Monday, 14 December 2009

Chinese Protesters Tortured In 'Black Jails' for Programming

Civil rights protesters in China are being dumped in psychiatric wards where they are forced to take mind-altering drugs and given electric shocks.

[Sky News article. I remember reading something about this a year ago but the media has been focusing on it again recently. The Chinese are simply following the model used by the Russians who did/are doing pretty much the exact same thing as this using their mental institutions, the West aren't innocent of this by any means too with mental asylums being used for furthering research and putting into practice programming with electroshocks, drugs, rape and other trauma-based mind control and brainwashing techniques. I've included another video apart from the Sky News one which shows how young children are even taken for, what the state would probably call "re-education".]

The treatment is handed out to petitioners - victims of corrupt local governments who have come to the cities to seek justice.

They travel thousands of miles to reach Beijing, but instead of being allowed to voice their grievances they are thrown into illegal "black jails" and many end up placed in mental institutions.

"Pain? You don't know pain until you have had 220 volts going through your body," said Hu Guohong, who had come to Beijing to seek compensation for three months' back pay.

He suffered two hours of electric shock for ten consecutive days.

"My whole insides… it felt like my intestines were turning like clothes put through a washing machine," he said.

"There are a lot of people who are locked up there. Just like me, protesters. They round you up and simply dump you in the hospital. If you don't do what they say, you get electrocuted."

Sky News gained access to one of the mental institutions and spoke to those behind the bars of an exercise courtyard.

"Some people in here are not even diagnosed with a mental illness. There are all kinds of cases, but most of us are not ill," one man told us.

Liu Feiyue is a lawyer representing hundreds of those detained.

His home in Wuhan in South China is under surveillance by police and we had to meet secretly late at night.

He says the practice of putting protesters in mental hospitals is widespread.

"They want to stop the protesters from voicing their dissenting views," he said.

"So they lock them up in mental hospitals. This is becoming a serious epidemic in China."

Sky News wrote to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health to ask why mental hospitals were being used as dumping grounds for those seeking justice.

We received no answer.

A spokesman at the Chinese Embassy in London said it was "not in a position to respond in this regard".


Anonymous said...

Its more to torture into shutting up than programming.

I suppose you could call submission programming but I wouldnt personally.

ultimately most still have the opinions post-torture, but are less likely to repeat their thoughts/express their views after...well in the west, some Chinese/Asians still do.. stupid or brave, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: (nsfw)

Alexa Chung in Vice magazine (not sure what year it was but it's the 3rd annual photo issue. The photographer is David Titlow who she was dating at the time who also happened to be 20yrs older than her.

Benjamin S said...

The purpose isn't just to torture them until they agree to shut up, it's to fundamentally transform their thinking so 2+2=5. You are right in that it doesn't work every time as everyone reacts differently to electroshocks/trauma/programming, some of them will come out still with their prior thoughts intact but many will not. I can see what you are saying but arguing whether it comes under the bracket of 'programming' is semantics, as far as I am concerned any psychological manipulation is a form of programming (and I find it unlikely that they aren't using more elaborate forms of mind control programming there too).

Anonymous said...

poor old winston came out thinking 2+2=5 didn't he. unlucky!

Anonymous said...

Have you covered this Tiger Woods scandal yet?

It seems beyond fishy to me...

His father was an officer in Army Special Forces?

Anonymous said...

@ben, yeah I agree...was merely pointing out how it could be either partial submission or full-blown control/programming.

Id be surprised if in 90% of the victims they needed to do anything more advanced, though, the thought of enduring that again.

those that are defiant, one can only guess what they suffer...Im guessing the majority arent seen/heard from was common in the soviet days.

annoying that its always China/some asian nation thats usually exposed...when its becoming more overt that even the most liberal countries are doing the same.

Anonymous said...


His first name is Tiger, isn't that enough?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous about woods father,

the majority of them are mere boots(95% of special forces in Iraq were British, allegedly due to the standards or lack of in 'deployables' from the U.S.), but going by the info on him he went to the defense info school so was probably tasked more to do with spreading propaganda.

hes guaranteed to have been a nasty piece of work though, as a parent..could be some nice hidden gems on him.

ie; he may have wrote some articles for papers/other media forms to discredit or credit a specific entity, so it would be well worth a post and digging around about him as a person.

Anonymous said...

I told you before things were uglier in Asia. All that weird pop music and its fans, the suicidal tendencies of teens over there, and overall high suicide rates, all those pop singers and young actors that commited suicide in South Korea just this year. Now this. I'm not surprised.
It's scares me. People say Asia is the future.


mal said...

Have you covered this Tiger Woods scandal yet?

Apparently when Woods phoned the newest mistress discovered -- I've lost count -- he identified himself as "Mr. Brightside." I don't know if Ben has covered that video before, but it's definitely full of monarch symbolism.

Anonymous said...

I met some Chinese artist types while working on a commercial here in the states. Yes, they are very oppressed, dressed all in black and really thought of themselves quite low. One girl told me she thought she was very ugly looking. What does the world expect form a communist country, void of soul. It is sad

Anonymous said...

tiger woods = yawnnnn

Brenda said...

No, not yawn on Tiger.

This story seems to be having some darker crevices that go beyond infidelity. The fact that Tiger has told numerous women he's been with (and I'm sure the number will go far beyond the 15 or so we know about) that his "marriage was a sham and done for publicity." What's interesting is that he signed a "morals clause" in his contracts which forbids him from doing anything that would impact his squeaky clean image (drugs, sex, crime, etc.) It seems that his "handlers" (what the press are calling them) have made a habit of paying off women right and left over the years so they wouldn't sell their stories to tabloids.

Woods has been called "calculating" and "moody," apparently able to be the charming gentleman one minute and a cold hearted fellow the next. In one reprinting of text messages in ONE conversation between he and Rachel Ucthel, he went from "why didn't I find you first. We're the perfect fit" to "maybe I shouldn't trust you. Maybe I read you wrong."

The post above that he went by "Mr. Brightside" is rather telling, I think. Yes, the video is very Monarch-driven, isn't it?

Ben, maybe you should do a post on Tiger. I know that it would certainly drive a lot of new reader traffic to your terrific site since Tiger is one of the top searches on the Internet.

Jeremy said...

"I know that it would certainly drive a lot of new reader traffic to your terrific site since Tiger is one of the top searches on the Internet."

True dat. Writing a quickie on Tiger took my traffic to the next level.

In other news, maybe relevant to this site:

Fistgate: promoting 'fisting' to 14 year olds

Pedophiliac desensitization coming directly from the feds. I don't have the stomach to read through all the accusations.

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to believe that Tiger's wife wasn't "in" on this deal. How can her man be out fucking around like he was (and still is, apparently) and she not question his whereabouts??? I can see if he was keeping one or two mistresses on the downlow but upwards of 20 or more?? And out drinking in his own "room" at Blue Martini and Club 23, racking up thousands of dollars in tabs each time??? I mean, come on. Either Elin is the dumbest broad out there or she knew what was going on and accepted it because she was in on it.

Why she went nuts and started cracking his windshield with a nine iron is beyond me. But I doubt we'll ever hear the whole story behind this crazy breakdown.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ or Tiger REEEEEEEEALLLLLLYYYYYY pissed off someone with power and money and he was "taken down" and his programming set on self-destruct???

None of these scandals—when they break as suddenly and explode like this one has—is a coincidence. Something, somewhere is going on to create this at this time. I say that because it is obvious that he has been hated on the golf circuit by others but they kept their mouths shut AND he's been screwin' around like a rabid rabbit prior to his marriage, during his marriage and while his marriage is in upheaval. Up to NOW, it's all been kept quiet and carefully MANAGED.

That leads me to think that he righteously annoyed someone BIG and he's paying for it.

Gee, if we find out that there's an odd Disney connection to this story, will there be any doubt? : )

Brenda said...

To Jeremy:

Fistgate: promoting 'fisting' to 14 year olds

Pedophiliac desensitization coming directly from the feds. I don't have the stomach to read through all the accusations.

Wow. Truly wow. Thanks for posting that. You're right about the desensitizing of youth. The laughter on that audio clip was astonishing. What's next? "Here's how to fuck your dog, kids."

Where is the outrage??? Why is the shouting only coming from the right wing, conservative Christians (of which I am not a member.)??? Where are the outraged Libertarians, Democrats and even Atheists?

Jeremy said...

Brenda, it's another divide and conquer tactic. It's made to look like, oh gee, it's those nutty right-wingers (who, remember, are plotting to overthrow the government) are all worked up over nothing again. It's lumped together with a bunch of other stuff that's questionable so even the really basic issues are obscrued. It's one of the ways this stuff happens right out in the open and nobody seems to be able to muster the will to stop it.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Tiger Woods' story is further confirmation of everything I've read on this blog -- a famous, powerful man, by all appearances is a completely respectable family man, leads a secret life of sexual decadence. In the light of these revelations, discussion of occult activites should be more difficult to dismiss.

Jeremy said...

I would have liked to tie Tiger Woods to Copenhagen, Goldman Sachs, Carbon trading, ClimateGate (executive summary: false dilemma; another psyops campaign timed to climax at around the time of the climate change conference), and the Nobel Prize (more psyops).

The amount of money involved in carbon trading for Goldman Sachs is colossal. And that's what it's all about, the money.

It's practically Christmas and the media is buzzing with accounts of Tiger's Wood. That's how desperate these guys are.

But it's way outside my blog's reach. I had to stretch to cover Woods. Maybe Benjamin can connect some more dots.

Anonymous said...

"Tiger REEEEEEEEALLLLLLYYYYYY pissed off someone with power and money"

yep. pretty obvious really

in regards to all the climate change business, does anyone actually believe thats what they were discussing in copenhagen? unlikely

mal said...

"The amount of money involved in carbon trading for Goldman Sachs is colossal. And that's what it's all about, the money.

But it's way outside my blog's reach. I had to stretch to cover Woods. Maybe Benjamin can connect some more dots."

Not suprisingly a Goldman Sachs honcho is only two degreess of seperated from Tiger Woods.

There is a funny line in that article about Tiger's inner circle, "bungling bunch of wannabe Illuminati." But all occult organizations work the same -- there are circles within circles. I'm sure Tiger imagined he was "in the know," but, much like Tom Cruise's character in Eyes Wide Shut, he learned that there exist cirlces that knows nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Black magic/child abuse in Brazil...

Jeremy said...

The Climate Change conference, getting input from powerful 'stakeholders' who are poised to profit from the problems they themselves created, fits nicely into the Problem Reaction Solution paradigm. But maybe even the conference is a distraction from something else, seeing as how all the really important decisions have already been made, and the conference is just about presenting the illusion of debate.

I wonder what that something else might be.

Anonymous said...

Black magic/child abuse in Brazil...

^^^this was a standard torture mentioned in the Illuminati Formula

Anonymous said...

thats also widely done in Africa to suspected 'witch children', odd stuff.

Brenda said...

^^^ I can't believe it but this story actually made on the MSM and on my local Fox News station tonight. No mention of "torture" or "sacrifice" of course.

nobody said...

Some of the comments here about China are just too perfectly idiotic. Dressed in black? What are you talking about? I lived there for a couple of years and it's my considered opinion that the Chinese as freest people on the planet is a perfectly arguable position.

The media lies folks. Whomever the banks want to destroy, they have their media hand maidens scream bloody murder about the enemy dujour. Yesterday it was the Vietnamese. Today it's Muslims. Tomorrow it's the Russians and Chinese.

Hats off to the butterfly-spotting, but the media can walk and chew gum at the same time you know. MKultra zombies aren't the only people being programmed. The next time you want to shake your fist at some country you've never been to and don't know anything about apart from what the media told you, well... wake up!

Brenda said...

^^^ So, no torture? No government control of the masses? No oppressed populace?

Just content Chinese making more shit to ship over to Wal-Mart and laughing how they've bought our debt? I think that last statement is true.

Hey, you know what? The Chinese have given us incredible gifts over the years if you look WAAAAYY back. Like Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, focused mediation, an unbelievable understanding of how the body functions long before traditional medicine began and many other spiritual concepts. The problems began when their spirit was oppressed and they were condemned to work for the "good of the many" and were told to ignore their individual growth and evolvement. Whenever you tell a people that the individual is not important and that the COLLECTIVE GROUP should be forefront, you teach generation after generation to deny self and that is when a sense of hopelessness and depression set in. I don't see these happy Chinese that you talk about. I see a generation of depressed people who wonder what in the hell they are getting up every day for.

And as someone else so rightly posted above, as Asia goes, so goes the Western countries. Gee, anyone else you can think of in the U.S. moving us toward that "Collective good" and talking all the time about "community, community!" Between that rhetoric and Climate Change crap, we are doomed as a people if we don't rise up and speak out against the tyranny.

MK Ultra is just ONE component of the control factor. CONTROL is the key here. Control the spirit, bodies, minds and the willpower of a people and you will control their ability to prosper and find happiness. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL.

jerry_beck said...

Everybody should check out this movie
Her fears and inability to cope with the harsh realities of life becoming so intense that they manifest themselves in an altered state of reality, a schizophrenic girl begins taking orders from a pair of clown dolls who instruct her to murder her adulterous mother. Rachel is a small girl with a fragile mind. Her allegiance to her parents irreparably fractured when she is forced to keep her mother's extramarital affair a secret from her father, Rachel can't figure out how to handle the situation until her clown dolls, Melo and Lelo, offer an unsettling piece of advice: kill your mother and in the process absolve her of the evil that has infected her soul. It doesn't take long for Rachel to act on the grim suggestion, but as she grows up and her psyche becomes more fractured, the cycle of violence continues.

Anonymous said... was said years ago China was the 'testing ground' for new ideas to "contain" the masses ie;us.

in the last 10-15 years they have pretty much been proven 100% accurate.

Jeremy said...

And, the pseudo-occult media video trailer is making the rounds...

Favorite it!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of shattered, this guy who's an athlete died. SI put up an article about it on their site and a pop up ad came up which coincidentally happened to be a graphic of shattered glass. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

ben you're famous! proud of youuu haha

nobody said...

Brenda you really don't get it.

"I don't see these happy Chinese that you talk about."

Where are you? In the States? Watching it all on your TV? So aren't you making my point for me? You're meant to be shaking your fist at the Chinese. And you are. Just like you were meant to shake your fist at the Afghanis, the Iraqis and now the Iranians.

I spent two years there and all the Chinese I knew were a happy bunch of crew. Every lunch time a different restaurant with all the Chinese yelling screaming and laughing their heads off. No fear, no angst, none of that stuff I see in the US. There's almost no crime there you know. You can wander around through inky black hutong alleyways and nothing will happen to you.

Otherwise if you want to extol the virtues of selfishness over selflessness, whoo-ee, you're talking to the wrong Buddhist. A nation of self-obsessed gits, there's your nation of fearful people right there.

As for your first sentence, sure of course these things exist. I ain't here to paint a halo for the Chinese communist party. But between that and 1.3M dead in Iraq what do you want to tell me? That I should be shaking my fist at the Chinese? Whoever it was that killed those 1.3M Iraqis would want me to do that wouldn't they? The torturers of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and Bagram AF base point the finger at the Chinese do they? Well shit eh? But gee whiz, if you want to pile in with your own finger, in spite of the fact that you've never been there and only know what the trust-us-there-are-WMD's-in-Iraq media tells you, then don't let me stop you.

Brenda said...

^^^ Before you start to assume who the fuck I am, let me assure you that I'm not one of those "card carrying Americans" (yes, I'm an American) who waves the flag and believes in "Country First." So, let's get that out of the way, okay?

I also don't believe for one second there were WMD in Iraq or that we need to be in any Afghan war because I do not believe for one millisecond that 911 was perpetrated by Muslim terrorists.

Oh, wow. She's not like the "normal" American, is she? Guess I fucked with your image of me, eh?

I think so far out of the box that it's scary. I don't believe in Climate Change, that Jesus is God, that Big Pharma is God, that the U.S. military is never at fault, that the torturers of Guantanamo/Abu Ghraib and Bagram AF are "good Americans," that all rich people are evil, that all blacks are dumb, that all mexicans should be deported, that everyone who goes into a marijuana clinic is really there because they "need medicine," that vaccines are a good thing, that those weird stripes in the sky aren't chemtrails, OR that all Chinese are depressed.

Stop assuming that because I'm an American I think the way you ASSUME I think about the Chinese. I don't compartmentalize people the way it seems you do with "Americans."

And if you are seriously a true Buddhist, then Buddha help the Buddhists. Because I KNOW Buddhists.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the "Buddhist" above refers to themselves as "nobody" speaks volumes.

They write:
"Otherwise if you want to extol the virtues of selfishness over selflessness, whoo-ee, you're talking to the wrong Buddhist. A nation of self-obsessed gits, there's your nation of fearful people right there."

Yeah. You're right. That's me. Self-obsessed and a "git." WTF is a git?

They sound like a self-obsessed Buddhist.

Anonymous said...

I thought Buddhism was about compassion. "Nobody" doesn't sound one bit compassionate. Calling Americans "gits," I mean really. That's like me calling Aussies kangaroo fuckers. And that wouldn't be nice.

Anonymous said...

nah, it'd be like you calling he/she a c'unt.

the Million or so Chinese displaced due to the three gorges dam - Im guessing they werent laughing and sipping foreign beverages while they were forced to move, in the name of power generation.

on the other hand, He/she should be more concerned with defending his/her own countries reputation, australia, a country who consistently sell masses of uranium to the U.S. and other "permanent 5" UN members for their nuclear arsenal.

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, hey anon, did you enjoy that conversation with yourself? What a curious anon you are. You remind me of this fellow.

If anyone wants to see how an anti-China psyop is carried out in the age of the internet, have a read. It's interesting. Believe it or not, paid spooks spend all day long searching the internet for any any China action and then pile in to the comments section of blogs just like this one (and mine sure enough).

And Brenda you take offence waay too easily. Take a deep breath and go read my last comment again but this time with the understanding that I'm not having a go at you. I assumed nothing about you except that you had grasped the wrong end of the stick about China. The only gits were those who choose selfishness over selflessness. And really there was no need to defend yourself since if you're on this blog you're already well outside the mainstream.

But! If you want to get het up about it, well... don't let me stop you.

Anonymous said...

the 'enjoy the convo with yourself' 'haha' crap I'll overlook, like you over-looked the nuclear transfer comment :) also because its infantile..and typical of self-proclaimed 'sceners'

its also quite obvious my post and the one above it was written by two different people, look at how he/she didnt have a clue what git meant, meaning an American/Canadian, and Im so obviously a brit thus corrected his/her typical american/canadian 'kangaroo fker' with cunt; adding paranoid infront of it would have been more accurate it would seem.

it was my 'only' comment directed at your somewhat deluded claims of china being this "free" "happy" "most democratic" country; no country is free, maybe if you spent less time trying to defend china your eyes may open a little wider and you would notice this.

of course, you over-looked this because it fits your "its MI6/CIA!!!! theyre double posting!!!!" view.

All I did was simply post that I, not others, doubt that those relocated from the areas surrounding the three gorges dam were out celebrating in those trendy bars you used for the basis of your arguement...were they? or is it more likely they were resetting up home? I know which Id wager it being.

of course, you seem to believe youre the china expert, Im sure you can go ask them next time you visit? 1.4million, odds is you can find at least one.

as for the fact that there are spooks paid to go about discrediting china, no shit sherlock. just about every country on the planet does this..including against so called example;

the U.S. just recently set up a unit of people who can use 'brit english' to spread propaganda to influence the british people against negative press that "could" appear in the many U.K. papers willing to publish articles that they deem 'anti-american.

of course, Im sure you knew this too.

second thoughts, possibly not, it isnt about china.

Anonymous said...

off topic but "they" have killed brittany murphy now too :( can't believe it, think she's 33 aswell...

Anonymous said...

yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

for more information on this type
of programming and torture.

Moebius said...

She is in this checkerbord musicvideo of wheatus.
Any comments on some symbolism?

Anonymous said...

Not even a word about Falun Gong practitioners ?

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