Wednesday 22 July 2009

The Cyrus Monarch Gene Pool and The Noah and Emily Show

Miley Cyrus has been reading Ellen Hopkins' 'Identical' and greatly enjoying it apparently, probably because she can seriously relate to it so much ;) Miley's main, functioning day-to-day front alter unaware of just how relative it is to her own life, though her interest in it is heightened on a subconscious level and the themes in it will probably be useful for her own programming (HannaH Montana alter-personality [see further down for mirror/twin/alter programming details in the book below]). Miley's been leaving 'tweets' on her 'twitter' account with MK suggestive quotes such as (this one directed to her handler): "You are my glue. Without you, I'd be nothing but broken pieces." which should be easy to interpret (the slave's fractured/shattered mind; their internal system which the handler/programmer "holds the pieces together like glue") if you've been following the blog in regards to the fractured/shattered/broken mind (symbolized by, usually broken glass/mirrors), the mind control themes of this quote and the book in general should be obvious. The fact that all of these celebrities seem to use twitter (their front alter anyway) virtually constantly obviously gives the appearance that they are 'normal' (but really what 'normal' family has every single member of it twittering like the Cyrus family [Miley, Trace, Brandi, Billy, Leticia], they've even got little Noah doing it... [even the dog SophieCyrus has one! not sure if it's official or who writes it though]); this is of course all just a facade and the constant direct personal connection the masses think they are getting with their idols (constantly receiving their near every thought) makes the masses worship them even more (and thus be influenced/programmed/triggered by them more effectively) and give them a false sense of personal attachment to/a personal relationship with the soulless Marionette (though I do think it is them writing the tweets, giving the slave's main front alter-personality an outlet to their adoring fans makes them feel more content probably, the adoration of their fans makes a slaves life worth living). [p.s. not really sure where I was going with this post; need to avoid getting into ones like this in future (still not back to 100% productivity yet), seems a little pointless, retreading ground (in terms of the basic Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus MK stuff) I've already covered but hopefully some of it will still be interesting anyway.]

Synopsis from Barnes & Noble:
Kaeleigh and Raeanne are 16-year-old identical twins, the daughters of a district court judge father and politician mother running for Congress. Everything on the surface of their lives seems Norman Rockwell perfect, but underneath run deep and damaging secrets.

Kaeleigh is the good girl-her father's perfect flower, something she has tried so hard to be since she was nine and he started
sexually abusing her. She cuts herself and vomits after every binge, desperate to feel something normal. Raeanne uses painkillers, drugs, alcohol, and sex [S&M specifically, lots of appropriate themes for the "Young Adults"/children] to numb the pain of not being Daddy's favorite. Both girls must figure out how to become whole, but how can they when their world has been torn to shreds?
Detailing the MPD/DID, MK themes in the revealing the 'shock ending' where you find out Raeanne had died in a car accident and Kayleigh had taken on her twin sister's personality as an alter due to her mind shattering car accident/sister's death trauma and incestuous/intergenerational abuse [fixed some spelling errors from the wiki description which could be better and was probably written by a young reader or something]:
She would do anything for her sister, especially things she knows only she herself is strong enough to handle. It is revealed at the end of the novel that Raeanne died in a car accident and her spirit has been dormant inside of Kayleigh and comes out when necessary [stronger personality triggered when a traumatic situation arises].

This is a huge shock to Kayleigh. In the end, it is revealed that Raeanne died in the accident that destroyed the mom on the inside. The Raeanne in the book is actually Kayleigh. It is discovered that she has Dissociative identity disorder. (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos [alter-personalities] or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. What this means is that because of Kayleighs sexual abuse, and severe trauma from the accident, she has replaced Raeanne with herself. She is completely unaware of this happening, and hardly mentions her at all. When it speaks about Raeanne standing up for Kayleigh, that is actually Kayleigh (in Raeanne form [Raeanne alter triggered]). It turns out that the grandmother knew about the sexually abuse, but decided to leave, thus never spilling the secret. In the end when she hears the news that Kayleigh is in the hospital for the recovery from her alter ego, she tells the mom, who saves Kayleigh from a verbal beating from 'Daddy'. [wiki page says it will probably be edited so might replace this with another description]
Just to hammer home the MK themes I've mentioned a lot, in regards to identical twins and how they are generally MK symbolic and can be programmed to confuse which twin they actually are [their personalities switching], to quote myself from a post on the identical twins 'The Veronicas' [click for general identical twins info also]:
Identical twins are also excellent for programming as you could easily confuse which twin is which (similar method/effect to the creation of alters using mirrors), genuinely making them not know which twin they actually are (through drugs/confusion/trauma/etc from an early age [loss of identity/sense of self is hugely important to MK]) is certainly possible (you often hear of identical twins joking about how they would pretend to be the other twin but it would be extremely traumatic to genuinely not know which twin you actually are, and 'swap personalities' at will when triggered).
Here is a quote from the book which illustrates these MK themes:
When I look into a mirror, it is her face I see.
Her right is my left, double moles, dimple and all.
My right is her left, unblemished.

We are exact opposites,
Kaeleigh and me.
Mirror-image identical twins. One egg, one sperm, one zygote, divided,
sharing one complete set of genetic markers.

On the outside we are the same.
But not inside.
I think she is the egg, so much like our mother it makes me want to scream.
That makes me the sperm, I guess. I take completely after our father.

All Daddy, that’s me.

Good, bad. Left, right.
Kaeleigh and Raeanne.
One egg, one sperm.
One being, split in two.
And how many souls?

[Most of these images are reposted from much older posts]
Below split personality symbolic image of Miley/Hannah alter-personalities I created (I'm not very skilled at image manipulation, I probably won't do another one to line up the features better but you get the idea with it anyway [half face/spilt mind; Miley's public split-personality]).
This mirror/twin/MPD/DID/split/confused personalities theme is obviously a major one in Hannah Montana as discussed; even the name Hannah is this mirror symbolism (can be read backwards and forwards/mirrored, I saw an interesting Austrian/German movie 'White Lillies' that detailed this, which was all the more of interest to me as I'd just posted on Karen Mulder's daughter Anna ((describing the mirror facet of the name)), the main 'HannaH' character in the film assumes the personality of 'AnnA' before an assassination/"random" shooting; some good images/themes from it worth posting)]. I think it is completely illogical to assume that choosing this mirrored name is coincidental considering how much MK/Mind-Kontrol themes like this also appear in virtually all of Disney's productions. Thanks to Miley's reading of this, obviously thousands of Miley's programmed tween fans will pick this up and read it; absorbing all the MK themes and programming along with it. Splitting your children in two (cumulatively), like a metaphorical scene from a Saw film. To quote Miley's book 'Miles to Go', "There are multiple sides to all of us. Who we are - and who we might be if we follow our dreams."... who do you think is controlling your kids' dreams for them to follow, Disney Corp! This is common sense, you usually dream about things you are interested in/exposed to more often (the media/Disney are heavily influencing/shaping young generations' minds through constant invasive exposure), your children's daydreaming [which is low level dissociation] is also usually also about the things they are in to, which is heavily influenced by Disney movies/tv shows [for instance a child will daydream in a boring class about going home and watching his/her favorite Disney show or whatever].
Little Miley as a kid in front of the caged young goats ('Three Caged Kids of Mendes'; get it?)... Miley is the seminal product of Baphomet. Below a few reposted shots from previous posts of Miley doing the baphomet horns hand signal/sign, these are not just spontaneous "rock and roll" hand signals, they are all heavily choreographed by Miley's various handlers and/or photographers.

From her book Miles To Go above (horns + checkerboard skirt, pink/purple; inverted pentagram).

Miley Sexually-Satanizing the kids.

Miley doing the horns on her golden/gilded tricycle (child-like alter symbolic) holding a phallic microphone with her other hand. Below pictured with the generation below mine's primary occult programming script, Harry Potter (the "elite" cabal who practise the occult have been shaping the minds of the youth in the image of their own, since the birth of television/mass media).

Miley: "MY GUITAR is My BFF", guitar = phallus (note all the purple).

Illuminist photographer Annie Leibovitz took the below one, from that infamous topless, pedophilia/necrophilia suggestive shoot (I've posted the other ones elsewhere, one of them reposted further up with Miley suggestively positioned with daddy Billy Ray Cyrus). Miley is posed even more suggestively with her right arm up and left arm (hand also doing the 'horns') pointing down (see artist renditions of the Baphomet image pose further up; this is more "as above so below"/duality symbolism seen on the classic Levi Baphomet), also with her tongue out (as in the above image doing the horns with another Disney kid [Mitchel Musso?] probably).

Hannah's blonde and Miley's dark hair is more duality symbolism (mirror symbolism is duality [so the symbolic name Disney chose, 'Han|naH' is duality/mirror/MK symbolic]), this black/white duality motif has appeared in Miley's numerous photoshoots/staged "candids"/etc that I have posted in the many posts I've done on Miley. I've repeated a couple below to illustrate this fact (more on her in general in ones like this).
These two with Miley in black/white duality stripes in on a reflective black surface, above with dissociatively small (like Miley has eaten the "EAT ME" cake making Alice grow in size), and below from the same shoot with various suggestive imagery written with chalk and pentagram shaped lighting on the wall to the right.

The 'I "heart" OTMFC' caused some controversy as it stands for 'Off The MotherFuckin Chain', this has double meaning as it's supposed to represent the grip lighting company 'OTMFC' (which still stands for 'off the motherfuckin chain' so doesn't exactly make it less suggestive). This Los Angeles based lighting company seems to be involved in MK (anything that sponsors Miley/uses her in advertising or whatever; you can bet is involved) with it's clear Illuminist (lighting) subliminal symbolism of a skull and bones (crossbones represented by lighting/grip implement or something; it's skull and bones clearly anyway in Nazi style red/white/black). If you click on the other image with the tiny piano/trumpets Miley is also wearing the skull and bones on her black wrist cuff.

Miley in sex-slave suggestive black/silver (silver often replaces white in duality symbolism) chains at some Disney event where the Marionette performed.

Miley's had all the stripper moves/poses down from a young age.

The recent controversy showe Miley doing what she does best, apparently giving Adam Shankman (producer/director/choreographer) a lapdance and straddling a chair, like the stripper/sex-slave she is which he posted on his twitter, responding to the controversy he twittered "Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the makeup room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister." There is also the small matter of the blowjob leaked photo, which I don't think was actually proven fake (see comments on the linked article; uncensored photo here); though it may well be.

Shankman is a producer on Miley's next film 'The Last Song' where she plays Veronica "Ronnie" Miller, the alter-personality "Ronnie" was shown on her Twitter with the below image captioned with "Hi. I am Ronnie."

Couple more random twitter images, below with her pupils quite dilated (dissociative) with some triggering Rob Thomas lyrics as the caption.

Miley doing the suggestive 'V' + Noah biting an apple (original sin/loss of innocence).

Edit: Forgot to add her recent Elle magazine images, with Miley wearing bondage/MK slavery symbolic big chains (above; one eye covered [lots of one eye/half face symbolism in the shoot], a lock of hair above her lips suggesting a mustache, so some vague androgyny there too), and more general bondage black leather type stuff below (+ on main cover in pink with metallic flowers, duality and such also). The name ELLE is also like Hannah in terms of it is spelled the same backwards as forwards/mirror symbolic (also 'El' is a Hebrew name for God [ties into the symbolic name Ellen noted earlier]). The 'Girl Uninterrupted' page title invokes the Winona Ryder/Angelina Jolie MK movie Girl Interrupted (note the split mind poster motif discussed earlier; they're showing how Miley is essentially a mental patient which is always symbolic of MK slavery [they're victims of psychological/mental manipulation]).

This article had some interesting quotes in it about Disney's Marionette puppets' programming, "For three years now, the Disney Channel has groomed Cyrus and Efron as carefully as Geppetto once carved a puppet out of wood. "It's almost like the old studio system, where they own you," says agent Cindy Osbrink, who handles Dakota Fanning, as well as Disney kid Kyle Massey (Cory in the House)..." she goes on to say that it's a win-win as Disney treats it's kids well, obviously she can't say something like, "Disney treats it's kids like slaves; like human cattle, complete with cattle-prods!!!" which is probably closer to the truth.

The article goes out of it's way to say over and over that these puppets are "human beings" who they "can't control", evidenced by 'teen rebelious' outbursts like Miley's "leaked" suggestive photos (a few of them below, some posted in other posts). ""We can't control what human beings do," a Disney exec says [with not a hint of irony of course ;p]. "A teenager's brain--they just do dumb things sometimes."... See, for example, her recent comments that Alice in Wonderland is a "perverted movie" that's "all about Ecstasy." Way to dis a fellow Disney girl."... all Disney slaves are living in "Wonderland" (Miley got the wrong drug there; it's more akin to LSD/magic mushroom than ecstasy). Disney is just one piece of the puzzle, the entire entertainment industry is involved, whether it's Disney Corp or Warner Brothers or Universal Studios; it's all controlled by the same cabal, so it's not like these Disney stars moving away from Disney to other corporate entities suggests they are not controlled.

This image + more on her Hello Kitty/kitten programming at this post.

Official Disney Corp billboard ad/soft kiddie porn from China above, showing what Disney is doing to the kids (subliminally turning them into Minnie Mouse "hand puppets" through it's programmed slaves like Miley for little girls to mimic).

Miley and Billy Ray at their ranch in Tennessee (probably) which has lots of bull heads/horns everywhere, horns in general and bulls in particular are a symbol of male dominance/masculinity/fertility. Tennessee is listed in Illuminati Formula as having Christian churches which are "100% cult mind-control operations" (Billy Ray [see this post for lots of images of him pictured with Donald Rumsfeld and the like] and his Air Force, long-term Kentucky House of Representative politician father Ron Cyrus [pictured below with Miley] come from Flatwoods, Kentucky, a small religious community; Miley Cyrus' great-grandfather Eldon Lindsey Cyrus was a Pentecostal Minister, I have gone into all this stuff before but it's worth repeating as it shows what kind of family's these Disney slaves come from [the Jonas Brothers also come from the largest pentecostal denomination, Assemblies of God, detailed below]).

Ron Cyrus' (above) father, Eldon Lindsey Cyrus was a prominent Pentecostal Christian cult minister (they're the type of cult that get their christian members into a frenzy and 'speak in tongues' and other altered states/MK/brainwashing crap, child abuse is common in Pentecostalism, see further down), I think this is more suggestion of their multigenerational Monarch mind control (Pentecostalism is mentioned a lot in Illuminati Formula being infiltrated/involved in Monarch MK). In one of David Lynch's numerous MK themed movies Mulholland Drive, Cyrus' multigenerational MK is illustrated in it with Billy Ray playing a 'pool man' called Gene, with 'GENE CLEAN' written on his trucked focused on by Lynch.

The fact that he is a 'Pool Man' is more Monarch multigenerational symbolic for the genetics term 'gene pool' ["The collective genetic information contained within a population of sexually reproducing organisms" - i.e. multigenerational incestuous Monarch families, it's all in the bloodline/genes; keeping the right genes in the "Monarch gene pool" keeping the dissociative bloodlines together], generally symbolizes Monarch multigenerational and also "Elite" family bloodlines.

Miley as a toddler (in a Minnie Mouse top [see Miley's Destiny Hope post]) with grandmother Ruth Ann Cyrus (wife of politician Ron Cyrus) in black/white striped duality top on tour with Billy Ray (country music is 100% mind controlled, heavily involved in drug smuggling and other related things).

Miley on a silver/reflective (mirrorish) throne wearing black/white striped trousers and sex-slave red shoes (above with microphone phallus).

Couple more images (from her autobiography), above in a Cyrus American flag t-shirt, below in a black/white checkered shirt with a doll she kept with her at all times (yes yes I know all children play with dolls), country music programming related as she called the creepy doll 'Willie Nelson' (this is shown in Billy Ray's 'Deja Blue' video).

Miley as a kid with a black/white duality doll's tea party; note the doll has blonde hair for her Hannah alter. I've gone into this many times before but dolls are useful for programming alter-personalities in young children's fractured minds (of course it's fine for kids to play with dolls but they can easily be used in a mind manipulative way). If you just think of how a child creates personalities for the various dolls in their mind, this can be manipulated by programmers to the extreme whereby the personalities the child would create, which always injvolve creating specific voices/mannerisms/etc for the various dolls, these can become alter-personalties. If an abused child's only "escape" from their horrific traumatized existence is allowed to be playing with dolls, then this is almost a certainty due to their dissociative state (involving a lot of drugs and other programming methods along with traumatization creating the splits/fractures in the mind). The personalities given to the individual dolls can be meticulously organized (through suggestion; exposing the child to videos of certain personalities for them to mimic during their "play", slutty Bratz/Barbie dolls and their movies, of course Disney and the media's general slave personalities [Paris/Britney/Miley etc] help a lot in this regard) by the programmer and Barbie's "built for sex" physique/look makes it perfect for programming doll-like sexual alters.

Your kids can adopt the Barbie doll-like HannaH alter-personality too! With a little help from Disney's mind-splitting/sexual programming TV shows/movies.

Billy Ray with his programmed Barbie dolls.

An older image of Miley's bedroom/house also features this black/white/zebra duality motif everywhere (her shirt is also striped but image to small so looks grey).

Destiny Hope won Student of the Month w000 Go MILES! Image from her book, all the the inverted pentagrams everywhere in the book's photo pages seemed very suspect. Nice 'Benjamin' personal "synchronicity"/coincidence (my name) in there too ;p Speaking of mild narcissism, I recently went to Madame Tussuads (wasn't my idea, more synchronicity that this family trip occurred literally the day after I posted on 'Wax Museum' stuff in the Paris post), the Wax Museum in London and got a few pics with some of the MK'd Wax Figures (annoyingly missed out most though because a new Michael Jackson one was being launched or something that day). Me looking a little scary (major red-eye, in need of a shave/haircut... some sunlight wouldn't hurt either!) with Wax Miley. Some more images of her wax figures at this post.

Billy Ray's Wax Figure.

Moving to Noah Lindsey Cyrus (her middle name is the same as her great-grandfather, Pentecostal minister Eldon Lindsey Cyrus', so is perhaps named after him; these types of Christian evangelical denominations are ripe for Monarch multigenerational mind control programming, particularly Pentecostalism [quote from link "...most cases of religious abuse of children within the Pentecostal church never come to the attention of the media. They occur out of sight and disguised as proper Biblical discipline. They only come to light years later when the victim, now an adult, recounts the tragic stories. Child abuse is not limited to Pentecostal families, but the problem does seem to be disproportionately prevalent among Pentecostal families. In one informal survey that I took among a certain ex-Pentecostal group, I found that nearly 75% of those who had been raised as Pentecostals (as opposed to joining when they were adults) reported having been victims of child abuse. Many reported that the abuse had not been carried out randomly, but rather it was an intentional program to rid them of evil spirits, to compel them to memorize large quantities of Bible verses, or to "break their will"."... here is a reasonably good link detailing the Pentecostal church's role in the more extreme abuse, pedophilia/DID creation, so multigenerational Monarch MK/mind-control; also remember that the Jonas Brothers are a products of the world's largest Pentecostal denomination, Assemblies of God, see my post detailing this]), Miley's little 9 year old sister who has already started up in the entertainment industry; here is Noah pictured in the same 'black light chandelier'/pink wallpaper room in their home (along with the large mirror for mirror programming), with Noah wearing dissociative/vision-splitting 'Shutter Shades' (recently popularized by Kanye West in his tin man/robot programming video 'Stronger' with French Illuminist pyramid robots Daft Punk). I call them dissociative because (aside from the fact that Noah looks totally tranced here, almost looking passed out but her eyes are open with a vacant facial expression) they split up your vision into parts (which merge into one image due to their close proximity to the eyes) and because of the cage-like (eyes caged) horizontal 'shutters'/cage-bars.

Her first major film role is of course with Disney, playing the voice of 'Ponyo' a goldfish/fishgirl/mermaid who wants to become human (the story invoking Disney's previous 'fishgirl wanting to become human' effort with it's "coincidentally" phallic shaped corral reef and such). This type of (animal with a human personality becoming human) story is excellent for programming dehumanized alter-personalities, the kind of story (talking animals) that Disney so loves due to their effectiveness in programming, note Disney went with a ripple motif for it's poster (ripples are symbolic of trauma). Liam Neeson plays the typical controlling father figure (he plays a lot of these 'father figure' type roles like as Aslan in Narnia), similar to the 'Sea King' father of Hans Christian Anderson/Disney's The Little Mermaid. Also in the voice acting cast is a younger brother of the Jonas Brothers Disney slaves, Frankie Jonas; Cate (cat) Blanchett (father Navy programmed; some good MK stuff in her role as a KGB psychic officer in the latest Indiana Jones), and particularly of note for his roles as programmed (his 'Treadstone' assassin training is similar to Monarch programming of black ops CIA spies) "superspy" (Jason Bourne) Matt Damon (his role along side Heath Ledger in occult/fairytale themed 'The Brothers Grimm' is also very significant also).

Programming fish alters would obviously involve a lot of water tortures/traumas (trapped in a water-filled glass box for extended periods of time [may have similar MK effects to sensory deprivation tanks, probably also done in SDT's also], the victim's airflow controlled by the programmer through a pipe or what ever imaginative programming methods they can come up with to dehumanize the victim into genuinely believing that they are a fish [i.e. fake mirrors, giving the impression they are seeing themselves as a fish in the mirror along with lots of drugs/suggestion etc of course]; those vast underwater tanks used by film studios would also be good for creating the dissociative feeling of being 'lost' in the darkness a vast ocean like a fish, the lack of visual references can lead to spatial disorientation which is always helpful).

At the Ponyo Premiere (note the Zone 'point in a circle'/Target type solar sexual symbol [representing the male phallus inside the female vagina; point inside a circle], also a subliminal all seeing eye) Noah showed up in duality striped (dark blue/white) and polka dot dress.

Noah Cyrus with Frankie Jonas at the premiere (both coming from Pentecostal programmed families, Jonas Bros from Assembly of God, Cyrus family; Billy Ray's grandfather a Pentecostal minister who had a big influence on him, see further up for details).

Emily Grace Reaves (see below) in virginal white dress with a pink butterfly on it.

Note the pink butterfly on Emily.

Continuing Noah's potential programming she's already been dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch below (looks like her anyway, mouth closed + odd expression so looks a little not like her, not 100% sure though). Interesting that there is a clear difference in Noah's facial expression when wearing the Dorothy outfit (innocent/cutesy look + pigtails, with a white Toto and red shoes) to her expression wearing the Wicked Witch outfit suggests her alter has changed to a more 'Wicked'/evil one (as opposed to the naive/good Dorothy).

Noah the Wicked Witch below (think it's her), Noah as Dorothy above.

Pictured with Emily Grace Reaves, who I will be posting a lot of images of here (pink butterfly image from Ponyo premiere further up) as well as Noah; they seem to have been twinned or something, they even have their own YouTube show as many twinning victims have 'The Noei and Ems Show' which involves these 8 (Emily) and 9 (Noah) year olds, usually in bikinis or something telling the tweens to vote for Miley in various competitions and all sorts of other 'innocent' and humorous things (in their tiny outfits leading to lots of "awwww so cute" type comments) that their tween fans giggle over (and 'entertainment' for pedophiles).

Noah and Emily's recent showing at Brittany Curran's (below) 19th birthday in obviously inappropriate clothing (all just innocent "dress ups" of course ;p) caused some mild controversy on the internet for obvious reasons, dressed in little pink "Juicy couture vintage bathing suits" with Noah in a leopard-print top (all highly suggestive of her kitten programming). Emily virtually constantly doing the sexually suggestive 'V' with her fingers.

Brittany has been in Ghost Whisperer, and all the usual Disney and other crap.

Here is a video from the 'Noie and Ems' show of the "party", the whole thing freaks me out a little; with Noah's insanely hyperactive mental state and Emily just looking a little confused about what they're doing there... + of course all the butterflies on the window shades (continues in part 2, continuing to interview the "young Hollywood celebrities", seems odd that Brittany would have a birthday/pool party with people she barely knows at all as they clearly know nothing about each other and have probably never met [they would not have been shoved together with people they barely know for this staged/controlled event, if they had real lives they would have spent it with their real friends]).

Noah has been in Hannah Montana, a few clips from it in the above video.... "My mom has a tazer, ZZZ-ZZZ! (simulates being electroshocked)"... caterpillar-butterfly reference... Miley the Mannequin episode Noah gets freaked out when Mannequin Miley talks (thinking her sister is a genuine mannequin).

Pink electroshock symbolism on Noie.

At Miley's dog/electroshock symbolic dehumanization film 'Bolt', the image angled with the electroshock symbolism pointed at her head and below that on her mother Leticia's head (+ the dog Bolt behind her head, more dehumanization).

Noah Cyrus at the pedophilic/incest suggestive Annie Leibovitz shoot.

Billy Ray with leashed dogs.

Noah and Emily with the Bolt animal dehumanization symbolic movie 'Bolt' premiere.

Noie and Ems with their puppies, note their matching cherries dresses (cherry = loss of virginity/breaking of hymen, discussed in previous posts).

She has been in some of the Entertainment TV show Cyrus family introduction/voyeuristic shows, below in multiple butterflies (with sister Brandi).

And in another one with her brother Braison, in a pink kitten outfit.

Noah and Emily both appeared in the movie Mostly Ghostly (standard occult themes of duality [light and shadow] and the like, trailer above), Emily with a minor role as a kitten at Halloween and Noah as a Skull and Bones Pirate.

Noah Cyrus was also dressed up in the symbolic (reminder; symbolizes Masonic control as it signifise skull and bones at a High School Musical 2 Disneyland premiere with the rest of the Monarch family she was dressed up in black/white duality with a creepy looking (one eyed covered by a heart) skull and bones with a zip over it's mouth (her speech/personality controlled/"zip-locked" in, silenced). Leticia in some black/white top + 15 year old Miley in a small scarlet number (Billy Ray with a scarlet/red rose, matching Miley's outfit, symbolizing what Miley is [a 'cultivated'/programmed "flower", symbolic Rose]).

Noah Cyrus starting young in the 'biz' on "Nashville Star" introducing Billy Ray the host of the Country Music event.

Some Noah baby pictures (note Leticia looking like a standard Monarch doll).

Above Noah with a skull tiara + spiral/circle within circle dress pattern (pink/grey/black/white) dress. Below Noah on her "pogo stick".

Miley and Noah out and about, Miley dressed up in 'feather' bird dehumanization imagery and Noah above with a black kitten on her pink short shorts, below with lots of symbolic black/white images (cherries/skull and bones/flowers/pentagrams; some upside down).

Emily Grace Reaves apparently set up her own foundation known as 'Lollipops and Rainbows' (lollipops = ultra-suggestive phallus/rainbows also suggestive + dissociation symbolic): "Emily believes no matter how young you are, you can make a difference, which is what the LOLLIPOPS symbolize. The RAINBOW symbolizes "beauty of all colors"---regardless of color or race, your true beauty lies within." Sure ;) Essentially it seems to involve the girls dressed up in tutus (programmed ballerina/spinning dissociation symbolic) for photo shoots and appearances + the usual charitable stuff these things need to give them the appearance of being legit (the most evil men in the world are probably the ones who have also given the most to charity, it's all about appearances). The symbols inside the 'lollipops' are the "peace" symbol (Neronic/Broken Cross), a solar cross/crucifix and the vulva symbolic heart symbol (so a good mixture of anti-christian/christian and sexual symbolism).

Her first major role was in Hannah Montana: The Movie where she is the first girl to see that Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart are the same person. Miley switches personalities [alter-personality switching is often symbolized by changing wigs; different colours used in programming for triggering different alters; pink wig usually for general sex kitten alters, specific style of black wig usually is a bdsm/dominatrix alter] over and over in a revolving door (spinning programming; involving lots of dissociative spinning and used in triggering alters, a specific number of revolutions the slave is told to complete would trigger a specific alter). DID sufferers can also sometimes go into a 'spinning' type state where they quickly switch between personalities which can be very dangerous (lead to seizure, this scene seems to symbolizes this as she she constantly switches between her two alters in the film over and over.

Above two are from the revolving door/alter-personality switching/spinning symbolic scene (not sure if that is the revolving door), with Emily (character called 'Cindy-Lou', Cindy means 'light'; McCain's robotic looking wife is a Cindy Lou) looking on, realizing that Hannah isn't her real identity (below looking in on Miley who she has just seen change back and forth between the Hannah and Miley personalities to attend a 'date' with her 'dream boy' played by Lucas Till who she was with in real life also, his next film has him playing a young Russian spy which has Billy Ray Cyrus in it also 'The Spy Next Door').

Remember that Emily is an anagram for Miley; Noah and Emily's relationship reminds me of Miley and Emily's relationship, they have probably been paired with eachother for twinning programming, the anagrams would help in this. Some more from the HM film at a Tyra Banks post (Miley throws a black/white striped stiletto at Tyra, symbolically penetrating the wall just above a butterfly motif).

"Emily's Hannah Memories"

Noie and Emily out and about with Miley in duality stripes (Noah with pink/black).

Leticia in her usual butterfly pendant.

Emily with her caged birds.

Back to Noah and Emily though with some more of their 'Lollipops and Rainbows' tutus.

Noah and Emily at a Lollipops and Rainbows photo shoot in their multicoloured tutus suggestively licking their "lollipops".

Other photo shoots of hers have her dressed up in virginal white, usual suggestive poses (hands behind her kneck is a slightly sexual pose).

Emily has appeared in 'ER' wearing a pink butterfly on her top.

She was also in some weird show about a fictitious 80's style band 'The Cunning Runts' (switch the R and the C).

Emily lost her dog once showing partly how these small animals are used in programming (child is emotionally attached to the pet, so anything that happens to the pet is is very traumatic, forcing the child to kill it's own beloved pet/a small animal is often a part of the programming + other ways they're used in dehumanization and such), Miley helped her anagram Emily find it.

More slightly creepy images of them.

In pink leopard print PJ's.

Some Hello Kitty below, mirrored and looking extremely creepy in the first one.

Noah in Kitty + Leticia in her usual butterfly Monarch MK suggestive necklace.

Noah Cyrus' official twitter page had a Hello Kitty background for a short time (now changed to dogs) with her picture of her doing the suggestive 'V'.

Noah with some interestingly placed logo behind her giving her pink horns.

A masked Noah with some guys dressed as the Jonas Brothers.

Black/white striped bikini wearing Noah with Miley.

Miley and Noah + others on the 'Banana Boat' for another staged paparazzi photo session for the banana/phallic undertones.

Another pedophilic paparrazi "candids" shot, surely there's some rule about taking pictures of little girls on beaches in bikinis (it's all staged and organized).

+ Another random one with them in the bath (again I feel this all points to their blatant pedophilic mindset, as if Miley wasn't young enough!).

Noah and Miley were both cheerleaders, Miley was a member of the Tennessee Panthers (among other teams/names; you can see Panthers written on her in the squad picture, saw a clearer 'Panther' image on some TV bio thing but can't find it online) cheerleading squad, they're certainly 'dolled up' to look like little kittens anyway...

Note the kitty paw prints above.

Gooooo Cyrus!

Ultra-Flexible pouty Cheerleader Miley.

This whole mini beauty pageant/cheerleading deal is 100% pedophilic it's a shame the naive mothers that brainwash their kids can't see they're just providing "light relief" for pedophiles (a lot of these ultra-flexible and hyper/overtly sexual young girls are at least victims of sexual abuse and/or MK programming, flexibility is often a byproduct of sex programming; and traumatic/painful stretching done by child gymnasts, is in effect programming anyway as it will encourage them to "dissociate away from the pain", this type of "training" is usually worked into Monarch/MK programming and allows for hyperflexibility, obvious a useful tool in their life as a kitten/sex-slave).

Leticia (Letizia = genus/taxon of butterfly), remember her dressing up in a butterfly outfit which got me all excitable in the Purple Star Cyrus post, and remembering how she often wears a butterfly necklace (all suggestive of her Monarch programming). I came across an even more blatant purple butterfly outfit at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards (+ the Monarch symbolic necklace), even featuring specifically Monarch butterflies and other types of it... she seems to like butterflies an awful lot ;)

"I love cupcakes, butterflies, my beautiful kids, my gorgeous husband, and of course JESUS."

Purple Monarch Butterfly Leticia with Miley and Brandi in duality/dehumanization zebra-print. Miley and Brandi in their pink masks from the 'Masked Miley and her Black Butterflies' post.

Also don't forget her black and white (duality) butterfly print dress she wore at the Paris premiere of the Hannah Montana movie . "Loving butterflies" apparently runs in the family... I wonder why ;) [some images copied from much older posts below]

Billy Ray Cyrus with Miley and Demi Lovato at London premiere (in the shiny/tiny, tween-appropriate dress [and poses], see the previously linked post).

Note Leticia (genus of butterfly) also in her butterfly pendant


  1. Definitely one of your most disturbing/revealing posts yet. I've mentioned before that the "V" (for vagina) sign with the back of the hand facing forward (like the little girls in leopard print tops and criminally short skirts) means "fuck you" in Japan. Sinister connotations there, indeed... I don't think it's pointless to check back up on someone you've covered before, but that's just me (even if you did retread stuff from other posts, it's good to have a reminder, and your Miley Cyrus stuff got me into reading your blog regularly). In that picture of her with the Willie Nelson doll, she's got something up to her mouth (lipstick? Already?)... I'm not sure how that picture of her giving some dude a BJ could have been altered, it doesn't show any signs of that. Looks genuine to me.

    Noah looks like she's on painkillers in that first pic of her. Really sad.

    I kept seeing the "WireImage" watermark as "WhoreImage" at first.

    These people (the controllers/handlers) are experts at spreading the meme of "the more you care about my well-being, the more I push you away" that is so prevalent these days through their slaves. When you try and talk to people who are into the disney/pop-stardom stuff, it goes in one ear and out the other...

    Honestly, I didn't know the Cyrus family was significant enough to have their own wax models. That is a classic picture of you with "Miley", btw. Kind of surreal. I'm sure it was a lot like meeting the soulless husk herself.

  2. Missing my family. Brandi, Trace, Braison , Noah and my honey! It seems my family is always so scattered!

    I love cupcakes, butterflies, my beautiful kids, my gorgeous husband, and of course JESUS.

    this is from Letizia Twitter...

    this family is fucked up beyond matter (even Billy Ray seems like a victim, even if he looks like a all round bad guy) usually great, singnificant post and guess what, nobody cares, just look at comments at those fashion/celebrity sites (Daily Mail for instance), nobody cares that SOMETHING isn't right that wealthy, famous people are ALWAYS so fucked up...thousand of those non commenting lurkers just came here and think what a crazy chap this Ben is and he even got his following...maybe something will change with posts like this, you just can't refute it, JUST CAN"T, IT'S SO OBVIOUS

  3. Hi I've been following this blog for quite some time. Interesting stuff. Anyways when you were talking about the water part that reminded me of Mariah Carey because when I watched her on MTV CRIBS she said that her favourite film was THE LITTLE MERMAID and she has a room in her house dedicated to the film.

  4. Excellent research as always Ben.
    All so very tragic though. Little Noah is clearly another lamb for the slaughter at the altar of pure evil. Her hyperactivity at the phony birthday party with people she didn't know made me think she was 'on something.' Nobody moves in that frantic way normally, not even little kids.
    All of your work needs to be distributed to a wider arena. We can't let these innocents continue to suffer or we are as guilty as the perpetrators. Anyone got ideas on how we can expose this beyond internet sites? I can't stand it!

  5. I feel so incredibly sad for Miley, her life has been stolen from her. I wish she could be rescued.

    And her dad gives off some seriously dark, cold vibes.

  6. Anonymous said: "We can't let these innocents continue to suffer or we are as guilty as the perpetrators."

    I agree COMPLETELY. And you're right, this information needs a wider audience (global!). But beyond that, what can we do? I come from a religious background, and all I can think to do is pray. And fast...didn't Jesus say something about certain demons can only be cast out by prayer AND fasting?

    Because this whole thing seems purely demonic to me.

  7. More lollipops and rainbows:

    (mariah carey, obvious MK victim)

    The one pic of Emily in the white dress where she's posing with her arms behind her neck is telling. Most of the pics are telling, but in that one there's no need for her to pose like that, so it really stands out.

    This whole post is revelatory I must say.

    The "Cunning Runts"? wow. Another word for cunning is clever, but they didn't use that of course. For obvious reasons. Cunning can tie into cunnilingus perhaps? Oral sex given to females? And like you said just reverse the C and the R for yet another meaning. unbelievable.

    One only has to look at what young tweens and teen girls are up to on MySpace and Facebook to see the affects of this stuff.

    Billy Ray always looks creepy in all his pics. Seems to never smile, just stares at the camera with that Lucifer-ish goatee thing going on.

  8. Two things:

    Why would they let Miley read a book about a girl who was a twin who had an alter ego and had undergone sexual abuse......Isn't that a little too close for comfort.

    Its almost as if they're laughing in the faces of the slave. Like: We have you so under control you won't even realize this is about you!

    Two: Ummmmm Trace Cyrus, Miley's brother looks like a Marilyn Manson clone tattooed with death symbols black piercings etc...... yet if you've ever listened to his music, its just as candy, pop anthem as Miley's stuff!! Doesn't that strike anyone as odd in the mainstream??????

    I was surprised to see that picture of Noah with the skull tiara. Again, does NO ONE see this stuff!? A little girl in pink with SKULL tiara!?!!?! I mean HELLO! Wake up America!!

  9. Hey Ben...That "is it or isn't it?" Miley b.j. pic that you link to reminded of the one that was floating around a few years ago of Marlon Brando. It reminded me of it because it's so similar. Smallish/thin penis, with the pursed lips at the tip.

    (NSFW image to Brando b.j. pic below)

    I just wonder why both pics are so similar? Not saying they're fakes (I'm in agreement with the above poster that Miley's doesn't look photoshopped, and there's been talk of Brando's bisexuality for years) it's just that's a bit weird when you think about it. Both with the a smaller than average penis (in Miley's case I'd venture to say the member belonged to a teen male, not an adult), same pursed lips at the end.

  10. The Mom always looks real sad.

  11. Thought it was quite interesting a while back I was watchin Bio channel and the first one they showed was Billy Ray Cyrus/Miley Cyrus followed by Barbie. Repeated the bios in that order as well.

  12. Amazing update. Those pictures speak a million words, all of them sickening.

    I can't believe how conditioned everyone is to look past this stuff. It's insane.

  13. You guys are a bunch of disturbed fucking idiots..seriously.. too much time on your hands. Sexualizing little girls? Sick.

  14. Rachel you've got it totally backwards, you're right it is sick I'm glad that you can see that, but what I'm doing is showing exactly that, how DISNEY are sexualizing little girls; but it's obviously easier (no one likes their naive belief system to be broken down) to think the person/people showing this are the sick ones rather than the industries who are actually doing it. Surely you can see it is Disney and it's kid handlers who are dressing up these little girls for photoshoots/appearances ultra suggestively, this blog is just showing you that (and more specific things), the obvious sexual and pedophilic undertones aren't exactly hidden (I think you can see them, hence your reaction); so again don't blame me for showing them and think I'm the one sexualizing little girls, Disney (and co) are the sick ones physically doing it (and much worse) and influencing your kids (Disney's main objective seems to be sexualizing little girls) in the process, I'm just posting on it. You can see it is sick (I think many of these images speak for themselves in terms of the obvious sexual undertones, even if going into the more specific programming motifs/themes is a bit too far for you), so perhaps you should take a little time out of your busy schedule to think for a while about who are actually the sick ones (the people writing/reading about what they're up to, or the ones [Disney/etc] actually sexualizing the youth on a global scale and using programmed/sexually abused victims to do it from a scarily young age as sexual objects [i.e. Noah Cyrus here]).


  16. Hey Ben - Just saw these pics posted of Noah and friends over at Perez Hilton's blog and thought of this particular posting. Felt it was fitting to mention. It shows Noah and friends, all of whom are like what, 8-11 years old or something, oversexualized and posing around a stripper's pole.

    (for those who are unfamiliar, Perez's nickname for Lindsay Lohan is Lindsanity, and he's saying that Noah's on the fast track to turn out like her.) Even mainstream gossip blogs notice the child sexualization going on here.

    What those blogs don't realize though are the reasons why these girls turn out the way they do. They think it's a case of being "fame whores" who've let the Hollywood Machine get the best of them with its rampant drugs, alcohol and partying lifestyle. They don't realize the things you're talking about here. Nobody can say with certainty if these girls have been the victim of what you claim, however there is certainly a lot of roundabout evidence indicating that they have. The pics you posted here alone speak a thousand words. If only people would see it.

  17. check it out can disney be anymore obvious.

  18. Let me catch these bastards around my hood anywhere on this planet

  19. Believe whatever you want,but you people preaching that the hand gesture is "satanic" need to do some more research(God forbid!). People use that gesture because it is associated with "rock stars" and that image. Rock stars are often influenced by heavy metal, or some derivative of it. Dio of Black Sabbath began using the sign, known as the maloch, after seeing his Italian grandma use it to "stop the evil eye". And from there a bunch of musicians began to use it. Given, there is a heavy association between metal and Satan, but most of it is for superficial shock reasons. It's incorrect to use the gesture to prove miley cyrus is satanic. Use her inexplicable popularity despite being bland and overprocessed by Disney as an example instead.

  20. WTF? This isjust bullshit. Comeon you find alotof things suspicious when they are completely normal. And so just because my mother dressed me in dual tone clothes it means I've been mind-controlled all my life? I don't think so...

  21. So although I agree that disney definitely does it part in selling sex this is a little ludicrous. I dont even know how I ended up on this page when i was looking for harry potter- occult references for my sisters paper. Anyways. I am 23 years old. I was raised int the south in a southern baptist family. When i was these girls age I wanted to be as "sexy" as possible. I went to church and school in normal clothes and then changed into mini skirts and tube tops for gods sake. I was a cheerleader and a gymnast (by my own choice) and am super flexible. I love butterflies and have tons of things with them on them. I also have black and white clothes, skull print clothes, and could be found throwing the peace sign in quite a lot of photos in my teenage years. I also have gone to masquerade balls, dressed up as dorothy, and the disney princesses. One of my favorite books was Alice in Wonderland and my favorite disney movie was the little mermaid. Case in point. I display many of the characteristics of these girls, does that make me mid controlled sex slave or MK monarch or whatever. no. not even a little bit. however if you went back through my life and wanted to you could use this brand of logic to prove i was. also. seems as if there is just picture upon picture of these girls in bikinis without any real reason. how does showing them in swimsuits prove your point? all girls wear swimsuits. and they are FAMOUS. of course the pictures will get out. 20 swimsuit pictures does nothing but make me uncomfortable for them- it doesnt make me suscribe to your logic. If you want to prove a point about them being DID or MK under some form of control you are going to have to offer more proof than commenting on their fashion choices, costume choices, attempts to be sexy, cheerleading backgrounds, and swimsuits. They are just normal seeming girls who happen to be famous. Where is your REAL evidence.

    - source. im a girl.

  22. how dare you say pentecostalism is a form of a cult and speaking in tongues is MK! You obviously haven't read the bible and you obviously haven't read reports stating that scientists cannot determine why people speak in tongues. Sorry but you sound really ignorant and you probably think I'am but it seems you have never been too church and a little paranoid.

  23. @above comment: Sorry to say, but the majority of Christian Churches have been infiltrated by Satan and the Illuminati. That includes your church. Speaking in tongues is a controversial subject within Christian circles. Many say that Paul was speaking about talking in different languages - not babbling something that they can't understand.

    @Author of this website: I'm totally a fan of your stuff. I hope you continue to post new things. It's so great to find stuff on mind control celebrities. Our society has become so obsessed with celebrities and it's nice to see that they are not what they seem to be. I was one of them.

    Please don't stop writing stuff on your blog. And ignore the closed eyed people who bash your research. They're in denial and for them, this stuff is just too much for them to handle.

  24. To those who disagree with the analysis in this blog post I suggest that they read. They could start with "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave"
    by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

    It's free to read online if you search the title you can find it.

    Then, they should read: "Trans Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien.

    Also, with regard to the Pentecostal Church, I grew up in this church and what the author states is very accurate. There is rampant abuse, physical and sexual, and the hyper-emotional, non-biblical 'holy spirit' manifestations, chanting, repetition of choruses, 'speaking in tongues' (which is not used in the biblical context at all)do create altered states of consciousness making, especially children, susceptible to mind control and hypnotic suggestions. This is obviously seen on Christian television (TBN)and is rampantly used to raise money.
    With regard to the hand signals, the horns signal is blatantly occultist and is a very old Satanic symbol. The fact that Dio learned it from his mother, as someone previously posted, probably just means that she was involved in the occult. (Does that surprise anyone?) The fact that she was trying to use it to ward off the 'evil eye' is even more telling. Superstition is the occult.
    Good post. Keep up the good work.

  25. The "V" hand sign has a long history. More recently, Winston Churchill (WWII, for you younger public-school-educated readers) used it to indicate "victory." Then it supposedly became the "peace" sign.

    Now the writer of this blog says that it is sexually suggestive (presumably the "V" stands for vagina?), and a poster in comments claims that it means "F you" in Japan when made with back of the hand facing forward. I say you are ALL WRONG. The orgin of it lies with the Illuminati. Google THE LAW OF FIVES.

  26. Last year I read the books mentioned and was left reeling for days, maybe weeks. I agree that all this is very disturbing and somehow people that would not think of molesting their kids somehow become part of all this because they participate in star worship and encourage their children to worship them too. Oh, the programming that happens to the public! Please, just remember that this info about the Cyrus bunch was allowed to be leaked, just like those books I read written by the sex slaves that exposed MKULTRA. There is a hidden agenda even within exposing the info. All these people involved are either psychopaths or victims. Sad.

  27. Everybody must be programmed because these are some of the ugliest girls around, and everyone just drools over them.

  28. Idk maybe its just me but about half of the shit on here about miley cyrus could simply be explained by saying shes probly just a slut. Just like the girls who wear skimpy clothes at school or a the club. Or put trashy pictures on facebook. She just wants attention and wants to break out of that fake ass hannah montana shell. She seems a little strong willed maybe one day she'll stand up and fight back. Seriously man its like youve never been exposed to very many women. Maybe just your mom and the lady at the store idk haha. I cant believe im defending the bitch. Im just saying dude ive known a lot of girls that act just like miley and theyre just airhead sluts that feed off the attention they get from guys. Maybe if she comes out with a disturbing totally obvious mind control video like the one howard made of anna then ill give the miley stuff some more thought.

    1. You miss the point entirely and have obviously been manipulated yourself. The fact that you call Miley a little slut is proof of the effect her sexuality has had on you and even the girls you speak of. Yes teenagers are interested in sex and looking more adult than they are but the point is that this is being exploited by older generations who definitely know better. Even if a female does openly enjoy sex she has as much right to as any male and should be respected regardless not dehumanised by words like slut. Rape and paedophilia are wrong and there are so many grey areas to this issue. I do believe that in this day and age it is still women and girls who r focused on more for negative sexual press but I also believe that boys and men are focused on just as horrifically though slightly more under the radar. This stuff has been going on for years just look at Michael Jackson, Corey Haimes or any other child prodigy out there. It is typical for rapists to slander and brand their victims as it is the degradation they enjoy. Open ur eyes cos believe me this shit is real.

  29. This is the most ignorant blog I have ever read in my life. I'm not a Cyrus fan, I don't like parents who exploit their kids for fame either. But this blog is ridiculous, trying to find a meaning behind every little single thing. You obviously haven't been out much. Narrow minded people.

    I agree with this guy:
    "Idk maybe its just me but about half of the shit on here about miley cyrus could simply be explained by saying shes probly just a slut. Just like the girls who wear skimpy clothes at school or a the club. Or put trashy pictures on facebook. She just wants attention and wants to break out of that fake ass hannah montana shell. She seems a little strong willed maybe one day she'll stand up and fight back. Seriously man its like youve never been exposed to very many women. Maybe just your mom and the lady at the store idk haha. I cant believe im defending the bitch. Im just saying dude ive known a lot of girls that act just like miley and theyre just airhead sluts that feed off the attention they get from guys. Maybe if she comes out with a disturbing totally obvious mind control video like the one howard made of anna then ill give the miley stuff some more thought."

  30. Can somebody tell me who you think is a Monarch Mind Control victim in Hollywood, besides the Cyrus children? I found a list somewhere, I don't remember where, with names of like whole Hollywood. With the persons like Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and Britney Spears, Lady Gaga etc, people who look have it difficult at the moment and/or suffer from DID, I can believe they are mind controled.
    Names I also found on the list are, Ophrah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Julia Stiles, Barbara Streisand, Catherina Zeta Jones, Halley Berry and Kate Winslet, the list goes on. I cant imagine the last celebrities I mentioned are MMC-victims. They look like they have a mind of their own and are people who really live, not like a robot. Just because they wear black and white and have diamands and wear cloths with butterflies and animal prints, doens't mean they are victims. There are also things like fashion and trends in cloths, music style, etc.
    Furthermore, when Oprah shakes hands with Obama, doesn't mean she is a MMC-victim, nor a member of the Illuminatie. Sometimes one can go to far with complot theories.

    Another question, do you think all the victims are equally traumatized/abused/tortured. Like the Cyrus children really smile a lot and look like they are so happy, Its hard imagine anything horrible is going on in their house, or to think they would be brutally tortured/raped etc.

    Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie dont really smile,nor look happy, so consequently I would think they are more traumatized.
    What do you think? I really wonder.

    Thank you.

  31. While I appreciate these eye opening blogs about what's really going on right in front of our eyes, please dont confuse people who are confused about God's existance and and what's real and not real about the bible. There are satanic cults which use the biblical scriptures and church rituals by turning them around to do bad things as a way of mocking God because the devil is pi&*ed at God for kicking him out of heaven. With that said (and in response to comments that speaking in tongues is fake), I have copied and pasted a few verses from the bible to prove that speaking in tongues IS real and IS a gift from God. It is originally a language given to anyone who loves God and accepts Him as their Lord and Savior:

    Acts 10:46
    For they heard them speaking in tongues and praising God. Then Peter said,
    Acts 10:45-47 (in Context) Acts 10 (Whole Chapter)

    1 Corinthians 12:4-10
    There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. 5 There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. 6 There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.

    7 Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 8 To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues.

    1 Corinthians 14:39
    Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues.

    Stay blessed, continue to open our eyes, amd May God send His angels to watch over you and keep you from harm and danger from the devil who is not happy about what you are doing!!!

  32. I hope you never stop, this was one of the best well researched deliveries ever! You nailed this one. This is so disturbing on so many levels, I know you know and THANKS!! Hopefully they haven't silenced you since it's now 2018 and I haven't seen many new post since 2011.


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