Saturday, 18 July 2009

Luciferian Mannequin Lily Donaldson

This occult photo shoot of Lily Donaldson is by Terry Richardson who I discussed in this post, where you can see some more clear Luciferian/occult themes in the fashion industry. This comes from the September 2007 issue of Vogue Paris; the spread titled "Sacrament Inspirée" (Inspired Sacrament?), obviously there is a clear "Satanic"/Luciferian ritual theme here ("Satanic Sacraments" type deal; probably also illustrating the kind of ritual abuse Lily Donaldson suffered in her Monarch/trauma-based MK programming) and as always these kinds of themes show again the mentality behind the people who control the fashion industry (controlled by the "elite" occultist sociopathic families running the show). Below with a 'encircled Pentagram', a Pentacle drawn on Lily's raised right hand (right hand up/left down like Baphomet). Occult experts can probably pick up on more specific detail.

Lily standing within a pentagram/pentacle drawn on the ground (a very standard occult practise in their rituals).

In sacrificial lambskin (Freemasons wear lambskin aprons [fur removed] when initiated as a Master Mason) and a Virgin Mary veil type thing.

Lily above with a wand and below behind trapped behind/holding on to barbed wire.

Lily with Baphomet/Goat of Mendes.

Lily lying on the grass holding some symbolic tarot cards above, and below with the Baphomet goat (with a crucifix drawn in blood on it's forehead, nice ;p).

Lily with a Pentagram on her forehead (like the classic Baphomet image), eyes rolling into the back of her head as if she has just been triggered into a trance (some people's eyes do that [eye-roll] when inducted into a trance/hypnotic state; and of course in seizures). The type of Pentagram used here reminds me of the Freemasonic 'Order of the Eastern Star' which has the below similar colours (red [pink here though], yellow, blue, green and white + white central pentagon) in their inverted pentagram symbol.

"Born in London, England, on January 27, 1987, Lily may have been destined to become a model from the outset -- her father, Matthew, is a professional photographer. Lily grew up in London always posing for the camera, and though she never really planned on being a model, her upbringing jolted her eventual career. Lily’s modeling career began unexpectedly when she was 13 [her wiki bio states this happened at age 16 for some reason (make the industry seem less pedophilic probably), which is odd as it uses this same AskMen bio as a reference which clearly states age 13]. While shopping with her parents in Camden Town, England, scouts from Select Model Agency immediately noticed her beauty and signed her to a contract. Lily’s success was almost immediate as she began appearing in campaigns for some of the biggest designers in the world. To date, she has modeled for Dior, Jil Sander, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana." - AskMen Bio.

This advertisement for Lanvin is interesting, at first glance you might not recognize that this is half of Lily mirrored making it appear a complete image of her (though this is obvious when you look at it properly), note in the above 'red dress' one her index and pinky fingers are extended (arguably the Luciferian 'horns' with thumb extended).

The alternative print advertisements for this had Lily in the classic MPD Mirror scene.

An advertising shoot for a make of designer bags with her face mirrored by multiple mirrors (above from a spread featuring lots of disorientation/blurred symbolism with the disco/fractured mirrorball MK symbolism from an H&M advertising spread).

This Korean Vogue photo shoot was a good illustration of her Mannequin programming (note the various MK motifs).

Half of her face is given the double exposure/multilayered image treatment by glass covering half of her face (symbolic of manifesting an alter-personality/an alter "coming out"/splitting her 'self'/personality).

More mirror MPD/MK symbolism is introduced above. Look carefully at the below image (cliand you'll notice her face is reflected exactly over the faceless mannequin head (the alter being programmed to view itself as the mannequin, through mirroring her own reflection over it so she sees herself as the object).

Note Mannequin arm below made to look like hers.

A mannequin in more fur in the foreground with multiple pictures of Lily's face on the wall in the background (also obviously note the other mannequins, one split in half/only the bottom half of it left). She has become the fur-wearing Mannequin below with mirror symbolizing this MPD/alter-personality theme...

... And the shattered/fractured glass below pictured over Lily's tranced face showing Lily's fractured mind.

Finally (these may not be in the correct order) Lily looking extremely tranced (almost 'petrified' like a mannequin) here with the pictures of her face now torn/split and crumpled on the floor (mannequins in the frame behind her).

Here is that Stephane Sednaoui photoshoot I mentioned in the Laetitia Casta post with her triggered as this Mannequin 'frozen'/petrified alter (this is a very basic/standard alter; it can be programmed quickly in basic hypnotism also). From Vogue Italia 2004 spread called 'Lily Story', still a little bemused by it to be honest (it's probably had some photoshop/work done to it to remove Lily's left arm in the picture where the mannequin of herself is being carried and her Mannequin arm is removed [or perhaps a couple of the images are actual mannequins]).

Here is another symbolic spread with similar mannequin/statue programming implications (made to think she is the naked statue in a cage though that is not as explicitly shown as the Korean Vogue mannequin shoot further up [I think this one is also from a Vogue shoot]).

A photo from another Vogue shoot with her handcuffed over a wireframe/springy bed (sex-slave symbolic).

She has "dated" Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld (below with Lily), son of Vogue Paris Editor in Chief Carine Roitfield (whose father was from the movie industry, Carine was a model before; her daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld [image of her as a kitten with cat eye contacts here and Carine and daughter Julia kittens image, note leopard print background also] was also used as a model in a children's 'Vogue Bambini' fashion shoot and is around the industry now as you'd expect [Julia: "As an eight-year-old, I’d wear black PVC trousers to school, something that was unheard of for students my age" - Times article]).

Some more symbolic photos to finish above Lily as a peacock/bird.

Wearing a metallic mask (+ half face in darkness) and half face in darkness/one eye below.

A few of her Kitten images.

Her i-D covers with it's trademark wink/one eye (first one with 'friend' Gemma Ward who is similar to Lily in terms of her early start in the industry; Gemma had been dating Heath Ledger, both of whom are from Perth, Australia; shortly before his death, interesting that a film she was in 'The Strangers' I posted on in that post on Ledger/Dark Knight, Gemma's role was one of the psychopathic brainwashed masked children 'Dollface', which I noted as significant in the post while not being aware it was Gemma playing her; this role is very MK symbolic).

Disorientiation/blurred effect above, below with a phallic suggestive ("Carrots make you see in the dark." Lily's Mum) cover and the phallic "rocket" ice-lolly suggestively positioned (showing what the "carrot" quote was about also).

Pictured with the other high fashion model Lily I have posted on (Lily is flower MK symbolic + flower of death etc, all gone into previously, Edit: forgot to mention Lilith is of course also an important occult association with these Lily's and definitely worth adding in here as I've only mentioned this etymological similarity very briefly before, see Tracy's enlightened comment, thanks a lot + to all great comments as usual) below Lily Cole (probably do more on her later), two "cultivated and bloomed" (programming metaphor) 'Lily' flowers.

Couple of her tranced catwalk photos (looking very mannequinish, like most of these kinds of models).

With the recent Louis Vuitton rabbit ears (white rabbit MK programmer + bunny dehumanization) high fashion has recently been using a lot with the help of it's long-term puppet Madonna.

Lily infront of the dissociative carousel (+ eyes roll up Luciferian image from start to emphasize her dissociation).


skrambo said...

Great post!

Christopher Myers said...

Great post as always. I don't know or care who she is, plus she is ugly and unattractive IMO to boot.

Those first satanic photos were priceless,lol. They put that photo shoot right out there didn't they.

Anonymous said...

Is this rhinna's handler?

Anonymous said...

Lily looks reptilian in the last pic with that oversized mouth...

A lion's head and a zip with "Philosophy" word inscripted on it? Hmmmmm...

Meet FLAVIO BRIATORE's new puppet, 30 years younger than him. Fuckin sick. Her name is ELISABETTA GREGORACI...


Anonymous said...

Army involved as many times:


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your blog. Your posts are as tremendous as they revelatory.

BTW, though you've probably perused much information on Lilith already, I've found the wikipedia entry on Lilith helpful.

In the sub entry on Modern Luciferianism, it states that Lilith is Lucifer's consort, and when they mate they become Baphomet.

In her more "dark" attributes, Lilith is the Queen of succubi -- which is especially of interest considering that models may be seen as succubi, of sorts.

Also, though I may be incorrect, it seems that some of the fashions allude to medieval Knights (Templar?), as they have the appearance of chain mail and armor. The red cross on the goat's head (Baphomet) may strengthen this association, as Baphomet may represent John the Baptist, who was revered by the Knights Templar, and has been considered the Patron Saint of Freemasonry. (Something to consider.)

Thanks again for your amazing efforts and insight.


Anonymous said...

Im 1000% sure that she's bloodline, related to fellow Aussie MARY DONALDSON, wife of Danish Crown Prince...


Anonymous said...

BTW, nice choice of tarot cards in LILY's hand. Last 2 of them represent DEVIL&DEATH... Bravos!


Anonymous said...


This old cat's programming is breaking down or is it smth else?

Ekberg Admitted To Hospital

19 July 2009 7:26 AM, PDT

Veteran actress and former model Anita Ekberg has been hospitalised in Italy.

The Swedish-born La Dolce Vita star checked into the San Giovanni hospital in Rome, according to a medical official in the neurosurgery department.

Ekberg, 77, reportedly fell ill at home and is under observation at the facility.

No further information was available as WENN went to press.

The Kool Skool said...

Very strange the Mannaquin and Satan Worship shoots in particular...
Here's a little thing we did about Rhianna & Rockafella associated artists:

jerry_beck said...

This come to me that biggest villain in SUPERNATURAL show is named LILITH and she is little blonde girl -:)

Supernatural is series with two mind controlled main actors and tons of MK'd female sidekicks (it's like who's who future MK hollywood starlets, it's actually biggest flaw of the show, since every girl/women cameo there is nbelivably attractive ;) ), one of those girls was Katie Cassidy (done here by Ben) - i've seen her in Harper Island series and she always have there some signs of MK (butterfly, zebra, duality clothes). And eyes, she's got very hollow eyes. It's very sad...

Lil' TCP said...

Just curious as to whether the "Britney-is-a-dum-dum" poster got my messages accidentally posted here at

(I meant to post them at this site, just not on the Saskia Mulder thing.)

Lil' TCP

Anonymous said...

WOW @ the blantant Luciferian symbols! :/

The one that really shook me was the eyes rolling in the back of her head/posessed look

I'm still catching up; reading in the 2008 archives. Thanks for making this blog! I'm training myself to view these type of symbols upfront and really read between the lines

Its interesting because its like you have a 'one up' on some when presented with such material and others don't think nothing of it [its amazing and a bit scary at times but we all gotta push on and research these matters]

-thehoustongirl :D

Anonymous said...

Another death card:


Wizard Luxas said...

Sadly Paris need a better view of satanic ideals and witch workings, and here is where my witchcraft was born...Sad, they can't live up to the secret

contact me i'll give you a few, and remember witchcraft and satanism aren't connected, they just know others who know

Emma Hoareau said...

LOVE lily!

Sonia said...

I love reading your stuff. You've got the most unique stuff I've ever seen on the web. You're exposing the fashion industry, which is great because I've always been fascinated by it. Keep the articles coming!

Julian said...

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Julie Ling said...

nice lily donaldson tribute! sigh, one pic with gemma, miss that model!


Anonymous said...

You're given fashion photographers WAY too much credit. They're all of bunch of cokeheads who wouldn't know what Freemasons where if they bit them on the behind. And they use whatever imagery they think looks cool.

And by the way, Baphomet is a corruption of Mahomet, the French version of Muhammad.

Eugen Khandusenko said...

The Devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God... 'The Devil' is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes... This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade 'Know Thyself!' and taught Initiation. He is 'The Devil' of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection... He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is ayin, the Eye, so that he is Light; and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty.

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