Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Miley Cyrus Is An Android!

I had to do a little post on this Family Guy episode, I realize it hasn't been long enough since my last Miley Cyrus post but these types of posts don't take very long to complete. The show featured it's usual twisted mixture of suggestive incest, pedophilia, child and domestic abuse, bestiality and all that other fun stuff that makes Family Guy work [this post isn't entirely serious, more entertainment]! This episode felt like Miley Cyrus' mind controlled/robotic sex slave existence is now an open secret, though I'm sure some people will think they're just taking the piss out of the whole idea (when I saw the title of the episode 'Hannah Banana' I knew it was going to be something about her being a corporate puppet/robot/slave). I'm surprised Disney even allow episodes like this and the South Park one to be made, you'd think they would at least sue Comedy Central/FOX (I guess they're all in on it) for using "their property's" (the names of shows/characters, Mickey Mouse in South Park) likeness considering the army of corporate lawyers/drones they have at their disposal.

The talking baby Stewie is a fan of Hannah Montana (just an excuse to cover Miley in the show) in this episode and is watching a marathon of it on TV. They created a mock clip of the show which illustrates what I have discussed in regards to her Hannah Montana show mimicking her reality (and how she probably views it as reality) and is suggestive of the sexual abuse/incest by Billy Ray Cyrus against his daughter. BRC: "Sorry but you know the rules, Hannah can't do the photo shoot until Miley finishes her homework." MC: "You can't tell Hannah what to do she's not your daughter." BRC: "Wait so Miley's my daughter but Hannah isn't." MC: "Right." BRC: "Great... put your wig on [in-studio audience laughs].. shut up! This is real..." The suggestion here is that Billy Ray will have sex with his daughter in the Hannah wig so he can pretend it isn't actually his daughter (psychologically lessening the guilt I guess), symbolizing the sexual abuse causing dissociation and splits in the mind so the abuse isn't happening to Miley, but rather to her alter-personality Hannah Montana (as well as the wig signifying an alter-personality symbolism of course).

Completely random incest suggestion here, "Hey Chris you wanna practice kissing again?" and in the below scene (Chris trying to catch the 'Evil Monkey' on video) where child abuse and pedophilia is shown Quagmire, the resident sex-addict punches him in the face after Quagmire and Peter make him wet the bed; then the resident pedophile Herbert ("In the episode "No Chris Left Behind", Herbert is shown to be the Grand Master of the Skull and Bones society at Morningwood academy." [Parodying Yale's]) comes in painting Chris in a symbolic 'Birth of Venus' style pose.

The 'Evil Monkey' that lives in Chris' closet turns out to be not evil (the other story arc in the episode), he does Chris' book report for him (what Chris had written is above referencing 'The Catcher In the Rye' book favored by mind controlled assassins) titled "The Slave Trade Allegory of Curious George" which is pretty obvious, and was obviously consciously written as a slave trade narrative (a white man kidnaps "curious George" from the jungles of Africa and ships him over to America where he lives in the white man's house, "helping" his white master around the house and such). Invoking slavery is important here, hinting that Miley is a victim of the modern day slave trade (abused and programmed from birth now used as a lucrative puppet performer by the Disney slave masters).

Curious George (Bush) at the White House in 2003... I'm sorry but there's something (deeply disturbing) about that photo that just cracks me up.

Chris and the monkey go fishing, catch and eat Aquaman (fish dehumanization programming discussed in relation to Noah's film Ponyo) during a montage with a mock Miley Cyrus song over the top of it.

Stewie and Brian (the talking dog) sneak backstage to meet Miley.

Where they discover (hearing her mobile phone giving off interference, a remote control for controlling her) she is actually an android; Stewie: "Oh My God, she's an android! Miley Cyrus is an android!" Brian: "Of course, she's a product of Disney Imagineering, they built a perfect robot teen idol."...

... Stewie: "Yes assuring that she could never fail, like famous duelist Sir Henry Giant-Hole-in-the-Torso Wiccanshire." Straight after discovering she is an android, there is a random joke about a fictional famous duelist (probably a dualism/duality suggestion) with a hole/circle (probably sexual euphemism, bullet going through the hole) as his torso and a square shaped ("Sir Joseph Broad-Front") duelist, but I wasn't exactly sure what to make of that.

Brian's (the talking dog) immediate reaction is to use the Miley robot for sex, Stewie asks him what they should do: "Well we could do something... well look at her, she dances like a real girl, she moves like a real girl... do you think shee does.. other stuff like a real girl, you know if you reprogrammed her." "Brian that's sick she's 16!... I'll see what I can do".

Stewie reprogramming her.

Stewie tries to reprogram her for sex but screws up, convulses (electroshock suggestions shown below) and switches to a superhuman animalistic (King Kong) alter-personality (instead of the sex/kitten one they were going for).

Note all the shattered glass (symbolic of her shattered mind in her Monarch [trauma-based] mind control programming), and below the mannequins (one with top hat).

Reversing roles from the undeniably phallic scene from King Kong (symbolizing sexual power/dominance over slaves like Miley; remember obviously the banana in the title of the episode is also phallic symbolism), she takes the Monkey (who tries to stop her causing chaos and destruction) up to the top of the Empire State Building and fights Quagmire and her father in a plane similar to the film. Aside from the Imperial/Illuminist name; the Empire State Building is one giant phallic obelisk (note the sun rays motifs shown above which also feature on it in reality).

She is eventually shot down from the tip of the phallic Empire State, symbolically shooting off half of the human skin revealing half of her robotic face (split mind symbolic; speaking of which, I've added her official symbolic international cover of her latest EP, the rings look significant also) a la Terminator. Should mention (though it's pointless saying it every time she's pictured with a mic) but the cover is also extremely suggestive with her lips open above the phallic microphone which she is holding up to her chin, she appears to be in a frazzled state (what do you think the implication of her hair being messy is, it's all about sex [and blocking out one eye of course]), one of the rings appears to be a long vesica pisces (vagina) symbolic shape (the other being a purple gem or something), you could argue the 'y' in the Miley's "signature" is also supposed to represent the vagina which seems to be significant due to it's size.

Note the Terminator style right red eye which finally flashes red then off showing the robot Miley Cyrus to be dead, Stewie says to him "You know Brian, here's your shot, go for it. [she explodes] Oh, too late." Her robotic hand drops down then Brian says "no it's not" suggesting the dog will use Miley's robotic hand for sex (which is twisted in so many different ways ;p). I've seen other stuff in some of the other shows like a fair bit of mind control in American Dad and some stuff in recent South Parks but I'll leave this post short and to the point.

And isn't this a nice little clip from the episode before the Miley Cyrus one (a Patrick Swayze tribute)... it's just cartoon comedy though don't forget!

Included this one randomly because it's actually pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris, why the unwarranted smart-ass tone to my comment about Christ and sun-god incarnations? I said I "respectfully disagree", and BTW, I'm not a "501c3 Zionist Christian". You may have me confused with another commenter, like the one who was condemning Ben.

Anonymous said...

obsessed miley cyrus fan threatens to kill and eat their cat if miley doesn't return to twitter.


akaider said...

Reminds me of tila tequila on robot chicken


but tila can't beat miley cyrus in the MK game i'm sure!

also the DC sniper was just executed @ 9:11PM.... hmm

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ben,commenting here because it's your latest post. I'm expecting a lot of incidents worldwide today. THEY will LOVE today's date - 11/11/2009 = 11/11/11.

Anonymous said...

why are dreams and dreaming so dangerous to you guys?

we all dream at night. and if people didn't dream and imagine things, then we never would have had the airplane, the auto, even a toilet!

Anonymous said...

When Stewie said "She's 16" Brian does say "I'm 8" then Stewie says "I'll see what I can do!"

I totally laughed at this episode I usually dont watch this on Sunday nights but happened to catch this one after getting pretty familiar with your site. Thanks for your hard work!!

Anonymous said...

To anony 17:50: Its no a smartass tone I used, its the truth and the truth is always incovenient. And I didnt say ure a Zionist Xtian at all. No, I didnt mistake u for smb else. End of case.


Anonymous said...

Where does Lady GaGa get these ideas from? (rhetorical question, lol)

"I knew [Francis Lawrence's] ability as a director is so much higher than what I could [do]," Gaga explained to MTV News last week. "There's this one shot in the video where I get kidnapped by supermodels. I'm washing away my sins and they shove vodka down my throat to drug me up before they sell me off to the Russian mafia."


Anonymous said...


wide eyes doll freak

Anonymous said...


that is FUCKING disturbing. :(

Anonymous said...

Which celebrities aren't MK slaves. Are there any?

And what kind of images do you think are free from MK symbolism. Artists employ all sorts of patterns and inspiration from nature, to not utilize any natural elements or checkerboard patterns in one's artwork would be hard.

Is Jesus/Christian iconography the only visual imagery you folks feel is "safe?"

Anonymous said...

More breaking into pieces:



skrambo said...

Is Jesus/Christian iconography the only visual imagery you folks feel is "safe?"

Yep, that's exactly it. You've obviously done your homework.

Nice post Ben. Christian brothers unite!

Anonymous said...

Thought the egotistical Seth MacFarlane was infiltrated for a while, note the family guy intro features pyramid staircase with 6 female and 6 male dancers either side, and some other stuff can't remember...

Anonymous said...

Chris, check this poster for "Precious" out (butterfly with crown...Monarch?). I saw the movie and it is all about dissociation. She does it many times throughout the movie.

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot to include the link:


Anonymous said...

I've only watched a couple of episodes of Family Guy...never understood whether is supposed to be 'funny'...some of it made me laugh, some of it was just plain weird! Talking of weird...Lady Gaga's new single (thanks for the link to the video) is just about the freakiest she's done so far...she doesn't even pronouce her words properly through most of it...ga ga ga!

Benjamin S said...

Hehe Tommy that made me laugh out loud, cheers!

re: Gaga's new video; I find her quite boring these days; she needs to mix things up a bit. I'm expecting some sort of a massive transformation of her for her next album.

Good info on Precious, gotta wait for a torrent to come out to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben, you must know that only one or two giant mega corporations control all television programming. The different companies [disney vs. MTV vs. Comedy Central vs. HBO] are ..........an illusion!

*evil laugh

Anonymous said...

Yup they're not 'in' on anything. Programming must go through one giant corporation like Viacom or GE or one of those other multinational giants.

Sitting on the boards of Viacom, or whatever, are men who answer to men who run the banks and military industrial complex. People who write these shows and air them get told what to do like it or not.

Its all one big entity now....GET IT!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Croesoswallt, sorry to break it to you but you don't make it big unless you concede to their wishes on some level. The higher you go the more you're in with them.

I doubt at this point in thier last push to normalize their satanic world view, they have spared ANY entertainer and if they have it will soon be corrected. Sorry guys.

Anonymous said...

What's satanic about using animal inspired design or checkerboards or the color red, using black. You start removing all the elements that are portrayed as MK on these sites and art and design is left white space on a canvas or a page.

So I ask you, what sort of design elements don't set anti-MKer's off the deep end?

Anonymous said...

^^At Anony 20:53:

So I take it you're a PRO MK-er?



But seriously, I would like to know what symbols are not based on the ancient secret society code too. If only so that we don't continue to give their symbols attention and energy by discussing and calling attention to them after everyone has woken up.

For startes we cold use the natural world for symbols. Flowers, rivers, animals that are not:

Eagles or


Alan said...

I came to point out the "Precious" movie posters and the film's themes of childhood sexual trauma and dissociation (with scenes of dissociative identity) but I see someone beat me to it.



Check out both posters and notice the "transformative teacher" figure's favorite color is purple, as seen in this trailer:

Esoteric Kitten said...

I am amazed that Family Guy actually let this run! It excites me to watch these fools confirm this in plain sight, especially as this topic catches fire.
The show itself is loaded with all kinds of MK goodies stuffed inside the animation and dialogue. There is a clip somewhere out there with Steven Spielberg saying he was on parole for "killing kittens"...

And a quick FYI - there is mention of someone getting into Britney Spears' twitter account and changing the layout and content. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r5r9yi8_R4

hobus said...

This just in... Miley Cyrus' upcoming album will be entitled "Robot" and the cover depicts half her face torn off, very similar to the screen shots from "Family Guy"... you couldn't this shit up.

hobus said...

Couldn't make this shit up, I mean

Unknown said...

Hi! I like your blog and see a lot of truth in it but I'm having trouble with one thing and would like ur thoughts.

In pictures of Miley Cyrus and Noah they just don't display any signs of feeling awkward around Billy Ray. Even if somehow they are zonked out or something, surely they would display some kind of uncomfortableness.

kevin said...

I just spent two hours on here. Great job.

Unknown said...

Good to read, like your resaarch. Whats the deal?

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