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The Hilton Hotel: One Night in Paris' Butterfly

Post continues from the previous one, this one focusing on Paris Hilton where the last one ended with Paris' face falling off wearing butterfly hairpins in a symbolic Monarch "Genetic Opera" (though it doesn't really matter which order you read them as most of it is unrelated to Paris).

Paris and Nicky Hilton (Paris is the taller, older one) at a typical duality worshiping pedophilic slave fashion industry event, with the little Hilton girls in strawberry print (fruit = sex in general and in programming [forbidden fruit and such I've gone in to], strawberries in particular are often associated with sex [on a par with cherries/pomegranates/many others]). Their mother Kathleen Hilton (named after her own mother Kathleen, probably both programmed cats) accompanies them on the catwalk as a duality zebra, early preparation for their life in front of the all seeing dissociative camera lens. These childhood photos are taken from the late 80's (see file names for specific year).

With their father Richard Hilton, descendant (grandson) of the founder of the Hilton Hotels Conrad Hilton Sr; military programmed (joined army later) and Tau Kappa Epsilon frat member. As noted below Rick Hilton's grandfather was a rapist, this sociopathic mentality would have been passed down through generations of this "elite family" (so incestuous multigenerational Monarch programming is likely, considering everything else too).

Conrad "married" Monarch sex-slave Zsa Zsa Gabor (whose current long term relationship with Frederic Prinz von Anhalt is 'odd' to say the least! one of their "adopted sons" is a brothel/cathouse owner, showing more sexual slavery suggestions that follows Zsa Zsa's life/relationships), her numerous other "relationships" also show her Monarch slavery (pictured with slave handler Bob Hope below, she was raped by handler Frank Sinatra, used by Poforio Rubirosu who used other Monarch 'presidential model' slaves like Marilyn Monroe, Zsa Zsa certainly has the programmed Marilyn look; obviously she has been used by many more men than she can remember, and the ones listed on her wikipedia page) such as Jack Ryan who created the Barbie doll (was involved in prostitution/sexual slavery/"wife-swapping", see link), Yale educated (possible 'Bonesman') Raytheon engineer (random note, someone in the "Raytheon Company Executive Office" regularly checks in on this blog ;p also NASA seem to have taken an interest according to my google analytics which I always find interesting to look at which corporations/establishment bodies are reading it).

Zsa Zsa Gabor pictured with Conrad Nicholson Hilton Jr. "Nicky", Conrad Hilton Senior's son (Paris and Nicky's Great Uncle, Nicky shares his nickname). To illustrate the slave-usage/sociopathic/rape mentality of this "elite" Hilton family (almost all of "elite" society shares this mentality): "According to her 1991 autobiography One Lifetime Is Not Enough, her pregnancy resulted from being raped by then-husband Conrad Hilton.[4]" She also 'claimed' to have been raped by Monarch slave handler Frank Sinatra (Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra were both notorious slave handlers/users). Zsa Zsa's Monarch programming is also shown by the fact that she was electroshocked in at least one programming stint in a 'psychiatric hospital': "After breaking up with Conrad Hilton Zsa Zsa Gabor became severely depressed and spent two months in a psychiatric hospital, where she was given electroshock therapy."

Paris' Great-Grandfather Conrad Hilton mirrored with his golf-club.

Mother of Paris and Nicky, Kathleen Hilton; Kathy's sisters are both actors (Kathy did some acting too with a small part in 'The Dark') Kimberly Richards and Kyle Richards (Paris and Nicky's aunts, Kyle pictured above on the left with daughter Farrah). Both were Disney child actresses, Kyle was "in the Disney children's horror film, The Watcher in the Woods, playing a terrorized young girl." trailer 1, 2 and 3 (3 has the best MPD mirror suggestive images and such embedded it below... "Enter a new dimension in MIND SHATTERING suspense." Good old Disney!) to see some MK themes, shattered glass/mirrors (shattered mind), this was after her role as Alicia (Alice) in Little House on the Prairie. Kyle would go on to appear in numerous horror/traumatization movies such as one of the children being babysat by the protagonist's friend in Halloween. The film 'The Car' which Kyle appeared in with her sister Kim is interesting, as: "The late Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey [programmer] was given a "Technical Advisor" credit on the film. His quote: "Oh great brothers of the night who rideth upon the hot winds of hell, who dwelleth in the Devil's lair; move and appear," is given in the opening credits."

Above Kyle and Kim in the 'Satanically influenced' (with Monarch programmer Anton LaVey working on it) film 'The Car'.

Kim Richards was also a Disney child actress, appearing as one of the alien programming victim kids 'Tia' in 'Escape to Witch Mountain' (note her holding a black cat + electroshock/lightning symbolism around the 'UFO' + a Marionette scene/symbolic tiger toy below them). She made a cameo appearance in the recent Disney remake with AnnaSophia Robb (pictured below on a 'The Reaping' poster) as Sara (name changed from Tia in the original).

Marionette sequence from the original, with little Kim Richards (Paris' aunt) dancing among the Marionettes (and generally the telepathy/telekinesis MK themes + the big tiger toy behind Kim at the start).

Modern Disney remake poster above with AnnaSophia Robb as the alien programming victim (victim's in reality who are programmed to genuinely think they are aliens and/or "abducted by aliens"), AnnaSophia previously had an occult role in 'The Reaping' (symbolic poster below).

Both Kim and Kyle were in the 'The Car' which had "Satanic" programmer Anton LeVay as a 'technical director' (you will often find actors' programmers/handlers given these kind of vague credits when working with their slaves in films), this Luciferian spirit also features in Kim's film 'Devil Dog: Hound of Hell' with the inhabitants of a town participating in Satanic rituals wearing purple robes (they're possessed by the "Satanic dog" or whatever; the head Satanic Priestess in red) worshiping "Satan" in front of an image similar to the classic Baphomet.

The above VLC screencap coincidentally ended with 999 (666) which I found pretty humorous. Reficul Liah! [I'm kidding; calm down christians.]

Kim in leopard-print on her leopard couch (kitten programming) with her kids. To round off Paris' aunt coverage; she was also in Little House on the Prairie like her sister Kyle, and other TV shows like 'Alice', "In the John Carpenter film Assault on Precinct 13, she played a child who was murdered."

From left to right: Kathy, Kim and Kyle (KKK: 11|11|11) at Disney's Race to Witch Mountain remake premiere (Kyle's appearance reminds me of the MK'd Demi Moore).

Paris' mom Kathy the programmed Marilyn Kitty-Kat.

From a young age you can see which child was being programmed more succesfully just by looking at their expressions/demeanor, Paris (+ the older child is usually more confident anyway).

Paris as a Kitten and Nicky (note the eyes) as a Princess... fast forward to 1997 below and a 16/17 year old Paris' kitten status is showed off to the media putting her in leopard print (both images from 1997).

On to the random symbolic images of Paris from her career as a Mannequin (I won't repost some which have already been posted like her Ellen Von Unwerth shoot and her Playboy cover/Halloween outfits + a few others throughout).

Edit: Props to Chris in comments for this great find; Paris as a teen in butterflies and a baby kitten ([edit: baby kittens look a little odd, as do most newborn animals; it could be a baby ferret but I think it is a kitten, the source named it as a kitten not that it matters anyway, more importantly it shows her as a young teen covered in butterflies] again with the two most common types of dehumanized sexual alters in Monarch programming [pasted from previous post for more info; 'sexual alters are often dehumanization programmed to think they are butterflies detailed in a Britney post; butterflies and kittens are the most common for sex-programming.'], see below too).

Starting with a few of her butterfly tattoos/motifs and the faceless butterfly Paris which I went into in more detail in the previous post (below as a dehumanized/depersonalized Pussycat Doll uber-Kitten), above she has both sexual dehumanization alter programming symbolic motifs on her chest with a fake butterfly tattoo and a Hello Kitty necklace.

[EDIT: Thanks to a commenter who pointed out that the Butterfly/DOLL Paris photo is not her, the hair does look too long compared to hers at the event; at the time it was posted in a number of galleries of Paris at the event such as this one and the file was named as her, so my apologiez for the confusion... probably some other Monarch Kitten Doll from the event though so I'll leave it in.]

Paris has a 'butterfly in her stomach' with her mother kitten Kathy.

Below Paris' sex butterfly programming is symbolized with the Monarch motif on her panties in a Maxim shoot.

Masked Kitten sisters Paris and Nicky.

At one of those Svedka Freemasonic events (Voted #1 Vodka of 2033) with Nicky as Dorothy (Oz programming) in those 'grated'/cage glasses things (going in to a bit more in next post), Paris is also in Wizard of Oz sex-slave programming red shoes. Along with someone in a Chucky the psychotic doll mask (probably one of their brothers or someone).

See Monarch Playboy Kittens post for more of Paris as dissociative Alice (+ more of her in Wizard of Oz/'The Red Shoes' sex-slave red shoes on her Playboy cover and such) at the Mansion for a Halloween party with Satan/Master Hugh Hefner (below Paris and Nicky on their way to another one).

Shhh... don't mention incest.

Sad looking Kitten + usual Paris Mannequin

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one of the kittens on Paris Hilton's British Best Friend tv show died on the 3rd of July aged 25, Kat McKenzie who left the show earlier due to an illness that probably killed her [the sick fuckers brought her back into the show a couple of weeks later, keeping her in until the final where she 'lost', then a few months later she was dead]... "It is devastating to hear of her loss, my thoughts and wishes go out to her friends and family. Love you Kitty Kat. RIP ." - Paris' "tweet". I may add some images of Kat in later, but to give you an idea of Kat's MK'd mental state (and the "psychiatrists"/programmers who are always on standby should they have a little 'system malfunction' in Paris' show and her life in general [see further down]) Sun link:

Emma Beard, 24, and Kat McKenzie, 25, saw red when each voted the other "Most Untrustworthy" in a poll among contestants competing to be the socialite's pal on ITV2's Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.

An insider said: "The two were screaming at each other until 4.30am. They were both foaming at the mouth [dogs]. Bosses had to call a psychiatrist to try to calm them."

The pair finally cooled down after an hour with the expert. Cameras only caught the start of the row.

An ITV spokesperson said: "We have a psychiatrist on hand at all times."

Hello Kitties!

They even apparently made a Hello Kitty doll which looked suspiciously like Paris (complete with a Tinkebell dog, blonde hair/blue eyes they so love; and whatnot).

Nicky in Kitty ears (one of Nicky's MK symbolic photo shoots below [I did not spend much time looking into hers]).

Stepford Wives Paris and Nicky (Paris in pink/black stripes + white cat), Nicky with her broomstick, Paris her hoover.

Paris has of course been dressed up as Prima Monarch programmed 'Presidential Model' Kitten/sex-slave Marilyn Monroe, the 'Paris for President' video was more about showing her as a presidential model rather than satirising the already ridiculous presidential race.

The video shoot for it had this pink bedroom, again suggestive of her Monarch presidential model ssexual slavery; with an image of Marilyn Monroe in there to confirm this (looks like her anyway).

"In her guided tour of her bedroom, Paris pointed out her chandeliers, her icon Marilyn Monroe whose picture sits abover her bed and two framed pictures of herself in the buff.

In one, Hilton hugs a toy cat, and in the other she is sitting in a Hummer with her Chihuahua Tinkerbell on her lap." [source; video below, lots of the usual Monarch sex-slave programming themes in there with mirrors/MM/duality/cat/doll collection]

Paris has a big MM/Norma Jeane's government Department of Defense 'USO Entertainer' ID card thing which the camera focuses on; showing she was a government controlled performer for the troops and government programmed/controlled sex-slave for the higher-ups (I've gone into the USO entertaining stuff by Monarch slaves a lot), signifying what Paris is in reality.

The image described in the video is one of her Ellen Von Unwerth photos (others featured the usual butterflies/snake motifs) with her and the toy cat.

Checkerboard Paris with former "BFF" Nicole Richie, plenty of stuff in their show The Simple Life.

Paris has had many programmers/handlers in her life [i.e. Rick Salomon (same first name as her father) who filmed her '1 Night In Paris' sex-tape in Paris' dissociative sex-kitten alter, which the post is partly named after], when she was jailed for driving violations she was without the constant programming tune-ups she needs so "psychiatrist" Dr. Charles Sophy visited Paris in jail and asked for her early release, because he said Paris was "emotionally distraught and traumatized" and was "not capable of any meaningful participation" in the civil trial. He was also involved in other celebrity Monarch's trials, the Michael Jackson child abuse case for example. Pictured below with probable Monarch kitten Sharon Stone, he is likely one of her handlers/programmers too.

Paris' latest fragrance (of many previous symbolic ones I've covered) is Siren, very symbolic of her role in the media; either heavily influencing/programming the young female and male masses (in different ways for each sex), a tool used for manipulating the masses (like a mythological siren entrancing sailors with their voice, to crash their ship onto the rocks) or leading people to 'plug their ears' (like in the myth), and completely ignore/write her off as a stupid spoiled whore worthy of no thought to look into what she actually is (a programmed mannequin/puppet; probably more of a victim [of her sociopathic "elite" family] than those she has mentally influenced through the media's constant focus on her 'whoreish' ways). Below at another pedophilic fashion event with her in leopard boots among the children.

Dissociation (phallic rocket shoots her into space) leads to fractured mind (fractured mirror ball/disco ball).

Paris with it's phallic Eiffel Tower.

Paris in Paris' Moulin Rouge (what it's supposed to represent anyway [advert for one of her fragrances], with the heart shape [vulva symbolism]).

Paris' Skull and Bones [+ other standard "elite" insignia on the symbolic gold shield below]

Lot's of traumatization symbolism in the above black/white top (skull and bones/brass knuckles/electroshock symbols + heart for sex, and "love" confusion [psychological double-bind type deal])

Paris in bondage (tied up) with a phallic microphone + pink background, above with a "popsicle".

"It can not rain all the time"... can it?

She's recently been spending a lot of time in Dubai, probably 'servicing' the perverse Sheikhs and whatnot; below "Wearing the Evil Eye to ward off evil"... makes perfect sense!

Dressed appropriately for Halloween at the Illuminist Luxor pyramid (programmed military slave/anchor/yellow "eye changers"/coloured contacts).

Paris in 2004 wearing an extremely blatant Monarch Illuminist dress (Eye in the Pyramid in a Skull in a Circle/butterflies/etc), Nicky's upside down triangle/pyramid and black crucifix.

Paris among her fellow Mannequins.

Paris' Penetrating Head Trauma in MK symbolic 'House of Wax' [melting wax over a face (also very painful/traumatic) to create a mask, used in porcelain mask programming for masking alters/memories and the like + wax figures are more generally the same type of thing as mannequins/statues/etc in terms of being an empty shell/void/'frozen']. Note the split mind along with the phallic head penetration trauma, with half her face covered/in darkness and the same on the symbolic poster.

1933 'Mystery of the Wax Museum' movie poster below with MK/mind control themes gone into on many occasions (dismemberment; all limb parts removed leaving only the torso and tranced face, a wax figure; like being turned into a statue/mannequin/ice sculpture/etc, an empty shell with no personality), watch the finale here for some themes.

The 1953 version 'House of Wax' also has the same themes, Marie Antoinette programming is also very common in Monarch (the masked "half-man half-monster" wants to "preserve" this character's image as a wax-figure, similar to the programmer's obsession with this Marie Antoinette personality programming).


MK Culture said...

This made be sympathize with Paris in a weird way. I've never seen pictures of her as a child.

The incest stuff seems to be pretty standard when two kittens are famous. I remember seeing some questionable photos of Kylie and Dannii Minogue.

And yes that is Marilyn Monroe. The photo is from this photoshoot: http://img2.allposters.com/images/GB/FP1745.jpg

Anonymous said...

Internet stalker, my ass! At least she hasnt become another Maddie McCann:





Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

BTW, heres some shots of MAX AZRIA's house... Enjoy the mirrors/suns...



Anonymous said...

fyi that "doll" pic of her ass is NOT HER!

mal said...

Kim Richards getting killed in Assault on Precinct 13 is one of the most jarring scenes I've ever witnessed. I can't remember another movie in which a child dies so graphically on screen. On the commentary track, Carpenter claims if he had it to do all over again, he wouldn't have shown it.

(btw, I believe that's Todd Bridges in that photo of Kim Richards from Escape from Witch Mountain)

Anonymous said...


Dissociating Beyonce strikes again:



As for Brit, heres smth recent I found on her:

"I hope this isn’t true, but according to new reports, Britney was caught by her conserva-dad popping pills and washing them down with Red Bull. A source said, “Britney was definitely trying to get high by taking too many diet pills and energy drinks. Jamie thinks the combination of the two is making her whacked-out and, causing her to lash out in weird angry rampages. Britney uses green-tea supplements, [Lab 88’s herbal ephedra-free] Metabo Speed XXX, Dexatrim and apple cider vinegar to control her weight and energy levels. She also pours those 5-Hour energy drinks into her Red Bulls.”
Oh, Brit. I hope you can get better for yourself and your kids. Please don’t turn into the next MJ!"


mogwah said...

Michael Jackson played The Scarecrow in The Wiz,
the 1970s Motown musical film version of The
Wizard of Oz. In the story, Dorothy befriends
a scarecrow who wants to meet The Wiz to ask
for the one thing he feels he lacks - a brain.
It's ironic, then, that the one thing that
Jackson is not being buried with is his brain.

anony-mouse said...

That is just freaky about mj's brain...or lack of one.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out a couple things. Paris was friends with Michael Jackson and Jackson named his daughter Paris. Britney also recently took her sons to the Eiffel Tower wearing a hexagram/star of david necklace.

Paris is obviously a required destination on the programming tour of the monarch slave.

Secondly, all the pictures where Paris is holding a little animal? Did you know sacrificing animals is a common satanic pasttime?

Did you ever wonder what happened to all of Paris's little creatures? She just kept buying and buying them and no one ever wondered where they went?

The fact that Paris' aunts were in Escape from Witch mountain and that other devil worshipping movie, proves Paris is from a multi-generational satanic family.

Here she is with two black and white baby bunnies on Easter (Ishtar) the Babylonian holiday, no less!!


Its funny how they let the slaves walk around with their live offerings to Satan. The inside wink being that those poor creatures will die, while the public thinks: "Awwww isn't that cute!"

Anonymous said...

The tour of Paris' bedroom is very interesting and jibes with something Brice Taylor pointed out about her upbringing. She said she used to have dolls on display on a shelf in her room. She could never touch the dolls, just look at them.

Paris also has a shelf of dolls. Brice Taylor explained that each doll represented a different alter personality.

And far from a sign of conceit, the pictures in Paris' bedroom of herself all over the place, serve to reinforce her self-image so she can never forget she's supposed to be a sexy, glam, doll like being.

She probably rarely has time to just breathe, and just reflect on WHO she is and WHAT she is doing at any given moment, and this is helped by the constant reminders of her very constructed, posed, fake appeareance at all times.

I knew someone like this, a very wealthy girl, from Colombia, in and out of boarding schools, probably from a drug money laundering family. Father was an art dealer, mother was a high level banker. She had eveything you could imagine, but there was nothing going on INSIDE. It was just a flat, surface personality.

If you asked her how she felt, at any given moment or during a crisis or emotional situation, she just smiled and said something totally surface and scripted. Like:

"Oh how horrible.... Look at this dress!"

Anonymous said...

Check this out, Ben:




Anonymous said...


A woman possessed by the "most beautifiliest angel lusefer" and claims to be the "reincarnation of Venus Aphrodite
Demilo" has filed a $3 billion lawsuit against Hugh Hefner, suing him for ... well ... it's nearly impossible to tell.

Sheri Allred -- who also calls herself "the biggest hat in the world" -- claims Hefner is a member of a pedophile organization and once hid under her bed when she was five-years-old in order to do naughty things to her.

And that's just the beginning ...


**they also mentioned "mophodite" in the .pdf letter

"The Gotti man had my husband eat his pussy cause he's a morphidite. I know you don't ask what is a morphodite, my dad my adopted dad told us kids what one of them are. That means my ex isn't here in the upper story, if you get what I mean"

Anonymous said...

That pic of Paris's face [not] changing is creepy. Someone compared that same look to McCauley Caulken. I think it's more of that MK victim "deer in the headlights" look than a "pose."

Caught a grid in that bizarre vignette from Witch Mountain. And, again in the Paris Hilton "death" scene. I'm finding the pattern in just about all movies lately.

Interesting color pattern syn in this image. Syncs with my last effort, and I see we're in sync on the "paris third-eye removal" image. Surprised you didn't mention the Herpes issue.

Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...




Thats horrible... Look at her eyes...



Anonymous said...

Already a dead PARIS:




Anonymous said...

Teen Paris. The one seen in the mirror seems to be her mom...



Old news but good:



Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that the Paris Jackson skit at the end of his memorial was planned. Joe wants to put her in show biz.


yum said...

"Anonymous" said: "Just wanted to point out a couple things. Paris was friends with Michael Jackson and Jackson named his daughter Paris."

Not that it's important but, supposedly Michael took his kids' names from LaToya's dogs names. I read a quote from her a few years ago where LaToya was saying that she has two dogs named Prince and Paris, whom Michael had seen when he visited her, and so when she heard that Michael had named his kids Prince and Paris the first thing she wondered was (paraphrase) "Did he name his kids after my dogs??" So, it's safe to assume that he wasn't naming his kid solely after Paris Hilton. Again, not that it really matters in the big scheme of things. There are so many nitpicky inaccuracies to be found in blogs like this, with the accompanying commentary that it's impossible to pick just one to focus on. I'll just focus on that one.

Anonymous said...


Benjamin S said...

12:26 Not to nitpick your comment (+ as you say, it's not exactly a major point, I do take some exception to your point that these blogs are full of little/'nitpicky' inaccuracies [there are probably a few I haven't noticed but I always try to avoid making any + correct any errors and obviously I'm sure a lot of people disagree with some of the general interpretations], the one by a commenter you've chosen to 'focus' on of "many" others isn't even an 'inaccuracy' I feel), the commenter did not actually say Paris Jackson was specifically named after Paris Hilton, he/she just stated the fact that Paris and Michael knew each other well and that he named his daughter the very symbolic name of 'Paris' (didn't say she was named after him), which seems to be a typical name for female Monarch slaves/performers (Paris Jackson's bit at the memorial was so staged/scripted).

It's interesting to note also that Kathy Hilton and Michael Jackson come from the same generation of Monarchs (both around 50 yrs old) and that Kathy actually "grew up with him since they were teenagers" and Paris knew him all her life, he was recently round Paris' house with the kids Paris and Prince "a few months ago". I'm sure you are right in that LaToya's dogs did play into the naming of the children as that is the controllers' dehumanization mentality at work (+ the symbolic naming of the dogs may have been just as controlled as the naming of the children).

LaToya has spoken of Joe Jackson's sexual abuse/incest as well as the beatings and whatnot we are all familiar with in MK programming, she even performed in the Moulin Rouge in Paris (mentioned in the Hilton post here), see a bio + some info in amazon.com book review (for Joe Jackson incest info). The sexual abuse in her MK-ultra/Monarch programming symbolized by her various phallic snake photoshoots (more than I've put in this gallery) + note the symbolic earrings (pentagram on her Playboy cover and DOUBLE HEADED EAGLE), note LaToya's interesting reaction to being ELECTROSHOCKED [one of her MKultra/Monarch handlers 'Jack Gordon' looks interesting too].

More on MJ's Wizard of Oz programming (thanks to regular email tipster providing this link); "Mr. Jackson was initially drawn to the artist's striking painting of the "Wicked Witch" from the Wizard of Oz film. De La Nuez noticed Jackson was mesmerized by the painting.... De La Nuez is a Warner Bros. 70th Anniversary Wizard of Oz film artist and the "Wicked Witch" is one of the exclusive paintings that is part of that anniversary series.... The transaction was finalized on June 11 and the artwork was personally delivered to his home shortly before his death. Mr. Jackson became so obsessed with the "Wicked Witch" painting that his assistant told Mr. De La Nuez that he had to have that one immediately and they were willing to come get it as soon as possible. They told him Mr. Jackson literally asked about the "Wicked Witch" painting daily." Get to Jackson post after a post I'm working on.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how both Madonna&Brit are both in Paris at the same time...


Anonymous said...





Unknown said...

Random Comment:

Check out the unauthorized bio House of Hilton, in it the author includes a picture of Kathy Hilton as a BABY(she is no more than 4 yo )in a diaper BIKINI bottom posing in front of a mirror with another mirroe behind her creating a "house of mirrors" effect. It screams pedophillic MK.

The Hiltons and others are often wearing crucifixes (especially in high profile promotional events. I always interpret this as an Illuminati "branding" trope. The bigger the cross the more "valuable" the girl as an MK mule/stooge. Paris has worn large beautiful diamond encrusted crosses before , usually when she's launching a new perfume or something expected to sell big time. Oprah has worn gigantic GOLD crosses especially when she discusses $$$ oriented subjects on her shows. The manufacturers of Paris fragrance line is PARLUX *(By- Luc/Lucis/Lucifer) Enterprises. Paris's horoscope features a Morning Star Venus (Venus Lucifer) in rulership exchange with her exalted Saturn in Libra; Venus and Saturn are in an trine aspect also.

Paris's "wonky" eye might be a form of myesthenia gravis- (she's part Italian Jew from Kathy's side after all and Kyle looks Italian) or it might be due to some MK cerebral trauma/violent conditioning. One of the Rothschild scions has a f'd up eye like Paris. Paris's eyes have been fucked with, and her wonk is getting more unattractive as she ages.

Do some research on the failed "Club Paris" franchise. Fred Kallilian the frontman was "given" Paris as a tool to lure girls to do unsavory things (recruitment of sex slaves). he was arrested for rape in orlando, fla in 2008. This is how they'd do it- fred would say come to CLUB PARIS to enter a contest to model for an Paris Hilton ASTROLOGICAL calendar
(12 signs + Paris =13) and the one of the questions would be "do you have a current boyfriend??) ,etc. Theres a pic w/Fred and posing w/Paris floating around on the Internet where Fred is stupidly flashing a Masonic handshake sign in front of Paris' belly. he probably knows Rick Solomon too.

Anonymous said...

Pentagram like KATHY HILTON in front of the phallic Xmas shit:


Check out this, especially the 1st pic:



Anonymous said...

I think that that is a ferret and not a cat in the teen Paris photo.

Anonymous said...

speaking of wonky eyes.... doens't beyonce have one?!! too much elec shocky papa knowles?

Anonymous said...

Its old news, but it is worth. Sick! Another one to play with after PEGGY LIPTON&NASTASSJA KINSKI?



Anonymous said...

Speaking of Michael Jackson's interest in the Wicked Witch from OZ, the lyric in his famous song "Don't stop til you get Enough" is also indicative of his OZ programming:

"I'm mellllltiiiiiing like hot candle wax"

Anonymous said...

I, too, thought the same thing about Paris' wonky eye! However, I do recall some magazine/tabloid conveniently writing it off to Paris having had failed cosmetic eye surgery. To the uninitiated, that makes perfect sense, so we probably won't hear anything further about it.

So, can we safely assume Joe Francis is another one of her handlers?

Anonymous said...

I don't have the money to waste buying a magazine just for one picture, but does anyone have a link for a picture of Chris Brown (with a "Teyana Taylor") in an evil Mickey Mouse T-shirt? I'm running image searches right now and not coming up with anything - but it's literally a wicked T-shirt!

Anonymous said...

chris brown in evil mickey shirt:


Anonymous said...

ANGELINA JOLIE, sorry OKSANA GRIGORIEVA's new song, video directed of course by MEL:


Terrible lyrics the song has...



Benjamin S said...

Heh Chris cheers great links, yeah saw those Scarlett images/Oksana vid on Daily Mail earlier; post shortly along with that recent blatant Beyonce vid perhaps some other stuff, need to get back in the swing of quicker postings, I keep getting bogged down making slow progress on posts annoyingly, need to return to previous robotic quickfire method before I start a weighty Jackson post I think.

Some more on Britney's mental state (to go along with your quote on it), K Fed quoted as saying “Britney’s speaking gibberish baby talk.” (toddler/childlike alter) + still 'hearing voices' and thinks unicorns are real, that they live in a zoo in NZ. Wish they'd release a DVD of her Circus tour, too much good MK stuff in there (here's a clip of her in Paris performing Mannequin recently with all the broken mannequin pieces on the big screen, her handlers probably find it all completely hilarious; + once she goes the kids will be 100% theirs!).

Thought this was pretty funny, I'm sure most of them are good Christians like Mel is ;)

skrambo said...


Anonymous said...

Whitney, the tamed cat:



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Interesting pics here:



P2P said...

Great post, just found your blog today and am very impressed. Keep up the awesome work.

PS: her name, 'Paris,' is very likely very very significant to her masters, being a nail in the coffin of her being programmed from birth.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i am looking at the first image of same face/different looks of paris, its hypnotizing me!!! what is up with that?

Anonymous said...

yeah that is not paris and her saggy flat butt it looks more like britneys butt

Anonymous said...

you post so much about the symbolic "duality" and skull and crossbones, leopard print (all of which i like that style...i like black and white stripes, skull and crossbones...etc) but its fashinable. what does it mean if we wear that??? are we being influenced? what kind of programming do they endure anyways? can you go into the details of the programming?

someone?? thank you


Unknown said...

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mercy said...

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PND said...

Really loving your blog!

But.....did Paris Hilton wear blue contacts as a small child too then?

As here


She is shown as a brown eyed teenager?

I know the handlers like the blonde hair / blue eyed combination, so maybe they have contacts for very small kids?

Anonymous said...

Way up top as a teen in her butterfly outfit, that is a ferret. I've raised many ferrets. I can see how the head resembles a kitten but the foot that comes out under her arm is definitely a ferret foot. Not that it is any less representative of dehumanisation.

Anonymous said...

Yes I've changed my wardrobe around, obviously from years of tv I picked up some form of programming, I'm aware of it now and keep a conscience effort to avoid.

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