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The Luciferian Christina

Quick post, I came across this photo of Christina Aguilera (click for her previous posts/photos) in a Luciferian black magick scene, with a ritual pentagram drawn on the ground and each point/element has a black candle on it. The scene, at the very least resonates with themes of Satanic ritual abuse.

Disney Mouseketeers are predominantly victims of Monarch (trauma-based mind control) programming often involving "Satanic" ritual abuse, this set of images is quite indicative of that I feel. Note the battered and burned doll on the floor which is a standard motif for childhood abuse, Christina's father Fausto's abuse and a sociopathic obsession with control is pretty well known (see this post for some specifics she can recall), a typical Monarch military father (whose name, meaning 'luck' in Italian, reminds me of Goethe's Faust who allied himself with the Devil) who traveled to military bases with his family, eventually leaving them when she was still young. By age 8 they already had her appearing on TV shows singing sexually suggestive songs which is not as blatant as her own 100% sexual euphemism debut song "Genie in the Bottle" (Britney's debut of course was also entirely suggestive), singing the 'Star-Spangled Banner' to testosterone-filled stadiums and in that pentagram-centric 'Star Search' show, in which Britney also appeared before they joined the Mickey Mouse Club (posted on it a lot in Britney posts).

Note her occult pendant, the crescent moon with three pentagrams inside it (notice the same motifs, crescent moons and pentagram symbolism on Magician/Wizard Mickey's conical hat), skull and bones brooch (also wearing a ruby ring [second image below] associated with sexual programming, and a ruby drops necklace symbolizing blood [drops]). Note the black cat, overtly for the standard witch cliché (and it's cultural association with the devil and witches) but more to symbolize her sex kitten programming. Spiders are another common MK motif (all of these kinds of symbols make for good triggers) because of spider tortures' effectiveness (victims describe being trapped in a box with spiders dropped in with them and such) and other facets of the spider are useful for programming (i.e. the spider web imagery is a good template for internal structuring), her red and black clothing may also be an allusion to the Black Widow.

On the other doll (symbolically under her foot/trampled on) note the position of the knife on it's stomach, all very symbolic of ritual abuse (and showing literally how they are used in MK, as the child is emotionally attached to the doll, giving it a personality and whatnot, so it can be used in multiple ways to emotionally traumatize the victim to create splits/personalities). What is that bloody thing above, it looks like a skinned goat head or something? There also appears to be an animal skull (below Minnie Witch photo), possibly a goat though half is cut off. A practicing occultist reader could probably describe the purpose of the jars and whatnot. Included a loosely related image of Christina at Disneyland with a Minnie Mouse Witch (+ sunflowers).
Note the red and black coloured clothing (black/red/white common colour scheme used by occultists such as the Nazi establishment, the red associated with the occult obsession with pure genes/bloodline, black evil/darkness, white light for duality). Click one of the above images where you can see that one of Christina's Hebrew tattoos is on show, it is unlikely that she wasn't posed specifically and ritualistically to reveal the Hebrew letters 'Yud' (Y) and 'Bet' (B) to add a bit of Kabbalah magick to the shoot's (metaphorical) cauldron.
These Hebrew letters are described in the press as representing her husband, currently her long-term handler, Jewish music executive Jordan Bratman's initials, with Spanish words surrounding it reading "I love you always" (a permanent declaration of eternal devotion to the handler). Apparently Roman Catholic raised, she was married in a Jewish ceremony and their son Max Liron Bratman has been circumcised, the bris ceremony was decorated with inflatable penises/phalli (as if the traumatic genital mutilation [however you choose to rationalize it, that's what it is] ritual ceremony wasn't messed up enough).

Note Jordan's Mickey Mouse skull/death t-shirt with Christina, one of the products of Walt Disney Company's cult (in terms of who runs it) of death and perversion. Christina has even been branded with a Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse ears tattoo, in a fitting location (for Disney) below her bikini line (cannot find any pictures, info from Vanishing Tattoo).

The other Hebrew tattoo, below on the small of her back (AKA her 'tramp stamp' as it is known) comes from the symbolic Song of Solomon (important to Kabbalists) 6:3, reading 'I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me.' followed by Jordan Bratman's initials JB (Victoria Beckham has a quote from the same part of the Song of Solomon tattooed down the back of her neck/backbone [this positioning is clearly symbolic, associated with the Tree of Life, see Fashion's Gnosis for details] Britney also had a Hebrew tattoo of a name for God).

The title of this post is a play on words for the 'Luciferian Christ' (Christina/Christian obviously meaning 'Follower of Christ' which is pretty ironic [it is how they think, their sense of humor I feel]), in the same set (taken by Judson Baker in 2005 for Blender magazine, whose split word motif I have noted before, see the magazine cover further down) Christina is photographed with motifs associated with Jesus Christ namely crucifixes. Note all the 'light' symbolism wearing white, with a silver crucifix (and a ruby crucifix necklace). Same again below with the sun/light coming from behind the clouds behind her head (like Jesus, the light/sun of God, he is often portrayed with the sun behind his head).

A bit of Baphomet posing (as above so below) below with the "Holy Spirit" dove (on the 'as above', fitting with the symbolic pose).

Continuing the set below, as the dualistic opposite of the above, dark themes as opposed to light. Speaking of duality, her next album was, at one point going to be called 'Light and Darkness' but seems to have changed to 'Bionic' (more associated with mind control as it suggests dehumanization, body parts replaced or augmented with tech, turning to a cyborg/robot MK theme), there has been speculation that this video is part of viral advertising for it but am reluctant to embed it until it is confirmed one way or the other. Note the skull necklace, blood red/scarlet outfit and the sun's light attempting to break through the dark storm clouds gathering behind her. The red ribbon coiled round her wrist reminds me and is probably symbolic of the Kabbalistic Tefillin.

Note the black crusader/templar-like cross (and the ironic statements about her being different from other "fake" artists like Britney whose system does not appear to be as structurally sound [so to speak] as Christina's system).

Citizen K photo shoot from last year, who to me looks quite a bit like Kabbalistic prima-Monarch witch Madonna in this set (note black/white symbolism above and the mannequins).

A symbolic photo below from one of her earlier shoots below which I thought was poignant enough to finish with. Update on my current posting situation, I've been feeling increasingly unsure of what to post on (there is no shortage of subjects to choose from though, which is part of the problem), I spent a long time on one then decided to start a Mariah Carey post, so that should be up in the next few days and return to the one I was working on.


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Anonymous said...

@6 February 2010 17:32

you have it spot on.

when an "alternative" site decides to somewhat censor it loses its alternative status.

that being said, personal attacks like those on bens sexuality are pointless, so a simple comment delete cant be seen as 'censorship'

the valentines thing mentioned above a few posts back..wasnt that meant to happen in like 2006? only back then it was a rumor on the net in Italy or somewhere.

venusinpieces said...

Just wanted to touch on the imp[oster who is impersonating some of the regulars here. This has been going on for awhile, because someone posting under my name, Sierra, linked to my story in the Brittany Murphy comments section. Don't know who it was, because it sure as hell wasn't me.
It is true that a moderated forum would prevent some of these abusive trolls from dragging down the conversation. So kudos to anyone who wants to take this on!

Lula said...

yes i do realize that, after i posted my comment i actually thought, that was probably the same person who posted the comment that Lulu made about christina aguilera...


Lula said...

17:44, i think that person is just trying to make fun of us or something because tehy later say, your too paranoid. if they do know something, wouldnt that be considered some sort of threat?? but yes, im curious too what that person means??

Go Figure said...

Yes. There is a strange new vibe to this comment section. And it's no coincidence, is it, L.D.?

Lula said...

someone just gave me this link about some sort of numerical code embedded in the movie the shining. he thinks its binary or computers or something. i know stanley kubrick directed the shining, (stanley kubrick being murdered off by the illuminati after eyes wide shut) well, i dont know about numerology but i know the illuminati are really into it. what do these numbers mean?

he numbers :12, :21, :24, or :42

here is the link about the shining

Lula said...

oh, i think....i get it but probably not

the numbers are a code, a latitude longitude (gosh that blog is so long to read!!!)

ok so the movie is a reversal of the stephen king novel, its like, a mirror of the book...which makes me think..aleister crowley and backwards...

its a code to a meeting place, for a cult...

Lula said...

it is called, "the shining" i believe, because it is referring to "the illuminated ones" the freemasons, the skull and bones, the illuminati...such as stanley kubrick was one, but he revealed secrets, therefore he was killed off..

Lula said...

wait the shining is about...the keeper of the scrolls?

and stephen king who wrote the novel is skull and bones? hmm...

Lula said...

stanley kubrick revealed the meeting place for skull and bones where they were talking about jfks murder...

he also revealed in code what angle jfk was murdered at...

i dont know?!?!?

Anonymous said...

nevermind about that...there is code in that movie but im not sure what it is about im tired!! HA

superking099 said...

Movies has codes. That they do. If you know where to find them.

Donnny. said...


By Jerry Capeci

Gotti Feared A Guilty Verdict

Gotti IV was a total disaster for the feds. But they sure had John (Junior) Gotti fooled. The mob prince was utterly convinced that he was going to be found guilty of three murders and racketeering and sent away to die the same lonely, tragic death that his father suffered in federal prison, Gang Land has learned.

The erstwhile Junior Don was so terrified by that likelihood that on the day jurors began deciding his fate, he wrote an angry letter to trial judge P. Kevin Castel. In it, he ripped the judge as well as the defense lawyer who orchestrated his fourth successive mistrial in five years.

“He thought he was dead meat. He felt that everything had gone against him and he would be convicted. That’s what spurred him to write the letter,” said one knowledgeable source, adding that the written missive was also “clever and calculated.”

Lord Henry Blindin' Folkswaggler said...


Twas I who said you folks are too paranoid, clearly evidenced by you're being paranoid about such a comment!

Clearly trolling is going on, but it's incredibly more likely to be some kids having fun exploiting the comment sections weaknesses than agents of evil seeking to disrupt the so-called search for truth.

If you don't want to be imitated, go anonymous, or change your name all the time as I do :) It's the information which is important anyway, not necessarily who it came from.

Anonymous said...

Looks like were dealing with doppelgangers even here. Smb else pretends its Brenda, another smb else pretends its Ben and so on... Very sad...


Lula said...

Yeah well ... you're just a shill ... obviously disinfo agent.



Sherlock said...

Lula never starts with a capital letter

Big Daddy said...

That last comment by "Lulu" ain't from Lulu. Guaranteed.

Go play in another sandbox little children.

Emily said...

Ok, so I have been looking at the Doppleganger site, and though there are some convincing pictures, I am still not so convinced. I tend to think subjects like this are nothing more than disinfo to destroy the credibility of real information. I will still look into it, but so far It doesn't strike me as truth. Except for maybe marilyn monroe and angelina jolie.

Stan said...

big daddy, you wanna talk about sand boxes and little children?

lol ... ask your hero ben why he's been deleting certain comments here and leaving a bunch of others up ...

Benjamin S said...

I'm sure anyone who has seen some of the comments I have deleted they know they were completely justified (ones posing as me, "Ben the queer" etc), it's hardly rocket science why I have deleted those few (by rights I should be deleting a lot more).

Sir Basil Fotheringay said...

Whoever was posting those homo-accusative messages has already defeated themself by the puerile nature of the comments.

Ben are you getting pissed off at the direction of this comment section? Maybe it's now necessary to take your articles in a new direction, the themese are all very evident, there's a huge back catalogue for anyone unfamiliar with these themes to peruse.

I think the self assuredness of this comment sections' glitterati risks alienating people interested in exploring these themes.

Stan said...

I wasn't refering to the childish "Ben is gay" posts.

In hoc signo vinces.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Eric didn't want to have children because he knew his first born son would have to be sacrificed, as part of the 'deal' he made to become a famous guitarist?

He did have a daughter, but she lived.

Shades of Robert Johnson...

Benjamin S said...

Those are the only ones I have deleted so I'm not sure which you are referring to.

The Grandiose Basil Persil said...

Stan, to what comments are you referring?

Lula said...

oh my gosh i didnt even write those other comments, i did ask about the numbers in the movie but i didnt write about the skull and bones or the meeting place or JFK! wow!!

i was reading about the shining on that blog, and it was weird because it seems like the novel and the book are reversels of each other, and work together. at one point the characters "doppleganger" comes through the mirror...i always get freaked out when reading stephen king and the shining is a great movie, so reading that part freaked me out...

maybe my "Lula" doppleganger came out and posted that.

im trying to be serious here and someone else posts things to make me look crazy and discredit any sort of info i would like to share.

i dont think this is fair for any of us.

Lori said...

I am mad! I just want to know why stanley kubrick left so many clues in the shining, numbers and why he reversed it from the book. i never thought it was a code for a meeting place or anything about JFK. this is really annoying. its like someone wants to confuse us in the comment section now! im going to use my name i think..

Ms. Marple said...

"Lori" above is troll, again the capital letters

Old Fart said...

As per the downslide of this comment section, I reckon we should remember the ol' David Icke favorite:

When "they" create the problems, the public cry out, "Something must be done!" And so something is done that creates more constriction, less freedom and more oversight by "them."

Problem, reaction, solution.

If the public (us and the trolls) would just cooperate with each other, egos aside, and spread info and communicate knowledge, Ben wouldn't have to censor, etc.

But life isn't like that, is it. What a sad state of affairs. I'm almost 60 years old and I can't believe how far this world has gone to bits.

word verification: CULTS (??!!)

Moke said...

has anybody else seen this kid? 8 years old and an IT "wizz." not only did the age thing catch my eye, but his initials are rather intriguing as well. Marko Casalan looks pretty suspicious to me. check him out and let me know what you think? this seems classic MK to me because of the fact hes so good at computers, i can only imagine the kind of memory that takes. maybe a photographic memory induced by electroshock during MK programming?


Daddy-O said...

Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances, is debuting a debut CD in March. From the sound of this article, it's MK.

Conjoined twins?

Evelyn, Evelyn.

And just read that Tiger Woods will make first appearance on the greens at the TAVISTOCK OPEN on March 22/23 (spring equinox.) You can't make this stuff up, can you?

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to see a movie that deals unflinchingly with the training of a Beta sex slave, watch "Wild Orchid" the unedited version with Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis...

Cloud Tiger said...

Not got time now (at 01.15!) to read your great post on this very public MPD MK case but I will quickly add 2 observations:

When this was first advertised in the UK press the Daily Telegraph featured Kim on their online version and it was obvious by the juxtaposition of meaningful news items that They were mocking her by referring to My Little Pony and other sick references. I highly recommend the DT for the Real Media News, the Illy's coded comms hidden in plain sight in the profane's news media. See my posts (as Cloud Tiger) on tintin and vera susa's thread News Behind the News on Icke's forum. Mirrors and reverses are added to the juxtapostions and codes.

The other just came to me: Kim is so obviously (even to the profane) spaced out, the size and shape of her face around the eyes even accentuating her tranced out eyes, that it occurs to me that since she has been chosen as a postergirl for "real" MPD the abusers are trying to program the public that this is what MPDers look like. Thus they hide the Legions of not-obviously-tripped-out slaves. Cunning b@stards. Hence "functioning" personalities are taken to be the sole one, "normal" and "sane", when they are merely the front alters.

As you read these comments in your email, Ben, I now suggest we start a clarification drive on this subject, an attempt to refine and then define without dogmatism our understanding of the MK world, by getting a thread going somewhere (there are several good options for its situation) ON FRITZ SPRINGMEIER. I am sure he is a disinfo agent but a great deal of his books is true. The public really need his stuff to be sifted and sorted so we don't have to keep referring to a discreditting ( and Christian ) source. What of his info is true and what is false? That is a subject I think we should tackle together ASAP (time is running out). What say anyone?

Anonymous said...

P.S. If you guys stop feeding the trolls, they'll get bored from lack of attention and find someone else to annoy... you're playing right into their hands by responding.

LADY GAGA said...

whats it mean? Peace symbols, religious figure, lady gaga and her sister...

Cloud Tiger said...

Oops! Sorry! I meant to post that on the Art of Dissociation post
but got my windows mixed up!
Ben, will you reintegrate me?
better yet duplicate?
aah forget it: i'll clone myself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Check this one out if you haven't already seen it.....

Of note:
# Sources noted to the Post that the room was littered with pill bottles and "thousands" of pills, along with "scattered documents — including a suicide note penned by Jordan."

# In the suicide note, she wrote that her son Jude was in "constant pain" and that she'd hoped "Jude [was in] a better place." She also "mentioned speaking with a Wyoming child porn investigator about the sexual abuse of kids," and cited the assistance of an ex-FBI agent. In an already bizarre and tragic case, this part sticks out:

Ex-FBI agent Flint Waters "told me many rich people are involved," Jordan wrote. "Many wealthy guys trade child porn like a hobby." Waters did not return a call Friday night.

Be well,


Anonymous said...

I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend backwards.

In hoc signo vinces.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I dont believe too much the official version, but her (alleged) killer comes from a military background. Not unusual, is it?


Thomas said...

@Moke 7 February 2010 15:01

Seriously? Was that worth my time? Little kid great at computers, no indication of mind control whatsoever.

You folks can not attribute absolutely everything to mind control, you know how the mind works, once you fixate on something you start seeing it everywhere. There are FAR more important issues than mind control. How will all your speculation help you in the moment of death?

Anonymous said...

Comments like urs weve had plenty of here. Whats death has to do with all? If u were more careful, u could notice that not everything is about mind control, nor we see it everywhere etc. etc. If ure gonna say smth, at least get informed previously.


Anonymous said...

"If ure gonna say smth, at least get informed previously."

Right back at you, I've been reading this blog for at least a year now and my judgement is based on that.

"If u were more careful, u could notice that not everything is about mind control, nor we see it everywhere etc. etc."

Could you cite examples?

"Whats death has to do with all?"

My point about death is that we are all going to die someday, and we all spend our lives investing time in fools' errands. There are bigger mysteries to be dealt with, such as the nature of birth and death, which are SO immediate to our lives it reduces the issue of mind control to minutiae.

In the past I've invested myself in the conspiracy theory/mind control culture, and realize now how hypocritical so many aspects of it are. Many participators accuse others of ignorance, blind faith and aggressive defense of beliefs, which they themselves are equally guilty of, if not moreso.

Brenda said...

^^^^I agree with your last statement re: the conspiracy movement as I have been involved in various sides of it for nearly 25 years and have seen the blatant hypocrisy you speak of. I've also noted how much of what is "predicted" does not materialize but is there to push one further into "fear mode" so as to control you.

My interest in mind control and MK was born from wanting to understand what made people do the strange and "unpredictable" things that they do, sometimes "unwillingly." The celeb connection was not evident to me as much of the people used by the military to assassinate others (JFK, RFK, MLK....gee, notice all the "K's.")

But now with the celeb connection coming into view more closely, it all makes sense and it is worth investigating without becoming OBSESSED with it. Obsession will make you see stuff where it doesn't exist. I get that.

But you speak of death and birth. Ironically, MK has A LOT to do with death and birth as those in the higher ranks REVERE the vagina (birth) and systematically use ritual sacrifice (death) to supposedly tap into some universal power consciousness. Remember, if you start investigating all this, you will find that these practices go back 1000's of years (Egypt?) and multi-generational families play the same games and same mind-fucks to their offspring, producing an "infected bloodline" that perpetuates the abuse and craziness on the next generation. Thus, birth and death WITHIN those "Illumined" bloodlines is VERY IMPORTANT to their sustainability.

I wonder how many people at "the moment of death" (as you put it) who have been involved in MK will realize that they were a pawn and their life was used to empower another? That's heady stuff right there.


Anonymous said...

@ 7 February 2010 19:49 LADY GAGA

It means that the Catholic church runs Lady Gaga. She went to Sacred Heart didn't she?

And she said it in her song too... Papa Ratzi [nger], she'll follow him forever etc.


Anonymous said...

Oh Shakira's a Catholic operative too. That song 'She-Wolf', refers to Rome. See the myth of Romulus and Remus

Anonymous said...

No offense intended to anyone (apart from Rome-lovers, Calvinists and Lutherans, who really need to discover honesty and the evils of dogma.)

but we are all Catholic "operatives" to a degree, We are using their Money, their Law, their corrupted Languages.
Who doesn't pay Taxes? We all pay Sales Taxes...

Basically I am asserting that the Roman Cryptocracy runs the $hitpile. Note that the Farnese family married Philip V and also created the Jesuits who run all these Disney MK muppets (and everything else). The Protestant Reformation was stage managed by shills like Luther (Rosicrucian) and Calvin to create the Industrial Revolution and "Protestant" Work Ethic (though the Romans say Works and Faith while the Calvinsts put Destiny over even Faith and surely Works... but still promote work.)

So now Nordics have conquered the planet for the Sionist "Aryan Borg" Elite and people still worship "Jesus". Christ! When will the stupidity end?

Fillibub von Custard said...

Thankyou Brenda,

you're responses are always well considered and indicative of your superior reasoning skills to many people on this board, of course the intelligent are always in the minority.

Indeed I see the themes everywhere in the entertainment industry, and I have been convinced of mind control in the past. I don't doubt that it occurs on some level, and obviously the dreck we have pumped into us is inherently damaging, my fear is that investment in any belief system swallows human potential.

My chief concern is that not only websites such as this, but in every aspect of society, we are trying to cut down trees by hacking at branches.

There is next to no discussion on this board of what we as individuals can do in our lives to improve our situation. I think the first step would be to throw away our televisions, computers, radios and stop analysing the shit we're fed, because we still need to be fed it in order to analyse it.

Otherwise, to what end is Ben's research intended? To spread awareness? Then what? The more people who become aware of these theories, the more people you will have questioning them and weakening the potency of the ideas here. Conversely, there will also be more people who take this stuff hook, line and sinker without thinking a single thought of their own, condemning themselves of possibly years of wasted energy.

Do you see my dilemma?

Brenda said...


You wrote:

"Otherwise, to what end is Ben's research intended? To spread awareness? Then what? The more people who become aware of these theories, the more people you will have questioning them and weakening the potency of the ideas here. Conversely, there will also be more people who take this stuff hook, line and sinker without thinking a single thought of their own, condemning themselves of possibly years of wasted energy.

Do you see my dilemma?"

I absolutely do see your dilemma because I share it. Everything you said in the copy I made of your post I agree with. These are the same questions I put forth whether we are talking about MK or "Climate Change" or Martial Law, etc.

First, the job is to get the info out there.

Second, to discuss, debate and get past the denial.

Third, to share stories to prove the validity.

Fourth, to do something to create further awareness and, through that awareness, alter the systemic collapse of our consciousness and evolvement as a race.

Number Four is where most stop. It's easier to just bitch and moan about that state of affairs and become paralyzed in fear and depression once one recognizes all this evil. It's more comforting to marinate in the juices of discontent because creating "change" is either too daunting or one believes that "they" won't let us or "they" will always have power over us. Thus, most do nothing.

Thus, "years of wasted energy." I concur 100%.

So, what to do? I still believe that passing info is vital but there should be levels of that info passing between those on the same level of awareness. For example, a beginner's level, a middle level and a level for "experts" in the field to pass info between them. You can never have enough knowledge. Even myself who has been involved in this type of alternative thought for decades needs to learn some things from scratch within this field.

The point of "changing the mindset" is tricky because I do believe that "they" aren't interested in any of us exerting control over our own destinies. In fact, when you observe most people out there, they don't WANT or CRAVE independent thought. Thus, the audience is ripe for being controlled. But for those of us who are aware and awake, it seems all we can do is REMAIN aware and awake and introduce as much beauty, happiness, joy and laughter into our daily lives as possible in order to subvert the encroaching darkness. I still believe that by each of us as individuals being aware while also introducing as much beauty (whether that be a garden, classical music, beautiful art, a bouquet of flowers, good food, a great book, etc.) into our lives as possible, somehow the scales of imbalance fall more in our favor simply because we are NOT letting the bastards bring us down onto their low level and make us wallow in their crap.

I believe strongly in energetics. Those involved in the dark arts exert their energetics by wishing to pull us into the dreck, as you call it. If you can counter that by basically thumbing your nose at them and saying "I'm aware of your bloody tactics and I still will see the beauty this world has to offer," they lose their hold on you and move onto another victim who is more willing to play their game.

That's all I have for you.

venusinpieces said...

^^^^^^^^^very well said

Anonymous said...

Two random observations if anyone is interested...

Ever notice how when celebs such as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan tend to deny their problems with the words, "I'm in a really good place now"? I'm pretty sure Lohan has used it as least twice, and I'm guessing Barton was where I saw it the last time.

Also, I wonder if those creepy bejeweled lollipops that you often see Kim Kardashian with are related to that "Millions of Milkshakes" - type crap?
and especially this pic

RumpleStiltskin said...


I agree with much of what you say, and you speak very well on these subjects. You clearly care a lot for those around you and the fair distribution of information etc.,

I think your idea about categorization of levels of awareness is risky though, how can any of us claim to be experts on anything when we are just dust floating a formless void? Our 'expertise' can only be drawn from our limited experience as individuals. When people start proclaiming themselves as experts in the spiritual field (as we all will have seen), exploitation soon follows.

Again, I apply similar logic to terms such as "aware" and "awake". Just because we may question the things around us more does not mean we necessarily are enlightened. We're all still here going round in circles, and may well be until we all end up in the same cold ground, and all our supposedly 'aware' thoughts will have not been worth a hill of beans.

I would have once concurred with your ideas on energetics, however I now think that we risk imprisoning ourselves further by seeking to rationalize the indescribable scientifically, though I can indeed comprehend your terminology.

All considered, I suggest that the most powerful tool in keeping the shitwagon pulling us all along is our opposition to it, our direct creation of an enemy. As Paul Anka said on The Simpsons - "Just don't look!"

Anonymous said...

So ignore it? Pretend it isn't happening?

Anonymous said...

It's only happening in YOUR life to the degree that YOU let it.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY a debate that isnt full of infantile crap.

in response to 8 February 2010 14:02 ;

at risk of sounding like Im on the offensive, what exactly do you do to 'stop' this stuff happening?

reason I ask, many will say its 'wrong' to over-look/ignore whats going on. but they themselves merely..observe/comment, without doing much else.

I dont mean that as in they are doing wrong by not doing anything, after all, what can a singular person do? the world sees anyone who even considers this "stuff" to be realistic as a moron/nutter.

Anonymous said...

What?! More New Age NeoVedic blame-the-victim karma crap?
One step away from the old "Don't interfere with another's karma", i.e. let them starve.

Cui bono?

Papa Roma and the Aryan Brahmins win again!

You wish perhaps?...

I for one am doing something about it...
by spreading awareness of sneaky tricks and plots of those who prey on the weaker.
Ignoring disharmony and just thinking good thoughts won't make the hard impact of reality go away, you childish crazies.
Usual mix of idiots and liars pretending to be rational.

Being unreasonable and Magickal thinking are all well and good if you can actually pull it off. Got Mojo? Got juice?
Didn't think so...
even a Hard Chi Kung Fu Master isn't bulletproof so we had better start finding ways to rebel from our forced deathmarch that are more reliably effective than playing this ever-popular game "The Three Monkeys of Denial".

Maybe a real "Jedi" Master Saint could eat bullets but we need to take action to prosper more effective than simple meditation AKA navel-gazing, and pontification AKA Bullshitting.
External action is required, not just internal purification.
And no, you closet Nazis, the Maitreya or Christ is not going to return to take you to Heaven.
If you don't build a strong soul then this life is the last one for you. Eaten up by Mother Kali!

Brenda said...

^^^^I assume you are the same person I was communicating to prior to this.

So, in response to your post at 13:27...

You wrote:

"I think your idea about categorization of levels of awareness is risky though, how can any of us claim to be experts on anything when we are just dust floating a formless void? Our 'expertise' can only be drawn from our limited experience as individuals. When people start proclaiming themselves as experts in the spiritual field (as we all will have seen), exploitation soon follows."

Yes. Absolutely agree re: so called "experts." I have no use for them either. I've personally known two rather famous "experts" in the "human potential" field and they were nothing short of idiots in their personal lives, corrupting their family ties and causing any number of emotional nightmares with their partners. To me, a TRUE expert is someone who has a lot of PERSONAL knowledge (not from books) and can express that knowledge in such a way as to enlighten others, while MAINTAINING a humility as to their weaknesses and limit of understanding on some subjects. Obviously, MY definition of an expert varies from the norm.

Re: the beginners, middle and expert levels I wrote about, I had to use some sort of "playing field" so to speak, in order to get across the idea that there are indeed LEVELS of understanding of MK, conspiracy theory, ancient traditions, sun worship, ritual abuse, and so on. If you understand a lot of this already, you wouldn't want to be debating with those who are "new on the path" as you'd end up being the "daddy" or "mommy" and spend all your time explaining rather than learning new aspects yourself. It's not arrogant. It's reality. Also, without falling into the infantile pit again, you can obviously see what happens when you have an intellect and others don't. You get spammed and such.

Continued below....

Brenda said...


You wrote:

"Again, I apply similar logic to terms such as "aware" and "awake". Just because we may question the things around us more does not mean we necessarily are enlightened. We're all still here going round in circles, and may well be until we all end up in the same cold ground, and all our supposedly 'aware' thoughts will have not been worth a hill of beans."

OK. I have nothing but the King's English to explain myself. Short of using hand signals (which doesn't work well in a medium such as this comment box), I have nothing more than words that sufficiently express myself. Of course, I agree with everything you said above. BUT I think you risk a certain intellectualism of these ideas which leaves you revolving in that same circle you mentioned. Once you fall into intellectualizing these words, you completely miss the entire point of what I was writing. How else can I explain that in order to deal with this shit, you must be AWAKE AND AWARE while simultaneously not allowing the filth to thwart your internal or evolutionary progress? Of course, "awake" and "aware" mean different things to different people. But I have no control of how that is interpreted for each person. I have only the words that should lead one to understand the main gist. If we start picking away at the meaning of words constantly, we miss the whole point of moving toward a better understanding of MK manipulation because we're too busy debating the meaning of a word.

You wrote:

"I would have once concurred with your ideas on energetics, however I now think that we risk imprisoning ourselves further by seeking to rationalize the indescribable scientifically, though I can indeed comprehend your terminology.
All considered, I suggest that the most powerful tool in keeping the shitwagon pulling us all along is our opposition to it, our direct creation of an enemy. As Paul Anka said on The Simpsons - "Just don't look!"

Again, how else can I explain something like "energetics" that is akin to something ether-like? If we don't at least "try" to explain something, how can we have any communication? I think you're intellectualizing here again.

I totally agree with your idea that our constant opposition to this creates "the enemy" paradigm. I've been aware of this for years. But at risk of sounding too MK, duality must exist in our reality. Just as there is day and night, opposites must be in place in this solar system because duality is how it was created. The duality of a man and woman creating a child, the duality of day and night, the duality of birth and death....i.e., the bookends of existence. Thus, we have heroes and we have enemies. Sometimes they switch places and sometimes the elements of both exist within each of them at various times of their lives.

What's that old Buddhist saying? Nothing is good or bad. It just is. I agree with that as I've seen it play out in my long life too many times. What I thought was "bad" turned out to be the best thing in the world later on. The person who I thought was "my enemy" turned out to be my saving grace.

Esoteric, but true.

Brenda said...

My comments above were directed at Rumplestiltskin. Not the person who posted just above me. Just want to be clear.

But to that person who posted above me as anonymous, I agree with your assertion that we should act rather than be passive. But I think the question is "What is the right action that will bring about awareness as well as resolution?" To just "act" with rage and anger against the bastards does no good. Believe me. I've tried it. It sucks wind. All you do is work yourself up into a frenzy and end up pushing people away because of the harried vitriol. Nobody wants to be yelled at or told they are stupid if they don't get it or jump on the bandwagon.

The most important thing, IMO, is to continually work on keep YOUR house in order, your soul on course....To continually be honest with yourself at the risk of having to admit failure. Who cares if you fail? Failure is vital to soul's growth. I'm not talking the usual New Age bullshit "working on yourself" at the expense of ignoring your fellow man/woman. I'm talking about always being honest with yourself, your motives and your reasons for "spreading the truth." I've told untold numbers of people about this kind of stuff and I can guarantee you that probably 1% have cared enough to do their own research.

That is exactly what TPTB count on. It's important, they feel, to make us all look like "nutters" in order to push their ultimate agenda. But I'm secure enough in my own skin and old enough to simply not give a shit if I'm called crazy. I know I'm not. I don't have a lot of people who I can debate this kind of stuff with. Remember that old saying, "You can't have a battle of wits with an unarmed man." I get it.

Gordon Bennett said...

Thanks for your in depth response Brenda,

I don't mean to be a pedant by questioning your terms, I use them/have used them myself to describe the same things you have described (though obviously everyone's interpretation differs).

I believe that I am wanting to challenge everything as I do not see anything as trustworthy at the moment. I do believe in waves of consciousness affecting our planet and I'm sure you and many other people here have experienced an increase in enlightening experiences over the past couple of years, such as dreams/OBEs/memories.

Though I've intellectualized on it for years, I've only just started to understand on a direct level the undescribable and formless nature of all things, and in particular I've begun to learn more about the role of consciousness in our experience. I've been uncovering deep seated childhood experiences from a time when we have very little attatchment, and resultingly very little ego or self-attribution.

I could bang on about my psychonautical journeys but there's nothing more boring than someone else's dream, eh?

Anyway, this is the root of most of my arguments here. In one way it is utterly foolish to give any time of day to thinking about "The Illuminati" or such things, as I said earlier, they only exist in our lives as much as we let them. They are indirectly and directly our creation.

I completely concur with what you say about negativity, and I'm sure we're on the same page if I say that negativity is not 'badness'.

I view positivity and negativity thusly:

An infinitely vast and black void with an infinitely tiny speck of clear white light within. Or visa-versa.

We as humans are islands in an infinitely massive nothingness (oxymoron naturally), it is the nature of our lives to be confronted by a world of demons trying to drag us into the dirge, without such opposition to our enlightenment there would be no value to anything.

J said...

Hi Ben,

Great blog. Saw this online. Checkerboard, hand signals and all the rest of it...


liligyal said...

Good post. Also, if you're stuck on a subject to write on, I know alot of people (including myself) are still waiting on the Michael Jackson post you said you'd do.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been familiar with McQueen's work since the mid to late 90's and while he always had strange themes to me, lately he was just outright satanist about it. Which of course now that I know what's behind it all and just going on a lot of what I've studied on MK culture I am wondering what brought about his tragic demise. It's so sad.

Is it possible that Alexander McQueen went for the blood sacrifice, then found out that he victimized his own mother and could not reconcile what he'd done and thus suicided himself? Or could it be, he played so many occult games with that sick bunch until he became a the ultimate victim?

I really feel sorry for all of the MK victims.

Anonymous said...

What confuses me is, if she's a puppet then where does a song like "beautiful" fit in?

That song seemed to have a really good message. Did it slip through the cracks?

Stella said...

That last picture of Christina Aguilera, is probably taken in Sweden. She is wearing a crown with candles. This is from celebrating Sankta Lucia (Saint Lucy), which we do the 13th of December, and marks the beginning of Christmas celebrations.
You can read more about it here:

Anonymous said...

Although Christina sucks, you seem to have read to much on the internet. There is no such thing as mind control, and being a satanist doesn't mean you are a bad person, and that you sacrifice animals to the "devil". So my guess is that you are a christian.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if this was already mentioned 3 years ago. 267 comments is a lot to sift through, but I noticed you're back and posting again so I thought I'd ask about something I've wondered about for a while. You posted about Kim Noble a while back and I wondered if you noticed one of her alters painted a picture that looks exactly like the Christina pic (6th from the top) with the words "seen the blog?" painted on the mirror. Do you know if there's a connection?

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