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Laetitia Casta's Pure Genus of Butterfly

I wanted to post this Laetitia Casta advert with her mirrored by a diamond shaped (giving the mirror triangular fragment/fragmented mind effect on Laetitia).

Laetitia Marie Laure Casta (pictured above with bird cage MK symbolism [plenty more of this motif throughout the blog than tagged]) was raised in Normandy and Corsica (her father from Corsica), "in the middle of an animal-filled forest". Around the age of 15 her father was approached by an agent/photographer from Madison Modeling Agency who spotted her at a beach in Corsica (Madison also "discovered" Eva Herzigova, Olga Kurylenko and others, the agency now called 'New Madison', no relation to the New York high-class "escort" service 'Madison Models' of course ;p, apart from the obvious, that most of these supermodels are high-class sex-slaves for the "elite") and she soon started modelling and became a 'supermodel'. That's how her mainstream bio reads anyway (most celebrities/models' official bios/interviews are probably more than about 90% fiction so you have to read between the lines), if her life follows the pattern of other MK'd Models like Karen Mulder then her growing up in an animal-filled forest may have been useful for her dehumanization programming, as well as the useful isolation a forest offers to Monarch programming in general. Living on a commune, on the outskirts of Paris (Noisy-le-Grand) would also be useful for programming (communes are always used by mind control cults and the like due to their isolation/lack of outside influence, and the commune's close proximity to the important city of Paris, on the outskirts; would be helpful for her to be used by the various "elite" pedophiles that inhabit it [and Disney programming trips to Disneyland and the like, Paris is an extremely active Illuminist city]).

Laetitia has a younger sister 'Marie-Ange Casta' who is, predictably (of Monarch families like Karen Mulder's younger sister Saskia is also a actress) also a model (with Storm Models) who started very young, a couple of these shots were excessively pedophilic in my opinion (the "donkey-ride" [with her sister] and the inappropriate child bikini). The above pictures are from a 'Kathleen Madden' photoshoot with her model sister Laetitia at around age ten, one with Laetitia wearing symbolic rose/flowers and Marie also in flowers + some heart thing, and the other with Laetitia in red/scarlet, Marie in black.

A young Marie-Ange Casta in a creepy bikini that surely suggests pedophilia in that family...

Laetitia and the family; father Dominique Casta, mother Line Blin and little Marie Ange. And below the family at Disneyland Paris.

Laetitia in Marie-Ange's bedroom, Marie comes from Mary; the name which the term 'Marionette' derives from (virgin Mary puppets). And Ange of course is 'Angel'. "Casta is an Iberian word (existing in Spanish, Portuguese and other Iberian languages since the Middle Ages), meaning "lineage", "breed" or "race." It is derived from the older Latin word castus, "chaste," implying that the lineage has been kept pure. Casta gave rise to the English word caste during the Early Modern Period." - Casta wiki. This again suggests Monarch mind control of multigenerational abuse/incest, and the "elite"'s obsession with keeping the bloodline pure.

And fast-forwarding a few years some of her modelling photos, standard empty/tranced stare of a programmed model/mannequin.

And up to today, Marie Ange (far right) at a Mango with fellow kittens like Daisy Lowe (other two are Leigh Lezark [far left] and Riley Keough [between Daisy and Marie-Ange]). Riley Keough is interesting as she started her modelling career at just age 12 (now with "Elite" Model Management, see portfolio); her Monarch generational programming is obvious as she is a granddaughter of Monarch slave Elvis Presley, daughter of Elvis' Monarch spawn, Scientology MK-cult controlled Lisa Marie Presley and Scientologist musician [potential slave also] Danny Keough, Riley was of course herself cultivated through childhood in Scientology (so under heavy mind control since birth; Scientology is obviously one of the main cults used for controlling the global Monarch slave celebrity structure).

But anyway, back to Laetitia; the name (Letizia/Leticia/Laetitia) is symbolic (genus of butterfly/Martyr cult/etc), one of Marc Dutroux's surviving victims was a Laetitia (Laetitia Delhez)... the Dutroux Affair is important (the extensive link is required reading) as it clearly shows the establishment's covering up of a more widespread conspiracy of pedophile sex-slave rings, which the ruling class actively protects and encourages and has always done so. This is all intrinsically connected to Monarch/trauma-based mind control programming, as children born into multigenerational abuse families [I suspect many of these models such as Karen Mulder are just that] are the easiest to program due to their higher levels of dissociation/DID, this programming/mind manipulation has been perfected over centuries by the sick people in power ["Monarch programming" and all the complex facets involved in it; is the final perfected product, the research stepped up thanks to WW2/technological advancement... the "technology" and know-how is there, it is naive to think that the historical slave-masters wouldn't be using it].

Lots of butterfly imagery used in her fashion shoots, suggestive of her Monarch programming (+ her sex alters).

Below one with Laetitia mirrored with a butterfly motif on her chest is by Ellen Von Unwerth (so is the image three down with Laetitia wearing a mask with a moustache drawn on [androgyny] holding a stick/wand/phallus).

Laetitia the Butterfly metamorphosises into a Kitten.

Laetitia in this photo shoot with numerous Mannequins/parts.

She served as the model for 'Marianne' (marionette), which is "an allegorical symbol for the French Republic" apparently (not sure if that is what is pictured below but it's worth mentioning there).

Swapped Sexes/opposite-sex personality/androgyny dressed as Marlon Brando (early life a good indication of MK'd "method" actors, alcoholic mother [probably at least emotionally abusive], Christian Science cult, learning to mimic accurately from a young age and such).

Note winged sun disk.

Stepford Wife theme in this Ellen Von Unwerth shoot, below also by Ellen in a scared looking child alter.

Laetitia "becoming" Brigette Bardot with her hair altered to bleach blonde, the mirror used to symbolize (and literally in) the creation of an alter-personality for her "role" in the upcoming movie 'Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroique', you may remember Lucy Gordon (picture of Lucy with a butterfly mask below taken from that post on her), who was playing Jane Birkin (actress/model whose father was an intelligence officer) in the film killed herself by hanging in Paris (she was "dating"/being used by a cinematographer from the film Jerome Almares who discovered the body) whilst the film was in post-production. Main line above translates as "They have several lives" (multiple lives/alter-egos/personalities).

Laetitia has had many roles as an actor, many of them presumably symbolic (I hear she gets killed and is naked a lot), trailer with some interesting stuff in it below for a film called 'Face'.

She also starred in Chris Isaak's video as a sex-slave/prostitute type figure dancing in a hotel room on camera for Isaak who is wearing royal/symbolic purple. The song used by Kubrick in his ultra-symbolic Eyes Wide Shut at the Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise (Nicole likely partly programmed by her establishment psychiatrist father/Cruise Scientology cult MK) nude kiss mirror scene (twin pillars mirrored also).

Laetitia above as a Victoria's Secret Angel, below caught in a spider's web.

Laetitia's "relationships" include (note padlock necklace [handler will have the key; symbolic of ownership/control, the triggers to 'locked' compartments of the mind, and such]), earlier Stéphane Sednaoui; a Parisian photographer/director, who directed things like U2's symbolic 'Mysterious Ways' video (mirrored serpents etc), RHCP's 'Give It Away' video (horns), MK symbolic/hypnotic ("you give me fever" + various imagery) Madonna's 'Fever' video, Stephane handled Kylie Minogue for a while and during that time he directed her video 'GBI: German Bold Italic' with Kylie dressed as a geisha (alter appears non-human/unfamiliar with the New York's basic human surroundings like the subway; you'll notice Kylie is leashed at around 3:40, probably a confused dehumanized 'Geisha doll' alter), directed a couple of dissociation symbolic Fiona Apple videos 'Never is a Promise' (floating dissociation) 'Sleep to Dream' (dissapearing dissociation, leopard print), Garbage's 'You Look So Fine' and many others (can't go through them all, you've definitely many of them). Stephane is the father of Laetitia's first child 'Sahteene', which means "smooth, shiny", makes me think of Saturn/Satan also. Worth looking at a few of his videos on this site (the Moonchild one is interesting and the Kohl Wizard of Wear fashion advert + he's probably made more symbolic stuff).

To give you some idea of Stephane's work here is a quick preview of a standard MK photo shoot he did with a MK'd model Lily Donaldson (image post on her to follow shortly, some insane occult stuff going on in some of her photo shoots!) with her as a 'frozen' Mannequin alter which I have gone into previously that slaves can be programmed and triggered to freeze perfectly still, like a mannequin/statue (remember the earlier Laetitia mannequin photo shoot which I think was with another photographer, copied image from it below to emphasize this), they drew lines on Lily's wrists to make her look like a proper mannequin and there is no way you would be able to tell the difference between her and a regular mannequin (I'm even doubting if they actually are her to be honest though it's found in various sources online and listed as a October 2004 Vogue Italia 'Lily Story' spread, I'll post the rest of the set in the post on her which I'll probably put out quickly in a day or two).

Anyway, after Stephane (again I doubt these are her only "relationships"; the ones listed on wiki are just long term ones where they are 'put with' a handler or another slave to give the appearance/cover of a normal life) she has been dating Italian actor Stefano Accorsi (mixing up the attractive/'performer' genes to get produce more performing slaves perhaps) and they have produced a son called 'Orlando', their second child together is due to be born in August.


Anonymous said...

I remember back in 97-98, Laetitia had a relantionship with the French/Jewish actor ARNO KLASFELD...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Check out Polish model LIDIA PRUS...

Besides, what do u think of OLA BELL?

Mark Ryden's bizzarre art:


Anonymous said...

I correct myself over ARNO KLARSFELD:


skrambo said...

Definitely incestuous, dad's popping a boner in this pic... I've heard that many pedophiles are women, so it's not surprising to see the little girl being modeled up and touched in sensitive places by a woman (most people would say "oh it's okay, since it's not a disgusting man it's okay for her to be touched"). Girls often break their hymen while horseback riding, so that could be the symbolism of that one picture of her on a horse.

The trailer for "Face" is interesting (brings back some bad memories though as that was sort of a pet name between one of my ex-gf's and I, it's a been a long time so maybe I should just get over it and stop making myself miserable with these obvious triggers!), with her spinning around and then being mirrored, and then someone named "Fanny" is also cast... Doesn't fanny mean "vagina" in the UK?? One of them (can't tell the difference, honestly) does the Aleister Crowley "arms-crossing" thing at around 1:41 into the trailer. At 2:35: "Don't leave! You forgot to dress me :(" lol

That movie looks pretty awful btw... I've found that pretty much all "bad movies" are MK programming, they are usually intentionally bad. Even the good ones are programming, but they're done so 'professionally' that it's a little harder to notice. Even "reality" itself, the one perpetuated by the media at least, looks like a really bad movie to me most of the time.

WV: Sphocti (it's fun to say)

skrambo said...

Nevermind about the horseback part, that is a mule... Still somewhat (eerily) symbolic.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys think all the major actresses/models are prostitutes? I'm put off by the idea of being in the industry if this is true.

tasha L said...

benjamin singleton, your blogs are ruining my life.

i can't stop reading them :(

Anonymous said...

I think she supposedly dated Leonardo Dicaprio for a while as well. Probably others too, it's to be expected she's young and beautiful.

I don't think she's ever dated woman though.

I still don't understand your point.

You think this actress/model is being mind controlled to pose and act in ways that brainwash people?

and you think she's into children herself or was a victim of abuse in her family?

Anonymous said...

Ben wrote:Living on a commune, on the outskirts of Paris (Noisy-le-Grand) would also be useful for programming (communes are always used by mind control cults and the like due to their isolation/lack of outside influence....

dude, Noisy le Grand commune means village. She didn't live in a hippy commune she lived in the village community of Noisy le grande. LOL

Don't use wiki pedia as your only source of facts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I can only see a gorgeous woman. The photo's don't proof at all she is a mind control victim. When you are a fashion model you just have to wear cloth, possibly with animal print. Of all the clothes and bikinis she wore, there must have been one with butterflies. As a child I had clothes to with butterflies. And I went to Disney Land in Paris.
The bikini of her sister is neiter a proof. When I go to the swimmingpool, I see a lot of girls with bikinis like that.
The photo of her being in a prison is just whats the trend in fashion/photography.
I didn't see the sisters touching eachother in an imporpriate way.
Your blog about Paris Hilton is very good. Her sex kitten status and enslavement is very obvious. With Laetitia I see nothing what so ever. In inteviews I have seen her as a down to earh, and real person. On the other hand Paris Hilton always makes an impression on be like she is fake, or in trance. Laetitia and Paris are are completly the opposite.

JenL said...

There are so many new Monarch supermodels now in the Victoria's Secret catalogs.There's Candace Swanepoel(sp),often attired in butterfly lingerie and once a black butterfly ring, leopard, all the signs an symbols. I think all of the models there are 'butterflies'just my gut feeling-some new model named Erin, and many others who look like stunned deer from all the trauma.Also if you ever get onto Amazon, check out Madeline Albright's book online called 'Read My Pins'- the lady has three pages of butterfly pins, a pair of ruby slippers, zebra pins, a smashed glass ceiling(I kid you not)a pair of ruby lips. Cathy O'Brien mentions her in Trance Formation as being the 'Mother of All Slaves'.

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