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Britain's Next Top Monarch Doll, The Mad Marionette Hatter and Sara Ziff

I've followed a few of the recent English-speaking 'Next Top Models' (see America's Next Top Monarch Doll for previous post) because they're always full of the kind of MK/mind manipulation symbolism and I have older sisters who are totally into all this crap, of course it's impossible to bring up in conversation any mentioning of 'symbolism' or anything like that. I originally intended to cover different Next Top Models but don't want this one to drag on so stuck with a couple of specific things from the latest British 'cycle'.

The promos for the latest 'cycle' shows the military style training/programming involved in being a model; put into their 'uniform' of red shoes (+ grey vest/black spandex trousers) and made to march do everything 'as a unit' (military programming to make you dehumanized/depersonalized cog in the military machine). The show is hosted by Lisa Snowdon (version of Tyra for the girls to worship in ANTP), who rose to fame as the 'Special K' girl (+ lots of other adverts like Lynx as the "elevator girl", Martini where she met George Clooney and became his kitten for a time).

Checker above + hanging on to a spiral staircase below.

Black/white duality stripes.

Pink leopard shoes.

Sarah in a Lolita typical fashion shoot with her in pigtails in a child's paddling pool, of course the butterfly (and in the below shoot the MK butterfly motif).

At today/yesterday's Royal Ascot ("elite" event for the Queen and the ruling class to "get their top hats out" [top hats are phallic symbolism/ritual; dominance over lesser society who don't wear them, and over their female counterparts] with their wives/kittens in various symbolic hats [+ average people who need to feel like they're part of that society so go along with their ritual], Louis Mariette designed many of the hats on show [see below for info on that obvious Illuminist pawn], see Daily Mail article on it for more images from it [Penny Lancaster's purple butterfly dress etc]; 'mad hatters' the lot of them [batshit insane "elite", wtf is the deal with horse racing anyway; the horses are essentially multigenerational abuse victims as their bloodline is 'trained' over many generations ((horses from a predigious bloodline are sold for millions)), very analogous to Monarch programming as I've gone into before... it's all in the bloodline]) Lisa showed up in a very purple (royal/"elite" symbolic colour [+ other things such as mixture of red/blue gone into a while back]) in a mini pirate hat + birdcage veil (note the statues/mannequin figure things behind her).

Louis Mariette [link to source of most of the below images] is an interesting character (new 'judge' for cycle 5) I was not aware of; a 'milliner' AKA Hatter, very much a 'Mad Hatter'; in MK filled Batman the 'Mad Hatter': "Batman's rogues gallery indlues Jervis Tetch, a delusional man obsessed with hats. He named and stylized himself after "the Mad Hatter" from Carroll's stories due to his own insanity, a pronounced fixation on the Alice in Wonderland stories, and a lifelong fascination with hats of all shapes and forms. His crimes usually include mind control devices placed within some form of headwear." [note checkerboard trousers etc]

The name 'Louis' is a common name (loads of monarchs/saints and such), 'Mariette' implying a shortened version of 'Marionette', working in the fashion industry this is very significant (fashion is all about MK/transformation/manipulation/mental puppetry). Here are a few examples of his occult themed/symbolic works (one above from a magazine article on him to illustrate 'Mad Hatter'/usual one eye/feathers), the mad hatter working for the "fashion elite" that he is, obviously this is not surprising.

"The shape of things to come." This was titled "Nefertiti", though I think the jewelry it is based on comes from King Tutankhamun's tomb; he's been an important figure to the occult (the discovery of his tomb heavily influenced occultists of the time), occult aficionado's will be more aware of this significance; my limited occult awareness tells me that this is just more horus/ra+sun worship the illuminists obsess over (it's horus/ra's symbol the falcon, with twin ankhs, the solar disc and such).

More ram worship on a black-eyed, deathly white model. And another 'horned beast beast' head below (female antelope I think).

Showing who this guy is working for, a double headed eagle coat of arms (Russian one) below.

Moving to his MK symbolism.

A faceless (+death/pallor mortis) model with a butterfly symbolically over her mouth (silencing her) + of course the toucan (bird) and hearts.

Speaking of facelessness, the below image with one of his mask pieces (+black/white duality, half jacket is checker/half black) literally called 'faceless' (showing the MK purpose of masks [loss of identity/masking personalities/etc]), the male model is Luke Worrall currently engaged to Kelly Osbourne. See his fashionspot thread for standard symbolism in fashion (right off the bat his Dazed & Confused cover with clear duality+alter-personality [opposite/polarizing personalities; often how the mpd/alter-programming works] symbolism; he's also quite androgynous which is obviously a major MK theme [confused identity/duality] in fashion also).

Crazed blue butterfly hat of Mariette's.

Clockwork Orange theme below (+bird cage/checkerboard floor)

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock... relax... You are a second hand ticking round and round the clockface... Time slipping slowly... Your consciousness slipping... [you get the idea]

Multiple (broken) Masks

Monarch Paris Hilton in one of his 'pieces' at Cannes + below pictured with one half of the occult mass-murdering Blair clan, Cherie (family of devout Catholic [I am a confirmed Catholic btw thanks to robotic parents, I grew up essentially being a heathen (probably not the right word) from a very young age, going through all the tedious rituals (("Holy Communion"; ritual cannibalism.. yummy/"Confession"/"Confirmation)) thinking it's all utter bullshit, I still view all religion ((and the occult/"Satanic" belief systems of the "elite")) as brainwashing; so any Christian readers hopefully you can overlook my somewhat heathenestic tendencies ((I view myself as being on the 'same side' as true, non-ignorant Christians; this is obviously a response to a recent comment)), I don't think my not being a Christian or believing in Jesus makes me a 'Satanist'... maybe it's not too late for me to be "saved" and "accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior" and be "raptured" the fuck out of here ;P (I often watch 'God TV' for comedy value... "We're truly in the End Times people, PRAISE JESUS and buy my book to learn more!", though that isn't to say WW3 isn't right round the corner ((Iran+Pakistan+N Korea+Russia+some others; the racist philosophy of Zionism obviously being a focal point of the issue)), all this 'bible prophesy' is 100% self-fulfilling) the 'one true religion' is of course nihilistic conspiracism, I kid of course ;)] family + actor parents, her father is probably either Army intelligence or programmed by the army).

One of his masks (these pop up below in the show), you can hardly call the below rusty barbed wire [MK symbolic of mental slavery (like handcuffs/chains/etc); think concentration camps/guantanamo bay and whatnot] a 'hat' (same with most of them, they're ritual/symbolic headpieces; with the models wearing them obviously having no idea of the symbolic purpose/meaning which the "fashion elite" (as they're known as) are fully aware of ["elite" fashion houses are invariably created and controlled by "elite" families]).

Getting back to the show; one bit had the humorously desperate (for fame/exposure/to be objectified/depersonalization as a 'model'/doll) 'models' who seemed to not know anything about the industry they're actually entering in to (kind of depressing that my basic knowledge of the 'fashion world' seems to be more than the average "fashion obsessed" 20something girl), one scene made me chuckle where the girls had to parade around in Mariette's hats for the "fashion elite"; of course as they enter Mariette is mirrored in a large oval mirror with a black and white cat to stroke (showing what these mindless potential models will ultimately become [through fashion's many "groomers"]; programmed dehumanized kittens [dehumanization is also shown as a whip on a platter is brought out by a blue velvet wearing 'stony-faced' model]).

One of the 'models' Annaliese all confused about the ram skull-head (a real one apparently, painted obviously) as she paraded for the "fashion elite" (the occult "elite" audience of course know what it's all about, Baphomet worship [goat of mendes/Baphomet was really a ram; the ram and goat are interchangeable in occult belief systems]), the main one being 'Hilary Alexander', Fashion Director of The Daily Telegraph (owned by these two 'royal purple' illuminist identical twins).

Viola holding her 'mask on a stick' (made by Mariette) + wearing Mariette's broken silver masks hat (duality theme when linked to the below broken black masks one further down).

"When I walked down the stairs, I just switched on a totally different persona I was just not Jade anymore I was 'hidden desire'." Jade of course wins (as her 'veiled desire alter') Louis Marionette describing her as, "The lady that I'd like to choose has been like a lotus flower she has blossomed and grown throughout the show." Note the butterfly shaped mask above on the wall.

In a photoshoot for a previous episode the girls were promoting various "charitable" organizations, Peta (usual dehumanization), Refuge (domestic/child abuse charity; so predictable MK symbolism) and others. Below Jade gets all confused and concerned (in black/white duality) over her 'chained dead meat' photoshoot with her cut in half.

Peta's shot was it's usual "any excuse to put a girl in a cage" (can't they come up with any original ideas...) for dehumanization + the flashing photography lights to encourage dissociation, the models are encouraged to really "get in character" (altering their personality/identity helped to 'dissociate into the character' by the flashing light) and the photographer was disappointed that she wasn't looking as traumatized as she should have been (he wished she looked more like she was genuinely trapped in a cage like an animal).

For one of the domestic abuse photo basic MK symbolism is shown with the man/handler/programmer's hand as the marionette manipulator/puppetteer.

Lisa Snowdon trained as a performer at the 'Italia Conti Academy', quite a few others were 'trained' there like Kelly Brook, Louise Redknapp, Naomi Campbell (see graduates list); even Pixie Lott was a product of it's programming. Originating from the British Imperialist/racist (this mentality has never left the "elite's" psychological make-up) themed musical 'Where the Rainbow Ends' (think Eyes Wide Shut, the seemingly programmed/tranced girls say they're going to take Tom to "Where the rainbow ends" near the start); a fantasy about little children who go on a magic carpet (flying carpet, more dissociation themes; similar to another popular one of the time flying to Neverland in Peter[phile] Pan [Peter Pan taking them on a "magic flight" to Neverland ((Neverland/Wonderland/Oz/Narnia/etc; it's all the same deal))]) to save their parents from a dragon, the play aired for 50 years though it's virtually forgotten today apparently [made into a film in 1921 directed by Horace (Horus) Lisle Lecoque].
Originally produced by Italia Conti in 1911 and first shown at the Savoy Theatre, the House of Savoy is your stereotypical "elite" family (historically known for massacring children [this sociopathic sadism has also never left their mental make-up]) one of many still very much in control of today's society; hence the above 1896 programme for the theatre (the symbolic double headed eagle used in theatres showing the MK involved in theatres using puppet actors/ballerinas and the like) I can't find any information on this 'Italia Conti' actress but I think it is likely she was a programmed Marionette, manipulated by the "elite" to train other potential puppet performers.
One of the potential models was made to model for the domestic abuse ad (above) when she herself had gone through this abuse (triggering all the traumatic memories of abuse causing her to genuinely cry, showing how twisted the show's producers are); this obviously shows how the fashion industry treats their models and will do anything to manipulate them, knowing their history of abuse/mk makes it all the more easier (this is partly why 13ish year old models are shipped over from Eastern Europe so often; many [of course not all; but obviously infinitely more than people realize, the people in charge of fashion are sociopathic pedophiles (to say the least; the people in charge of it have been raping/pillaging/manipulating the planet to their own sick ends for at least centuries)] are Monarch programmed for sexual-slavery/modeling and of course having no families/people to advise/care about them makes them all the easier to manipulate).
Lisa Snowdon has apparently been allowed to remember some of her experiences of 'mental and physical abuse' (see previous link; the following quote is from here): "When I was 19 I was with an older man who started off mentally abusing me and ended up getting physically abusive. Modelling was my escape from all of that. When the camera was pointed at me, I could pretend to be someone else [I wouldn't be surprised if the abusive 'boyfriend' was actually working for the modelling agency as part of the mental programming that goes on in the industry; i.e. abused at home, then when infront of the camera she dissociates into an alternate persona/alter-personality with the help of the flashing lights of course]. It was only when I started covering up for my black eyes by pretending to have fallen over that I realised something had to give and I had to get out." Also from that link the perverseness/predatory nature of the photographers in particular (though they're encouraged by the powers behind the industry as part of programming their models [making them unnecessarily strip/do things they're uncomfortable with is a standard dehumanizing/depersonalizing programming method; making them faceless entities, a highly suggestible/easilyinfluenced empty void/mannequin/doll to be made into whatever the twisted industry wants them to be]) as when doing a photoshoot for tea advertisement the Italian photographer asked her to go topless (which she apparently refused).
This brings me to the final thing I want to cover here (I wanted to go into some of the other Next Top Models + more themes in the British one but this is as far as I'll go for now [Mecia will probably win by the way]), Sara Ziff's [above as 'Vegas Kitten' + reptilian winged Gargoyle (located at the Mandalay; next to the "Illuminist" "Elite's" Luxor) and below pictured with a pussycat (also from that set is an androgyny photo further down)] recent "exposé" on the industry 'Picture Me' [the rest of this post is pasted from the Guardian interview article + my additional thoughts in squared brackets]:

A beautiful woman sits in front of a video camera. Her name is Sena Cech and she is a fashion model. Her tone is matter-of-fact, as though what she's about to describe is commonplace in the industry in which she works. The scene: a casting with a photographer, one of the top names in his profession. Halfway through the meeting Cech is asked to strip. She does as instructed and takes off her clothes. Then the photographer starts undressing as well. "Baby - can you do something a little sexy," he tells her. The photographer's assistant, who is watching, eggs her on. What's supposed to be the casting for a high-end fashion shoot turns into something more like an audition for a top-shelf magazine. The famous photographer demands to be touched sexually. "Sena - can you grab his cock and twist it real hard," his assistant tells her. "He likes it when you squeeze it real hard and twist it."

"I did it," she shrugs, looking into the video camera. "But later I didn't feel good about it." The following day she hears that the job is hers if she wants it. She turns it down. "I didn't like the way the casting had gone. If the casting was that sexual I was sure the job would be really sexual and gross." The photographer never offered her work again. [Some Sena (meaning "the moon") images included here (2 above + 4 below) to illustrate the clear bondage symbolism employed in one of Sena's shoots, including fetish ballet boots and various restraints, a whip and cage symbolic items (particularly the cage headpiece/mask). The double shadow of Sena due to the lighting is MK symbolic of split personality and there are various other subversively symbolic things in these images on Sena.]

This is the ugly, sleazy side of the modelling industry, the side few insiders like to talk about. It's one of the most secretive businesses in the world, which is ironic when you consider that it is also one of the most pervasive. Its stars are some of the most recognised icons of our time, household names whose bodies are frequently emblazoned across 40ft-high billboards, yet apart from the occasional flurry of publicity about anorexia or drug-taking, outsiders know surprisingly little about the multimillion-pound business which profits from some of world's most beautiful women. Models rarely give interviews, and if they do they're as studiedly anodyne and vague as Premiership footballers quizzed outside the changing room after a match.

[Sena below discussing her 'debt-bondage', one method of MK (manipulation) these 'agencies' use to control their models]

Do all models make a lot of money?

Sena Cech is one of a handful of models who has decided to talk publicly about the seedy, unglamorous and, on occasion, abusive side to her profession for a new documentary, Picture Me. The woman behind the film is Sara Ziff [below in 'mask' make-up], a catwalk model turned documentary maker.

[Typical dissociative eyes of a model]


"I was at work, being paid to do a job, be social, effortlessly cheery," Ziff recalls. "Meanwhile I was sneaking in Ole [Schell; boyfriend who she made it with, seems more likely he is a handler involved in filming that compelling UFO 'Out of the Blue' movie + interesting themes in his Triad action movie (Janus character, Triad/secret society, bloodlines etc)] so that he could film without other people realising it." It didn't always go to plan. Schell describes being routinely thrown out of shows by notoriously publicity-shy design houses [they've got HUGE things to hide; that isn't euphemism btw]. At a private Gucci show at the Los Angeles home of the restaurateur Mr Chow, he came to the attention of the armed guards and was escorted to a holding cell in the house, his camera confiscated.

Shooting on a shoestring budget, editing in Schell's apartment, they end up with one of the best films about the world of modelling and an honest portrayal of an industry built on artifice. The final film, which premiered in New York and is already picking up awards on the film festival circuit, is at times a rare and unsettling look at what must be one of the few unregulated industries in the western world.

A 16-year-old model is on a photo shoot in Paris. She has very little experience of modelling and is unaccompanied by her agency or parents. She leaves the studio to go to the bathroom and meets the photographer - "a very, very famous photographer, probably one of the world's top names", according to Ziff - in the hallway. He starts fiddling with her clothes. "But you're used to this," says Ziff. "People touch you all the time. Your collar, or your breasts. It's not strange to be handled like that." Then suddenly he puts his hands between her legs and sexually assaults her. [probably Terry Richardson (though obviously he is one of many so it might not be him, fashion spot forum members are suggesting it was probably him); who is notorious for being a sexual predator, 'playing' with his young models on shoots/probably had an incestuous relationship with his mother (click MOM on his site for all the twisted nude/butterfly photos of his mum)/recently photographed Obama (see site)/etc (more images here + the sex-kitten Vogue calendar image I posted here was shot by him); son of abusive alcoholic "schizophrenic" (the helpfully vague 'mental illness' given to hide the true dissociative illness) fashion photographer Bob Richardson] "She has no experience of boys, she hasn't even been kissed," says Ziff. "She was so shocked she just stood there and didn't say anything. He just looked at her and walked away and they did the rest of the shoot. And she never told anyone."

This interview didn't make the final version of Picture Me. The model had agreed to be included but the day before the premiere in New York she changed her mind and became frightened about the repercussions. She begged Ziff and Schell not to use the material. Ziff was disappointed but she didn't feel comfortable betraying a friend in an industry where women, she believes, are betrayed all the time. "There is a lot of shame in telling a story like that, but it is really widespread," says Ziff. "It doesn't happen in front of anyone. It happens in the dark recesses. [we're not talking about your average catalogue shoot where everything is all very menial and relatively innocent; we're talking about "elite" photographers and the sociopathic mentality of the "fashion elite", controlled by sociopathic ruling class; this symbolism is an expression of their own mentality which is deeply soaked into the media in general ] Pretty much every girl I have talked to has a story like it, but no one talks about it. It's all under the radar because people are embarrassed and because the people in the industry who are doing these things are much more powerful, and the model is totally disposable. She could be gone in two years."


The industry has always had a predatory side. Anyone approached in the street by a middle-aged man and asked if they'd like to be a model would think twice about giving him their details (which is the reason model scouts are generally women). There is something inherently intimate about the whole business of fashion photography - the all-seeing lens, the exposed subject, the powerful photographer. What's shocking, listening to Ziff, is how prevalent, and how far up the fashion food chain, sexual exploitation goes. "Vulnerable girls are being put into a potentially predatory environment," says Ziff. "What's in the agency's interest is not always best for the girl, and if she's in a compromising situation, she doesn't necessarily have anyone to turn to."

What alarms Ziff is that there's an expectation that models are comfortable using their sexuality. Often they can feel under pressure to conform, not least because they're being paid a great deal of money. On occasion, Ziff says, she has earned as much as $150,000 a day. "I've done shoots naked, totally naked [half of her face (split mind; below half face in darkness) symbolically covered above]. They sell it to you as: 'Here's this great artist and he wants to take your portrait.' I had to switch off the voice in my head that said: 'Do you really want to do this?' When you're being paid a lot of money and you want to appear cool you really don't want to show any resistance to going with it.

"But at the end of the day I used to wonder: what's the difference between doing a shoot in your underwear for Calvin Klein and being a stripper? Obviously you are compromising yourself. How far am I willing to go? How much am I willing to show for a big fat cheque?"

The industry has become increasingly sexualised, and the lines between what is acceptable and what isn't have become more blurred. Naked models inside the pages of a magazine or on a billboard are ubiquitous. Add to this the fact that in their bid to find models that have the "ideal" model shape - flat chests, boyish hips - some agencies are hiring younger and younger girls. Ziff recalls one model sitting backstage at the shows playing with a colouring book. "It is an inherently unbalanced and hierarchical relationship when you pair a 15-year-old girl with a 45-year-old man who is trying to create a sexualised image. You are asking for trouble."

The sexual side of the industry can go beyond the shoots, says Ziff. "When you are working at a higher level there is no separation between life and work. You are expected to go to certain parties and schmooze. There is a pressure to have a drink with someone with an ulterior motive and not offend them because they may book you for a $100,000 campaign. They have the power." ["Having a drink" with various "elite"/"elite-pawns" isn't all they're "asked" to do...]

In the past, she has found herself in compromising situations that she wishes she'd dealt with differently. She tells the story of a 16-year-old model who complained when a 45-year-old photographer made a pass at her. "Her agency said she should have slept with him." [Modelling agencies are sex-traffickers; agencies' handlers are essentially pimps, their models essentially sex-slaves for the "elite".]

"Imagine being an eastern European model from Latvia," says Ole, "who can barely speak English and is supporting a family back home. Imagine how compromised they are." [Ole 'Schell'/(shell) seems to be very aware of what's going on in terms of young girls trafficked from Eastern Europe for the purpose of 'modelling' (and sexual slavery; their bondage may well be relatively gilded, but it's still enslavement where everything they do/say/wear; the whole identity/sense of self is 100% controlled) below one girl (still clearly under their "spell" refusing to discuss what she had to do to survive when she was brought over as a 13-14 year old... it's a "good school")]

Do models start too young? Olga Sherer and Tanya D. discuss.

Sara Ziff was 14 when she first began modelling. Her third casting was in the East Village in New York. "We had to go in one by one. The photographer said he wanted to see me without my shirt on. Then he told me that it was still hard to imagine me for the story so could I take my trousers off. I was standing there in a pair of Mickey Mouse knickers [obviously this sexualization of children/pedophilia isn't limited to the fashion industry; Disney is of course a major culprit, more on Miley Mouse shortly] and a sports bra. I didn't even have breasts yet. 'We might need to see you without your bra,' he told me. It was like he was a shark circling me, walking around and around, looking me up and down without saying anything. I did what he told me to. I was just eager to be liked and get the job. I didn't know any better." Teenage girls, she says, are being persuaded to pose in a sexual way when they don't even know what it means yet. She recalls being a "virginal teenager" and posing innocently when she didn't feel remotely sexy. "The images came out and they were practically pornographic. What the photographer saw was not what I felt. It had nothing to do with that 14-year-old and what she was feeling and everything to do with what the person behind the camera projected onto her."

For all her success as a model - she was out-earning her father, a university neurobiologist, by the time she was 20 - Ziff was probably always an outsider in the industry... [not sure I buy the cliché of a 'young girl rebelling against her parents by becoming a model'; her father being a neurobiologist (this guy I think, worked at the Rockefeller University and such) researching may suggest more complex/organized MK]


[Androgyny Ziff (from the same photoshoot with the cat)]

The irony is that the women in Picture Me may be earning large amounts of money - Schell laughingly recalls piles of cash like you see in movie scenes - but they seem to have little power over their lives. "You become this living doll," says Ziff. Every decision is made by someone else. They remain somehow like the girls they were when they first entered the profession, encouraged not to think about their futures, anxious to remain the same body shape they were when they were teenagers. There's a suggestion that some models lose weight because it's the only aspect of their lives that they have any control over.

[Dehumanization theme below + black/white duality]

Picture Me shows Ziff turn from a breezy, confident 18-year-old intoxicated by the amount of money she is making into someone exhausted, emotionally and physically, before she hits her mid-20s. "By the end," she says, "I was a shell." [thanks in part to her "boyfriend"/handler Ole Schell; seems to be very aware of the exploitation of young girls from Eastern Europe (human/sex-trafficking is very much connected to this as girls will often be told they're going to be models by an 'agency' but are used as sex-slaves on their arrival... but also used as models as these trafficking agencies are often one and the same as actual 'Modelling Agencies') and other things] Twenty-hour days were routine. In the film we watch her begging to be allowed a day off and being told that she's not allowed. "Sometimes people forget you're human," [models are depersonalized/dehumanized mannequins/dolls] she says. We see her haggard and tearful, her skin spotty, her hair dragged back and greasy. By the end of the show season she weighs less than 100lb, not because she's been starving herself but because there's literally no time to eat. [Interesting that Ole Schell, her alleged 'boyfriend' at the time doesn't seem to be helping her, stopping her becoming a 'shell' (though I'm sure the movie will show him giving lots of 'verbal support'/"sincerely" encouraging her to quit) image below of models with Monarch slave Elvis on all the kittens on the catwalk.]

Teenage girls will have seen Ziff in glossy magazines and wished they could look like her, but Ziff is filmed leafing through the same images in her local newsagent and saying how dreadful she thinks she looks. It seems the industry which makes the rest of us feel insecure and imperfect leaves its own stars feeling the same way.

She's 27 years old now, a full-time student at Columbia University who models when she can fit it in around her studies. She's with an agency she likes. Her portfolio may have paid her student fees but the cool loft apartment has been swapped for a one-bedroom flat, the catwalks for the college library. She describes her life now as nerdy and monkish. "Contrary to my wide-eyed, rather opportunistic outlook at 18, perhaps I learned that there are no short cuts in life," she tells me in an email after the interview. "Modelling brought some money and attention - but not the kind of attention you'd want."

Finish with a video of her at a fashion show in the Illuminists' Louvre Pyramid (glass pyramid); to be honest the whole documentary feels a little like propaganda, "sure it's bad and exploitative... but not THAT bad" ((i.e. Karen Mulder's example previously posted on [the detailed dissociated memories which she started to remember and document, of course were just the "delusional ravings of a coke-fueled/spoiled model"; like her dad 'Ben' says ((having no vested interest in claiming that whatsoever ;p)), who of course never hypnotized and raped her at age 2 ((he more than likely did)) in the early trauma-bonding+core-splitting involved in incestuous Monarch programming, to be used as a high-class sex-slave/kitten for the "elite"; she was quickly put into a mental institution for re-programming and re-emerged saying far more "sane" things], I'll do an image-heavy post with info on her soon, though she has been covered briefly and on other sites)) using their multitude of ventriloquist models/dummies/dolls (the sexual abuse/manipulation shown is the tip of a vast iceberg spanning at least centuries ((long before the modern 'fashion industry' was born)) due to the fact that it's been controlled by the sociopathic ruling class who have always been in control, hence their obsessive use of the symbolism/euphemism/etc that they have become so familiar with, in the vast majority of all photoshoots/fashion events/many catwalks and such). I've been trying to find 'Picture Me' on torrent or something but I'm sure it will surface at some point.]
The shows at the Louvre in Paris


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Whoa...that's crazy. Some of those shots from BNTM are almost exact duplicates of shots from Full Metal Jacket, a movie all about creating robots. Great post.

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Can you possibly write a post about what "spiritually" is going on? Is some devil trying to turn us all into slaves? Is it a battle of the left and right side of our minds/brains, that can't seem to co-exist in harmony with each other? I see the mind control and desensitization going on everywhere by the programmers (who are also programmed to do what their doing) but who's really in charge, if these elite families are just as mind controlled? Thanks. Great post!

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"When I walked down the stairs, I just switched on a totally different persona I was just not Jade anymore I was 'hidden desire'."

Hidden = Occult

Mariette brings to mind "Marionette". It's interesting that the double headed eagle pops up in most of your posts. It seems to be a strong "submit to authority" (along with split mind meanings) trigger going way back in history.

Masonic mad hatter appearing with dead masonic baseball players... Hmmm

Daniel asked "who's at the top?" No one. The one who some would refer to as "Chaos", I suppose. It's more like a hive mind or a grid I guess.

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I mean I don't like or listen to neither of their music, but damn it kinda makes me feel sorry for them a little. Especially Beyonce...

I'm going to finish reading the rest and subscribe/follow your blog. Its really interesting [thank you]

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Heads up. Not sure why this is happening but when I load your site over the last week, about 50% of the time my computer freezes up and I have to reboot. It only happens when I load your site.

Also, I knew Sena Cech on a very informal basis about 10 years ago when she was about 14 or 15. She comes from a family who live in rural Oregon and who are in the medicinal herb business. I've met her mom and dad (again on a very informal level) and they seem cool and with that old hippie vibe. But they believe in what they do and stay out of the mainstream culture from what I can gather. When I saw the posts on Sena, I just about fell off my chair. Couldn't believe the "farm girl" I knew posed for those outrageous photos. Something has happened to her and someone has gotten to her. You can see it in her eyes. Good for her for speaking out. I'd love to see that movie, "Picture Me."

Anonymous said...

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in Alice In Wonderland

Anonymous said...

fire tits

Anonymous said...

freak chickens

skrambo said...

Didn't mean to repeat the "Marionette" thing you had already mentioned in your post. Missed it the first time through.

Anonymous said...

This whole post basically makes the point i have been trying to get across to you.

Everyone has free will. This model person decided to stop being a greedy and vain famewhore. (males are famewhores too) Applause to her.

I'm sure Britney and Beyonce and the Veronicas and the Jonas Brothers aren't getting electrocuted and hypnotized into "disassociation" (ok maybe dum dum Britney is, that bitch is truly off her rocker.)

Just show them a stack of cash (oh, about $150,000 a day will suffice), 60ft billboards with their pictures on them and headlining gigs at Madison Square Gardens and they will wear what you tell them to wear, and spin around on one leg in front of a spiral if you ask them to, which really makes them accomplices, not victims.

Vain and greed (and a good dose of self aggrandizing entitlement) does the trick.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of ruby slippers on Lady Gaga:

Benjamin S said...

23:41 Yes I got your point from the first time you made it and said I agreed to a degree; that not all of them are 100% Monarch MK'd, as of course we cannot know which are victims (like Britney + many OTHERS) and which are just 'onside' ("famewhores"), obviously I feel you hugely underestimate how many of them are victims of child abuse then exploited in the industry, but we agree on the men behind the curtain and the symbolism they obsess over and dress up their puppets in (some MK'd, some not; it's hard to tell, but like I said we can pick up on hints that suggest one way or the other) I've repeated all this on virtually every reply; not even sure why I keep replying to your comments as you'll obviously keep coming back with the exact same spiel every time, there are far more open minded comments/questions I could be responding to. Perhaps you could fix your broken record for the good of healthy debate and being generally more open minded/less obtuse.

Obviously you are completely entrenched in your "grr I hate these filthy famewhores!" mindset (detect a hint of programmed jealousy also in your comments, "I've been hating these famewhores for so long, they're just doing it for greed and vanity... how can they be victims?!?! [subconsiously: 'wish I was that rich and had their fame']"), you seem to be a very heartless individual "ok maybe dum dum Britney is, that bitch is truly off her rocker" (there are many more victims than just Britney; don't you have any empathy in you at all?), to be honest I don't think you fully understand the horrors and the role child abuse/programming/exploitation plays in the entertainment industry, you probably think most of the young Disney CHILD stars are dirty 'famewhores' too (most of these stars start out as exploited/abused CHILDREN; the ruling class want you to view Paris Hilton etc as "fameWHORES" because 'whores' is exactly how they view them and how they've always viewed young girls [even their daughters, the incestuous cabal that they are], make them act slutty and stupid to manipulate you to 'HATE' them [same with guys too]), I think you need to recheck your assumptions, open your mind and stop investing so much emotion into your hatred of the puppets rather than the puppeteers. Like I've said on many occasions, we seem to agree on the most part (if you read back through my reponses I've said while many of them may have started out abused and exploited they MAY have grown up to become more aware and enjoyed the fruits of their gilded cage, but many of them ARE still totally manipulated/controlled); but you keep 'beating a dead horse' (which is exactly what you're doing, not sure how you don't realize it) if it makes you happy, I'm done with it.

Thanks for all the comments people, really interesting stuff as always.

Anonymous said...

The only interesting thing here is DAKOTA FANNING's pic. Gosh, she has just turned 15... What a version of Little Red Riding Hood...


Anonymous said...

Ben, here's my another discovery. Pls take a look :)

Of course the sheeple will furiously react, lol


skrambo said...

Ben - The person you responded to reminds me of a girl I once knew, who always claimed to hate Paris Hilton and everyone like her (so, some/most MK'd slaves?) yet she turned out to be just as superficial and materialist as any of them. One form of programming (in this case, jealousy = more attention) leads into another, and so on, they give us objects to project our programmed hate of wealth and beauty (usually undeserved anyway) onto and the cycle continues. I hope this isn't too offtopic, but this is why I like to think there may be a "god" of some sort (a prime essence which our consciousness emerged from, most religion seems to be a set up to get people to disbelieve in this sort of god and pledge allegiance to a slave master), so that we always have somewhere to return to when we feel our individual programming has brought us somewhere unsafe, a calm voice which reminds us they (the puppet masters) will not win out in the end... That to me is the voice of love, the one which is always there, we just sometimes don't pay attention to it... Maybe I just hear voices in my head ;P


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You might want to check your site's security. I went to this site yesterday and my computer froze up immediately. I restarted my computer and went about my day with various other work-related sites and when I came back to yours later in the day, my computer froze up again. I was able to get it going again by finally closing out of your site but then I got a message that a virus had been delivered on my hard drive and to do a virus scan. After two hours of doing a virus scan, it showed nothing infected but it's just odd that all this would happen after opening your site.

Wanted to bring it up in case you need to see if someone is hacking in and causing you trouble.

I'll still come back here daily to check out comments and posts you make. Very intriguing stuff you have here.

Anonymous said...

sup ben,

another great piece to add to your prolific collection. i wonder what these debased, aspiring models are thinking when placing a goat skull atop their own... do they not think it is strange, even a bit evil? they even render them to look alien with the elliptical eyes and futuristic styles. not a blink from these girls? i guess anything for fame/fortune :(

but, i guess like banks in america, snowdon is just another programmed kitten out recruiting in order for some degree of "freedom"... like your reviewed film ?"trafficking". she definitely fits the mk bill.

as for louis marriette (definitely the puppet... stroke that black and white kitty), his head pieces are abhorrent in appearance and almost seem that he has a book of occult symbols and just takes different pages and splices them together to create his "masterpieces". that, or he's projecting his own programming triggers into his work. the faceless hats are truly haunting (almost as haunting as his resemblance to this dude).

picture me seems like propaganda, just like snowdon/banks/etc doing the dirty work for the elite/"ELite" modeling agency. she's just doing a PR job with some damage control. she minimizes much of the abuse which occurs on all levels in the industry. especially using the "it's a good school" girl to deflate any real power the film may have had.

on a side note, this article regarding the rihanna/brown court drama has a picture of brown appearing defeated... not like, "i did something wrong and must suffer the consequence"... more like, "wow, these people can really f@*k up your life if you don't obey them". touche slave.

keep 'em coming,

Anonymous said...

'You Light Up My Life' Writer Accused of NY Rape
Oscar-winning songwriter-director of 'You Light Up My Life' charged with rape in NY

A New York City prosecutor says the Oscar-winning songwriter and director behind "You Light Up My Life" has been charged with rape and sexual assault.

Police said previously that several women accused Joseph Brooks of luring them to his home and sexually assaulting them while they auditioned for movie roles.
Brooks won the Oscar for Best Original Song for the 1977 ballad "You Light Up My Life." He also wrote and directed the film of the same name. The romantic comedy is about a comedian who has a one-night stand with a director.

Brooks' attorney, Jeff Hoffman, did not immediately return a call requesting comment.


Anonymous said...

mK central with Megan Fox discussing her hypersexuality, acting industry as prostitution, drugs & their legalisation, that she's "so psychotic & so mentally ill", being a tranny, and doppelgangers (of all things). of course the comments are from different times, possibly peering into her various alters.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"In 2005, a Saudi Princess was arrested in Massachusetts for enslaving two Indonesian women (as reported at the Saudi Institute).

In 2001, in Florida, Princess Buniah al-Saud, a niece of former King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, was charged with beating her Indonesian servant and pushing her down a flight of stairs."

Thats a good site too


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jerry_beck said...

anyone seen latest photos from Tim Burton ALICE? this movie will be essential programming tool (same as Wizard Of OZ little dated now, so new version is needed)...Burton is most important programmer in Hollywood, there are rumours that his next movie will be Wizard Of Oz...go figure why

mal said...

Joseph Brooks also produced the movie Eddie and the Cruisers which featured the hit song "On the Dark Side." I'm guessing the "You" in "You Light Up My Life" refers to Lucifer.

Being and Quirkiness said...

Impressive post. I would make one correction, it is Ophelie who tells Karen she will forget everything she says.

Further, Karen wants to confront Ophelie Winter on Ardisson's show, and leaves when they don't let her.

Anonymous said...

Well la-di-da look what the little greedy, vain, famewhores have been up to, harassing innocent hardworking folks:

(type Britney in your search box and read the second hit, where that headline is)

Mk'd, abused or not, they surely must know it's wrong to do this, don't you think? And i'm the jealous heartless one...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Ben the difference between you and i is that i am talking from real world experience since i worked for one of the biggest rap stars in the world right now (i quit) I know from personal experience and knowing some of these people personally what is going on. You are 20 years old(right?) Maybe you're Mk'd too? Who knows! We are all in some form.

I am not knocking you down, i'm saying don't be fooled. What you offer here is valuable but don't feel too sorry, these "abused" "victims" give not a shit about you, their fans or starving children anywhere (or anyone else outside their circles,) are willingly harassing people, and would harass you too for kicks, just to see you shit on yourself.

I am so jealous that i don't have the "power" to fuck with people and steal their life and/or hard work.[/sarcasm]

Keep up the good work.

björn said...

yesterday KARL MALDEN died


Anonymous said...

Hey! Great work you do here. Much thanks for exposing the MASSIVE amounts of MK themes in all mass media. This latest series of Skittles commercials (shattering glass, hourglass theme, skittles touch, white rabbit, magic beard, sheep people) strike me as very odd...they are full of MK related themes and may contain triggers to activate alters. At first I just laughed but when I begin to really THINK about what I was seeing, I dont like them at all! Check them out and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

mk catwoman and Alice in Wonderland child star Michelle Pfeiffer, star of Married to the Mob and Scarface, was in a recent or new film with Dakota Fanning.

Mr Jensen said...

Great blog.. but im not sure if u know how confusing it can be to read sometimes because all of the ()'s and []'s mixed up with eachother. So it can be a little difficult not to get confused at times.

Anonymous said...

how come tyra always talks about 'smyzing' when these models all have that lost look tyra programmed or handler?

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