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Terry Richardson: Illuminati FTW

SUBHUMANS and fancy footwear...
[Pixelated (hopefully sufficiently) Explicit Content Warning]
Relatively quick post, the above photo by Terry Richardson employs Illuminati symbolism in his magazine spread called 'New York Dolls' for Vogue (Victoria's Secret model Sessilee Lopez). Whether it is a specifically designed set or if it is just random graffiti on the wall, Terry has obviously chosen this spot consciously due to the imagery in the background (and not just the Illuminati motif). He has a photo book out called 'FTW' (which I assume means 'For The Win', I could be wrong ['Fuck The World'?] but that is what I relate it to anyway; so 'Illuminati for the win') perhaps suggesting he drew the Illuminati pyramid and all seeing eye motifs on the wall himself, not that it matters as the conscious symbolic intent by Richardson is there either way. Terry's occult association (or at least interest) is compounded by the Lily Donaldson shoot for Vogue Paris which I posted in full here.

Terry Richardson is the son of Bob Richardson, a photographer whose heyday was in the 60's (he destroyed most of his portfolio, probably consisting of more Nazi themed shoots and whatnot) and suffered from schizophrenia and other psychological problems (which Terry says he inherited, can read about his childhood at this interview, potentially some dissociation going on there). Terry is notorious in the "fashion" world for taking advantage of his position of authority as a world-renowned photographer to manipulate the young, impressionable young models to service him sexually. Most of Terry's more explicit pornography (not even disguised as "art") can be found in his shows/galleries and various books such as Kibosh and Manimal. The latter previewed below shows (apart from this guys depravity) the theme of dehumanization in the title and he recreates some of the sickening Abu Ghraib scenes of torture, you can see one re-enactment below in which prisoners were forced to perform fellatio on each other as part their dehumanizing humiliation (this sadistic mentality comes from the top brass down; some of the 'thumbs up' shots from the Abu Ghraib remind me of Terry's almost trademark use of 'thumbs up' [which I think is more a phallic thing], even the facial expressions [that sadistic smile and glint in their eyes] seems similar to me).
Terry invites all aspiring models to model for him nude, be objectified by the all-seeing camera then used as a sex-object. "Hello, if you are male or female and interested in posing nude for Terry Richardson please contact us by Email." (quote from 'Model for Terry' link on official site) If you are apprehensive, at least he will set you at ease by getting nude himself, what a caring and thoughtful individual he is! [/sarcasm] "At first, I'd just want to do a few nude shots, so I'd take off my clothes, too. I'd even give the camera to the model and get her to shoot me for a while. It's about creating a vibe, getting people relaxed and excited. When that happens,' he adds, grinning his goofy, adolescent grin, 'you can do anything.'" If you are not MK'd (and I accept most models are not, but some genuinely are victims of Monarch [trauma-based] mind control, which I base on the likes of Karen Mulder's example), submitting to the fashion industry's predatory photographers certainly is one way of furthering a career as a model in the fashion industry. Terry Richardson freely admitted to this when he joked about it saying, "It's not who you know, it's who you blow. I don't have a hole in my jeans for nothing." This guy typifies the exploitative, predatory, dehumanizing and objectifying (etc) nature of the fashion industry as a whole (and the entertainment industry/media in general controlled by a cabal of "elite", similarly depraved maniacs whose message is forced into the masses' consciousness through the subversive symbolism in their pervasive magazines/billboards/tv shows/clothing/etc; with explicit posts like these I hope to demystify, remove the gloss hiding the true nature of these industries).

From Kibosh, note fairy/butterfly costume perhaps suggesting her programming.
There was much speculation that the photographer who was described as essentially molesting an underage model was Terry Richardson in Sara Ziff's documentary 'Picture Me' (see this post for details), apparently he only works with models over 18 but there is often a clear underage/lolita theme pervading through many of his shoots (and the rest of the fashion industry for that matter) suggesting perhaps that the urge is there. It may be him (the description of said photographer stripping naked with the model and his assistant asking her to "grab his cock and twist it real hard. He likes it when you squeeze it real hard and twist it." sounds a lot like Richardson's M.O. [see this pixelated image which was used by Jezebel to suggest it was him]), but the ones that appear squeaky clean on the surface tend to have the most to hide I feel so I doubt he is the worst by any means. The below campaign shot by Terry for Lee was criticized for it's Lolita overtones just as one example (of an insane amount).
Russian model Natalie Vordianova (click for her Monarch and Alice in Wonderland photoshoots) pictured below in another typical of Terry, Lolita scene.

A few additional Natalia images (from FMD, above set by Michael Thompson featuring prominent Monarch butterfly on left image, part of a larger butterfly themed spread).

Below Natalia wearing Lolita sunglasses, taken by Terry on their first meeting in Paris.

Above is Monarch programmed multiple Britney Spears' recent shoot with Terry (on-camera their relationship seems respectful, off-camera he probably really did "put the notch on the belt", which knowing him was probably also a euphemism for sex) for Candie's with Lolita themes (which are pretty much a constant throughout Britney's career, her debut video and the 1999 LaChappelle Rolling Stone shoot being the most well known, holding a Teletubbie on the cover, pink girl's bike with 'baby' written on her shorts, numerous dolls, some porcelain in her bedroom and other photos from her, and symbolic of her childhood programming), she was also shot by other Illuminist photographers Annie Leibovitz (who shot the aforementioned Vogue Vodianova Wonderland shoot and has worked for Disney as I have gone into) and Mark Seliger, all three for Candie's print ads (candy being an obvious sexual suggestive reference I've covered, especially associated with Lolita and paedophilia).

Terry's appears to use Disney Princess programming (hence the appropriate triggering DP imagery), the above photo with one of his model victims wearing a child's Disney Princesses backpack, taken from his blog (as are the images below) with the caption "LA girl.....".

More random images from his blog below, including the odd caption, "Doll with a broken leg in a wheelchair".

"Three Kittens... Meow!" - Caption from his blog, showing kitten programming as it obviously isn't just a statement of what the image in question shows. Below wearing a former MK cult leader Charles Manson t-shirt.

Terry with MK (looking traumatized in fetal position below) and Ashley.

"Crucified for your sins..."
I'm not sure how worthwhile a long-winded post on Richardson's portfolio would be as most of it is just an endless array of phallic and sexual suggestiveness (like the above infamous and fairly unimaginative 'milking cow' photoshoot), clearly there are Freudian complexes behind his photography and his sexual neurosis (going back to his childhood which I went into earlier and he is aware of if you read his interviews, also take a look at the 'MOM' part of his site). Here are a few I've pulled from his personal blog, whether or not he is a Satanist, he is certainly into the concept of Satanism (potentially just his sense of humor however that Vogue Paris spread I think suggests otherwise), posting images like the below demon/gargoyle/djinn with "Beelzebob" as the caption and is apparently into his "Satanic" heavy metal.

"Rape Rock" band The Mentors appears to be one of his favourites (this album cover for 'Up the Dose' [electroshock] should give you a good idea of what they were about and with tracks associated with MK and the occult [yes I am aware that most people view these rock/metal bands as using these themes merely as shock tactics to sell records but I feel that is quite a naive perspective]; the lead singer apparently had something to do with Kurt Cobain's suspicious death, I'm sure the Kurt Cobain thread on the Icke forum has info on that), along with Slayer (checkout their video for Bloodline, note the kitten; obviously all the occult themes on their album covers, songs and lyrics go without saying). These images of the t-shirts (he collects them) are from his blog just to clarify.

Pictured below in a Mentors t-shirt with model Eniko Mihalik at the 2010 Pirelli calender shoot (along with other models I have covered like Miranda Kerr, Daisy Lowe and Lily Cole; no point in posting images, a few dehumanization and phallic imagery but on the whole it is just bland titillation), the below photo of Eniko as a kitten was taken by Richardson for a Vogue calendar which I posted a while back in the Eniko link.

Here is Eniko's obligatory Monarch photo shoot below (not by Richardson, taken for Numero magazine by Greg Kadel), with Eniko dressed all in witch-like black in a backdrop reminiscent of the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz programming scene (poppy field sends Dorothy to sleep/into trance) to go along with the Monarch butterfly which has her transfixed/mesmerized.

Posting will continue to be sporadic for the next month or two as I need to focus on doing Uni work (behind on dissertation), I do have some posts in the pipeline though so will probably finish them off (some are not far off completion) when I get a chance.

In high school Terry spent five years playing the bass in a punk rock band called 'The Invisible Government', now he has taken photos of the actual invisible government's main representative/puppet, Barack Obama. It should say a lot that Barack Obama appears to be a fan of Terry and had portraits of himself taken by him in 2007 for Vibe magazine, during the run up to the 2008 "election". The below photo I linked to a while back but is worth including properly in a post (remember that Terry Richardson is one of the most well known and well paid photographers in the fashion industry so this speaks volumes), his tattoos probably bare some significance too (like himself as a child tattooed on his chest).

Change we can believe in!


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Anonymous said...

On the picture with Obama, it´s astonishing that Obamas smile is brighter than Terry Richardsons. Like a little school girl. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Free had sex with Terry Richardson (freelice.tumblr.com)

UndergroundGymTrainer said...

Instead of distancing himself...the Amerikan Prez welcomes a photo shoot with the degenerate.
Remarkable to say the least. It's not hard to see that most everything that goes on is actually in plain sight. They take delight in not covering things up and it's amazing that the sheeple make excuses to not believe what's right in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Terry subtly exposes celebs for who they really are.

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