Tuesday, 25 November 2008

50 Cent is About to Self Destruct!

Get Up OFFICIAL Music Video - 50 Cent
They're now being blatant with 50 Cent (half a dollar; typical nasty/abusive upbringing) Attempts to shatter the mirror, wearing cyborg style tech, finds sex-kitten which he quickly programs (or something, honestly I can't stand watching it again). Shattering mirror (amongst others; as always none of these are set in stone, completely dependent on programmer... but obviously 50 has this program) = self-destruct programming trigger [of course it can also symbolizes breaking free from the prison; but they've successfully twisted it into this self-destruction sequence programmed into the minds of their victims; as well as the masses with it being considered 'unlucky']... so then it can't be coincidence that his new album is called Before I SELF DESTRUCT. His major breakout album was of course 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' with standard MK imagery of fractured glass (as in his fractured mind; with the solar cross/crucifix in the bullet hole). Can't be bothered to put myself going through all his other videos; though I remember them all having predictable sex-kitten/objectifying women suggestions and such. Then of course the finale of the video is them stumbling upon Eminem [MM; obviously MK'd abusive upbringing and such, warrants a big post at some point] and 50 Cent clones...

50 Cent told MTV that he named the album Before I Self Destruct because "It could potentially happen."
This one is just about tolerable, with Justin Timberlake amongst all of London's occult architecture (London Eye, [Twin] Tower Bridge), masked sex-kittens, twin pillars, "Yo got me hypnotized", etc. [on an unrelated matter, there's a very interesting verbal abuse advert being aired on the music channels currently with music in the background 'you hypnotize me' whilst focusing on a bird cage and such, doing my best to find it online and post with another abuse advert being put out lately, all surprisingly true]
50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland - Ayo Technology - 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland - Ayo Technology

And Slipknot's latest is also total MK from start to finish (posted another blatant MK video of theirs here)... DEAD MEMORIES... Shit load of MK, falls through the grave/rabbit hole onto a checkerboard floor (where he is masked; the drummer), he is basically surrounded by (confusing) mirrors (which like in 50's vid above, he tries to shatter it) etc. needs no further explanation. Very well put together video, song isn't even that bad imo. How do people not see it when they're not even remotely hiding it anymore?
Dead Memories - Slipknot

Edit: A couple of other things I wanted to add rather than in a new post I'll just put them here; Paris in the Viper Room with the Pussycat Dolls and other sex-kittens no doubt [S&M kitten alter, one eye tilted hit]. Speaking of which here is Nicole in black/white striped bra at the American Music awards, one eyed Rihanna, and Beyonce in black/white duality.

Finally that "crazy" Scientology dude (it goes without saying that all victims of MK will appear insane, because their minds have been so shattered/generally fucked with, Scientology as I've gone into before is just another cover for these MK'd celebrities to exist in [easier to get away with brainwashing them if people already accept it as a brainwashing cult, and think that it's only limited to such cooky cults and don't take it as seriously as this global problem warrants]). Typically he is a MM, Mario [Marionette programming (more stuff throughout the blog, search); like Nintendo's plumber] Majorski [Major; as in he's a soldier, all of which are robots following their orders/commands/programming] drove a red convertible into the Hollywood Scientology Celebrity Centre brandishing two Samurai swords swinging them in a frenzied manner, so the security guards shot and killed him naturally (seems reasonable, but why not shoot him in the leg or something). More info, very interesting that MK'd Scientology actress Jenna Elfman (standard themes in her wiki; she even appeared in a music video for Anthrax's Black Lodge [as in Twin Peaks, the video is extremely blatant well worth watching]) played a character called Lisa Majorski in the TV movie Double Deception. I'm getting a ritual blood sacrifice feeling here... Note the tattoos too (probably more MK symbolic ones on his body). Edit: Go Through the Looking Glass for more.


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Gimme a break:


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From imdb.com

Holmes Set For Miu Miu?

Katie Holmes is slated to follow in the footsteps of Kirsten Dunst and Vanessa Paradis as the face of high-end fashion line Miu Miu.

No firm details are set, but insiders tell People.com the actress will front the Italian label's 2009 spring/summer campaign.

Paradis is the current face of Miu Miu.

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Another sync tween us? I used 50Cent as an example of mediocrity in a recent post...

You've been a blogging machine lately Ben. Keep it mate!

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Hey Ben, thought you would be interested to see this story in regards to Beyonce:



There is an advert in the above link for animal hats to the top right.

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