Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Christina is off to see the Wizard, while Britney is the Wicked Witch.

Was thinking of editing this into the previous post but I think it's worth it's own post. That's her dad as the scary (black/white striped) clown by the way, Jamie Spears (I find it a little odd that he named his daughter after himself; he just recently gained total control over her indefinitely [no risky, psychopathic 'maniac trigger' handlers like Sam Lutfi; keeping her handled only by her original "programmer" obviously has numerous advantages]), her other MK'd wigged entourage naturally wearing fairy/butterfly/angel wings. I think that is her son Sean Preston Federline as the lion from Oz, and not sure what the other kid is? Also thought of putting it into Britney Part 3, but I still haven't started that yet so this post is just a filler. Link to image site; and she is set to appear on the X-Factor (Simon Cowell 100% dodgy), Daily Mail link to that story and to this Halloween one where it describes Preston as looking 'fierce' as the lion. Britney was attending George Maloof's Halloween party, more images here.
And naturally, fellow programmed Mouseketeer Christina is following this programming script dressed as Dorothy with ruby slippers (Britney Witch/Christina Dorothy, opposite/polarizing personalities), her 'husband' Jordan Bratman as the scarecrow, her own son Max also as the Lion from Oz... [I was wondering where all the Oz alters were, they saved them for their main 'star-puppets' ^^] Linky.
Random related video I came across looking for something to fill up this post with; thought it was pretty well put together [MK'd Alice, note rose tattoo, pill addiction another technique in MK obviously, quite symbolism heavy]. On another random unrelated note to my UK readers; Sky Premiere is airing an alternative Southland Tales version where The Rock character's alter-personality switching is more pronounced and other things in the plot are more blatant/clear and improved, though there are some bits of the DVD version that I preferred (musical bits are done better in DVD version); so if you were thinking of not watching it because you've already seen it I do recommend watching it (it's somethin' else in HD too). I think it's the original Cannes version that I was hoping I could see somehow, cheers Murdoch, asshole.


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice work mate!

Will take a looksee at the New Southland Tales as I trust your judgment, Spot on work!

Man, just how many of Hollyweird's MK's dressed up Oz-ish? Unreal.

Great job! Cheers!
P.S> Thanks for the laugh at the end per Murdochs expense!

Anonymous said...

i know that this is from last year, but are these people aware of these outfits they are putting on? i dont really get the significance of all these patterns and outfits, do they fall into trance when they wear leopard print and butterflies? do they not remember and they are told to wear this? are they drawn to these colors and not sure why? i mean, i always like black and white stripes, zebra print, leopard print, pink wigs, alice in wonderland, etc....what does it mean?

thanks Lori

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