Friday, 22 January 2010

Fashion's Gnosis

Whilst I take my time with other posts (apologiez for the delay and I realize there are other things people would rather I post on too, I will try to get to them), here's another fashion photography post for you to chew on for the time being. Kicking things off with some recent shoots from the ever illuminating photographer Antonella Arismendi (check her blog to see her interests and the context for the symbolic/mystical photography). The first set is called 'Black Celebration', hence the Baphomet (ram/goat skull, the bull skull [I think it is] I usually regard as a Baphomet invocation but could be Moloch) and black themes ('celebration of evil', also some black/white duality [the guy's trousers + other clothing, the girl's black lipstick, light hair/dark hair etc], mirror duality in the video and a few other things in the set).

Next up is 'Gnosis' (spiritual enlightenment/knowledge; non-ignorant Freemasons, Hermetics, Theosophists etc are practicing brands of Gnosticism), the esoteric symbolism covering the male model representing the 'gnosis'; the spiritual knowledge/enlightenment contained in the gnostic who has attained it. As well as all the usual "Illuminati" symbolism (eye in pyramid, hand of Fatima/Hamsa), their infamous phrase is also (among others) painted on him 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' (New Order of the Ages, the Masonic/Illuminism symbolic seal on the dollar bill with the motto celebrating the new "enlightened/illuminated" Masonic Order that took control of America). The model wears a symbolic mask (black with silver chains + silver pyramid shapes between the eyes) and does various symbolic poses.

2012 is another interest of the photographer which you can see written on the model above, as well as the ancient Sumerian Gods (or the alien creators and slave-masters of humanity, set to return in 2012... or not) the Anunnaki. Obviously there is a lot more there but most is hard to make out (some Kabbalah numerology and whatnot).

Various ritualistic poses are used which most will be familiar with, like the Illuminism symbolic triangle below.

Note the accurate depiction of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which has been covered in previous posts (also in Antonella's previous shoots there are more Kabbalistic themes in terms of spiritual enlightenment/transcendence, like the Merkabah). Note the symbolic positioning of the central pillar over the spine, the middle pillar representing balance/order in the dualistic universe and our earthly reality (the sephirot Tiferet [mercy, glory, beauty; associated with the spine] is positioned in the middle of the tree, just below and in between Din [overpowering/judgement] and Hesed [kindness/compassion] which are considered opposites that Tiferet links/balances, Hesed being male, Din female). So this probably has a meditative enlightenment meaning also (based on her Merkabah shoot also), hence the symbolic reverse prayer pose (try and do that, impossible!).

Note more masks, with added bunny ears (/horns) giving a Nazi style salute below. Note the crucifix, you can just about make some Hebrew and Hindu Sanskrit (enlightenment, om meditation).

'Age of Aquarius' is the last set I'm covering of Antonella's work here, note all the light worship/Illuminism, including the white pyramids (symbolizing light, the Gnostic trinity, illuminated pyramids). Set in a church for added significance, I think the message being that the Age of Pisces is coming to an end (the Christian establishment love their vesica pisces shaped stuff like in architecture [among other symbolic archways and whatnot], the "Jesus Fish" and such) replaced by the Age of Aquarius in which (from what I understand) the archaic dogmatic religions of the Piscean age make way for more enlightened belief systems and people see what is actually going on in the world. The photographer Antonella Arismendi regards 2012 as being the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (she links to a playlist on the right of the page accompanying the set), though astrology, 2012 and things of that nature are not things I would like to go into they are interesting.

That analysis was quite non-conspiratorial so to bring things back to the higher end of the fashion industry where the work is less overt but more suggestive and hidden (rather than the 'in your face' esoteric themes which pervade Antonella's work), Victoria's Secret recently had a spread in GQ magazine with a Baphomet goat skull (note the American flag boots by the skull) + usual suggestiveness with the model (Lindsay Ellingson) holding the 'gun' (phallus) up to her mouth (I think some people think I have some massive problem with the stuff and the people I write about, that I'm some prude who will not listen, watch or enjoy something just because it has suggestive, occult or MK themes which couldn't be further from the truth).

More of the usual suggestiveness with one of those big (perhaps to make her appear small, like a child?) 'lollipops'.

Victoria's Secret models are 'The Most Dangerous Game'. But in all seriousness (should probably cut out the dark MK humor), usual dehumanization (antlers, on knees) and phallic symbolism (shotgun, hunting/killing/dominating the animal). Sex-kitten programming below and showing the theme of the shoot, they will often use recent popular movies (Where the Wild Things Are which itself contains numerous MK dehumanization and dissociation references) as a means to use themes of dehumanization and the like. Note the crawling and drinking milk through a phallic straw which is all obviously suggestive and relevant to kitten alter programming.

The most recent Victoria's Secret fashion show was full of it's usual dehumanization themes, starting with the sexy robots (seen in the background of above pic) that start the show off with the Black Eyed Peas (here is a good video detailing these themes). Note the giant 'V' shaped catwalk (for Victoria obviously but is clearly also used suggestively), each model walks to the bottom of the V.

It seems obvious and common sense that Alessandra Ambrosio (AA 11, Aless/Alice, Ambrosio like ambrosia, food of the gods) was instructed to hold her arms up in such a way, matching the top two corners of the (incomplete missing the bottom corner completed by the bottom half of her body, but clearly suggestive of an) inverted pentagram (a blazing star also, the pink/red fabric symbolizing fire/flames, all very Luciferian). "Ambrósio was just eight years old when she decided that she wanted to be a model, after seeing a picture of top covergirl Karen Mulder in a magazine: "I wanted to be like her", she recalls." Showing the influence these models have over the young, a pretty messed up cycle (this may just be an intentional Monarch slave nod from her handlers though), Alessandra had cosmetic surgery at age 11 to have her ears pinned back resulting in complications. You will recall Karen Mulder, one of the first Victoria's Secret 'Angels' came out in 2001 revealing that she and other supermodels were essentially "elite" sex slaves used by "Elite Model Management" executives and other members of the global elite (click for detailed analysis).

'Operation Miranda' is still in play it seems (should I cut out the dark humor?), they couldn't resist sticking a butterfly (+ a dragonfly) on MK Miranda Kerr, some of the angel/butterfly wings costumes were based on clock mechanism (symbolizing their lost time and internal mechanism/system).

One of the parts (a jungle themed part) of the show culminated in a myriad of butterflies being shown projected onto the background.

In 2007 their VS fashion show displayed mind control symbolism with the black/white hypnotic spiral background domineering over the dissociative models (+ the strobe lighting must affect them) who are always far more lively in VS shows than others (they are told exactly how to act though before going on the catwalk). All seeing eyes are shown blinking on the screen as the hypnotic spiral fades out (it comes back later distorted). It looks to be based on Walt Disney's buddy Salvador Dali's surrealist art, I posted the picture of Adriana Lima from this show in a post a while back.

I recorded the above 'Agent Provocateur' (please click to see their obviously conscious use of occult symbolism such as this 'Season of the Witch', included better quality image below and their 'New World Order' etc) event off the TV a while back, with my crappy digital camera so the quality is not good but you can make out what is going on (I looked for pictures and video of it online but found virtually none). Essentially it is a theatrical/ritualistic fashion lingerie show with the models playing various parts (there's a nymph/green fairy or something near the start, a hood wearing witch type figure) in 2009 in Vienna, Austria. I think it may have been themed after A Midsummer Night's Dream (it's pagan/ritualistic themes are very popular for these types of things, reminding me of Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream masquerade), though the model dressed as a bird kept in a human-size bird cage trapped by a dominatrix style guardian doesn't exactly fit with that. Anyway, a male Pan/Dionysus (or Puck) makes an appearance near the end and seems to get the bride (who decadently feeds him) to applause from the audience (the performers line up in a pyramid shape also) bringing this Dionysian ritual to a close.

To finish off this post, tool of the "elite" blue bloods, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen (again click for more relevant info on the occult in fashion, McQueen pictured above with Prince Charles who presented him with a 'Designer of the Year' award in 2001, but that is more about saying "you're one of us now, welcome to the club" than for any genuine achievement) teamed up with British photographer Nick Knight (some of his stuff is also in that linked McQueen post) for a campaign producing this photo with model Raquel Zimmermann practically suffocated by the snakes on and coiled around her (camouflaged by a multiple snake print body suit/second skin as if she herself had become a snake). Serpent photoshoots are always good for some psycho-sexual and esoteric symbolism, note McQueen's hooves-like shoes (reptile/snake print) she is wearing (seen in Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance', by the way it's worth checking out Luciferian Mannequin Lily Donaldson post for newcomers, which has some of McQueens designs).

His most recent show from Milan fashion week is just as dark with Skull and Bones as the primary focus, called 'An Bailitheoir Cnámh' meaning 'The Bone Collector' in Gaelic. With piles of skulls and bones (like in an old catacombs) as the main motif (it's not really worth watching it all so haven't embedded, watch here).

To finish, here is a shoot from Vogue Paris February 2010 which I am posting as it features some of McQueen's designs such as the owl dress below (hopefully most will understand the significance/symbolism of the owl). Reptiles and death are in fashion at the moment it seems... I wonder why! The model is Anja Rubik, shot by photography duo Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. I'll look to pick up the pace with posts (suggestions/tips are always welcome, though I need some way of organizing them all so I don't lose track of good ones in mail clutter).


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Newspaceman said...

Ben you wrote re 2012 : "and people see what is actually going on in the world."

Personally, I just see it as the commencement of a new era of slavery, people will be "mind controlled" into believing in some type of understanding/gnosis including pyramid worship (hence church photo),a bit like the freemasons who don't really understand what is going on in the top layers but somehow believe it must be a good thing.

Humans will be/are educated in a certain manner with certain belief system, will be consumers and producers, will be subservient and will somehow think all is okay as long as they have the x factor and celebs to entertain them. They/We are being collectively dumbed down.

2012 - the commencement of human farming/eugenics etc etc.


Newspaceman said...

Sorry, meant to say that if one accepts the "gnostic" theory behind the garden of eden - in that the serpent (lucifer) told the genetically modified creatures (humans) that they were indeed slaves (the apple of knowledge) before they then escaped the garden and their alien creator "gods" - and that we have/are becoming scientifically advanced enough to recreate the experiment, then that typifies the concept of luciferianism currenty being propagated.

We can be as gods - the space travelling alien/nephalim/annunaki ones.


Anonymous said...

2012 is nothing but a big hoax that all crazy or crazed conspirascy theorists or fans fall for. Not my case. Human farming/breeding is an ancient practice anyway.


Anonymous said...

LILY ALLEN, butterfly/leppard:


Kahlilia said...

I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.


Anonymous said...

love the snake shoots!

maybe david icke's lizard theory really is true......

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Icke and his lizards are said to be in reference to jews..whether or not he will ever admit it thats the question.

if it is that hes smart, after all, the ADL would sue him all the way to the gutter if he did say it.

to me it just doesnt make sense, how can we possibly compete as humans with shape shifters?

that sort of advancement would mean they could easily brain wash us without ever needing t.v or anything else. we would be instantly under their thumb, and unable to question.

as for 2012,Ive convinced myself its another year 2000 rubbish prediction.

I just cant see how a planets going to suddenly appear and destroy ours. surely we would have seen it by now, after all in space time 700 days isnt much at all.

pooh bear said...

some folks are going to be very dissapointed when the 2012 winter solstice comes and goes and nothing major happens, it's a shift in consciousness that's all. re: fashion. some people actually think it's just about selling clothes!!!

Anonymous said...

itll be funny if it doesnt change anything at all. some people are literally banking on it changing something, including the wealthy.

Newspaceman said...

Chris, so you reckon with the developments in DNA, cell splicing,mice with human ears attached, luminous pigs that breed true etc, that because "human breeding/farming is an ancient practice" it is acceptable. Who practices it most Chris, the elite, European Royalty ? What are you you basing your statement on please, them ?

As regards 2012 being a "big hoax", there is actually astrological significance to the date and given that a lot of occult solar worship goes on, by the aforementioned, do you not think that they may find it something, especially if one views the movement of the planets as a clock, on a larger scale than the solar one we use on a regular basis.

In my opinion, maybe as a crazed conspirascy (sic)theorist, it is the beginning of a new age (time) for humanity which the elite term a "golden age", but actually is an age of nerfarious as far as "we" are concerned.

What's your "case" on that wise one, do you think that the scientific progression we see know (as noted above) is a good thing ?

cheers brian

Anonymous said...

isnt the scientific explanation regarding 2012 that the sun will send off more heat? and thus 'might' accidently fry us? or at least our electricity grid?(us being the planet, not a specific countrys grid)

and that, according to some scientists, it occurs every 100 or so years..and 2012 might actually be anytime between 2010-2030?

personally, I think..if it happens, if it doesnt, well, it doesnt. nothing I or ANYONE can do about it.

Lula said...

to make yet another comment about craig ferguson (because it is kind of interesting, and because i know i make alot of comments) what if he checks out these sites? i shared what i feel, that alot of people do read my page, and i have given the link to the site numerous times, well, last night, he was asking about robots and microchips etc...they were talking about A.I.

on conans last show, even tom hanks had said he reads "the internet" and he comes across alot of things, that are not true. he was in the davinci code as we all know, and angels and demons. of course those movies are just giving us false glimpses...

just think its interesting. yes i do think they know about sites like this..."they" meaning, those in charge...of networks, shows, PROGAMMING, they know how to entrap us...

Anonymous said...

What does the 'V'-Symbol stand for?????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


i commented on the last post about craig ferguson, did u read it?

Anonymous said...

Remember how Beyonce had that alter ego Sasha Fierce? Us neither, but apparently Sasha is no more.

"Sasha Fierce is my alter ego, this other side of me that's almost animalistic and strong and fearless, and I have used this person to take over when I'm too scared or too shy," Beyonce told Allure magazine.

"The thing that's interesting is I don't need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I've grown, and I'm now able to merge the two," Beyonce continued. "I want people to see me. I want people to see who I am."

Normally when people have alter egos they're committed to asylums (or given Golden Globe awards), but it seems to be the done thing in music circles. Janet Jackson had Damita Jo, Mariah Carey had Mimi, and Britney Spears had Crazy Britney Spears.

Brenda said...

^^^"V" for Vagina. The symbol of the "holy grail." The woman's ability to reproduce and create life.


I'm sorry, but I don't believe for one second that Craig Ferguson is speaking to you. I also don't believe you're a TI.

I also don't believe that Craig Ferguson is a "psycho" because he didn't jump off the Tower Bridge and took a drink instead.

Look, I think it's important to sort and sift through EVERYTHING and analyze it but finding MK IN EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE WORLD AND THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is nuts and going to drive us all nuts.

I admit that I did not think Tiger Woods was MK'd on first glance. But once I started reading more about his past, his upbringing, his trance-like states and his cold-hearted approach to nearly every aspect of his life, I realized that, yes, it was possible that he was MK'd.

I truly think that if we begin to see it everywhere, though, we're playing into "their" hands in a way that sucks the life out of you. It's fine to be aware but you can't live in fear and freak out when something MK-ish comes up. Talk about "being a slave" to the culture. Doesn't that make us a slave if we constantly react to it with such "Oh my God!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, longtime fan here. I think we need to move away from deconstructing fashion shoots and the like. Clearly the fashion world caters to these themes, and let's be honest: Its all very obvious when looking at fashion photography.

With posts like this, I fear you glorify this imagery as provocative and dangerously artistic, much like Lady Gaga and her fans think of it.

Mind control and occult ritual abuse is not artistic , edgy or cute. It is a representation of a sick twisted mentality, behind which lie real victims, often children.

I love your blog and I don't mean this in a negative way, but I just feel that with posts on fashion and "artsy" music videos just give these people more fuel for the fire.

Yours as ever,

Anonymous said...

Adoptions are on the rise for the child victims of the Haitian earthquake...

Anonymous said...

Theres more to the children than just the adoptions.

they have admited that so far 15 have 'disappeared' from the hospitals and have also admited they arent with their own family.

theres an article about it, type in 'children missing from haiti hospitals'

you can safely say the number 15 is grossly under-estimated. they cant really know for sure, given they are being prohibited from certain hospitals/airports.

Lula said...

my comment better show up i just wrote and explained alot!

mad said...

oh great! GREAT ITS NOT THERE AND I SPENT SO MUCH TIME what happened to my comment i spent so time working on it explaining it is there any way i can get it back????? there are little girls in this room distracting me

still mad said...

i explained everything too, why i feel the way i do....things that happened!? I AM SO MAD!

Lula said...

Ok, yes anonymous i did read that! Ha! that sounds absurd..

ok i am going to type this up in wordpad because i was so flabbergasted that i guess i didnt click on the right thing and it sent it god knows where. i dont think i am a ti, however, strange things has been occuring with me. about three years ago, i was watching the showbiz show on comedy central, david spade was the host. he said he had a myspace page, so i thought wow cool! im gonna look for him on myspace. (i also myspace msgd joe rogan and he msgd me back a few times) i added him and began to msg david spade back and forth a few times. i asked him what he thought of my page, and he said he liked it etc...i think one time i was drunk and said some weird things..ha! but maybe that is what made me stand out? anyways, comedy central is an affiliates with MTV, cartoon network (adult swim etc)...well, once i had asked david spade to say my name on his show, like a shout i made sure to pay attention to his show...well needless to say, he did not say my name, he did however, said, " i have a code word, which is "strawberries" strawberries is what is on the background of my page! i just knew it was for me...well after that had occurred, much more weird things started happening. i had a picture of a girl floating in a box with one or two scientist like standing outside the box watching her. this was adult swim. im a fan of adult swim...well, i started noticing their bumps really seemed like they were directed towards me. i would blog and i had this friend named kim who was constantly leaving blog comments back...well, in a bump, it said, "kim is going crazy, in the meantime, we just want to know who our hot asian neighbour is" kim was on the top row of my friends list, adult swim on the second, and this popular asian myspace girl was right next to them. once i blogged about my depression with my boyfriend, and how i wasnt eating, it said, something on that note, and then said, eat a sandwich and join us..(or something like that), another time i blogged about how i wanted to go to spain (for a modeling thing) and they were like, "so much craziness, we just want to pack up and go to spain" also, during all those bumps, they kept flashing

finally i joined. well, i blogged about how much i wanted a lite brite...well, there was this big hoax promotion in boston for aqua teen the movie, and they used lite brites and one of the characters flashing the bird. boston thought this was a bomb, well when i joined i mentioned it. someone responded, "sort of like v for vendetta' i just blogged i like that movie (also the move is about the guy trying to share with the girl)...anyways..

more and more things like this happened to me...but it started seeping into my real life. i blogged about how i was going to the playboy mansion later that month. well, i noticed an interview with seth green and weird al yankovitch so i watched it. seth green is part of adult swim too...(AND, he has said poison numerous times on talk shows like conan even on robot chicken, so has tim and eric...i use the name poison as my screenname on the adultswim forums also as my myspace name) well, they were chuckling about the playboy mansion and winked. i knew some odd things would be occurring when i went there later, and sure enough, they did!!

Lori said...

well....i wrote the weird things that happened but it didnt post and i dont feel like getting into it now, but perhaps i will later. i have so many stories many! one even involves being slipped lsd and freaking out...(its a long story)...but this is why i feel the way i do and know that they are subliminally speaking to me. by the way, i was in las vegas a week ago, and ron jeremy got us tickets for david spade. he couldnt go because he had to host a party, but during the show, the first comedian said poison, and then david spade said it twice. its not just coincendence folks! they know!!!!

((like i said i will post more later to show all of the crazy weird things i have took note off. i also lived in hollywood too...i know things its not just me being bored and delusional!))

also, what if that comment was made so that i will indulge? so i can share? well fine! ok! FINE!


Lula said...

oh yeah i also want to say, a few times while i was on the forums, i would say, SAY PIZZA! SAY PIZZA!

well there was an episode later that night on aqua teen, showing..floating PIZZA!

i also started saying say AUSTRAILIA!

they made a bump all about australia! seth green even went to austrailia after i said that

"oh its just coincedence!"

no! i have so many more MANY MANY MORE stories i can share! this is why i know that they know who i am!

they even admitted that they do!

and yes they go on the forums too! perfect feedback...

they go check out others myspace etc but i know that they know who i am...they might be reading this because like i said, i put the link up to this site numerous times in my myspace blog...

well i will share more later if anyone is interested thanks

Anonymous said...

Reagrding the 'V'-Sign:

Link for V-Symbols & Number in V for Vendetta:

Pro NWO website:

Jade said...


You are indeed a TI. You have been targeted by marketers and TV networks who want you to waste all your time and mental energy looking for connections that don't exist. Watching TV, watching TV, spamming the Internet with nonsense, watching TV...

You need outside approval and attention so bad that you imagine people on TV are paying attention to you. You remind me of the mother on Requiem for a Dream, the saddest character I have ever seen onscreen.

Please. Turn off the TV, get out of Hollywood, and start living your life. All those commercials are killing your mind and your self-esteem and your soul.

venusinpieces said...

I really don't think it is necessary to dismiss what Lulu/Lori is saying out of hand. If she is really going to the Playboy mansion then there are sure to be many instances of programming occurring around her. Lulu, I am sorry you had to deal with being slipped LSD. That sounds horrible! Don't let the critics here stop you from posting because it sounds like you have a lot to contribute. Can you post the link to your website please because I missed it the other times?
My suspicion is that programming memes are being disseminated en masse in order to create collective delusions to shape the future course of events via covert Blue Beam type projects. One of the ways this can happen is through artifical intelligences which can "target" people based on their personality profile, but it is much more advanced than that and will eventually be based more in nanotechnology. That is why you will continually see more and more regular people who have experience being programmed in ways which were once limited to a select group. The Monarch Project may have only been a prototype for how to shape the personalities of entire societies.

venusinpieces said...

One more comment for Lulu: I don't know if this would be helpful, but maybe you could try disconnecting from the media/celebrity world for awhile if these things are bothering you. Sometimes I have to step away from the media for sanity issues, so I thought I would share that.:)

Anonymous said...

Sept 11 2012 is 11 years after Sept 11 2001.

Dec 21 2012 is 101 days after Sept 11 2012.

And deconstructing 12-21-2012 as 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11

For what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

To anony 01:38

So what?

Anonymous said...

Theres more to the children than just the adoptions.

^^Pineal glands, adrenochrome. Cheap.

Anonymous said...

I think 12/12/2012 will take place earlier or later than we think. Remember Y2K? Everyone thought the year 200 was going to be big, the end of the world.

But nothing happened. Then a year later Sept. 11th. Remember the elite are on a different calendar than us. They may be planning something for 2013 or 2011 just to catch everyone off guard and make the loosh that much more potent.

word verification....


Anonymous said...

^^ lol

@jade don't be so ignorant! it really does sound like lula is being targeted.

whats the link to your myspace dude?

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen Sherlock Holmes the movie with Robert Downey Jr? Plagued with occult themes and imagery. The story follows sherlock and watson trying to solve the mystery of a Lord who murders women in occult rituals. As the story progresses we see stuff like Orders, Illuminati, Freemasons. They don't actually use the real names, but anyone with some background information knows what they are talking about and most importantly WHO.
During the entire movie you can see pyramids, eyes, etc. everywhere. At one point Sherlock finds a book about black magic and we get to see all the images we are familiar with here in the book, including two large illustrations of baphomet.
At one point in the story sherlock talks to the leader if an order who practices the Occult (very masonic clothes worn by these men: top hats, capes, rings) and he says "some people use our methods (occult rituals) for very bad things, but not all of us are like that".
The obvious symbols are everywhere, but there's deeper hidden symbols as well, such as the final action scene taking place in the London bridge (which is just starting to be built, someone dies hanging from the bridge, etc).

Also, like Angels and Demons or those National Treasure movies, they pretty much tell you that the occult doesn't exist, someone always tries to make it seem like it does but it's all tricks and the Order is generally compossed of good people and the villain just used their names to take advantage of them, but they were innocent.

It's so interesting how we are being bombarded with these concepts all if a sudden. They are everywhere: music, fashion, movies. Why?


Anonymous said...

@24 January 2010 08:16

shhh, you werent meant to make the connection between my comment and adrenochrome!

ok yeah, thats also why I posted that regarding the 15 missing. odds is theyll age between 3-10..though adrenochrome is alleged to be taken directly from new borns/the mother during the birth so Im guessing it'll be the various parts of children used in Africa for rituals etc.

or human trafficking/Child sex trade.

either way, its disturbing.

Anonymous said...


Angels and Demons sent a fair few people into a state of stupidity so Im guessing its semi-truthful.

if it was/is semi-truthful, it explains why the vatican went on a global boycott call...which of course failed.(whether or not that was their intention..who knows.)

the fact its becoming 'fashionable' to believe in so and so occult order and buy everything related is in my eyes the most disturbing part.

one things for certain, theres a lot of money that once was 'underground' that is now being banked by hollywood/big name producers.

Anonymous said...

wth is adrenochrome?!

Brenda said...

Yes, please explain this "adrenochrome." Is it adrenals partly? You say from the pineal gland which is in the frontal lobe.

What's the purpose of adrenochrome? Anti-aging????

Brenda said...

OK. Look at this re: adrenochrome:

We have Hunter S. Thompson mentioned to boot! Callback to the last comment section!

Supposedly you can get it now in a chemical powdered form which doesn't require killing someone and taking it live from the adrenal glands.

But what's it good for? This article seems to downplay it.

I STILL say that anti-aging or immortality are the main thrust of what the Elite are after. Remember how in the Chaldean system of Numerology, number 17 (which they love so much) is the number of immortality and everlasting life.

I'm fascinated now! Doing more research!

Brenda said...

OK, folks. From Life Extension's website:

If the pineal gland is the what they are after (nothing to do with adrenochrome), then there's this:

They confirm that Melatonin is lost through aging; is vital to sleep patterns; is an anti-cancer hormone (its role in preventing breast cancer is well documented, now there is evidence it is also effective on prostate cancer); and is a catalyst in extending life span.

Doctors should read them. Space restricts this report to a few quotes from but a few of the papers.

"Not only does Melatonin production decline clinically with age, but administration of Melatonin or the implantation of pineal tissue from young donors prolongs both median and absolute survival times of older mice." L. N. Edmonds Jr. University of New York, Division of Biological Sciences: "Clocks, Cell Cycles Cancer and Aging."

"Aging itself may relate to accumulated damage to cells as a consequence of oxidative stress.... its beneficial effects in the prevention of many diseases must be considered. Melatonin's important actions as antioxidant may be its primary significance as well as the basis of its evolution". R. J. Retire, et al. Department of Cellular Biology, University of Texas Health Center: "Melatonin as an Antioxidant".

"Melatonin exerts direct and indirect beneficial effects in delaying developmental and aging process. Because similar effects are elicited by dietary restriction, it may be assumed that the anti-aging effects of food restriction are mediated by an increased formation of Melatonin levels in experimental animals and maybe also in human subjects. Indeed, food restriction causes an elevation of circulating Melatonin". Gerald Huether, Psychiatrische Universitasklinik, Gottingen, Germany: "Melatonin & The Gastrointestinal Tract".

"Melatonin, the main hormone of the pineal gland, when chronically injected into young mice or mice immunosuppressed by aging or by cyclophosphamide treatment, was able to enhance the antibody response to a T-dependent antigen. The enhancement of T helper cell activity and IL-2 production as evidenced in mice immunosuppressed by aging or by cyclophosphamide treatment. These observations suggest that Melatonin may be successfully used in the therapy of immunosuppressive conditions". M. C. Caroleo, Chair of Pharmacology, Department of Biology, University of Rome: "Melatonin Restores Immunosuppression on Aged and Cyclophosphyamide-Treated Mice."

"Circadian chronic administration of Melatonin and young-to-old pineal grafting into the thymus have provided evidence for the existence of an endogenous, primary and central "Aging Clock" in the pineal gland. The new model described here serves to definitely demonstrate that the replacement of the pineal gland of an old mouse with the pineal gland from a young, syngeneic donor mouse remarkably prolongs its life span, conversely, the "old" pineal transplanted into a younger mouse will considerably shorten its life span. Pineal cross-transplantation thus provides clear-cut evidence for the central role of the pineal gland in the initiation and progression of senescence (the state of being old). It offers a novel basis for interventions into the aging process." Valadimir A. Lesnikov, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Russian Academy of Medical Science: Pineal Cross-Transplantation as Evidence For an Endogenous "Aging Clock".

Anonymous said...

Interesting Hope for Haiti airs tonight at 8pm

Found this on GLP hope its not true.

Meanwhile.. the Travolta-esque rape and eat live child flesh crowd are into a huge ritual:

ALL of these Aliens are Reptiles - "“Hope for Haiti” airs tonight at 8 pm (EST) on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, CNN, and Bravo. The telethon is organized by George Clooney, who has recruited a number of A-list celebrities. Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Robert Pattinson, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, and Leonardo DiCaprio are just a handful of the 140 celebrities participating in the relief effort this evening."

Anonymous said...

Hagdonna will perform wearing all black

Benjamin S said...

V, I watched Sherlock Holmes a few weeks ago in cinema, all the overt occult/pseudo-Freemasonic imagery and magick themes were very interesting (it had real life Freemasonic involvement by the way with some of the scenes filmed in London's Freemasons Hall). Don't know if you saw it but Secret Sun did an interesting post on it (and goes into your questioning of why it's everywhere, I disagree with some of the article however [I can relate to NewSpaceMan's position in the comments somewhat]).

The whole thing was obviously very ritualistic, including (as you noted) the unfinished Tower Bridge (it's all about the twin towers/pillars + bridge symbolism) as a main backdrop/setting. The black magician/illusionist Lord Blackwood's name is black magic symbolic, a character based on Aleister Crowley, he uses magick/occult/"the supernatural" as distraction/manipulation which is what I've viewed magick more as rather than anything truly supernaturally powerful as I have said. Ending spoiler warning: he is hung (hanged man, noose/cable-two worn in first degree initiation; obviously invoking the P2 lodge Masonic murder, Heath Ledger in Imaginarium etc), hung directly in between the bridge's unfinished twin towers made of stone (symbolic Freemasonic twin pillars, remember the towers are still being built with masonry, the actual bridge is made of steel but the towers had to be made of stone for Freemasonic ritual and to fit into London's aesthetics). Random info: the symbolic Tower Bridge was opened by Freemason and King [then Prince of Wales] Edward VII of England who was the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England [which has it's HQ in Freemasons Hall, where some of Sherlock Holmes' Freemasonry suggestive scenes were filmed], laying the foundation/corner stone in presumably (it is logical as he was the Grand Master) a Masonic cornerstone laying ritual. So anyway just wanted to let you know some of the bridge's Freemasonic associations as it features heavily in the film.

Anonymous said...

...with posts like this, I fear you glorify this imagery as provocative and dangerously artistic.

this is very true benjamin singleton. you're doing more to promote this kind of stuff than you will ever know.

Anonymous said...

@ 13:23

what is that comment about? i don't understand it

Anonymous said...

@Brenda, you answered my question for me! thats exactly what the gland is for. its pure melatonin, in comparison to that currently used, so it is infact thousands rather than hundreds times more effective when it attacks cancer.

Adrenochrome on the other hand..well..its a bit stupid that people still think thats practiced.

they have used rats/mice to extract that now for years, as its 'makeup' is identical to that of a humans.

and yes, its available at a price..last I knew of was $60/£35 per 3 grams and its only available to scientists/people with certain credentials.

Andrenochrome was originally used for OBEs(outer bodies) but had the same effects as LSD;it made people go nuts.

what its used for now I havent much idea, I did however hear it was trialled for pain relief and was pretty good, but the quantity was the part they struggled with.

Anonymous said...

interesting stuff. lets not turn this into a science blog though!

regarding haiti, don't you think there's something fishy about all these concerts the elite celebs are all performing at/attending? i mean, its like they're celebrating whats happened more than anything. why don't they just donate some of their earnings. and shut the hell up instead of trying to showcase their pathetic selves

Brenda said...

I'd have to agree. I think stating that:

"Meanwhile.. the Travolta-esque rape and eat live child flesh crowd are into a huge ritual..."

is going too far.

I don't think Ben has ever said that these celebs eat their young.

Anonymous said...

@24 January 2010 15:36,

of course they wont donate money! pretending they 'care' they will then go on shows and earn more for appearances.

I guess it defines the saying 'cash is king' when even during fund raising they in turn make money.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus and pass the peas, Brad and Angie are calling it quits.

Although, the deny it, it seems the writing is on he wall.

It's on many sites, including this "tab."

Anonymous said...

Poor kids, is all I can say.

Lori said...

i just thought i would share my story, not to be ridiculed. i was just thinking of that movie requiem for a dream..haha! the mother. darren aronofsy does make some good movies, need to check out pi...i thought i could share here because very seldom does anyone want to listen or see the correlations that have occurred within my life for the past three years...i am intersted in entertainment and i have some story ideas i would also like to write a movie, perhaps based on my experiences somewhat.

i dont care if someone leaves a comment such as ," i do not believe for one minute you are a targetted indivual."

fine, keep your minutes! im not saying i am a "ti"...

im just sharing stories here because it seems people are more willing to listen to stories such as this,

my site is just my myspace page which is a mishmash at who i am, my personality, lots of pics, you know, blogs galore..

hey i realize i put my info out there so if tv people and such want to play around then fine, whatever..its cool

of course i do want to focus on my life and grasp at straws i will probably never get...

anyways i will put a link with my name but its my myspace page so its just full of randomnes..

i also have a ton of other stories too, and when i was living in hollywood, or times when i was in new york, alot of nutty things happened.

for example, i am friends with a photographer who shoots for patrick mcmillan so i have been to some pretty fancy extravagant events with celebs and such...and people come up to me, randomly, saying the weirdest things.

one time my friend and i were eating downtown new york, by the wharf i think, and i noticed this group of people, sort of like, a few feet away, just standing there. others walked by and passed them, but they, they were just standing there, looking. looking at me. then i noticed, the girl...she looked EXACTLY like my sister! i told my friend and it was the oddest thing. when i looked back at them she just was laughing, casually, then slowly, they broke up and got lost in the crowd...

stuff like that has happened to me...

i was with a friend in california who works on movies, i told him i think people are following me and know who i am, so he told me all about mk ultra, illuminati bloodlines etc...

he has said he was on set, and this guy with a shirt taht said adult swim on it said hey to him and he nodded back, on the back it said, "we are watching you"

he suggested we rent eyes wide shut. 4 places! 4 places we tried...either the movie was JUST RENTED OUT, or damaged, or the person who rented it never brought it back. it was very bizarre.

finally a blockbuster had it, he called. so we go there, and it was kind of weird because a specific family guy show was on (yes i know i sound nutcasy but hey whatever)...when we went to rent it my friend and the blockbuster guy were speaking some sort of was very weird

oh and when i was slipped a drug, it was in new york, at a club with my photographer friend. the people that worked on the movie spiderman were there, and some actors. we had a vip table with them

well this guy came up to me and slipped a bottle of champagne in my mouth. a few days after that i felt a very subtle feeling but i know it was a drug of some sort...i had to be sent to the hospital...a series of weird events happened which led to me freaking out but its too much to get into right now...

anyways, maybe another time...

and yeah i was just talking about that requiem movie

mother from requiem said...

oh i forgot to add my site if you want to peruse but its really just a mess! ha!

Anonymous said...

@ 24 January 2010 15:36

Well. It happens. Regardless whether Ben has said it or not.

Anyway, I SAID I found the child-eating statement at GLP I never said I endorsed or MADE the statement. Just posting it here of interest.

Lori said...

oh i forgot to add, i was walking home from a club that my friend wanted me to go to but i didnt want to go so i walked was on hollywood blvd...well i passed this black guy on a bike, and im serious he saw me and said, "oh shit! eyes wide shut"

that really freaked me lie either he really DID SAY THAT

Anonymous said...

I believ you Lu. People who don't believe this haven't lived it.

Brenda said...


I feel for you. Really I do. But you write in a very shattered if you are completely un-grounded and/or manic and/or on drugs. I can't follow most of your posts. You say "it's a mess" and I agree. Sorry, but it's just too much to plod through reading your stuff to find any of the "real meat" there.

I'm not saying you haven't been touched or affected in some way by this MK culture. But you don't seem to be able to communicate it in such a way that anyone can rationally understand. It's all too chaotic.

I agree with that other poster who suggested that you pull away from Hollywood and focus on something else. It seems to have left you fractured.

Anonymous said...


lol, i know its not funny but i couldn't help laughing at that last bit you just posted about eyes wide shut.

do you think its such a good idea, posting all this info when "they" can probably see it?

i think you're brave!

by the way, i just asked to see your myspace page out of curiosity, no other reason i just wanted to have a little nosy but its no problem if you don't wanna post the link here. probably not a good idea anyway, craig ferguson might start talking to me about strawberries ^_^

Anonymous said...

sorry, that last comment was a bit harsh. couldn't help it

Lori said...

sorry i am not so clear when posting and yes i do realize that i tend to post in a manic way, i just dont know where to start. i do like to keep a sense of humor about things because in life i feel that we should still be able to laugh and enjoy ourselves otherwise what else is there? i do like uncovering things and reading about things such as this and educating myself more..

and yes i do write alot on this internet and i dont really try to hide...

if i post more stories i will try to be more clear and to the point...

Anonymous said...


only one question I have,

why are you posting under numerous names? ie;lula/lori..etc.

no attempt to ridicule here, I must add. just a simple question that only you can answer.

Lori said...

its ok..i think its because i post alot of the internet to begin with and i have alot of screennames and such so sometimes i will go by lula or my real name...also like i said i go by "poison" on that adultswim site, so whenever i hear the word poison now on tv it always makes me raise my eyebrows, or something to that matter...i hone in...i guess...probably does sound like i spend too much time on the internet and tv, which i agree, i need to take some time off and focus on my life!

Anonymous said...

Ben - Your reply about Sherlock Holmes was great. I knew you would know a lot about it. I actually feel like watching the movie again and catch the things I didn't catch. When I went to see the movie I remembered 5 minutes in that you had posted the trailer on a previous post, so I immediatly had my eyes opened for stuff. Saw carvings on the walls that were not supposed to be there (mainly eyes, pyramids, goat skulls) like in the walls of the streets and buildings. It's amazing what the trained eye can see. It's like when Watson asks Sherlock "How did you see it?" and he replies "I was looking for it" ;).
One line I found amazing in the movie is when Sherlock says "I fell down the rabbit hole... And came out enlightened". I guess "illuminated" would've been too obvious...

I'll check out the post you linked.

PS I agree with Brenda, some people are taking it too far. Eating the live flesh of their children? Celebs at the telethon all bring "alien reptilians"? This is why so many people don't believe in this stuff, because some of you take it too far.


Anonymous said...

Sad and stupid at the same time:

"He’s had more than his fair share of “Laydees”... but David Walliams may have finally met his match.
For his new-found fiancée, model Lara Stone, has an even more colourful past.
At 26, self-confessed man-eater Lara claims to have “already tried everything” at 16, and admits going to rehab for alcohol ­addiction last year.
And despite dating Walliams since last May, she said last month: “Men don’t like me. I haven’t been on a date for six months.
“I’ve just started a club with a girlfriend called the We Hate Men But We Can’t Be Gay Club... I figure out what they hate most, and then I do lots and lots of that.”
But that clearly didn’t prevent Walliams, 38, proposing to her as they jetted to Mexico for a New Year break.
Dutch Lara’s wild past began when she moved to Paris at 15 and was preyed on by older men who offered her and her pals free drink and drugs.
She said: “We met men in their 50s – actors and rock stars – and we were just girls of 16. But I’d already tried everything in Holland.”
She finally found success in New York – as a Vogue covergirl and even replaced Madonna as the face of Louis Vuitton – but the pressure saw her hitting the bottle and admitting: “I’m a complete alcoholic.”
Pals want her to tone down her hectic schedule – flying to New York twice a week and Paris several times a month. But since 15, the longest she has spent anywhere is four weeks – and “that was in rehab”.


The Kool Skool said...

You are really on it! The blog is so well researched, we are great fans!
Have a look at this you might be interested.

all the best from the Kool Skool

Anonymous said...

V, keep sitting on your high horse. The next few years are going to be quite a surprise for you ;)

And by the way child sacrifice and cannabalism are real.

Anonymous said...


yeah we know that, smart arse. but we don't think that celebs eat their children! come onnn

Anonymous said...

@25 January 2010 06:10
"The next few years are going to be quite a surprise for you ;)"

have you thought that it could be you who is indeed wrong/could be surprised?

ie; nothing dramatic occurs? just the same old continuation of the past/current.

I should add this isnt a dig at you..I just find most people are so convinced that they are right they over-look the fact it could be them over-estimating rather than others under-estimating the future.

Brenda said...

I think we're all on the same page. Just some people are taking the concepts (sacrifice, mind control, etc.) and thinking that every single celeb, political figure, etc. is into it. That's simply not true.

I found this link regarding "10 Truly Shocking Facts About Organ Trafficking."

All verified as much as possible. AND it's from a web page dealing with online nursing programs!!! Can't get more mainstream than that!

Read #2 and #9 in relation to babies, children and "religious rites."

Thus, selling or procuring organs from unwilling donors IS going on and is a BIG business.

The subtlety must be found where it is NOT happening. I.E. the Haitian relief celeb events. That's just pure ego-driven crap....a need to feel like they are doing something worthwhile and relevant for a few hours before returning to their boring, ego-driven, me-centered existence.

Anonymous said...

Is that merely because, in our celebrity-obsessed culture, every misstep of the entertainment community is open to such intense scrutiny? Would we find the same skeletons in the closets of any other group in the country that was subjected to such unabashed media and public voyeurism? Is Hollywood merely a microcosm of America itself, illuminated by the harsh glare of the stage lights?

If so, then it is truly a strange and scary world that we live in. Consider, if you will, just a few recent examples of Tinseltown weirdness:

Actress Margot Kidder, missing for a week, surfaces in the bushes of a stranger's yard with her head shaved and a few of her teeth conspicuously absent.
Actress Anne Heche similarly goes missing, only to show up at the door of a stranger in the middle of nowhere babbling about being beamed up to the mothership.
Actor/comedian Martin Lawrence decides to stop traffic one day on busy Ventura Boulevard by wandering into the street, waving a gun and shouting incoherently.
Actor Robert Downey, Jr. finds himself sleeping in the bed of a neighbor, with no idea of how he got there.
Dr. Haing S. Ngor, who purportedly survived the killing fields of Cambodia before starring in Hollywood's version of events there, doesn't survive the streets of Hollywood; he is gunned down in February of 1996.
Actor Jack Nicholson decides to blow off some steam by attacking the vehicle of another motorist with a golf club.
Someone 'falls' to their death from the apartment of actor James Caan.
Comic actor Eddie Murphy is arrested in the company of a transsexual prostitute. He/she dies a violent death shortly afterwards, though the press doesn't pay much attention.
Actor Hugh Grant is arrested while being serviced by Hollywood prostitute "Divine" Brown. Brown's pimp subsequently surfaces in the company of a neo-Nazi singer who claims he was offered money by Courtney Love to kill Kurt Cobain. The would-be assassin turns up dead soon after telling this story to filmmaker Nick Broomfield.
Actor Brian Keith, the former star of television's Family Affair, is found with a fatal bullet wound in his head on June 24, 1997. His death, ruled a suicide, continues a long tradition of Hollywood notables allegedly shooting themselves in the head. Included on that list are Herve "Tatoo" Villechaize (September 4, 1993), Del Shannon (December 8, 1990), Jon-Erik Hexum (October 12, 1984), Freddie "Chico" Prinze (January 29, 1977), Pete Duel (December 31, 1971), and George "Superman" Reeve (July 1, 1959).
On June 2, 1996, the 35th anniversary of her grandfather Ernest's alleged suicide, Margaux Hemingway joins the list of Hollywood personalities whose deaths are attributed to drug overdoses. Margaux is the fifth member of her family to have their deaths ruled as suicides. River Phoenix's death on Halloween, 1993, outside of Johnny Depp's Viper Room, is also attributed to an overdose.

Nothing unusual about any of that, I suppose. Looking further back over the sordid history of Hollywood, consider also these examples of unexplained weirdness (and these examples are, it should be noted, just the tip of a very large iceberg).....

Anonymous said...

I think we're all on the same page. Just some people are taking the concepts (sacrifice, mind control, etc.) and thinking that every single celeb, political figure, etc. is into it. That's simply not true.

^^Not sure where you got from that pull quote that EVERY celeb is into child sacrifice. I never said anything of the sort.

Or that celebs eat their young. Never said that either.

Sounds to me like deflection and putting words in other people's mouths. What's your game exactly??

Anonymous said...

ok, lets settle this. and you know..move on...because its quite distasteful, well in my eyes.

yes, its possible "some" celebs in the history of mankind have, either directly or indirectly had their children off'ed either ritualistically or to eat.

but proving it, and being able to select out of the many thousands of celebs in this generation who 'may' be into that is another thing.

so yes, its likely..but will we ever know? no. and more importantly..can anyone ever prove so? certainly not.

for what its worth, I believe it has been done by 'powerful' people before, yes.

why? because humans have the potential to be sick, beyond its guaranteed to have been done at least once, especially by some power mad nutjob.

Brenda said...

^^^I'm not saying you said that. Relax. Sorry if that's the way it came off. No "game" here.

In GENERAL, we've had a few people posting pretty outlandish statements that tend to make EVERY celeb involved in MK culture, whether it's what they wear or comments they make. (i.e., "I liked his energy," "She was my light," etc.) Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

Now, on another more dark subject.

I ran across this in relation to how a child is broken down and an MPD is created.

I warn you, the text is rough to read and VERY disturbing. Some of it I don't flow with only because it seems to be written from a "Christian" point of view. However, it links to interviews done with survivors who all relate that AGE THREE is the most important age to create the trauma and multiple personalities in a child. It goes onto say that the action that creates the shift is sodomy. Apparently, a child can be physically abused, witness human or animal sacrifice but he/she will not necessarily split unless sodomy is performed during the rite.

They talk about the "bright lights" that ignite in the brain by penetrating the anus and create the detachment AND allowing the "spirit" of the abuser to forever be implanted in the abuse victim. From that moment on, that victim (at a later age) can be triggered to revert to their three year old mentality and further sodomized and given more codes and triggers to react to at a given moment. This could relate to the poster above who detailed the strange behavior of the many celebs.

Here is a pull quote from the article:

The initiation into the light of Lucifer is achieved by sodomy of the three year old. However, if that person does not follow through, he can become a dud -- he doesn’t go anywhere, so he hasn’t really risen to any rank within the movement of the body of the Illuminati. They have certain degrees associated with being a high-level Illuminati -- you wouldn’t get there simply by being initiated as a three year old. The initiation of the three year old is the beginning requirement of someday rising up into the ranks of a group that is considered to be the Illuminati. A lot of people think of the Illuminati as being a political group of people, but in another sense it’s a brotherhood of sodomites that’s like family. Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

To read the entire page, go here:

Like I said, it's not for the faint of heart.

moutard moustachio said...

You douchebags! None of us know anything about anything! It's grand to hear lots of opinions though, but alas opinions aren't worth a hill of beans, for we are all plonkers. Love ya from MUSTARRD

Anonymous said...

thats so fuckin sick

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All of these 'illuminati' are clearly worshipping the wrong team...and for what? because they are born into it and its all they know? well, they have their own brains! their own minds! clearly they can ascertain between right and wrong!! sodomizing a three year old is horrible! how can anyone do that to a child? i know it happens, but this clearly is WRONG in all aspects, along with SACRIFICE, MOLESTATION, HAVING A CHILD EAT BLOOD URINE OR FECES OR WHATEVER ELSE ENDURES FURTHER TRAUMA TO LATER INDUCT THEM INTO BECOMING ROBOTS FOR THE ILLUMINATI! God does not want this! he says to love all the little children. they all worship SATAN! well, its the wrong team! what true love will EVER allow a three year old to get sodomized? traumatized?? why? why mk ultra and project monarch and all these forms of mind control? its torture! its abuse! its satanism! why?? to further ensure the power of their bloodlines? for power over earth?? we all die, even those bloodlines, but where do they go after they die? well if you are evil enough to rape, sodomize and sacrifice little innocent children, then YES! you are going to join your MASTER, satan, lucifer, baphomet!!!

this is truly sickening! and yes i do believe that there is more out there i do believe in God and clearly these illuminists do or why would they do what they are doing. maybe for wealth, maybe for fame, power, but it only lasts so long!

dijon said...



Anonymous said...

chill? im sorry, but this stuff disgusts me. im just expressing my thoughts of the subject. Satan is real and so is God. raping a poor innocent child just sickens me. i read the comment above and im just sharing my immediate can anyone just "chill" about such trauma as that? i have a heart!

Ioana said...

pffff.... 81 comments per post...Ben , I really think we should start the forum project :)
no, seriously...
I read your blog , even if i haven't commented much. Today I just felt like writing this: have you seen stuff made by kink(dot)com? stuff like publicdisgrace(dot)com or theupperfloor(dot)com?

wholegrain baby said...


Of course this stuff is disgusting, and wrong, evil etc...

But you will do yourself no good by getting worked up about it.

Anonymous said...

erm, if he/her wants to have a rant and let off some steam then let them. thats partly what comment boxes are for

Anonymous said...

dijon was probably raped by his mummy! sick fuck!

dijon moutard said...


Anonymous said...

Read through that ENTIRE document link that Brenda posted above re: Illuminatti torture of children at age three via sodomy. It's nothing to laugh about. But it does enlighten me as to why sodomy is used.

As someone who has studied the whole Kundalini energy center (located at the base of the spine), it makes sense that shocking or penetrating this at the specific angle (which is mentioned in detail on the link's page) could absolutely create a break in the personality by virtue of the fact that the energy is released without the understanding of how to focus or manage it. Yes, it can be used destructively. Just like anything can be used for evil.
Water can nourish or it can kill you by drowning it in.

Anonymous said...

dijon thinks its funny!

Wholegrain? said...

You folks are just jumping to conclusions is all.

venusinpieces said...

Loana, I was wondering why you mentioned, because I am from the town where that company is based and have wondered about them myself. Last year there was quite a ruckus in San Francisco when they moved into the old armory building. The reason for that is the fact that people had been campaigning to have that place turned into low-income housing, but typical of San Francesspool, they gave it to instead. They gained further headlines when it was revealed that the company had been receiving government grants to make torture porn. The movies in question contained scenes of waterboarding, which was one of the techniques used at Guantanamo Bay. And to top it all off, some of the porn stars wrote angry letters to the journalist who publicized this fact for MONTHS because he dared to call their "recreational activities between consenting adults" torture porn. They didn't even bother to deny the fact that they had been receiving government grants for pornography, their issue with him was sheerly one of labelling. !!??? :(

Lula said...

heh! watching craig ferguson again, hes feels like the matrix, then he was like, "thats the conspiracy, (and he did a subtle devil horns) i keep you laughing and then you watch the commercials to buy things...

i dont care anyone says, i just think its amusing to me! "keep buying things!"

Anonymous said...

"Millionaire Herman Rockefeller gone missing

25 January 2010, by Mark Buttler and Amelia Harris (The Daily Telegraph)

THE sudden disappearance of a wealthy businessman has police baffled and his family distraught.

Father of two Herman Rockefeller has not been seen since he arrived at Melbourne Airport on Thursday after an interstate business trip.

Mr Rockefeller, whose 52nd birthday is today, disembarked from a flight at 9pm and collected his 2007 Toyota Prius from a long-term carpark before leaving the airport.

The Harvard graduate and former Carlton United Breweries director had returned from a four-day business trip to Newcastle with his brother Robert.

Rockefeller & Co's CEO committed suicide - WSJ

Sept 15 (Reuters) - James McDonald, chief executive officer of investment management firm Rockefeller & Co, committed suicide on Sunday in Massachusetts, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.

According to the paper, Barclay McFadden, who identified himself as a friend of McDonald's family, said James McDonald "took his own life." McDonald was also a board member of NYSE Euronext (NYX.N) (NYX.PA).

No one at Rockefeller & Co was immediately available for comment. "


"She's gone overboard... Her whole relationship is fake, her whole show is fake, her whole marriage is fake, everything about her is fake. So now it just makes sense that her whole face is fake."


Anonymous said...

The Australian Rockefeller millionaire who went missing is not related by blood or by business to "THE" Rockefellers, they simply share the same surname. (as most of us do with millions of people across the world)

Anonymous said...

How do u know that? Sorry but in this case I dont believe its any coincidence.


Anonymous said...

Wouldnt surprise me if he genuinely has took his life.

during the recession last year, or the 'eye' of it around march/april, dozens of those types did it.

guilt some say, or the fact they have lost their reputation is more like it.

Emily said...

How are there less comments? It was at 100 now at 95, strange...

Benjamin S said...

Emily, nothing to be concerned about I just deleted some sick idiot spammer's comments (people who saw them will know why).

Brenda said...


Thank you for deleting those comments. That came out of left field, eh?

Colemans finest said...

"Thank you for deleting those comments. That came out of left field, eh?"


I know the guy playing pudsey there, he said after watching it back he didn't remember doing the 'devil symbol'.

Terry Wogan is such an insufferable man, also he helped create the beast that is the Icke. If MK is truly prolific in the media, my guess is the "they're laughing at you" Wogan/Icke debacle was mass humiliation desensitization?

Emily said...

Oh okay, makes sense! :)

I hope that new post is coming soon! We are obviously restless!

Anonymous said...

@coleman's finest

you trying to say that whole icke/wogan thing was deliberate?

Anonymous said...

um. this girl's had a big dose of mkultra. kerli. she's going to feature on the soundtrack of the new alice in wonderland movie. which is enough in itself, but there's a good analysis of her and her blatant video at vigilant citizen.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that this former victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse mentions that her abuse BEGAN at age three.

Lula said...

since i post about craig ferguson alot, he just asked his guest about electroshock therapy. "now im wearing a curse" she says...(the actress in the new movie LEGION (makes me think of that devil i read from the link)

i also noticed on american idol, i knew they were going to choose the girl who said she was a minister (religious background) and the guy who was in alot of orpanages and homes, he was wearing a shirt with the one eye on it...

just some observations of tonights tv PROGRAMMING

Lula said...

he said they all do it( electroshock, referring to that star wars actress...carrie fisher???) he says you forget everything tho...

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben cheers, you will note I never got a reply from either of the Chris', either here or at SS by CK.


Mallory Knox said...
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Anonymous said...

Castle Muno in Belgium

AKA Mothers of Darkness Castle

Anonymous said...

Interesting read on serial killer Ottis Toole

Brenda said...

I have just discovered a sick MK connection here that is worth noting.

In the link I posted above (

where it is discussed in great detail how MK Ultra creates a MPD from a child, starting at the age of three, there are references to the negative spirit they call "Legion" being cast into the child upon anal penetration.

Here are pull quotes from the page that deal with "Legion":

The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vile act, a demonic system called, "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, Legion is refered to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot. (MY NOTE: THE PINEAL GLAND IS KNOWN AS "THE SEAT OF THE SOUL" AND IT IS WHERE THE SPIRIT ENERGY ENTERS AND EXITS THE BODY UPON BIRTH, DEATH AND DURING TRAUMA. THE PINEAL GLAND IS ALSO REPRESENTED BY A PINE CONE IN ARCHITECTURE. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT.)

Continuing with the pull quotes from the webpage....

Sodomy is a spiritual thing. Let’s say Ben sodomizes either a man or woman. When he does that, that person has a spirit by the name of Ben that changes the way that person relates to things. This can even be as an adult. You can’t put the Legion mindset in when they’re 40 years old, but you can put Ben in when they’re 40 years old and it will change the way that person thinks. I’ve had different women who separated from abusive husbands and for some reason couldn’t break loose of the soul tie to their husband, but when we cast out the sodomy spirit by their husband’s name, their feelings about their ex-husbands changed. The most classic example is the lady who had slept with her husband before they were married, committed adultery at 40 years of age, and when I commanded the Strong Man to give its name it was her husband’s name that entered at 40 when he sodomized her. That spirit of sodomy was more damaging to her than the spirit of adultery or fornication.


continued below....

Brenda said...

Still quoting from the webpage I noted above...

"The perpetrator's goal is to gain power. They believe that the devil has the most power, and the most powerful component in the rituals is the blood sacrifices in blasphemy of Christ's atonement.

Another very important component is the act of sodomy which is the opposite of the "new birth" we have in Christ. The ritual abuse system is normally built around a three year old child, because this usually is the optimal time to create dissociation or MPD. This system is actually a mirror image or reflection of what appears to be a shattering of the core personality.

They take a child at approximately three years of age and make the child fast for several days, force the child to witness human sacrifices, and to participate in a cannibalistic communion service. In some instances, they physically abuse the child and then place he or she in a cage or coffin to further the trauma. The child is sometimes drowned in a baptismal ceremony and brought back to life. In the process of all this blasphemy, the child's mind is reversed or shattered into multiplicity. The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vile act, a demonic system called "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, LEGION is referred to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot.

The Illuminati belief system says that freedom is only obtained through the entrance of true or pure light (sodomy) and life (sacrifice) is only obtained through death.

Now these survivors have told me that the, "Key of David" is the Rothschild sodomy. The penetration occurs at an upward angle, so it strikes the nerves at the end of the spine and produces white flashes of light in the brain. They do this on a regular basis -- sort of maintenance program to keep everything intact. As a side note, there are Catholic black masses where they sodomize children with a crucifix calling it the, "Peace of Mary" because once the dissociation occurs, it almost produces a calming affect; sort of a peaceful feeling..."


Continued below for the MK film connection...

Brenda said...

About four weeks ago, the FILM, "LEGION" was released.

Legion?? The same dark spirit that is cast into the child during MK abuse?

Regarding the film, here is an overview of the story from the California Literary Review:

"According to the script, God has lost faith in humanity, ostensibly because he grew “tired of all the BS.” Thus He orders the angels to exterminate mankind—just to switch it up a bit, since last time He went with a flood. The angel Michael (Paul Bettany) disagrees with God’s order and falls from heaven to save the human race. Michael chooses a tiny town called Paradise Falls (a clever but gauche touch of Dante), at the edge of the Mojave desert, in which to prove that humans are worth saving.

Michael’s been keeping an eye on homely Jeep (Lucas Black) and pregnant, single Charlie (Adrianne Palicki) for years, and has pegged them as proof that humans are worth saving. In particular, Charlie’s unborn child is lined up to be the savior—although this is never quite explained. Bad fortune brings a number of strangers to the diner at which the two work and live, and there the battle plays out.

In Legion, God is neither infallible nor merciful. The angels are not lovely and ethereal—no halos for these soldiers. Instead they are dark, cruel minions who inhabit humans to ensure the End of Days.


OK. Paul Bettany (the actor in this) is an avowed atheist in real life. So, interesting choice for this part.

I found that last comment interesting from the review:

"The angels are not lovely and ethereal—no halos for these soldiers. Instead they are dark, cruel minions who inhabit humans to ensure the End of Days."

There HAS to be a connection between the dark entity known as "Legion" that is embedded in many MK victims and the release of this film AT THIS TIME to create a timeline that would possibly release that memory into the ether via these victims, creating some sort of synchronized event or altering of consciousness soon.


Anonymous said...

"He was a Catholic alter boy. I think he was also a Rothschild and a Jesuit. The founder of the Illuminati was Adam Weishaupt, trained as a Jesuit"

is the bit I dont quite understand for this reason;

Joseph Mengele's only life long connection to anyone even remotely jewish was one doctor.

jesuits are pretty much the 'sworn enemy' for better of wording of the jews, so a rothschild who at the time would have been pure jewish blood wouldnt have been able to take the oath jesuits take, nor be an alter boy.

on the other hand, he could have been an agent of theirs which would explain why he remained free until death.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to interrupt your flow of conversation here, but could someone please point me to a site, a book, anything that will inform me on the types of programming. i am so curious about this mk kitten , Jewell programming,Disney prgramming etc stuff...being someone that like leopard print, how do you know its not just fashion? and what does the prints represent?
where is a good reputable place to read up on this stuff? This place is clearly not for beginners but I can see from the photos alone that there is a connection.
thanks in advance...

Emily said...

Anonymous 11:02

Cathy O'brien's books detail such information and programing techniques. There are also books by Candy Jones. Cathy's books are Denied for Reasons of National Security and TRANCEformation of America. The Candy Jones book is The Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain.

Emily said...


I know that the article referred to the spirit of the Bible known as Legion, but the reality is that there is not a spirit that enters the body.

People who are MK'd aren't possessed, they are people who have dealt with unspeakable torture that subsequently fragments their mind.

The only dark entities involved in MKUltra are the despicable people that put children through such trauma.

Emily said...

Ben, you should totally do a post about reality television! The people on their don't really seem random to me at all!

I mean, that guy from "Megan Wants A Millionaire" killed a playboy model "former girlfriend" and put her in a dumpster (like the more recent playboy model killing.)

Plz do a post on reality tv, on top of everything else. I know your really busy and it can be difficult...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that stuff brenda just posted is so hard to stomach! does that really actually go on?

Anonymous said...

@ Chris re Herman Rockefeller

I know this because;

a) I used to deal with the man himself on a regular basis through my work. (He is a genuinely good person which is more than I can say for a lot of the extremely rich people I have dealt with over the years who don't share illuminati surnames but ARE evil & corrupt people)

b) His wife has been on the news here in Australia confirming the fact that they are not related...

Mrs Rockefeller said she had considered the possibility her husband was being held against his will.

"I can’t speculate on anything but anything is possible. (Kidnap) is a possibility.’’

In raising the possibility that Mr Rockefeller was being detained unlawfully, she sought to clarify the family name.

"I can tell you categorically we are not related to the American dynasty,’’ she said, adding it had been reported mistakenly some years ago and the falsehood had stuck.

Not everything is a conspiracy - some things ARE just coincidence.

Anonymous said...


you should remain skeptical in regard published books.

think of it like this, if the bilderbergs can control the media - which is often connected to the big publishing houses - they can sure as hell control any book/novel related to that sort of content.

@27 January 2010 13:15

its alleged to. whether or not it does, I guess we'll never know.

wouldnt surprise me though, personally.

Anonymous said...

@27 January 2010 13:18

which illuminati surnames are you referring to?

jerry_beck said...

i am so curious about this mk kitten , Jewell programming,Disney prgramming etc stuff...being someone that like leopard print, how do you know its not just fashion? and what does the prints represent?

interesting where in the media leopard print is spotted in the most...for example every porn actress, every hooker/prostitute wear this print, in tv/films always slutty girl is with leopard print for example two tv shows i watch right now, one Just Shoot Me (it's actually hilarious sitcom) -ex model Nina Van Horn (played by Wendy Malick), and she always has something with leopard print (blouse, dress, purse whatever)...there is receptionist in ER Randi Fronczak (played by Kristin Minter) always wear some leopart printed item (she is sadly 100% MK'd, she had role named Kitty in MK show Nip/Tuck, hooker in CSI, Candy in NYPD Blue, Annalise (hint hint) in G Vs E, Zebrah in 1998 movie The Effects Of Magic (pretty sure bet it's Disney programming), also in TV show Living Dolls i don't know this show but title is pretty telling (she also look in ER always miserable, those clothes plus heavy makeup, and she is very pretty girl underneath, she is most known for playing the girlfriend of Vanilla Ice in Cool As Ice 91 movie - character named...Kathy)

and something about porn (there are TONS of things there (butterflys on the models, illuminati/property markings), but let me tell you one thing, i saw once HC scene where WIzard Of Oz pictures were on the walls, how can you explain this???)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 27 January 2010 13:50

I wasn't referring to any illuminati surnames in particular, just pointing out that just because you have the surname Rockefeller, it doesn't mean you are necessarily part of the Rockefeller dynasty (who many assume are illuminati)

Emily said...

@Anonymous 13:45

I never read the candy jones book, and I do think you are right in being skeptical about published books, but I think Cathy O'brien self-publishes.

I could be wrong tho, and I do think we should all be wary of the things we hear (no matter the source)...I think the book is enlightening at the very least...

Brenda said...

@ anonymous 13:45

Re: publishing houses, a lot of the books that are published without censorship are done in small batches or "vanity presses" (self publishing). There are also publishing houses dedicated to "conspiracy" text. Cathy O'Brian's book is one of them as is all that Texx Marrs puts out.

@ Emily 11:20

You and I will have to agree to disagree on this one. I do believe in entities (disincarnate souls that attach to humans) because I have absolutely seen possession first hand. I believe that when someone is traumatized, they are left "open" via energetic portals around the head (specifically the third eye...pineal gland...and the nape of the neck) and dark energy systems can and do enter via these areas. You can actually see the entity through the person's eyes ("Eyes are the windows to the soul....or lack of one...or eyes are windows to the entity's vibration.)

Case in point, when I look at Charles Manson's eyes, you can "see" the entities.

Of course, darkness or evil can inhabit a person without them being "possessed." However, I feel (and this will piss off a lot of people) that schizophrenics are actually individuals who are possessed of various entities via early childhood trauma. A member of my extended family (no blood relation) is schizophrenic. I can't stand to be around her as she "flips" her personality via various triggers which I cannot figure out yet. Often the trigger occurs via an aroma or a sound, rather than a word. But I haven't figured out what they are specifically. When she "flips" into another personality, I look in her eyes and she "is gone" and someone else is looking at me. It's creepy as hell and I can't stand to be around her. I was told by my grandmother (a very wise woman who dealt with trauma victims) that you should never look directly into the eyes of someone who has entities because that energetic field can draw you in and suck your energy field.

If you think this is all crap, so be it. But I have experienced a multitude of individuals who fit this bill (including my ex-brother-in-law) and when you feel and live it first hand, you KNOW it's real.

Anonymous said...

@27 January 2010 15:03

ah, understood.

the reason I asked was the majority of the names people often say are 'illuminati' such as the fords/gores etc are all descended from one family.(howards/arundels)

Anonymous said...

@Brenda, your grandmothers statement was the same as a psychology lecturer once told my brother(hes now a criminal psychologist).

she said something along the lines of they can manipulate/convince you of things because of how their eyes are, and the direct stares they give.

Coleman's do dijon now? said...

RE: Icke/Wogan being set up,

yeah, surely it's possible. I'm sure many people on here have read David Ickes books and enjoyed them as I myself did a few years ago, but I've started to find the whole Illuminati thing a bit of a bore, "it's a piece of shit - walk away" and all that.

We don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes, but I'd guess that the snowballing new age and conspiracy culture is fabricated by those who it is supposedly in opposition to. Fighting the elite is a distraction on a mass scale, people are putting their faith into the pissing war on C02, how docile can these people be who are scared of carbon dioxide, and they're convinced that they are free thinkers. Like all of us I suppose...

Billie P. said...

@ Brenda 15:18

I absolutely agree with you. I think you are spot on about entities. I also believe in the "dirty aura" that so many people discount. However, on this comment section or another when someone was showing those photos of Lindsey Lohan and others at the Milkshakes place, it was mentioned by a few how "skanky" they looked. "Skanky" is another word for a male or female with a "dirty aura."

I think a dirty aura can come from drug use, promiscuity, trauma, etc. The idea is that you "muddy" your energetic field by loosening your auric body and allowing the filth to attach more easily.

We've all seen people with beautiful, clear eyes and a vibrant presence. Thus, we know what a "clean aura" feels/looks like.

Anonymous said...

^^^Rare to see any beautiful, vibrant clean auras in Hollywood or the music industry. "Filth" seems to be the norm.

Russell Brand comes to mind. Simply sickening!

Lula said...

Leopard print signifies their "sex kitten" programming...i like leopard print (i used to wear it but i think that look is old news now) but it doesnt mean anything ,however, when you see, say, christina aguilera wearing it..its to signify her sex kitten. not to say you cant look classy and wear leapord print, i always thought gwen stefani looked classy (of course i read in this site that gwen is also programmed) i find it hard to believe because i always found her to be stylish and unique, but i suppose that is how younger generation view lady gaga as now...i dont think lady gaga is original at all, but thanks to sites like this..

someone made a blog on all of tila tequilas inconsistencies and lies, turns out, tila was offered her own milkshake at millions of milkshake but decided not to go through with it because she is supposedly pregant, but the girl is a pathological liar!

Lula said...


so now i find myself always watching craig ferguson well someone else said, "im afraid to watch it craig ferguson might say strawberries...

well...tonight his guest (eddie izzard??) said strawberries out of nowhere and then they were both just saying strawberries...

i had posted about how on the other show they said strawberries in lieu of me asking to say my name (my myspace background) and on another of craigs show he said strawberries in the beginning, then went on to talk about monarch butterflies...

anyways, i just felt the need to share! i dont care if someone says i remind them of the mother from that movie either i kind of find it amusing and interesting!

Lula said...

craig ferguson might start talking to me about strawberries ^_^
24 January 2010 16:10


i should start posting up the links to show that he is saying this stuff...

Anonymous said...

..nobody really answered my question. is there a particular reliable book or website that i can go to for information on the programming done to these stars so I can best understand. there are so many confusing sites on the subject that I just want to read some "concrete" info, if that's possible.
Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

The Goldsmith family (Jewish) are related to Lady Di. Not hard to notice that ROBYN herself ressembled the princess.


Anonymous said...

To anony 13:18:

Yes I know not all is a conspiracy, but still I fail to see "the coincidence" in that Rockfeller story.


Anonymous said...

KESHA sez:

I’m kind of living nowhere right now, I just had my gold Trans Am that’s in my video shipped back home, so I guess that’s where I live now — wherever he goes, I go. I don’t have a house, but I’m looking for one. I just want to make sure it’s not haunted. I’m not just saying this to try to sound crazy, like, “Oh, I’m such a crazy pop star, I’m haunted,” but actually, almost every night I have some psycho dream of the same ghost, either in my face, strangling me, smacking me, shoving me, or just hanging out. Sometimes he’s just there, scaring me, being an asshole.
I recently drove across the country, staying only in haunted hotels, and I stayed in a haunted whorehouse in San Antonio, and that was the first time I actually got haunted on. One of the reasons I moved out of my house in the Canyon was I knew it was haunted. I was right next door to the Jim Morrison house, and I was kind of drawn to the energy there.


Emily said...


I still think you should go ahead and read Cathy's books, eventhough there may be a taint of falsehood in them as someone pointed out.

I think TRANCEformation of America is a good starting ground.


I can agree to disagree. I do believe in aura and souls and stuff, I just reject the idea that evil spirits inhabit people--I think the problem is corporeal (through trauma from infancy on). As I learn more, maybe I will change my mind.

I am open to hearing your evidences for your beliefs tho. Can you expound more on the eyes being the window to the soul. Things of this nature are foreign to me, and I would like to learn more. Like, everyone(at least on this page) can see a deadness in celebrities eyes, I don't really understand that.

I have recently just become more interested in people's eyes, but I really cannot say, "oh, he's/she's souless."

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Kattie, I would suggest reading Fritz Springmeier actually. You may have to do a search but there are still some of his full text online. Also Brice Taylor's Thanks For The Memories.

I also wanted to add that there are obviously two side to this thing. People who believe in the spirit world and things that exist we cannot perceive with our five senses, and people who think all of this is real world 3-dimensional psychology stuff.

(Ben I would put you in the latter category...)

Its my belief that TPTB are actually HELPED when people disbelieve the far-out spiritual stuff. Think about it, they've spent hundreds of years praying to their gods, they take this seriously, the dates of the occult rituals the phases of the moon. This is not a joke to them.

They spend a lot of money and go through a lot of trouble to call upon these dark forces. WHY??

It cannot just be for shits and giggles. Read the Ottis Toole interview linked above. He was a serial killer who got invloved with top satanists, much like Son of Sam and Henry Lucas. These people are not joking around.

If you think they are then they've just gotten you to look the other way while they commit real crimes AND spiritual crimes, which are IMO infinitely more dangerous because they affect us beyond this lifetime.

Anonymous said...


my comment about the potential for falseness included in the books Emily/others mentioned shouldnt put you off.

after all, its said the russians who were/are the masters of dis-info/propaganda only ever included 10% bs so if you take that into consideration then those books are potentially 90% true.

a starting point would be if you looked into the people the U.S. govt and Canadian govt paid compensation to, in relation to experiements whilst they were in mental institutions.

Anonymous said...

The goldsmiths are barely jewish, the only jews that remain in that bloodline are the women from around the 1880s, and early 1900s. dido goldsmith(her mother) was the daughter of a gentile so robyn's certainly not jewish.

it requires at minimum a jewish mother to continue that on, this is why the rothschilds,the goldsmiths and dozens of the 'new generation' of the elites are now considered gentiles both in their respective countries, and more importantly Israel.

Anonymous said...

Grigori Rasputin is the best example of the eyes of a man whos soul is burdened.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Guys...I have read a bit of Fritz online but just wanted to read from other sources as well. Trying to keep the critical thinking in mind..hehe. I've been meaning to pick up TraceFormation and I hadn't heard of Thanks for Everything. It's hard once you know of this stuff not to go head's crazy how people take this world so much at face value when there is so much going on in the's freaky yet fascinating. Anyways, Thanks for the recommendations, should be very helpful on my quest for truth.


Newspaceman said...

Kattie, the link for Fritz Springmeier is here:

This is the main page for his work, there is a link at the bottom of the (linked) page for numerous works on mind control and suchlike.


Newspaceman said...

Also, this has a lot of info but it is not about celebrities:

and more "government" mind control:


Brenda said...


"Eyes are the windows of the soul" is not something I made up, obviously. Through our eyes, we take in everything, from beauty to trauma. I'm often shocked how many people cannot SEE either the darkness or evil in another person's eyes. I'm not talking about the obvious candidates (Crowley, Rasputin, Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker," Charles Manson, etc.) I'm talking about the guy next door or your father or your mother or your priest or your friendly doctor.

I was taught from an early age by my grandmother to really look at people's eyes and see beyond the facade. She was a doctor of psychiatry but she never prescribed a drug in her long career. She worked with homeopathic remedies to "cure" the constitutional maladies without the person's body brought on by trauma. She was an expert at body and face diagnosis. She could look at a person from across the room and tell you what trauma had happened to them by the shape of their body and the look of their face.

When I put her principles to work in my own life and dealing with people, they were always correct. For example, there is a certain appearance that the upper hips of a woman have when she has been sexually molested when she was a child. You see it with the broad "saddle bags" but also with the way that weight is carried in that area. It's very specific. A woman can lose a ton of weight and still retain this particular weight in her hips until she resolves her past molestation. The way it was explained to me is that the body is like a sponge and it retains energetic imprints that are put upon it. When a woman is raped, sodomized or otherwise sexually molested as a child, the energy of that attack is sucked into the groin area and manifests as this type of fat or development of saddebags, etc. It's like the body reflects our energetic experiences and "marks" us, so to speak, holding that imprint of energy forever OR until we awaken and release it from our body. I've seen this happen when women address their molestation, go into good therapy and over time, release the hatred, revenge, and disgust for both themselves and their abuser. Their body changes. Weight is lost that has been held onto for decades and that heaviness around the hips dissolves.

Of course, you can't talk about this in day to day encounters with others because you will be called "judgmental" by others who don't understand these principles. Believe me. I know because it's happened to me. There's nothing judgmental about it. If you understand energetic principles and how EVERYTHING is energy, we are energy and trauma is energy and other people can and do cast their trauma and their darkness into and onto you, then you can realistically see how it manifests in a human body.

I've had decades now to "test" these ideas and they are valid each and every time. A woman who looks like I have stated, may not remember her abuse and that's when it's the most dangerous because the "spirit" or whatever you want to call it, of that abuser is still working within her and manipulating her motives, thoughts and direction in life, WITHOUT HER EVEN REALIZING IT. I've seen it repeatedly. But, again, you can't PROVE it because she has no memory of the abuse. The only way this can be proven is if there was a witness to the abuse who can tell her story for her.

So, as far as the eyes, they are just a part of the body that holds the energy we take in. But drug abuse, sex abuse, depression, etc. are reflected in your eyes and out into the world FOR THOSE WITH EYES TO SEE.

It's not about judgement. It's about COMPASSION for these poor souls who have been treated like shit and express their trauma through their eyes. Even the evil SOBs have been traumatized and they are repeating that trauma onto others so the cycle of degradation can continue for generations.

Troy said...

^^^Fascinating. Thank you.

I do not believe you can deny the aspect of "spirit" in this MK Culture. As another commenter mentioned, THEY (the Satanists and Occultists involved in perpetrating the mind control of others) certainly understand and utilize the energy for their dark purposes. I don't doubt for one second that a dark spirit known as "Legion" is embedded into a child's body during sodomy at age three. I think these occultists truly understand the ways in which to do it.

Well, all you have to do is look out there for yourself....with your own eyes...and see the destruction and darkness in others.

I like Ben's blog a lot but I do not know why he insists on denying ANY connection to a God presence or spirit or Christ Consciousness. I'm NOT talking about Jesus here. I'm talking about the consciousness that is CHRIST-ED which is the true love and potential of every soul on earth.

If Ben is willing to accept that there is supreme darkness by these people, then he must accept the opposite can be there as well. The light. The spirit of creation and love.

If you do not realize this component of the spirit world, you are doomed to live life with depression, sadness and unrealized hopes and dreams. ESPECIALLY if you spend a lot of time researching all this sadness that we comment on here.

Don't you see that the Powers that Be WANT you to deny the spirit world?? They WANT you to be depressed and feel worthless and helpless. They don't want you to be empowered by the knowledge of the unseen world and the potential it has to create positive and uplifting changes.

I am not religious at all. But I do believe that there is more to this world than what we see or understand and I believe it has a spiritual basis.

Emily said...

Don't get me wrong!! I am certainly not the sterile-only science worshipper type, not at all! I just feel like to say that a spirit is possessing her seems to, and it is hard for me to verbalize, is the cause of years of trauma. I guess we are really talking about the same thing, because the way I see it, a victim may not conciously remember the abuse, there are thing reminding her subconcious (maybe it is always on the subconcious mind?).

Like you said Brenda, people who carry weight on their hips and cannot get rid of it. Or someone being apprehensive when they see a certain thing.

Again, I totally believe in like the spirit world and stuff, and I don't have all the answers yet. I could be completely wrong. I have just recently uprooted myself from the Christian religion, so I don't have all the answers.

I am like troy, I am nonreligious, but I believe there is more to life than what we see, and that everything is essentially energy. I am very interested in learning more about Native American spirituality. I feel like the powers that be saw something in the Native Americans (I have some native american ancestry). They had a closeness to nature that I feel was threatening to them. I want to capture and utilize some of there ways as well! :)

I also believe that dreams are very important...Brenda, reading your experience has been enlightening. What do you think about dreams?

I have had pretty vivid dreams all of my life, and yet I can never get the message that they are telling me. Any advice on that?

Anonymous said...

Im almost of the opinion they are currently wanting people to embrace spiritualism.

why? because of how much is being rammed down the necks of people; shows related to 'paranormal' and 'psychics' are a dozen a penny now, where as before it wasnt spoken of.

as for them wanting us to be depressed, thats natural for anyone who wants power; depression is merely emotional weakness, and of course weakness in general makes it easy for them to force us to do as they wish.

financial weakness is a good example, suckering people into debt so they have no choice but work/pay tax which in turn funds them.

Im not religious nor do I entirely rule out that maybe there was/is some 'god', but if he truly does exist, this god is certainly questionable as to why he allows such evil to live and operate amongst the rest of us century after century.

Emily said...

Me thinks this NFL player is Some how involved in MK

And Michael Douglass' son is facing a minimum of 10 years in the slammer for trafficking methamphetamines.

Emily said...

Oh, I am anon 12:49!

jerry_beck said...

everyone should see first episode of 2nd series Lie To Me....episode called The Core Of It is about, yes you guessed MPD, DID

Trish is played by Erika Christensen and she delivers a fantastic performance. One of the changes Ryan made to the show, beginning with “Blinded,” was to concentrate the storytelling a little more so the audience could get to know the guest star. It’s a move that really pays off in an episode like this. Christensen makes the most of a demanding part as Cal realises her character is really several characters in one: she has dissociative identity disorder (DID) and Trish is just one of the personalities Cal has to deal with. She soon shifts to Jessie, a tough-talking prostitute who has no idea about any murder.

this terrific performance is of course bullshit, since Erika Christensen is in reality MK'd (very often multiples play DID characters, that's why in horrors/slashers many times you see REAL fear and terror cause actresses thinks it's real, to them is very much real...

Erika Jane Christensen (At age 12, Erika knew that she was going to be an actress. Talented in acting, singing and dance, the young Christensen was determined, not just lucky; it wasn't long before she landed her first job: a commercial for national advertising giant, McDonalds. She followed up with a part in Michael Jackson's music video for "Childhood," then landed her big break: a lead role in Disney's Leave It to Beaver (1997). Christensen was only 13 years old, but acclaimed by critics for her "chemistry" and "radiant self-assurance.")

Sadly typical MK upbringing (Mcdonalds, Jackson, Disney do we need more?), definately a victim...

Brenda said...


I have this one on my DVR so I'll be sure to watch it.

Erika is also a Scientologist and I recall somewhere reading about how she was sexually active quite young.

She DOES have charisma. No doubt. But there is something strange in her eyes. (Again, with the eyes.) I can't figure it out with her but something ain't right.

Anonymous said...

doesnt any of these actresses ever question this? cathy o brien knew, others have knows...i know we sometimes hear aobut actresses and such admitting they have "multiple personalities" but its often brushed off as a cute little thing they just said to be cute...

wouldnt they realize some of the things they sing, or act in, videos and such, symbolize what they are going through?

dont they question it when they win an award for such a moving performance? you know, like, i actually dont remember doing that part!?!

has any celebrity who has been MK'd ever come forward with this? i just captured some of the britney special it was mtv during the morning...she said she has been through alot of trauma (of course she couldnt say waht) and madonna also had her on her show (remember when britney was on an elevator for her) madonna was like, "shes searching for more in this life" talking about spirituality and such...

do they think they know something that the "regular folk" dont know? do they think they are the chosen ones or something???

jerry_beck said...

has any celebrity who has been MK'd ever come forward with this? i just captured some of the britney special it was mtv during the morning...she said she has been through alot of trauma (of course she couldnt say waht) and madonna also had her on her show (remember when britney was on an elevator for her) madonna was like, "shes searching for more in this life" talking about spirituality and such...

do they think they know something that the "regular folk" dont know? do they think they are the chosen ones or something???

Mind Control is exactly what the term states...control of the mind, often celebritites know that something is wrong (they lose track of time, they remember someone else memories - many ufo abductees who shares this experiences are in fact MK people), many times they come forward (Roseanne Barr comes to mind when she spoke about it in Larry idiot King, can you be forward in more mainstream medium, did you hear about this? i bet no) but most of the time when they start to remember childhood trauma then you can ofter hear about mental breakdown of the star(spears, anna niole), about alcoholism, heavy drug use, sexoholism, then a star is admitted to so called rehab center (which no doubt are reprogramming centers, i mean WONDERLAND center???) if damage is done star is suicided (renfro) often, when a star is high profile in ritual death (ledger)

Benjamin S said...

So much for picking up the pace! I get a little anxious when I don't post as much as I'd like. New post up soon over the weekend.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Jerry just wanted to say your comments are always spot on with great info and suggestions, cheers.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing images indeed.

I had a thought that maybe it all gone so nuts and MK Obvious at this stage that the elite themselves have somehow MK themselves by accident?

Which would be the ultimate irony.

Thomas Sheridan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brenda said...

@ anon 10:12

What images?

@ Chris,

Regarding Herman Rockefeller's disappearance....the plot thickens...

"A decapitation of the Western Illuminatti?" Hmmmm.
They be fighting amongst themselves, it seems.

Good. Let 'em knock off each other and leave us the hell alone.

Anonymous said...

Never gonna happen. they have been around too long..people this calculating always have a backup plan incase it goes tits up.

Anonymous said...

Kellis at the Anna Data Awards (whatever THAT means...they give awards for everything now, don't they?)


Anonymous said...

wow this spiritual stuff is fascinating, thanks for sharing all the info brenda.

i feel like i know an awful lot of stuff now, and i want to tell others but when i try to begin to explain...i just can't. coz its so hard. i just end up sounding ridiculous

illuminati - 1
me - 0 !

Anonymous said...


i was the one who mentioned your strawberries, i can't believe that it was mentioned again after i said it hahaaaaaaa, i feel special!
i reckon the producers of his show read this blog or something...

Frequently Anon said...

@Brenda, fascinating stuff. I always enjoy reading your comments.

Just had a thought though, regarding the hips thing...Have you ever noticed Madonna does not have any hips, but everything else about her clearly indicates that she is MK'd and a perpetrator? (Her eyes are the coldest I've ever seen, but many people refuse to see that because they're also superficially pretty.) Or is it possible her eating disorder started so early, she wrecked her body before her hips could form? I'm interested in your opinion on this, although anybody else can chime in, too.

Lula said...

to anony up there, yes, i do think that craig ferguson or his people (or both) caught wind of this and are reading it too. just because of all his talk lately about skulls, poison, monarch butterflies, STRAWBERRIES, etc...i also think other shows read my blog in particular...just based on experiences i had...i dont mind sharing here because i think people here are more open minded for the most part.

to jerry_beck or whoever else has a thought about this..

what about this celebrity rehab? that is on vh1 with dr. drew? i know that those people are MK'd, (mackenzie phillips in on it)

actually i know someone that works with dr. drew...but i dont think he even (the guy i know) quite understands what MK ultra and project monarch etc, is all about...he actually called in and asked mackenzie all the WRONG questions! he called loveline one night.. with the internet and all these forums, what happens if one of these celebrity or mk victims comes across a site like this and reads it? how will their mind handle this? if i was a victim, i would be angry! and i would want to know! i would ask questions and search for answers!

Frequently Anon said...

@Lula, did you see the recent tabloid magazine that sorta did a mini-character assassination of Dr. Drew because he apparently used cocaine recreationally in the 80's and no longer associates with the disgruntled DJ that made him famous? I mean, it wasn't all that shocking if it's true (and it could well be), but I had to wonder why now someone's going after him. (I will say for the record that if Dr. Drew is in reality a programmer or something else evil, then he can just f*ck off.)

Anonymous said...

regarding lula's strawberry comment, the show with eddie izzard is on youtube! if any of you other guys want to see. skip to 08:10

notice eddie says "this is all scripted" (; ha

craig is pissing himself!

what a joker

i think his eyes are weird....what do u reckon brenda?!

Brenda said...

Totally off-topic, but one of my favorite authors, LAUREL DEWEY, just released another short story, "You're Only As Sick As Your Secrets." You can read it for free here:

Here is a list of her shorts so far:

As I've mentioned before, I've read all of Dewey's work and her books are absolutely tuned into the esoteric realm, even though they masquerade as crime thrillers. If you understand symbology, you'll see what I mean.


Brenda said...

Regarding Madonna, for what my opinion is worth, I think she is so much more of a perpetrator than a victim. To me, she reeks of darkness and always has. Underneath all that is a scared little girl. I can see that. If she was molested as a child, I think she almost "wanted it," if that makes sense. Thus, I don't think she absorbed the trauma into her body like most women do. However, she has certainly been hell bent on renovation of her aging body, turning it into a masculine, ugly mess. I've heard rumors that she is involved in a variety of "cutting edge" therapies that halt aging. This fascinates me as I think she is doing something that involves the pineal gland. I've been doing more research on this recently and I'm still digging through data and such to see what I can uncover. But I just KNOW there is something connected to the pineal gland and anti-aging technology that is somewhat nefarious and somewhat legit. Any thoughts or links anyone can offer me as I pursue this idea?

Regarding Dr. Drew, my gut tells me he's OK. He's still an allopathic doctor so he's into meds, which I don't support. But he seems compassionate when I've watched that Celeb Rehab show. That show actually fascinates me purely from the place of hearing their stories and how they became addicts.

venusinpieces said...

According to wikipedia, Dr. Drew in the Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Southern Calfornia. With credentials like that, he is sure to be administering extremely toxic drugs to sick people ona regular basis. Psych meds are not aspirin. Antipsychotics in particular have a long record of causing brain damage so severe that people who take them are unable to even go to the bathroom or dress themselves on their own, even after months of not taking their "medicine". Pharmaceutical companies have lost lawsuits about this, and then swept it under the rug with a settlement. And antipsychotics are ubiquitous within the psychiatric field. Even the supposedly harmless antidepressants have been outlawed in Europe because of their capacity to trigger violent actions in those who take them. One of my friends once committed suicide by walking straight into an oncoming subway train, and this was only a few months after she began taking antidepressants!?
Another little known fact is that every single school shooter was taking psych meds at the time of the shooting. And doctors have to know that something isn'tright based on the behavior of their patients, and the way that the drugs are destroying their minds and personalities. I think that all these celebrity psychiatrists are just another way to reprogram people, yet under the guise of "helpfulness". My feeling is that anyone who would dispense psychiatric medications on a regular basis is not an ethical person at all.

Brenda said...


I totally agree with your take on psych drugs. I think they are disgusting and DO cause permanent damage to the brain. Ditto on every school shooter using some type of psych med. Like I said re: Dr. Drew, I can only go by what I feel when I look at him and I don't get a dirty vibe. HOWEVER, I think there is something very odd about allowing cameras to follow these celebs who are detoxing off meth, coke, etc. and having psychotic breaks as they move through it.

Re: the above poster who asked what I thought about Craig Ferguson's eyes, yes, I know what you're seeing. There is something penetrating there, isn't there? Perhaps it relates to something a little off sexually...liking kinky sex? I've seen that same gaze from someone else who was seriously into S&M.

Again, I'm not convinced that Lulu/Lu/Lori etc. is being contacted by Craig Ferguson through the TV. I'm sorry, Lulu, but your posts are becoming increasingly more odd when you refer to Craig Ferguson talking to you. You seem to have an unhealthy attachment to him which I just don't understand. Frankly, it seems way too obsessive. Truly, you need to pull completely away from all media for awhile and get some perspective.

Anonymous said...

"My feeling is that anyone who would dispense psychiatric medications on a regular basis is not an ethical person at all."

true, theres nothing ethical about it at all.

its common knowledge too for these med companies to threaten doctors if they refuse to prescribe pills.

its money, so most doctors dont think twice about making a fortune from death.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask a question now to Lula or w/e her name is, which might be if you wish lula.

do you use drugs, as or other 'street substances'?

venusinpieces said...

Brenda, I liked your comment about homeopathy aways back. It can be difficult sorting through all the MK nastiness, so it is nice to see a comment with solutions to some of the residual problems left over after trauma. I found out about homeopathy while treating a dental abscess and was pleasantly surprized
to find that it was also effective for the treatment of post traumatic stress. One of the most interesting ideas within this process is that diseases have a spirit, called the miasm, which can follow people from one lifetime ot the next. That is why specific constitutions will have always have a very particular apparition attached to it. My favorite site is because they have a virtual library for constitutional typing, as well as some very useful remedy finder software. It is strange to read some of the constitional profiles that list symptoms like "pulsating headache" alongside things like"visions: little hairy brown men". LOL But it works though!
I also like the idea that a constitution has both negative and positive qualities, because this is the exact opposite of allopathic medicine,which can only see a diagnosis as pathology. Whereas, in homeopathy,sometimes all you need is just one dose, instead of years of taking toxic drugs. :)

Brenda said...

^^^^Since I grew up with a grandmother who was all about homeopathy, I regularly received remedies based on my constitution at that time. I was not aware that your constitution can change when you get older but mine certainly did and when I found the new constitution (which took some time for myself and my homeopath to determine) it made all the world of difference.

I love Great site!

I have personally witnessed outstanding results in others who have been witness to deep trauma or dealt with deep grief with the remedy IGNATIA in 200C potency. You know, that Ignatia is called "homeopathic PROZAC?" It can take only three doses dispensed by a qualified homeopathic doctor to totally and completely reverse severe depression. I've seen it.

In homeopathy, you peel back that emotional "onion" and as each layer is revealed, a new remedy can come into play or a higher potency of the same remedy is used. If you don't know enough about it, you really need a qualified practitioner to guide you through it. Even though I was brought up in this world of alternative medicine and own three huge repertory books to find the proper remedy, I still don't know enough to determine what a person needs. But that Ignatia is sincerely fantastic for most people who have dealt with or who are dealing with trauma or grief.

Miasms are SO interesting, aren't they? What's fascinating is the syphilis miasm which can and does create schizophrenia in the bloodline. Often, with the right remedies, a homeopathic doctor can resolve (yes, RESOLVE) schizophrenia.

Lula said...

not sure why i am answering now...i just tried to share some things....i encountered this blog after i read about britney spears twitter account being hacked about the new world order...and this psudeo occult came up. maybe its too hard for alot of people to contemplate how maybe, talk shows and such know about stuff like this, but with the day and age of myspace/facebook/twitter...we are easily and happily giving info about ourselves...

if people are going to ask me if i am doing drugs, then fine, question that...i dont need to explain myself!

i just want to say based on a long time of blogging and having messages relayed to me, yes, i feel that they know who i am. i also was working within entertainment and such so i was actually at alot of events etc..

i dont want to share stories if people are going to doubt me.

Anonymous said...

A wolf humping little miss riding hood in a beauty pageant dance:

Anonymous said...

For Brenda:

I posted and reposted this link too on Ben's blogspot. I do the same now. Check it out. Useless to say that Madonna is, like countless others, both a programmer and a slave.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is:


Anonymous said...


I asked based upon some photos on your myspace.

I didnt mean to offend, I was merely asking whether or not you smoked pot.

whether or not that leads to you thinking that craig whatever his name is, is talking to you, wasnt my point.

Anonymous said...

stop being an arse.

lula, you said you sent the guy a message through myspace? you asked him to mention something about you,and you say you had a background with strawberries on and he has mentioned strawberries twice now. so i believe you.
i don't see how it makes you a targeted individual though, if you were the one who instigated the whole thing by messaging him and asking him and he could see your background, i mean it sounds like you asked for it!
interesting though because it shows how they can use codes for things...

Anonymous said...

it does seem like she asked for it, given it actually was Lula he was referring to by saying strawberries.

thats before you take into account the fact she mixes in their circles...thus inviting them to play 'games'

surely its better to ask if she smokes pot, so as to remove any claims shes some spaced out teen?

I dont see how thats being an 'arse'.

J.L. said...


For someone who seems so wigged out by the attention via the Craig Ferguson show, you also seem to love the attention that these "codes" give you. So which is it? If you are playing into "their" hand and a willing participant, why behave like a victim and talking about "how weird" it is that they are playing with you...something you obviously encouraged??

You, my dear, are the perfect plaything for these people. And if you think that there is power or entertainment in that fact, you are sadly mistaken.

If you continue to encourage these actions by whomever is doing the "codes," they'll want to step up the game with you "just to have a bit of fun" and it won't be pretty.

I have no idea how old you are but if you have been to events and parties in Hollywood (and I don't doubt you have) you are leaving yourself open to a lot of hurt. If you are doing drugs (and I don't doubt that you are) you are an easy target. I used to work in Hollywood twenty years ago (nothing dramatic as I was a production assistant briefly) and I used to see dozens of girls just like you flitting around, both high and drunk at these parties and events, all the punchline of a some guy's joke.

Look, people here have wisely suggested that you get away from Hollywood and this lifestyle because it's obviously not healthy for your mental health. But you love it because you think it's cool on some level that Craig Ferguson or one of his guests is talking to you. But you don't seem to understand that or you LIKE the drama. So enough said. You've been warned here so if you continue, it's your choice.

hoops said...

Lula has RUINED the formerly insightful discussion in these comboxes.

Maybe that was her intention?

Brenda said...


I'm not sure whether you are saying that Madonna is a slave or a handler but I thought I made it clear that i felt she was a handler. Of course, she may have started out like a victim but, as I said, I think she enjoyed the abuse (got off on it) and thus, perpetrating that abuse to others (which is outlined in that link you gave me) is not surprising.

Her satanic ritual on the MTV awards in 2003 when she kissed Britney sealed the deal for me as to whether she was the high priestess of MK and ritual ceremony.

Also, in that link, there is this:

"Madonna is rubbing male hormones on her face. The Material Girl has started a strict regime of massaging her skin with testosterone cream due to it’s toted ability to increase muscle mass, boost energy, improve memory, and ward off mood swings. But Madge has got a hairy surprise that’s a bit more than she bargained for."

Thus, my theory that she is involved in anti-aging techniques was not off the mark. However, I don't consider testosterone cream "cutting edge" as bioidentical hormones are fairly commonly used in the circles I rotate in. MY belief is that Madonna is doing something else to her body in a bid to hold off aging. And I think it's got a nefarious twist.

Speaking of energetics, now we can delve into psychic vampires. These are older women or men who feed off the energy of a young person in order to suck up some of their youthful vibe. After a child or young person is in the presence of one of these psychic vampires, they feel drained and sleepy. IF the young person is around them too much, they will begin OVER TIME to look tired and older than their chronological age. Laugh if you will but I've seen it a lot.

Now, the best way for an older man or older woman to suck the youth energetically from the younger person is to have intercourse with them. This works best for the older woman/younger man combo since the ejaculate from the younger man essentially nourishes and rejuvenates the older woman, depositing his "essence" and his testosterone into her vagina, in a kind of homeopathic transfer of matter.

Which brings me to Madonna and her young lover, Jesus. I find it absolutely bizarre (but credible given the MK knowledge and necessity for ritual etc.) that Madonna chose (attracted?) a YOUNG guy name JESUS. Kind of brings the whole Catholic thing full circle, doesn't it? And she's taking in the essence of JESUS, sucking off his energy, etc. so SHE CAN BE REBORN INTO A YOUNGER VESSEL.

IF you just start playing out these scenarios like this, it's amazing the kind of links that can be revealed, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

@anon 08:19

i just think its a bit rude to ask somebody if they're on drugs when they're clearly being serious?

Anonymous said...

@30 January 2010 10:15

thats your opinion that shes being serious, I can also see why you formed that opinion.

at risk of sounding rude to you in my opinion thats naive.

why? because for all you know she could be typing this whilst smoking a joint.

I however dont think she is, maybe a bit over-analytical, but not on any substance.

I asked purely because shes already been labeled a schitzo on this blog, and its obvious next theyll say shes a dopefiend.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget your pinch of salt! Anyway, you guys have me so hooked to this stuff...I've gone and done it...I've started my own blog...called 'The Significance of R'...

check it out and if you see anything I need to fix please let me know!

Anonymous said...
Ok, my first mistake...

J.L. said...

^^^ I agree. I don't think it's rude to ask if she's high or smoking a doobie when she's making these statements. She could actually be both: smoking dope and telling us "the truth" about these codes, etc. being said to her via Craig Ferguson's show.

But you have to admit that when someone says that people on the TV are talking to them,...well...the normal response is "You're crazy" or "What are you smoking?"

WIthin the MK context, it gets a little more muddy as to what is really going on in Lulu's world.

Anonymous said...

To Brenda:
Not only Jesus, but also LUZ = Light so it all fits just perfectly. Add to this that her mother was called MADELEINE so we're practically swimming into symbolism here. MADONNA/MARY, daughter LOURDES MARIA, MADELEINE/MARY MAGDALENE&JESUS. I need oxygen pls. And the fact that she wants to have another baby with him explains it all. I hope she wont have any other slave (cough, cough, baby), 4 is more than enuff for her and her sick cult. I do wonder how her eldest daughter would end up with.


Brenda said...

^^^Chris, thanks for more synchs. Very interesting.

And you just helped me see another:

Lourdes is where you go to find a miracle for whatever ails you. Holy Water from Lourdes, etc. Miracles and rejuvenation of the spirit.

Could her daughter be an upgraded version of herself?

And what of Rocco? Where does he fit into this? Or is this just another bloodline via the mama?

All that said, I'll reiterate what I wrote on a previous post and that is that her daughter Lourdes doesn't seem to have the same charisma as her mother. BUT I think she's got an odd vibe to her....again, I go back to the EYES.

Anonymous said...

@J.L and anon 10:50

"if people are going to ask me if i am doing drugs, then fine, question that...i dont need to explain myself!

i just want to say based on a long time of blogging and having messages relayed to me, yes, i feel that they know who i am. i also was working within entertainment and such so i was actually at alot of events etc..

i dont want to share stories if people are going to doubt me."


did you not read that?

venusinpieces said...

Personally, I don't see how it's helpful to tell Lulu that she "deserved what she got", and similarly condescending statements, considering that she said she was slipped LSD at a hollywood party. LSD in particular is notorious for causing long term brain damage in people. I, for one, know how difficult it is to communicate the reality of brainwashing and occult experiences after having been inundated with all manner of drugs in my teens and early twenties. Even though this was, for the most part, a choice I made, it doesn't change the fact that I have still experienced a lot of things in this world and have a lot to communicate to people who open their hearts and minds. It is a fact that abuse often happens to narcissistic individuals, but that doesn'tmean that those people don't need help and support from others. Hollywood handlers have an established pattern of selecting people with emotional problems that effectively mask the trauma they are subjected to as part of their programming.
Lulu, I suspect that what you may be picking up on is programming themes that are distributed to large numbers of people. So it may be that they are not intended for you specifically. I don't know for sure. I am just basing this opinion on the evidence you have provided here. But I like your contributions to the thread and hope you keep posting. :)

Anonymous said...


well said

Lula said...

someone had made a comment that maybe my intention was to ruin this experience for everyone. not at all. i myself had made comments that wasnt about me, but about MK and such, however, for the longest time, i had my friends to tell about these experiences. about three years ago, yes, i did send a msg through myspace to david spade because i saw he had a myspace page. he did answer me and we were msging back and forth for a while. yes i did ask him to say my name on his show, (he was doing the showbiz show) well like i said, he didnt say my name, however, he said, "i have one thing to say," and the he said , "strawberries". after that i really started noticing things on not only his shows, but other shows as well. this has been going on for three years. also, yes i have been to alot of events and parties within new york and hollywood. i know people work within the industry and i myself have as well. i do have alot of stories, interesting weird stories that i would like to share. yes i do sort of enjoy this attention and for the longest time i thought i was on some sort of mission until i realized i was not getting the answers. i know that people were set up in my life too to ensure that i am at certain situations and events where very bizarre things have occurred. for example, my friend, who knows the owner of warped tour and guys in katy perrys band, invited me to warped tour. we had vip passes and we got to stand on stage with bands such as bad religion, nofx, katy perry, and pennywise. i have pictures with them. when we were walking around backstage, i felt so awkward like people were watching me. i was handed a beer and i felt like it was some sort of scarlett letter, holding that beer. (sorry i am very imaginative i cant help it! i have always been this way!)...well, some girl came up to me, and looked at my neck. i always wear an apple necklace because i wsa calling myself poison apple for a while. i wasnt wearing it. i thought she was looking for it. she also started acting very weird towards me, mocking sort of. she tried to get me to cry. she was like, overly dramastic and saying, "you want to cry dont you? Its ok..." my friend didnt realize what was going on. i was being singled out, someone told her to say these things to me. i knew it! imagine if this stuff was happening to you. you get a feel for it for a while, unless you are completely clueless and unaware...anyways, i think i used to many words...

J.L. said...

^^^Like, I said, Lulu, you like the attention. If you are aware of MK (which you seem to be) why in the world would you willingly put yourself in these situations where you are "mocked" and manipulated? Since you know about MK, why are you repeatedly involved with people who seem to play with you and fuck with your head?

Sorry, but you "may" be a victim but you are a willing victim now. If someone slips you LSD again or something else, you put yourself in that situation. Hey, there is such a thing as RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. If you don't like what's happening to you, get away from these people and Hollywood. But you really DO like it, so what's more to say?

I think a lot of what you tell us is just getting kinda boring (i.e., David Spade, Craig, etc.) So what?

Anonymous said...

To Brenda:

Personally, I dont think theres anything wrong in LOURDES as far as eyes can see, its matterless if she has or not her mom's charisma. Sure, shes dead ringer for her mother, but brunette and brown eyed version. Her kids are nothing but insurance policies to her, no way to think of motherly love and all the normal stuff. Read in the link I gave u about Rocco too. Anyway she never ever loved RITCHIE, it was just another fake marriage. Yes, it was a matter of bloodline/occultism. I dont know of Ritchie being Scottish, but at their wedding he was dressed like one. Scottish/masonry, see what I mean? One of RITCHIE's ancestors was EDWARD I. ROCCO = mabe rock/stone and all its meanings? I guess so.


Anonymous said...

To: J.L.

I totally agree with you 100%.

Lulu and girls like her are exactly the kind of girls the Elite LOVE because they can fuck with their heads and then discard them when they get tired of them.

But Lulu thinks it's so very cool. She didn't get enough attention as a child and so now she's getting it from other sources that are not safe or well meaning. Nothing we say here is going to convince her to pull away from Hollywood.

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