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Fashion’s Illuminati It Girls: Lara Stone

One model who has piqued my interest recently has been Lara Stone, she has been one of fashion's "It" girls for the past few years. Fashion has a new "It" girl every few months it seems and invariably these chosen girls will have featured in a variety of symbolic photo shoots. Whether they have been chosen because they have lineage in the fashion, society or media elite, their "modelling talent", or they were specifically bred into the Monarch Mind Control Slave program. One example of the latter is fellow Dutch model Karen Mulder who did manage to break free from it for a fleeting period which you can read about in my post on her. To kick things off, the above photo shows Lara with one eye hidden behind a porcelain looking mask which is used in programming, from a Vogue shoot by photographer Mario Testino shot in a Tuscan castle in Italy. A couple of NSFW shots in this one.

In 2010 Lara fronted an advertising campaign for Prada's 'Infusion D'Iris' in which the Masonic checkerboard duality symbolic floor was the focal point.
Below image from a Victoria's Secret catwalk wearing black and white duality.

The video below is from her Versus Versace advert, made by Craig McDean (who also shot the Megan's Mannequin shoot) where she is filmed in a sexually frenzied state in pink light surrounded by multiple mirrors. This is the multiple or fractured mirror mind control motif we have seen so often; representing the mind splitting into multiple personalities through trauma and dissociation. Each mirror representing the splits (alters), this is probably reaching but perhaps this is supposed to show her entering a 'spinning' state in which she keeps rapidly switching through alters before eventually stopping on one.

Another interesting shoot comes from the Pirelli 2009 calendar, shot by photographer Peter Beard who is known for his African photography. A segment in it appears to show Lara put into a dissociative trance through an ancient Kalahari ritual known as the "Trance Dance". She is put under by the singing, chanting, rhythmic clapping, dancing, heightened by the visual stimuli of the lights flashed across her face.

Another notable part of the video above at the start, shows an uncomfortable looking Lara having a python draped across her. I wonder why she, of all the models present at the shoot was chosen for this short segment with the symbolic serpent?

The other model in this scene, Emanuela de Paula seems to be put in a deeper trance through the use of a spinning/fast moving red light (along with the other induction methods described above).
The below video shows raw footage from the filming of this scene, the photographer, Peter Beard, shouts, "Up in your trance!" to Emanuela probably as a trigger to make sure she is under. To Lara he says, "Open those eyes wide." Perhaps again as a trigger or perhaps for her to simulate the appearance of a trance if she is not genuinely under.

The above photo is quite significant as Lara is pictured with a downtrodden expression wearing the archetypal sex kitten mask, her throat made to appear as though cut with pentagram stars and poppies cover her chest. This is from Vogue Paris' 2008 Calendar (with occult themes related to the seasons and fertility, reproductive cycles painted on the models), shot again by Mario Testino who has been the British Royal family's 'go-to' photographer previously which should tell you something.

She is currently married to British comedian David Walliams, who rose to fame with the comedy show Little Britain in which he plays multiple personas in a variety of sketches. Above is a gossip magazine cover from The Sun, 'buzz' (programming the masses' hive mind to distraction).
Anyway, the cover is pretty interesting, featuring Walliams as a marionette puppet master ("buzz presents the man of many comedy faces... puppet master extraordinaire"), the marionettes made to look like ventriloquist dummies of himself (the personas he plays on TV). Being 'The Sun' (some of the British tabloids have symbolic names, Sun/Star/Mirror) there is naturally solar occult symbolism on the cover, made by the spotlights, the sun ray motif emanating from the floor (possible legs positioned to make a triangle also) and pentagram shaped stars behind him.lara stone tumblr_m6zvj0ssy11qgvybqo1_500 CROPPED
Also note the 'MEOW!' kitten suggestion (in relation to a former Pussycat Doll) in the bottom left corner, along with the marionette puppets this is possibly a nod to his handling of Lara. But apart from the kitten the shoot also suggests as well as possibly his own MK, as he has recounted stories of his own abuse in the Scouts.

His television and public persona has always been camp to the extreme so some have found this pairing to be somewhat on the strange side.
They were married at London’s exclusive Claridge's Hotel which has a prominent Masonic checkerboard floor (see below). They are expecting their first child very soon.1--about-claridges-luxury-hotel-mayfair_13595575720268
lara stone david cameron david walliams article-0-1266841E000005DC-999_468x357
She has done a fair number of shoots with serial model predator Terry Richardson (click for previous posts on him), as you would expect from a model well known for her full frontal nudity. Here are a few of them with various pertinent motifs and themes, the above and below images come from a Vogue Japan spread.

The above one and below four are by Richardson, again for Vogue featuring some typical Monarch mind control cues with the above denoting her fractured mind via the fractured mirror which is symbolically over one eye, with one side not obscured, also signifying her split mind. This goes along with the leopard print which is typical nod to kitten programming in these types of photo shoots.

Note the prescription pills strewn across the mirror.

The final two here perhaps symbolise the split/fractured/shattered/compartmentalised mind as images of herself are ripped into pieces and plates are shattered below. The set is from Vogue Paris, titled 'Sunset Boulevard' by Terry Richardson. I think the overarching story is one of a Hollywood star rejecting fame and her image, but the mind control subtext is definitely there.

Vogue has a long history of using Occult and Mind Control imagery in their spreads (even using children occasionally), the majority of the photos here in this post are for Vogue. For their 90th Anniversary edition (No 911) Lara was used on a cover image to go with their 'Bal Masque' ('Masquerade Ball') theme which featured these types of symbolic photos.
The occult 'Masquerade Ball' theme was used here because Vogue themselves were hosting a lavish masked ball to mark their 90th anniversary inspired by the Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut scene which depicts the masked ball as a secret society occult ritual and orgy.

Lara also wore the above Monarch butterfly-print one eyed mask (so has Beyonce and others), seen below from a previous post.

More from the above set are worth including, note the black/white theme below with the glove hat over her head (possibly symbolising a handled/controlled mind).
lara stone larahb5
lara stone larahb6lara stone larahb3
The below shoot can be seen at this post, note the butterfly on her head and the kitten theme of the shoot.

More often than not at some point in their careers, these chosen models/actresses/singers (possible Monarchs) are dressed up to emulate the original Presidential Model Monarch Kitten, Marilyn Monroe as Lara Stone has here for Comic Relief in 2011.
LaraStoneMertMarcusUSVogue5lara stone 6a00e54ef964538834014e8bfed43a970d-800wiLara Stone Vogue US June 2011 6lara stone tumblr_mim0i3jsqg1s0sc01o1_1280
Lara_Stone_74_originallara stone pink wig laraparis14_original
Lara Stone Vogue Paris october 2009 5Lara Stone Vogue Paris october 2009 2lara stone VOGUEPARIS-LARA-OCT10-8lara stone VOGUEPARIS-LARA-OCT10-4lara stone les peches steven klein img.php
She has done a number of shoots for i-D magazine, the "i-D" title being a winking eye smiley, hence why they always have winking or 'one eye' covers. This may be used conveniently to get the Illuminist "one eyed salute" into the masses' consciousness every month. The above, most recent one has Lara winking with her hair made to look like horns.

To go along with the serpent below she also played an 'Eve' type figure for DKNY ads.
lara stone snake bondage unnamed_m80obw7t27
Above shows Lara with the serpent and crucifix in bondage as part a shoot, ‘Religion’ for Visionaire 60 (a $500 magazine) by fashion designer Ricardo Tisci (other pic from it, obviously NSFW). He designed Madonna’s Egyptian themed outfit at the occult Superbowl half time show (as well designing for her ‘Sticky & Sweet Tour’, and for others like Jay-Z and Kanye West. His designs for Givenchy have also included occult themes such as this (triangle/pentagram design) from Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Runway.

Lara also featured in this shoot for Interview Magazine whose back catalogue of symbolic shoots include the Mind Controlled Mannequin Megan Fox shoot mentioned earlier. Note of course, the phallic serpent and I believe the rope also acts as symbolic serpent too as she simulates strangulation in another bondage themed shoot.

lara stone img-lara-stone-01_190302586999
Note also the red shoes (ballet boots and heels) which may symbolise Dorothy from Wizard of Oz programming.
The Wizard of Oz theme also showed up in her corporate shoot for Mercedes in which she played a Dorothy type character that gets carried away by a tornado, presumably to Oz (dissociation).

In another shoot for Interview Magazine she is symbolically chained to various blow up animals like the serpent, tiger (kitten) and the video featuring lots of subliminal flashes of nothing overtly MK.
lara stone pentagram 52178_larastoneglamo_original
Above wearing two pentagrams, below the from W Magazine’s 2009 ‘Fashion’s It Girl’ shoot wearing the Worshipful Master’s Masonic top hat (signifying her elevated status in the fashion modelling elite).

lara stone juergen teller img12661
In her photoshoot with Juergen Teller, she appears to be put in a trance (above) and then is photographed possibly in an altered state throughout the shoot. It would explain her willingness to go out in a public woods completely nude (NSFW, and another from it) with a bag over her head…
lara stone 37835_lara04_123_182lolara stone juergen teller l95b9940cb5dec12851cb7cex4
She was photographed in Mario Testino's 'Star Girls' for British Vogue which included more of fashion's "It girls". I'm sure if they were to be looked into you would find similar themes to the ones contained in this post, but that is for future postings and a couple have featured in the blog already such as Lily Donaldson.

Steven Klein put together this interesting piece for Vogue Paris that glamorises sex, murder, rape and of course mind control. Note above that the title, "Lara, Fiction Noire" is fractured which is probably symbolic of the fractured mind and the scenes portrayed in the spread certainly are indicative of the kinds of traumas used to fracture the minds of MK victims.

Note the robotic clawed hand below with a padlock and key perhaps symbolising the handler or programmer.


aferrismoon said...

Re: Savile

The opening lines from ' This Morning With Richard Not Judy '

I think they were cancelled by the BBC at the end of this series, and I don't think have reappeared much since on the Beeb.

Their shows were regularly rescheduled, whicvh they noted.

It seems obvious that there was enough info for the Beeb to at least begin investigations but they took the easier route of sweeping it away.

The show is 12 or so years old.

Perhaps, with Savile being such a doyenne of the Beeb, one might think that they would have asked Lee and Herring just what they meant - accusing Savile of necrophilia - but they don't seem to have. Nor the Cops either. What a shower!

The above photos , are, in keeping with the ongoing dysfunctionalist dementia as desirable, accurate.


Carneiro Negro said...

Another great informative post! I realized you've changed the way you write: it is more speculative and explaining each symbolism? If this is the case, good work.

Speaking of models: you showed Giselle again. As a Brazilian, I recommend you to search about Xuxa Meneghel (former model from Ford Models) and you'll be astonished by the insanely amount of content she have to write about (go beyond the Wiki for more details for symbolic stuff).

Keep writing Ben! (sorry about my poor english)

Lee Harper said...

Great article! thank you again!

Miles McNiff said...

Holy hell, never expected to see this updated again. Your site first opened my eyes to this stuff and I always thought you had some of the best insights. Been revisiting this site for years because of your archive of posts. Welcome back! Hope to see more in the future!

PS- think you can still do a Caprica post in the future?

Liouch said...

What do you think of VCs website? I used to look up to this site until I've realized with my researches that I have to take everything with caution. And especially since I randomly discovered his logo was so blatantly masonic! (highlight on the 2 pillars and G). I know something was odd because his site is way to organized,etc... and the fact that his forum was shut down gave me a reason more to believe its a fraud.

Benjamin Singleton said...

Thanks Aferrismoon, good to hear from you, interesting clip and info, you are quite right, if those two random comedians knew something surely the Beeb must have had an inkling. Cheers to Carneiro, Lee and Miles too!

Liouch I have no problem with VC, it does similar to what I was doing in a more organized and coherent way to be honest. Though I went on his site without adblocker once, and wow that's a tonne of ads! I never noticed the symbolism on the logo but I think I see what you mean (the g between the two i's/pillars highlighted by 'the')! As esoteric symbolism is his forté, I don't view that as all that suspicious. I have been in touch with him via email and he seems like a good guy based on his response. You might be right, but all I can tell you is my experience with VC.

Lynn said...

Glad to have found this site. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

About Lara Stone:

""He’s had more than his fair share of “Laydees”... but David Walliams may have finally met his match.
For his new-found fiancée, model Lara Stone, has an even more colourful past.
At 26, self-confessed man-eater Lara claims to have “already tried everything” at 16, and admits going to rehab for alcohol ­addiction last year.
And despite dating Walliams since last May, she said last month: “Men don’t like me. I haven’t been on a date for six months.
“I’ve just started a club with a girlfriend called the We Hate Men But We Can’t Be Gay Club... I figure out what they hate most, and then I do lots and lots of that.”
But that clearly didn’t prevent Walliams, 38, proposing to her as they jetted to Mexico for a New Year break.
Dutch Lara’s wild past began when she moved to Paris at 15 and was preyed on by older men who offered her and her pals free drink and drugs.
She said: “We met men in their 50s – actors and rock stars – and we were just girls of 16. But I’d already tried everything in Holland.”
She finally found success in New York – as a Vogue covergirl and even replaced Madonna as the face of Louis Vuitton – but the pressure saw her hitting the bottle and admitting: “I’m a complete alcoholic.”
Pals want her to tone down her hectic schedule – flying to New York twice a week and Paris several times a month. But since 15, the longest she has spent anywhere is four weeks – and “that was in rehab”.

And btw, Walliams is gay, sounds familiar? Meantime Lara gave birth to a baby boy....

Laua said...

Welcome back, glad to see you working again to expose this illuminati puppets. About this post I just want to ad that in the Bible nudity (Mark 5:2) is a sign of demonic possession by legions of demons (a legion of demons is around 4,000 demons) Don't forget that this puppets are selling their souls to Satan for fame and fortune.

Anonymous said...

Laura, there is no such thing as god and satan.

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