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The Luciferian Christina

Quick post, I came across this photo of Christina Aguilera (click for her previous posts/photos) in a Luciferian black magick scene, with a ritual pentagram drawn on the ground and each point/element has a black candle on it. The scene, at the very least resonates with themes of Satanic ritual abuse.

Disney Mouseketeers are predominantly victims of Monarch (trauma-based mind control) programming often involving "Satanic" ritual abuse, this set of images is quite indicative of that I feel. Note the battered and burned doll on the floor which is a standard motif for childhood abuse, Christina's father Fausto's abuse and a sociopathic obsession with control is pretty well known (see this post for some specifics she can recall), a typical Monarch military father (whose name, meaning 'luck' in Italian, reminds me of Goethe's Faust who allied himself with the Devil) who traveled to military bases with his family, eventually leaving them when she was still young. By age 8 they already had her appearing on TV shows singing sexually suggestive songs which is not as blatant as her own 100% sexual euphemism debut song "Genie in the Bottle" (Britney's debut of course was also entirely suggestive), singing the 'Star-Spangled Banner' to testosterone-filled stadiums and in that pentagram-centric 'Star Search' show, in which Britney also appeared before they joined the Mickey Mouse Club (posted on it a lot in Britney posts).

Note her occult pendant, the crescent moon with three pentagrams inside it (notice the same motifs, crescent moons and pentagram symbolism on Magician/Wizard Mickey's conical hat), skull and bones brooch (also wearing a ruby ring [second image below] associated with sexual programming, and a ruby drops necklace symbolizing blood [drops]). Note the black cat, overtly for the standard witch cliché (and it's cultural association with the devil and witches) but more to symbolize her sex kitten programming. Spiders are another common MK motif (all of these kinds of symbols make for good triggers) because of spider tortures' effectiveness (victims describe being trapped in a box with spiders dropped in with them and such) and other facets of the spider are useful for programming (i.e. the spider web imagery is a good template for internal structuring), her red and black clothing may also be an allusion to the Black Widow.

On the other doll (symbolically under her foot/trampled on) note the position of the knife on it's stomach, all very symbolic of ritual abuse (and showing literally how they are used in MK, as the child is emotionally attached to the doll, giving it a personality and whatnot, so it can be used in multiple ways to emotionally traumatize the victim to create splits/personalities). What is that bloody thing above, it looks like a skinned goat head or something? There also appears to be an animal skull (below Minnie Witch photo), possibly a goat though half is cut off. A practicing occultist reader could probably describe the purpose of the jars and whatnot. Included a loosely related image of Christina at Disneyland with a Minnie Mouse Witch (+ sunflowers).
Note the red and black coloured clothing (black/red/white common colour scheme used by occultists such as the Nazi establishment, the red associated with the occult obsession with pure genes/bloodline, black evil/darkness, white light for duality). Click one of the above images where you can see that one of Christina's Hebrew tattoos is on show, it is unlikely that she wasn't posed specifically and ritualistically to reveal the Hebrew letters 'Yud' (Y) and 'Bet' (B) to add a bit of Kabbalah magick to the shoot's (metaphorical) cauldron.
These Hebrew letters are described in the press as representing her husband, currently her long-term handler, Jewish music executive Jordan Bratman's initials, with Spanish words surrounding it reading "I love you always" (a permanent declaration of eternal devotion to the handler). Apparently Roman Catholic raised, she was married in a Jewish ceremony and their son Max Liron Bratman has been circumcised, the bris ceremony was decorated with inflatable penises/phalli (as if the traumatic genital mutilation [however you choose to rationalize it, that's what it is] ritual ceremony wasn't messed up enough).

Note Jordan's Mickey Mouse skull/death t-shirt with Christina, one of the products of Walt Disney Company's cult (in terms of who runs it) of death and perversion. Christina has even been branded with a Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse ears tattoo, in a fitting location (for Disney) below her bikini line (cannot find any pictures, info from Vanishing Tattoo).

The other Hebrew tattoo, below on the small of her back (AKA her 'tramp stamp' as it is known) comes from the symbolic Song of Solomon (important to Kabbalists) 6:3, reading 'I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me.' followed by Jordan Bratman's initials JB (Victoria Beckham has a quote from the same part of the Song of Solomon tattooed down the back of her neck/backbone [this positioning is clearly symbolic, associated with the Tree of Life, see Fashion's Gnosis for details] Britney also had a Hebrew tattoo of a name for God).

The title of this post is a play on words for the 'Luciferian Christ' (Christina/Christian obviously meaning 'Follower of Christ' which is pretty ironic [it is how they think, their sense of humor I feel]), in the same set (taken by Judson Baker in 2005 for Blender magazine, whose split word motif I have noted before, see the magazine cover further down) Christina is photographed with motifs associated with Jesus Christ namely crucifixes. Note all the 'light' symbolism wearing white, with a silver crucifix (and a ruby crucifix necklace). Same again below with the sun/light coming from behind the clouds behind her head (like Jesus, the light/sun of God, he is often portrayed with the sun behind his head).

A bit of Baphomet posing (as above so below) below with the "Holy Spirit" dove (on the 'as above', fitting with the symbolic pose).

Continuing the set below, as the dualistic opposite of the above, dark themes as opposed to light. Speaking of duality, her next album was, at one point going to be called 'Light and Darkness' but seems to have changed to 'Bionic' (more associated with mind control as it suggests dehumanization, body parts replaced or augmented with tech, turning to a cyborg/robot MK theme), there has been speculation that this video is part of viral advertising for it but am reluctant to embed it until it is confirmed one way or the other. Note the skull necklace, blood red/scarlet outfit and the sun's light attempting to break through the dark storm clouds gathering behind her. The red ribbon coiled round her wrist reminds me and is probably symbolic of the Kabbalistic Tefillin.

Note the black crusader/templar-like cross (and the ironic statements about her being different from other "fake" artists like Britney whose system does not appear to be as structurally sound [so to speak] as Christina's system).

Citizen K photo shoot from last year, who to me looks quite a bit like Kabbalistic prima-Monarch witch Madonna in this set (note black/white symbolism above and the mannequins).

A symbolic photo below from one of her earlier shoots below which I thought was poignant enough to finish with. Update on my current posting situation, I've been feeling increasingly unsure of what to post on (there is no shortage of subjects to choose from though, which is part of the problem), I spent a long time on one then decided to start a Mariah Carey post, so that should be up in the next few days and return to the one I was working on.


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skrambo said...

Great post, man. Currently trying to find the tarot connections with Christina's tatoos. Ah, here we are - Yod is 10, the Wheel of Fortune (Wiki sez: "the wheel is also attended by an individual wearing a blindfold; and often there are people sitting or riding on the wheel whilst others are shown falling from it."), and Bet is 2, the High Priestess. Makes sense in an MK context, with the wheel of "fortune" as the "freedom train" and a metaphor for the slaves constantly being created and killed, and the duality seen in the High Priestess card!

Lula said...

wow. i find the pictures stunning, albeit very telling as well. interesting how the link to her youtube that there is a picture of a butterfly. i always thought the mickey mouse club was weird, as a kid. i thought that britney and christina (i didnt really watch it much) was very different than most kids. they seemed older, all of them did. something about their voices too, children singing with mature voices is always strange to me.

i just watched jennifers body last night. in the famous kissing scene, there is a butterfly there. i knew this fashion designer (uh oh here i go again!) anyways...nevermind...i was just going to say, he used to have butterflies and bugs and such in frames everywhere. hes in jail now.

also, about the movie, there is a song by hole called jennifers body. she sings, "the peices of jennifers body" that whole movie has occult themes to it. when they were killing her, he says to her, 'maybe i can make a song and dedicate it to you' and starts singing, 867-5309 JENNY. makes me wonder, if there is some truth behind that.

these youtubes are pretty interesting to watch...(i cant find it but just type occult and music)

well i am going to watch the grammys now. i hear you could get 3D glasses for the show. i didnt tho.

oh here comes lady gaga,..oh boy!

star said...

what do you think of hayden panettier dating older heavyweight boxer, Wladimer Klitschko? seems kind of weird to me...

The Kool Skool said...

Bizarre beyond belief... The pentagrams are popping up everywhere in videos and photo shoots...
p.s. The last photo is reminiscent of the Scandinavian Lucia festival, but its celebrated on the 13th so nothing to do with Christmas.

you might find this Little Boots particularly interesting

I can only imagine what the Maria Carrey ones will feature....
All the best

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well lookie here

Who was Lily Allen hanging out with through the festival with? Why your favorite band! MUSE!

Anonymous said...

They're just friends though for sure. A 24yr old girl with a penchant for staying drunk most of her days 3 men in their mid to late 30's (there's no way those old looking guys are in their late 20 to early 30's) have a lot in common, yes?

Paco said...

You should check her songs, on her last CD Keeps Gettin Better both songs are heavily MK influenced. Especially 'Dynamite'.

These are the lyrics:
Dynamite — electrify me all night
Dynamite — just give it to me, I won't fight
Dynamite — you make me feel, it's alright
Dynamite — shine it on me starlight

Caught up in this moment I was hypnotized
I couldn't shake this feeling, got me paralyzed
I do, I don't, I think I might
My body was electric like a flash of light

Change, a change is comin'
Change, a change is comin'
I'm feelin' all around me that a change is 'bout to happen
The energy igniting has become my inspiration
If you take a deeper look you'll find the information
I'm only just a figment of controlled imagination

It doesn't get more obvious than that. Yet she has songs on we she 'repents' from her sins... aka 'Mercy on me'... I think she was used as a MK witch during her Dirrty days, then she got married and was allowed more self control during her Back to Basics days and she's now the new MK Alice.

Notice how nowadays she's the blond sweet girl, and Britney now is the brunette evil witch.

star said...

is this tilas twitter? she said this on it

# I am the virgin Mary, and my child will be born Jesus Christ. I am the second Coming.......God told me so. I shall save all the good people about 1 hour ago from web

word verification: ateroat...makes me her throat...weird

starlula said...

wow tilas tweets are so spastic...and now she has a new daddy? she posts this video (sexual in nature) of course...she is looking at her self in a mirror. i know mirror image is symbolic in MK culture, right? said...

sorry thats the link

Anonymous said...

The thing is that they were pretty much all mind controlled. I remember they marketed Christina during her dirrty days exactly like Willa Ford - which is funny because looking back I remember Ford never doing anything occult and having a song on her record where she spoke about the manufactured pop industry and the song was very over-produced. I remember her saying that "she wasn't going to be manufactured" and how Lava Records bought out her contract because she refused to do "Disney radio and be controlled by MCA." Looking back she was the first to use vocoders and the first to really be bad and "dirrty" before the other girls - she was supposed to have an industrial rock record come out years later that was never released, which is why she quit music. Her whole story is interesting, I wish she would release a new record.

Anonymous said...

i swear them word verifications are like some weird witch language. or something

ok maybe being a little too para there!

anyways, i just wanted to say that all my brothers were circumcised and they haven't been traumatised by it...they don't even remember it.


Anonymous said...

They don't remember it because they were young, and your mind will go somewhere else when it's traumatized to block out the memory of what happened. Just because they don't remember it doesn't mean they wern't traumatized by it. I'm sure many young boys minds become fragmented because of it. Most of those who are mind controlled have no idea of what they are doing, as they are living in an alter-ego fragment of their mind.

Anonymous said... look at who their clients are.....

I think those behind the scenes are more involved with the occult then celebrities are. Celebrities are just slaves/tools for those who work behidn the scenes.

pooh bear said...

hmmm. luciferians worship the light bearer (or the morning star)and satanists worship satan. the lines may become blurry but they are two seperate things and satan is a more modern day english interpretation that has been lost in translation.

in the bible lucifer is referenced as a babylonian king to whom it gives the title 'the day star'.in latin lucifer is used to refer to 'the Morning Star'. in the qur'an iblis disobeyed Allah's orders to bow to Adam and was forced to walk among men. it can be argued that these ancient texts could be works of fiction but they all have the same common themes therein and it's only been more recent works of fiction that have cross referenced lucifer with satan.

among satanists lucifer is regarded as one of the four princes of hell and the 'torch of baphomet' and some of them appear to have hijacked the whole lucifer scenario for their own means and agenda.

you might not like this but when (free)masonic scholars mentioned the 'luciferian path' or the 'energies of lucifer' they were essentially referring to the search for light - the very antithesis of dark, satanic evil.

Custard said...

Aguilera - "Place of Eagles" or "Eagle's nest"

I find these posts on big stars to be illuminating mainly in the sense of a theoretical look at modern use of occult symbols, they are much appreciated.

However, I'm sure some will agree that it would be nice to see some posts about closer-to-home subjects. By this I mean areas of the media where there is a fine line between who is involved and who is not.

Example: Charlie Brooker, hailed as someone who cuts through the shit of the media and tells it like it is, whereas he is involved in some dubious projects, such as that Zombie Big Brother thing.

Peep Show also, it seemed like a well judged irrevent look at modern life but the recent series has been absolute bullshit and certainly featured some of the themes discussed here.

pooh bear said...

....also baphomet has been misinterpreted as evil because of the goats head. the name is a combinaion of the greek 'baphe' and 'metis' which translates as 'the absorption of knowledge'. taken literally it is the symbol ying and yang (tao) representing the union between positive and negative energies.

the name baphomet became associated with the occult in the 1800's and ofcourse crowley jumped on it with his cosmology of thelema. he believed that baphomet was symbolic of the 'magical child' produced as a result of sex magic but then he was crazy.

the point i'm trying to make is that certain things that may appear sinister and scary have relatively innocent beggining's and have been jumped on and hijacked by certain individuals or groups to further their own agendas.

Anonymous said...

yeah custard i don't really care what some messed up air head from los angeles is tweeting about.

Anonymous said...

lol@the word veri stupidity.

ever thought perhaps its random letters/parts of words to confuse spam bots? ahhh no, of course not..

Anonymous said...

Gaga at the grammys...the guy who introduced her/spoke during her performance said a couple interesting things:
- Gaga has no soul
- her music is mind-controlling
- she is a monster
- she will turn those who listen to her music into monsters, too.

Either she's just being honest/in your face about it all, or she reads websites like these and wants to play with us.

I heard that occultists get more power if they tell you what they're going to do and then you agree/participate. So let's just ignore them.

Mustard said...

I may go and see Lady Gaga live, there are some cheaper tickets available.

I'm not convinced that monarch programming goes on, though I'm aware that this blog presents plenty of evidence, I haven't seen the process for myself so I can't verify it.

That said, the intended effect that Gaga and the like has on the masses is obvious and I appreciate much of the current pop music with a very big pinch of salt. Truth is, those pigs at the top are able to take a chord sequence a million times and still sell it by the bucket load. The blatantness of the pop machine is almost admirable when compared to the 'indie' dirge people seem to think is alternative these days.

I've heard a rumour that Lady Gaga is 'played' by different people, can anyone shed some light?

Anonymous said...

"I'm not convinced that monarch programming goes on, though I'm aware that this blog presents plenty of evidence, I haven't seen the process for myself so I can't verify it."

to me, thats how people should view it. but then again, I know many over-look the potential that some things are a coincidence.

before the 'youre a fool' brigade start, I said "some" not "all"

skrambo said...

"among satanists lucifer is regarded as one of the four princes of hell and the 'torch of baphomet' and some of them appear to have hijacked the whole lucifer scenario for their own means and agenda.

you might not like this but when (free)masonic scholars mentioned the 'luciferian path' or the 'energies of lucifer' they were essentially referring to the search for light - the very antithesis of dark, satanic evil."

Freemasonry is a long shot from what it once was. I can say for certain that they are in fact thesee seemingly invisible "satanists", IMO all occult stuff (satanism, kabbalism and other "MagicK") kind of falls under the umbrella of the elite (/corrupted) Masonic global network. With that in mind, in the context given by Ben here, we can glean that the media presented on this site is NOT about finding "light and love". It's about keeping your mind in a dark place. Pop music and fashion has never been the path to enlightenment, why would that change suddenly because someone has actually taken the time to point out all these hyper-symbolic images they use that probably only 1 or 2% of the population knows how to interpret?

No ire intended, just not really seeing your argument here.

Anonymous said...

@anon 06:57

charlie brooker isn't some gossip columnist from los angeles.

@anon 07:30

actually no, its not stupidity because they actually look like real words. they aren't just jumbled up letters if it was random it would be more like jdkfjkjdsj then 'diessess' for example. know what i'm saying?

@anon 06:00

regarding circumcision-

so you're saying my brothers have blocked it all out with alter egos? lol. i mean, actually 2 of them do have issues but they definitely don't have mpd or anything like that. still, i'm highly doubtful its anything to do with being circumcised

pooh bear said...

i have no argument tommy although i never mentioned anything about 'love'. i did however mention something about 'light'and if you want to interpret that as a 'good' thing then that's entirely at your discretion.

Anonymous said...

"actually no, its not stupidity because they actually look like real words. they aren't just jumbled up letters if it was random it would be more like jdkfjkjdsj then 'diessess' for example. know what i'm saying?"

Like I said, its 'parts' of words put together.

look into the spam bot programs, youll see all they do is run a .txt that contains thousands of words.

all security-programmers have done is gotten around this by making it randomly select parts of a number of words for verification..and then charged blogspot a fortune for doing so.

Benjamin S said...

Anony 10:07, come on think for a second, 06:00's response was perfectly reasonable and understandable, you are exaggerating their point. Obviously the archaic practice IS traumatic for the child (the defence is that they are so young they don't feel pain but this is clearly bullshit if you've ever seen one being done, the child goes into a deep state of shock/dissociation shortly after the cutting, so certainly splitting/fragmenting is quite common in the practice of circumcision), your brothers were not superhuman, of course they felt pain and were somewhat traumatized. It is just common sense that your brothers don't remember it because they were young (I don't think he/she was saying that they've "blocked it all out with alter egos"), like you don't remember most things when you are that young. No where does he/she say that everyone who is circumcised fragments and develops alter-personalities, they just stated the real possibility that this could occur (everyone's mind is different and reacts differently to trauma, most babies do dissociate however which is when they appear to go quiet following it, obviously this split rarely develops into a full blown alter-ego/DID but I'm sure it has happened) especially if it is done in such a way to specifically cause an early split in the child's mind as part of programming. Here is an article on the psychological effect of it you might find interesting. And this isn't an anti-Semitic thing (as I'm sure some will jump on) as obviously other cultures and religions also still do it, Muslims for instance, which I would be equally critical of (most religions are fucked up though lets be honest).

Anonymous said...

To Mustard 8:41

That person who told u about LADY GAGA being more ppl was likely rite. The procedure is simple and its called imposter replacement. For more details Ill give u a link, Im a member there either. Matterless if u believe it or not but that thing is done under our very eyes and we dont suspect a goddam thing.


Anonymous said...

I know dozens of Jewish males both circumsized and non-cut..out of them all I can say not one is 'scared' by knives(in fact, a couple work at the biggest Kosher company in UK so use knives/blades daily)..but every human is different therefore its guaranteed at least one living circumsized male, jewish or gentile, will have had a bad experience.

The practice is actually different now to the ancient way anyway.

some of the most respected Jewish Rabbis have even complained about it, how in the "old times" its explained/detailed as being done differently in both the cut & the instruments used.

also it is done mostly by muslims and some egyptians, even some christian groups practice it, not to mention the non-jews who at birth have it done when their foreskin is formed incorrectly.

Benjamin S said...

Browsing through some of yesterday's Grammys photos (looks like they've already transformed the Jackson kids for public consumption who looked oddly mature compared to when last seen, I'm not just talking about the haircut), check out Russell Brand's gold Baphomet ring (his reward for good service = kitten Katy Perry).

Anonymous said...

i just don't believe my parents would put their children through something traumatic. whenever i ask them about it they just say it was done very quickly and wasn't painful. but i guess they have no idea about the psychological effects it can have

i know my father had it done when he was about 11, that does sound traumatic. splitting/fragmenting eh. might explain his jeckyll and hyde personality

Anonymous said...

on the grammy awards:

why the fuck does beyonce get 6 awards! no one deserves that, not even michael fucking jackson. i mean, wouldn't you feel bad on all the other artists? its just greedy that isn't it. one is plenty but oh no beyonce the queen has to steal the show again. remember the vma awards? its as if everyone worships her now, like she is some queen. infact they have started calling her a queen now i think. its ridiculous, i bet if she wasn't married to jay-z.....

le sigh said...

it can only be a good thing that russell brand is strangling kristen bell i think. beyonce has done her masters bidding and is getting her reward basically but i agree with anony12:42 she's absolutely everywhere now and i was sick of her ten years back.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:00

If you're going to use capital letters when you type Jewish, you might consider using them on the other religions you mention as well.

Anonymous said...

if you want any further evidence that beyonce is being used to push the agenda check out her militaristic police 'dancers' at the grammys. i hope she sleeps well at night the fucking bitch, selling out humankind.

Mustard, Richard! Mustard! said...

>>Chris 11:53

cheers for link, I think I've come across it before and was interested to read about possible sameness of Bill Hicks/Alex Jones.

It would have profound implications if either was being used for dark purposes.

Lula said...

i want to make a few comments about the grammys....katy perry was also wearing skull and crossbone earrings (its on 3D part of michael jackson got me concerned because they had a little girl, i can find out her name, that is also on, there were butterflies all around her in one particular scene. jay z seemed shocked when beyonce announced she thanks her husband (i think AND have heard that marriage is a sham)...

im sure there were other things but i dont remember right now...

Anonymous said...

@le sigh

don't worry though, once shes served her purpose they'll knock her back down like a pile of jenga blocks.

i hate russell brand, that guy is just grotesque, i mean how does any woman actually find him attractive? baffles me

quote from my media teacher a few years back:
"the fact he hasn't got aids is pure lottery"

made me lol.

going back to the grammy awards, and all these MJ tributes. haha, like any of them there actually give a shit about him! poor soul. his kids are a joke aswell, are they even his? i doubt it. the girls crying was so so fake at that funeral of his

Emily said...

Beyonce's performance at the grammy's reminded me of the G-20 that came to Pittsburgh last year.

I got a very militaristic vibe from her performance!

Emily said...

Okay, so, I am a pretty open minded person, but I just cannot believe in dopplegangers! Too weird, unless someone showed me the evidence.

Anonymous said...

@1 February 2010 12:36

I had mine done at 15, my father always said it should be our choice to make whether or not we got cut.

naturally it was somewhat discomforting but overall I wouldnt say it was traumatic...similar to a graze on the knee, painful at first then fades over a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

have always thought people with "doppleganger" moments were having a crisis of the mind.

why? because of how often they are documented when people are going through stressful times.

Brenda said...

A must read. A survivor's memory of MK Ritual Abuse at the hands of Mengele and others in the 1950/1960's.

Read the comment by "Ken" after the article.

Anonymous said...

she might be remembering a bit wrong regarding mengele being in U.S.(its said the Soviets had him/the other psychos, and the U.S./other allies in turn had the rocket/weapons related scientists)

basically its said that him/the other psychos stayed out of U.S. territory and were primarily in Latin America and sometimes in Canada which is seeming more likely as time; the amount of them being traced to LatAm and some having been buried there.

as a side note though, Its all but guaranteed Canada would have been instructed by the British to allow it to happen, given it did in their territory.

Newbie said...

I'm new to this site and learning about MK, so please excuse me if these are stupid questions....

Based on what I can understand, the victims come from multi-generational families that go back literally THOUSANDS of years and the women are used for breeding the brightest and the best (i.e., why the vagina is SO revered in MK culture.)

Question #1: Why would you take a bright and even brilliant child and compromise them by abusing them and making they DID or MPD? Doesn't that go against your ultimate purpose of exhalting them to breed great babies?

Question #2: These celebs and those from military backgrounds can't be from bloodlines that go back thousands of years as I've read about a lot of their backgrounds because many come from poor families (Madonna for example and Michael Jackson.) However, Beyonce came from wealth. Thus, how does the multi-generational theory factor in with the celebrity culture?

Question #3: I understand that the purpose is to create a super assassin sometimes via MK. But everyone can't be an assassin. So, slave is the next option. BUT what is the ultimate REASON to have all these slaves?? To serve the Elite? But if the Elite are part of it (i.e., they are inter-breeding within themselves), isn't this kind of an incestuous venture and for what ultimate reason??

Thank you.


S... said...

they really are trying to prepare us or something. i just heard a pepsi song that goes, "lets get amnesia, forget about all the evil they try to feed ya" over and over again. sounded like a black eye peas song or something...

Anonymous said...

i am checking out that doppler forum, not quite sure what to think of that...

anyways, jewel doesnt look like herself anymore, she looks more like that singer Dido...

Anonymous said...

yeah not sure what to think of the dopplegangers, and i didnt join that forum, but this is supposed to be lady gaga? this picture looks like a man! it doesnt even look like her!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but MENGELE was another Jewish invention.

To Emily:

Noone asked u or forced u to believe in doppels. All those who deny it, keep it like that, but indeed reality is stranger than ficton and as I said this is happening under our very noses and noone knows a thing. Besides, Emily, u think the info from the doppels forum is inconclusive? U read it all so fast in just one day? I doubt.


Anonymous said...

Answer to Newbie:

Why would they destroy a brill child with DID MPD? You're forgetting the occult angle...

Thousands of yrs ago the royal class were the priests.

They understood trance states, accesing information through the stars and the truth abt the way the cosmos operates. They were the magicians and had hidden (occult) knowledge.

Eventually the priestly class and the kingly class separated and the priests became more advisors to the royals, but the royals would of course want to participate in this powerful magic still and know how things really worked compared to commoners because this gave them POWER.

Trance states, shamanic drug trips that gave deep psychic insight, sacrficial rituals involving humans, psychic ability were all part of this world, so naturally their children were more or less trained to access hidden knowledge.

How does one do this? Unfortunately through trance.

How is a trance state created? Through sensory deprivation, near death experience, extreme hunger, fatigue...and yes, extreme pain and fear.

Add to this a group of people who for generations ruled over 'commoners' with impunity, inbreeding amongst each other (which produces madness) and you get the sick practices of MK-ULTRA.

I'll be back with ans to the other questions later.

Anonymous said...


Keep reading and re-reading Springmier over and over again, little Ben ... And keep thinking you've got it all worked out.

Anonymous said...

This place is full again of idiots? Anony 6:34, mabe u can say smth more than "hahaha"? I doubt anyway.


Anonymous said...

wheres the proof mengele was Jewish? all there is to link him is one jewish colleague out of the many thousand he worked with.

he was also Catholic..and jesuit..far from jewish.

Anonymous said...

@2 February 2010 06:31

wrong, the elites/royals pay what they consider the 'proven' high priests/occultists to do it for them.

for example, its a known fact from 1600-1800s the royal house hold in Britain paid them small fortunes to be apart of their 'inner circle' and more recently the Tsarists in Russia did the same...which is why Rasputin and the like became world reknown.

he predicted if russia went to war over the murder of ferdinand it would be the downfall of the tsar, and it was.

the only reason history didnt change itself there was that the letter didnt reach them on time(it was during rasputins first poisoning...and he wrote it in the hospital.)

by the time the letter reached them the war had begun.

Anonymous said...

it figures that if mengele was a jesuit then he was infinitely evil.

Emily said...

@ Anon 03:27,

I know that no one is forcing me to believe anything. I have just been reading a lot lately. I read Cathy O'brien's book recently, and all the health books I read, plus an upheaval in my spirituality, adding dopple gangers to the list seems overwhelming, that's all. And no, I didn't read through the entire forum in one day, but I did read quite a bit. I am in college right now (currently rethinking that expensive and unnecessary decision) and I often read a lot of things that have nothing to do with my school work. In fact, I only read the bare minimum, as I hate filling my head with useless propoganda (reading Francis Bacon, I mean Shakespeare is not really my cup of tea :D)

I didn't mean to be offensive, its just that I have experienced so many upheavals of what I used to believe that my world is crashing in on me a bit. It gets to be a bit much sometimes. I mean, I am finding out that my favorite singer (Miz Aguilera) of all time was likely MK'd as a child, and is being used to promote general evil throughout the world.

Like I said in a previous post, I am a pretty open minded person, so I will study the issue more and more.

Emily said...

@ Anon 06:34

seriously begone troll!

Anonymous said...

Personally I wouldnt have justified myself there Emily.

Its clear that the poster at 2 February 2010 03:27 is the type to think 'oh, its definitely true' even if just one post was to them seemingly conclusive.

if there was a video proving this and it was tested/checked to see whether or not it was forged, then sure, its conclusive...until there is physical proof all there is to prove it is speculation.

its possible it exists. its also highly probable its a load of tosh.

Anonymous said...

I hope newbie comes back..because I had the feeling as I was answering its question that we were being BAITED to explain the finer points of MK so we'd be ridiculed.

I really hope anony 6:34 wasn't newbie...

But either way maybe anony 6:34 can explain to us what's REALLY going on in the MK world :)

Flustard said...

anon 9:24 is spot on,

there is a strong tendency within conspiracy culture to fascistically defend one's beliefs, a criticism generally levelled against the 'unenlightened' or people who 'haven't woken up'.

As long as we have time to waste posting on the internet, we are all living life sluggishly.

bustard said...

so says mustard, custard, flustard who has posted at least three times in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

I was the 'Anon' who posted the 'Hahaha'.

I typed it because I was extremly amused by this post in particular, and the blog in general.

None of you have the first clue, do you? The kid who writes this thing seems to have had his vision coloured, utterly, by the works of Fritz Springmeir ... and if that doesn't set any alarm bells ringing, then I won't be back to 'debate the fine points of MK' as someone above me said.

Let me just ask a quick question: Anyone here know what The Springmeier Tree is?



It's a pretty basic programing code that's been in most slaves since the late 70s.

Hmmmmm ... But I'm sure that's just a coincidence. I'm sure Fritz isn't a total plant mixing 70 percent bullshit with 30 percent knowledge.

I thought even the little children playing in the sandbox here wold understand the double-bind concept.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter anony 10:10, Springmeier may have thrown in some dis-info to get it published under an anonymous name (Springmeier) but look how much of his stuff matches up when you look at popular culture and the biographies of these people!!

When you feel like writing your own Three hundred some page 'Springmeier' tome I will be happy to read it. Until then buzz off and stop BAITING people with information that you're not willing to reveal.

Emily said...

I guess I really didn't have to explain myself, anon 9:24, but I am in a generous mood today!

Colemans finest said...

@ bustard

If you used a slightly more discerning eye, you'd see that I included myself with the use of the first person plural.

Indeed I am a sluggish beast.

Anonymous said...

Question #2: These celebs and those from military backgrounds can't be from bloodlines that go back thousands of years as I've read about a lot of their backgrounds because many come from poor families

Ans #2 Or so their people claim... A lot of these people are illegitimate children and grandchildren of the elite who are adopted out to families to raise. Even THEY do not know where they really came from.

Jack Nicholson never knew his father and thought his mother was his sister growing up.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Angelina Jolie and her brother James' recent youtube tribute to their late mother used 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' as the background music. DOH!

Anonymous said...

i remember a week before casey johnson died, someone had left a comment saying another death was going to happen (im pretty sure it was before her death??)

im not sure if this is significant but the backdrop is...he died in a car accident this morning

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i know that we do change too and that we dont look the same in every picture, i dont look the same in my pictures i change! i would like to read more about doppels and clones but there isnt much info. and the springemeier, it shouldnt be used as direct guidelines, more indirect, which is why i also dont trust or believe everything david icke or the other guy, alex jones says...especially the one who "snuck into the bohemian grove"...

of course there will be disinformation out there...such as reptilians and aliens, but who knows?

i was looking at nicole kidman, on that doppel forum. her eyebrow structure is all changed, her profile is, her old nose was more perky, (why change that? those kind of qualities are what makes actresses stand out) now she does look like a porcelain stepford wife, who wants to see her newly puckered face in a movie? angelina jolie used to have spirit to her, now she is just matronly and mannequiny...and why do these actresses have hints of british or some sort of accent?

angelina also has those veiny arms like madonna does now, and angelina also is sporting a new apparent vein in her forehead...

Newbie said...

I'm back. I worked late last night and slept in this morning. Glad I checked here before I left the house.

I only posted once so I did NOT bait anyone. I truly want to know the answers to my questions.

Thank you for answering that one.

Based on your answer, it seems that there are these two factions that go back, the Elite and the Priests. I didn't really understand this concept. OK.

If the Priests were/are the ones with the esoteric/psychic awareness and they were hired or used by the Elite to serve their world changing purposes, wouldn't the Priests KNOW this and WHY would they want to be used? In other words, if you are highly aware (I mean, really highly aware in consciousness) why would you allow yourself to be used by the rich who are in-bred and have no power except the worldly power they wield on earth? I guess those Priests still had egos to satisfy? That's all I can guess right now.

I do want to say that I come from a place of understanding as far as esoteric (TRUE ESOTERIC) understanding that others here may not share. I'm not talking New Age. I'm talking esoteric knowledge of reincarnation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. and have been involved in this since I was born.

I do NOT come from a wealthy family or one that has any bloodlines of note. I have checked this out, believe me. However, I was brought up to believe in the world beyond and exposed to yoga, and other eastern practices as a child. I am a Caucasian female, by the way. We lived in Los Angeles and my mother was very much aware of the "darkness" and the "light" that pervaded the esoteric world and she was adamant that I steer clear of anything that could attract that darkness. For example, once she found out that a slumber party I was going to attend had a Ouiji Board and she wouldn't let me go to that party. Another time, there was a summer swimming party at this girl's house in a very wealthy area of Los Angeles called Hancock Park. When my mom found out that the girl's mother was a follower of Anton LaVey, I wasn't allowed to attend. At the time, I was pretty upset because I had no idea about how the darkness can attack you. But after studying about such things (not practicing it), I see now why my mother needed to protect me at such a young age.

Continued below for space requirements....

Newbie said...

Now, for those of you who really know the esoteric world, the names I'm going to mention here are going to probably blow you away. My mother was personal friends with Manly P. Hall and his wife, Maria. She was also very close to Ann Ree Colton. The next name, Oscar Brunler, probably means nothing to anyone here. But he discovered the science of "Brain Radiants" whereas he was able to tap into and literally measure a person's awareness on the evolutionary scale. He died in the early 1950's and his work has been systematically buried ever since even though it briefly was resurrected in the 1980's and then buried again.

Regarding Manly P. Hall, I was privy to the info about his "death" (read: murder) before anyone else knew about it. I did not know Manly that well but I was in his home for various lectures when I was a child. I knew Ann Ree Colton very well as my parents were part of her church in Glendale, California for about 10 years. I was too young to know Oscar Brunler but I knew his wife very well and spent many hours with her.

I'm just stating this so you understand that I'm a "newbie" to MK culture and the like but I'm not a "newbie" to the esoteric realm. I've NEVER tied the two together and this fascinates me greatly. I'm rethinking so much of what I experienced as a child and quite thankful to my mother for watching me like a hawk and not letting me visit certain people's homes who were very influential in the esoteric world. I can honestly say that, living in Los Angeles, I did go to many lectures in people's homes where celebrities attended. Now, we're talking back in the 1960's and 1970's. I remember James Coburn at several of them, the woman who co-starred with Clint Eastwood in "Play Misty for Me" was also at the same lectures a lot. There were a lot of others who I don't think anyone here would know. Most of them were interested in learning about the pure psychic realm but a very few wanted to learn the more esoteric realm which took a lifetime to study and experience.

I've never been that infatuated with celebrities because the ones I met back in the 60's and 70's were so flakey and unpredictable that I found them ungrounded and quite boring to be around. They were also very lacking in confidence. The only one I really liked was an actor named Dennis Weaver (I'm not sure if anyone here would know him) but he was a very nice man and kind-hearted with a beautiful spirit.

Continued below....

Jarvis said...

The writer of this blog is an ill-informed moron who quite clearly gets a perverse thrill out of picturing all the sexual violence and depravity he alludes to.

So, what does that make all the people here who eat it up?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, looks like someone doesn't like the truth coming out. Tee hee! :)

Newbie said...

Sorry to be taking up so much space here. But I wanted to demonstrate where I've come from and what I'm aware of.

To wrap this up, I was taught from the get-go to use my mind and understand how to focus and use my God-given potential and awareness to better myself and the world. I innocently thought everyone was taught this same lesson. : ) Because of the way my family encouraged my intuitive abilities, I never shut them down or denied them. But I am not a witch or a satanist or an occultist by any means.

Now, my Paternal grandfather (I just found out) was a 33rd degree Mason. But let me tell you. This guy was NOT into the occult at all. He was a serious conservative politically and made fun of psychics, etc. His favorite past time was going to a piano bar in Hollywood with his second wife and drinking. He was not wealthy but he was "comfortable."

I have studied all systems (astrology, numerology - both the traditional and Chaldean system, I-Ching, Chinese energetics, and so on.) I don't want to bore you guys. I have been witness to an actual spirit (non-living entity) in a room that actually clipped the back of my knees and knocked me to the ground when I was visiting a Chateau in France that was known to be haunted. So, I believe in spirits and disincarnate souls because I experienced it. I don't mess around with that stuff.

To wrap this up, I was quite intrigued by what a commenter named Brenda mentioned about the PINEAL GLAND. She wrote that she felt it had some major meaning in the MK world in relation to anti-aging and accessing the psychic world. This really tripped my trigger because all my life, the Pineal Gland (or third eye or Ajna Chakra) has been a dominating theme in so much of what I've studied. I would think that the Elite and the Priests of today (of which I do not know who they might be since the true ones like Manly P. Hall are dead) would be coveting the principles of the Pineal Gland in a bid to both control us (the minions) and exhalt or rise up the "chosen ones" by teaching them how to access the hidden knowledge via the Kundalini centers of the body. Did you know that Fluoride calcifies the Pineal Gland, making it inert? How many water systems in the U.S. insist on adding this destructive chemical to the water supply under the guise of "strong teeth?" Fluoride does not give you strong teeth as it actually destroys your brain and your ability to tap into your God-given insight.

So, I too, would love more info on the Pineal Gland and how this MK Culture might be using or abusing it for their purposes.

I see that my second and third questions were answered. Thank you very much. I look forward to more discussions with all of you.

Jarvis said...

Anon 11:03 - Are you refering to me?

Anonymous said...

If you put in a claim to your insurance company and you have no car tax, or licence etc and they find out they will not pay out.If your car has no mot then the safety of the car is questionable and could be a contributary factor to an accident.That is part of the agreement.I agree it is only deemed safe at the time of issue of the mot, but nowdays they also make note of "advisors" of wear and tear of the car and warn you of these on your pass certificate. Whether its fair or not can be avoided by meeting the requirements of your personal agreement with the insurance company, which is entirely the individuals choice.
Having a valid driving licence doesn't mean your a great driver, but however it does mean that you were deemed to be a safe driver at the time you passed and also means that you learnt the highway code and how to drive safely.It means that you had lessons and went through procedures to prove your ability to drive safely. If you don't drive safely when you have passed then that is down to you as the driver.
28 days spent locked up is not a good thing as it could have been easily avoided by just paying a small amount of money.Taxing a car isn't a good experinece for me either, and i would rather give the money to someone that needs it, but it is way cheaper than using buses and trains etc and a much better option than giving your freedom away to the very people you are against.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^LMAO!!!! You better watch out Anon 10:54---The Psuedo Occult Media Security Police on here are gonna hand you your balls on a platter if you dare to insult Ben! Take it back---LMAO!!!!

J.L. said...

Oh my god...what has just happened to this comment section? Weird posts. And all after "Newbie" posted some very interesting info with names and everything.

If that was the real "Lulu," I've lost all respect for you with that last comment. Seriously, girl, you're just nuts.

P.S. The whole pineal gland thing intrigues me too. I think Newbie is onto something here....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 11:14 is coming down with a cold!

Anyway! I think I know who the angry Springmeier hating, Ben hating poster is.

Its an unhappy, bottom feeder who likes to bait people on other forums, bragging about how it knows sooooo much about mind control, but for some reason, never elaborates on what that actually is!

Chan said...

Isn't it interesting how I posted about The Springmeir Tree, and then suddenly a bunch of dumb comments put up?
Obviously, someone is trying to bury the one piece of truth this blog has ever seen under a ton of gibberish.

Shame on you, whatever your motives.

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant 11:12 has a cold, heh heh!

Anonymous said...


Let's hear about the Springmeier Tree. I for one, am waiting with BAITED breath!! :)

Chan said...

That's a good one, you wade through heaps of utter bullshit about electro shocks and child rape, lapping it all up .. and I'm an unhappy bottom feeder?

I have to laugh really, considering you've just summed up the mentality of this entire site.

Anonymous said...

Go on! Don't let me stop you! You had mentioned the Springmeier Tree...

Chan said...

Oh, so you need to be spoon fed, that's what you're saying?

I've said enough. Do some research. Although, Googling endless pictures of Rihanna and Lady Gaga probably won't help you.

Brenda said...

I'd like to know what the Springmeier codes are as well. Never heard of it.

I hope all this chatter doesn't scare Newbie away. She seems like the real deal. You do not pull names out of the hat like Manly P. Hall or Ann Ree Colton unless you knew them or are at least aware of what they taught.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you'll have to do better than that, old bean. I'm perfectly willing to do my research if you'll give me a little more to go on..

I've already looked up the word Springmeier in German and am familiar with the Greenbaum/Kabbalistic Tree program.

What else can you tell me?

Brenda said...

I did a basic google search of:

Springmeier Tree

and Springmeier Tree basic programming code

and got nothing.

Enlighten us or shut up.

Anon @ 11:59, while we're waiting, what the Greenbaum/Kabbalistic Tree program

Anonymous said...

whats with all the trolling on here again? grow up!

Anonymous said...

ohhh the drama on pseudoccultmedia!
its turning into such a legendary site, haha.

Chan said...

Brenda, you say you did an internet search?

I have to laugh, honestly I do.

Anonymous said...

@2 February 2010 10:26

wrong, in the military it becomes clear as you go through the ranks if you are a somebody, even distant.

even the dumbest fool questions why he goes from a private to a sgt while his mate whos been in the regiment the same amount of time is luckily to be a corporal.

they arent exactly shy to reveal why either. sometimes infront of those you are now above, yet were equal to just the night before.

Anonymous said...

My pediatricians name was Dr. Gruenfeld is there any connection?

Brenda said...


I'm glad I gave you a good laugh. Really I am.

Now, stop being a prick and explain whatever the hell this is or shut the fuck up.

People like you do love to come on sites like this, drop a name or subject and then pimp us without revealing what it is. With great arrogance, you act like you know something. Great. Put up or shut up.

Yeah, I did an Internet search. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Contact my friends at NASA or the CIA?

Anonymous said...

Imagine having Chan over for a dinner party - "You call these vine tomatoes? I have to laugh, I really do..."

Anonymous said...

Brenda, Ben, pls explain to me why and how this blogspot has become a trash bin? How can this be avoided in the future?


Brenda said...

Egypt soon to reveal King Tut's DNA:

This could be seriously earth shaking IF they truly disclose the bloodline up to date. (Let's hope to God it's not linked to Obama....)

Yet another physicist, Andrew Lange, "suicides" at age 52 due to "asphyxiation":

Lange was best known as co-leader of project "Boomerang," which in 1998 used a telescope, carried over Antarctica by a balloon for 10½ days, to study the so-called cosmic microwave background - a gas of thermal radiation left over from the embryonic universe.

Anonymous said...

anon @12:35


Chan, C., whatever, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

well since Obama is related to the British monarch, its likely.

shes from solomons bloodline, so technically obamas a jew..well from generations ago.

and theres been speculation for decades that the Jews were the kings/queens of egypt..although Im skepitcal about that. no proof was exactly given apart from a bit of date-matching...and even that was off by years.

Troy said...

My God, reading Chan and C's comments back (along with the anon comments he's also posting) he really is an arrogant cock sucker, isn't he?


I have to laugh!

Little sandbox.

And yet, he's still not disclosing his info to us. All hat and no cattle, eh, Chan?

Anonymous said...

I chose to sign myself C. from Chris, ppl from around here know me. I have nothing to do with Chan or anyone else. Anyway, invasion of sick ppl again.


Anonymous said...

Imagine showing Chan photos of your kids:

"You think they're cute? I have to laugh. Really I do."

Brenda said...


Just saw your comment to me. I can't answer your question on what's happening. It seems to get hit with trolls and then we have the paranoid types and then the really good stuff like from "Newbie" and others. It does seem that when someone with some actual info shows up, weird shit starts to happen. Makes you wonder.

Oh, and for any of you trolls out there, I sure as hell am not in control of this blog or want to be. I come on here to read, learn and communicate. I could care less about stature or anything like that. I still have a lot to learn and I'm willing to admit that even at my age.

Newbie said...

Back again.

I guess my third question wasn't answered. I read through the posts too quickly.

Here it is:

Question #3: I understand that the purpose is to create a super assassin sometimes via MK. But everyone can't be an assassin. So, slave is the next option. BUT what is the ultimate REASON to have all these slaves?? To serve the Elite? But if the Elite are part of it (i.e., they are inter-breeding within themselves), isn't this kind of an incestuous venture and for what ultimate reason??

I guess the answer could be summed up in the word "power" but if someone can offer something more substantial than that, it would be appreciated.

And another question: I'm sure there are Priests of Higher Consciousness today that the Elite count on for their inside knowledge. Who they are is a mystery to me. Any ideas? But if those Priests of Higher Consciousness are really that good, wouldn't they "know" in advance if they are being used or not and figure out a way to run the game the way they choose since the Elite are counting on THEM for answers? Or do I have it backwards somewhere?

Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Egyptians were brown with kinky hair. They looked nothing like the Windsors [saxe-coburg gotha] or Jews with Eastern Europen heritage.

Even Michael Tsarion tries to deny that shit with his "Egyptians were really Irish bullshit."

Face it. Brown skinned people created an incredible civilization whose symbols are still used today!

Never understood why some people can't accept that.

Lula said...

that was not me who wrote that up there! i go by Lula, or star or starlula or Lori,...or S..(or anonymous sometime)

maybe someone is trying to mock us?

Lula said...

also, another thing, i really do not want to be called crazy..thank you

i know someone that worked for nasa and disney. he was starting to say some interesting things about the universe, i cant think of anything particular now, but he ALWAYS wore these designer sunglasses, even at night. typical hollywood type i guess, i can look back on my old blogs as to what he would talk about...

Lula said...

i made the comment about how veiny angelina is and nicole and her porcelain stepford look, im just going to go as Lula even tho alot of people think im annoying or crazy. honestly i was trying to make people aware that there are even hidden messages (subliminal that can be directed at us indivually or as we all seen, maybe at sites like this) i also want to learn more and try to help with my insight.

thank you

Chan said...

I didn't post all that gibberish, I'm convinced it was one of you, knowing the rest would think it was me, trying to make me look stupid.

The Springmeir Tree is a code system, a series of interconnecting Alters.

What it is is less important than the fact that it's not something you see plastered all over the internet; but talk to any LEGIT ritual abuse survivor, and they'll know exactly what it is.

Someone above called me arrogant; I'm not. I just get a little upset at rubber neckers who find all this thrilling, and at the way the writer of this blog is so adament he knows what he's talking about, all the while showing you how mislead he's been ...
The symbols here are off, way off. I don't give a shit if you think I'm making this up, because I'm not trying to sell you a tell-all book about 'project monarch'.

Springmeir the writer is disinfo, fact. And he's clearly the jumping off point for everything that's posted here.
Now, you can take what I'm saying anyway you want. The reason I was cagey before was because I wanted to see if anyone would pick up on the Springmier thing, and now I'm disapointed they didn't ... But, I'll be more direct if and when someone choices to engage me in conversation here. Your attitude will dictate my response, and like I said before, I'm not looking for a paycheck out of this.

Newbie said...


I'd like to read whatever you have to say. I'm interested.

I'm not a rubber necker who finds this stuff "thrilling." Just compelling. I want to know more so I'm not a mushroom anymore re: MK (i.e., kept in the dark and fed shit.)

How did you come to learn all the stuff that is not published? Were you a victim?


Coleman's Norfolk finest said...

Re: Newbie's question about why the Elite need/want slaves,

if indeed mind control is going on in the way this blog (and others) presents it, e.g. bombarding the masses with their slaves through TV, music and numerous other entertainment outlets, there seems to be a strong element of distraction.

Look at the Celeb magazines and the way they treat themselves as an opiate - you have to get your 'fix' of celebrity gossip. People spend their days talking about Jordan and Kerry Katona as if it's the most important thing in the world. It all serves to take the mass consciousness away from far more important questions about our state as a race.

Also, the mass collective direction of admiration/love towards figures such as Michael Jackson must serve well as pillars for the temple of bullshit.

It all reminds me of the scene in 1984, the Two-Minutes-Hate, when all the hatred and scorn the members of the outer party direct at Goldstein was really a subconscious expression of their hatred of Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

@2 February 2010 14:14

answer then, since youre oh so wise, why thatcher is of bedouin descent yet 'looks' european-caucasian?

shes proven to be of european heritage, officially, yet her daughters DNA proved she was infact bedouin.

if your logic is true, and aesthetics coupled with heritage prove everything..then her DNA must be wrong, yes?

Anonymous said...

This place went downhill fast, didn't it? Ben, if we had forums you could at least BAN people, so the discussion could continue. Right now the discussion is lost amongst the pointless bickering.

Anonymous said...

@ 15:12 The bedouins are a whole different people. Bedouins are not Europeans and neither are Egyptians.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chan. Not everyone is a as fortunate [?] as you to have direct contact with admitted ritual abuse survivors.

Are you a psychologist?

Frequently Anon said...

@Newbie - not sure if I am right, but perhaps some of the reason for having all these slaves, besides some of them being programmed to be spies and/or provacateurs and blackmailers, is also to have a ready-made pool of robots to choose from for whatever specific future agendas the Elite have.

@Anon 16:05 LOL Yeah, really...
I, too, would like to hear more about this "Springmeier Tree."

@Brenda - Sorry, took me a while to get back online. I totally agree with you about the witch Madonna. I can't say I'd be surprised if she resorts to Bathory- type stuff to try to "stay young". By the way, I bet she had baby David circumcised when clearly his father would not have approved.

Anonymous said...

Also, from the Henry Makow MK article that someone linked to:


Anonymous said...

^^^Oops - I'll try this again (I'm Anon 17:59)

These practices are still ongoing. The stated purpose of these crimes both in the former USSR and here in the US was to create the perfect soldier, the perfect spy, and the perfect assassin, persons who with a key word or phrase could be made to do the bidding of their handlers unquestioningly and not remember it later nor be able to disclose classified information even if they wanted to.

They were also interested in remote viewing, divination, and the military applications of a multitude of extrasensory abilities including "red fire" or psychic killing. See Carol Rutz' book "A Nation Betrayed." Programmed messengers and programmed sex slaves were also created for the demented pleasures of the rich and famous.

Sigmund said...

Quite daring of this troll to post frequent homoerotic on a blog where psycho analysis is very common.

The fixation on the anus by whoever it is is a clear indicator of homo-repressive thought patterns, accusing others of being gay etc. By the nature of the comments it is clear they think themselves to be heterosexual, but maybe they have some soul searching to do.

Anonymous said...

This is an offence to Brittany masked under golden/charity bullshit:


Anonymous said...

"Face it. Brown skinned people created an incredible civilization whose symbols are still used today!"

i take it you are brown skinned yourself, but that in no way excuses you from your ignorance in this matter.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen rihanna's new video for her new song 'hard'?

she wears these huge mickey mouse ears while dancing on top of a bright pink jeep, in the desert and theres all these soldiers about and shes dressed military/futuristic and looks like a man and has bits of tape on her tits and keeps touching her fanny

absolutely incredible yet sickening at the same time.

Brenda said...


Re: the Priests of Higher Consciousness and where they might be today, I know there are still pockets of areas in Britain where GENUINE Sacred Mystery Schools exist. But, just like it was thousands of years ago, you have to be "in the know" or led there by someone else who feels you are ready to delve into this understanding. Whether these Sacred Mystery Schools produce Priests who then work for the Eilite is anybody's guess.

There are any number of supposed Sacred Mystery Schools in the U.S. where I live but I have to laugh because when you advertise said school in a "New Age" magazine and welcome all comers, it's pretty ridiculous.

You mentioned Manly P. Hall. His Philosophical Research Center in Los Feliz (if it's still there) would probably be the best example of a "modern day" Sacred Mystery School although I never attended there when I visited California way back when. If you were at Hall's house, you certainly were more connected than most of us, although it sounds as if you were a child or young adult at the time?

I don't believe as some people here that all of the Sacred Mysteries are tied to darkness or the occult. There is the White Knighthood (I believe that's the name) and those who follow St. Germain and the Violet Flame. They might be a little out there (I've met more than a few of them) but they are not cradled in any evil pursuits.

I absolute separate the "occult" from the "esoteric" as I think you do too. While there are elements that can and do overlap and while some who claim to be esoteric are really occultists, a true esoteric practitioner works on a higher plane of consciousness and would never entertain conjuring anything that could remotely be evil or harmful to another soul. I say that with one exception: IF the practitioner falls into his/her ego and is tempted to dabble in the dark side, then he/she leaves themselves open to any number of "soul testing" that can be worse than any dark night of the soul.

You mentioned Oscar Brunler by the way. I don't know a lot of people who know that name so I was somewhat shocked that you knew about him. I understand from some readings that he tried to help Crowley when Crowley came to Brunler for help. Guess that didn't go so well.

Anonymous said...

@Sigmund, Id say its a female personally.

the pattern is similar to that of a deluded young woman who posts every few months often trying to discredit this blog/certain posters.

Its also possible shes a virgin, hence why shes so uncreative and relying on the stereotypical homosexual behaviour in the stupid attempts above.

On Time said...

One way to tell if your Sacred Mystery School is NOT genuine is:

if they want to sell you a red string for $40.00 and tell you to wear it around your wrist to "ward off evil"


if their adverts include phrases like: "Have you given birth to a starchild?" or "We can help you understand your Indigo Child"


if the head of the "School" likes to boink any of the female members from age 18 to 50.

Ain't nothin' "sacred" 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

His penis must be if he can get 18-50 Y.O. female members to blow him.

especially since most of the leaders are often old ugly prats.

Anonymous said...

When they're under his spell, they'll do anything to "gain enlightenment."

bump said...

i wonder if rihanna sleeps well at night pushing the whole military industrial complex agenda? you better believe that there's an orwellian police state coming but as long as it sells records and feeds the narcissism of the artists involved it's cool. she 'wants it all : the money the fame the cars the clothes' just like gaga and beyonce.
in recent videos she's been acting like a robot, involved in luciferian ceremonies and now this. what a stand up human being.

also the music is so robotised and pro-tooled there's absolutely no soul in it. i'm thoroughly sick of these so called 'stars' pushing an evil agenda into the faces of a widely unsuspecting public by using heavily msymbolic films and second rate shit that passes as music.

skrambo said...

Ben - Hope this doesn't get lost in the comments and I don't know if you've posted about it yet, but this is pretty interesting - Noah Cyrus (or rather, her handler/s) is launching a lingerie line for children.

Anonymous said...

haha...I literally just sent Ben the link. but it's clearly not haha about this subject. beyond disgusting. notice in one of the photos there are a bunch of little girls around a stripper pole and noah is seen wearing a minnie mouse dress...hmmmmm....ties it all in.
so sick.

Anonymous said...

oprah winfrey has a woman on the show that ate all the time. she cant remember before 13. her mother was suicidal. they had "the family doctor" on the show...i just cant shake the fact that he is a pure creep monster...

Anonymous said...

TRENT REZNOR hit the nail on the head speaking of these year's GRAMMY's:

"The Grammys = the old guard / old media propping up their puppets trying to convince the outside world (and each other) they're relevant."


Anonymous said...

that can only be seen as Reznor trying to get his emo/oddball crowd back on side since his last album sucked and they all whinged about it.

Emily said...


In watching interview of Christina Aguilera, she seems like a pretty normal person. How is it that this is accomplished if she is thoroughly mind controlled?


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Ben do a post on Lost, surely plenty of themes there.

Anonymous said...


that goes for quite a lot of them really.

some yes, they are 'abnormal', the majority on the other hand do seem as if they just love the money so dress/sing what theyre told.

Brenda said...


I'm not sure that was you posting up there since when I clicked on the link, it did not take me to your profile, but a listing for ""

It doesn't matter one bit to me if you're homosexual. But why all the homoerotic spam directed at you? Did you piss someone off and this is their way of getting back at you?

Anonymous said...

Brenda and Ben, if you're there...

This is the kind of targeted "distraction" spam I've seen hit so many comment boxes and forums whenever the subject matter was getting too close to the truth. Just ignore it.

However, Ben, you better figure out a filter because this kind of shit will start to clog your comment section and wading through it will become unmanageable for the casual reader of your site. Thus, "they" will achieve their goal and force you to shut down your site. It's happened to more than a few great sites I used to visit in the past.

Anonymous said...

it says multiple drug were found in brittany murphys report

her husband has been acting funny lately, going around making statements

Anonymous said...

@4 February 2010 08:22

youre taking this out of proportion.

its often just disgruntles who post spam on sites/comment boxes.

if it was 'them' who you are implying it is, then it would be simple; they would take down the entire site/amend posts and make the entire blog look ridiculous.

adding homosexual comments is far from their M.O.

If regular viewers notice the pattern in this rubbish, youll also notice the text is similar to another fool who comes along occasionally and targets usually Tommy, Brenda and Ben usually in that should be obvious who Im referring to.

skrambo said...

Well, obviously this is a funny subject (not serious or urgent at all) for people to troll, considering the current climate of mass pop-culture "humor" which is indifferent and nearly supportive towards pedophilia and sexual slavery. Personally I think all the trolling here is showing that we're getting pretty close to the truth, as another commenter put it. At the same time, it's making discussion extremely convoluted and aimless. I really hate that good informative comments are getting lost amongst piles of nonsense.

Understanding Now said...

On another topic....

Last fall one of the regulars on here (can't remember which one) made a comment that after Taylor Swift's initiation at the VMAs we should see a "swift" rise in her popularity and a more mainstream presence.

Wow. Were they right or what? It's like that initiation really WAS a righteous action, wasn't it?

She's won all these awards now (including album of the year, song of the year, etc.), guest hosted SNL, is set to appear in a feature film this month gone out with (set up) and broken up with (set up) that Taylor guy from "Twilight" and appeared on umpteen magazine covers. Whew.

What I find so intriguing is that the girl cannot sing to save her life. I mean, seriously. Didn't we have someone on here who commented that she's a "joke" in Nashville and that her father bought up her debut CD so it would chart?

When I watched the Grammys (and I couldn't choke down much of it), I just happened to catch Taylor singing with Stevie Nicks. So we have the head of the coven swapping rhymes with the latest "virginal" offering. I gotta tell you, I'm no fan of Stevie Nicks but she looked absolutely repulsed during the entire performance whenever she looked at Taylor. The worst part of all is that Taylor could not sing one note the entire time. It was clearly embarrassing for Nicks. It felt like bad karaoke. BAD Karaoke.

I kept thinking to myself the entire time, this is just like the Emperor's New Clothes story....a few people are screaming that the Emperor is naked and everything one is saying that they don't see it. This is crazy making. Yes?

Anonymous said...

yes and her manager or someone is now trying to defend her...i can find the quotes from him...

oh look they want her on true blood

in defense of "t-swizzle"

((sorry not trying to always put up these comments to perezhiltons gossip infested site either! i know its annoying!))

Akiva Oralee said...

Great post. This was very interesting. I learned some new things.

Lula said...

i never watched fringe but this episode is unique. they need to trigger her scared child alter (to go to another universe of course) anyways, in the child hospital where she doesnt remember, it had a painting of the yellow brook road on the wall. there was also a specifically placed butterfly over the actresses head. the rest of the show is a crazy x-files type of show, but they had to put her up to those shock waves to put her into another dimension. they admitted a drip which was drugs in which she started singing, "im singing in the rain"...

also watched bones, i really didnt notice anything, of course checkerboard patterns. that one was about a guy who had horns.

Lula said...

it said, (on the show)

"conspiracy nuts are gonna have a field day"

"youd be surprised what you can make the general public believe"

hmm...i wonder???

also, in one of those fiber orange ads, it whispered, "orange!"

i had blogged about an incident where my sister had whispered "orange" over orange soda.

"what kind of soda do you want?" our mothers friend diane asked my little sister as kids.

"orange," she whispered.


"oRANGE!" she whispered in a slightly louder rasp

HA! sorry i had to throw in a little craziness....OH WELL!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
THIS IS REAL! said...

In January of 1972, Joanne Campbell stabbed to death Deputy Police Commissioner Robert Daley, at the time not on duty. The stabbing was believed to be in the relationship sphere, Campbell being described as Daley's girlfriend. As for the other fellow to receive stab wounds, his name was Louis Calo, at the time 44 years old. I have not seen his name in any connection with Mafia cases, so I don't think he was very big, or well known.

After the stabbing, police were looking for two unidentified men connected to the case, but could not find them..

. said...

I mean guys who take liberties and try to impress/intimidate our regulars with inane bullshit that just takes up a lot of time and negative energy. I think you know who you are and I'd just like to say that it's not cool. If you have a problem or are trying to impress/intimidate others with your nonsense, you should act like men and put it in the Off Topic Section or the Sit-Down sections where everyone can see it and comment on it. I'm not referring to myself, as I only communicate with a certain handful of people and I like each and everyone that I communicate privately with. The cowardly PM'S are what destroyed the other forums to a degree and this place is supposed to be a sanctuary from all that nonsense. Hopefully by reading this, you'll recognize who you are and that it's a weak, cowardly way to make an impression. We're a family here, no matter how dysfunctional we act at times. So tread lightly and recognize that the person you're making uncomfortable might have a group of friends who value the person and would rather not have to deal with the stupid bullshit that plagues other forums. I feel stupid even making this thread, but c'mon, fair is fair. David, you might want to consider have a Foe/Friend/Killsfile option on the new board so people can ignore whomever they wish. If it's a matter of money feel free to sticky a thread asking for donations. I'll gladly Paypal some cash. And if it's a matter of tracking down Torro, let's all pitch in and use our web browsers to find a Scotsman who is allegedly roaming the world, probably wearing black socks with sandals and photographing parking lots. "Hey, Wang! What's with the pictures? It's a parking lot! Come on!"

Anonymous said...

LEIF GARRETT's downward spiral, acting since he was 5...


Chris Palko said...

Beer cans and cigarette butts cover the floor day
Half gone, he sleeps scared pregnant teen in the doorway
Watching him sleep clutchin' her belly, little feet kick
to send the teen back to the toilet, spent her last week sick
when little Billy feed her ground up Jesus powder
would've beat her louder if it would've pushed the fetus out of her
Father in the making, crooked M.P. forsaken
The military cop that sells H to bring his cake in
She shaking, praying her labor kicks in before
The doors kicked in for them brown bricks on the floor
I mean, she could tell you exactly how the gutter taste
Father to her kid in custody right when her water breaks
Snitched on his compadres for a few more runs
And the irony in giving a stuffed rat to his newborn son
Dishonorably discharged, no jail time in court
Told to pack his family up and go the fuck back to New York

Fuck Bill Murray, not the actor, the deadbeat dad the smacked
then left her with rats after he snapped her
The bastard inventor that bent her backwards in winter
with her back against the wall, she can hear death singing in her
With her back against the wall, she still head death singing in her

She's scared to leave him, convinced somehow she really needs him
Back in New York her prison of pain and Billy's freedom
Holdin' her baby, he'd say crazy shit to break her
When she fell asleep, he'd escape her wits end and wouldn't wake her
He'd sneak out the wallo in it role model to shit
That put his Christian scientist father in debt
Gave him his first stroke, he refused his medication
'Cause it went against his religion, he'd rather his lord take him
Through stroke number two and start withering his flesh
Then lay the emaciated world ware two veteran to rest
Left his family debt turmoil and wreckage
And his grandson to scatter his ash over the U.S. Intrepid
Then little Billy plummets to his knees, still numb from it
Held his kid by the arm with a shotgun to his stomach
When threats to destroy what he created get tucked away
when he looks in his son's face to see he might grow up to say

Needle through the skin again, inject the rust and cinnamon
Pull off the tourniquet, load up the shotgun and sentence him
He knows that there's a bed in hell waitin for him
But he aint been sane since he started huffin chloroform
WIth his shit decorum, he lets off shots the neighbors say shooters
Into the phone to Middletown police and state troopers
While every family member on th premises runs from death
Greeted by dozens of officers with guns and vests
His suicide by cop sweater on get low
Is told to the crowd watching him shoot thru the window
His son clutched in his mother's arms, unaware it's the end
They bring him out in handcuffs but never to be seen again

John said...

Shauwn will soon be gone.

Anonymous said...

that tommy dude sure thinks he knows alot for a 21 year old

bomper said...

"I mean guys who take liberties and try to impress/intimidate our regulars with inane bullshit that just takes up a lot of time and negative energy. I think you know who you are and I'd just like to say that it's not cool. If you have a problem or are trying to impress/intimidate others with your nonsense, you should act like men and put it in the Off Topic Section or the Sit-Down sections where everyone can see it and comment on it. I'm not referring to myself, as I only communicate with a certain handful of people and I like each and everyone that I communicate privately with. The cowardly PM'S are what destroyed the other forums to a degree and this place is supposed to be a sanctuary from all that nonsense. Hopefully by reading this, you'll recognize who you are and that it's a weak, cowardly way to make an impression. We're a family here, no matter how dysfunctional we act at times. So tread lightly and recognize that the person you're making uncomfortable might have a group of friends who value the person and would rather not have to deal with the stupid bullshit that plagues other forums. I feel stupid even making this thread, but c'mon, fair is fair. David, you might want to consider have a Foe/Friend/Killsfile option on the new board so people can ignore whomever they wish. If it's a matter of money feel free to sticky a thread asking for donations. I'll gladly Paypal some cash. And if it's a matter of tracking down Torro, let's all pitch in and use our web browsers to find a Scotsman who is allegedly roaming the world, probably wearing black socks with sandals and photographing parking lots. "Hey, Wang! What's with the pictures? It's a parking lot! Come on!"

what you say may well be true but you'd be easier to understand if you used FUCKING PARAGRAPHS. don't get all fucking high handed because you read this blog and think that somehow makes you a better individual because you are party to a little bit of information but definitely not the whole picture. you're just guessing and being all superior about it.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna went on to detail an exorcism that took place at a house that she was in. "They were praying around this table, we were young though, and one of the girls, she got up and she just started screaming. I remember they locked us in the bedroom because they didn't want kids to see that. Every time they prayed she would start screaming in the weirdest voice. It's funny now but at the time I was like s---ing myself!"

Brenda said...

Kerli's mind control video "Walking On Air." Very disturbing. Ben, maybe deserves its own post?

Tried to do the link from Red Ice where I found it but it wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that the magazine 'Fortean Times' is running an article on the entertainment industry's illuminate conspiracy...looks like something I've seen before...check it out...

Is someone making money out of 'theories' now?


Anonymous said...

Brenda he's already done stuff on Kerli here including the Walking On Air video.

So many posts on this blog it's easy to forget as he's covered most of everyone for the most part.

Brenda said...

^^^Thanks for the link. Guess I missed that one.

Jarvis said...

@bumper - You really are a dumb cunt, aren't you?

bomper said...

well jarvis i signed as "bomper" and not "bumper". showing your true colors with the oh so intelligent insult too. i'm one hundred percent positive it's you who is a dumbie.

Brenda said...

No, bomper, you showed your true colour with a dumb response to a comment that didn't even have anything to do with this blog.

It was spam, you moron, who could you read it and not work that out?

You silly little child, get a grip on yourself.

Anonymous said...

oh dear. all the latest posts on this comment box are blatantly spam, apart from brenda

get a fucking life.

skrambo said...

"that tommy dude sure thinks he knows alot for a 21 year old"

I'm sure you are the center of all wisdom and knowledge.

Lula said...

im not spamming! i just started leaving comments but i try to leave informative comments. but i agree is is annoying but kind of amusing sifting through all this rubbish!!! and yes he did a post on kerli before! no one here is more self righteous than the next person, im trying to learn and im researching as well. i tried to share some experiences but people are just rude here for the most part! this blog is about MK awareness....and such...not about who is family to one another...

Brenda said...

I did NOT post that last comment attributed to me. It's obviously from someone who is British since they spelled "color" (the way I would spell it) "colour."

Great. Now I've got someone spamming me. This is getting weird.

Anonymous said...

Ben, just a suggestion, adding the link within widget would be a good option for this blog..."if you like this, than you might like"...
that way you can link to posts you might have missed in the past instead of going through all the history. it's a really great feature.


Lula said...

Tila tequila deleted her twitter now its back and she tweets this:

# Well go ahead illuminati. U can get on my trail all you want. But I WORK WITH GOD THE ALMIGHTY! I am an ANGEL OF GOD! I have his PROTECTION! about 2 hours ago from web
# Wow! The illuminati is on to me! I SWEAR ON MY FUCKING LIFE THEY ARE! It all makes sense now. illuminati is on to me. Yes I know who u are! about 2 hours ago from web

Anonymous said...

I dont know, but I find it rather ridiculous and disgusting:


Brenda said...

So, what's your point, Lula?

Also, Tommy, please change your avatar ... It creeps me the fuck out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^OMG! Notice that the socialite was from Belgium too!

Off to learn more about Gigi Jordan

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Jordan's husband (Emil Tzekov)
if this is in fact him, put this on his myspace

"Tantra believes in the inherent goodness of everything. Everything is holy, nothing is unholy and nothing is evil.For tantra there is no devil, only devine"

Anonymous said...

Probably she killed her son knowing what was awaiting him, unless it was another "usual" sacrificial murder. I dont know why, but in this case I doubt the last option.


Anonymous said...

To quote the brits 'tilas taking the piss'

she is trying to ridicule, its obvious by the fact she instantly jumped onto the 'its the illuminati' bandwaggon after the video of her crying was called faux.

@brenda, the bomper character and the person posting as you both didnt capitalize the name..hint hint(its the same person, bomper then bomper posting as you)

Anonymous said...

Check another source too:


Brenda said...

Once again, I didn't post that lost comment to Lulu or Tommy. (I wouldn't write something like that.)

I guess I'm being pushed off this site. Too bad. Wonder why?

But I have seen this b.s. happen before just like like that other person mentioned. Doubt it's from "boredom." Seems driven by something else.

Anonymous said...

envy. Im surprised nobody has yet catched on as to which silly little girl it is.

she will post under her other name shortly, then deny any knowledge what so ever when questioned as to why shes writing in the exact same style, and even using the same insults.

and then disappear, again, for x weeks/months. shes as predictable as fox news.

I will give the silly little girl some credit though, she has taken advice from before in regard to saying 'daddy ben' lots...and giving herself away so early.

Anonymous said...

Be, come back asap. And bring with u a filter. Its desperately needed.


J.L. said...


Hang in there. Don't leave here because of some idiot. I enjoy reading your comments and the links you post.

And Ben, you seriously do need to figure out a way to either monitor this section more or filter out the crap that doesn't move this info forward.

I'm trying to get more people interested in this and telling them to check out your site but I can guarantee you that they won't want to post anything here if they are going to be impersonated by someone else, profanely insulted, or if they have to wade through nonsense posts that are meant to distract. Most people have to deal with enough shit in their lives; they aren't going to come to a comment section and volunteer to be mocked.

Benjamin S said...

Kattie, good suggestion, I had been thinking of adding something like that for a while because of the problem you describe, so thanks for the nudge to get that sorted. I may not keep it if I find another one that fits the blog better (in this one it only links to maximum 5 posts and you can't see the last two because of the blog's layout), it isn't linking to the correct posts now but I think it just needs time for it to 'crawl' through the blog (so hopefully those recommendations will improve, if not I will look for an alternative as it may struggle to catalog so many posts correctly).

As far as all the trolling goes, all I can say is just try to ignore it and continue your discussion, it was inevitably going to happen, I will always delete the more obscene ones when I see them and will go through these deleting the spam/impostor comments where necessary soon (I have a slight suspicion who the main person behind it is btw). I don't want to turn on comment moderation but that is always a (hopefully temporary) possibility if it gets worse.

Anonymous said...

yep, where are you ben? you need to sort this out pronto!

Anonymous said...

oh speak of the devil, glad to hear from you :)

Lula said...

my point is, brenda, why does she think the illuminati is after her? what is making her think this? yeah its easy to just dismiss her as "crazy" or "scatterbrained", but often there is reason for this, im sure this site should of made you realize this..

anyways, im wondering why she feels so paranoid now...that all

Lula said...

ok obviously someone is messing with us on this site, which is ridiculous..

also, someone just told me that eric claptons son "fell off the balcony" at 3 years old.

this seems fishy to me. why would he have the door open like that?

i cant help but think..sacrifice?

does anyone have any more info on that?

Anonymous said...

Lula, yes, ERIC CLAPTON's son death was a sacrifice, believe it or not. I'll try to find the link for u...


Lula said...

i found this, he sounds like a real asshole..she seems kind of strange too, just an impression i got from this article

Anonymous said...

Read here. Believe it or not, as I said, its up to u...


Anonymous said...

seriously? i remember my mum talking about eric clapton a lot at the time and saying how terrible it was...

Anonymous said...

ok,C that link came up with something different, the beatles conspiracy not eric clapton!

speaking of though, does anyone here believe that paul mccartney is dead?

Anonymous said...

ERIC's replacement is connected to PAUL MCCARTNEY's death and subsequent replacement. And yes, PAUL is dead. I dont care if anyone here believes that or not just see for urself following the link I posted above, leading to ERIC. That was discussed on Icke's forum, there was a special thread, great contribution. But surprise, the thread disturbed smb up there and was done with it, proving that the whole story is fishy. Weve been tricked into believing MCCARTNEY is the same man over the years. No, hes not, even if u ridicule or bash me.


Anonymous said...

A big celebrity will die February 8th/9th (or we'll hear of their death). Most likely will have some of the same details associated with Anna Nicole's death.

Lula said...

yeah that link was for beatles forum, however, i am reading about eric clapton being replaced. he certainly is not the same person he used to be. im only familiar with the droopier faced eric clapton because im younger, same as paul mccartney, but they definately are not the originals

Anonymous said...

@anon 15:22 how do you know that? i've noticed people are jumping on the bandwagon now, trying to predict big events and celebrity deaths, mainly on youtube. most of them aren't right

Anonymous said...

The media will spin it as a "heart attack before Valentine's day" type of ordeal. I work for a news network, sometimes we get stories "before they happen".

Embassy of pppppp-persil? said...

You folks are too paranoid!

There may be some minor hijinx going on, but any major reshuffling of comment filtration will damage whatever it is this site has going for it.

Also there is a strong risk of alternative views being quashed just because the central figures to this blog don't like being disagreed with, which would eventually result in this blog being a mirror image of our fascist society.

Floreat Irony!

Brenda said...

^^^I don't care one wit if anybody disagrees with me. That's their right. I actually welcome healthy debate. I DO have a problem when somebody impersonates me and leads others here to think I'm insulting them.

To Lulu @11:41

I hope you realize by now that the post attributed to me on Feb. 6 @5:50 dissing you was NOT me but somebody pretending to be me. That was posted in the middle of the night from where I live.

Brenda said...

@anon 16:46

You wrote:

"The media will spin it as a "heart attack before Valentine's day" type of ordeal. I work for a news network, sometimes we get stories "before they happen"."

OK. I'll bite. Please elaborate on PAST "news stories" you got "before they happened." I'm not clear on what you're talking about but I have an idea.

And if you can offer us anymore than "a big celebrity" and be more specific, I'd like to see it. It would certainly lend some credibility to your prediction.

I would assume that given your date of February 8/9 that the plan for their death is well underway this weekend.....

Complementary persil said...


Ja ja, it is indeed a bummer, you could always sign up I suppose and get a sparkling blue hyper name! I'm not sure how effective that is though, it can also be imitated I believe? You could post a picture of yourself with that days paper on every post :)

I think the more heated debate in this place is grand, I hope Still Learning/Learned who was causing a stir in the Rihanna post is still reading, they had a great knack for getting this place stoked up.

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