Tuesday, 18 November 2008

'I feel like a prisoner,' reveals a tearful Britney Spears as she admits she's lost her passion for life

If you watch this interview; bear in mind that she will be literally nothing more than her programmer's ventriloquist dummy, I think maybe they are giving her all these 'prisoner' metaphors to say and such because they actually want it all to come out; or maybe they're just arrogant. Britney is set to be apart of the Rockefeller Christmas Star lighting ritual [the star looking someone similar to the one Britney is in her 'Lucky' video]. Cheers to commenter; was on top of this one ;p And on a random note; does anyone know what is up with this MCM, sans bellybutton? What is she, a clone or something?! Oh yeah and Heather Locklear has now been officially charged (cheers Chris in comments) for the DUI I posted on a while back and just recently in a Miley post.

Britney Spears has compared her new life to a jail sentence in an astonishingly candid interview.

The singer, who's father Jamie Spears remains the permanent conservator [controller] of her affairs, says her controlled existence now feels 'like Groundhog Day' [I'm sure that movie is a symbol for galactic alignment/cosmic consciousness too!].

The 26-year-old has showed promise of a comeback from her well-documented breakdown in recent months and recently won praise for her surprise duet with Madonna.

But it's a different story beneath the public facade.

Lost passion: Britney Spears, pictured leaving a LA dance studio yesterday, has compared her life to a jail sentence

In a new fly-on-the-wall documentary she admits: 'There’s no excitement, there’s no passion.

'I have really good days, and then I have bad days. Even when you go to jail, y'know, there’s the time when you’re gonna get out.

'But in this situation, it’s never ending. It’s just like Groundhog Day every day.'

Britney believes she is still being forced to 'pay' for her well-documented meltdown. [You think 'Daddy' and 'Rudolph' wouldn't have repercussions for her attempted 'breakout'?]

'Groundhog day': The tearful singer opens up in the upcoming documentary Britney: For The Record

She says: 'I think it’s too in control. If I wasn’t under the restraints I’m under, I’d feel so liberated. When I tell them the way I feel, it’s like they hear but they’re really not listening. [Everyone around her is 'in on it']

'If you do something wrong in your work, you can move on, but I’m having to pay for a long time. [You Don't Mess With The Program!]

'I never wanted to become one of those prisoner people. I always wanted to feel free.'

'I think I've learnt my lesson now and enough is enough.' [No Britney! Breakout again!!!]

Airbrushed facade: Britney in a new promotional image for her new album Circus

The 90-minute special, Britney: For The Record, was executive-produced by Spears' manager Larry Rudolph.

Meltdown: Britney in February last year

It features behind-the-scenes footage of the singer and her talking about her life over the past two years.

And she sure has got a lot to talk about.

Britney and Kevin Federline's three-year marriage ended in a divorce, and she went on to lose custody over sons Sean Preston, three, and two-year-old Jayden James.

February last year marked a period of strange behavior by Britney, during which she shaved her head, got two new tattoos and hit the L.A. club scene.

Shortly before she checking into a rehab facility, she attacked a paparazzo's car with an umbrella.

She then endured another setback after a disastrous performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards where she delivered a shambolic performance of Gimme More which was panned by fans and critics.

Then in January this year, she was put under lockdown at a mental institution after she held her son hostage at her L.A. home and refused to hand him over to Federline.

She has since healed a long-standing rift with her mother Lynne Spears and reinstated her former manager Larry Ruldolph.

Her sixth album, Circus, on Dec. 2, her 27th birthday.

Britney: For The Record is on Sky1 and Sky1 HD on December 1 at 8pm.

From The Sun's page on it: "Former Mickey Mouse Club child star Britney admits her “weird” life is all she’s known [this is obviously massive obstacle for slaves breaking out], but didn’t realise how famous she was until her breakdown."

Back cover; may not be real as I thought Amnesia was no longe going to be included. Note all the MK symbolic tracks; which I've already gone into.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I have a lot more respect for Britney now. I can only imagine the internal strength a person has to have to go through life as essentially a commodity, a product not to mention no privacy, ever.

Michael Skaggs said...

Ahh My favorite Monarch-puppet!

People just need to do some research on good old Nazi Walt Disney to see what's behind the doors of the Mickey Mouse club.

Either Daddy or Mommy sold her to this life, there is no way neither of them knew she is mind-controlled. Curiouser and curiouser how her life seems to be spiraling down into inevitability. Another huge Elvis/Monroe type "sacrifice"? Perhaps, since history does seem to be repeating itself.

Music industry seems to be more about sex and feeding the man v.s. women agenda quite well, especially with that womanizer song, the lyrics are awful, and just think of how many young female minds its warping. Eugenics my man, anything to slow down the population and control it.

Cheers Ben

björn (farmer) said...

great post as usual! thanks!
off topic, please see my latest article on heavy Saturday night Show Alice-Oz-2012 programming in Germany:

Anonymous said...

re: sans bellybutton MCM, i'm thinking she might have had a hernia or something wrong with the umbilical cord upon birth or after. It's what i've read from people who have no bellybutton.


Anonymous said...

It only adds to the speculation about KK that her agency is "DNA Model Management".

Anonymous said...

well shes handled by the zionist jews,they manage her, her publicist is a jew, her lawyers are jews, her agents is a jew and she herself like madonna converted to mystic judaism. masonry is just a subcult of mystic or corrupted luciferian judasism. while their are a lot of you english and american mason types in the new world order, the new world order is headed up by zionist jews.

do you know how many heads of government are now either jews,married to jews, jewish converts, or crypto jews, and the rest are fawning marxist, or fascist zionist puppets like al qaudafi in libya educated by the british and zionist jews of england.

get with it buddy you are only telilng half the stories.

federline is jewish as is timberlake and most of her other sex partners...

there are photos of her on the web with her wearing the star six pointed , 666 star of david as it is mislabeled.

unless you expose the zionist head of the new world order you are just a disinformation source

i will say spears has a very 'ashkenazi' choice in men, probably programmed.

here is a simple highly banned sight you can use to break out of your programming..if the uk has not blocked it.



Anonymous said...

..."well shes handled by the zionist jews,they manage her, her publicist is a jew, her lawyers are jews, her agents is a jew and she herself like madonna converted to mystic judaism. masonry is just a subcult of mystic or corrupted luciferian judasism. while their are a lot of you english and american mason types in the new world order, the new world order is headed up by zionist jews."...

'Tis a small mind that makes leaps of condemnation based only on what appears as the most obvious conclusion.

The perpetrators of this mass control know your mind all too well - and kNOW exactly how to distract you with sleight of hand to rival the best Magic acts in show business.

The world of MK is a onion and there are many many layers (beyond the ones put in place to divert your attention) to peel away before you are no longer blind.

Michael Skaggs said...

Last anonymous post sounded like "Insider" that posted back in 2005 at GLP, resulting in "Revelations of an Insider".pdf file.

Yes, the Earth is one big prison and we are holding ourselves hostage here. We get it. Balance is key, mind-body-soul is what sets you free.

Be well all.

Anonymous said...

Referring to K(arolina) K(urkova) model, that thing with the missing belly button was a hoax, as the guys from Daily Mail told themselves. On the other side, it is side that the 1st woman, LILITH, had no belly button...

Do kids need smth like this?
GARCELLE was ROSE BEARER in COMING TO AMERICA (the black prince stuff played by EDDIE MURPHY). Besides, she's a mother of twins.

Just take a look at this guy's face: snake like - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1087098/Whos-guy-Britney-Spears-goes-dinner-mystery-man.html


Anonymous said...

Just reading some readers posts on some bullshit on SEAL&KLUM, one again struck me. The poster said SEAL is into kiddie porn. Which is not impossible...

Hopin' my info wont bother u:), here there some of the actresses that played DOROTHY GALE. Top of the list is the "neopagan" FAIRUZA BALK, daughter of a gypsy mother and a Iranian Jewish father (though wiki changed the birthplace of her father, now hes from IDAHO, and the ethnicity of her mother, they are only by imdb.com mentioned).
*MEREDITH SALENGER (any conn to JD SALINGER I wonder?)
*previously mentioned here ZOOEY DESCHANEL*
*AILEEN QUEEN (the famous ANNIE)

Interesting choice of names either the masters of puppets have, dont u think?


Anonymous said...

Seeing the post on LENA HEADEY, another actress with similar name came to mind: GLENNE HEADLY, the ex-wife of "BEING" JOHN MALKOVICH. She's a member of MENSA, just like "CHARLIE BALTIMORE" GEENA DAVIS...


Anonymous said...

re: Garcelle's kiddie jewelry:

You probably know this, it's not an attack. Most other cultures have been doing gold chains and bracelets and some even pierce their baby girls' ears a few days after birth. I agree that's all unnecessary, especially in the U.S. where there is no basis for such thing and there is no real culture here. All these "ideas" are stolen from other cultures.


(by the way, prob doesn't really matter but i'm not the same as the 18 November 2008 15:48 anony who signed off "peace." like i usually do)

Benjamin Singleton said...

bjorn thanks mate, your blog's very interesting, remember checking it out a while back got it bookmarked now, check it out all. Mike cheers for the great points in your comments as usual. And cheers for that info Chris, esp on actresses played Dorothy; though I'm not sure where it says the KK bellybutton thing is a hoax, it says they photoshopped ON a bellbutton to make her look normal (not the other way round, removing it as a hoax); logically thinking though 4th commenter's explanation seems most likely. Interesting info in the rest, thanks a lot. I watched Klum's THS on E! (it's more educational than the History channel ;P), it's amazing how they just pass these MCMs around between photographers (many programmers; flashing lights etc) /billionaire race car businessmen /and now with Seal (of Solomon) who seems very MK'd to me [his new album came out on 11/11 this year].

To the religiously conditioned commenter: They are just people, jews, christians, Masons, none of it matters to me; they're all equally culpible... you really can't see that it's not going to go anywhere if you keep just blaming 'the jews', there are tonnes of non-Jews involved obviously (what you're doing is 10 times more damaging than any 'disinfo' imo). I am fully aware of what Zionism is really about, what the Rothschilds and co have planned etc. That info you supply on Britney's people is fine, and I would expect that to be the case as I have made my views on Zionism, Israel, kabbalah (in regards to Madonna and such), Britney's writers (i.e Max Martin, many of them Ashkenazic Jews; like I said like Mark Ronson and loads of others in the industry, went into it briefly in this post). You seem extremely brainwashed [GRRR JEWS, he's not mentioning their evil nature enough! ME ANGRY!] and living so far in the past it's unreal mate. I had a commenter like you before, maybe it was you a while back... I will repeat what I said back then, ranting against any particular ethnic/religious group is counter-productive and is obviously a distraction so the masses can just dismiss the whole thing as 'anti-semitic'... I should probably just ignore such bigoted comments though I think in future.

I don't care if the head of the new world order is Zionist/Masonic/'Illuminati'/fuckin Reptilians... [they are just an 'elite' overclass; made up of MANY RACES AND CREEDS] I just want it severed already! Which I am trying to do by revealing their use of MK in the media... and what they're doing to the traumatized victims of these sick fuckers. You seem to be confused about the purpose of this blog [I do not ignore the points you've made, as I showed in the Britney post... I see no point in harping on about it though; other than providing psychological comfort for brainwashed racists of course ;p]. Maybe you are a ChristiaNut or something.

Do people really want me to say... "Justin Timberlake, programmed at the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney and co, propped up as her boyfriend as these MK'd stars are often put together... and HE's JEWISH OMG." which information in that is 100% unneccessary and a BIG distraction? Jews are just as much VICTIMS (just take one look at Amy Winehouse ;s) of this as any other religion... religion has always been used as a cover, it's just laziness to fall for it. As is looking at the star of david/seal of solomon/six pointed star and only seeing 666.

Link to 'Scarlett' Johansson going all sex-kitten/leopardy.

Anonymous said...

Hell britney spear's is jewish for all we know. After all, they love to hide geneology. So is Katie Price, could never figure out why she was so famous- illuminati witch. Check out this picture of her daughter.

Princess with butterfly pacifier!


Anonymous said...

The first human was cloned in germany 1928. Clones don't have bellybuttons. I can't believe I didn't see this before! Britney is a genetic cocktail of marilyn monroe and judy garland. Literally!

Anonymous said...

"but didn’t realise how famous she was until her breakdown."

I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.


Anonymous said...

Carla Bruni Says No Hidden Messages In New Album.

She says: "They are only songs. It's not so precise about life ... It's not exactly your own real life,"

One song with the lyrics "You are my drug, more lethal than heroin from Afghanistan, more dangerous than Colombian cocaine,"


That's because she didn't write any of the lyrics on it. There's always other musicians/producers pushing their own agendas and hiding behind these people.


Anonymous said...

Back to that zero's bellybutton, sorry, I misread the article, ure rite, Ben. But the symbolism stays :)

Some time, maybe ull target the OSMENT family. OSMENT, OSMOND, OZ MEANT u can say...

I remember a few years ago NICOLE was boasting over recording a song with fellow OZ KYLIE MINOGUE. "Were gonna make all the Australians pride of us" she said. The song was never recorded as far as I know. The interesting part is that they terribly look alike. Add a few more inches to MINOGUE and ull have another KIDMAN:)

Time for another handler?



Tired they say:


aferrismoon said...

I always connected Britney to Albert Speer - german Architect, designer of the Nuremburg Stadium - great place for a concert.
" Daddy built this. Clone-Daddy that is"

Anonymous said...

keep an eye on this one, already in the bizness


Anonymous said...

Check this out (the tattoos I mean lol)




Anonymous said...

Such sites have their purpose, aint that so? lol




Anonymous said...

I don't know if you guys know about this already but there are vids on youtube with Britney Spears and Kelly Clarksons songs barkwards, they have subtitles and the lyrics backwards are chilling. That was what lead me to this site. It all made sense when I read Britney Spears was a member of the Mickey Mouse club, wow these people are mindwarped from birth.

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