Monday, 4 January 2010

The Final Satanic Celebrity Big Brother

The final year of the monstrosity that is Big Brother should be a cause for celebration. The Illuminist media controllers certainly are using it to celebrate their Luciferian beliefs through overt ritual and symbolism, it's the last year so why wouldn't they go all out with their symbolism? The show is very tongue in cheek so should not be taken overly seriously, admittedly I found the whole thing a little amusing. If you speak to the average Big Brother viewer in the UK the majority of them are not even aware of where the term 'Big Brother' originates, George Orwell's 1984 surveillance society which we are well on the way too (thanks mainly due to 'social networking' most recently but obviously CCTV and the like). Big Brother's All Seeing Eye is very much associated with Freemasonic/Illuminist eye symbolism (this year in particular with it made of fire/light, and reflected on the water, as above so below in the promo), the company who makes the Big Brother shows 'Endemol', their logo is also an eye. The show's purpose has probably been to desensitize the viewer, trivializing the concept of being under total surveillance as a cool thing (and to give the masses the irrational hope/"dream"/distraction of becoming a celebrity). I posted on last years CBB which used the shattered glass/mind, porcelain masks and other mind control symbolic motifs worth checking out. I should have a more substantive post up in the next few days by the way.
The theme this year was Hell and Luciferianism, with it's cryptic phrase this year being 'Hell Lies in Others'. Satanic/Luciferian motifs feature everywhere throughout the house, a couple of examples here such as the Baphomet ram/goat skulls.

Each of the 'celebs' walk on the eye stage through the frenzied crowd along with the paparazzi's flashing lights, initially exiting out of the eye (made to look like the sun when opened as light comes from it), the masked light bearers (more Luciferianism) symbolically move their torch away from the eye then inwards just as the celebrity exits the eye, this is done every time showing it is ritual. I assume that these four (in red/black) represent the 'Four Crown Princes of Hell' described in the Satanic Bible (but may just be standard Luciferian ritual figures). The house is supposed to be Hell, fire is projected onto the outside walls of the house (most will just write the fire off as symbolizing Hell but it is more specifically Luciferian light symbolism I think).
Stephen Baldwin, one of the Baldwin brothers and a "born again evangelical Christian" (which usually [especially if Republican] translates in reality as a closet Satanist or something) enters the house saying the line he had obviously been itching to say, "I plan on being a representation of the light of truth." which is often what Lucifer is viewed as in occult circles (a representation/personification of light, the light bearer, light symbolizing truth/understanding/illumination/etc).

Petrified scary clowns are at the heads of most of the beds in the purple bedroom and the circus theme (the global celebrity "circus") is notable here with the diary room seat made to look like a circus ride (arguably with horns/solar subliminal motifs) and some of those bendy mirrors good for added confusion in mirror programming.

I really don't want to waste any more time on this show than is absolutely necessary so I will not go through the other initiates into the house (most of them have things to post on). But there was one who displayed clear Illuminist/'Illuminati' symbolism and that was 'Lady Sovereign', real name Louise Amanda Harman. In 2005 she apparently auditioned for hip hop's master Illuminist Jay Z and was signed up to Def Jam Records, which explains her adoption of 'their' symbolism. The most flagrant example of her use of this symbolism is her gold eye in the pyramid Illuminati pendant, which as you can see below in these screen caps was obviously intentionally used in the video introducing her.

Another clip they chose to include in her intro video, again obviously for the symbolism was her checkerboard top (going along with her other Illuminist/Freemasonic eye in the pyramid) in the video for 'Love Me or Hates Me'.

She wore the Illuminati symbolic pendant during her ritualistic Luciferian catwalk to Hell, along with a t-shirt featuring a pink triangle/pyramid with Mickey Mouse arms and a face.

The entrance to hell is typically Masonic with the twin pillars and a slight arch (arch motifs are all over the house, some examples below in their first task with them all trapped in Satan's mini) above the cage gate.

Shhh... Don't talk about Illuminati robots. Seriously though her stunted growth (she looks about 15 but is actually 24) is sometimes a symptom of abuse which may suggest her MK.

Some additional images of "Sov".

These few are from her 'I Got You Dancing' video, note typical leopard, crowned skull and bones, eyeball, light/luciferian and some other symbolic stuff (green face paint symbolizing Osiris and whatnot).

Last video I've come across of hers for 'So Human' has some pretty typical Illuminist symbolism with the black/clear(light) triangles, she does the usual covering one eye with the triangle pose, and the tiresome framing of one eye in the pyramid gesture.


Anonymous said...

Talk about a luciferian style year! We got up to 360 comments in the last thread! Pure fire if I ever seen it!lol-----naw but seriously........
Lady Dee ;0

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Heiress Casey Johnson, 30, died of "natural causes" this morning in Bel Air. She was engaged to Tila Tequila.....


Lula said...

wow!!! another one dies....what is going on? this stuff is freaky! really....i feel all these weird tingly feelings now...i often feel them when i know something is going on...

Doughnut said...

OMG I forgot this show even existed. Reality TV = yuck.

Really off topic:

Has anyone heard of William Orbit? He's a musician with English roots who has done a lot for the club scene. He's more popular over seas than here in the U.S. He just came out with an album called "My Oracle Lives Uptown" but it's his 2006 release "Hello Waveforms" that I find questionable.

On that CD he has a track featuring the Sugababes (who we all know are an MKed group) called "Spiral" (as in spiraling out of control). The insert of the CD features trippy psychedelic "wave girls" (probably representing dissociation).

Orbit has done a lot with Mega stars including Prince and Seal, and he even has several unreleased Madonna songs he's never even used...I think he even did a remix with Limp Bizkit, who is (thankfully) not very popular anymore.

Here's Orbit's website:

If it takes you right to the lame "blog" with the blue background, click on the button that says Web Site at the top.

My question is: What IS this guy? Is he a handler or a slave? It seems like slaves tend to be world famous and worth millions, and Orbit isn't popular enough over here for that. He's not on American TV and he's not on mainstream radio. when I tell people I listen to William Orbit they're always like "Who?"

but on the other hand, musical nobodies don't get to coloberate with Madonna and Prince...

Any thoughts?

Dennis/87 said...

Dialated pupils(black) in most photos. Drug use, you bet. I have never seen one episode of any big brother any thing. I am better for it me thinks. (light does create shadows, neither to be feared, only mastered.) Dennis

mal said...

Sounds like the theme of the Big Brother show is similiar to the Jean-Paul Sartre play, No Exit, which contains the famous line "Hell is -- other people."

As for Stephen Baldwin, he's more washed-up celebrity than closet Satanist.

Unknown said...

Casey Johnson just "died" UGH what are these all sacrifices for 2012!? Look at the list a commenter posted from just a couple weeks ago

01/14-Ricardo Montalban
02/06-James Whitmore
02/28-Paul Harvey
03/18-Natasha Richardson
04/25-Beatrice Arthur
05/01-Danny Gans
05/04-Dom DeLuise
05/31-Millvina Dean
06/03-David Carradine
06/03-Koko Taylor
06/23-Ed McMahon
06/25-Farrah Fawcett
06/25-Michael Jackson
06/28-Billy Mays
07/01-Karl Malden
07/04-Steve McNair
07/06-Oscar G. Mayer, Jr.
07/17-Walter Cronkite
07/21-Gidget the Taco Bell Dog
08/06-John Hughes
08/11-Eunice Kennedy Shriver
08/13-Les Paul
08/15-Jasmine Fiore
08/18-Robert Novak
08/19-Don Hewitt
08/23-Ryan Jenkins
08/25-Ted Kennedy
08/26-Dominick Dunne
08/28-DJ AM
09/11-Jimmy Carroll
09/14-Patrick Swayze
09/14-Henry Gibson
09/16-Mary Travers
09/24-Susan Atkins
10/10-Stephen Gately
10/13-Al Martino
10/14-Lou Albano
10/19-Joseph Wiseman
10/22-Soupy Sales
10/23-Shiloh Pepin
10/30-Claude Levi-Strauss
11/03-Carl Ballantine
11/10-John Allen Muhammad
11/15-Ken Ober
12/02-Maggie Jones
12/15-Oral Roberts
12/16-Roy E. Disney
12/17-Chris Henry
12/17-Jennifer Jones
12/20-Brittany Murphy

Lori said...

Ben you should do a post on tila tequila...says she has split personalities or is bipolar...something isnt right...and now her fiancee is found dead, and tila said on her twitter..."nope shes in a coma" she also didnt bother to find out where she was, they got in a fight, there is a picture of her with a gun and the not sure what to make on her....casey died at that age they speak of...freedom train...

the other day someone in the comments section mentioned, "there will be another one.." maybe two days later, this one dies..

what is going on???

it makes me wonder if tila was involved...and maybe she sacrificed her. tila always talks about how much wealth and power she makes me wonder thank you

Anonymous said...

Casey, 1st 2010 sacrifice it seems... Tila definitely deserves a post... Casey's mom's first name was SALE? What kinda name is that? She was indeed FOR SALE...


Anonymous said...

And dont forget STEPHEN BALDWIN's wife, CHYNNA PHILLIPS from the infamous PHILLIPS family...


jerry_beck said...

Chris: not Stephen but William is husband of Chynna Phillips (i guess that points the same thing, handling the slaves etc)...

in british zombie series DEAD SET (taking place at the Big Brother contest) is also the same symbolism, i mean we had here in my country also Big Brother but the symbolics were never that far going as is here...just plain obvious, clowns above the beds (WTF?), goats everywhere, yeah that's just creative thinking

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my mistake, ure rite. William is Chynna's hubbie... And, as mentioned before, Chynna is a born again Xtian too... THE BALDWINS would make an interestead read here.


Newspaceman said...

Ben, hiya, apparently the theme is based on Dante's Inferno, the first part of his Divine Comedy.

There are 3 parts, each 33 cantos.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the big brother post ben, was hoping you were going to say a bit more about each of the "celebrities" , woulda been quite interesting but never mind.

tila tequila, that woman is bad bad news! one of the most vile human beings i have ever come across

i see the sacrifices are carrying on into 2010! so who's next on the hit list? now its like a question of...whos gonna die today? i wonder!

its getting so ridiculous now, i mean really don't you think its an insult to our intelligence saying the person died of "natural causes" each time i mean is that taking the piss or what?!?!

lady sovereign is just a pathetic little chav. probably was abused! stupid little shit waving pyramids in my face! it seems jay-z made that whole eye/pyramid thing "cool". urgh

bunch of sickos. go to hell

Anonymous said...

Casey Johnson adopted a baby girl from Kazakhstan in 2007. She named her daughter Ava-Monroe after Marilyn Monroe, Casey’s idol.

Brenda said...

Was "Ava" after Ava Gardner?

She was a messed up piece of work.

But then again, I sure date myself when I say that!

Brenda said...

Casey Johnson was an heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune!

She apparently fell into a diabetic coma:

According to TMZ.COM:

Casey Johnson, an heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, has died .. TMZ has learned.

She died in L.A. We're told the body was discovered this morning.

She was 30 years old. Her father is Woody Johnson -- owner of the New York Jets.

Johnson was arrested in November for grand theft -- the alleged victim was a former girlfriend.

Johnson was reportedly engaged to Tila Tequila. We spoke with Tila a few minutes ago. She says they were fighting last week and that Casey stayed at Tila's house on the 28th. Tila tried contacting Casey on the 29th because Casey had left her dogs behind. Tila says Casey's phone has been shut off since the 29th and she was not able to make contact.

Johnson -- who tweeted frequently -- last tweeted on December 29 at 1:13 AM.

The cause of death is undetermined.

UPDATE: A law enforcement source tells TMZ it appears Johnson had been dead for several days before her body was discovered.

UPDATE: The LAPD has opened a death investigation.

The Secret Sun said...

Who could possibly be surprised by this? I thought all of these so-called reality shows were fundamentally evil from the very start- all I can think of when I watched Survivor (what little I could take) is that it's Lord of the Flies for adults. Just as is this narcissistic pop millieu that sprang from the radical selfishness and human disposability that lies at the core of Hip Hop and the fashion world (which Ben has documented so exhaustively here).

They put all this imagery out to bedazzle people, and they don't care if you attack it, just as long as you disseminate the memes and the symbols. In fact the negative reaction is all part of the process- a vital part, I would add. It adds to the mystique. That's straight out of the Aleister Crowley playbook.

Ole' Cousin Fuck said...

During the height of Maddie McCann frenzy/child sacrifice passed off as fake abduction hysteria a few years back the BB eye was a shattered logo with a red line right were the Maddie eye defect was.

Brenda said...

Good read below:

"Sexual Debauchery is Instrument of Satanic NWO"

In the comment section of the above article, there is one from "Brian" who adds an excerpt from another book that discusses Huxley's Brave New World. Here it is, as I think it's very telling as to the MK Culture:


Anthony Astrachan

excerpt -


Sex is a primary source of happiness. The brave new world makes promiscuity a virtue: you have sex with any partner you want, who wants you- and sooner or later every partner will want you. (As a child, you learn in your sleep that "everyone belongs to everyone else.") In this Utopia, what we think of as true love for one person would lead to neurotic passions and the establishment of family life, both of which would interfere with community and stability. Nobody is allowed to become pregnant because nobody is born, only decanted from a bottle. Many females are born sterile by design; those who are not are trained by "Malthusian drill" to use contraceptives properly.

Anonymous said...

@ 4 January 2010 20:14

He probably works with Madonna and Prince because he's talented and he can mold their 'vision' into musical reality. After all, they want to sound cool as they're promoting their evil.

Anonymous said...

@ 5 January 2010 09:50

Ugh Madeleine McCann! I read on another forum that she became the personal plaything of José Manuel Barroso. Not sure how true it is but his pictures give me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

I thought Madonna had chased down Mr. Orbit and made him work with her, because at that time she must've still been somewhat useful to the Powers That Be/Satan? Nowadays, she chases after folks everybody's already familiar with: Pharrell, Timbaland, etc.

Anonymous said...

remember this song? the video randomly came on the other day and caught my eye. VERY interesting lyrics, definitely worth reading!

mal said...

Check out this photo of Tiger Woods' alter.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year? I just heard in my head Jay-Z's on to the next one when looking at the comments
The Saga Continues.I only woke up last August and see this stuff screaming at me from posters,TV and the music.I hardly watch the box now.I used to be a Big Bro freak.Lost 7 summers of my life watching this Crap.I have not watched since the Jade Goody debacle.So I was amazed at the blatant symbolism this year.I wonder had I not "Woken Up" would I have seen this?.Just too much MK action going on-I wonder if the lovely Davina has some MK issues.She despised her mother who was too busy having a drink and revelling to care for her,was a junkie once-now clean(seems to be the trend)fergie,Eminem,etc.what d'ya think Ben?

Anonymous said...

Im unsure whether Chynna Gilliam Phillips is of the British Phillips linage like suggested.

Based purely on the fact she never did the whole 'private English education' rubbish they have all had to do historically, including those born abroad.

That being said, certainly a messed up family shes from either way.

jerry_beck said...

Tiger literally cries for help in that Vanity Fair photo...and of course that old witch A.Leibowitz is around to mess him more...

Doughnut said...

@ 11:06 and 13:31

So That means that Orbit neither slave nor handler. He is just a pawn, I'm guessing. He'll be used and disposed of like all the rest. If he's lucky they may even give him his 15 mins. of fame before he's disposed of. Assuming he continues to "behave".

Anonymous said...

This video talks about the Luciferian origin of the religions:

It is from a Christian perspective, but Walter Veith does site great resources.

Project blue beam is also interesting in a luciferian context imo:

Madeleine said...

Ben, don't know where else to put this, but Casey Johnson, yet another *30* year old rich celeb female is dead. (You've covered the age 30 thing in other blog postings, which Fritz Springmeier talked about in his book "Illuminati Formula" and how MK'd slaves get killed off at age 30.) As soon as I saw the headline about the dead heiress, friend of Paris Hilton and others, I thought, "Let me take a wild guess here....she was *30* years old, right?!" I didn't actually expect to be right though. Maybe it's just a coincidence, after all a lot of these people *don't* die at age 30. So it doesn't necessarily mean anything. But considering what brief bits you covered about her before it's certainly suspect. 'Net stories are quoting "friends" as saying that her desire for fame did her in and that her life was an utter mess in her desperate attempt to get what the friends around her had. Maybe, but this girl was a total wreck by the sounds of it and usually it takes some messed up things happening to a person in life to make them that damaged and fragile. The "desire for fame" isn't really enough I don't think. The mainstream always tries to whitewash things though. Even if it turned out this girl did have a tragic childhood full of MK'd who knows what, it's not like we'd ever hear about it.

Anonymous said...

Peaches new video for the song "Relax" has mind control slaves in it being expiermented on.

Lyrics are weird:

i got to the hilton full throttle full on
choke the bottle and i take it strong
come a little closer can u hear my thong
whats the matter boy i say something wrong
take my pulse and add insult
smoke alittle cigarette and join my cult
i get results doin summa summa salts
think you got the combination
crack that vault
no votes just coast
im the virus your the host

slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
we're makin contact
slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
you never wanna come ba a ack

im the real seas v velvetine
just press start on my main machine
site on scene another halloween
strip sixteen on my mosiclean
bam bam bam that how the party begin
wham wham wham its all a part of the damned
takin stand bringin the glam shizam
im a wonder woman
ground floor french door
one more whatchu waiting for

slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
we're makin contact
slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
you never wanna come ba a ack

try a little harder
try a little harder
try a little harder
try a little harder

sweet sweat gland come and take my hand
sink in the sand to my holy land
bring on the chaos the sauce galore
i pour it on thick then i pour you some more
bam bam bam that how the party begin
wham wham wham its all a part of the damned
takin stand bringin the glam shizam
im a wonder woman

slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
we're makin contact
slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
you never wanna come ba a
slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
we're makin contact
slip in the cracks
ill take you to another place
you never wanna come ba a ack

no votes just coast
im the virus your the host
ground floor french door
one more whatchu waiting for
try a little harder
try a little harder
try a little harder
try a little harder

Anonymous said...

Doughnut said...
My question is: What IS this guy? Is he a handler or a slave?

- he's a DJ ( LOL )

but on the other hand, musical nobodies don't get to coloberate with Madonna and Prince...

Any thoughts?

Boy you have a lot to learn about the music business.

Anonymous said...

LadY Gaga has been brought to you courtesy of Akon. Did he discover Lady Sovereign too? Same names too i just realized as i typed that.

Anonymous said...


Scroll to 3:40 to hear her say...
that the Mother Goddess lives to be 52. Madonna will turn 52 this year and they just released a career spanning greatest hits collection of her in 2009.

She says when the Mother Goddess is 39 they become pregnant with a daughter. Madonna became pregnant with her daughter Lourdes when she was 39.

She says when the daughter of the Mother Goddess is 13 the mother will be killed and daughter will take over as Mother Goddess. Lourdes will be 13 next year.

She also says the mother will train the daughter for the role before her death. This year Lourdes performed with her mother on her last tour and appeared in her video dressed as Madonna.

Anonymous said...

Lourdes will be 13 this year...2010.

Anonymous said...

"THE MOTHER GODDESS" LOL! Madonna is so fucking arrogant. Bitch will plan her own death so she can be 'THE MOTHER GODDESS' !!!

Luly said...

yeah i know...i think the whole idea that they believe they are mother goddess and moonchild is so wacky!

this is an article about tila tequila...everyone hates her but she acts so wacky. casey johnsons friends are blaming tila, but tila probably payed a role in caseys death..

((i noticed some things on craig ferguson tonight...well, i emailed the show, and just like i always experience subliminal things no one else would get except for me, sure enough!!! he also was talking about monarch butterflies and put his one eye in the camera and said, "im watching you," or bizarre!))

Lu said...

at anonymous above, watch the interview tho...she did not have a child at age 39 i dont think they realize that they will be killed off...

Lula said...

btw, craig ferguson is on abc

the other day someone in london mentioned why are there abc logos in the country when they dont get abc??

his answer was interesting.

like i said, i also notice things subliminally to me.

i go by 'poison' alot too....

Lula said...

i know i sound crazy but this has been going on for two years...

its like they are trying to make me aware...this was before i even knew about the illuminati and mk ultra...

i worked for that designer who is actually reviewed on this site, and i remember they always talked about the illuminati alot.

i vaguely researched it until i moved out to hollywood, where a friend finally showed me a few links to mk ultra and such after i told him i know they are spying on me.

just recently i found this blog upon reading that britneys twitter account was hacked

i also have had people set up in my life...

there are so many weird things that have happened to me...

me again said...

of course, weird meaning....weird, not horrific like the poor victims on this site and such. my heart goes out to them

Lor said...

whoa maybe im being paranoid, but he said he laced the marshmellows with lsd...

(( well in one of my emails i asked him to say 'commarshmellow' now he has a marshmellow gun! same thing as years ago when they found out who i was....i asked them to say my name but he said strawberries, something on my myspace page..also, i feel i was slipped new york city, hanging around an actor crowd and such, someone came out and slipped a bottle of champagne in my mouth...i started feeling like i was slowly tripping for days after that, i had the weirdest trip which i ended up getting a blood transfusion but i felt like the hospital knew and was part of it...))

me again said...

oh yeah, one more thing...i noticed he also said strawberries in the beginning...

also, (this is a coincedence of nature..or a higher being? or programmed adult swim, it just said "strawberries" in one of the shows that are on now

Anonymous said...

r u ok??

Anonymous said...

@ 5 January 2010 19:13

Please enlighten us! We need more insiders speaking here.

Anonymous said...

i don't want madonna to die! :(

Anonymous said...

The comment above refers to the person who said we have a lot to learn abt how the music industry works. Please reveal!

Anonymous said...

Lu, watch the movie The Game with Michael Douglas its about MK in the corporate world which is also linked to CIA.
In the movie, Douglas is watching the evening news and the newscaster speaks to him. You should blog about your experiences I believe harassment of targeted people has gotten VERY sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

@ 06:25

i was referring to the person who mentioned the youtube video that says she will die. so disturbing! be interesting to see if she does though...

Anonymous said...

casey johnson looked like the typical messed up fragile mk'd hollywood kid. i feel so sorry for her and all the others, here are us ordinary people wishing we could be like them?! if only they knew...

Anonymous said...

Ava-Monroe's adoption was "suspicious" many say...

"She was a lost little girl who just wanted to be loved," AOL's Popeater columnist Rob Shuter, who had lunch with Casey about eight months ago, told The News.

"She had a difficult relationship with her family's huge wealth. She loved the life it gave her, but it also made everything she did feel worthless," Shuter said.

"She once described her family money as the 'golden handcuffs.' She was the ultimate little, lost rich girl," he said.

About AVA's adoption many say that it was "suspicious"...

"Casey Johnson: What Will Happen to Her Daughter?

Casey Johnson's daughter, Ava-Monroe, will be well taken care of, according to friends of the late Johnson & Johnson heiress.

In fact, the 3-year-old wasn't even in Casey's care when her mother passed away. Casey's mom, Sale Johnson, along with her husband, sports broadcaster and former NFL star Ahmad Rashad, began taking care of the child last month.

"Sale is pretty much her mom now, and it will probably stay that way," one source said.

According to the source, Casey's family and friends had been worried about the child's welfare ever since Johnson adopted her from Kazakhstan two years ago...

"She'd see Ava maybe for 10 minutes a day," one source said. "Casey was either sleeping or going out. Nannies really took care of her."

Sale became especially worried in the last year or so as Casey's erratic behavior seemed to worsen, highlighted by her longtime substance-abuse problems and a run-in with the law (she was arrested and charged with grand theft in November). On top of that, Casey made a surprise announcement last month that she and reality-TV personality Tila Tequila were engaged to be married.

There was apparently an unsuccessful attempt to have Casey committed to a mental facility.

"Child protective services were called to her house at least twice that I know of," said the source.

Even so, those who have spent time with Ava say she appears to be well-adjusted.

"She's a little quiet, but very cute and sweet-looking," the source said. "She's a lovely child and, of course, is always well-dressed."


Anonymous said...

Lol, sorry for my double post...


Anonymous said...

MIMI's really bizarre speech:


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 6:30 - It's called Schizophrenia, sweetie. "Lu"/"Lula" thinks that the TV people are speaking subliminals *only to her* is called being mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

@ 08:45 what do you know?!

mal said...

Casey Johnson is another example of a celebrity who died due to complications from insomnia. Both Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger were taking drugs to help them sleep. Also, both Tiger Woods and the prominent American football coach Urban Meyer were rushed to the hospital after taking Ambien.

the mayor said...

some of those pictures you posted of lady sovereign are from when she was eighteen so you would expect her to look young.

both her mother and father are small in stature so it's in her genetics.

she signed to rockafella so was encouraged to display the pyramid/eye symbolsism. what with jay-z being a mason etc. but you already know that.

i do however think that the author of this blog has some sexual hang-ups, although that's not to discredit his sometimes accurate reporting.

Anonymous said...

@5 January 2010 19:16

Wrong, lady sov = one of Mike Skinners attempts at being a 'label manager' which actually paid off.

numerous others he tried failed to make it, because they were all trying the 'gangsta' approach and didnt add much of the British humour lady sov; mocking the fear of hoodies in the video about hoods.

the clothing style she used back then was also typical of the Grime scene in UK, and most of those artists arent even signed to the big labels.

Had Mike skinner not given her some credit, she would be completely unknown.

The Mayor pretty much hit it on the head, shes only doing that to appease Jay Z/promote him.

it will be interesting to see if she uses the same british culture stereotypes in her future music since her new target audience is the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked out Jay Zzzz's video "on to the next one":

not as crazy as that Peaches video, but still..

Anonymous said...

'i do however think that the author of this blog has some sexual hang-ups'

what the hells that sposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

Tila Tequila got a 17-carat diamond engagement ring out of Casey Johnson.


She also would pull pranks on Casey, such as this one Tila posted on her youtube video:

Surprising a severe diabetic can cause them to have a bad reaction quite easily. I believe Tila knew of Casey's weaknesses and did little things to confuse, manipulate, and ultimately kill her.

The truth will come to light soon.
I hope Tila get's thrown in jail.

Anonymous said...

A confused Tila Tequila just talked to cameras outside her home -- and said she gave Casey Johnson's dogs to Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips after they agreed they wouldn't put them to sleep.

-from TMZ

What is the significance of Casey's dogs in a ritual sense? Can someone tell me? I know many mind control victims are given dogs/animals, but why?

Anonymous said...

@17:04---in mind control, young
victims are often given pets to bond with. Suddenly that pet is killed/destroyed deliberately right in front of them to cause further trauma and dissociation. This is often where child alters appear. I would imagine that to continue giving the victims pets over and over again keeps them under control (I'll get you and your little dog too!)since animals are usually one of the main things they are conditioned to love and bond with at first during Monarch Training.
I live in NYC and yesterday splashed across the headlines was this: Casey Williams, 30, FOUND DEAD. I had to go home and watch Eyes Wide Shut for the 4th time! The newspaper article in the movie seemed to be displayed in the same way with each woman found dead in the same manner. Art certainly imitates life doesn't it? I got a feeling Casey left behind MANY clues out of "THEIR" reach! Let's not be so quick to dog out the Tequila girl. Just calm the fuck down!
Lady Dee

mal said...


Check out Rob Ager's brilliant analysis of Eyes Wide Shut. He breaks down the newspaper article line by line.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed on the eyes wide shut. That is just a specific example of what television happens to be. A huge mind control of the masses. Even the viewpoints that criticize the luciferian reinforce/contribute to their control. If we look at how the hertz rates actually take the mind into a dream like state, we can see even computers are a type of mind control. It is all part of the agenda that ALLOWS to push their conditioning to ultimate point of desensitization. This Russian defect speaks of how the desensitization/demoralization works:

Anonymous said...

Oh Shit! I meant Casey Johnson---My bad!
Lady Dee

Anonymous said...

That was a Freudian Slip by the way! I knew a Casey Williams as a young child growing up in Florida--- a REAL sweetheart and also a victim. Maybe not as intense as the real deal, but her dad was a single(all 3 wives left him along with their children) bearded, pervert who my parents NEVER let me visit their house(Casey was always welcome in ours, though) who I always knew to stay away from. Anyway, I always liked the name Casey. There seems to be a sense of honesty and harmless fun in it, like a cool nickname. I truly feel for the victim. Seeing her pics, I see the vulnerability and sadness. I have a good feeling about her despite her "problems". The path to hell (whether chosen or not) is filled with good intentions. The plot truly thickens.
Lady Dee

Brenda said...

"A lost soul" pretty much sums up Casey's life.

According to TMZ, in the end, she couldn't pay her gas, water, phone or electricity bill and they were all shut off. Rats floated in her "swamp" of a pool. Graffiti was scrawled on the walls of her house. Her wealthy family took her child because she couldn't care for her. Her father cut her off from any funds as a show of "tough love." She was facing jail time for theft of clothing and jewelry from one of her ex-lesbian lovers. She hooked up with Tila Tequila and "got engaged to her," giving her a big ring (stolen from the ex?)

All in all, someone who was headed for disaster. Apparently, her parents tried to get her committed recently. When I look at her photo, I do see craziness in the eyes and someone who was seriously detached from reality.

Was she MK'd? Maybe. She certainly fits the family stereotype and went down the path of self-destruction "right on time" with MK programming, didn't she?

Whatever the truth, it really does feel like the craziness of 2010 is just getting started. Thanks for that link above to Arizona Wilder. While she doesn't directly speak about Madonna and her being the "Mother Goddess" who will die at 52 and give her crown to her 13 year old certainly is worth watching. Madge's BD isn't until August, so if she has to be fully 52 years of age, we'll have a bit more to wait to see what happens. But she certainly does seem to fit the profile of the occult practitioner who is sucking the young energy off her latest toy-boy "Jesus."

God, you can't make up this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Truth about Casey Johnson...

Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips went over to Tila Tequila's house to take away Casey Johnson's two dogs, after harassing her, and telling her they'd break in if she didn't let them have the two dogs.

Video Here: [link to]

Tila let them take away the dogs, and then mentioned to the cameras that they wanted to put the dogs to sleep, because they want to bury them along with Casey Johnson.

Read Tila's Journal about this topic:
[link to]

Read Tila's Tweets:
[link to]

Does that not send signals off to anyone else? Who in their right mind will go over to the fiance of a "friend" who just died to take away the dogs of her lover's to put them to sleep. Who does that?

The Hilton's are generational satanists. Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton have been sexually abused since a young age by their own father, grandfather, and other men they have been sold to for sexual and ritual reasons. Their own mother has taught them the ways of being a whore of babylon, as she herself is a whore.

Paris & Nicky Hilton blog entries about their mind control and sexual abuse (rough history of their family as well):
[link to]

Bijou Phillips is another sexually abused fragmented girl, who just like many other hollywood starlett's were born and raised into generational satanic families. She was the daughter of John Phillips the pedophile/rapist who had sex with Mackenzie Phillips's repeatedly as was told by her a number of months ago all over the news that shocked many people who live in denial.

Casey Johnson's dogs will be ritually sacrificed along with her remains. Great world we live in! Not.

Ginevra said...

Check the video below, is it my impression or does he call her kitten and she says that people won't understand???

Carissa said...

@Brenda 21:50 - "Whatever the truth, it really does feel like the craziness of 2010 is just getting started."

It doesn't have to be your craziness. Remember that. I think 2010 will probably be a crazy year. But not for everybody. Only for those who choose to live their lives in a certain way, making bad choices, and surrounding themselves with drama and bad characters. Don't get caught up in the dramas we see unfolding before us in the media with other people's lives. Don't take it on and believe that it applies to you. You're you, they're them. 2010 can be whatever we want it to be as individuals. Celeb drama - or in this case, pseudo celebs who most people hadn't even heard of until after they died - is even less of an indicator of how the overall world is, or how our own individual lives actually are.

Something important to keep in mind is that with every passing year the media pushes onto the public "celebs" that are not really celebs; basically turning ANYBODY who gets in front of camera into a "celeb." With that many new "famous" people added to the mix every year, and how low many of these people's lives are, that means all that much more potential drama for the public to witness. Drugs and overdoses and rehab, arrests, car accidents, bankruptcy, domestic abuse, divorce, sudden deaths, etc. etc. by all these "Nouveax Famous" pseudo people. There is a gluttany of Nouveaux Famous Celebtards out there now who haven't done anything most of the time to warrant fame other than appearing on a "reality" TV show at some point and/or being the spawn of some pseudo celeb from the distant past who's now washed up. The only purpose they seem to serve is being a mass distraction puppet show, the jokers and the clowns. Their drama is not a true reflection of anything because they're completely manufactured in the first place. Don't let the Matrix suck you in, and I'm not talking about the movie.....!

Brenda said...

^^^^I agree. I didn't mean that the "craziness" of the celeb culture was affecting me. It doesn't.

I'm talking about a general sense of bubbling under the surface that really feels different this time. I've been feeling it since New Year's Eve. It's like a coming together of events that are either planned or natural that will shake us to our core and remind us of what's really important in this world. Can't explain it other than that.

On another note, just watched that Peaches Geldof video posted above. Jesus. I could hardly get through it. How old is she? Because guaranteed, she's not long for this ol' world. It TRULY felt Satanic to me in a very deep way. Between her movement and her eyes (those EYES??), it was just a sick mess.

You know how so many bands and singers set out to make a video that LOOKS Satanic but really isn't. You know? The posers? Then you have people like Peaches who make a Satanic video on an obvious low budget but it's got so many disturbing elements in it. There was a Nine Inch Nails video out about 10 years or so ago that, IMO, was as Satanic as they come. Can't remember the song, but it had monkeys attached to electrodes and the lead singer was hanging from a basket in mid-air. Anyway, if you watch it, you'll see what I mean. The Satanic energy literally leaks off the screen as you watch it.

Carissa said...

I try not to watch this stuff in general anymore. Sometimes I'll click on a vid out of curiosity to watch, see what the fuss is about, but most times I just avoid it.

There was a video featured a few weeks ago by "Paramore" or whatever the girl's/band's name is, and the singing voice of the blonde chick was near identical to Katy Perry. I loaded up a Katy Perry vid and then the Paranmore one side by side and played both back and forth and you pretty much couldn't tell the voices apart. It was freaky. Katy sounds near identical to Paramore, looks near identical to Zooey Deschanel, go figure. But that's off topic.

Brenda said...


I'm with you on not watching a lot of this stuff much anymore. I was steeped in it to get a better understanding of it. But now I feel like I'm bloated from a meal that didn't satisfy and I need to detox from the filth.

I didn't finish Peaches' video all the way through. I'd gotten enough of the gist of what she was doing and was disturbed by those eyes of hers that I thought, "I don't need this shit in my sensory pathway."

What was even more disheartening to me was that people on that link commented on the vid and used words like "genius!" to describe it. THAT is the problem right there, folks. That kind of shit is passing for "genius" and it's all about disturbing your soul. As long as we have people seeing this crap and thinking it's a masterpiece, we have a looonnnggg way to go.

Since a lot of people simply cannot feel anymore, I guess shit like Peaches' video makes their antenna tweak and they interpret that "tweak" as "genius." Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Im skeptical about them 'offing' madonna this year, based upon the fact she could almost be called the "face" of the entire MK-controlled industry.

nearly every female celeb or singer who "makes it" pathetically refers to madonna as an inspiration or something along those lines.

I guess time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Gaga wearing the Baph:

Kinda like the crown of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Madonna does not seems relevant any longer. She looks like an old, tough, well-ridden whore who is more a caricature of former self. She's chasing youth any way she can, by screwing young blood and injecting God knows what into her veins. I can absolutely see how she "could" be considered the "mother goddess" of the MK Occult movement and who would be sacrificed for some BIG offering.

I don't see how her daughter, though, could "take over" the reign. She doesn't seem one bit talented or charismatic.

Anonymous said...

Please do yourself a favor and read this:

This is addictive junk food, inform yourself and move on, don't get stuck on this garbage.

To the person who said this: "I'm talking about a general sense of bubbling under the surface that really feels different this time. I've been feeling it since New Year's Eve. It's like a coming together of events that are either planned or natural that will shake us to our core and remind us of what's really important in this world. Can't explain it other than that."

No offense but you are being mind controlled. YOu may not want to admit it to yourself but i'm sorry YOU ARE. Get off this. Seriously. Learn what you can then MOVE ON, don't get stuck in analyzing this garbage, don't drown in this sludge. Shit happens all around, don't internalize this crap.
Have a great peaceful year.

word verification: mental (exactly!)

Anonymous said...

Casey Johnson is another example of a celebrity who died due to complications from insomnia. Both Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger were taking drugs to help them sleep. Also, both Tiger Woods and the prominent American football coach Urban Meyer were rushed to the hospital after taking Ambien.

6 January 2010 09:33

^^Springmeier talks about how MK people are often insomniac, and that even when they sleep certain alters NEVER sleep because they're on internal watch at all times.

He also talks about how MK people wear sunglasses all the time its part of their programming and also serves to hide their tranced out gaze and or demonically posessed stares...Notice Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga often wear eye gear, even at night. Notice also how the eyes of people like Lady Gaga are looking in two different directions. Liek when she wore the Kermit costume...Amazing how people don't notice this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Jay-Z video, but no thanks. There are certain stars who are rotten to the core. He has sold himself out as a black and a human man. I will never watch anything Jay-Z does again. Ptoo!

Anonymous said...

I feel that Tila is implicated in Casey Johnson's death.

No idea why.

Actually, yes I do have an idea. It was her fake crying on that video as she raced to grab up as much of her belongings and antyhing that could implicate her out of the poor woman's house.

Brenda said...

To anon @10:46

Thanks for the link to the secret sun article. I thought it was well done.

As to your assertion that I'm mind controlled because I stated that I felt "a general sense of bubbling under the surface that really feels different this time..." I really don't understand what you're talking about. I'm mind controlled because I intuitively feel that this year is going to be a powerhouse year of events? How is that mind controlled? Are you saying that I'm being fed this info from all the symbols and memes out there? I'm not clear.

Look, I'm not alone. Other people who I respect and chat about this stuff with are also feeling the same sense of upheaval, both in their personal lives and also within the world at large. Is it different than other years? Yes, for me it is.

Sorry, but I don't buy that every damn thing in this world is "mind control" or "MK Culture." To delineate it all to that and just righteously throw out a statement like, "You're mind controlled" seems patently ridiculous as that seems to be the final word. In other words, if you don't feel comfortable with what someone says, just tell 'em they're mind controlled and be off.

Hey, to an extent, we're all "controlled" from birth by our parents and then friends, religion, society and of course, media. So, it's kind of a throwaway statement.

You also state to not "analyze this garbage" or "drown in this sludge." I agree that too much analyzing will make you crazy and drowning in it will make you believe the world is a horrible place. But I am NOT doing either. You say to "move on," but then what are you doing on this blog? This blog is here to actually deconstruct MK Culture (i.e., analyze it.) Are you here to enlighten us or to tell us to "get on with it?" If you analyze it, it will have more power over you. Don't you understand that?

And if you are not into this, why on earth are you linking to the secret sun website? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no...


Brenda said...

Correction to my post above:

If you DON'T analyze it, it will have more power over you.

And Artie Lange is unhinged.

Anonymous said...

"He also talks about how MK people wear sunglasses all the time its part of their programming and also serves to hide their tranced out gaze and or demonically posessed stares...Notice Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga often wear eye gear, even at night. Notice also how the eyes of people like Lady Gaga are looking in two different directions."

i think thats taking it a little too far.

Anonymous said...

^^^^It may be going a little too far BUT, how DO you explain why these celebs wear sunglasses at night?? I never understood it! I'd be bumping into the furniture.

Benjamin S said...

Don't forget about the papparazzi's flashing lights (probably the main reason given for them wearing sunglasses at night).

Anonymous said...

as ben mentioned, paparazzi lights. it also makes them look "cool" and important. its just something celebs do! (and no i'm not being naive)

Anonymous said...

@7 January 2010 09:47 ,

I agree about her daughter.

she just looks down and out constantly..but then again, that for a mother, can see why. she also doesnt look 'happy' when the cameras are focused on her...looking down etc, so yep, shes no use to them.

as for looks/madonna the manuman(to quote a friend) thats the thing they can change at a minutes I dunno, maybe once again she'll be used for another awful fashion trend or, as speculated, will be offed.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory about the glasses at night; well, its kinda a wild theory but here it is.

I remember this 'mafia' wedding in Italy, maybe 3 years ago, and the man marrying this 'dons' daughter basically wore a specific brand of sunglasses..and allegedly the sales shot up in Italy/europe.

it was one of the big brands, but hadnt been selling well..then all of a sudden that specific pair sold massively.

so, I guess that could be applied to celebs but who knows.

the papparazi theory sounds more plausible...especially given that they wildly push the cameras against the windows and have the flash on.

Anonymous said...

5 January 2010 19:13 said"
"but on the other hand, musical nobodies don't get to coloberate with Madonna and Prince..."

That's not true for Prince. Prince coloberated with Ani Difranco (who many people don't know of, she owns her record label and does her own folk alternative thing outside of the music industry on her own terms). I'm sure he's coloberated with others as well who are not as well known. Prince has also talked openly about chemtrails and how there has been black presidents before Obama that many aren't aware of. He even talked of there being presidents before George Washington so?

Prince also shares the same birth year with Madonna. So maybe they both will be leaving us this year as might be planned?


As for sunglasses. Flashes of light from paparazzi cameras might also be used as triggers by many handlers for a slave to change their personality for their camera if their down.

I definitely feel as if more people are becoming aware of things going on, and I also believe the agenda want's to make itself known to us. So you will hearing references to "kittens" and women in drug/alcohol induced states more. Like Mariah on stage with the kitten/cotton names. Really weird, but not surprising.

I'd like to know more about mind control used on guys. I guess guys are just often mind controlled to be handler's it seems? I read somewhere before that James Dean was a male prostitute prior to being an actor. Many men still look up to him for style/looks like women do Marilyn Monroe.

Anonymous said...

This is the OP on the sunglasses comment. Thanks for clarifying that but I also speak from experience. Someone I know very well and who works at a high level in corporate world started wearing sunglasses all the time even indoors. She was also behaving oddly in other ways....I asked her to take them off but she didn't want to, although she couldn't explain why she wanted to keep them on inside either.

Anonymous said...

interesting interview with Christian Brando, Marlon Brando's son

Christian Shot his sister Cheyenne's boyfriend and his sister later killed herself. Notice how the interviewer talks to him, like he's knows something about his background.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Christian Brando dead?

Anonymous said...

That's Pimpin' 101

Anonymous said...

Sunglasses might be used as a trigger on some mind control slaves to see normally. I'm sure it's possible to create a trance senario within a slave to see people as monsters without their sunglasses on, so that's why they wear them perhaps?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

safe for putting dis up my brotha i bin sayin da exact same fing but i just dnt know how to say it with out soundin crazy when in actual fact the truth is crazy and most people are simply afraid of the truth i did'nt even see da intro into da house its just what i see is soo mind controlin its unbelieveable....its subliminally as exposing you can get watchin an hour of this years bb but damn when are people gona find out for themselves and wake up!

sir clive sinclair said...

hum. lady sovereign expoused her allegiance with the devil on CBB last night, although this was a direct reaction to that baldwin clown's latest enforced bible studies lesson. there's something of an agenda going on here. everyone knows stephen baldwin is nuts and he's being allowed to expouse passages of the bible at will in a house filled with luciferian imagery. he and what he stand sor thereby looks foolish and is shunned by 'the cool kids'. it's about as thinly veiled as you can get. i'm surprised the army of god haven't complained a bit more, that's what they're good at.

Anonymous said...

Playboy playmate found burned alive in a dumpster in NYC yesterday.

Anonymous said...

^^ i heard about this yesterday! not seen much coverage on it though? anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I think someone needs to research "reality" contestants because Danger aka Monica Leon seems like she was MK'd.

Watch this vid:

She says she was molested her whole life from infancy

She was institutionalized at a young age, she did nude pictures for the internet.

I think it is interesting that all the girls on these reality dating shows are given aliases and nicknames.

She has a tiger tattooed to her face

Here is a picture of her with chains around her neck

Here she is has an owl necklace on (not sure what that means, but it seems pertinent).

Another chain pic

After being institutionalized after giving birth, she shaved her head (like britney)

Here is an excerpt from her blog:

Monica Leon changed her name affectionately to “Butterfly” and founded Femme Fatale Entertainment, LLC, in Oakland, CA, which evolved into a special event company, specializing in underground concerts for unsigned artists, theater productions, youth talent shows, street dance battles, and poetry open mic nights. After studying acting at the American Conservatory Theater of San Francisco, the Black Repertory Theater of Berkley, and Brava Theater of San Francisco, she decided to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

I think this video is really telling:

She states that at age ten she modeled for disney, and that she is a trained in martial arts and boxing (probably has something to do with her tiger tatoo)

Oh and her baby is with Gabriel Cannon, Nick Cannon's brother who is married to Mariah Carey (probably MK victim).

Oh, and if the first interview link doesn't work, here is another one:

Anonymous said...

doesn't the whole thing seem like SUCH a set up?! sick!

Anonymous said...

The Brandos were nuts anyway. look at their father - a man who is alleged to have had someone buried under his if that ever truly did come to light by being dug up..thatd be some scary stuff.

Brenda said...

The main stream media is even going out there and talking about what it means when a girl changes her hair color (ala Britney.)


On Dec. 28, she checked into L.A.’s Mondrian hotel a blond but emerged with jet black locks hours later.

“When Britney changes her hair,” says a friend, “it is very telling.”

In fact, it seems every time Brit has a crisis, her hair undergoes an extreme makeover (recall the post K-Fed head shave in 2007?).

NYC psychologist therapist Rachel Blakeman (who has not treated Britney) says a woman often changes her hair “to control something when other things are out of control. It can also be an imagined life-changing event, as though she is a new person as a result of the new color.”

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually I think the Brandos were very involved. Miko Brando (Marlon's other son) was good friends with Michael Jackson and some say Miko is the father of Michael's kids. They certainly look like Miko!

Did you notice that Jack Nicholson's name popped up in that Christian Brando interview? They were neighbors- the same as Nicholson was neighbors with Roman Polanski...

Anonymous said...

@8 January 2010 12:33

yeah, also how similar the elder brando and nicholson are too is a bit..strange, well to me.

didnt know about polanski though.

Anonymous said...


that made me grin, why? because Ive heard these 'emo' kids do the same.

when sad, a certain 'tint' in their hair, when happy a different colour..expressing their 'emotional state' similar to what the shrink is saying about B. spears.

Anonymous said...

"emo" is another brainwashing fad that the masses have caught onto. i speak for myself here, as i was one about 5 years ago...haha

Anonymous said...

yep, another 'trend' interesting a shrink spoke out about it though, usually they hint but never openly say stuff like that.

Brenda said...

True human sacrifice....of appease the gods.

Brenda said...

Devastating 9-1-1 call of Brittany Murphy's mother. She says she is 30 years old, by the way. Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

"Rumors about Britney's life have been running rampant as of late. According to various sources Britney's not happy with her body, has split from Jason Trawick, and is pregnant with his child." Tell me shes not gonna go downspiralling again, poor kid...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On Casey Johnson and Jack Nicholson:

The 72-year-old Oscar winner was dining at the Wolseley restaurant in London when a photographer told him about Johnson's death.

After saying, "That's awful," Jack added “I warned her," and refused to elaborate.

I remember he said the same thing when HEATH LEDGER died (and he also refused to elaborate).


Anonymous said...

Nicholson must've warned them about getting into black magic. He would know all about that after living next to Polanski and Sharon Tate..

Remember how Casey trashed that woman's house a few weeks ago, stole some of her personal things and masturbated on her bed?

That was an attempt to use her will through sexual energy to cast a spell on the woman. Its a common black magic tactic, probably also why she stole some of the woman's personal effects.

This could also be why Lindsay and Paris had always claimed people were stealing from her or that she had stolen other peoples clothes. I was like: Why would these rich women do that?

Now it makes sense. We're dealing with black magicians here. Never forget that. Looks like Casey was trying to really get involved in the hollywood game by getting into this, too bad Tila got the jump on her first.

Anonymous said...

it's obscene. that tequila bitch twittering to the world about the death of somebody. i know she was a heiress whore and therefore a scumbag absolutely detatched from reality, but nevertheless putting all that shit up on twitter is an abomination.

what they're involved in may be the black arts but it's sex magik.justin timberlake and ciara were singing about it not long ago.

P2P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P2P said...

haha the sunglass comments.

in finland we have this company called marimekko, a really famous for their fabric desings since like 1960s. 'mariverhot' refenrences to this company, and means 'mary curtains.' mari / mary means weed, and you need curtains for the red eyes. in my group of friends we are constantly in the situation of needing to decide which is more suspicious in a metro, red eyes or sunglasses. applies to other situations / drugs too.


P2P said...

I think I need to add this aspect too for the people not familiar with drugs - acid, mdma and numerous others make you very sensitive to light, and even see more better, thus you can wear even the darkest of the darkest glasses inside. :---)

Anonymous said...

Okay - people, stop believing everything you read. The Jack Nicholson "I warned him/her" thing is a running joke now on the internet ever since Heath Ledger and you guys are quoting it and totally falling for it and expounding on it as if it's real. Everytime a celeb (or in some cases fake celeb wannabe) dies somebody posts the fake Jack Nicholson quote now. It's not real. I'd bet money Jack Nicholson didn't even know who Casey was. Next celeb who dies you'll see the same thing, the whole "I warned him/her" quote. Use your brains people!

Ave said...

Brenda, (7. Jan. 07:48) You didn't watch Peaches Geldof's video, Peaches(musician) and Peaches Geldof are two different people. But I agree on how disturbing those videos are. When I listen to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance(you know it comes from everywhere right know), it goes all around in my head all day long and it just makes me feel so bad inside, dunno why. Also when I watched Rihanna's Russian Roulette for the first time, I just couldn't watch it all the way through, cause it scared the hell out of me, so very disturbing it was. Those videos somehow affect me, maybe I'm just over-sensitive, but they don't make me feel good inside.

Anonymous said...

this might be a stupid question but why are these people into black magic? why would you want to mess with that?

Anonymous said...

also, to the commenter above me (11:22), i feel a bit like that sometimes, now that i know about all of the symbolism in these videos. they are all so much more shocking to me now. you know, ignorance can actually be blissful sometimes...just realised thats something i will never experience again. oh well. its more blissful knowing the truth, right? :/

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in something that 'Sov' said on BB. After she (Sov) walks out of one of Baldwin's Bible sessions (o_O), she was outside talking to the Kat girl and she says Quote: "Maybe..maybe the..Maybe *does air quotes* the Devil *unquote* is the way to go yeah, because if he (Baldwin) said that God created..erm...the good and bad things yeah, maybe he created bad for a reason." Kat says "It's just too much man, I don't like it (reffering to Bible studies). I watch it and like, I just wanna crack up." Sov: "If he's..erm.. I'm not..I'm not disrespecting religion yeah but say some people didn't want the Bible in here yeah..that's...that's...that's.. we're allowed to say that we don't want it in here but then it'll cause a"

Just thought it was pretty intriguing.

Can be found from 25:58 on the following link:

Brenda said...

Found a link to the dead, 26-year-old Playboy model found burned in a garbage dump:

Anonymous said...

@9 January 2010 13:17

probably the alleged 'bounty' magic is proclaimed to give to the 'masters'.

you know, power/influence..and all that shit.

Id be amused if they still thought it prolonged life, though. after all, even their idols crowley/levay didnt beat the almighty that is time.

Anonymous said...

@9 January 2010 14:55,

ironic he still proclaims faith, yet is in millions of debt. I always thought religious nuts didnt believe in material things.

Anonymous said...

i doubt baldwin worships christ, as ben says more like satan.

crowley was a fucking nutter!

Anonymous said...

Ben turned off comments for his latest blog about Nicholas Cage.
Are you not going to allow comments anymore? or what?

I think it's a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Monica "Danger" Leon threatened to expose the industry, now her child has been taken away.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 13:17 it's all about energy and power. but no good will ever come of it.

Flossy said...

hI Ben,
This is a bit of a daft post but I just wanted to say how excited I get when you put forward a new posting. My Goddess you get such a lot of comments ASAP and therefore you are hitting some Group G-Spot for want of a better discription. Maybe it's more of a 'Key-Spot'? Whatever, I haven't even read your blog yet, but I know it will be interesting and the comments inpiring/invoking too.

Carry on carrying on, matey.

Davina/Floss x

Flossy said...

Big Brother is A Public Form of GUANTANAMO BAY.
Many seem to love this Laboratory Soap.....OCEANIA in a package, sortathing. Maybe Big Brother is a mechanical form of Telepathy.
A wise old north England saying:
"Eeeeh, ya can't knit custard!"
Again, I just don't know why I wrote that.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream about 11 years ago that Madonna was murdered.....Very explicit.....knife in anus...not even joking.

Anonymous said...

I told my daughter in 2008, I thought 2009 would be the death of celebrity as we have come to know it.
I believe that this year is the year of great secrets unfolding and false happiness. Hang on folks. It's going to be a shocker!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother and it's punishments are obviously trying to desensitize us to the certainty of ratting on anyone and everyone in the future....Divide,Rule and Conquer. That's why racism was invented - to turn the hatred on one another and prevent rebellion.

BubblesPress said...

I'm actually watching this online now that you've posted about it. It's quite entertaining, despite the obvious illuminati symbolism.

Anonymous said...

its me again, i wasnt going to comment here (seeing that there are two news ones but who knows)

well....when i said the first show that "gave me a hint" when i asked them too, was the showbiz show (david spade) strawberries'

was in las vegas....hmm....actually....nevermind...

well......ok this is the right place to talk about this kind of stuff...

the name i use is "poison" on the internet...

the two comedians, "todd glass and david spade" said poison twice in the show...(sort of like a subliminal shoutout)

i was in las vegas for the avn awards (porn convention and awards show)

lots of satanic underlines there too....alot of devil horns etc...oh my gosh this whole weekend i seen firsthand some i getting too paranoid now?


we all know ron jeremy, my friend is a friend with him, we just were looking at faberge eggs because he gave a faberge egg to this other girl we know (its too much to explain here)...

anyways, my friend is watching the colbert show now (obviously

he started talking about faberge eggs, and RIGHT AFTER, he started talking about secret societys and the skull and bones, and i noticed he flashed the devil horns...

i hope i dont sound too crazy or whatnot...i am wondering who might be waiting to see this very comment appear....


steel tongue said...

Interesting ideas. I am going to remain vigilant.

Anonymous said...

"I had a dream about 11 years ago that Madonna was murdered.....Very explicit.....knife in anus...not even joking."


sorry :')

Anonymous said...

ILLUMINATI : Jay - z and the occultation of "On to the Next One"

Jay-Zs On to the Next One has many people wondering whats the meaning behind the creepy images. The best way to understand the imagery is to understand the occult context in which they are use...

more to come..subscribe today

Anonymous said...


MorningStar7 said...

Speaking of JayZ I don't know if it was mentioned that he escorted her into the business. Also, what was that event in the photo's? Big Brother?

The Kool Skool said...

Well spotted (hardehar!) Excellent as always, I used some of the photos and credited you if that is ok! Great fans of the blog!

Anonymous said...

OK, "Love Me or Hate Me?" How much more blatant could you be with that name? And the video's got LS flashing the one hand sign, making cat faces and being pummeled by abusive monkeys.

F O R E I G N said...

Another dutch entertainment company:


Eyeworks is a Dutch company, set up by Reinout Oerlemans in 2001. Through many aquisitions, the company grew: besides aquiring "At It" in the UK, it aquired "Touchdown" in New Zealand; in Argentina, Chile and Spain it aquired "Cuatro Cabezas"; and "Easy Film" in Denmark and Poland

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