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The Occult Fashion Show, Gemma Ward of Oz and Robots Organized by the Illuminati

Australian model/porcelain alien doll Gemma Ward walked in Alexander McQueen's 2007 Autumn/Winter collection occult fashion show as all the models (in their usual tranced catwalk state) ritualistically walked along the red lines of a giant pentagram (probably in a specific order from point to point). At the catwalk's finale all the models walk around it, encircling the pentagram. The show kicked off with an invocation/occult prayer (standard stuff, couldn't make out most of it but "flowing through you, above and below you [as above so below]... from oil to candle... [probably something to do with the light then for some Luciferian 'candle magick']", this sounds like an occult invocation to bring about possession ["a state (potentially psychological) in which an individual's normal personality is replaced by another", for me the connection between occult practices in cults and mind control is pretty clear]) is read out cryptically with pictures of models within the inverted pyramid that is symbolically above the giant pentagram (pointing in the centre of the inner Pentagon). After the invocation a petrified scream is heard and the models start walking the Luciferian catwalk.
The overt reason given for this ritual magick on an elite fashion catwalk (occurred in a Paris Fashion Week which all the luminaries attend) was that McQueen had recently "discovered" through his genealogist mother (probably working for the 'elite' who are obsessed with their supposed bloodline/genealogy) that he was related to three of witches killed at the Salem Witch Trials, this catwalk was dedicated to executed "witch" Elizabeth Howe. "...the set was built out of inky gravel with a scarlet crystal pentagram centre stage and a 45-foot black inverted pyramid hanging overhead. Any so-called witchcraft, the designer argued, was in fact rooted in nothing more sinister than paganism and this can be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt. The clothes themselves ­ and an opening section dominated by petrol-blue and gold, in particular ­ equally referenced this historic empire." [Independent article source] McQueen is aptly describing the Illuminists' belief system in terms their cult dating back to at least Ancient Egypt and how far this occult symbolism/magick goes back; their rituals and beliefs are largely taken from Egyptian Mystery Cults. The gold and blue colours (seen below on one of Gemma's two dresses for the event) described are heavily associated with Freemasonry, which obviously has many ties to Ancient Egypt (much of Masonry's allegory/symbolism is related to Ancient Egyptian mythology). The ground may be made up of black ritual salt or some other ritualistic substance (the blood red pentagram over the black surface is very symbolic anyway). It's worth mentioning the "Dark Magick" Dazed & Confused cover was using some of McQueen's designs (among designers Yamamoto and Riccardo Tisci) in it to "mess with your mind".

Gemma ritualistically walking the lines of pentagram in her first outfit above (gold/blue; you can arguably make out a pyramid and sun subliminal in the circular bit), her second below is black/white duality stripes.

As you would expect, the vast majority of these models are dressed symbolically here are a couple. You may remember the gold breast plate (designed by McQueen obviously) model Caroline Trentini (above) is wearing was also used in the occult photo shoot of Lily Donaldson, notice that the pose Caroline does is exactly the same as Lily Donaldson's in the photo (ritualistic/programming Superman style pose [fists clenched on hips; pose of strength, gold is an important colour/metal to the Illuminists who view it as divine, the sun.]).

These two are symbolic of facelessness/loss of identity with their faces masked (left one is Romina Lanaro) and the model on the right (not sure who it is, source didn't list her identity) has her torso symbolically covered making her a mannequin (turned her torso to plastic/rubber). You can pick out some of the other symbolic occult ritual clothing other models are wearing (a crescent moon head piece, a star head piece [both of those featured in a Britain's Next Top Model episode where the girls played ritual/symbolic "Goddesses" which was one of the things I left out of the post] + others) in the video or see the linked source for images.

From McQueen's official site, showing the butterfly transformation symbolism + female sexuality (after the aforementioned occult symbolism): "The subject is traced back to its Pagan roots and then to Ancient Egypt, the pyramids and the worship of the sun and the moon. The set is dominated by a huge screen onto which is projected a film directed by Alexander McQueen featuring close ups of beautiful, naked women apparently floating in limbo. The clothes reflect both protection and fertility – a new cocoon shape is designed to mimic the contours of an ovum. The catwalk is black and embellished with a blood red crystal pentagram."

The inverted pyramid situated above the pentagram shows various symbolic images associated with Illuminism as the sun is shown rising; this is more clearly conscious Eygptian/Freemasonic/Illuminist symbolism as Horus (in his younger form) is the rising sun (the "all seeing eye" in the pyramid represents the Eye of Horus [which is the sun; light/Lucifer, this is oversimplified]). The rising sun is the first image shown (after the models/witches trapped inside it speaking) on the pyramid's screens/sides showing it's significance, later on the moon is shown on it; sun and moon worship is part of the Illuminists ancient belief system, the imagery of both seen on various Freemasonic regalia/iconography (the 'day and night' motif is more duality also, you'll find the sun and moon on Freemasonic tracing boards and the like).

More Illuminist symbolism as an owl face (I think; if I am mistaken and it's a falcon then that's more Horus symbolism) is shown on the pyramid, I'm fairly sure it's an owl, a motif commonly associated with the Goddess, secret societies and "elite" groups (i.e. the Boheman Grove subhuman pedophile sociopathic "elite" attendees dress up in ritual KKK style cult clothing and perform a mock human sacrifice under a giant owl, which most readers will of course be fully aware of... much worse stuff goes on there than that though).

Some demonic looking animal skull is also shown mirrored (one image on each screen/side of the pyramid), not sure what animal it is specifically but it's probably a goat or some other symbolic beast. A nude model (looks to be painted gold/bronze) is also shown hypnotically gyrating on the screens. Locusts are shown also crawling all over each other, the kinds of insect used in mind control as part of traumatizing the victim in programming (cockroaches/spiders/moths etc, all the standard insects "creepy crawlies" [usually a young victim is put in an enclosed space like a box then a few spiders are dropped in or whatever]).

A guy's face covered in blood is shown fading into a skull, the symbol of the human skull is obviously synonymous with death and the occult.

Is that a stereotypical red Satan head (may not be, but I am fairly sure due to the pointy ears, you can just about make out one the bottom of one of the horns) in the pyramid above all the models walking the Pentagram catwalk? It is set on fire... Hail Lucifer!

The image of a model is contrasted with the image of the human skull, perhaps symbolizing what's going on inside many of these models' heads (they are "dead inside"; note above it the model's face goes from being in light, to half face in darkness. Light to Darkness. Life to Death [face to skull]).

The moon is a Goddess/feminine ancient symbol (the cycles of the moon) + representing Thoth.

Here is a better quality video version than the original one posted further up (it lacks original sound however) which gives you better views of the inverted pyramid screens too if you.

I have actually posted some of McQueen's stuff in the past, the final photo of Lily Donaldson in her post was from his more recent catwalk and I remember some that I don't have time to look back through the blog archives to find (lots of dehumanization, I think he came out dressed as a rabbit or something at a fashion week too). Above image shows what he is about though with a model on one of his catwalks wearing an insane amount of what look like stylized red monarch butterflies on her head, nearly covering her face completely.

At another McQueen fashion show, Gemma Ward was symbolically made to wear butterflies/moths (same programming implications in terms of [phallic] caterpillar to [female sexuality] butterfly/moth transformation and such) on the catwalk in 2006 (more on this below; she is standing next to a pyramid here). Many of the dark (some would just describe them as being just innocent 'gothic' style art) outfits posted are also designed by Alexander.
Here is one more video of an interesting fashion show with the tranced looking models walking as instructed like robotic chess pieces as the robot voice of the chess "Master" (controller of the pieces; chess champions are known as masters/grandmasters like in Freemasonry, you will also find the checkerboard duality pattern in every Masonic lodge which has been discussed many times). The chess mind control metaphor is simple in that mind control slaves are 'pawns' (or other pieces) to be used at the "Master's" whim. The Illuminist controllers have been manipulating their "chess pieces" for centuries, the world is a chess board; politicians, actors, models, musicians, celebrities are some of the pieces the Illuminist masters controlling both the light and the dark sides.... Robot Voice: "Sacrificial Move..." (many of their 'pieces' are ritually sacrificed; also staged events like 9/11 are ritualistic "Sacrificial moves", if you can pick up on the symbolism/numerology and such you can usually figure out what's what). At the end, when the models dressed as robots (American football headgear + shoulder pads made to look robotic) appear to go to be switched off (supposed to be the kings) Elvis' song 'Suspicious Minds' comes on, Elvis himself was of course the mind controlled "King" of Rock and Roll. "It's only a game" was the ironic title of the show.
It's worth quickly posting McQueen's symbolic hologram of Kate Moss inside a pyramid, which of course is "just art" and has no deeper meaning ;) This occurred in the aforementioned fashion show with Gemma Ward wearing butterflies, the 2006 Fall/Winter collection where all the models dressed in bird and butterfly dehumanization headpieces walking in a square around the pyramid where the Moss hologram would finish the show.

Alexander McQueen showing what he is all about below with Master Manipulator Mickey Mouse of Disney Corp and a Scottish kilt (his heritage is from Scotland).

Some more pictures of Gemma walking next to the pyramid hologram (remember holograms are made by reflected lazer light; so having Kate Moss made of light inside a pyramid is all very Luciferian) wearing butterflies.

More of her butterflies later.

She did a shoot along with Lily Cole and Caroline Trentini (model wearing the same gold breast plate occult outfit as Lily Donaldson further up) by photographer Tim Walker (posted some of his stuff here) titled 'The Handmade's Tale', which I think is supposed to be a play on words of the Natasha Richardson film 'The Handmaid's Tale' (based on Margaret Atwood's book). Models are "handmaids".

Note the clear duality symbolism (black/white behind Natasha) on on the movie's poster, I personally feel the film could have been better but it is still extremely revealing.

You will remember Natasha passed away earlier this year, becoming 'brain dead' after hitting her head in a skiing accident then eventually dying (after the accident she seemed fine). I'd like to briefly go through some of the important stuff in the film and Natasha's final film. The plot revolves around a woman named Kate (changed from the book where she has no name [hinted as being 'June']; probably for the cat/kitten sex programming suggestion in the name Kate) who is kidnapped by the totalitarian regime's foot soldiers to be used as a sex slave for reproduction used by the "elite"/ruling class, who came to power via a false flag terror attack... sound familiar? Their symbol is the Illuminist cult's All Seeing Eye in the pyramid; as mentioned earlier this symbolizes Horus; the sun god, this is further emphasized by the sun positioned behind the Eye in the Pyramid. Note Natasha's reflection in the above image has the Illuminist Eye in the Pyramid positioned directly over her, perhaps indicative of Natasha and the Redgrave acting dynasty's Illuminist control?

This is the Republic of Gilead's flag, the "fictional" theocratic military dictatorship who took control of America; of course it's entirely coincidental (the author was probably hinting at this) that their symbol comes from the Freemasonic Eye in the Pyramid emblem seen on the 1 dollar bill (with Master Mason George Washington on the front of the bill), in the book Offred is thirty-three years old (another Freemasonic suggestion; the 33rd being the highest degree attainable in Scottish Rite).

Fertile females are taken to concentration camp type places for programming them to be compliant sex slaves for their Master; Kate (Richardson) is given the name 'Offred' because her master is The Commander, Fred so 'Of-Fred'... she is trained as Fred's property. Once they have completed their conditioning/brainwashing (not very effectively it should be said) in the center they are transported to their masters whom they must serve as sex slaves to produce children. These sex slaves/'handmaids' wear red symbolizing the menstrual cycle/their fertility, the elite's wives who are infertile (the globe is suffering an epidemic of infertility) wear blue. Robert Duvall plays Commander Fred; note the antelope/goat Baphomet horns in his office and the Eye in the Pyramid of course. I'm always amazed at how similar some of these "actors" (many of them programmed) roles are to their real lives/personalities in relaity; Duvall is an ex-military (his family is military), Christian Science cult programmed Republican and " related to Barack Obama through a common ancestor, Mareen Duvall, who immigrated to what is now Maryland from France. Duvall is also related to former President Harry S. Truman, former Vice-President Dick Cheney and Wallis, Duchess of Windsor through the same common ancestor.", so he certainly seems to be of the same lineage as the Illuminist establishment. Which explains how he managed to "marry" a girl 41 years his junior in Luciana Pedraza, his "handmaid" (she was likely programmed to be infatuated with him the moment she just happened to see him strolling down the street and inviting him to a party, her family seems the connected type).

Duvall with ex-puppet in chief George Bush Jr. Duvall has been in many more symbolic movies too probably, his probably most well known (revealing in terms of mafia/Italian secret societies) movie The Godfather's symbol is the Marionette Manipulator's hand + strings.

Duvall's character and the ruling class of the film are completely analogous to the public rulers of America with for example Bush, Cheney and co who pretend to be moral Christians but in actuality worship different entities (putting it mildly) and are completely devoid of empathy; and, like in the film they also use programmed sex slaves on a regular basis (see Cathy O'Brien and the like).

The sex slaves are put through traumatic conditioning processes to keep them locked in the programming such as making them hang one of their own as a group (they all pull the rope seen above) for an act of perversion or whatever; after this they are whipped up into a frenzy as their main handler (a 'mother' type figure) tells them how a man (really a political prisoner) had raped a 'handmaid', killed the baby and whatnot so the programmed group think/mob hysteria kicks in and they rip him apart with their hands. This occurs outside outside a Cathedral with the Eye of God/Horus watching over the proceedings.

There's some more interesting stuff in the film worth posting (the "Christian" elite live in decadence while preaching morality and virtue, some good zebra, fashion magazines and stuff [Vogue is shown, 'The Handmade's Tale' with Gemma Ward is from a Vogue shoot by the way]) but don't want to go into too much detail, I may save it for the post but I'm sure you can figure out what I would say anyway if you watched the film.

I decided to check out Natasha's final film that she appeared in a while ago, Wild Child (wild/animal/dehumanization) about a spoiled American brat teen Poppy (Opium) Moore played by Emma Roberts, from another generational acting (slave?) family including her father Eric Roberts and her niece (Eric's sister) Julia, Eric Roberts' mind control and occult themes in some of the things he's been in are there if you look through his stuff (I covered him briefly due to his appearance in the Dark Knight), his music videos in particular where he appeared in a mind control symbolic Killers video 'Mr Brightside' which I analyzed at this post (apple trigger, girls as performing objects, a game of checkers is played to decide ownership of the main slave etc); he played Mariah Carey's older handler in symbolic video 'It's Like That' (checkerboard floor, masked party etc).

Note Emma Roberts' leopard print shoes, emphasizing the (sex) kitten dehumanization, her father Eric's drug taking, abusive nature etc doesn't exactly bode well for Emma. In the film, Natasha plays the Head-Master of the English boarding school; more programming themes feature as in the predictable scene of the transforming Emma's bratty ways she encourages her to read Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' (analyzed many times check out this Disney post for some more general stuff), then strokes her cat.

Another symbolic scene is towards the end at some odd trial type thing (Emma is falsely accused of starting a fire), which is done over the Masonic checkerboard floor and Natasha as the head Master [Master Mason/Grandmaster/etc] is sitting on a symbolic chair/throne with a triangle motif behind her head (note the light coming in from the window behind her; the dome shaped window above the door behind her is symbolic of the rising sun). I feel the duality themes, Alice in Wondlerna and such have added significance due to it being her final film before her death.

Remember Natasha's husband was Liam Neeson, I did a post on him and his movie about sex slaves/human trafficking on the 13th of March; I find it a little messed up that a few days after posting that she had her accident and died on the March 18th. Note above Natasha is dressed in a leopard print kitten outfit (the 'roundabout' motif is also mind control symbolic in terms of spinning round and round/the magic roundabout/carousel).

Random shot of Natasha and Manchurian Candidate Liev Schreiber (multigenerational mind control suggestion; his grandmother was lobotomized, mother LSD programming and was institutionalized. Liev has been put with Naomi Watts in a long term 'relationship', they have two kids) under CBS' All Seeing Eye. Liev's most recent MK symbolic role has him transformed into the opposite sex (a transvestite/trance-vestite anyway).

Natasha submitting to our Queen hand-puppet overlord...

Returning to Gemma Ward's analysis it's always best to start from the beginning, above is a childhood photo of her 'playing dress-up' in a one-eyed pirate outfit (skull and bones), then 6 years later at the age of only 15 she made her catwalk debut. It's not like they are hiding the overt pedophilia in the fashion industry, this is obviously extremely lolita/pedophilia suggestive as a 15 year old Gemma walks the catwalk at a Perth Fashion Festival in 2003 holding a lollipop, balloons in her underwear with her name on it, she is obviously still growing here and her face has quite a strange expression.

At the age of 16 (a year after the above set of totally reasonable images) she was the youngest model to appear on the cover of American Vogue in 2004; the fashion industry has always liked them young and they've been getting younger and younger. She was apparently the last proper 'girlfriend' of Heath Ledger before the knight died (click for details on Ledger being ritualized as a double headed eagle wearing knight, a hanging man and whatnot), both are from Perth, Australia. Gemma's sister Sophie (not pictured) is also a lesser known model as is often the way these things go in these types of families (similar to Karen Mulder and her acting sister Saskia).
Here is another interesting butterfly shoot of Gemma, titled after the opera 'Madame Butterfly'. The petrified/pinned butterfly psychological motif (as well as potentially suggesting she is the product of Monarch programming, see Mulder post) I described in the Paprika post and others so I won't go into it again in detail. Also note Gemma's dress is symbolic as it gives the fractured/fragmented mind motif.

Below note her black/white duality striped dress (pinned butterflies obviously) and she has a bird cage veil tied around her neck.

The other 'pinned butterfly' in the shoot is Dutch model Kim Noorda, dressed up in more duality symbolic apparel (black&white stripes/checker/bow/polka-dot).

Another symbolic butterfly of her on an Aussie magazine cover.

Gemma on the catwalk with a butterfly backdrop, models are butterflies; fragile creatures easily broken (many are when young children as part of their Monarch programming to be high class sex-slaves for the "elite" and fashion executives and the like [again see the Karen Mulder post for evidence]).

Some more occult themed stuff she has featured in such as this 'Rusty' (selling surfing clothes) advertising campaign from 2003 (age 15 when she was just being ushered into the industry as the next big thing), with the prominent horns hand gesture over Gemma and her eyes covered by pentagrams with an electroshock/lightning symbol consciously positioned so it's directed at Gemma's head (+ some other stuff; Gemma wearing black/white duality stripes, Gemma's half face covered in the bottom right of the picture). Then below wearing a pink skull and bones top (the male model given the 'blinded by lightning' electroshock suggestion).

I thought the above Japanese department store was curiously named Isetan, Eye-Setan/Satan, the Eye of Satan (I'm not being entirely serious I think here btw, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for the name); Setan means Satan in Indonesian. Note the circles within circles behind Gemma in a black furry dress thing.

Another cover shoot from 2004 (so a 16 year old Gemma) from French Numéro magazine with the word Venus on it. Venus = Lucifer.
The mind control theme of disorientation/hallucination is shown in this advert for yogurt as her reality/vision starts 'bending'... 'there is no spoon'. Note in the above advert the bird cage psychological motif positioned behind her (emphasizing the mind control symbolism more), there is also a solar mirror which comes into view.

Another one here with her face reflected upside down inside a spoon + a fork ticking like a clock representing 'lost time'/dissociation in mind control... Seriously what does any of this have to do with their great tasting yogurt?!

A curious spread titled 'Altered States' by Nick Knight, with interesting mind control themes which are hard to describe (involving holograms of her trapped in boxes, miniature versions/alters of Gemma made of wax or something, and things like that).

Gemma's (hologram?) head trapped in glass boxes.

Sorry I'm sort of rushing through everything here but here is an interesting British Vogue cover with sun symbolism over porcelain alien dolls Lily and Gemma.

These two are again by Nick Knight.

Models are 'machines for hanging clothes', among other things. (slight Marionette suggestion here also)

Gemma in a torture(+note half face covered) themed shoot, again below with half face masked (split mind due to trauma).

Below Gemma painted in a black oil-like substance wearing big chains and padlocks, below that covering her mouth (so themes of slavery/mental imprisonment and 'not having a voice' in this shoot).

A few of Gemma's duality photos.

Note the Asian models wearing black are looking away from the camera while duality wearing Gemma is looking directly at it.

This interesting Barbie Doll spread (depersonalization; feeling like a doll/robot, loss of identity/personality and such [I've discussed the more extreme usage of such things in mind control programming in the past]) with duality themes originally sparked this post. It was shot by Mario(nette) Testino.

Sticking with the psychological theme of depersonalization and robotic control of models (the robot programming theme is obviously a commonly used type in more severe mind control); this shoot by Steven Meisel was titled 'Organized Robots' (programmed robots [if Monarch programmed their internal systems ((how the alter-personalities are structured in the victim's mind)) may be organized with computers/machines placed into the system]) with Gemma and other models such as Coco Rocha appearing along with toy robots. The theme of sex with robots/sex machines is obviously prominent here also, the models wearing virginal white is sexually suggestive also (and the white can mean the 'blank slate' trance state models are often in), they all look very cult-like and programmed anyway in their white uniforms.

Gemma Ward naked in the bath with other models.

Models are shattered/broken robots.

This one was interesting showing head shaving ritual/mind control conditioning process as part of altering/removing their identity.

Speaking of masks, she has not done much modeling over the past couple of years, as they've tried to get her into acting with a mind control/brainwashed symbolic role in Liv Tyler's film 'The Strangers' where she plays a masked psychopathic killer, the two younger girls wearing masks (one of them Gemma) appearing to have been brainwashed by the the elder man as they torment. Gemma appropriately plays 'Doll Face' as her face is essentially a porcelain doll's in reality, this is just the kind of role symbolic to their own lives/persona's MK'd stars are given.

Some standard kitten dehumanization now.

Gemma the 'Panther Woman' (they recycled this image for a Style cover [or the other way round]).

Another dehumanization themed shoot, Gemma literally caught in a bear trap. It was shot by Mario(nette) Sorrenti.

She did an odd shoot with George Clooney in Vanity Fair, quite possessively holding her I feel (showing how she is used).

Gemma and two other models with their faces caged.

Gemma mirrored at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with it's symbolic fractured mirror facade.

I want to end this post (made it longer than originally intended to make up for lack of posts due to holiday and such; I'll try and keep the next few shorter) with the set featuring an Eye in the Pyramid Illuminist photo posted further up and at the start. The set was part of an i-D spread (cover with Gemma wearing roses above), the image above from it has the checkerboard floor, also note the owl underneath the black hands symbolically positioned (a female [reproductive system] fertility gesture I think) and such (wearing a catsuit by Alexander McQueen). Below Gemma is consciously positioned in front of a pyramid shape wearing a leopard print fur-coat, the white chair's design is a sun worship subliminal.

This one below from the same set has more butterfly symbolism, with one kept petrified in a glass dome.

The photographer Emma Summerton (herself pictured below wearing a "Sex Kitten" pink mask) is on the rise; using these occult/symbolic themes always helps you get further in the industry, here are a few examples I may post more in future (I'll use some not pictured here for the webcast coming up) but you can always check them out for yourself at this site. Note the lunar cycle worship, tarot, circle inside a pyramid/triangle on the dark mirror ball (a reflection of the neon light symbol opposite), duality striped clothing. Then from a different set the model wearing black covering one eye (the photo taken from within the pyramid, you can see the edges of it), the pyramid and goat/ram baphomet skull with some general occultism.


Anonymous said...

I have no words for that:

Too much MK? I remember it happened to Whitney Houston too years ago..

Check out the double headed dragon in the background and the phallic symbols:,0,63


Anonymous said...

what happened to the beyonce and shakira post?

Benjamin S said...

Next main post; I didn't forget about it just been away and finishing this one, working on it now, will take a few days.

ScopeLimit said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I have a Beyonce and Shakira post: Beyonce wants to be Shakira because she sucks and now Shakira sucks too. Suck, suck, suck. I hope that cleared everything up for you.

skrambo said...

I'm pretty shocked (not a pun) by the first set of pictures with the giant pentagram/blazing star. Yeah, when I think of women I think of giant horrifying obsidian pyramids hanging from the ceiling and a big blood red pentagram on the floor. To what sort of person does this have anything to do with showing off ugly clothes? The "Fashion Model" is obviously a "model citizen" to them, a brainwashed, robotic, narcissistic person who is completely controlled yet obviously has no idea.

Also, this is probably easily overlooked, but below the picture of Gemma Ward where she's wearing that recycled hideous big-cat-print get-up, there's a picture of her with a black veil which makes ears. In the bottom of the pic there's an F inside of an O. Not only does this say "Fo" as in "Faux", but it can also be seen as 66 (F=6, O=15/1+5/6. Supposedly "66" represents "evil" in Kabbalah, but once again who knows who or what they consider to be evil, could be flipped completely around from people who aren't psychotic). Just thought that was interesting.

Well, great job anyway :) Good to have you back.

jerry_beck said...

picture cover with Clooney and Gemma Ward is worth thousand words...this evil grim, how he holds her hand/back(that she can't run away)...disgusting, just EVIL...

Anonymous said...

Gemma seems very similar to Genma if it helps.

Clive W, said...

Thanks for your effort, Ben...
Stunning material.
I´m still schocked.

achrome said...

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Nicole said...


watchersophia said...

This wasn't a fashion show, it was a Monarch slave trade show disguised as a fashion show. The gold plated outfit is Metropolis programming. The black/white isn't really symbolic. It's used to keep the main alter up front. Other personalities slip out occasionally and the B & W reinforces the programming of the front alter.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

this is completely ridiculous, fashion is not some sort of evil illuminati of people.
these images exist purely to convey a mood/atmosphere etc
fashion creates a fantasy world, playing on images and making referenes. just because you were able to find images which use certain symbols doenst mean anything. You are simply pointing out where the insiration has come for for a particular collection, design or editiorial.
im not suggesting that there are not evil forces at play in this universe but i think youre looking in all the wrong places.

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