Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Monarch Playboy Kittens Next Door

A followup to the 'Playboy is Monarch' post. It would obviously be impossible to cover every theme of MK (it's all basically dehumanization/depersonalization) in their thousands of photoshoots of suggestible young girls wanting to be transformed into a dirty old man's kitten (essentially a gilded sex-slave), many of them (though of course not all) are abused and programmed slaves (we can never know what actual extent this is; I personally expect it is far more than people think). So for this post I'm just going to focus on a few specific things I've noticed in Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion (and related themes in Disney/the media and such), two of this generation's most famous Playboy kittens (Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt) because their film 'The Telling' was just that, very telling. The above image of Hefner as a Faun/Pan is a mural made for Playboy's annual Dionysian orgy (see further down for more details on this [below Holly and faun stuff]) the Midsummer Night's Dream Party (below 'butterfly martyr' poster, from inside the Mansion for an older Midsummer party).

Hollywood pawns are all "wax figures"/mannequins.

A butterfly being painted (like a statue/object) for the Midsummer Night's Dream.

At a later Midsummer Night's Dream party the mural had Hefner depicted as a wealthy Arab with his slaves in his harem (+ note pyramids, full moon) and below with his actual 'Girls Next Door' slaves from his Playboy mansion/harem.

One of Hefner's "trained animals", Holly (+ skull and bones, see below). Just below the painting of Hefner with his lions we see a female body black statue having been totally dismembered (loss of the self/personal identity in programming, gone into previously).

"What happens at the mansion, stays at the mansion..."

Playboy's annual Midsummer Night's Dream party occurs on the first Saturday of August (for some ritualistic purpose no doubt), I'm not sure exactly when the first one occurred; it seems likely that it had been going on for many years before the media started reporting on it in the 21st century (they were very private up until a few years ago, only the "elite"/ruling class ((and their pawns in the entertainment industry)) were specifically invited to use the Mansion's "services" [i.e. programmed ((and/or willing)) sex-slaves]). It is essentially a Dionysian/Bacchic cult orgy (the Palms one described as a Bacchalian on the linked wiki page), before 2007 it had only occurred in the Mansion but in 2007 it branched out to Vegas (babylon) Palms' Hotel coming complete with a floating sacrificial altar, Satyrs, Minotaurs, swimming mermaids/sirens and the like (this is the kind of mythology/ritual/theater they are obsessed with).

As posted on before the ancient Dionysus mind control ["Mystery" (be very wary of anything that offers an "initiation into the mysteries" and things of that nature; Freemasonry and all of that shit is just programming as part of the "elite's" global manipulation structure, making it's members feel "enlightened" and superior to the 'common man')] cult involved putting it's cult members into drug-induced trances and other trance inducing methods, many of these methods are still used today in programming (as well as of course modern day clubs/raves [making generations of younger people quite dissociative; more suggestible and easier to control/manipulate]) in terms of in particular the animalistic/primal altered states used in the Dionysian cult (programming dehumanized alters; though these cults and their general programming methodology is far more organized today, the Dionysian Cult was controlled by the Athenian state it should be noted [attracting people disillusioned with mainstream society, like modern day mind control cults; what they end up in is a never-ending depersonalized/dehumanized life]). Hugh Hefner is depicted as "Puck" from Rosicrucian (the cult of Rosicrucianism is heavily involved in mind control; evidenced by their potential programming of Sirhan Sirhan [though of course the majority of AMORC members are not slaves/involved in MK, their cult, as many "religions" do involve trance-inducing methods which would have made Sirhan Sirhan more pliable to his programming, whoever ultimately did it]) Francis Bacon's A Midsummer Night's Dream, which the 'party' is named after. Though this depiction is not common for Puck in "the bard"'s play (his plays will not have solely been written by Bacon, but by a group of well-connected individuals wanting to shape the English language/program the masses through it's themes just like they do today through the far more invasive modern media; "William Shakespeare" was just a puppet actor [many of the claimed "facts" about the actor are untrue]), Hefner's image here is more akin to a Satyr: "The Satyrs were mythological creatures with the upper part of their body of a man and the lower half of a goat. The leader of the Satyrs was god Pan [arguably a Satyr/faun himself]. Usually the Satyrs resided in woods and mountains or were accompanying the Greek god of wine [wine in ancient times was not the same as today, it often included different herbs and entheogens and other such things] Dionysus on his journeys, dancing around joyfully with the Nymphs [entranced/dissociative/programmed kittens basically, see the linked Dionysus' Leopards/Goldfrapp post] and drinking. In mythology they are often associated with sex drive and vase-painters often portrayed them with perpetual erections. [see Chronicles of Narnia bit below for modern day pedophilic usage of this]"

Bridget Marquardt holding her skull and bones chalice at the 2008 Midsummer event (the girls/Nymphs/Maenads/kittens of today are kept in their ecstatic state through similar means [alcohol/a myriad of drugs ((many of them dissociative))/trance-inducing dances/repetitive beats/strobe lighting]).

Bridget (+Kendra) with 100% controlled slave Anna Nicole at a Midsummer Night's Dream party.

Holly Madison with her fellow Oz programmed Dorothy's at the recent 70th Anniversary celebration of the 1939 Wizard of Oz film at, appropriately Planet Hollywood. Remember the Holly wood was used by ancient pagan Celtics in their cult rituals (incidentally Harry Potter's [the generation below mine's primary (oc)cult programming script] wand is made of the Holly wood, author JK Rowling elaborates on the ancient use of this); the name Holly means 'the Holly tree', the word for Hollywood was also chosen for this sacred (to Wicca/occult) tree to "cast their spell" over the masses (mass mind manipulation).

The exhibition included artwork, moving pictures of the film and such on screens and different types of ruby slippers in bubbles/spheres (floating away/dissociation) by the likes of fashion luminary footwear designers like Christian Louboutin (they already did this for one of last year's NY Fashion Weeks [click for additional context, "The Perfect Thing"]).

Holly's father was in the timber industry (trees/Holly tree, her name was chosen not just because Holly is a pretty name that's for sure [Tin Woodsman, see above MK symbolic artwork also]); working in the timber industry always makes me think of Twin Peaks and all the MK associated with that David Lynch show. She was born in Astoria, Oregon but left by age 2 (interesting setting, note all the movies and such located there), the town named after the "elite"/Illuminist bloodline family (one of many whose tentacles spread the world); John Jacob Astor was the first multi-millionaire in the US (made his money in fur and the mass-importation of opium [a drug used heavily in MK/mind control for inducing trances and to effectively tranquilize slaves ((more-so back then as drugs and technology have improved, so to has programming methodology))] it should be noted that Bullingdon Club member, future certain British Prime Minister David Cameron is an Astor family descendent [married into the family, with Samantha Cameron ((descendant of Charles II's mistress/kitten/actress Nell Gwyn; multigenerational kittens))] apologiez for going off-topic). From ages 2-11 she apparently lived on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska; Alaska provides a good cover for programming because of it's size and relative isolation (the island she grew up on in those early programming years has a population of only 6000), Republican puppet opposition Sarah Palin being another good example of a programmed slave from Alaska. [bio continues below her dehumanization info]

"It was there [Prince of Wales Island] that she developed her love for nature, spending endless hours observing animals and playing in the woods." [AskMen.com bio] Part of her dehumanization programming (a big theme at the Playboy Mansion with animals everywhere, a quote from Hefner to illustrate his own mentality in regards to his dehumanized slaves: [the girls are on the floor playing with their dogs] "Very happy puppies."

The 2 Million more than likely is referring to the 2 million known Monarch programmed slaves (according to IF; though this number will be ever-increasing) who obviously have no voice of their own, nor anyone to speak for them (they don't exist). Their "MK dehumanization humor" is noted in the below accompanying video for it where all the time she speaks of "Pets being stolen" she is stroking a cat, seen at 00:50 (she's one of those "stolen pets", a kitten).

Do not be naive in thinking that the PETAphiles actually care about the "ethical treatment of animals"; all of their advertisements are referring to the dehumanized 'star' in it (virtually everything you see in the media is euphemism/suggestive/metaphor/allegory/symbolism [which "elite" society/the ruling class automatically understand because they're the ones with the relevant background information to interpet them correctly as they're the ones involved in slavery/manipulation ((and all the things associated with this symbolism [secret societies, the occult etc])), the masses obviously having no clue what the hidden meaning of most of the stuff they witness is due to the blissfully ignorant 'bubbles' they each live in; I'm hoping blogs like this and the many other great ones on the web will help in 'popping' that bubble of ignorance, for better or worse... some people ((thanks to their conditioning/programming)), knowing full-well the evils of Monarch/MK programming will still like the idea of and want to use programmed sex-slaves]).

"I Always Fake It"... what do you think the dual meaning is there then... (sexual fulfillment/orgasm; slaves are programmed to authentically "fake it" [to make their man feel more of a man; important part of 'kitten' programming])

"I don't get jealous of other girls, because I was... raised in a cloning lab to be the perfect woman for Hugh M. Hefner, so, other than the fact that my I.Q.'s probably a little higher than he would like, I have nothing to worry about." - Holly Madison While I do not take this "tongue in cheek" comment (there's more truth in that than anything she's said "sincerely") as being literal (though I'm not against the suggestion that she may have been "replaced") I always lean towards the "clone" metaphor for the production line of programmed robots/monarch sex-slaves.

Holly was then moved back Oregon, to St Helens where; marked "public property" Katee (kat) Sackhoff (Kara Thrace in Battlestar Galactica; her other tattoos read "Choice" [her lack thereof] and "Someone watching over me" [programmer/handler; God/Jesus is one of the most commonly used programming scripts for obvious reasons, in BG this crucifix tattoo was altered to look like a pyramid]) hails from, Katee got her "break" in one of those aforementioned MTV "Reality" shows. Most of the more severe trauma-based programming takes place at the younger age (2-11, when she was at the more isolated Prince of Wales Island community) so moving back to a more populated town in her early teens makes sense (most slaves have alters that can function in the mainstream of society in universities/jobs and such). After school, and then Portland University (majoring in Theatre and Psychology; she was probably in a sorority there [sororities/fraternities are in general used for brainwashing their alumni; see this symbolized in 'The Telling' movie at end]), after two years at that University she transferred to Los Angeles' Jesuit programming (Mel Gibson attended) Loyola Marymount University [the word 'Marionette' derives from'virgin Mary' puppets], she apparently moved there because she "liked the weather" on her frequent trips to Disneyland (for Disney programming sessions).

Holly as Snow White.

Daisy Duck was probably the main Disney character used to program her (a devoted 'girlfiend' to Donald [Hefner], despite his foul tempers and such [though she is portrayed as also getting 'mad' a lot]); all Disney programs/movies are loaded with triggers and are extremely useful in mind control (+ the themes and imagery used work wonders in social engineering/conditioning).

Daisy is nearly always naked from the waist down.

The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo.

See this X-Files post for relevant details on the "daisy game".

The Playboy Mansion's bird cages (to go along with the "caged birds" inside the Mansion/gilded cage) and roaming flamingos, peacocks (multiple eyes) and other animals.

Holly as one of said peacocks below (+ Kendra as dominatrix/Bridget as a Parisian hooker) at a Halloween party at the mansion (note checkerboard floor).

Below image from a WW2 propaganda Disney film (about Nazi brainwashing/MK).

She worked as a Hooters waitress in LA, clip from a game with her in an alter programmed with a 'southern'/Georgia accent (Georgia/bible belt communities like that are some of the most abusive in the world, a vast pallet for potential Monarch multigenerational programming), alter accents are usually not perfectly authentic (as obviously they haven't grown up surrounded by said accent); from a game but is representative of her time as a "Hooters Girl" (note Phoenix). The owl is heavily associated with Illuminism (Bohemian Grove; where sex-slaves are used and abused by "elite" assholes like Skull and Bones member George HW Bush and co [owl symbolizes their 'knowledge'/all-knowing/seeing power]), this is just more of their female objectification (women have always been objects to them [the word puppet ((pup - dehumanization, pet - dehumanization; 'puppet')) comes from 'pupa' meaning "girl and doll"); see their "Employee Handbook Requirements" for more on this objectification (sign a document to become a willing sex-object for morbidly obese Americans to drool over as they stuff their faces).

This brings us back to Playboy and Hugh Hefner, and how she came to be under the spell of his/Pan's "flute"; she attended the Midsummer Night's Dream party (with other models/probable slaves) at the Mansion which is where she first caught his eye and she received more invitations. After a year of going to the mansion (logic suggests to be used as a sex-object as all of them are) Hugh Hefner invited her to live there, in August 2001 she became one of Hefner's seven "official girlfriends" (kittens).

Hefner as Satan/Master, Holly as an angel.

After Hefner's attempted impregnation of Holly failed (Hugh Hefner is probably impotent; like Playboy in general is doing to generations of boys through chronic masturbation also creating an inability to have any genuine feelings of "love"), they "broke up" (normal 'relationship' clichés do not apply to these slaves, they are 'given' to these people then when they get bored of them or for whatever reason they stop 'using them') in mid-2008, but this is not the end of her being used by 'Illuminist' pawns like Hugh Hefner. She was 'given' to Criss Angel to be his kitten at a few public events with him in blatant Illuminist iconography. Criss Angel's magic show is usually performed at the Luxor, see this post 'Houses for Cats' for more on that Illuminist building (pyramid with illuminated capstone).

As well as clear Illuminist symbolism (Freemasonic pyramid + illuminated eye in capstone above, Skull and Bones below) he also often wears slave symbolism with shackles/handcuffs and chains below (crucifix/martyr symbolism too of course).

Holly (pre-facial surgery [+ more 'transformation' work probably]) in a pink "sex and the kitty" showing the sex and the city, kitten programming aspect of it (under the guise of "female sexual liberation" of course). The car-wash theme implies she is providing a sexually suggestive "service" (i.e. sexual slavery).

More Kittens for the Serpent (phallus) to consume.

It is interesting to see how much slaves like Holly are influencing new generations of highly suggestible little girls, this quote comes from a random comment (11 May 2009) in this image titled 'Stepford Bitch' part of the 'Turning Plastic' gallery: "i no alot of other peeople comment aand one doesnt realy make a difference but u are so pretty and amazing im 13 but when i grow up i want to be just like u i dnt no how one person can b so pretty i wanna be in playboy when im older and i love u kendra and bridget i hate wen ppl call u whores cuz it is not true at all you three are the nicest sweetest people ever and i would love to meet you i wanna send mail to the mansion but i dnt wanna tell mi parents yet i also love sara underwood [see further down for info on sara] she looks so honest and sweet and beautifull like you pleasee respond it is like mi dream to live your life it looks like so much fun and hugh looks like a sweetie! hugh u three girls and sara are mi idols and i hope to follow in ur footsteps!!!!"

The "Stepford Bitch" dress (note fleur-de-lis above) was worn at the premiere of the Playboy film 'The House Bunny'; the poster featuring Anna Faris looking very dissociative (glazed over/tranced eyes) to become a Playboy bunny you have to remove your own identity and replace it with a 'kitten' personality (constantly 'dolled up', ready to serve the man/handler), of course most Playboy bunnies are not full-on Monarch slaves (but some of them are) but this process of identity removal and total transformation (of mind and body) is of course a huge part of Monarch (and general MK) programming.

This is symbolized in the trailer with Anna Faris transformed infront of an infinite mirror (mpd) and "You are the exorcist, that's great!" and other things throughout (a couple of checkerboard floors, leopard print and such; 'their last house-mother was hospitalized with hallucinations'...'awesome!'). The film also shows how once Playboy kittens get over 25ish they are completely dispensible (an object that is 'used up') and 'sorority transformation'/programming (see 'The Telling' stuff further down).

These official wallpapers for the film have butterfly imagery on them (to show the Monarch/transformation symbolism + sun symbolism/purple/etc).

And of course the "hilarious" 'Marilyn Monroe' invokation (see further down for relevant info on this), where she goes over a 'man-hole' and get's burned (very symbolic of how Marilyn and her various copies [in terms of programming]; you might want to be like Marilyn/Playboy kittens/etc, but you'll inevitably get burned once you've been used up!).

One of the two big lion sculptures at the Mansion.

Handcuffed to the bed at the Playboy Mansion (sexual slavery symbolic).

Hefner's "enchanting flute" (phallic symbolism should go without saying here [sexual dissociation]) taking his nymphs/kittens 'over the rainbow' into Oz (dissociation)

Back to some more relevant 'faun' analysis.

Satyrs were known as Fauns in Italy (top half human, bottom half goat [sometimes there are slight differences]), Pan was depicted as a Satyr (horns are not a necessity) so Hefner is also ritualized as 'Pan' here (an event organizer in a 'Girls Next Door' episode describes the same image of HH as being "Puck/Pan"); in the image he is portrayed with a double flute with dissociative looking "angels" surrounding him seductively, showing he is 'entrancing' women [and using already 'entranced'/programmed (from a young age) women, they are under "a spell"/psychological (mind) manipulation/programming], the significance of this should be obvious. Girls are programmed from a very young age to fit stereotypes in mainstream society, starting with Disney Princess Programming (Beauty and the Beast being the epitomy of this, "it's okay if you're boyfriend is abusive/manipulative, just ignore it and go back to the beast") from toddler to tween, then Sex and the City ([see Celtic Rebel's quality double post on it] and all the [un]reality crap on MTV using their slaves, so the female masses will fit that programmed 'sex-slave' stereotype/personality ["It's cool to be ignorant, slutty and dissociative!"]) in the teen years as the programmed stereotype of going out at nights getting 'dolled up' (dressed in the type of clothing sex-slaves are forced to wear when selling themselves as a product/sex-object) and getting 'off your face'/'out of your mind' in drug-addled Dionysian clubs/raves/etc (with strobe/flashing lights and other methods for inducing dissociation [which while obviously not having the same level as Monarch slaves still absolutely makes them more suggestible as a demographic]).

"In C. S. Lewis' classic, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a faun named Mr Tumnus is the first creature Lucy meets in Narnia. He attempts to kidnap Lucy because she is a daughter of Eve (in other words, a human). After putting her under an enchantment with his flute, he is suddenly convinced of his great evil [kidnapping children for the White Witch (symbolic of Disney/Mickey Mouse, MM/WW; Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz ((below image from the Oz 70th exhibition)) etc)] and has a change of heart." I'd like to elaborate on Disney's version of this scene, with some clear pedophilic suggestions which has been covered on other sites but it's worth going into again here to show what this 'faun' character is about.

Lucy goes through the wardrobe into an alternate reality (dissociation [also probably symbolic of a common method of programming, locking a child in a dark box/wardrobe which can of course lead to dissociation/dissorientation/etc]; like Alice following the White Rabbit [programmer] and tumbling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and Dorothy is taken by the cyclone over the rainbow into the Land of Oz, these are all mental allegories for dissociation and are used as mechanisms in various types of programming [Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz being the most prominently used throughout the 20th Century, Alien/abduction programming ((+others)) has probably surpassed it in the 21st]), Lucy arrives at the light where she meets the Faun, Mr Tumnus.

Walt Disney ushering in the New Age under the Light of Lucy(fer).

Tumnus lures Lucy in (offering shelter from the cold/food) like a pedophile tempting a young child into the his home/van with candy or whatever (his intentions are as sinister as he plans on giving her to the White Witch to kill).

The faun/pan/satyr (there are slight differences but they're all pretty interchangeable in mythology/ritual), with Lucy successfully trapped inside his house gives her a drink (suggestion here is it is drugged to go along with the hypnotic/trance/sleep-inducing melody) and plays his double flute to put her out/'under' and take her to the witch.

She is slowly knocked out as Pan plays his hypnotic/enchanting flute.

But he has a change of heart at the last minute and decides not to take him to the symbolic establishment organized pedophile/sex-slave ring, the White Witch. Lucy is played by Georgie Henley, who I think it is safe to say will be getting a lot darker roles once they've finished milking the occult symbolically themed Chronicles of Narnia and as she gets older.

The White Witch Tilda Swinton scares the life out of me anyway (not really), perhaps her creepy look comes from the fact she is the product of one of the British "elite" historical (more than likely extremely inbred) families 'Clan Swinton'... that arm seems to be suspiouscly draped over Georgie's chest... Above with Georgie in purple and below in pink + a mermaid fin necklace (more on Georgie below Tilda info).

To go slightly off-track, this video for Orbital (interesting band, songs like 'Satan'/'Illuminate'/etc; their mother was "addicted" [kept on by husband; or she used to escape the kind of domestic abuse very common of that generation] to the hypnotic-sedative triazolam, this video is very telling about this MK drug the song was named after) 'The Box' shows what Tilda is more or less.

After sleeping in a glass box for eight hours a day, seven days a week as an exhibition piece at the Serpentine Gallery in 1995 [above], Oscar winner actress Tilda Swinton wants to repeat her feat.

“I still want to make that piece again. I was very ill for five months after it. And I do think it had something to do with the strain of endurance… of being looked at by 22,000 people over the course of a week,” she said.

She had expressed her desire to return to the glass box when she was pregnant with her 11-year-old twins, Xavier and Honor, however, she did not go for it, saying it could be a “little dicy,” reports The China Daily.

The Scottish actress also revealed her open relationship is “the best thing” for her children.

Tilda, who lives with her partner John Byrne and the twins, also has a romantic relationship with artist Sandro Kopp.

“It may seem odd but it is certainly the best thing for the children.

"It's just black and white squares stupid!" Tilda plays Orlando in the film of the same name (she is obviously very androgynous to say the least). Info on her odd relationship with a younger toyboy, she is still married and divides time between him and her husband (+ the twins). She was a classmate of ritually sacrificed slave Princess Diana at West Heath Girls' School: "While many are not mentally or physically disabled, many have been through harsh circumstances and suffer from related things such as emotional trauma, which fits with the school's motto, "Rebuilding damaged lives.""... what do you think "damaged" these girls from wealthy families?

"Transformation is the only thing we really rely on." Video is Babelogue by Emma Reeves

In occult ritual drama Constantine she played the archangel Gabriel.

But back to little Lucy who the Faun originally manipulates with the sinister intention of giving her to Tilda Swinton (above as the White Witch).

Lucy with Liam Neeson as the Lion.

She seems to have a very "cuddly" relationship with Disney tween heart'throb' William Moseley.

Note Moseley's belt buckle below and that butterfly on Georgie's chest is very consciously used by Disney (in a number of promotional photoshoots for the first film, more below).

Note Disney went with a pink background to go along with the butterfly imagery on Georgie.

Above is a poster located inside the 'Library' of the Playboy Mansion for a Midsummer Night's Dream event (probably one of the earlier, private ones [hence the more overt butterfly symbolism]), unfortunately I couldn't find a proper download of the Cribs episode I saw it in (saw some broken rapidshare links so higher quality versions definitely exist, let me know if you've got/know where I can download); I realize some people find it impossible to look at anything with a remotely symbolic/critical eye ("oh it's a woman on a butterfly, it's just a pretty art image") but what we see here is a woman posed as a martyr with her arms outstretched and her head leaning back looking up to the heavens, legs firmly placed together, feet pointing downwards (think of the most famous fictional martyr, Jesus [the butterfly transformation from a caterpillar inside a cocoon, can be seen as a metaphor for "resurrection" also]), modern day martyrs are Monarch slaves; they live a life of total trauma from birth (and everyone thinks they're "spoiled whores") as their mother had before them (in the cases where it's multigenerational, which isn't necessarily always in Monarch programming) yet most reasonable people (i.e. those that think they're reading/watching anything other than propaganda/programming when they consume the mainstream media) will deny their existence (of course there are other examples of this traumatic existence unrelated to government organized Monarch programming who are just as much martyrs).

Below the poster is a porcelain tiger showing the butterfly/monarch programming cat/kitten dehumanization programming.
This Christ martyr/Monarch imagery is also shown in the Playboy mansion in the below painting depicting the first public 'Presidential Model' (and the first Playmate, which of course tells you a lot about Playboy) Monarch programmed slave Marilyn Monroe as Jesus in a copy of Da Vinci's 'Last Supper' and various famous figures (mixture of slaves [Elvis for example] and/or people involved in Hollywood MK) as the 12 apostles called 'Hollywood Last Supper'.

Holly looking sort of Marilyn like above, below is Paris Hilton doing Marilyn's famous 'Happy Birthday, Mr President'; again showing his obsession with the original Monarch Presidential Kitten as she is clearly invoking that kitten's performance in her voice/words "Happy Birthday, Mr Hefner" (see 'Products of the Billionaire's club' post for more on Marilyn on the cover of the first issue of Playboy and the like [see Marilyn Monroe label for more on her + various slaves being ritually depicted as 'programmed Marilyns', here's one post showing a few of the programmed Mouseketeers and whatnot]). Obviously note the leopard-print (again showing she's a kitten).

Note Holly's ruby slippers in the above image of Hef in a MM covered shirt, with his 3 main kittens. Ruby/red shoes signify Oz programmed prostitution/sexual-slavery (you'll often see this used symbolically in TV shows/movies); also to Andersen's fairy-tale 'The Red Shoes' of a girl who is kept in a trance where she physically cannot stop dancing (analogous to putting on the ruby slippers and sticking to the yellow brick road at all costs; similar mechanism for programming Monarch [trauma-based] sex-slaves) when wearing the 'red shoes' [a couple examples of this in the Luxor Hotel CatHouse post (many more throughout the blog, hard to link to)].

Another good example of this in used by the media (I posted on this at the "We're going to be models!" post) is in the film Human Trafficking where, at the start of the film a newly acquired sex-slave is forced to put on red shoes and sexually service a grotesque fat monster, she instead jumps to her death through the window shattering the glass (Monarch programming is largely about shattering the mind through trauma which this symbolizes) of the car windows.

Boris Lermontov: "The Ballet of The Red Shoes" is from a fairy tale by Hans Andersen. It is the story of a young girl who is devoured with an ambition to attend a dance in a pair of Red Shoes. She gets the shoes and goes to the dance. For a time, all goes well and she is very happy. At the end of the evening she is tired and wants to go home, but the Red Shoes are not tired. In fact, the Red Shoes are never tired. They dance her out into the street, they dance her over the mountains and valleys, through fields and forests, through night and day. Time rushes by, love rushes by, life rushes by, but the Red Shoes go on.
Julian Craster: What happens in the end?
Boris Lermontov: Oh, in the end, she dies. [quote from 1948 film 'The Red Shoes']

Click your heels together three times and say, "There's no place like home!"

Judy Garland's rendition of dissociation song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' from the aforementioned Wizard of Oz film was played at Marilyn Monroe's funeral (showing she was a victim of Oz programming; her Yellow Brick Road finally spiralled to an end), Hugh Hefner bought the crypt next to Marilyn's. Paris Hilton's Playboy cover features her in the red sex-slave shoes [also see "red-sex link" for psychological effects; red of course symbolizes 'fire', probably effecting the primal parts of the brain (red/black/white is a generally used colour combo by people wanting to manipulate the masses, like the puppetteers pulling the strings of the Nazis ((+ hypnotic swastika, having a spiralling/circular effect as it turns round and round, usually always encircled too)) due to it's psychological effects; black and white ((duality/slight dissociative effect)) + red ((emotive/primal-manipulative colour)))].

She has attended the Midsummer Night's Dream slave-orgy on a number of occasions in clothing showing what she is (a kitten).

Speaking of Playboy Mansion "parties" (Dionysian ritual slave-orgies), she attended a Halloween party at the mansion as Alice in Wonderland; looking extremely dissociative... truly she is 'In Wonderland' here [dissociation]. (posted images of this a while back in the 'Nobody Loves Alice' post)

Other likely Monarch slaves have attended parties at the mansion such as Drew Barrymore (Altered States [pure MK], E.T. [standard Spielberg Alien programming movie], Firestarter [government human experimentation/testing leading to special abilities (very Monarch programming symbolic; fire/pyrokenesis symbolizes the chaos/primal fear ((all mammals are instinctively afraid of fire)) in trauma-based Monarch programming)], Stephen King's Cat's Eye, GunCrazy [she plays a sexually abused girl by her stepfather whom she kills, it's important to note her mother 'Jaid' (Jade = old slang for prostitute) was also in this (as "Woman with Dog" [dehumanization]) in terms of Monarch intergenerational programming (Jaid was born in a Displaced Persons Camp; Monarch programming hugely benefiting from the chaos of World War 2 as mentioned in previous posts) this couldn't be more significant; she posed in Playboy shortly after her daughter too (multigenerational playboy kittens)]. See the Barrymore acting family for more on this Marionette puppet (of course many/most of them probably aren't actual Monarch programmed multiples) acting dynasty.

She posed for Playboy in 1995, the photographer consciously focusing (instructing her to lift up her shirt to show it) on her butterfly tattoo (see Paris Hilton's at this post) for the cover, showing what Playboy is all about.

Below image from the same Playboy shoot.

"A woman [called Holly Gooding (remember Holly Madison said she was created in a cloning lab)] (Barrymore) moves from NYC to LA after a murder, in which she is implicated. She is followed by what is apparently her evil alter- ego. [evil twin/doppelgangers/alter-ego standard MK MPD symbolism used in programming] She moves into a room for rent by a writer (Newbern), and he begins having an affair with her, but after some strange things happen, he's not so sure if the affair is with her or her doppelganger." [MK symbolic trailer "Fear, anger, hatred; the darkest most primal part of her no longer hides inside"..."It was probably forced out by some kind of trauma." spinning music box, etc] This doppelganger theme reminds of this in another marked butterfly (tattoo) Lena Headey's film 'The Broken', see the 'Breaking Butterflies' post for detailed info on the movie's MK themes.

Split Mind Kitty [standard split mind motif; featuring a cat showing the kitten programming in relation to Drew as a small child, trailer; at 00:33 Drew's reflection is over a child mannequin (capped below)]

"Help Me... It's after me."

In Poison Ivy, she plays a manipulative seductress (who kills a dog with a pipe near the start), a kitten symbolized at the very start with her swinging on a rope wearing a jacket with a 'sexy-woman on sabre tooth tiger' imagery on it.

Here's that Ellen Von Unwerth photo called "Two Kittens" I posted a while back, referring to the fact that Drew Barrymore is a Kitten.

In Batman Forever [Batman, the comics and movies are full of MK themes] she played one of Two-Face's two kittens (sugar & spice) as Sugar, the meaning of the butterfly brooch should be obvious by now.

All the usual slaves have turned up like Britney Spears, Dita Von Teese (+Marilyn Manson handler [who has taken to shaving his kitten's pussy with swastikas these days]). I wonder why quite a few of my posts don't show up in Google (that Dita post [which would be interesting enough for someone just looking for pictures of her so I'd think it would at least be listed] + the human trafficking one I linked to before + probably many more [the other main one of mine on human trafficking also doesn't show up]... the common theme of all those posts, including the Dita one is the true colossal extent of sexual slavery so it isn't really brain surgery why they're left out of google)?

The above trailer can pretty much tell you what this (obviously dire) film 'The Telling' is about; the Omega Kappa Kappa 'sorority', with it's skull and bones symbol marking each of them [denotes a Master Mason in Freemasonry, used by various 'sororities' ((Sigma Sigma Sigma; also using royal purple, and other illuminist symbolism, Chi Omega)) involved in brainwashing ((through 'hazing' and other programming methods)) it's pledges to serve the 'Masters'; and of course the pedophilic Bush family's Skull and Bones fraternity/secret society, but in general it should just be considered a symbol marking evil/poison in reality ((and the products of evil, i.e. their programmed slaves like Holly further up in Playboy photoshoots unrelated to 'The Telling' film))], is the sorority every girl wants to be a part of; like through MTV/Playboy/Disney etc many girls are influenced/programmed to want to be these depersonalized sex-objects, then end of the film where all the girls (including Holly) are killed by poison (remember skull and bones is a symbol for poison) symbolizes ultimately how evil this corporate mass-conditioning is (and how it's literally murdered/destroyed countless people's [young women and men] lives).

Holly tells a girl she isn't pretty enough to join the sorority (described this at the end, out of order) and kills herself with a drugs/alcohol cocktail; then one year later it continues [would go into more detail but need to finish].

Each of the three new 'pledges' have to tell a scary story in order to impress the 'queen bitch' of the 'Omega Kappa Kappa' sorority Holly Madison, her character is called 'Stephanie' meaning crown/crowned one, a monarch suggestion (also note the chessboard in the background). The first one involves the "clichéd" (themes like this are used so often because of their effectiveness in programming) idea of a wind-up doll (one eye damage/green eye) which becomes sentient and psychopathic (good way of messing with a slaves head [easy to do, just put a speaker inside the doll which would be voiced by the programmer via a radio] in programming depersonalized doll-like alters). Obviously these stories are intentionally bad and not really worth going into too much detail on them (+ I've spent WAY too much time on this post).

Rebekah Kochan (above) plays the main victim 'Lily' (flower of death etc) of this segment as she is psychologically traumatized and eventually murdered by the sentient doll (as is the girl below 'winding up' the doll).

Her Myspace page is worth looking at, along with her handler 'Dante', perhaps a slave also [see his 'hilarious' Wizard of Oz piece] "Dante has performed more for the U.S. troops than any comedian since Bob Hope." Bob Hope was a Monarch slave handler [Illuminati Formula has a lot of info on 'Bob'] heavily used by the military to "entertain the troops" in USO tours which invariably have always used slaves/handlers (general people involved in this hidden section of society [it's difficult to know which are slaves/handlers/onside/ignorant as it's often a mixture, with many programmers being slaves themselves and such] which the armed services are a massive part of) to keep the spirits up of their dehumanized toy-soldiers.

Rebekah as a comedian "performing for the troops".

Lola Labelle is one of the skull an bones sorority girls also part of that USO tour

Her various movies ([started acting at age 9 ((standard age for them to start once Monarch programmed as a young child; first appearing in Annie, which has a lot of pertinent MK themes for programming))] 'possession'/Exorcism MK [see split mind poster], Freakshow, are usually with low budget production company 'The Aslyum' (i.e. they use mind-manipulated/"insane" slaves, hence the name), here's one with the one-eyed skull and bones with Lance Henriksen.

Freakshow portrays a group of friends who are plotting to work together to steal their rich traveling carnival owner's fortune. The thieves work as security in the carnival and the storyline centers around the "Freakshow Gallery".

Lucy [Rebekah], who belongs to the thieving group decides to attempt to take the fortune by herself. She seduces the Boss and marries him. The youngest member of the Freaks learns of the plan and is murdered by the thieves. After the murder is uncovered, they immediately plot revenge on the group. All of the group of thieves are murdered besides the woman, who swears her love to the carnival boss. So the freaks decide to make her a full member of their troop. They cut off her tongue, breasts, fingers and toes, then they skin her alive and wrap her up. The movie ends when she is displayed in the Freakshow Gallery as "The Worm Girl" [think she's the one inside the cage on the above poster]. This film is rated R for gore and nudity.

Rebekah (couple of kitten shots above) + with Dante below wearing the double headed eagle. [worth looking at the photo albums on their myspace pages, posing as mind-controlled assassin/patsy Oswald and such] Their home "Terra Bella Manor" has the usual Monarch-slave Marilyn Monroe imagery all over it. The internet has added a new dimension of "Monarch-slave voyeurism".

Lola Labelle is one of the skull an bones sorority girls (I think she's in the below picture on the right) also part of that USO tour using Rebekah (pictured above with Bridget and Holly + the band Tattooed Millionaires, one of these assholes in a double headed eagle t-shirt [loads of crappy rock bands like them given a platform by the ruling class, hence their symbolism and such]) to entertain the troops; one third of a burlesque group 'The Starlight Troupe' (she's third right).

Sara Jean Underwood (above + more images below [remember MM's name was altered from Norma Jean]) is also in it as a Skull and Bones "Omega Kappa Kappa" sorority girl; like Holly and Bridget (obviously a shedload of M onarch programming going on in that "state") she was born in Oregon (Portland or Scappoose according to some sources). No relation to Country Music slave Carrie Marie Underwood apparently but she obviously has a lot of MK associated with her (cat tattoo [no good images of it though], raised on a farm by Christian baptist parents, "won" American Idol etc).

Note the butterfly + daisies.

Entertaining the troops; a primary function for Monarch slaves throughout modern history (that White Cat I'm sure was positioned consciously showing her kitten programming).

Sara with the White Rabbit (programmer; victim follows him down the rabbit hole ['tumbling'; trauma/sexual abuse] into wonderland [dissociation]) of Playboy.

Bridget Marquardt plays the fading Hollywood star 'Eva Demarco' [Demarco means 'Of Marco', originating from the explorer/trader Marco Polo from Venice (very relevant of course to the Venetian masks later in this segment [many of the "elite"/rulling class inbred families come from Venice and have brought their occult rituals and programming with them, including their macabre sexual transgressions (see this depicted in Eyes Wide Shut and such, Kubrick was quickly died after showing it to the world)]; see further down + the game 'Marco Polo' is MK symbolic as the one saying 'Marco' is effectively blinded, you can also imagine how this game can be twisted by sick programmers)], desperate to get a part in something (wouldn't be surprised if this is how many female Hollywood slaves/stars end up going when they get past age 35ish). Bridget Martquardt's bio is also interesting when compared to Holly in terms of her potential Monarch programming. "Bridget was born on Sept. 25th, 1973 in the North Coast town of Tillamook, Oregon. Natives of Lodi, Calif., Bridget's family moved to Tillamook after her father Doug, a veteran of the United States Air Force, was transferred and stationed on Mount Hebo." Both Bridget and Holly were born in Oregon, a state which is apparently very much heavily involved in MK if you've read Illuminati Formula/Deeper Insights. The United States Air Force (and Army/Military/etc) is one of major organizations involved in Monarch programming (particularly in "Alien Abductions", the vast majority of which are for MK programming); her father moving there for her to be born suggests to me this was probably for a specific programming purpose (the birth should be as traumatic as possible [i.e. inducing a premature birth] to increase their dissociative abilities in later life, incestuous trauma bonding, probably to her Air Force father [and the early 'splitting the core' in their first few years]). Air Force stations/bases have vast areas of land which they can use for programming Monarch multiples as well as underground bases where programming tech is researched, built and used on slaves (including Virtual Reality headsets/huge screens [VR was originally created and used by the Air Force] for programming).
Soon after she was born the family moved back to Lodi, Cali; at around age four she apparently saw her father's Playboy collection which made her "want" to be a Playboy model (probably a programmed false-memory through hypnosis), a 'Girl Next Door'. Her parents divorced, her mother remarried and they moved into her stepfather's isolated ranch. After her education (most programming takes place at a young age, "successfully" programmed Monarch Multiples have alters that can function fine in society), attending the University of the Pacific (same sororities as Holly's Portland Univesrity). She has always been married from a young age, probably her long-term handler who allowed her to be used by Hugh Hefner and other Hollywood types. She is currently dating Nicholas Carpenter (grandson of Hal Roach), whose mother was a (probable slave) Playboy bunny and his father a programmed astronaut for 'Project Mercury' Scott Carpenter [according to his imdb bio, like programmed Holly he also graduated from the Jesuits' Loyola Marymount University], seems like your stereotypical multigenerational Monarch slave family; he worked on things like Carnivalé and directed this film The Telling ("Segment Director", not sure if it means all three segments or just the one his masked slave Bridget is being used in, the most 'telling' segment).

Bridget, Holly and Kendra on the book accompanying the series. Popsicles are never pedophilic phallic suggestions of course. Holly and Kendra with their "popsicles" and Bridget playing the Daisy game (see further up for link to info on that).

Bridget with her black kitty-cat Gizmo [def: A mechanical device or part whose name is forgotten or unknown; a gadget. (Bridget is a programmed robotic kitten)], see 'A Witch's Kitty and Broomstick' post for MK stuff on the below image. The above drawing/painting (from the October 2006 issue of Playboy Magazine) has Bridget masked with her cat.

The Girls Next Door with their "canes" on a pink steps (pyramid).

One "humorous" way the Marquardt family's kitten dehumanization is shown on 'The Girls Next Door' in an episode with Bridget's half-sister Anastasia Case (Anastasia was a product of Bridget's time [where her mother ((hopefully anyway)) conceived Anastasia] at her stepfather's 'ranch') being transformed for the 'Midsummer Night's Dream. Anastasia means 'Resurrection', sticking with the theme of Monarch slaves as true modern day martyrs.

The episode 'hilariously' cuts quickly back and forth from Anastasia's grooming to Bridget's cat Gizmo's (with the obvious implication being these are two kittens having their fur removed).

The fully transformed kitten below, pre-kitten transformation above.

The Girls Next Door, Bridget and Holly in black/white duality stripes.

Bridget as Little Red Riding Hood (+ the severed head of the wolf) over the Mansion's checkerboard floored area.

Bridget as the ultimate symbol of American irony 'Lady Liberty'.

Bridget as Medusa at a Midsummer Night's Dream (above with Satan "Master" Hugh Hefner).

At last year's Playboy Halloween Party she showed up in an insane clown/ballerina (purple tutu) outfit.

Bridget with Hello Kitty + her ruby slippers/red shoes.

Bridget in a circus tent wearing her ruby heels.

Six Bobblehead Dolls.

Bridget is greeted (first by a midget [monarch symbolic; the dwarfism gene passed down from generation to generation, used in things like Wizard of Oz programming/Anderson fairy-tales/Disney programming/etc]) by Diane Sullinger (Diane meaning 'Divine' + Goddess Diana + royal sacrificial lamb etc]), who you may remember as the tarot card reader, who becomes catatonic after the birth of her daughter from a series of seizures and develops a psychic connection to her daughter (product of a violent rape) called Apollonia (below) in the Masonic/Templar/duality ritual drama (excellent + standard 'carnival'/freakshow MK themes) Carnivalé [see "Apollonia and Dionysian" and the Christian martyr 'Saint Apollonia': "According to legend, her torture included having all of her teeth violently pulled out or shattered."].

The horse/carriage metaphor is another 'trained' animal (+ abuse, consant wipping), kept under control by the 'double headed eagle' manipulators; and of course the big mirror + spiral staircase.

Victor (the symbolic "director") is appropriately played by John D'Aquino (born John Aquino), I do not know if he is related to (probably not) "Satanic"/Temple of Set programmer Michael Aquino (info on him at the end of the linked post); but the surname Aquino originates from Venice (it branched out to the town Aquino, a commune where lots of programming of 'Aquinos' probably occurred), a place hugely involved (due to it's historically important location for trade/influence) in MK/slavery/"elite" ancient cult families/etc (famous for it's "Venetian Masks"/masked occult rituals/masquerades/etc). John is a regular on Disney too, playing the President in 'Cory in the House', and appeared on HannaH Montana in a crossover episode.

I've embedded Cory in the House's theme sequence, note Cory's left hand holding a drumstick is suggestively positioned so giant phallus (Washington Monument) lands on his hand wrapped around the stick... I'm not saying anything.

Disney knew about their puppet Barack was coming to the White House; having this show air in the years preceding this I think is showing their typical racist attitude (showing the future man-servant/slave [the protagonist Cory is the son of the President's cook] to be in the White House [it's quite a coup how they managed to convince everyone 'slavery' ended with the Thirteenth Amendment in America; this only allowed it to flourish even more as it was no longer looked at because it 'didnt exist anymore', now with Barack in power all is forgiven and forgotten and any suggestion that slavery exists is just lunacy... "look how far we've come.. a black man is President!!! I'm so proud of my country! WOOOOO CHAAAAANGE!!!!!!!!!!" Aaaah, sweet brainwashing provides comfort for those who can't be bothered to think for themselves. i.e. the masses.]).

Jason Dolley, the end of his guitar is consciously positioned in front of the posed President's daughter, the guitar is often used as a symbolic phallus (i.e. Prince at the Superbowl).

As further (as if any were needed) confirmation about who controls Disney ("elite" white European families, a small cabal that can easily be toppled if people were remotely aware of their morbid influence on history); they've dressed up one such young Disney slave Jason Dolley in a ludicrusouly prominent crowned double headed eagle/phoenix (note another smaller one symbolicaly positioned inside MM's right ear; and of course duality inverted pentagrams [dark/white stripes inside the pentagram]... all of which is of course entirely coincidental and meaningless, it's not like Disney has any control over what their actors wear in promo shots like these and obviously has no idea of their historical/symbolic meanings... [/sarcasm]). Slaves such as this can usually be identified by the iconography they are wearing, the fleur-de-lis is an important one (his necklace) that you'll often see on slaves/handlers/general people involved, the patteéd cross is another good indicator (the wrist cuff he is wearing in the double headed eagle promo has it hidden, you can see it below though in one of the additional images to illustrate this type of symbolism on Disney slaves).


Hoodwinked slaves to the Ram [or if you're a young kid watching this Disney movie, "HAHA wedgie!!!" (wedgie's have sexual abuse undertones; having their underwear hung from the ram's [programming] horns makes this all the more significant) one of them is Jason, this and the above black/white hypnotic image are from the Disney original movie 'Minutemen' [Jason and two characters create a "time machine" to help victims of humiliating bullying/abuse ((time travel/going through a wormhole/dimensions/etc is symbolic dissociation; shown clearly with the black/white hypnotic pattern)) by changing the past].

"Forgive Footcandle (dwarf), he is obsessed with light and shadow, shadow and light..." [paraphrased; but clear duality reference with shadow and light/light and shadow spoken]

The usual 'absinthe ritual' is employed, though I suspect the water poured over the sugar cube was probably laced with Datura (perhaps LSD) or some other dissociative hallucinogen (Datura renders the victim unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy [a huge part of programming]) as absinthe is apparently not hallucinogenic in reality (the narrator states that it is), the "dream"/hallucination is probably actually occurring as part of her preparation (the drug making her think it's a dream, as she wakes up in her bed at the end of it) for her filmed traumatic programming session (not actually her, a younger model is the one being filmed/programmed). Victor does not do the 'absinthe ritual' and he drinks his straight, probably suggesting there was something in the water added to Bridget's which he did not want to add to his.

The 'absinthe ritual' of adding sugar is reminiscent of pedophiles adding sugar (+flavor) to alcohol and giving it to children, for obvious effects on the child benefiting the pedophile. Same goes for things like LSD/dissociative hallucinogens and the like (though used in a far more organized/complex fashion in Monarch programming).

The Absinthe 'Green Fairy' (this is obviously part of the reason why Walter Disney chose to make Tinkerbell lime-green [the slutty fairy (("A symbol of the magic of Disney.")) will soon be getting her own Hollywood star this year]) is the ritual programming slave for this session. The Patternist makes some obviously very pertinent to the long-term themes of this blog in this post with some interesting observations.

Disney have released a "Remote Controlled Flying Fairy", turn it on and watch it shoot off it's green stick and fly in the sky under your control! [should be easy enough to pick apart that metaphor]

Paris at the Mansion as the 'Green Fairy' [Paris' little 'toto' is called Tinkerbell of course, I've posted on her 'Fairy' fragrance with her as a fairy and such at this post + her latest is 'Siren' (looking her dissociative self; probably post on that soon)].

The 'Abinsthe Fairy' is played by Christine Nguyen; a soft-core/bdsm porn 'actress', whose alter-names (in various porn films) are Jennifer Lema, Jennifer Lee and Jin Le. A few images to illustrate the usual programming below (depersonalization in "Super Ninja Bikini Babes"/"Super Ninja Doll", she is transformed into a doll, dehumanization with her 'Animal Instincts' soft porn shoot etc).

This director of photography for this 'dream sequence' was done by an 'Alan Smithy', obviously not the guy's real name as he/she is involved in programming (Alan Smithee is a name used in the industry by people wanting to remain anonymous).

You can make out the skull and bones symbolicaly positioned between the mirrored/"double-vision" programming scene.

This is not Bridget, "Dream Eva" was played by one 'Eli Jane' (Elizabeth Speighr), she is the domestically traumatized girl in Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love video [bird cage by Leona etc, see Leona post for some info on her], lots of shattered glass/porcelain symbolism in this music video starring her. She was in Janice (Janus) Dickinson's [confirmed childhood sexual abuse; often the original sexual trauma-bonding from their father is the one abuse MK slaves remember] TV show [standard reality crap using their slaves (mixed with standard ignorant pawns; but still obviously very programmed by the media) to condition the masses].

Holly Madison the Green Fairy over the checkerboard floor.

Throat cut (obviously fake, but can be made to feel real to a suggestible/traumatized/drugged victim [actually think their throat is cut when the knife is clearly plastic]) is a highly symbolic/ritual method of dispatch (i.e. in Freemasonic first degree initiation oath).

"Dream" [Eli Jane's programming] ends.

A masked Diane Sullinger greets Bridget following her 'absinthe trip'/"dream" (Eli Jane's programming) and they proceed to tell her about "their" history (the inbred, "undead" [they're pretty much dead inside] ruling class, how they've 'got off' on causing and filming death throughout the history which they have consistently manipulated for their own sick ends).

"You look, amazing... Like a Dream within a Dream"

"Eva, did you know that once man invented a way to capture moving pictures, to capture.. life, what was the first thing that he did? He recorded death; executions, war, in a word.. horror."

"There is a small but devoted audience, we make our films for... people just like us. Beyond dead. [this 'undead' stuff should not be taken literally; the "elite" know that they are 'dead inside'/an inability to feel/completely lacking in empathy]"
"We've seen everything, everything horrific. We've collected images [essentially also snuff films using slaves; it is logical to assume that these sociopaths literally have libraries full of this kind of material] like others collect antiques. Nosferatu just won't do."

"Our audiences demand more and more from us [in these modern times when they can't get away with overt lynches/executions/sadistic torture killings/etc, which were of course common occurrences barely a century ago]. And this is where you come in Eva, you have never done a horror picture."...

Sex and Death. Their obsession is now our obsession (thanks to generations of TV programming).

..."That virginity is very appealing to us [sticks out lizard tongue/like a hungry dog; virgins are their currency... not virgins of horror films of course!]"

"Satan" is just a mask for 'evil' (this mask is symbolically kept in frame for some shots).

This psychological trauma (programming) is symbolized in usual fashion as it freezes with half of Bridget's face in shot [split mind/dissociation (see it on one of American McGee's Alice game cover also + Cheshire Cat quotes from the game to round off the post)], resulting in her below tranced state (very telling of Bridget's reality).

"I'm ready for my closeup Victor. I will always be ready for my closeup." The narrator says she will never age but will only live in the world of the undead (MK victims [and the sociopathic ruling class are the "undead", they are vampires in the sense they suck the life out of you]), she clearly looks very tranced here (dissociation from psychological trauma [there are many ways you can make someone think they are actually having their arm sawn off ((or anything like that)) without actually doing it]) as she symbolically removes her mask.

So that's the end of Bridget's ritual programming story; the final story has less imagery worth posting so I will not post screen captures on it.

It is told by the last girl to tell a "scary story", it is basically her fantasy as she wishes to kill Holly and the other Omega Kappa Kappa sorority girls who she blames for her sister's death (image of it below, they wouldn't accept her into their brainwashing cult/sorority; Holly says to her "You're not pretty enough!", which she repeats infront of the mirror over and over [losing her mind before self-destruction, note phallic positioning of bottle/drugs/etc]); she actually kills the whole sorority by giving them poisoned cookies.

Then the camera symbolically zooms in on fire through a (inverted?) triquetra looking symbol (666 + Hohberg [note double headed eagle coat of arms for the district in Germany it is located in ((most of the "elite" cult families running the show come from these areas in Europe; hence why their symbolism is all over this stuff, they're just inbred gangs obsessed with manipulation and control, who can't help but plaster their 'gang-signs' all over the media that they control))]. [Not sure if I have the energy to read through this post again to look for errors/grammar; please let me know if there are any major ones and I'll alter it. Also this post progressed very slowly, I'm taking a days break before coming back with some quicker posts.]

Off with their heads!

To the royal guards of this realm, we are all victims-in-waiting.

The uninformed must improve their deficit or die.


akaider said...

Great post Ben, I remember reading about Tilda Swinson's 'threes company' arrangement and thinking WTF???

Also I recently had confirmation from a family member of an aging hollywood star that hollywood kids are 'passed around' and that are big pedophiles in the industry. The contact described it as 'once you have everything' (ultimate power, money, etc) they find preying on children the ultimate drug.

The situation was described to me like this, kids of the industry hang out at each others houses so they'd be in a compromising situation if the friends parents are wacked out. Also these stars have decadent parties at their mansions, i'm sure they're not keeping an eye on their kids all the time and who knows what's going on in the back rooms. Add to this the regular mix of adult sex, drugs & 'rock n roll' and you can imagine its a pretty horrid environment to grow up in.

And this is assuming they they AREN'T being actively programmed. If the parents are onboard it must be 10x worse... no wonder these people are so jacked up! If anything we should feel sorry for them.

Also John Barrymore, grandfather of Drew Barrymore was quite a debauched character. Some of his exploits are chronicled in 'Hollywoods Hellfire Club'


Book description:

They made fans go crazy and censors apoplectic, spent fortunes faster than they made them, forged Rembrandts and hung them in major museums, went on trial for committing statutory rape with necrophiliac teenage girls, reinterpreted Hamlet as an incestuous mama's boy,and swilled immeasurable quantities of spirits during week-long parties on wobbly yachts.

They were "The Bundy Drive Boys," and they made the Rat Pack look like Cub Scouts.

Their self-destructiveness was spectacular, the misanthropy profound, but behind the boozy bravado was a devoted mutual affection. The Bundy Drive Boys' un-bowdlerized stories have never been illustrated so well or told so completely as within Hollywood's Hellfire Club.

skrambo said...

The masks now look as lifeless as ever. The most popular horror film killers wear masks: Michael Myers of Halloween and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (obvious Templar reference, he wears a mask in every movie besides the first one), I'm pretty sure it's meant to represent death, along with the MK definitions of trauma, porcelain mask and such.

Nice interpretation of Chronicles of Narnia and the other Pan/Hefner stuff. Enjoyed listening to Orbital, definitely checking out more of their stuff...

American McGee also worked on the game Doom, with its blue and gold/two pyramids (also an outline of three pyramids with beams shooting up)/kill everything in sight/super "occult" imagery (whole story's based on a stargate opening) thing...

Anonymous said...


Nice butterfly on Chaz tshirt. Btw Cher sucks as a mom. She was awful to them, treating them very bad. U reap what u sow, Cher!


Lohan's programming going wrong:

Aren’t you lucky – two Lindsay Lohan items this day! In the wake of her theft accusations, Lindsay Lohan has been acting “extremely oddly and erratically.”
She came in at 4:30 a.m. and went to a VIP room, where she immediately climbed a stripper pole. A little later, she walked up to a tall, handsome guy and asked him a question.
The question was, “What time are the movies at? WHAT TIME ARE THE MOVIES AT??? DO YOU THINK I LIKE THIS???” He did not know the answer so LiLo responded by…
She lost it and started yelling and cursing and flying
around the room. She was not acting normal.” Lohan was again spotted out on Sunday, dancing and singing karaoke.
Another fun detail: she was drinking virgin Shirley Temples, as if to prove that they tried to make her go to rehab but she said, “Ok, just realize that I will make a point of being exactly as f*cking unhinged sober as I am when drunk, if not more so.”
With every passing gossip item about Lindsay, I just want to be her friend more and more. It wouldn’t have to be a sexual thing, we would just hang out in clubs together and send each other incoherent text messages and giggle as we dare each other to go apesh*t on unsuspecting Normals and then throw eggs at passing limosines hoping that the night would never, ever end."


Anonymous said...


A few years ago, Miranda was an Idol contestant and wrote this on her blog: "I'm in Disney World. The place where Magic is real and dreams come true. Someday, I'll have my day....until then I have to keep dreaming..."

Heres her blog - http://idolfever.blogspot.com/


frequent visitor said...

Your research is superb, as always. BTW, I've been kinda studying the GND myself because I wanted to know what made them so self-loathing and insecure that they would whore themselves out the way they do. I've read "Bunny Tales" by some other ex-member of Hef's harem (some chick - I think her name was Isabella? - who apparently has some academic smarts but still moved into the mansion anyway) and she admits that she had to at least occasionally have sex with Hef in order to stay there. It also sounds like he would use some kind of weird psychology on them, especially in referring to their living organization as a "family". (Makes me think of the Manson Family, where there was also perverted sexuality.)

BTW, I also saw that episode where baby-faced Anastasia got slutted up and found it disturbing.

P.S. What does PeTA really do anyway?

frequent visitor said...

Izabella St. James is the "Bunny Tales" author; I used this link: http://www.amazon.com/Bunny-Tales-Izabella-St-James/dp/0762427396. It's an interesting read, although she wavers between contempt and praise for him. She may be intelligent, but her writing style isn't all that. (It's really nauseating when she compliments him as "blossoming sexually" and whatnot by following his dream of exploiting women, I mean, starting the Playboy empire.)

akaider said...

haven't seen this posted up yet, still unconfirmed? Morgan Freeman busted on some pedo/incest action. Refer to my post above!!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

More on Morgan Freeman's case:


It is worth reading all the 3 pages of it IMO


Anonymous said...

From imdb.

Wilson Romancing Young Hudson Look-a-like?

Actor Owen Wilson is dating a Kate Hudson look-a-like who is half his age, according to a U.S. report.
The Wedding Crashers star enjoyed an on/off romance with Hudson after appearing alongside one another in 2006 comedy You, Me and Dupree, but the couple split for good earlier this year.
The actress has allegedly moved on to date New York Yankees baseball ace Alex Rodriguez, and Wilson is getting over the failed romance by stepping out with a blonde doppelganger, reports the New York Daily News.
The new lovers made their relationship public by holding hands during a recent night out in the Big Apple, and eyewitnesses claim Wilson's girlfriend appeared to be years younger than the 40-year-old funnyman.
A source tells the publication, "Owen's new girl was a dead ringer for Kate Hudson, aside from the fact that she looked young enough to be his daughter. She looked to be just over the legal drinking age!"
And Wilson's representative has refused to confirm or deny the rumours, saying: "We do not comment on his personal life."


Anonymous said...




The Secret Sun said...

From your wikilink:

Curiously there is no evidence of such a complex hierarchy in the Bacchic Mysteries of Rome, which seem to have been simply presided over by a Domina and Dominus,serving as a High Priestess and Priest, and so it is possible that only the established Athenian form of the Mysteries and the Orphic Religion had this structure.

The original Mysteries of Dionysos seem to have had no real hierarchy at all, as only ritual functionaries, such as the Phallophoroi, are mentioned, the rest being participant Bacchoi, Thyiades or Maenads. However, a key role was always reserved for the Heroes, and his 'bride', who were possessed by the god, and initiates may have played officiating roles in this process.

JB LeMage said...

So, your seemingly casual, throw-away line, "...the most famous fictional martyr, Jesus..." begs the question: Which are you, a dupe or a shill?

You see, the machinations of the elite you endeavor to expose on this site are perpetrated by Satanic cultists. You depict their signs, their symbols, and the undercurrent of their narrative. Yes, they are evil, and they worship Satan, whom they know to be an actual, literal personage. They worship him with a faith many, many times stronger and surer than 99% of the self-proclaimed Christians have in worshipping their God.

On what account, this Satanic zealotry? Well, they have such strong faith because those human insiders, nearest the top of the pyramid, have actually MET His Satanic Majesty, in such a manner that there is absolutely NO DOUBT who they have encountered. (Pleased to meet you. Won't you guess my name?) Once "transfigured" by this encounter, they are able to communicate the reality of this being downward throughout the heirarchy with various signs and wonders. And, as Satan is truly the god of this world, he is able to manifest his presence by richly rewarding, with Earthly wealth, fame and power, those who do his will. The result is self-evident to those who love him. They SEE their god acting in the HERE and NOW.

There has been a literal battle for humankind for the entirity of history, and though complex, it CAN be boiled down to this:

God says, "I AM."
Satan says, "No, He's not."

Do you see the irony, with your cavalier mention of "the most famous fictional martyr, Jesus," of how your viewpoint now DOVETAILS PERFECTLY with that of the avowed enemies of all mankind, these Satanists you are supposedly exposing?

Strange bedfellows, indeed...

I mean, as far as this "fictional martyr, Jesus" goes, I have two more questions for you:

1.) How do you KNOW? and
2.) How do YOU know?

If your "superb research" leads you to tag Jesus as a "fictional martyr," then I would respectfully suggest that your education is FAR from complete, and that perhaps more time spent with the right books and less time on the pop detritus that is your focus is in order. C'mon...you pronounce Jesus a "fictional martyr," thus finally SINGLEHANDEDLY SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT, ONCE AND FOR ALL, thankyouverymuchforthat, and find yourself coming down squarely on the side of the Beast and his minions?

Well, dang, if you agree with them on that, with what else do you agree?

So, back to my first question: Dupe or shill?

P.S. I don't really expect this comment to stay up for long, but it is enough if you've read it. In all sincerity, for I would like to believe YOU are truly sincere, there's a LOT at stake here, and when you're in enemy territory, you need a really, really good map.

Anonymous said...

Ok, LeMage, u did ur number, whats next? Enlighten us, dont just play with ur lighter.

fan said...

yeah. I noticed you mentioned about how your blog post are not showing up in the Google's search engines. Looks like to me the elite don't want you getting this info out there. If i could suggest one thing....i think you should hide the "nav bar" on your blog so some asshole don't come along and try to 'flag' it to stop this info from coming out.

As much as you update your blog and get new post, it amazes me that even this new blog post didn't get indexed (I just did a check). Thats not going to stop this info from getting out. GO BEN! :)

Unknown said...

Great stuff as usual! How long does it take you to do a post like this? I can spend weeks gathering notes for just one post and several days to write it all out.

You mention Hugh not being able to impregnate Holly. I think I mentioned before in someone's comments that I've heard that Hugh has to watch gay porn just to get an erection, an apparent side effect of over-stimulation; normal stuff just wont do I guess.

Oh and good stuff about Lucy and the Wardrobe; like you said some of us have covered it a bit (I did in my Pan's Labyrinth post). The Celtic Rebel has been looking into "Lucy Fur" lately, which makes me see Lucy and the Lamppost in a "new light." Plus she's befriended by the "Satan" archytype of the faun/satyr. Also as "lucy fur," lucy and the gang don fur coats on their group trip into Narnia. Which reminds me of Holly and her support for PeTA. PeTA has been caught beating animals to death, and they used to have a felony arsonist on their payroll. If that's "ethics," then I'll have no part in their ethical treatment of anything! So they're the perfect organizational symbol for the ritual abuse of animals/sex-kittens.

And towards the end you mention: "Sex and Death. Their obsession is now our obsession" which was part of my recent series of long posts where I eventually pointed out that the God of Sex (fertility) is also the god of Death (and re-brith/resurrection), like Osiris, Dionysus, et al. The yearly ritual of killing the fertility-representing king: The King is dead, long live the King!

P.S. I don't get why LeMage got all bent out of shape over your mentioning the fictional account of the Crucifixion. He says you've read the wrong books and come to the wrong opinion. Gee, I wish some French knights could re-take up the slaughter whole countries to teach us the correct opinions to have! There's a reason Pope "Innocent" slaughtered an entire city of Christians to kill a handfull of Gnostics - wisdom is the anti-thesis to blind alliegence to dogma; as opposed to personal faith/belief in what you know on a deep personal level reguardless of what those demagoges of religion would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

Is our world a GAME? A BATTLE for souls. Or???

Whatever the nature of true reality (and thank you for peeling the onion regardless of google's well known censorship), there are TWO SIDES for sure.

So I would agree with JB Lemage that one need not be so quickly dismissive of Jesus while in turn espousing the works of Satan in such intricate and illuminating detail.

Jesus Christ, even if just in symbolism alone, represents the hope of goodness and redemption of mankind.

Anonymous said...

JB Lemage makes some good points.

Anonymous said...

In the context of this blog, Jesus is a moot point and an unnecessary distraction.
Surely anyone 'open' enough to read Ben's blog on a regular basis is far beyond silly arguments about whether Jesus was real or not.
I see the point of this blog as dealing with popular characters in the public eye right now and a revealing of their foundations. The 'pop' essence of this site is what makes it so relevant. 'Old school' religious idealists should really be looking elsewhere.
As for a war for men's souls - 'satan' cannot win. Such a bit player is thus enraged, because it knows just that...


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to get involved in this for some time now but had some difficulty with figuring out how to post. In any event, this happened to be on youtube. It even shows clips from movies which have monarch items and triggers laced into it. There is an entire series of these videos swirling around and they make mention of this site. thank you.


Esoteric Kitten said...

I have been looking at Gwen Stefani for a long time. EVERY time she is seen with child and Gavin Rossdale, Gwen is covered in red, black & white. I also spotted the child they share flying a massive monarch butterfly kite in US weekly a month or two ago. Her videos are filled with this stuff especially " It's My Life" where she has jeweled cuffs with padlocks on them and the "Sweet Escape" where she starts out in a gold cage or cell. There are "G"'s all over the place as well as a few hidden 666 and black & white jumpsuits for her dancers.

Truth blogger said...

Great article check out my blog!

A friend said...

While this is an entertaining read, you are making all kinds of unfounded connections between things. Your obsession and way of making associations has all the marks of paranoid schizophrenic thinking.

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