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Saskia Mulder Bound and Gagged in Anubis' Iron Maiden

Having completed the Karen Mulder post previously which included some interesting info on her actress sister Saskia, I wanted to look in to more of her roles (had the Descent on DVD so was already familiar with it's content) to see if they fit the predictable pattern in terms of the themes that seem to follow these MK'd actors throughout their various symbolic roles, in terms of MK/occult motifs, symbolism and the like. I was looking for her role in the British offbeat detective drama 'Jonathan Creek' which seemed to be a fairly prominent one for her in the show's pilot episode 'The Wrestler's Tomb', it just so happened to be airing on TV that night (on G.O.L.D. probably repeated a lot) so thought I should do a write-up of it as it provided some good images of Saskia, very much pertinent to the 'Mulder' family programming. The protagonist of the show is played by Alan Davies, who is the product of generations of Freemasons (pictured below with a Freemasonic tracing board) as both his grandfathers were Freemasons which should give you an idea about what this show and the actor is about, info on Davies + image from Atlantean Times. He plays an inventor/creator of elaborate illusions, who teams up with Maddie Magellan (played by Caroline Quentin); the name probably intended to resonate Mary Magdalene (the Knights Templar/Masons obsess over the Magdalene/Jesus bloodline/Holy Grail and all that crap). [p.s. I will get to a Michael Jackson post soon, I realize a lot of people probably expected me to post loads on it (I've consciously decided not to get sucked into the current frenzy) because he's such an obvious MK slave (check out comments where myself and others have posted some great info on him for now; I'll complete one more post then I'll get to a post on him I think + hopefully generally pick up the pace with posting)]

Saskia's role is standard fare for a MK programmed Kitten as she plays a model/mistress called 'Francesca Boutron' used by pervert artists/photographers; the fashion magazine in the episode is called 'EVE' (usual 'original sin'/loss of innocence symbolism I've gone into in regards to the 'loss of innocence' in programming slaves/fashion transformation). She plays a model who is very much like her sister who was used by rich/older men for sex (as a Monarch sex-slave), many of them photographers (and probably some artists), she "married" one at age 18 (see Karen's post for details). Her name Francesca is the typical ironic theme slaves are often symbolized with as it derives from the Latin Franciscus, meaning 'free'.

The ridiculous plot (obviously not to be taken too seriously) entails Saskia killing the artist she was having an 'affair' with (pictured above; the gallery of the murder victim's artwork at the start shows models with their faces in clown make-up [i.e. false/programmed smile/emotions, 'performing clowns']) because he wouldn't 'love her' or something, she somehow manages to bound and gag herself then shooting him using her feet and act all shocked and innocent after... the fact that she did it is MK symbolic of her programming (delta-beta slave; assassin-sex programming, used in espionage for assassinations, controlling through blackmail politicians and the like). She is found bound and gagged below the gold and blue closet, the circle inside square motif is very Freemasonic (square & compass symbolic + gold and blue is standard Freemasonry colours).

Checkerboard + Salvador Dali even gets a mention in this episode (saying the below was drawn by him and is focused on), remember Saskia was posed as one of the girls making up Salvador's skull creation for one of the posters of her film 'The Descent' (see KM post for details).

Multigeneration Freemason Alan Davies shows up purchasing a boxed Barbie doll, then sawing off it's head as a miniaturized version of a symbolic stage illusion.

Dolls losing their heads everywhere? What could it mean!?

The David Copperfield style illusionist/magician which Davies works for (+ slaves are often used in stage magicians/illusionists' sets, which I've gone into before like Patrizia D'Addario used by Copperfield) is played by Anthony Head (above in royal/MK dissociative purple [mentally polarizing colour, mixture of red/blue]) performing the full size version of the miniaturized headless barbie doll/queen of hearts trick (he puts his arm through their body). Anthony's surname Head implies MK (for the head/mind manipulation suggestion obviously), both his parents were in the industry (his mother an actress Helen Shingler, father a general film-maker [documentaries, producer/director], beyond that his great-grandfather and grandfather were in the military [perhaps where their programming/manipulation started]); he and his brother (also a performer) Murray Head both performed in the play Chess.

The fullsize version fo the Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland Monarch programming; "Off with their heads!", note the disembodied mannequin head (the model used here is not Saskia by the way), note the occult/Egyptian theme with twin pillars.

Head picks out Saskia for a voyeuristic illusion whereby she strips naked in a shower (not really), the audience seeing her silhouette (she goes down a slide under the stage right at the start so doesn't actually strip).

Anthony Stewart Head dresses up as the split/dual personality/MPD/DID suffering 'Psycho', Norman Bates (played by Anthony Perkins) re-enacting the famous shower scene; Hithcock's films are loaded with MK themes and motifs (for instance in the poster the fractured/split word I've pointed out in numerous movie posters as symbolizing their fractured mind; there are lots of mirrors/one eye shots and other motifs in it, the final shot of Norman Bates is a double exposure shot with his mother's mummified skull superimposed over his, symbolising his Multiple/dual-personalities, Perkins himself went through 'therapy' to "cure" him of his homosexuality, so was probably electroshocked and went through other programming coming from an acting family too).

Norman Bates was based on the real life serial killer Ed Gein who was more than likely extremely dissociative due to his father's physical abuse inflicted on him and his brother as a child and his mother's batshit Lutheran insanity/emotional abuse [Ed (head sounding) was also who the Texas Chainsaw Massacre character was loosely based on, which I covered in this post]. Note another 'split mind' motif on the poster of a film about Ed below with half face masked. Bates is invoked in the episode also as the name is mentioned in relation to a telephone call near the start, the receptionist cannot remember if it was asking for the file of a "Yates" or a "Bates" (see longer synopsis of the episode).

Head's character gives Saskia a little black dress which she excitably strips and models infront of the mirror.

Her character apparently practised shooting the gun with her feet on a nude painting of her made by the dead artist.

Saskia replaces the original model as the illusionist's attractive assistant and dresses up in Cleopatra/Egyptian ritual clothing (note gold mannequin head holding Saskia's Cleopatra wig). Head's stage, as mentioned is covered in ritual Egyptian/occult symbolism with Fremasonic twin pillars and Horus' winged solar disc, which is an extremely important symbol to modern occultists/secret societies also, used by Freemasons/Rosicrucianism/Theosphical Society [remember Frank Baum, creator of dissociation programming 'Wizard of Oz' was a theosophist and others involved] cults and the like, all of which are heavily involved in the hidden section of society that have been practising mind control and occult rituals for centuries, this is a good example of how they consistenly use these themes in the media which they secretly control; Alan Davies being a multigenerational Freemason and not particularly talented at anything also shows how these types of connected individuals are given a platform in the media.

Anthony Head, in his occult ritual robe chases Saskia with a wip which he lashes causing Saskia to run in fear before being grabbed by the Egyptian slave handlers.

The Egyptian 'slave handlers' (below) even look a little like an older heroin-addicted Aleister Crowley who eventually died alone in his terraced house (he was a British Intelligence spy among many other things), I've pictured his 777 book cover to illustrate these Egyptian/Freemasonic twin pillars and winged solar disc seen in this Anthony Head's illusionist set (exact same setup with the winged disc above and in between the pillars), in relation to his Ordo Templi Orientus/occultism, I posted some info on Crowley's Monarch mind control slave usage connections in my Zohan post.

Crowley's 'Thelema' philosophy of 'Do what thou Wilt' was extremely attractive to the sociopathic "elite", and is a small part of how they have justified (not that they needed any justification) in their own minds the horrific things that they have done throughout history (old and modern slavery, controlled/mass ritual-sacrifice World Wars, staged "terror" and the like). Crowley was a notorious womanizer/misogynist who used and abused various women (often as part of ritual "sex magick", Monarch sex-slaves are often programmed from a young age to be used in such occult rituals), many of the men/women he used in rituals ended up insane/dead (see Channel 4 documentary).

Below Head is triggering Saskia into a trance, wearing the occult ritual robe (blue eye of horus, gold/black suns and the like) + you can pick up on a few of the symbolic things on the sarcophagus/iron maiden.

Anthony Head/Anubis (see further down) waves his hand (hand signal trigger) in front of the victim/Saskia Mulder's face putting her in a trance (with standard occult pose arms crossed over chest, pictured Crowley doing it below also in a ritual robe/Egyptian clothing) ready for the funerary mummification ritual (starting with her face) again; as before with the black masking tape, effectively blindfolding/hoodwinking her with bandages by the Egyptian slave handlers.

Crowley in that ritual pose.

A mummified Saskia is placed into the iron maiden (torture device) sarcophagus by the Egyptian slave handlers as Head puts on his Anubis... head. The torture device and sarcophagus combo is easy to interpret as MK as it's obviously symbolic of these slaves' long-term physical/psychological torture/trauma from a young age (which is largely what trauma-based/Monarch mind control involves) and the claustrophobic/sensory deprivation programming techniques used (i.e. trapping a child/victim in a box leading to dissociation/hallucinations, which can be controlled through suggestion and heightened with LSD and such). Anubis was the God of the Underworld/dead, whose rituals are described in the 'Book of the Dead' which modern occultist's rituals often closely follow; but as a basic analysis for Anubis this is invoking his role in funerary rites (mummification, embalming + other ritual).

The iron maiden claustrophobic torture device is shut on her (the spikes penetrating her skin [it's an illusion, so does not happen literally] can be considered phallic and suggestive of her sexual abuse trauma at the hands of her father + others [see Karen Mulder post]) and the viewer is made to think it has gone wrong for a second as blood pours out of the holes and Jonathan Creek/Alan Davies looks shocked as if that shouldn't have happened.

The mummy emerges from the iron maiden, and you find out they swapped places at some point as Saskia is now wearing the ritual Anubis head (and the ritual/symbolic robe) and Head is the mummy (possibly also for dog dehumanization as well as the clear occult ritual purposes).

I'd like to post a little more on Anthony Head at this point to finish this post, while he's obviously not a big star (so probably not that much interest... also probably not much interest in random British detective dramas!), I wanted to cover him as this role here is very ritualistic/symbolic and so are some of his previous ones. His most famous role is in Joss Whedon's (more on Whedon's show Dollhouse in future posts that I haven't gone into, plan on writing up more of it in future posts [DVD comes out 28th July in US btw, nice synch for my birthday ;p, and the Monarch MK show Fringe's DVD cover has some good split mind symbolism]) Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Rupert Giles, who is the product of multigenerational 'Council of Watchers' members (secret societies symbolic; "The Watchers' Council of Britain is an organization dedicated to finding, training, and supervising Slayers in the fictional Buffyverse." [i.e. secret societies dedicated to finding, programming and handling slaves; Whedon is clearly aware of Mind Control with his show Dollhouse and other themes noted in his other work related to MK so I don't see it as too much of a stretch to draw this conscious analogy, double headed eagle Eliza Dushku was one such 'Slayer'/Slave called 'Faith'])

Pictured above with Playboy Kitten (any MK suggestive phrases in there...? [My dad used to beat me, Angel star sheds her wings, rise of the machines]) Charisma Carpenter in leopard print skirt.

Charisma behind chain-cage symbolism.

She has an interesting duality tattoo with a sun/crescent moon face + cardinal directions.

And the main "Slayer" is of course Sarah Michelle Gellar who he handles in the show, a child actor who trained as a figure skater, best friends with Melissa Joan Hart, post a few images of her and some of her movie posters (not a proper analysis).

'Possession' has many MK themes, see trailer.

The Grudge and it's sequel (first movie's poster has the same split mind motif of the ghost kid) has the usual MK themes found in horror/japanese horror [SMG get's psychologically traumatized by something supernatural]).

The Return has more MK themes with plenty of mirror stuff, + note the R mirrored in the title.

In Scooby Doo, wearing purple (with metallic dragons + weapons for trauma) holding a pyramid.

This photo shoot (starting with the kitten one, 5 up + final one below with Sarah in a doll-like trance effectively being raped behind bloodied and broken glass [+ HELP/666, general kidnap/rape theme etc]) was obviously very interesting and symbolic, the photographer is James White who has done numerous symbolic photoshoots with celebrities [posted a set of his featuring Dita Von Tease + Scarlett Johanssen here], you can view more at White's portfolio website.

His role in Doctor Who as a 'Headmaster' [Head-Master] is very creepy, "No parents, no one to miss you..."... no pedophlic undertones in this short intro scene whatsoever!

Head has two daughters Emily Rose and Daisy May Head (pictured below, Daisy is the brunette, Emily the blonde) both actresses.

Head with Daisy and Emily Rose at what looks like a Merlin event, a BBC 'magic'/occult show with Head as the King of Camelot Uther Pendragon, Pendragon meaning 'Head-Dragon', below with the checkerboard motif behind him.

Anthony Head the 'master'/watcher/handler-figure for Buffy/SMG. Head's latest bigger role (aside from all his TV roles in Little Britain as the Prime Minister, 'Monarch of the Glen' and other TV stuff) is the Monarch symbolic (genes/eugenics is a huge Illuminist obsession and in multigenerational Monarch programming) musical film 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' which is pretty dire IMO and almost gave me a headache to watch (I am usually very easily entertained but the music is just so grating). Note in the posters the E is an M turned sideways. The whole "elite" conspiracy and Monarch MK can be viewed as a 'Genetic Opera' which I think this partly symbolizes too; the whole thing feels like it's reaching a crescendo of sorts anyway.
Head plays Nathan Wallace: "He doubles as the head Repo Man. He often laments his late night duties, but a seeming multiple personality tends to take him over, leaving him a vicious killing machine as opposed to the kind hearted, torn father." He works for the "elite" family corporation 'Geneco' which harvests human organs, Head plays the 'Repo Man' who is the character that hunts people down who haven't kept up with their payments (everyone needs transplants due to mass organ-failure [see trailer for other symbolic stuff also]), pictured above with the 'Geneco' corporate logo (black/white/red) and one of the "elite family" siblings (there is an allusion to incest in the film [involving Paris Hilton and her character's brother]) in skin mask ["He wears a deceased woman's skinned face as a mask to cover his own face, which is horrendously scarred."].

Towards the film's climax, Head is repeatedly electroshocked by the telepathically controlled identical twins (by the "elite"/master, GeneCo President Rotti Largo [father of Paris' character] played by Paul Sorvino).

This scenario has already started in a way though, "organ trafficking" is reaching epidemic proportions; the sick people behind human trafficking (big business controlled by the "elite") know they can make more money cutting up a slave, harvesting and selling their organs more than they can keeping them enslaved which requires a lot of resources. And generally people are already obsessed with their self-image and will constantly have plastic surgery to 'fix themselves' (thanks to the fashion industry and the media's use of slaves who are forced to have these transformations [again see Karen Mulder], "celebrities" who the brainwashed masses are more than just "influenced" by through the invasive media).

Anthony Head keeps his daughter locked up in a tower, expected symbolism features here with the young Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) as Head's daughter Shilo (she is bald) pictured with a bird cage and butterflies.

Her porcelain head used for holding the wig is covered in butterflies also.

Paris Hilton is also in this, much like in reality she comes from an "elite family", probably incestuous in terms of her Monarch programming; symbolized here by the butterfly hairpins, her face is falling off here as she performs for the masses (facelessness/loss of identity in her programming, her character 'Carmela Largo/Amber Sweet' is addicted to surgery transformation and the drug that eases the pain from the trauma of repetitive invasive surgeries).

Come and try her "new parts", double meaning of the 'parts' of her compartmentalized mind (here she is dressed as her dominatrix/bdsm alter, sexual alters are often dehumanization programmed to think they are butterflies detailed in a Britney post; butterflies and kittens are the most common for sex-programming. Two of the above butterfly tattoo images originally posted here and here; the upper back and chest butterfly tattoos look temporary/fake, the lower back one pictured with 'DOLL' looks permanent [EDIT: thanks to a commenter who pointed out that the Butterfly/DOLL Paris photo is not her, the hair does look too long compared to hers at the event; at the time it was posted in a number of galleries of Paris at the event such as this one and the file was named as her, so my apologiez for the confusion... probably some other Monarch Kitten Doll from the event though]), acting as the whore she is programmed to be in the media's false reality; she is just playing her scripted part in the 100% controlled media's Marionette puppet theatre.

Paris + Paul Sorvino (her father in the film) at a Repo dinner event below.

Post continues [originally was going to have it as part of the same post] in the next post [though you've probably read the other post first as it will appear above this one on the blog page, it doesn't really matter], thought it better to split it up.


skrambo said...

Nice connections with the Egpytian-themed "magick" show and Crowley... There seem to be a lot of characters based on him (or at least his appearance).

I found this story about girls going to their prom in life-sized Barbie doll boxes... Link to story

Paris Hilton appearing in a movie alongside one of the guys from Skinny Puppy (Ogre) blows my mind a little bit. Especially since one of their albums (The Process) is about The Process Church of the Final Judgement, and how fucked up it is.

On to part 2... Glad you decided to separate the posts, actually. Makes the read a little less intimidating when it's not too long ;)

anony-muse said...

Is obama doing that ritual pose here on the cover of Newsweek?
The whole cover is just weird.


Lil' TCP said...

[I may or may not re-post the following at a later date:]
To the “Britney-is-a-dum-dum” poster* -
(Part One of Two)
I get your point that celebrities often rip off other people’s work and ideas. I really do. And whenever someone does that, they should be called out on it and sued. However, I have a suspicion that in some of the cases, it is “handlers” (producers, writers, “personal assistants” of various types?) that are doing the stealing. I just wonder if they don’t present such things to the celeb as stuff they’ve been “working on”, or as if it’s already “legitimately” in a catalogue to choose from. I suppose if one’s in the biz hoping to get a big hit, and some hotshot wants/agrees to work with them, they’re not about to insult him/her by asking if they plagiarize? If they do know/suspect, maybe they’re not really able to prove anything, because too many powerful people are protecting so-&-so and blind fans/ the adoring public would NEVER believe anything bad about them. Or, maybe they’re actually told to keep their mouths shut – or else? (Please notice, I said in some cases – meaning, not all.)

Lil' TCP said...

(Part Two of Two)
I don’t think anybody is saying, “aw, poor celebs were abused, so just leave the rip-offs go. They should be able to get away with anything because of what they’ve been through.” No.
Yes, I’m sure there are some MK’d celebs who don’t give two sh*ts if they release plagiarized stuff. This is most certainly true of Madonna, who has consistently proven herself to be a selfish, cruel person. Her rather obvious history of childhood sexual abuse does NOT give her a free pass to ruin other people’s lives. She sure appears to be a sexual predator herself, and should NEVER have been allowed to get away with trafficking African children.

* You also said you’d worked with a rap star; I don’t have a name for you, since I think you usually post as anonymous.

-Lil’ TCP

mal said...

Interesting detail about the Crowley book on the number seven. TMZ recently posted about the death of Michael Jackson and the number 7.

stal said...

interesting picture of SMG where shes 'dead' smashed through a window. that pose is taken from a scene in an old dario argento (father of asia argento) movie, 'profondo rosso'. imo you REALY should look into his films.

Anonymous said...

anyone seen this letter? it's so incredibly strange http://www.aolcdn.com/tmz_documents/0709_hugh_hefner.pdf

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the role of semenancy and related practices?

Sombrero_man said...

Out fucking standing, I had no idea Davies was a freemason, all is not what it seems.

Does that mean Fry (as he was in V) is also one of these pawns/puppets?

maddie magdel... wow i used to love this PROGRAMME.

Figures they'd put Head in this episode.

I don't know how you do it, but this is spectacular.

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