to attraction and perceived ranking of virility.

Some of this stuff you guys are upset over might very well be hardwired into the reptilian mind of each and every human.

Anonymous said...

Go away pedophile.

Anonymous said...

Robbie walked up a spiral staircase when he was hypnotized and stuck with pins.

Spiral staircases are used in mind control and are built into the homes of many monarch slaves. If you know someone with a spiral staircase, watch out! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fascainting stuff about Elvis, still haven't quite figured out what was so special about that man that they would heap that kind of praise upon him.

The sun god HIMSELF??????

What, was he like on a direct line to the Annunaki or something?????

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that the song 'Kids' with Kylie Minogue seemed to be about joining the pedo ranks to me as well.

Anonymous said...

"Go away pedophile."


I'll cross the "creep who pops up and implies it's only natural for young girls to be used as sexual props for perverts" box on my bingo card....

Anonymous said...

It's easy to call someone a pedophile that critiques your simplistic worldview. To notice the fact that throughout history women/girls have been objects, not just by industrial ownership class but by any class of men in ANY patriarchal society shouldn't be a shocking revelation.

It's obvious that a number of you are Christians. Of if not identified as such, imprinted the same way as MK slaves only your your own version of ultras.

Christianity oppresses women as well and to simply look at MK as the only form of oppression or even venue for pedophilia is wrong.

Moreover, a reactionary Christian response that sex is bad, that female sexuality is bad, is reflective of both your male oriented perspective (whether you are male or not) and your desire to act like a white knight vs acknowledging that girls/women are sexual beings who should have control over their bodies and destinies and the issue is consent.

Consent which MKultra and many aspects of Christianity as a religion take away.

Anonymous said...

"Go away pedophile."


I'll cross the "creep who pops up and implies it's only natural for young girls to be used as sexual props for perverts" box on my bingo card.... "

haha YESSS.

Anonymous said...

You need to add Robbie's song/video Tripping. This was his first Wonderland video and there's tons of symbology there. Read the lyrics:

First they ignore you, then laugh at you and hate you
Then they fight you, then you win
When the truth dies, very bad things happen
They're being heartless again

I know it's coming
There's gonna be violence
I've taken as much
As I'm willing to take

Why do you think
We should suffer in silence?
When a heart is broken
There's nothing to break

You've been mixing with some very heavy faces
The boys have done a bit of bird
They don't kill their own when they all love their mothers
But you're out of your depth son, have a word

I know it's coming
There's gonna be violence
I've taken as much
As I'm willing to take

Why do you think
We should suffer in silence?
The heart is broken
There's nothing to break

All is wonderful in this life
Dreaming of the sun she warms
You should see me in the afterlife
Picking up the sons of dust

When you think we're lost, we're exploring
What you think is worthless, I'm adoring
You don't want the truth, truth is boring
I got this fever

Need to leave the house, leave the car
Leave the bad men where they are
Leave a few shells in my gun
And stop me staring at the sun

I know it's coming
There's gonna be violence
I've taken as much
As I'm willing to take

Why do you say
We should suffer in silence?
My heart is broken
There's nothing to break

I know it's coming
There's gonna be violence
I've taken as much
As I'm willing to take

Why do you think
We should suffer in silence?
The heart is broken
There's nothing to break

The Kool Skool said...

I added some photos from here to the blog and a link to you. Many thanks, Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

very well researched article and great blog! i ve made a video about robbie williams, unfortunatly before i read your i didnt mention all the stuff. check it out:

i will link your post in my info box.

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